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Kimball Lane, CDMO

Lincoln Child Center
Office: (510) 531-3111 x 103
Cell: (510) 499-5261

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lincoln Child Center’s Transformative Arts Program exhibits the Positive
Difference in Children’s Lives as an on-going part of the Oakland Art Murmur

Board of Directors:
Through a partnership with the new co-op, The Red Door Gallery, formed, in part, by Lincoln Child Center’s
Transformative Arts Teacher, Lisa Rasmussen, Lincoln’s students will now have an opportunity to exhibit their
artwork as part of the popular Oakland Art Murmur.
Mark Freitas, Chair

Susan Curry, The Transformative Arts program at Lincoln is a groundbreaking addition to the therapeutic environment.
Vice Chair Celebrating their 125th year since opening as the first integrated orphanage in Northern California (way back in
1883), Lincoln works toward preparing vulnerable, emotionally troubled and mentally ill children to lead
Marie de Porres Taylor,
Vice Chair independent and fulfilling lives.

Jefferson M. Hilliard, The Transformative Arts Program at Lincoln allows students to learn from successful, transformative arts
Treasurer professionals who inspire students to find the art inside them and let it out. One child, whose work is featured in
Esmeralda Marquez, the card series available for purchase, says simply, “Art is Life”. Tara DeRosa, a Development employee at
Secretary Lincoln, expresses the value of the program by reminding, “the abilities encouraged by art—creative problem-
solving, the ability to take multiple perspectives, understanding that solutions must change with circumstance—
Maggie Chaffee are the very skills needed to lead a full and meaningful life.”
Delida Costin
Rod Divelbiss
Allison Farey Lincoln works to support over 1000 troubled students and their families through its programs. Lincoln Child
Robert Ferguson Center and the work of its professional support teams offer the positive difference in otherwise shattered lives of
John Fraser children ages 6-14. The students entrusted to Lincoln’s residential care homes are primarily court appointed
Ivan Fujihara
Erik Lannon wards of the state whom have suffered multiple traumas in their young lives. CEO Chris Stoner-Mertz says “Art is
Barbara Miller impacting Lincoln and the children and families we serve in significant ways. We are seeing the Transformative
Wendall Mitchell Arts program as a way to expand outpatient services to children in public schools.”
Mel Shaw
Pearl Davies Shaw
Heather Martinez Zona “I think the kids’ work represents the most beautiful form of art making”, says Lisa Rasmussen, the lead
transformative arts teacher on staff. “I teach them fine art techniques, and they run with them. Their work is so
Christine Stoner-Mertz, raw—and when I show it to my teachers and painting mentors, they are shocked to learn the art is coming from
LCSW kids. It’s so refined.” Transformative art is all about the personal transformation of the artist—using art as a
President and CEO
means to access the transformative aspects of our inner healer, or, in modern terms, our “self-esteem”. Lisa says,
”Art is a safe place for the kids. They blossom in the Transformative Art Department. We provide guidance, but
the students, by making art, tap into their own creative source.”

The debut of the Red Door Gallery and launch of Lincoln Child Center’s student art appearance will take place
during the Oakland Art Murmur, 6-9:30 pm, September 5th. The Red Door Gallery is located at 416 26 th Street in
Oakland. For more information about the opening, the program and the work of Lincoln, please visit the website: or call Kimball Lane at (510) 531-3111x103.


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