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C Che borrowed heaven summer sunshine 3 angels hideaway |< long night 24 goodbye 19 time enough for tears 30 humdrum 35 even if = rE = = . ls pT ot a Yor i wae you tre a Don't ‘ell me you have ate 5 Z | s SS SS HK =e Dia a . = T 1 miss you FE Bbsus Dm caddy F Bbsus? mo -bo- dy else In + mer sun - shine no- bo-dy needs. to__ know. BP ic FA BP c a ee 5 ae — 2 To sweet be - gin-nings and In cof-fee ci-ty we _bor-rowed hea don't give it back, is com-ing and I Gm" ee = ee Bsus Dm cui ae : a Fa cy @ ie Gee = j= SSS SS Se = Sa ies tenure eae tke veel vagal! no-bo-dy needs to____know. no - bo - dy knows. Inthe Repeat to fade ae s co 2d ES : atte = (Sum - mer sun - shine.) (Sun - shine.) SS ee ====S-== ae as eae a5 = eee BE = = ——— Pa. J angel Words & Music by Andreo Corr, Coraline Cor, Sharon Corr Jim Comr = 128 ‘Abmgi’/C Dsus Bini Abmagi/C Dsus? Bhs a» 22 se Be st ee AbmajJC Disus? EB Fadl Abmaj/C Dsus? Bs ab @ ‘2 8 & Be ae 1. She iv like she KEW no- thing lasts 2, Does the sunshine up at you when you're look - ing down? AbmajyC — Dbsus? BS Fim) Abmaj/C Disus? bs Ab & = @ & be a Did-n't care to look like a - ny-one else. Do you get a-long with theo thers a - round? ‘© Copy 2006 UraslSongs OF Felusrom Ittrallonl nesporated roca Cammanicalns Mu Comper USA Unies! Mai Fuliing Lites . ‘fights server opyight Secure 8 [P°oniy Abmaj/C Desus? g@ = she was bs Fmiakiny igi Abmaj/C Dbsus? E! ab ey i ie beau - ti - ful, Abmaj/C— Disus? Ge still hear her laugh Show -er It's got to be bet - ter BS Fadl) Hel BER ‘Abmaj’/C Dsus? BPs ab 1 # & fe 7? like she’s hete.— od et on all It than it down is- n't so wrong Youdon’tneed t wor cee bb ef iar ie" ce * fe a 2. 355 Sa a a I hope they Jove. you like we o._ Forever re Sees E a = SS => 7 fe Et E = pS 255 == aaa ae — = a ee —— ‘ ig : ge oe Gee oe SRE, © eae Ss : ri : pa Til be proud to be like you Be like ' =Nhar + ty {= = OF ek sae at = s— I ooo +>] ——— Pe od eee +55 ae ==SS> =) pS ee Lo ge TU be proud to be__like you b> id ab Ghsus? ee se bb = = = = . And when I go to sleep at night I thank you for each bless - ed thing sur round - ing me. (sur-round - ing me.) oo bs ev'ry fall Pl ey-er break, each mo-ment’s breath I wan-na taste Confidence and con-sei-ence_ z de-ca-dent_ ex-tra-va-ganee. _Nev-er end - ing pro-vi-dence for loy-ing when I had the chance, br Zs - oe s SSS ouedy dade eeeeais if gid sete hhope they love you like___we you For- ey - er Eta) ce co Ee Til be proud to. Vocal ad tb. proud. to hideaway Words & Music by Andrea Cort, Caroline Corr, Sharon Corr Jim Corr Am cl Lits throw out the books and start a time_ to__change, gain = ‘© Cepstigh200¢ Unies Sang OF PoySar trata! nape Ihoces Conmntilns te Corr USA ‘nial Mose ubshing Utes Rigs Reserved Iteration Cops acu. 16 eS a fall on your face, don't D c ae Ha + 2 ——— - === 5 a: oe te ees eae eos Youcan't waste more time “eatise you've been 2.Let your - self____go and don't you leer SS = Am ee gone for far 100 long. Trapped in his_____ arms, “bout a thing. _ Break ~ ing. Fol-low your heart, Fol-low your heart, [i° onty P= ce See oi WER Galo yon (DRO See a iS & — = You think that it’s, too late but it’s You think that you're_O. but it’s goode = noughfor YOU) pany goode - noughfor you} Dont D An? Cmaj? i Ee i “cause I know that you've. got what. it takes, can be what you wan-na cause I know that you've. ———_ Jae you can be — what # —. You can be what, you wan-na a goodbye ‘Words 6 Music by Andrea Cort, Caroline Corr, Sharon Corr & Jin Corr J=14 AyD Hilo = LI ney-er thought, one day__ 2. Tell me it’s true, tell me there's ‘© copy 2006 Univaral-Sngs Of aystem niente! Incorporate ‘hast Conruriestrs Mode Corpor, USA ‘Uscral Mone ubishing med 1 ane Rese. nent! Copyright Scie 19 == = 2 Hs a see Ra tL e- er - w - re jaca oe wae eve = = — ‘ = = = = + + ve could vil why you were tak - en. ex ~ plain you be wait- ing? be there. vail oh, where are 7 y= pth ae = A Ee il = SS = SSS = sa on, where are ‘ block out the_ 20 Ea and pack up the sky, Don't let my tears start to make you. cry.. To Coda © Each — time. Gaus ESE Oh, try to stop ask = ing why. Gmaj? Em. A ae aa & Where are_ you now? Em ae DS. al Coda me Could 1 get there some - how? Ws time_ to © Coda Em ” ta (Try to stop ask - ing why.____ Try to stop ask - ing ae eee Repeat ad lib, to fade yee ee ‘Try to say my good- 23 long night Words & Music by Andrea Corr, Caroline Corr, Shoron Corr & Jim Corr 6 Disust/A comes J=n fy tes Lilt does-n't really mat - ter Disusi/A. cates 6 a i ae You nev-er were a-round that much to speak © Capyrh 200¢ Unk Songs Of PlyrenIrteratna Incerprated! Bax Croutons Cong US. Usted Min Ping Uns ‘ghee. eternal apysght Sacre. 26 G Disust/A costs DisustyA Os ie fe) Did-nt think that 1 could live with-oul—— you, 2.Once up-on a time we fell in Tove, G DisustjA cade ae a It could-n't be that hard to live a - lone and I thought that I would be the on = ly one___ think-ing on, Tm on my own a- gain think-ing, Cay? = you will ney - er say_— that you'll be home you will ney - er show, you won't be home, Sa eaemate © 25 ea z = SS 2 == Ss == Tong nigh without your ams. AndI'm gon-na get sage- and it's gon-na be cold — ane ‘fright caught Ta To Coda © = —— —— = = =———= = la J in the head - lights. It's gon-na be a == = Ee SS = = ooo = = —=S eS SS Se —— = ———-— t zi = Jose. fight Lost in aa = = =3 SS = = E 26 D Em Tne ba Violin c EnyB Dsus? Em a EnyB Dsus 27 Em on my own will nev - er show, you won't be a-pain,— think ing DS. al Coda And it's gon-na be a 0 ent ree fee ce if and I know I'm gon-na lose. this_ fight — caught inthe head - lights 28 Tm gon-na get stage Is gon-na be a G D # ERR a a long night and I know Pm gon-na lose this fight. Vm lost in your arms, ba-by, 29 time enough for tears ‘Words & Music by Bono, Gavin Friday & Maurice Sezer i ast . Ee =, Ss read_ the trees_ and their au - tumn leaves_ ve as they fall Jike a dress un = done end of sum-mers © copy 2008 TCF Muse Pubs caged igh seve. iteration! Copyht Sec 30 Awe & i Don’t fell____me you're leay - ing, we can (2) moon_ is milk and the 3° instrumemeal til * e It’s get-ting dar-ker_ than it should, If wen ws ma - gic and we all need to be - lieve we can hhide_ in. the eve-ning sky_where it spilt, =, in the breeze_ as it’ seems, would it stop us now my. love? you know it’s hard -er to leave, 31 < for hard ques - tions. for be-ing brav - er. know yet. know yet. for all for all our our Amaj? fe tougher tough -er than we than we - 5 ToCoda Ol Time e - nough_ for Time e = nough_ for hheard_ you say 32 neath your breath some kind_ of prayer. tun - der - neath your breath rev - er wan -na feel this way "bout a - ny-bo-dy else for be- ing brav-er. 33 ET Ama? i a a b == = e fr: ele | 5 Sea oe tesa se am a a ° -nough, I love thistime of year— Time is___ tough, it’s running a- ———————— Se < way from us.— Time ¢ - nough. for tears. Time ¢ - nough— 34 humdrum Words 6 Music by Andree Corr, Coraline Corr, Sharon Cort & Jim Corr Em D Em D Em C D € a fe s fre to be good too bad to pre - tend, Trans - ev'ry aitl’s dream, left for your tea © Copyigh 2006 Unies Song Of Plysrmrtrnetiona! nepal Beocan Cmmunietns Mise Cony USA ‘Universal Mule Publhing ines [AURghsResered InrratonelCopight Sevres. 35 Ea i Ey D Cc me He ——— — S| = =e Sa ao | even if Words & Music by Andre Corr, Coroline Corr, Sharon Corr 8 Jim Corr += 120 8 Fm? Gm? BD EP Abe Bh Be EP & 2 if 2 i 1. For what it’s worth, I think there’s no - bo - dy like you. Fm? Gm? ByD BP Ay BYE Be @ & He Ee! He Se ist You've got grace, got 2 heart beat-ing des-pite you're fun. Copyight 200 Une Songe 0! PalyStom interatina! Ieartoated ‘brononCommanienios Mose compar, USK Une! Mune Puling Ue ‘i Rghs Reed. nto) Coppi See. 40 Snr Bi Be = = a i iff ii (1) As 1 grew up 1 was ter - ri fied of dark- ness. 2. Now that you're mine I can’t pic-ture life with-out you. 3. Now we're a - lone gon-na show how much 1 need you. Bbsust eB = iia iy To Coda ER Ee) Now you're a-round f've no "Cause ev - en if the You're my friend, you're my ‘And kist you so you won't rea-son to be fright ~ ened lov- er, wan-na bile you. | ever wan-na leave me, moon fell out of the sky 4 Ab ByC BP fe’ Eo a out of the sky The world, it goes on spin-ning and 1 soe: trace my hea-dy foot-steps to this. place. I'm = Hea-ven right and 1 don’t wanna come down, ee = = ie : aaa "Clues te ab BP B Absus? 2 i jar ne you light the ground e © @ @ © Ey-en if the moon fell out of the sky__ you light the ground_ Coda) Coda AP sus? Cm BP ia ie *Cause ev-en if the a & 8% = tumbling down you light the ground_ cm e & er a & Ey-en if the moon fell out of the sky you light the ground_ Absus? Cm BP ‘ab a ‘ase ee "Cause ev - en if a & cb out of the sky ‘you light the ground. =i a = 46 borrowed heaven Words 6 Music by Andrea Cort, Caroline Cors, Sharon Corr & Jim Corr Ap D catty Gp i Ey faa ES ha ee All beau - ty. all fade“ - way, Bor-row All heart -ache, all riv- ers. cried, — bor-rowed. bo - all skin and bone, ‘bor-rowed, ca Tracer ttt * Geaieyy GD All moon - light. re- tum To - day B6r-rowed. Don't stay out too _late_ to - night, bor-rowed. All silk - y. all smooth and warm, bor-rowed. [Fou fi rn a) © Capyight 2006 Une Sangs OF Plyoran insmetoa! espe ‘eatin Conmunicaons Hse Company, USA, ‘Unveil Mose ubishing Ute Alfighs Reneé Ineratonl Cpu Sued 45 Ot rE 5 five Mag? |fee ae ao ——— === vee wee wee ko vee he ee = te a & os ge SS SS = Ail earth bound, bare fest dy irc mio ren You, tess cit pan 1" ow "Tm bain in| Al mit I wand a= 1 know Tm liv = ing ins, ae Bor-rowed_bor- rowed SS Bor - rowed, _bor- rowed ive it back. — But be-fore 1 do. Gp This is my prayer. a AD a Galdyyp Gp D.C. al Coda Bor - D ea cap fee & Repeat ad lib, to fade Hea - ven, @ baby be brave Words & Music by Andrea Carr, Coraline Corr, Sharon Corr 8 Jim Corr o=112 Dm Bhp Gm Dn Dm : Ee H = ee ed a F GmyBb act Dm © Capyght 200¢ Unena-Song 0! Palyrom Intestinal ncoprtas! Brora Conmurietins Moe Crmpany USA Unies! Musi Pablshing Lmted At lghs Reser tration opin eee 50 Dm BD e Dm Gm ayct LE Ee He a a Hal - you don’t be = lieve ‘it, @ Dm i) CE Ee oe i === es Your wail -ing wall Dm Dm ByD c, BE Ee Ea i =| SS Beene hee Seat 2.Wy ie dowte-los saan some-bo - dy, some where’s_ Yeah, ev-'ry- one knows, fet fi tH & a? — gonna find the burst pipe And as but wedon't be - lieve it fast as they bow down they'll leave you be-hind) The pain of a pop star you're break-ing my heart) what's the point. tell me what's. : To Coda «0 Bi « a i fai Synth. ter-ri- fied to fail 52 2 Dm Gm Act Ave you ter - ri fied_ to Dm oD Dm Bhngj/D Emp Ayct Dm fe & Ee «Ei fr He ey 53 ing “cause, — I've been temp - ted. You are : ing the spe - cial to Violin - ize the tise. ty Loo And what's the point of it all? ct as se i ERE TER Dus. al Coda act Dm Entyp , eS) a's Are you ter - risfied_ to fail? 55 silver strand Words & Music by Andrea Corr, Caroline Cort, Sharon Corr 6Jim Corr pails Violin 5 ‘2 capyiaht 200 Unser Song OF Plyrem intnationa!Inssporeted seocan Commurielns Must Company USA Unseel Moe Pling Uinta [AL gh esac Internode! Copyright Sec, 56 37 a EnyG pats oS : SaaS dada dada dada da. dada dada da, Da dada dada dada da dada dada da da Violin 59 confidence for quiet Words 6 Music by Andrea Corr, Caraline Corr, Shoron Corr 6 Jim Core hn? a 4 — = ———— ont ge ee == that "ve tet bo hind no, Tm ov = er = fed = SS = Pre Dg Se ” be Dat ~ be i — You for - gave, said I've done_ my time,___ I've been. ‘00d sat is~ fied — with the life T'ye led Mov- ing on Bm? ie = se ~ a-ni- ma - tion thyme — sister ~ hood, can 1 find that to where you can’t see, What is me?__ Well it’s just for ‘© Copyht 2008 Uries!-Snge Of Palyerom nenation! narod ‘roca Communications Mosc Comper, SA Unie Masi Pung Lite lg sere. Iterations! Copyright Seen 60 ao be @ ee SS SSS Not 2 Ee ae ee ive | ent related Ms os Se dort bam chelate = less, tra = gic. left ‘me be-hind. Is this free- = _ SS SS = ae no moreto say. I've got free- Ee s = me a = Tp Se ! Til walk a - = way.— | ‘Cause I’ve got con - care.) (Walk way.) pb == Se S| a eee ‘ 1 pe Ghmaj? De ee ee fan m/c dence. for qui - ot T'm not a @m nota = raid.) Emaj? rey =f pane [Dep b= = = FF Cnt = = Dhsus'yB? fee moreto say. Is Pil walk a 63 @maj? P Bhm Tm not a - =a No, T don't care a 64 All the songs from the hit album, ‘orranged for piano, voice & guitor summer sunshine angel hideaway long night goodbye time enough for tears humdrum even if borrowed heaven confidence for quiet baby be brave silver strand Wise Publications AON