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NAME:___________________________________________________ 2ND BAT FEB 2011

1. Put these sentences into the passive.

1 They rescued the passengers at 9 o’clock._____The passengers were rescued at 9._______________

2 She’s discovered a new vaccine._______A new vaccine has been discovered_________________

3 You should milk the cow before I arrive._______The cow should be milked before I arrive________

4 Are they painting their bathroom again?____Is the bathroom being painted?_______________

5 They’ll leave the milk on our doorstep.________The milk will be left on our doorstep__________

2. Fill in the blanks with a relative pronoun. Add commas to these sentences where necessary.

1 The box which/ that I can’t open is in the basement.

2 Sarah’s job ,which makes her travel a lot, pays well.

3 I have seen the man whose suitcase we found.

4 I’m sure that Peter , who is very nervous, will pass the test.

5 Jim, whose car we repaired, has called to thank us.

3. Put these sentences into indirect speech.

1 Father to daughter: ‘I can’t take you to school tomorrow.’

__The father told her daughter he couldn't take her to school the day after___________

2 Sister to sister: “You should tell mum that you are pregnant”.

________She advised her sister to tell her mother she was pregnant_______

3 Harry to Hermione: ‘I’ll find a broom.’ ____Harry told Hermione that he would find the broom.__

4. Report what these people said using the words in brackets.

1 I said to John, ‘remember to phone Sally.’(remind) ______I reminded John to phone Sally____

2 ‘You must remember to wash your hands, children,’ the teacher said.

(tell) ___The teacher told the children to remember to wash their hands_________

3 She said, ‘Children, stay away from the water.’ (warn)She warned the children to stay away form the water.

4 ‘You should see a lawyer’ the policeman said to Mark.(advise) The police advised Mark to see a lawyer

5 ‘Alan, have a shower immediately,’ she said.(tell) She told Alan to have a shower immedialtely.
5.A policeman talked about the interview he made to a suspect Complete what he said.
0 How long have you been in prison? 3 Who else gives you money?

1 Have you worked since then? 4 Do you know Steven Ellis?

2 Does your sister give you money? 5 How long have you known Steven?

0 I asked him how long he had been out of prison____, and he replied that he had left prison six months ago.

1 Then I asked him if he had worked since then_. He told me that he hadn’t found a job.

2 I asked him if his sister gave him any money, and he said she did give him some money but not ...

3 Then I asked him who else gave him money. He replied that nobody else did.

4 I asked him ___if he knew Steven_________, and he said that he and Steven were friends.

5 So I asked him _how long he had known him, and he said that he had known him for six years.

6. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.

1 ‘What _would_ Tom _say (say) if he ___knew___(know) about our plans?’ ‘I don’t know, but I’m not going
to tell him!’

2 Unless the weather _improves__(improve), we _won't be able to_ (not / be able to) swim this afternoon.

3 Lucy met the director of a TV company at a party and he offered her a job. If she __hadn't met
him_(not / meet) him, she __wouldn't have got__ (not / get) the job.

4 I have problems sleeping. If I__sleep__(sleep) badly, I___am/ 'll be__ (be) very tired the next day.

5 I saw some great shoes but I didn’t buy them because I didn’t have any money with me. I _would have
bought__ (buy) them if I __had had_____ (have) the money.

7. Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first.
1. They managed to finish the project in time for the presentation. succeeded
They ____succeeded in finishing_________ the project in time for the presentation.

2. My aunt raised me as her own daughter. brought

My aunt __brought me up_____ as her own daughter.

3. Jane allows her children to stay up to midnight on Saturday evenings. let

Jane ___lets the children stay up till____late on Saturdays.

4. A mechanic is going to repair my car tomorrow. Having

I'm _having my car repaired___ tomorrow

5. It isn't necessary to bring skis as they are included in the package. have
You __don't have to____bring skis as they are included in the package.
6. Tom said, "I will be playing tennis when you arrive." he
Tom said __he would be playing ____tennis when I arrived.

7. When I was a child, we would go to the park every Saturday afternoon. used
When I was a child, _I used to go__the park every Saturday.

8. They moved to this suburb in 1997. lived

They __have lived___in this suburb since 1997