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Case Study Blokker group:HANDHELD


PHL 1300
Stock procedures
Retail Pocket handheld terminal

Quick Summary Introduction

Every year the entire stock of all store chains needs to be
checked for missing and unpaid goods. With the entrance of
How to reduce workload!
Opticon’s PHL 1300 in the stores a new process is introduced for
The Blokker retail group includes 15 store
quick and accurate handling. The new process also improved the
chains such as Blokker, Intertoys, Leen
way stores receive and check stock shipments.
Bakker, Marskramer and Xenos. More than
2600 stores in 13 countries offer leading
international brands in kitchenware, home
decor, garden accessories, gifts, toys and
much more.

Featured Product: PHL 1300

Key PHL 1300 features for this solution:

• Check whether products run out of stock
• Order products
• In-store price-checking
• Print shelve labels

always scanning for new ID's

Blokker group: PHL 1300

Stock taking Stock shipments

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Every year the entire stock of all The new process also improved
store chains had to be checked for the way stores receive and check
PHL 2700 missing and unpaid goods. This had stock shipments. Some supplies
to be carried out before or after directly come from manufacturers,
opening hours. The amount of including a lot of papers detailing
paperwork involved was another the delivery contents. Employees
problem. It normally took the had to check each box manually
employees up to 6 weeks to against the relevant transfer form for
process all balance sheets for any discrepancy in content. Now,
the management report. With employees scan each box received,
the PHL1300 asset statements enter quantity and communicate this
are drawn up automatically and to the Blokker main office for invoice
downloaded from the barcode payment.
scanning system. This saves time
and money.

“Soon after the

OPH 1003
first chain of stores
started working
with the PHL1300,
all other
department store
brands within the
Blokker group

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