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Global hydraulics has been established in the year 1990,

with a vision to emerge as one of the largest organization in
the field of Hydraulic products in India.

Promoted by experts, who have been in this field, since

many years with real world business experience and technical
know-how, global hydraulics acts as the sheet anchor for
many of the major industries, to meet their requirements in
Hydraulic equipments and accessories.

Global hydraulics is staffed by highly motivated and

experienced professionals, supported by the state of the art

Leveraging on our well-equipped manufacturing unit,

we provide range of highly efficient industrial products that
are high on demand in various industries. These products are
customized according to the technical specifications detailed
by our valued clients.

Our strong presence in the market is based on our

commitment to provide hydraulic machines as per the
established quality standards and improved technology. We
have garnered firm trust of our clients by offering them
prompt delivery of consignments & sound business deals.
Global hydraulics is a company dedicated to Hydraulics,
more specifically, to Hose assemblies, Hydraulic Fittings,
Valves, and Couplings. Located in the fast growing city of
Chennai, the entire demand of the country is met adequately.
The promoters are in this field for over two decades and
bring to this venture, all the rich experience gained over the
Global hydraulics representatives have the knowledge
and authority to offer customers extraordinary service to help
you solve any problem. Let us save time and money. Some
specific information concerning a hydraulic, spares and


In the company adopted village at Thiruvallur near KGF

Complex, the out-patient medical treatment facilities were
extended to 153 families in the village. The company has
identified a school in a backward area for extending facilities
in the form of class rooms, computers, etc., in the State of
Tamilnadu. To commemorate the 115th Birth Anniversary of
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, books and clothes were distributed to the
poor children of the Government Girls Higher Sec School.
Fruits were distributed to the patients in the Hospitals on the
occasion of 50th commemorative function of Death
Anniversary of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar.
Benefits of the Reliability Hydraulic Division (RHD)

An underlying founding philosophy of Global

Hydraulics is Reliability Hydraulic. This approach supplants
the maintenance philosophy of "failure reactive" with "failure
proactive" by finding underlying conditions that lead to
machine faults and degradation. The biggest cost to our
clients is downtime. Over the past two decades, proactive
methods have been received worldwide as the single most
important means of achieving savings unsurpassed by
conventional maintenance techniques. We now go one better!


Complete an infrastructure that:

 Is able to be duplicated elsewhere and immediately

 Where no one man is key.
 Knowledge is captured & processed for use.
 Delivers and exceed clients ultimate expectations 100%
of the time.
A new approach for high performance motion control:

Global hydraulics service offerings include:

 Sales of hydraulic components
 Refurbishment of hydraulic equipment and system control
 Hydraulic project design, project management and
 Quality, customer service, and competitive pricing
 Global hydraulics provides not only field and workshop based
repairs but also a wide range of systems design, project
management and skills for large and small projects.
At global hydraulics, we not only want to fix today’s problems,
we want to add tomorrow’s value to your business by providing
solutions that will increase your productivity and profitability.
Established to offer World Class Products, to the Indian
Industry. Global Hydraulics acts as Distributors of Gates Hoses
manufactured by Gates India Private Limited a multinational
company with operations all around the globe. Global hydraulics
also manufacturers / markets Hydraulic Fittings, Hydraulic Valves,
Hydraulic manifolds, Pipe Clamps, Lubrication Systems of world
famous Hydra-Air Group of Companies.
Global Hydraulics is the reputed manufacturing company in the
field hydraulics spares, repairs, upgrades and servicing.

 Hydraulic project design and management

 Hydraulic field servicing
 Oil analysis & condition monitoring
 Hydraulic maintenance
 Workshop facilities
Global Hydraulics offers an unparalleled and comprehensive range
of hydraulic components.

Global Hydraulics has all that is needed in the field of

hydraulics, to take care of the problems faced by the clients,
which includes, the capability to design and Manufacture all
kinds of hydraulic systems, to suit any specific application.
Some major Products manufactured at Global hydraulics

 Customized Hydraulic power packs.

 Hydraulic power presses & material handling
 Diaphragm & Piston accumulators.
 Portable off-line filter unit and service equipment.

Our products have distinct presence in the market owing to

some striking features including :

 High speed
 Durability
 Robust
 Structure
 Resistance to corrosion
 High production rate
 Low power consumption
 High strength
 Low maintenance
 Quality


Visit by cross functional teams to various customer sites have

helped the company to gather customer feed back which was useful
in fine tuning product requirements and introduce additional product
With ever increasing requirement for outsourcing the supplier
base is being continuously monitored to ensure suitability. Vendor
development initiatives are an integral part of supply chain
management. In order to promote 'self governance', the company is
encouraging its suppliers and extending all possible support to help
suppliers to achieve status of `self certification'.

To provide customized products is our one of our key strengths

that has made us a noted company in the hydraulic machines
manufacturing industry. Customization is done strictly on the basis
of technical and other specifications as detailed by the clients. This
is aimed to accomplish client’s delight and make their industrial
activities more convenient.

We offer customized products on various parameters including :

 Material
 Size
 Capacity
 Speed
Apart from the abovementioned parameters we also provide
customization works according to the client’s demands and


We have employed a team of well-versed personnel who

have years of experience in the field to carry out smooth
production procedure efficiently. This team comprises of
expert engineers, technicians, and skilled labors who
dedicatedly work for the cause of customer satisfaction.
Every team member is dedicated to add precious contribution
in the work regarding their field of expertise in order to
successfully cater to the needs of clients. We conduct training
and skill development sessions on regular basis that is aimed
to augment their level of knowledge.

These sessions enable us to keep these team members to

remain abreast with the ongoing developments and changing
scenario at international level in the industry.

Moreover, our marketing professionals remain in close

proximity with sales personnel that help them to assess the
market trends and formulate innovative marketing strategies.
Their endeavors have enabled us to make the availability of
our products easy to our valued clients.


We owe our success primarily to the world-class

infrastructure and highly qualified professionals. We have
statement of the art production facilities, equipped with
technically advanced machines and equipment. The machines
are regularly serviced and maintained, to ensure efficient and
flawless production. The machines are manned by personnel
who are well-trained and experienced in their fields of

We have maintained a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant

that is quite spacious for the fabrication activities of heavy
hydraulic machines. This plant is well-equipped with every
necessary production equipment and tools that facilitate fast
and accurate fabrication of our range of products.

In addition to this, we have own test lab for testing raw

material with modern and standard instruments and other
required equipment. Our own research and development
section is enriched with a modern laboratory and
sophisticated tools required for R&D activities.


a. Technology Division

The company has opened a new Technology Division which

provides Hydraulic solutions to clients across the globe by utilizing
the company's domain knowledge in Hydraulic design and
Hydraulic system gained through four decades of research and
development experience. This Division draws its strength from the
rich and diverse expertise of our R&D in the various realms of
technology. It offers end-to-end solutions and services across the
whole product development cycle including designing, modeling,
analysis, simulation, documentation. The infrastructure in this
division is state-of-the-art and the skill sets are comparable to the
best in the industry.

b. Trading Division

The Trading Division is launched to market the non-company

products, parts, aggregates and commodities for domestic and
international markets. This division will maximize business through
sale of non-core components and Hydraulic spares, leveraging on
our expertise in heavy engineering industry and strong brand equity.
It will also ensure supply of high quality components for both
internal consumption as well as our existing customers by
leveraging our extensive marketing network and our brand name to
service our customers with the supply of both company and non-
company products.


In order to protect the environment, tree plantation were

undertaken in and around the factory premises, township at
Saplings of various types of avenue trees/flower bearing
trees were planted in the vacant lands belonging to the
company for maintaining ecological balance in the
surrounding areas. Further measures have also been taken to
protect the existing flora and fauna.
Effluent treatment plants have been constructed inside the
factory premises of the production units for treatment of
domestic/industrial effluents. Further, treatment
plants/oxidation ponds for treatment of natural process of
treating effluents have been installed in various locations
inside the factory and township. The landscaping department
in the production units is utilizing treated effluent water. Test
certificates are being sent to the State Pollution Control
Board every month.


We aim to be the leader in manufacturing high quality

machinery in the world. We will differentiate ourselves from
our competitors through our efforts on Quality & better
satisfy our customer’s needs.


Global hydraulics will be the customer preferred

machinery & plant supplier in the years to come, through
speedy innovations continuous improvement in Quality &
processes, strategic partnerships & unmatched customer

Global hydraulics share commitment to attaining world

class performance in customer services, information
management, product design & manufacturing. We will be
the leading, growing supplier of industrial machinery /
equipments & plants for the global industries.


We have employed adept R&D personnel who are well-

versed with every necessary research activity in order to
facilitate timely up-gradation of production procedures. They
are always engaged in genuine R&D activities in the well-
maintained lab on various developmental issues and advise
engineers on the production line to redefine the existing
production procedure. Their innovative ideas have helped
production engineers to fabricate new and improved versions
of hydraulic machines which have been easily adapted in
various industries.

Future planning action:

R&D program to be taken up keeping in mind the future
trends in technology in tune with changing business models
of customers and has unveiled a plan of action to take up a
number of new projects/products with enhanced allocation of
resources, to the tune of 3% of company's turnover, to
achieve this, R&D infrastructure and resources are being
continuously strengthened/upgraded as needed to handle the
latest technologies effectively.
Efforts :

Efforts made & benefits derived in brief towards

technology absorption, adaptation and innovation:
R&D associate/involve themselves with production
divisions at the time of acquisition of newer technologies
from original sources and agencies on various products and
absorb the same.
They adapt these absorbed technologies in the new
developmental projects in line with technology agreements
and bring about useful & innovative products. The
technology so absorbed and updated has resulted in import
substitution, cost reduction and product improvement of a
number of products presently manufactured by the company.

The benefits derived as a result of the above efforts are:

Faster introduction of newer & competitive products in the
 Acquisition of new
 Customer satisfaction &
business growth
 Indignization & standardization
of components/aggregates/sub systems for collaborated
Engineering & manufacturing personnel have a broad
range of experience in designing & producing Quality
machinery & Inspection equipment, this experience assures
you machinery that will do the job right & produce profits in



The HR Department identified several thrust areas for

continuously updating technical/professional skills of
employees and bring about attitudinal changes in developing
good work culture in all areas of operations particularly at
shop floors. The overall industrial relation situation in the
company was cordial during the year.


The industrial relations during the year remained

extremely harmonious. The Directors wish to place on record
their appreciation of the hard work and continuous efforts as
well as valuable support rendered by the employees at all
levels under review.

Health and Safety of the Employee:

Health and safety of the employee has always been prime

concern of the company and company has a medical officer
to have routine checkup on the health of the employees.


Efforts are being continuously made to accelerate the use

of Hindi in official work. The company gives utmost
importance to Hindi training. Around 229 employees have
been trained in Prabodh, Praveen and Pragya courses.
General orders, notices, circulars, stationery and annual
reports are printed and issued bilingually. The company has
displayed all sign boards outside the premises of the
company trilingually. To propagate the use of Hindi,
anthakashri and essay writing competitions and Hindi
workshops were organized in all the Divisions. A session on
`Official Language Policy' is included in the in-house
training programmes. During the year, the first Sub-
Committee of Parliament on official language and Joint
Inspection of official language, MoD inspected Delhi
Regional Office and Corporate office respectively and
appreciated the progress made in the implementation of
Official Language Policy in the offices and also suggested
few improvements in its implementation.
We truly believe that customer is the king. Hence, all our
products and services are directed to achieve 100% customer
satisfaction and our obligations don’t end with the sale of our
products. In order to establish long term commercial
relationships with our customers, we provide excellent after-
sales services, while maintaining a comprehensive back-up of
spares & services.

The first step in the formation of a company is to prepare

memorandum of association. ‘Memorandum’ means the
memorandum of association of a company as originally
framed or as altered from time to time insurance of any
previous companies law or of the Companies Act, 1956 (sec.
2(28)). The definition as given in the act is not all explanatory.


The memorandum of association of a company is the

fundamental document of a company. It is the character of the
company as also the fundamental conditions on which the
company is incorporated. It also regulates the relationship of
the company with the outside world.

The memorandum of every company must contain the
following clauses described as conditions of company’s,
The name of the company is “Global Hydraulics Pvt.
The registered office of the company shall be situated in
the state of Tamil Nadu.

The objects of the company which must be classified as

The main object of the company to be pursued by the
company its incorporation.
 Objects incidental or ancillary to the attainment of
the main objects and
 Other objects of the company not included in (a) and
(b) Above.
In the case of companies (other than trading corporation)
With objects not confined to one state to whose territories
the objects extend.
In the case of companies limited by shares or by
guarantee that the liability of its members is limited.
In case of a company having a share capital, the amount
of share capital with which the company is to be
registered and the division there off in to share of a fixed
amount. In such a company each subscriber must take at
least one share and must write opposite his name the
number of shares he takes.
The main object of the company to be pursued by the
company its incorporation.

Global hydraulics share commitment to attaining world

class performance in customer services, information
management, product design & manufacturing. We will
be the leading, growing supplier of industrial machinery /
equipments & plants for the global industries.
Is able to be duplicated elsewhere and immediately
Where no one man is key.
Knowledge is captured & processed for use.
Delivers and exceed clients ultimate expectations 100%
of the time.

Incidental objects.

To direct the management control and supervision of any

company, association or concern by nominating directors,
controllers, supervisors, advisors or otherwise, or to
collaborate with any company or association or concern.
To invest the moneys of the company, not immediately
required in such manner other than in the shares of these
company, as from time to time may be determined.
To employ and remunerate experts or consultants, foreign
or Indian in connection with planning and development of
all or any of the businesses incidental to the operation of
the company.
To make advances upon or for the purchase of materials,
goods machinery, stores or other articles required for the
purpose of the company.
To provide customized products is our one of our key
strengths that has made us a noted company in the
hydraulic machines manufacturing industry.
Customization is done strictly on the basis of technical
and other specifications as detailed by the clients. This is
aimed to accomplish client’s delight and make their
industrial activities more convenient.

Liability Clause.

The memorandum of the company limited by shares or by

guarantee must also state that the liability of its members is
limited. They means that the member can only be called upon
to pay to the company at any time the uncalled or unpaid
amount on the shares held by them or upto the maximum of
the amount which they have guaranteed.

Association Clause.

Association Clause states: “we the several persons whose

names and addresses are subscribed are desirous of being
formed into a company in pursuance of this Memorandum of
Association, and we respectively agree to take the number of
shares in the capital of the company set opposite our
respective names”.



In these articles unless there be something in the subject or

context inconsistent therewith:-

“The Act” means the companies Act, 1956(Central

Act of 1956)
“Board” means the bye-laws which may be made by
the directors of the company under these articles and
which may for the time being be in force
“Capital” means the capital for the time being raised
or authorized, to be raised for the purpose of the
“Chairman” means the chairman of the board of
directors for the time being of the companies.
“The company” means Global Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.
“Directors” means the director for the time being of
the company.
“Month” means the registered office for the time
being of the company.
“Office” means the registered office for the time
being of the company.
“The Register of Members” means the register of
member to be kept pursuant to the Act.
“Governor” means the governor of Tamil Nadu
“Regulation” means the regulation for the time being
in the force for the management of the company.
“Seal” means the common seal for the time being of
the company.



Subject to any rights or restriction for the time being

attached to any class of shares:-
on a show of hands every member present in person
shall have one vote in respect of each share held by
on a poll voting rights of members shall be as laid down
in section 87.
Provided however, that so far as the governor is concerned a
vote may be given on his behalf on a show of hands ort on a
poll by any person, whether a member or not, authorized by
him to be present and vote at all or any of the meeting of the



A member of unsound mind, or in respect of whom an

order has been made by any court having jurisdiction in
lunacy, may vote whether on show of hand or on a poll
through his committee or other legal guardian and any such
committee or guardian may on poll vote by proxy.


On a poll votes may be given either personally or by proxy

provided that no company shall vote by proxy as long as
resolution of its board authorizing any person to act as its
representative at any meeting of the company passed in
accordance with provision of the act is in force.


An instrument appointing a proxy may be in the following

form or in any other which the board shall approve and shall
be attested by one witness.

The board shall have powers to provide a common seal for the
purpose of the company. The seal of the company shall be
affixed to any instrument except by the authority of resolution
of the board of directors and in the presence of any such
director or such other person as the board may appoint for the
purpose and any such director or other authorized person as
foreside shall sign every instrument to which the seal of the
company is so affixed in his presence.


A committee may elect a chairman of its meeting but

if no such chairman is elected or one at the meeting the
chairman is not present within minutes after the time
appointed for holding the same, there members person may
choose one of their member to be chairman of the meetings.


The board shall from time to time determine whether and

to what extent and at what times and places and under what
conditions or regulations the accounts an books of the
company or any of them shall be open to the inspection of
members not being directors.

No member (not being a director) shall have any right of

inspecting any accounts or book of documents of the
company except as conferred by law or authorized by the
board or by the company in general meeting.


The board shall as required by the act cause to be
prepared and to be laid before the company in general meeting
such profit and loss accounts, income and expenditure
accounts, balance sheets and reports as are referred to in the



A balance sheet shall be made out in every year and laid

before the company in general meeting. The balance sheet
shall be accompanied which they recommend to be paid by
way of dividend and the amount if any, which propose to a
carry a reserve fund.


Auditors shall be appointed and their duties regulated in

accordance with the provisions of the act, or any statutory
modifications thereof for the time being in force.

A notice may be given by the company to any member
either personally or through post to him at his registered
address or if he has no registered address in India to the
address, if any within India supplied by him to the company
for the giving of notice to him.

Where a notice is sent by post, service of the notice shall
be deemed to be effected by properly addressing prepaying
and posting a letter containing the notice and unless the
contrary is proved to have been effected at the time at which
the letter would be delivered in the ordinary course of post.

Bringing Business Before an Annual Meeting:

Our bye-laws provide that at any annual general
meeting, only such business shall be conducted as shall have
been brought before the meeting by or at the direction of the
board of directors, by any shareholder who complies with
certain procedures set forth in the bye-laws or by any
shareholder pursuant to the valid exercise of the power
granted under the Companies Act. For business to be
properly brought before an annual general meeting by a
shareholder, the shareholder must have given timely notice
thereof in proper written form to our secretary and satisfied
all requirements under applicable rules. To be timely for
consideration at the annual general meeting, a shareholder’s
notice must be received by the secretary at our principal
executive offices not later than the date which is 90 days in
advance of the anniversary of the immediately preceding
annual general meeting or, if the date of the annual general
meeting occurs more than 30 days before, or 60 days after,
the anniversary of such immediately preceding annual
general meeting, not later than the seventh day after the date
on which notice of such annual general meeting is given.

Finance & accounts department’s deals with recording,

classifying, summarizing and interpreting, financial
information about the business activities of the concern. It
keeps the record of assets and liabilities in such a may the
financial position of business can be at any time.

 To make a decision concerning the use of limited
resources including identification of crucial decision are
and determination of objectives and goals.
 To effectively direct and control the organization, human
and material resources.
 To maintain and report on the custodianship of
 To facilitate the social function and control.


 Finance planning.
 Formulation of financial budget.
 Working capital manages.
 Negotiation with banks and financial institution.
 Day-to-day management of fund.
 Preparation of profit and loss a/c and balance sheet.
 Preparation of various accounts books.

Books maintained:

 Cash book
 Petty cash book
 Bills receivable book
 Bills payable book
 Purchase book
 Sales book
 Purchase return book
 Sales return book
 Bank pass book
 General ledger


Proper buying of material and merchandise are of great

importance in any business. If the raw material is not of
requisite quality, the cost of production would rise, profit will
decline, quality of finished products may go down etc,. If raw
materials are purchased in excessing requirement there is an
unnecessary tie-up of working capital with loan of interest,
inaccuring of storing and safe guarding expenses, the risk of
obsolescence and detoriation of the raw material is more.
Hence it takes careful steps in purchasing the materials of the
right time. Adequate quality and the right quality.
Purchase procedure:

 Bill of material
 Vendor
 Evaluation
 Team engineers
 Freeze the vendor
 Rise enquiry
 After evaluation
 Purchase order

ABC Analysis (Always Better Control):

Store item have been classified under, A, B, C.
A - items are normally less in quantity but of high value
B - items lies some where between A & C
C - items are less value but of more quality

Global hydraulics Pvt. Ltd focus on 3 kinds of market for their

products namely,

 Original Equipment Market (OEM)

 Replacement Market
a.intrastate (within tamilnadu)
b.interstate (outside tamilnadu)
 Export oriented market upon the daily basis of
manufactures of automobile in this companies.
The supply of horns depends some of the product are
customized. According to the requirements of the customer. In
the replace market the major role is played by the mechanics.
The mechanics word of mouth is very important for the selling
of the products to the customers. But to those customers who
are loyal to the products of the company, it doesn’t affected at
all, the particular companies product prescribed by the
mechanics determines the selling of the product is the
replacement market.
The main aim of the company is to enhance the value and
convenience of the existing products and there by attracting
new customer and retain the existing customer.
From the company to the distribution is termed as the
primary sales. Since it is the direct sales.
From the distribution to the dealer is termed as the
secondary sales, from this sales onwards it is not direct sales.
From the dealer to the customer. It is termed as the
territory sales, where the mechanics are playing a vital role in
the selling of product to the customer.

Distribution of products in replacement market:

 Dealer
 Retailer
 Mechanics
 Customer

Sales procedure:

 Customer requirements
 Order from customer
 Verification or evaluation
 Order confirmation
 Production
 Delivery

The Pneumatics Department supplies all the parts used

in aerial applications, such as controls, valves, and seal sets.


Production department is the process which combine &

transform various resources used in the production subsystem
of the organization into value added products in a controlled
manner as per the policies of the company, production is an
activity where in the input is transformed into output. It
satisfies the demand for a product.

Production process:

Production process therefore is a part of the company

which concerned with the transformation of a range of input
into the required output having the requisite quality level. In
this company they produce various models of horns with QA
100% and the following in the method or procedure in the
production department.
The assembly process for different horn is almost similar with
some minor modification in one or two stages.
There are twelve different line identified as A,B,C,…L.
The line A,B,C,D,E,F are pneumatic line
The line H,I,J,L are hydraulic lines.
The line G,K are Jit lines.
The pneumatic line consisting of pneumatic screwdriver and
pneumatic press for tightening & crimping operation. The
lines that are automated with hydraulic press (E,F,I,J) are
similar to that of A,B,C and D. these line also consist of stages
performing different operation. The hydraulic press consist of
directional values switches to adjust run stokes. Mean to
measure oil, pressure, etc,. typical to convertional hydraulic
press. These hydraulic pressure are fitted with different type of
layers, fixtures, etc,. to accommodate for different designs.


This department provided all types of Hoses (Freon, diesel,

hydraulic, air, brakes) from the German company SEMPERIT
It also provides German Crimping Machines of the UNIFLEX
kind, which are known for their high quality and solidity, as
well as a high compressing power up to 240 ton.


This department specializes in hydraulic constituencies,

or hydraulic/pneumatic constituencies. The department also
includes a workshop which manufactures, develop, and
maintains hydraulic and pneumatic units, according to the
client's wish.

The main function of the stores department is to keep track

of purchase and issue of various components used in the
manufacturing process. The components received our stored
systematically on shelves, racks and bins each of which as bin
could to keep tract of issue followed in first in first out (FIFO)

The training department organizes training courses in the

field of hydraulic and pneumatic technology, offered by
specialized engineers
and international experts. The courses open up to the trainees a
wealth of information.

Workshop Facilities

Our workshops are complete with specialised equipment,

purpose-built machinery and tools. We can fabricate hydraulic
parts, modify, recondition, overhaul and re-manufacture all
makes and models of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and

Testing Facilities
We view proper testing of hydraulic equipment we have
serviced as essential to our quality control process. In the field
we use a comprehensive range of test equipment to diagnose
component or system failure. In our workshops, we have
purpose built test simulators & power units to test most sizes
of pumps, motors and valves.

Field Service

Our fleet of Field Service support teams helps minimize

downtime that can significantly affect your production and
profitability. The team is made up of highly qualified and
experienced technicians who can quickly diagnose problems
using sound troubleshooting techniques.

Hydraulic Project Design & Management

Our technical team can design, manage and implement

your hydraulic projects - large or small. Our documentation
systems mean that details of your system are quickly
accessible to effectively resolve later issues or add further

Global Hydraulics provides excellent services in all

hydraulic systems, such as spare parts, maintenance, and
technical support through the following departments:

Each of the previous departments is supported by a

specialized workshop, supervised by highly qualified
engineers and technicians. Furthermore, the maintenance
departments are equipped with the most advanced
technologies that identify the defect, repair it, inspect it, and
ensure the machine is functioning optimally.

Hydraulic Maintenance

Global Hydraulics offers a comprehensive package for

hydraulic repair and/or preventative maintenance systems
providing pro-active technical support and specialized
hydraulic maintenance services to identify, apply and
implement effective systems in order that you can control your
critical plant.
Thiruthangal Nadar College

During this industrial training
in Global hydraulics Pvt. Ltd,
I have gained the practical
knowledge about the
functioning of the company.
All the above given
information in Global
hydraulics Pvt. Ltd are very
important for carrier. I am
thankful to the management,
who gave me such an
opportunity to know a lot of
things about the company.
Even though there were
certain very helpful to us.

Thus the training was

beneficial not only for
academic purpose but has
given some useful training
and information for my
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