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Middle East for industrial automation

MAS Trading is an authorzed system integrator for Schneider Electric whichcomplete system
solutions for your automation tasks from simple to extremelyhigh - performance by high - Speed

Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and
process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable .

Modicon M340
Mid-range PLC for industrial process and infrastructure
Driving performance with simplicity and integrated function

“ All-in-one CPU ”
- 7 Kinst/ms
- Multitasking system for guaranteed reflex time
- USB port for programming and HMI .
- 2 additional ports as required: Ethernet, CANopen, Mod .

“ Comfortable memory ”
- Programming code up to 70 Kinst.
- Application back-up in supplied memory card
- Additional file storage up to 128 MB with FTP access.

“ Specific applications ”
- Integrated RTU solution for Water, O&G, Power and Infrastructures .
- Process control ( Integrated Process Control library ) .
- High density analog I/O modules ( New ) .
- Counting PTO module .
- No battery required .
- Extended temperature (-25°C +70°C) .
- Protection of SI and OEM’s know-how by the SD card technology .

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Middle East for industrial automation

Modicon M580 (ePAC- Controller)

Ethernet Programmable Automation Controller for process & high availability solutions
- Built for truly open and efficient Ethernet networking .
- The controller of choice for the PlantStruxure architecture .
- Easy and flexible design that reduces your time - to - market.
- Dedicated solutions for your specific application .
- Migration strategies to protect your legacy investment .

“More flexibility in design”

- Use Ethernet as an I/O network Flexibility in

architecture design through copper, fiber , or wireless connections
- Mix core control devices on Ethernet Ability to mix remote I/O, distributed I/O, and other devices
on the same Ethernet field Network with complete software integration .
- Easily connect to fieldbus and other networks Simple HMI integrati on via third port
on remote I/O head Interface to other popular fieldbus and device networks , including
AS - Interface Modbus, Profibus, and HART

22 ,107 St., Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, Tel/Fax : 02 25242842 /43 Mob : 01097770052 /
Middle East for industrial automation

HMI (Ranging 3” - 9”)

Open connectivity major PLCs programming with Vijeo designer ( The state of the
art HMI configuration software )

Power Logic series

Compact, versatile meters for energy cost and basic network management applications
High-end cost management capabilities in an affordable meter

• Help save on energy costs through demand logging with timestamp, alarms and
• Billing flexibility with compliance to MID and support for up to 8 different tariffs
• Improve electrical network management with power quality analysis features
• Ease of use with intuitive menu-driven navigation and support for 8 different
22 ,107 St., Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, Tel/Fax : 02 25242842 /43 Mob : 01097770052 /
Middle East for industrial automation

Altivar Process ATV 600

Variable speed drive for fluid management from 0.75K W to 800 kW .
Services Oriented Drives
This new concept of drives meets the major needs of process and utilities in terms
of equipment efficiency and Total Cost of ownership by supporting the energy
management, asset management and also the overall performance of the process .
Fluids Management Processing
Energy Saving
Enhanced Drives Specifications

Altivar 312
Drives for compact machines from 0.18 to 15 kW

Altivar 610
Drives for variable torque from 0.75 to 800 kW
from 0.75 to 800 kW, variable torque applications

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