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___19. One of the most popular instruments of African percussion instruments which is a set of plucked tongues or keys mounted on a
MAPEH 10 sound board; known by different names according to the regions such as mbira, karimba, kinsaanj, and likembe.
a. Lute b. Lamellaphone c. Zither d. Kora
Last Name:_____________________ First Name:_________________________ Middle Initial: _____ ___20. This instrument is used to send messages to announce births, deaths, marriages, sporting events, dances, initiation, or war.
Section: _____________________ Proctor: ___________________________ Date: _____________ Sometimes, the messages may even contain gossip or jokes.
TEST I Multiple Choice a. Talking drum b. Zither c. Djembe d. Shekere
Directions: Read the following questions very carefully. Choose from given choices the letter of your choice and write it on the space
before the number. Test II: Matching type
Directions: Match Column A (names of artists) with the choices in Column B (genre where the artists belong). Write the letter of your
___1. The fusion of West African music and Black American Music is known as? choice in the space provided before the number.
a. Afro-Latin b. Afrobeat c. Afro-Cuban d. none of these
___2. Is a popular musical genre from Salvador, Bahia, and Brazil. It fuses the AfroCaribbean styles of the marcha, reggae, and calypso.
Answer Column A Column B
a. Akpala b. Jit c. Axe d. Juju
___3. This is a Jamaican sound dominated by bass guitar and drums. It refers to a particular music style that was strongly influenced by 1 Joni Mitchell a. Folk music
traditional mento and calypso music, as well as American jazz, and rhythm and blues. 2 Don Mclean b. Country and West Music
a. R&B b. Blues c. Jazz d. Reggae 3 The Beatles c. Rock and Roll
___4. Is a hard and fast percussive Zimbabwean dance music played on drums with guitar accompaniment, influenced by mbira-based 4 Taylor Swift d. Pop and Rock ballads
guitar style. 5 Bob Dylan e. Jazzrock
a. Akpala b. Jit c. Axe d. Juju 6 Frank Sinatra f. Bossa Nova
___5. The feelings evoked in this style of music are normally associated with misfortune, love, frustration, or loneliness; this is usually 7 The Bee Gees g. Reggae
performed by the slaves and descendants as they work in the cotton and vegetable fields. 8 Antonio Carlos Jobim h. Pop
a. Blues b. Jazz c. Soul d. R&B 9 Bob Marley i. Disco
___6. Soul music is. . . 10 Michael Jackson j. Standards
a. A combined elements of African-American gospel music, rhythm and blues, and often jazz.
k. Classic
b. The feelings evoked in this style of music are normally associated with misfortune, love, frustration, or loneliness.
c. Is an outlet to express their loneliness and anger, and was a result of the interaction of music and religion from Africa with that of Test III: Identification
America. A. Directions: Identify the following artworks. Write down the following details needed bellow.
d. Is a succession of two distinct musical phrases usually rendered by different musicians, where the second phrase acts as a direct
commentary on or response to the first.
___7. Hard and percussive Zimbabwean dance music played on drums with guitar accompaniment, influenced by mbira-based guitar
a. Jive b. Juju c. Jit d. Kwasa kwasa
___8. It comprises various musical genres including the Cuban son montuno, guaracha, chachacha, mambo, and bolero. Which among
the following dance genre is referred to?
a. Samba b. Jive c. Salsa d. Rumba
___9. Jamaican: Reggae: Brazilian: _________________.
a. Salsa b. Samba c. Soca d. Zouk
1. Title: 2.Artist:
___10. Etta James: Soul; Ray Charles: _________________.
a. Call and Response b. Spiritual c. Reggae d. Blues
___11. Means “African Dance’; Spanish word taner meaning “to play” (an instrument).
a. Tango b. Foxtrot c. Quick Step d. Jive
___12. Often characterized by a staccato movement/rhythm and is counted as “2,3,4 and 1”.
a. Rumba b. Jive c. Salsa d. Cha-cha
___13. Is the popular recreational dance of the Afro-Cuban origin, performed in a complex duple pattern and tresillo, which is dotted
quaver-dotted quaver- dotted semiquaver rhythm. What is referred to? 3.Title 4.Artist:
a. Rumba b. Jive c. Salsa d. Cha-cha
___14. Philippines’ Queen of Bossa Nova.
a. Sitti Navarro b. Sitti Caringal c. Julina Magdangal d. none of these
___15. Photos and graphos are two Greek words that when combined together would mean what?
a. Lighting b. Writing light c. Light writing d. Writing
___16. Which of the following is not a tip for taking good photographs?
a. Choose a good location. An interesting location can sometimes make the difference between a good and a great photo.
b. Check that the available background is relatively simple and not too cluttered, so that the focus will be on your chosen subject.
5.Title: 6.Artist:
c. Avoid taking shots facing the light, as this would make your subject back-lit and most of the details would be lost in shadow.
d. Always consider the light whether natural or artificial to be in front of the camera as it will give details and clarity of the output. B. Directions: Name the following instruments and identify the classification of the instrument as
___17. What do pixels do in photography?
a. Clarity of the image captured b. Only absorbs the light c. Records the image d. None of these to Idiophone, Membranophone, or Chordophone.
___18. Flutes are widely used throughout Africa. They are usually fashioned from single tube at one end and blown while held either
vertically or side-blown. An example is the Atenteben from Gana. Since this instrument is blown, this belongs to?
Instrument Name Classification
a. Idiophones b. Membranophones c. Aerophones d. Chordophones
1. 2.

A. Explain Social Photography (3 points)

(use the remaining space for your answer)
3. 4.

5. 6.

7. 8.
Test IV: Essay

A. Photography as an Art and Photography as a Process. Explain (3 points)

(use the remaining space for your answer)

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