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$upunre ([ourt
WEDNESDAy A.M. No.18-O1-O5-sC
y/HEREAS, plirsuant ro section 7(3), tuticle vlll ol itu 19E7 consllution, mombels ol
lhe Judiciary must b6 ol proven comp€tence, integrily, p.obily and indep€ndence:
WHEREAS, under S€ction 6. Adicle Vlll ol the 1987 Constiruiion, rh€ Suprcm€ Coud
has adminlstmlivg supsrvision over allcourts and lh€ personnellhereof:
WHEFEAS, under Ssctioo 11. Aniclo Vlll of the 1987 Conslliution, ihe Suprcme Coud
e, ban. has lhe pow6r lo disclpline ludges ot lower courls, or order their dismissal by a
vole ofa majorityoflhe MsmbBrs who actually took pad in th6 d€lib3ralions on tho issues
in lhe case and voled th6.€oni
WHEREAS, Seclion 5(5). Article Vlltofthe 1987 Constilution vests upon ihe Supr6mo
Courl lh€ power lo promulgate rules conceming th€ pleading, Practice, and procodure in

WNEUEAS, lhs ass€ssmonl and 6valuatlon of disciplinary eclions as woll as lro

conducl oI adminislmlive invesligalions ol the m€mberc ol lho Judiciary necessilale
lhs organization ol a pelmanenl body with €xcTusive juisdictiod lo invesligale ludicial
misconduct and to recommend appropdat8 s6nctions when propsri
WHEREAs,Ih€ Supr€me Courtissu6d M€morandum Order No. 38_A_2016 establishing
lhe Techn cal Working Group on Judicial lnlogity und6r lhe Commines on Conhuing
Legal Educalion and Bar Mallers which lunctions rnclude researching measures lo
srrength.n Lnlegrily and prsveni corruplion In the Judiciary recommBftding lhe cr6alion of
offices, aid proposing amendm6nl lo Rul6 140ol lhe Rules ol Coud;
NOW, THEREFORE, lhe Coud rssolved lo:
l.APPROVElhe recommendaiion ofihsTe;hnicalWorklng Groupon Judicia I lntegily
lo crealo the Judicial lntegrily Board and ths Cofl1]piion PrevenUon and lnv€sligalion
Otrice. For lhis puDo$. lh€ proposed Admioislralive Oder is hereby spproved and
adopted. subject to lho lollowing modilications n Seclions 3, 6, and 9:
"Section 3. Execrrive olflclals ol the J/8 -lhe JIB shall be composod of a
QhailPolson, Vic6Chal.pe6on and thra€ (3) Regula. Memb6rs who shallbs appoinled for
a lem ollhree (3)years wilhoul reappointment. Olthose nrst appointed, {he Chairp€rson
shallhold ofilc8 torlhre€ (3)ysars, th€ Vic€ Chairpersonfor lwo (2)y6als,lwo (2) Regutar
M€mbers lor lwo (2) y€als and lhe oth€r Regular Memb€r ior one (1)year, withoul
reappoinhenl. Appoinimsnt io any vacancy shall b€ only lor lhe unexpked ponron of tho
l€.nr orlhe pradocessor. .."
The ChaiQsrson and lhs Vtca ChaiQorson musi be rstired Juslices ol the Sup.em6
Coud and are oolilled 10 E compensalion equivalenl lo lhe compansation ol an i^cumbBnt
Justice oI lhe Supr8me Coun.
The lhrce {3) R69ula. Mamb€6 musl be eilhor a r€tted JDStice ol the Coun of
Appeals, Sandiganbayan or Cou.t ol Tax Appeals and ar€ entllled to s comp€nsalion
€quivaleni to lh6 salary oflhs Juslice of lhe Court orAppeals, Sandiganbayan or Courl o{
'fax Appeals lrom which lhey retilsd.'

"Section 6 Unlls r, the Orfce ol the *ecu vo Di.actot (OED)- -

A Complalnts Dock€l Dlvislon (cDD)

1. R€ceives g evances and complaints against Justic€s ofthe Coun
olAppeals, lhe Sandiganbaysn, CourlorTaxAppeals and Judges
and pelsonnel ol rhe iower courts, inctuding rh6 Shada Couds, and
lho oftcials and smployees ollhe Offc6 ofth. Jurisconsull, Courl
Adminislrato., Depoty Court Adminisirator, Assistant Courr Adm inisirator
and lhorr personnali"

-Sectiot\ 9. Corrup on Prcventlon anc! ldvostlgatlon

Oftlca (CP|O). Func ons,
Powers and Aurhoriry- -xxx
1. Conducr invesrigation and/or intettigence, suNeiIancsor entrapment opsrations
or liteslyle check io dEtect a^d jdsnrify Jusiices ot th€ Coun of Appoats, tho
Sandiganbaysn, Coun of Tax Appeats and Judg€s and porsonn6t of lhe towe.
.ouns, including lhe Sharia'Courts. Bnd the officials and emptoyess of rhe Ofiics
or lhe Jurisconsult. Coud Administmror, D6puty Coud Adminjslrator, Assislant
Courl Adminislralor and lheirpersonnet, who mmmrtorappear ro be invoti€d or
are liable for any of rhs toltowing:

c. ForJudges, violationsolihs"NewCode ofJudicialConducl forthe phitippine

Judiciary", th€'Code ot Judicrat Conduct" and rhe.Code ot JudiciatElhics.
and the commission oi acts specifed in Secrions 22. 23. and 24, Ruts 140
_ as amendsd orthe.Eut€s ot Colrn and olh6r rarated lawsj"

2. Conduci, oo order or upon p.ior aurtsoriry ot th6 supr€me coun or lh6 cht€t
Juslic6 of lha Supreme Cou.1 or the JtB! discreer invesligattons or surveilancs
or enlrapmenl operstions on Justices, Judges and court Dersonnet who ara th6
subjecls ot ano^ymous or Lrnveriiied comptaints o. sg€ncr€s, to bE involvod in or
conneclEd with any ot the atorsmenUoned acts and/ff acrivities. and to submit
rrs repons and ,6commendalions lo lhe chisf Juslico o. lo the
supreme court or
lo rh6 JlBi
2. APPROVE th€ recommendaiion of lhe Technical Working Groupio amend Rule Rscornmendalion lherson nol lalsrthan sixty (60)days from receiptofsaid comment or
140 ot lhe Rules ol Coud, subjecl lo lhe lollowing modificalions und8r Seclions answer ol the r68pond€nt'
1, 2,4, 6.9, 11, l2lhereoli
"Section 12. Procedurs for Rasoludon ot Dlsclplln .y /46ilons. Any disciptinsry
Seclron 1. How rrsdrured Procesdings for ih€ dlsclpline oi Juslicas of lh€ Coud action Egainsl any of lhos€ meniiongd in Section 1(1), whrch can be resotvsd on the
ol Appeals, lhe Sandiganbayan, Coud ol Tai Appeals and Judges Bnd pereonnel ol lh€ basis olthe plaadings ol ih€ parlhs, documents/papers or publicor€oun reco.ds and/o.
lower couris. including lhe Shaia Courts, and ltu officials and employe8s ot lhe Olfc€ documenls or paparc il6d wilh or submitl6d by thom to th6 Judiciat tntogrity Board shatl
ol lhe Jurisconsull, Courl Adminlslralor. Doputy Courl Administralor, Assistant Courl ba deemed submitl€d forihs prsparation and submissioo by the Jrdiciallntegriry Bosrd
Adminlslralor and theirpersonnel. may be insiituted. molu p.opr,o, by lh6 Supreme Courl. of ils R6pod and Recommendation lo ths Supreme Co!r1 wilhin srxty {60) days t onl
rn lhe Judicial htegrity Board. receipl ot lhs sald pleadrngs an.Vor r€cords or docum€nrs.
It may also be inslituted by way of a vsrilied complainl, supporled by aflidavits of Howevsr. ll basEd on the pl8adings of the padiss, th6r€ is pdma tacio cas6 againsl
perso^s who hav6 personal k.owl6d9e ol the l6cls alleg€d lherain: or, by authentic lhe respondenl but subsianlial laclual issues are raised. lhB Judicial lnleg.ity Boa.d
do€umenls whrch may substanl ate said allsgations, or upon an anonymous complatnl, shall recommend lo rh6 Supremo Court that ths case b6 considered and docketad as a
supporled by public records ol lndub[abla inlegrity; or, whers th€ir material avBrmenls regular adminlsl.ative matterand thatth6 Judiciallntegrity Board b6 directod to cooducr
may easily be verified, and may be subsranlialsd and sslablished by other compelont formal invesligalion ollho subslanlial fa.lual issuos raised by lhe p6ni6s and lo submil
a repod and rBcomm€ndation ro lhe supreme cou.r wnhin sixry i60) days lrom lhe
lemination ol such invesligalion.
complaints involving grafl and corruption and violailons ol slhical st8ndatds,
"rhe Judacial lnl€grity ao6rd shall, lheresfter prcpara and submrt ro lh6 S!prem€
incuding anonymous complaints, filed against Members of lh8 Supreme Coud shall be
r6fereC lo the Commiltee o^ Ethics and Ethical Sl.ndards which shall have the task Court ils "Repon and Racomm€ndaIion" ol its investigalion, sixty (60) days,rom lrr€
ol prclimrnaily investigaling and ol submitting its f,ndings and ,ecommendations to tn6 lgrmination of ils invesligalion o., as modifi6d by lho Supr8me Court "
Suprenre Court 6n banc, n accordance with lhe hternal Rutes ol lhe Supreme Courl Rule 140 as amendBd and modified is herBto allached as an inlegral pan of lhis
(At.No 10-4'20'SC).'
'Section 2. R6qu/siaes ofa Vallcl Complaint- Avetified complainl or an anonymous oclober 2,2018
complainl shall be in wrir ns and shall slal€, cl€ady and concisely, any of ih€ acls and
omissions consliluiing lha adminiskalive ottsose/adminisiralivs ollens€s under Seclions
22,23 at 24 hercol at,l$ vlolalions olth6 standards of conduci prescrlbed lor Jud$s,
lhe Rul€s ol Courl and amendmenis lhersof or th8 Code of Judicial Conducl. lhe N€w
Code ol Judiciai Conduct ol the Philippine Judiciary o, issuances/Rosolulions o, lh€
suprem6 coun and shall be filed wiih rhe Jodicial lntagdty aoard."
{r*.h Jr""-"/. /, Cdfi;
Chlei J!stice
'Sectlon zl. Lvfen Docketacl as Rogula. Actminlstrralva irrrasr. Disciplinary
actions or proc66dings iniliated by ths Suprame Cou.i, ,,rotu prop.lo, or on ihs basis of
a verifed or ano.ymous complalnl, records or documsnls/papers againsl any o,lho33
me.rioned in Secrion 1(1) h€reol. Iilod wilh or submilled lo lhe Supr€me Courl or, on
r caRFro
DroS-oxbt\fu. pHldaYrA
lhe basrs ol newspaper o. media repons, shall be dockoled, in th6 SupremE Coun, as
a regular admi iskalive matler, lor spprop.iai€ ilnsl actior ot th8 Supreme Court in lhg

absence ol subslantial iaclual issues

(on of,i€ialbusiness)
"Seclfon 6. When ,rslilurecl by the Ju.liclal lntegrlty Aoa.4 oisciplinary actions LUCAS P, BERSAMIN MARIANO C. DEL CASIILLO
shall be nstduted. molu propro, by lhe Judicial lnrogaty Boad, in lhe Supreme Cou.l. Assoclare Juslrce
agains! any ol those menlioned in S6ction 1(1) h€r6of, on accouni of a conviclion, ol any
ol lhem, by lhe sandiganbayan or by the r6gular or Bpecial courts, or on ac@unt of any
charge rn lhe Sandiganbayan or !n a regular or spocial coun lo.a telony or a cime defned

The Jlidicial lniegily Board shallsubmll a R€pon olsuch conviclion or aclion
,{1" Ua,t
rsrru uJeenus-aenrler V,F LEONEN
(olhe Supreme Court, withln ten (10) days trom knowlsdge lharsof, wilh a rscommeodalion Associale Juslce / Associale Jusl ce
lhat lhe roport be deemed, by lhe Supreme Courl. as an admrnislrBiiv6 complainl agaiost
th6 sald coud omcial. and docketed as a r6gular adminislralNe case and ior tha Judioal
lntegrity Eoard 1o conducl an adminislralive investigalion ther€ol'
ron leave)
'Secl,lo^ S. Dlscipllhary Aclods Consido..<l as Dlsclplinary Aclons .galast Associate Juslice Associate Juslce
embe.s otthe Phtlippina Bai An administrative case against any ol lhosB menlioned
rn Seclion 1(1) he.eof, based on grcunds which are likewise grounds for disciplinary
aclions lor lhe m€mbers ol lh6 Philippin6 Bar, onde, S€ctioo 27, Rule 138 of lh6 Rules ol
Court, or tor violalion oi the Lawyer's Oalh, ihe Cod6 of Protossional Responsjbilily, the
Canons ol Prof6ss,onal Ethrcs. orsoch olhertorms otbreach€s ol conduct rhathave be6n
lmdllionally recognized as grounds for lh€ discipline ol lawyers, shall bs consid€red as a ".*"Mfi^. AN
disclpliiary aclior againsl lhe respondent as a momber of the Philippine Bar."

.Sectlo 11- Disclpllnary Actlons Fll.d Beforc Compttsory Rethen€nt. tt

(on oticialb!siness) z-7 t-t.r,">/-
disciplinary aclion against a ny of those men on6d in SscUon 1 (1 ) is lilsd with lhe Judiciat ALEXANOER O. GESMUNOO / J6sE c. REYES. JR.
lnregily Boad six (6) mo.ths before lh€ @mputsory r€rirem6nr ot such Jusi,ce or Judg€, AssocialE Juslce L,/ Associate Jusn.e
ColJrl Adminlslrato( Deplry CoLrd Administrator or A6sislsnt Coud Adminisrraior in rhe
Oflice ol tha Court Administralor for an allsged causs ot aciton rhar occur€d at tsasl a
year beror6 such rling and shown prjma fact€, thal it is inlendad to harass and smbarass
rhe respond6nt, lhe Judlciar lnt€grity Board shatt rscommend to the Supreme Court lhs
drsrnissal ol said cornpla nt and rhal the complainant b€ ciled by ths Supreme Couri tor

li lh6 comp,alnanl ls a aryer, he may turiher b6 rcquk€d ro show cause why he or

she siouldnot be administrativety sanctioned as a msmb€r o, the phrtippine Bar;nd as
an o.fcer ot lhe Court.
l'such,s not the c6se, .he JLdi.iat lntog.ity Board shdl ( auEe lhe s6a,ce ot lhe I opy
o"he comp,3.ql on the .espo.denr snd .equxe rh6 raner ro ,,ro nrs answe, or commeni
w,lhi.len (10) days trom notce ot such mmptaitrl.
The Judicial lntegrily Board shsll submil to the Supr€m€ Court its Rsporl and
l\tpublic of t|e -lPbilippines
$rrprrmr Court
WeoNrsorrv / Novnlrsen ADMINISTRATOR
Socilon 1. flow rastflured. Prccssdings lor the discip Ine ol Juslices ol lhe Courl
olApp6al5. the S8ndiganbayan, Courl o,TaxAppeals and Judges and personnstof iho
lower courls, includlng lhe Shan'a Courls, and lha otrcials and employe8s of lhe Om.e
oI rhe Ju sconsult, coun Adminiskalor, D€puty courl Admrnistralor, Assistanr cou.t
Admrnisrralor snd thek personnel, may be instilured, natu ptopxo, by lhe Supreme
Coun, in rh6 Judicial lniegily Boa.d.
ll may also be institulad by way ol a varili€d complalnl, supporled by affrdavils ol
Ferso.s who hav6 personal knowledgs ol ihe facts alleged thereni or, by allh6nlrc
docum6ots which may substanliale said all€gations, or upon an anonynrous complainl,
supporlod by public records of indubitablo inlsgrrly; or, wlrere lheir mat6rial averm€nls
may easiLy be verlfied, and may b€ subslantialed and eslablished by other compelent

Complainls lnvolving 9r6fl and corruption and violations oI ethical slandsrds,

includrng anonymous complaints, fr16d againsl Msmbers oI the Suprcmo Coun shall be
relered lo lhs Commillee on Elhics and E{hical Slandards which shall hav6 lh€ lask
ol or€liminarily invesliqating and oi submilting ils ,indings and recomnrendatio^s lo lho
Suprems CoDn an barc, in accordanco wrlh lho lnlernal Rules of lh6 supr6m€ Cou.t
(A.M No 10-a'20-SC).-
Secrion 2. R€grls/ra3 ota Valid ComPlalnt. Aveifad complarnt or an anonymous
comolainl shall b6 rn wnlino and shall stat6, cleary and concisely, any ol th€ acls and
omissions constitullng lh6 admi^istralivo o,lens6/administrative olleosos und6r S6ctions
2?,23 ot 24 nercol ot,lot violations oI th€ slandards of conducl prescribed for Judgos,
the Rul€s ol Courl and amendmsnts lherso, or lha Code of Judicial Condu.t. lhe N6w
Cod€ ot Judrcial co.ducl ol lhe Philippine Judiciary or issuances/R€solulions oi tho
Supr€me Coun aod sha lb€ filed wilh the Jddrcial lnl6grity Boa.d.
S6ctlon 3. Acdo, orl th€ Complalnt end Prohlblted Ptsaclihgs- ll lh€ Judicisl
l.legrily Board fnds thal th6@mplaintis sumci6nl in tom and substanc6, lho .espondeni
shallbe s€rved with a copy thereof and r6qun6d lo tile wilh lhe JudEiallnt69nly Board a
v€ri,i6d answor lo or comment thereon. within len (10) days lrcm tho s6Nic6 th6r6of, or
within any6xlension olsuch period as rh€ Judiciallnlsgrity Boa.d m.ygranl. Olh€tu66,
the Judicial hlogity Board shall recomm6nd lo lh€ SL]preme Coud lhe dismissal of lh6

l4otions tor bill of partic,jlaG, clarli]callon, dismissal or quashal aro prohibil€d

pl€adings, and, itrl€d with lhe Judicial lnl€grily Board, shallonly b6 noled and altach€d

Sectlon 4. When Docketod as Rogu/,t Aelmlnisuative Matler Disciplrnary

actions o. procesdings initrated by lhe Suprsme Cou.t, moluproprb, or on lho basis ol
a vsrinsd or anonymous comprainl, racords or documents/papers agarnst any ol those
mentoned in S6ction 111) he.€of,lilsd wiin o. submined lo lhe Suprem8 Coln or. on
th6 basrs ol n6w5pape. or media .eports, shall be docketed, in lho Supr6m6 Coun, as
a r€gular adminislraliv€ matter, for apprcpfub n6al acl on of lhe Suprom6 Cou.l in th€
absenc6ols!bslanlial lactual issues
Secllon 5. oric. dnd Responsa ol Respona'nl lrs responoo,,r snall oe
s6rv6d, by th6 Clerk ol Court of lhe Supremo Cou(, with a copy ol lhe anonymous or
verified complainl, rscords or documenls f,lsd wirh the supr€me court, or n.wspapar

Tho respondent shallfil€ his v€rifisd answ€r or cornment ihe.son, supporled by

aflidavrls o, parsons who have persooal Lnowredge ol th€ facts alleg€d lh€.eini snd/o.
by docum€nls which may sobstantiate allallegations ofihe Respondent. wrlhin a period
of ten (10) days ,rom such s€ruice, or w[hin such 6xlension thereol as may be qrantsd
by th6 SuPrsme Cou.1.
Secrlon 6. ,y,ren lrs laled by the Judlclal lnteg ty Boald. Disclplinary aclions
shall bo inslltulBd. Doiu proprio. by lhs Judicial lntegity Board, in the Supreme Coun,
aqainsl any ol lhose mentioned in Seclion 1{1) h6.eof, on accounl ol a convrclion, ol
any oi them, by lh€ Sandiganbayan or by ihe regular or spgcialcouns, oron ac@unl of
any charge in th6 Sandiganbayan or in a regular o. specia! court for a l€lony or a crim6
delinad by a speciallaw.
Th€ Judicial lnlogrily Board shsll submll a Rspod of such conviclbn or cfiminal
aclion lo lh6 Suprerne Court, wilhin ten (10) days lrom knowtedg€ th€.eot, wilh a
recommendalion lhat lhe repon beds€med, by tho Suprem€ Courr, as an adminiskalNe
complaini against lh6 said coud omcial. and dockered as a .egutar admifiiskarrva cas6
a.d fo. rhe Judicial lnbgnty Board lo conduct an admr.rsrrative inv€stiqarion th6r€of
S6ctlon 7. Compirirrrrs Tnnslomd to tha JIB. Venfed or anonymous
adoinislraliv6 complainants, including thos6 iniliaIy endorced lo or nted wrh ihe
Srprem€ Coun by quEsijudicjat bodies olrh6 gov€mmenr, against a Judg€ ofa rEgursr
or specialcoun. Justic6oftho CourtofAppaals, Sandiganbayan or Courr ot Iax App6ajs,
Courl Adminislrator, Oeputy Coult AdmintstGtor orAss slanr Courr Administralor in the
Omce of the Court Administrator requiring invasltgation of substantial ,acluat lssuos,
shalJbe 16nsfe.r€d to lhBJudicialhteg lySoard lor investigarion and submrssion ofits
repon and recommendalion lo the Supronla CoLrn.
socllon 8. Prevertive Srsponslon or Rsspondent. Ths Supr6mo Coud may
nolu propno, ot rpon tecommendatioo ot rh6 Judiciat tnreqrity Board, or on r6qu€st of
lhe complainanl. order ths prev6ntiv6 susp€nsion ot the respondeot withoul pay and
orhe' mon€larv be.efils, ror a period ofsrxly/60)days. o. unu a fna.d6( s,on rs rEac'red
by rhe Suprsm6 Coui 1 tho d'sciptrnary acrion agsrnst t-e .espond€r o, u"rrt modrted
or rrned by rhB Suprem8 Courl.
Ihe-pr6v6ntive suspenstoo, among oth€6, may be issu€d to enabte the Judiciar
lntegrity Board to conducl an unhampered formatinv;stgalion of the disclptinary acti;;,
prevent a r, sis. o. o.snarmony rn var,ous couns or sr,.i,o rtre pL,orrc
rroin ani trn,,ei
ddmdq8s lhal thB conrjnu€d exe.cise by lh€ r€spondent ot rhe tvlcnons o, ;ls offrce
may cause, or where therc is a slrong rrkotihood of h s guitr or compticity rn lh6
(.ha,geo, Datucl?r'v whm a senous charge ,, ,n,or,.o ol,snse
p,or"ur rr," ,.aq" or r-"
uouns as lempt6s ot iusnco ",
_- Secrion 9. D/sc/p/,,nary Aclorc Conslde.ed as Disciptinary Acnons agatnst
Llembersolthe Phitippin Ba, An admrnisrative ca se aga insr sny o,lhose
in Seclion 1(1) h€reof, bas6d on g.ounds likewise grounds for disciplnary REGULAR OR SPECIAL COURTS
aclions lor th6 nrBmbors of lhe Philippin8 Bar. unde. Seclion 27, Rule 138 ol lh6 R(l6s o, Sectlon 20. D.regrlron ot,Auahority- Subj€ct lo lhe 'lnlernal Rules of th€ Judicial
Coun or for violalion of lhe Lawy€r's Oalh, lh€ Cod€ oi Prolessional ResponsiuLily. the lnl€qrily Board', as apprcvsd by ths Supreme Coud. rh6 Judcial ln{egrily tsoard may
Canons of Prol€ssional Elhics. or such olh6rfoms ol breaches of conducl lhat hav6 been d€legale lh€ disciplinary investigation of @ud p6rsonn6l of lhe Court or Appeals.
kadilionally r6co9ni26d as gro!nds lor lh€ disciplin6 oflawy6rs, snallbe considered as a Sa.diganbayan, Coun of Tax Appeals, rsgllar or sp€cial courls hcllding lhose or
drsclphlary aclDn against the rospond€nt 6s a momberof the Philippine Bar, lhs Sharia Couds, the Omce ol the Jurisconsull. Cou.l Adminisl alor, Oeputy Courl
Sectlon 10. ivotice to and Answot ol Respondena r he r€spondeol shallbe sBN6d Adminislralor, Assistanl Courl Adminislralor, lo any membor of the Judicial lntegrny Aoard.
wilh a copy ol the administralivB complain{ againsl him, and ordered. by lhe Judioal who, aflersuch invostgalion, shall submit hiyhar Ropo.tand Reconrmendanon lhereol lo
inlsgrity Board, lo file a verilied answeror comm6nt. accompanied by affidavilsol pe.sons the Judlcial lnisgriiy Board wilhin sD(ty (60) days lrcm t8mrnation oi slch inveslgaton
who have personal knowledge ol lhe lacls allegsd lherein aod by documenls which may Sectlon 21. Crassrrrcaaion ofCrlarges. administralive cha.ges are classifi€d as
subslEnlial€ th€ alregalions ot the Respond€nt rn his aoswsr or commenl wrlhin l6n (10) serious, ress s6rious, o,light.
days lrcm lhe seNice ther€of or within such period as may be prescribed by lhs Judicial
lnlsg. ry Aoard. Soclion 22. S6rrous Charg€s. S€rious chargas include:
s.ctlon 11. Dlsctptlnaty Acttons Ftted Belore Computsory Rethenent. tl a I A bery. dk6ctor indx€cl:
disciplinary a.tion againsl any of lhose m€ntion€d in Seclion 1(1) is filed with lh6 Jldicial 2. Dishon€sly and vlolalions oflh€ Anli-GEft and Corrupl P.actices Lsw
lnieq.ily aoard six (6) monihs belore lhs compulsory .elnomenl ot such Juslico or Judge, (R A. No. 3019)i
Courl Administralor, Deputy Court Administralor or Assislan! Court Adnrinislralor in lhe 3. Gross misconduci consiituting violations oflh€ Cod6 of Judicial Conducl,
Otnc€ ol lhe Courl Adminislralor fo. an alloged cause ol action th6l occured at leasl a 4 hnowngly rendering an unjustludgm€nt or ord6r as oer6rni4Eo oy a
yea. belore such,iling and shown prlf,a laci6, that il is inlsnded lo harass and enlbarass
compotonl court In an'appropdal€ p.oc€6di6gi
lhe responddnt, lh6 Judicial lnlegrity Boaid shall .ecommend lo lhe Sup.e'no Court the
d6mrssa! ol said compleinl and lhat lhs complaine.l be ciied by lhe Supromo Coud lor 5. Conviclion ola crime involving morall!.pitud€;
6. Willlul tailurs io pay just debti
ll lh6 complainant is a la&yBt ho may lunher be required lo show cause why he or 7 Borcwinq monay or prope.ty irom lawyeE and lil,ganls m a case pending
sh6 should nol b6 adnrinistralively sanclioned as a member of lhe Phrlippn€ Bar and as b6lo16 th6 courl:
an otlice ol lhe Courl. 8. lmmorslity;
ll such is nolthe case,lhe Judiciar lnlog ty Board shallcause lhe sorvico ollh6 copv 9. Gross lgnoranc6 of th6law or p.ocedur€i
or lhe complain€nt on tbe respond6nt and r6qut6 lh6 lailer to lil€ his answer or commenl 10. Panisan poliiical activilaes: and
wilhin 16n (10) days rrom noiico of such comPlaint. 11 Alcohol,sm and/or vicious habils.
Th6 Judicial lnlegrity Board shall submil to the Supreme Courl ils R€pod and S3clton 23. L6ss Sarrous Cfiarq€. Less s€rious chargo incllde
Recommendalion thereon noi rater than sixly (60)days from recerpl of sad comnrenl or
answ€. ot ihe respondenl.
1 U^du6 d€lay in rcnd€ring a decision o. ode.. or in lransmitling the .ecords ol a

Saclion P.ocedure tor Resolution of Disciptinary actions. Any disciptinary

aclon againsl any ot lhose nrenlioned rn Seclron 1(1). which can be resolved on th6
2. Fr6quently and unjuslllled absences withoul leave or habit!al {ardrnessi

basis ol lhe pleadi^gs ot lhe parlies, doclm€nts/papers or public or coun records and/or 3. Unautho z6d praclic€ of law;
documenls or papers fil€d wllh or submilted by lhem lo tho Judrcial lnlegrity Eoard shall 4. Violstion ot Supreme Couri ru16s, di€cliv6s, and circulars;
b€ dBemed submilled for the prepsration and s!bnrissrcn bylheJudicial rnteg lyBoa.dof 5. Rsc€ivlng addilional or double comp€nsalion unless specifcally authorizBd by
ils Repon and Recommendalion to lhe Supr6m€ Coln wilhin sixly (60) days receipt
ol the said pl6adinss and/or records or documenls. 6. Unkulhful slstaments io the certific;te of servic€s: and
How6v6r, iI based on th€ pleadings ol ths parli6q, lhero is pr,nra racie cass againsl 7. Slmple l$lsconducl
th€ r6spondenl but subslantial factual issu€s are raised, lho Judicial lnlegrily Board shall
.ecommsnd lolho Supreme Counthal lhs case bo considered and dockeled as a regular Sectlon 24. l-lgh, Cnrrgos. Light charges includ6:
adminislralive matler and lhat the Judicial lniegrily Board be dnecled to conducl lomal 1. Vulgar and unbacoming conducti
inv6srigalion oI lhe subslantial ,aclual issu€s raisod by lhe panies and to slbmil a repod 2. Gambling in publici
and racommandalion lo the Supreme Coull wjlhin sixty (60) days from lhe lernnnaton or 3. F.alsmizi^g wilh lawyers a.d liligants with pending case/cases in hrs coud,
such inv€sligation.
The Judicial lntegrily Board shall. thsr€aft€r. preparc and subnril (o lhe Supreme 4. Undus delay in lh6 submission of monlhly roports.
Court its "R6porl aod Recommendation' ot i{s rnvestigalion. sixly (60) days lrom lh€ Soctlon 25. Sdrctions.
l€rm nalion ol ils invesligation or. as modifred by the Supreme Courl
A. lIlh6 l6spond8nt is guilly ol a se.ious charqe, any oflh€ follo$ring sancllons
S.ctton 13. Heaing an.t Rlght to Counsel. The Judiciary lnlegrlly Board shall may b€'impos6d:
sel lhe disciplinary aclion for, wilh du6 oolice lhereot lo lhs padies, At such
hoanns. lhe partios may be hea.d. by lhomselves and/o. counsel. ll after due nolrce, the 1. Dismissalfmm ihe selvics, forteilu.e or allor pall orlhe ben.fits as
ComplainanVR€spondeni fails lo app6Br,lh€ invesligalion shallproceed erp€de. lh. Couri may delermin6, and disqua iiication from 16lnstal€menl
or appoinh€nl lo any public omce, including qovemnrent.owned or\.
s€cl,on 14. Procedrre of Haarrrg. The parties may presenl documenlary and/or conlroll€d corporalions. Provided, howavor, lhal \he lorleit! re of benefits
obj€ct 6vid6n.6 as well as lesllmonial evidance in lhe rom oI amdavils Io seru€ as lh€ shallin oo cass include accrued leave credilsl
dtrecr testimony of lhe parties and oI lhet wlnesses, afier which they may be cross-
exami.6d by lhe olher party or pariies, or lh.ough counsel, and may be €xamined by lho 2 Susp€nsion lrcm offic6 wilhout salary and olher benetits ior more lhan
Chairperson and membors ol lhe Judicial lnt6g.ily Board. thre8 (3) but nol exceedinq six (6) monlhsior
Sectio. 15. Powers of tr,e Judiclal lnlegrity Boe.d. The Judirral lnlrgrily Board 3 A lin6 o, mor6 than P 20,000.00 bul not sxcsedinq P 40,000.00.
shall havs lh€ power lo adminisler oalh lo lhs parties and
lhet wilness6s. and io issue B- ll lh€ r€spond6nl is guilty ofa less s€nous cha196, any oflhe foltowrng
subpoena ad testificandm a^d ducos lacun. conduct @ul3r inspeclDns and lako sanctions shall b6 imposed:
deposilions ol ihe complainanl and/or wilnesses in accordance wilh lhe Rul6s of Coun
The laiur6 or relusal to obey or comply with lhe subpoena ad tesilicandum and duc6s 1. Suspsnsron lrom office wilhoLit salary and other benefits for not less lhan
iecul, issued by lhe Judicial lnlegrily Board shallb6 transferred to lhe Suprems Coud lo. on€ (1)monlh normo.6 than three (3)monthsior
p.oceedinqs lor indirect contempt of Courl. 2. A fine of nol mor6lhan P 10,000.00 but not 6rce6ding P 20,000.00.
Secrron 16. /VorJrrenuption and Non-fominanon ot the lnvestigalion. fhe C. lflhe r€spondentls guilty of a light charg6, any ol lhe followtng sanclions shatl
investigalion conducled by lhe Judicial lnlogrily 8oard, of disciplinary aclions shall Dol b€ imposed:
be nlerupled or ierminaled by reason ol dasistance of the complainanl. s6ttl6mont,
compromises. reslilufion. wilhdrawal ol the disciplinary action by the complainanl: taitoo 1. A iin6 ol nol l€6s lhan P 1,000 00 butnot exceedrng p 10.000 OO and/or
or lhe.omplainanl lo prosecut€ the same; or ihe.esiqnation or comDulsory r€lir€ment 2 C€nsursl
^l Inp '6spono€nt: or by lhe respondenr ha,ing trans,er€o his resdence lo a tor€rgn 3. R€primand;
colnlry or, by lhe dealh otlhe complainant or ol lhe ,6spondenl. subject ro rhe exceplioilai 4. Admonilion wilh waming
circumslances as may be del€rmined by the J{rdicBt toiegrily Boad, conro.nrabry wilh
Section 26. Appllcablllty. AII the foregoing prcvrsions shall b6 apptied ro the
djscip ineol all coun personnor of the Coun oi App€ats, Sandrganbayan, Cou.1 ot Tax
Section 17. Temination ol the lnvestigaqon. The Judiciat lnteqritv Board shall Appeals, regular or special courts.
lerm nale ils investigaiion wilhin ninety (90) days lroin lhe dar6 oi its commencament or
wth I such erlension as the Supreme Cou.t may granl lo the Judiciat tnteg.iry Board. S6ction 27. Rapea//rg C/aus€. Any Resoturion. Crcuta. or Adnnnisrralive Order
secllon 18. Reporl. Within sixty (60) days from the terminalion ofths inveslioslio.
issusd by lh€ Supreme Courl inconsislent h6r6with is dEemsd modified or repealsd.

^, w,F'n
<uch e\tension 'h€ieor as r1e S-prenro Courl na! granr. the Judic,at tniogllry
S..tlon 28. Etfectlvity Ctause. This Rule shal b€ gttsctive rw€nry (20) d.ys konr
Board sharlsubmit lo lhe Supremo Coud ils witlen Repor hereon conraining its findirc; publication thersoiin a n€!rspap€r of gen6ral circuta tion
ot lacrs and r6commendations.
The Report shall be confidentiat and shal b6 tor the exctusive lse ot the Suprem€

Section 19. AcrloD. The Supreme Courl shaltiake such aclion on lh6 R€po.i as th6
facts and lhe law. the Rules otCoun, as wellas the issuanc€s of the SuDrEnls Court antl
rhe lnrsrrat Rut6s ot rhe Suprirre Coun may waranl.
A copyol th6 Decision and finatrssotution ot the Supreme Courl shal bs altached
lh€ recod of th€ respondentin the Office ot lh€ CounAdminislrator and the
&r Con,rdanr
of lhe Suprem€ Court