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Strength in Numbers

Seals”), Ultek will appear and give

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Kyle his reward.
by Jeff Dee
What Kyle doesn’t know is that each
This is an introductory adventure for Seal summons a Kadarga demon that
3 to 7 beginning freshman Teenage heralds the arrival of Lord Ultek.
Demon Slayer characters. It can also There are now 3 Kadargas on the
be run for smaller numbers of older loose, each nesting near the Seal
or more experienced PCs. The GM where it arrived, awaiting the coming
may exchange the place names given of Ultek. More Kadargas will appear
in this adventure for actual locations as the Razors spray their new tag
in his campaign setting. around town.

Only the GM is allowed to read this; The Kadargas have begun to cause
you’ll only hurt your own enjoyment havoc around town, and that’s how
as a player if you peek ahead. the Slayers find out that something’s
going on.
The GM should read this entire
document several times in order to be This adventure takes place shortly
completely prepared. after the start of the school year. The
PCs have already been approached
BACKGROUND INFORMATION and recruited by their Elder, and
they’re presumably on the lookout for
The leader of the Razors street gang their first demonic activity...
is a young man named Kyle Black.
During a recent break-in, Kyle stole THE LEAD-IN PHASE
The Tome of Drydd from Howard
Granger, an elderly private book Day One
collector. The Tome describes a
ceremony for summoning the demon On the way to school (or to the bus
lord Ultek - who is supposed to stop), the PCs pass a crime scene along
reward his summoner with ultimate a graffiti-marred residential brick
power. Kyle has decided to give it a wall. The police are packing up to
try, but he’s worried that the other leave. The body has already been
Razors might think he’s gone crazy. taken away, but there’s a bloody chalk
So he’s using them to help him outline indicating that a murder has
complete the ceremony without their taken place there.
realizing it.
At school that day, they hold a special
Adopting Ultek’s Seal as the Razors’ assembly in the auditorium to lecture
new gang tag, Kyle has been sending the students about gangs and graffiti.
gang members to spray paint the Seal The principal mentions reports of
at specific locations around town, one increased gang activity in
Seal per day. When the Seals form a the area over the summer.
six-sided hexagram (the “Seal of Students are encouraged to

Unigames Teenage Demon Slayers
Strength in Numbers

stay out of gangs, and the penalties for TIME LIMIT

wearing gang colors or defacing
school property with gang tags are While the PCs are trying to figure out
clearly explained. what’s going on and what to do about
it, Kyle Black is using the Razors to
That night, there is a special TV News complete the ritual and summon
Report. “Area residents are reporting Ultek. Each night, the news carries
strange animal sightings around our another “animal sighting” report.
community, with descriptions ranging
from apes to alien invaders. The Day Two
Monkey Beast, as it’s been dubbed,
has been seen near the abandoned The news reports a sighting of a “wild
Mercer warehouse and behind bear” behind a billboard along the
Alfonza’s restaurant downtown. highway.
Police are urging calm and skepticism,
calling these sightings a case of Day Three
growing mass hysteria.” Strangely,
there is no mention of the murder. The news reports that an “ape man”
under a highway overpass terrorized
At some point during the day the PCs a homeless person.
should get the idea that something’s
going on, and decide to get together Day Four
to investigate. If they don’t, then their
Elder will call them together, point Unless the PCs prevent it, the final
out that animal sightings plus seal is inscribed at the PCs’ high
unreported murders add up to a school at sunset, opening a gate for
pretty good chance of demonic Ultek. The town is completely
activity, and order them to destroyed. Game over.
investigate. He’ll advise the PCs to
mark the locations of the “animal THE INVESTIGATION PHASE
sightings” on a map. He’ll only
suggest specific lines of investigation This section covers all of the most
or research if the PCs completely fail obvious lines of investigation. As GM,
to come up with any on their own. He you will need to handle any other
will not suggest any of the ones lines of investigation the players come
marked with a *, because those rely up with.
on information that the PCs
themselves have yet to uncover. He Each investigative task takes a certain
WILL urge them to be fast and amount of time no matter how many
efficient, because you never know PCs are working on it at once, but
what’s coming or how much timer you extra PCs may raise the chances of
have to stop it. success. These time requirements
include travel time.
The players are free to jump
back and forth between this

Unigames Teenage Demon Slayers
Strength in Numbers

phase and the Research phase as successful, that PC finds either (1-3) a
needed. very faint “footprint” in the grass
along the sidewalk, (4-7) a shard of
Visit the murder scene: 2 hours broken metal blade lodged in the
brick wall, or (8-10) a few strands of
The bloody chalk outline is still there. black hair caught in a nearby bush. A
The victim was apparently an adult further Tracking skill roll at –2 leads
male. the PC to the nearby nest of the
murder scene’s Kadarga.
Give each PC present a Search skill
roll. If successful, they notice an Investigate the scenes of the animal
unusual arcane-looking gang tag sightings: 2 hours per site
among the many tags spray-painted
on the brick wall at the scene – and Give each PC present a Search skill
remember seeing it at the other sites roll. If successful, they notice an
they’ve visited, if any. unusually arcane looking gang tag
among the many spray painted on
walls at the scene – and remember
seeing it at the other sites they’ve
visited, if any. Once the tag has been
noticed, it’s automatically noticed at
every site visited from then on.

At each sighting scene visited, the

PCs may encounter one of the
remaining Kadargas. The
chance is 1 in 10 during the day,
and 4 in ten after dark. There is
only one Kadarga at each scene,
so once it is encountered and
defeated there won’t be any
Once the tag has been noticed, it’s more at that particular scene.
automatically noticed at every site
visited from then on. If the site’s Kadarga doesn’t appear,
give each PC present a Tracking skill
The PCs may encounter a Kadarga roll at –2 difficulty. If successful, that
demon. The chance is 1 in 10 during PC finds either (1-5) a very faint
the day, and 4 in ten after dark. There “footprint” in the grass along the
is only one Kadarga at the murder sidewalk, or (6-10) a few strands of
scene, so once it is encountered and black hair caught in a nearby bush. A
defeated there won’t be any more if further Tracking skill roll at –2 leads
that scene is revisited. the PC to the nearby nest of that site’s
If the murder scene’s Kadarga doesn’t Kadarga.
appear, give each PC present a
Tracking skill roll at –2 difficulty. If

Unigames Teenage Demon Slayers
Strength in Numbers

Question local witnesses about the Ask the authorities about the
murder: 2 hours per home murder: 2 hours

This requires visits to the homes of This requires a Contact in law

area residents. There are five homes enforcement, or a skill roll at –4
in the vicinity of the murder, and difficulty to Charm or Convince
there is a 50/50 chance of a witness somebody in law enforcement into
being home when the PCs stop by. talking. If successful, they learn that
Make a skill roll for the PCs to Charm the body was found horribly
or Convince a witness into talking. If mutilated by marks that look like
successful, the witness reveals that the claws. If the police thought an animal
body was found horribly mutilated by killed the victim they’d warn the
marks that look like claws, and that community, but the police discount
the police have asked everyone to the recent hysteria about wild animals
keep quiet while their investigation is so they’re keeping quiet about the
underway. murder to avoid an unnecessary
panic, and asking others to do the
There is a further 50/50 chance that a same.
witness who talks will also report that
the murder victim seemed to be under If the PC rolls a critical failure, they
attack by a gorilla... but it was hard attract the suspicions of the police and
to see at night. The police didn’t seem are placed under investigation
to take this bit of information themselves. The PC’s parents are
seriously. contacted, and the student is taken to
the police station that night for
Ask reporters about the murder: 2 questioning.
Ask the Zoo about escaped animals:
This requires a Contact in the local 1 hour
news media, or a skill roll at –2
difficulty to Charm or Convince The zoo officials deny that any of their
somebody at a TV station or animals are unaccounted for. A
newspaper into talking. If successful, successful Insight roll reveals that
they learn that the body was found they are telling the truth
horribly mutilated by marks that look
like they were made with large claws. Hack into the police files: 3 hours
The police have asked everyone to
keep quiet while their investigation is This requires a Hacking skill roll at a
underway. The police don’t think this difficulty of –2 against the police
is linked to the animal sightings, computer’s security. Once you’re in,
though some of the local witnesses you can explore any of the following
think it was. lines of investigation:

Unigames Teenage Demon Slayers
Strength in Numbers

· The murder investigation insurance claim, where he reports it

as a rare book entitled “The Tome of
The police forensics lab report states Drydd”. Written in England in 1752,
that metal blades inflicted the it’s valued at $3,000.
wounds. So animal attacks have been
ruled out. * Ask about the gang tag around
school: 1 full school day, between
· * The Razors’ classes
police record
This requires a
The Razors have Charm skill roll.
been around for If successful, the
over ten years, PCs learn that it
under different belongs to a gang
leaders. The latest called the Razors.
is Kyle Black. One of the
They have a Razors’ members
history of petty has a younger
crimes such as brother at the
breaking and players’ school.
entering, theft, The student’s
and other minor name is Kirk
crimes. They’re Swendon. All of
not considered the other
especially violent members of the
or dangerous. The Razor’s new gang “tag” Razors are
dropouts or too
· * Kyle Black’s police record old for high school. Kirk’s older
brother in the Razors is named Derek.
Physical Description: five foot eleven
inches tall, with wavy brown hair, If the PC rolls a critical failure, they
green eyes, and extensive tattoos. are reported to the principal. The
principal interprets the PC’s interest
Kyle comes from a broken home, and in the gang tag as an effort to JOIN
has been in and out of correctional that gang. The PC’s parents are
institutions since childhood. His contacted, and the student is held
father was a fundamentalist cult after school that night for counseling.
leader, who is now serving prison
time for affinity fraud. * Question Kirk Swendon: 1 hour
between classes at school, 2 hours if
· * The Stolen Book visited at home

The theft occurred 5 days before the This requires a Charm,

start of this adventure. The police Convince, Intimidation,
have a copy of Mr. Granger’s Negotiate, or Seduce skill roll

Unigames Teenage Demon Slayers
Strength in Numbers

depending on how the PC(s) approach of a giant hexagon. He also recognizes

Kirk. If successful, Kirk reveals that the Seal of Ultek if it’s shown to him,
he worries about Derek’s gang and can describe how it’s used in the
involvement. Kirk doesn’t know about ritual. Mr. Granger is a simple rare
Kyle Black’s scheme, or that the tag book collector who has no idea that
has occult meaning. If the roll fails but such a ritual could actually work. If
doesn’t fumble, the PC can still glean the roll fails but doesn’t fumble, the
this information by making a PCs can still intuit Granger’s
successful Insight skill roll. innocence and ignorance of occult
matters by making a successful
Kirk DOES know that Kyle Black Insight skill roll.
changed the gang tag recently,
because Derek told him about being * Try to destroy one of the existing
sent out to place the new tag. Seals: 1 hour

If Kirk is told that the Razors are It doesn’t work. The seals magically
implicated in a murder, it takes a repair themselves before the PCs’
Convince roll at –2 to get him to eyes.
believe it. If the PCs say anything to
Kirk about magic or demons, the THE RESEARCH PHASE
difficulty rises to –4. If successful,
Kirk will agree to tell the PCs if he This section covers all of the most
hears anything else about the Razors’ obvious lines of research. The GM will
plans. He’ll come to the PCs to tell need to handle any other lines of
them about the Razors’ plans to place research the players come up with.
each new tag the morning before they
place it. One or more suggested sources are
listed for each line of research, with
* Interview Howard Granger: 2 hours an index and contents for each source.

This cannot be attempted until the PCs Each research task takes a certain
have learned of the theft of the book amount of time, but this time can be
through research (see below). It split up among multiple PCs if they
requires a Charm, Convince, all work on it at once. Each PC suffers
Intimidation, Negotiate, or Seduce a –1 difficulty penalty for each extra
skill roll. If successful, Granger PC researching the same topic at the
reveals that the book is called “The same time.
Tome of Drydd”. Written in archaic
but readable English, it describes a The PCs are free to jump back and
ceremony for summoning the demon forth between this phase and the
lord Ultek - who is supposed to Investigation phase as needed.
reward his summoner with ultimate
power. The ceremony involves
inscribing one Seal of Ultek per day,
a total of six times, to form the corners

Unigames Teenage Demon Slayers
Strength in Numbers

Check for other strange incidents in * Occult Research on the Gang Tag
recent news stories
This search takes 15 minutes times the
Internet search: 1 hour, Index 10 Index score of the occult library the
Local Newspaper Archives: 4 hours, PCs use.
Index 8
If successful, the PCs discover that the
The PCs find a news story about last tag is also the seal of Ultek, the Lord
week’s theft of an ancient tome from of Dread.
the home of local collector Howard
Granger. Mr. Granger reported it as If the source’s Index is 8 or more, they
simply a rare book, with the unusual also learn that Ultek’s Seal is used in
title “The Tome of Drydd”. It’s valued a ritual to summon Ultek to the Earth.
at $3,000. If the source’s Index is 10 or more,
they find instructions for the ritual:
Research for demons that fit the inscribe one Seal per day (at sunset)
evidence to form the points of a great
hexagram, the “Seal of Seals”. A
This search takes 15 minutes times the Kadarga demon who serves Ultek will
Index score of the occult library the appear that midnight at each Seal.
PCs use. The attempt has a base When the Seal of Seals is complete,
difficulty of –2. Then add up to +4, Ultek himself will appear, bringing
depending on how much information great destruction but granting the
the PCs have gathered about the summoner awesome power.
Kadargas: hair samples, the Razors’
gang tag, personal encounters with * Internet Search for the Razors
Kadargas, etc.
It only takes 15 minutes to find the
If successful, the PCs discover that the GangWatch web site and read their
demons loose in town are called entry on the Razors. No Research roll
Kadargas: roughly simian creatures is required.
who traditionally fight with hand-
held steel claws. They serve Ultek, the The Razors have been around for over
Lord of Dread. ten years, under different leaders. The
latest is Kyle Black. They have a
If the source’s Index is 8 or more, they history of breaking & entering, theft,
also learn that the ritual for and petty crimes. They’re not
summoning a Kadarga requires considered especially violent.
inscribing something called “Ultek’s
Seal”. If the source’s Index is 10 or CONFRONTING THE RAZORS
more, they find a drawing of Ultek’s
Seal, and can make INTL rolls to There are 11 gang members in the
remember seeing it among the graffiti Razors, plus Derek and
at the murder scene. Kyle.

Unigames Teenage Demon Slayers
Strength in Numbers

Their hangout is an abandoned motel Kirk is prepared to offer them up as a

out along the highway. Confronting sacrifice if Ultek demands one.
them all at once would be a big big
mistake: Kyle will have the PCs beaten When the PCs confront the gang at the
up if they’re caught. final tag site, Kyle is standing to one
side as another member of the Razors
Derek and one other Razor are sent to (Derek, if he's still a member) is
place each new tag (except for the shaking up his spray-can, preparing
final one). Their first impulse will be to place the final Seal. Whether the
to beat up any snot-nosed high school PCs attack the Razors or try to
kids who try to interfere. convince them that Kyle's up to
something, Kyle stands aside and
Convincing them that Kyle is up to no waits to see the outcome.
good will get them to quit the gang.
A Convince skill roll at –3 is required. If the PCs seem to be wining, Kyle
If Kirk comes along, Derek will runs up onto the steps of the school
prevent any fighting and difficulty and turns to face them all. "Idiots! You
convincing him drops to 0. think there's something magical about
the spray paint?" he cries. Kyle
If the tag isn’t placed, Kyle sends completes the Seal of Seals by
different gang members to complete stepping back against the front door
it and the remaining tags. of the school and pulling open his
leather jacket, exposing the seal
THE SOLUTION PHASE tattooed on his chest. His laughter
turns to a scream of agony as his body
The PCs must predict the site of the begins to expand, glowing with an
final seal and to be on hand to stop orange light. He bursts from within
the gang and prevent the appearance like an over inflated balloon, and
of Ultek. The last seal is to be placed Ultek stands in his place.
on the front doors of the PCs own high
school! If the PCs mark the locations "Many have received my gift of
of the previous seals (or "animal power", Ultek rumbles, almost to
sightings") on a map, it will become himself. "But few are able to contain
very obvious that a six-pointed design it". He turns to the crowd of gaping
is being formed - and where the last PCs and Razors. "Bow to me, or die",
point belongs. he offers. Suddenly all of the
remaining Kadargas emerge from the
Kirk brings all of the remaining gang gloom, surrounding the crowd.
members to the high school for the Presumably, a fight ensues. Terrified,
placing of the final tag, promising the Razors try to run - and are set
them there will be something upon by the Kadargas, leaving the PCs
especially cool to see tonight. The to deal with Lord Ultek himself.
gang have no idea that they've been
summoning demons, or that they are
about to unleash a big baddie, or that

Unigames Teenage Demon Slayers
Strength in Numbers

The Razors symbols. kadargas have black fur

around patches of almost scaly tan
A motley gang of misfits, punks, and skin. They are martial artists, fighting
dropouts. The Razors are mostly with three clawed steel weapons held
concerned with territorial disputes in each hand. They have two thumbs
with the neighboring gangs, but they on each hand and two big toes on each
live by their own rough code of honor. foot. There is no sign of any spray
They are not afraid to pick a fight, but pain on their fingers should the
they are not inclined to murder. players ask. If questioned, they have
nothing to say except, “Despair, for
PHYS: 10 Hits: 10 Ultek comes!”
DEFT: 10 Punch: 13-, 1/2/3
INTL: 9 Initiative: 1/2/3 PHYS: 11 Hits: 13
WILL: 11 Move: 6 DEFT: 11 Hand Claw: 14-, 2/3/4
Armor: leather jacket, 2/0 INTL: 9 Initiative: 2/3/4
Skills: Punch 11-, Dodge 11-, Stealth WILL: 11 Move: 5
11- Armor: none
Melee Defense: 1 Missile Defense: 1 Skills: Natural Weaponry 12-, Search
Other: 10-
Melee Defense: 2 Missile Defense: 0
Kyle Black Other:

Kyle hates his fundamentalist father Ultek, Lord of Dread

for using trickery to gain wealth and
power. He believes in supernatural Standing 9 feet tall, Ultek is tusked
forces, but he wants to use them to and horned with a braided mane of
gain REAL power for himself. Kyle dark hair that’s badly in need of
carries the Book of Drydd concealed in conditioner. His four eyes blaze like
his jacket. orange fire from within deep-set
sockets in his ever-snarling bestial
PHYS: 10 Hits: 10 face. His powerfully muscled frame is
DEFT: 10 Switchblade: 15-, 1/1/2 covered in hairy, dusky brown hide,
INTL: 11 Initiative: 1/2/3 and he wears elaborately wrought and
WILL: 11 Move: 6 enameled plates of armor bound to his
Armor: leather jacket, 2/0 torso and limbs with leather straps.
Skills: Blades 11-, Dodge 12-, Stealth
11- PHYS: 14 Hits: 29
Melee Defense: 2 Missile Defense: 2 DEFT: 10 Punch: 14-, 4/6/8
Other: INTL: 11 Initiative: 1/2/3
WILL: 13 Move: 6
Kadarga Demon Armor: partial plate, 5/3
Skills: Punch 12-, Dodge 12-
These demons look like upright Melee Defense: 1
orangutans, wearing loin cloths and Missile Defense: 1
headbands embroidered with arcane Other: Size penalty –1.

Unigames Teenage Demon Slayers
Strength in Numbers

Ultek’s appearance is so terrifying

that a WILL roll is required to
intentionally move within 5 spaces of
him. For an Action, Ultek can lock his
gaze on a living target to instill fear.
The target must either close or avert
its eyes, or make a WILL roll. If the
roll fails, the target must drop
everything and flee in panic
(Desperation mode) for one entire
phase. If the WILL roll fumbles, the
target loses consciousness (i.e. faints),
suffering a –4 on rolls to awaken.


Design and Illustrations: Jeff Dee

Layout : Jeff Jones
Razor Tag/Ultek’s Seal: ‘Manda

Copyright 2001 UNIgames. Pocket Uni-

verse and Teenage Demon Slayers are
trademarks of UNIgames.

Unigames Teenage Demon Slayers