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World of Baliganapalli Fields Written by Strix Beltrán & Ajit George

Edited by Steve Segedy

Deep in rural South India there is a small pocket of opportunity between the wilderness filled with innumerable Names
predators, and a poor human village of hungry farmers and game hunters. The land is a rich red, where coconuts,
palm and mangos grow both wild and cultivated. All are at the mercy of nature, with her sudden deluges of the The Bush:
monsoon and long, unforgiving droughts. Life is hard and rabbits have learned to endure and follow tradition in mango, papaya, ragi, elephant grass, jackfruit,
order to survive. Each and every rabbit knows their place and those who step out of line often pay a dear price. bur-flower, gooseberry, coconut palm, eucalyptus,
sugarcane, custard apple fruit, drumstick,
jasmine, turmeric

Questions: The Warren Questions: Situation Baliganapalli Rabbits:

ƒƒ What is the most sacred part of the warren? ƒƒ Is it day or night or somewhere between? Babu, Saranya, Neema, Dakshi, Lahar, Arun,
ƒƒ How is the social order of the warren ƒƒ Is it during the monsoon or a long drought? Madhumati, Paandu, Bakul, Lakshmi, Kajri
structured? Which rabbits are highest? Which ƒƒ Who is infected by disease in the warren?
are the lowest? Where are you in the structure? ƒƒ What recent change have the humans made to Rabbits in the Deep Bush:
ƒƒ Which superstitions rule the warren? the land? Praveen, Nanda, Lokesh, Bhavani, Harish,
ƒƒ Why won’t the bush rabbits join your warren? ƒƒ Which elder has died? Maheswari
ƒƒ How does the warren deal with the outbreak of ƒƒ Where does the blame fall?
disease? The Wild Dogs:
ƒƒ Who was born into the slums of the warren? Questions: Relationship Sarama the Head Bitch, Ankit the damaged, Riya
ƒƒ Who is responsible for tricking the wild dogs
ƒƒ Who thinks you are an insufficient mate? the Singer, Sahila the Guide, Sanjiv the Ancient
away from the warren?
ƒƒ Who is your favorite storyteller?
ƒƒ What happens when the monsoon rains come? Snakes:
ƒƒ Who thinks you do not keep to the traditions?
ƒƒ Who was the last rabbit to be driven out of the krait, king cobra, bamboo pit viper, whip snake,
warren by gossip?
ƒƒ Who is your closest family? spectacled cobra, Russell’s viper, saw-scaled viper
ƒƒ Who do you gossip about the most?
ƒƒ How does the warren survive the long droughts?
ƒƒ Who do you seek approval from?
ƒƒ What festival is most anticipated at the warren? Other Creatures:
ƒƒ Who knows your secret? black kite, macaque monkey, white humped
Questions: Stakes cow, heron, palm squirrel, sheep, bandicoot rat,
peregrine falcon, goat, wild bees, geckos
ƒƒ What is your relationship with the local
macaque troupe?
ƒƒ How do you deal with the human hunters?
ƒƒ What do you do when the warren is flooded?
ƒƒ What will happen if you disobey your elders?
ƒƒ Why do you stick to the edge of the village?
ƒƒ What sacrifices are made during a famine?
ƒƒ What will you do if the pack of wild dogs gets
World of Baliganapalli Fields
NPCs Predators Threats

NIRMALA, a Baliganapalli rabbit SARAMA, the Head Bitch THREAT OF THE MONSOON
Trait: Gossip Monger Trait: Ravenous, eternally ravenous Intent: To force the rabbits out of the warren
Voice: Sly and Matronly Voice: Conniving ƒƒ It just keeps raining
ƒƒ Stir up bad feelings ƒƒ Lead a rabble ƒƒ The water in the vegetable fields rises
ƒƒ Gain from strife ƒƒ Avoid getting caught by humans ƒƒ A tunnel collapses
ƒƒ Superstitious ƒƒ Make sport of the hunt ƒƒ Nowhere to hide
ƒƒ Enforces tradition ƒƒ Look for easy opportunities THREAT OF CLEAR CUTTING FIRES
SUNIL, a bandicoot rat MANA, the black kite Intent: to yield more farmland
Trait: Scavenger Trait: Lonely ƒƒ Smoke and fear fill the air
Voice: Furtive, opportunistic Voice: Distant, aloof ƒƒ Flames get close to the warren
ƒƒ Other animals are herded toward the warren
ƒƒ Forage from garbage ƒƒ Pierce with sharp talons ƒƒ Rabbits are lost in the chaos
ƒƒ Eat others’ food ƒƒ Swoop from above
ƒƒ Sneak through the village ƒƒ Avoid casting a shadow THREAT OF THE SNAKE NEST
ƒƒ Spread disease
ƒƒ Call for her mate Intent: to feed on the warren
SEEFA, a deep bush rabbit HASAN, the spectacled cobra ƒƒ A krait finds easy pickings
Trait: Pragmatic ƒƒ Many eggs hatch
Trait: Seductive
Voice: hardened and terse
ƒƒ They are tiny and everywhere
Voice: Warm, generous, inviting ƒƒ Kraits thrive and breed more
ƒƒ Take on a snake
ƒƒ Sing lullabies
ƒƒ Knows secrets of the land
ƒƒ Stare into the eyes of his prey THREAT OF DROUGHT
ƒƒ Endure the elements
ƒƒ Avoid the sharp hooves of cows and goats Intent: to scorch the landscape
ƒƒ Hide an injury
ƒƒ Slips into the tall grass ƒƒ Endless dry heat
DHIWA, the cow ƒƒ Vegetation withers
HUNTER, a human
Trait: Plodding
ƒƒ Humans are hungrier
Trait: Hungry ƒƒ Famine strikes the land
Voice: Cheerful, wise Voice: Methodical, shrewd
ƒƒ Chew cud ƒƒ Pace steadily through the brush
ƒƒ Wander the village and fields ƒƒ Throw rocks with a sling Intent: to spread through the warren
ƒƒ Keep a benevolent eye out for the rabbits ƒƒ Set snare ƒƒ Rabbits get sick
ƒƒ Sound the alarm ƒƒ Track rabbit signs ƒƒ Sick rabbits are driven out
ƒƒ Rabbits die in large numbers
World of Baliganapalli Fields
Custom Moves

When you try and undermine a rabbit through
gossip, air your idle chatter aloud and roll
+shrewd. On a 10+, you succeed and the warren
views the rabbit negatively. -1 Forward for Speak
Plainly. On a 7-9, the gossip runs amok, your
victim knows its source and you are viewed equally
badly. -1 Forward for both you and your target.

When following tradition in dealing with
a problem, roll +steady. On a 10+, take +1
Forward. On a 7-9, take +1 Forward and choose 2
consequences of your interpretation of tradition:

ƒƒ The elders of the warren disapprove

ƒƒ The gods are angered and you gain a curse
ƒƒ Your interpretation causes social upheaval
within the warren
ƒƒ Your interpretation damages a sacred place or
object of the warren