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Character Moves Always unique! No duplication.

Always unique! No duplication. Write moves you take on your character sheet and check them off here.


When you negotiate tight spaces, roll +Shrewd. You represent another warren and are here as a You are ill-fated and everyone knows you won’t When you are smaller than what holds you,
On a 10+, you lose any pursuers amid the twists guest, for now. Answer one question about your last long—how will you be remembered? Start roll+Swift instead of +Strong when you
and turns. On a 7-9, you gain a significant lead home warren from each other player now and with one additional Character move when you Struggle.
on any pursuers. hold 3. Holds may be spent, 1 for 1, to reveal make your next rabbit.
further secrets about your home warren or the ‡‡ STORYTELLER
‡‡ CHARISMATIC rabbits that live there. ‡‡ NOT A FIGHTER When you tell a tale of your past exploits or
You can always find a rabbit or two that are When you mate with a rabbit, you retain your about one or more of the Storied Characters,
willing to follow you around and do as you say. ‡‡ ENGINEER +1 to Help/Hinder them forever. roll+Shrewd. On a 10+, reduce the Panic scores
When you take time to survey a site, identify
‡‡ CIRCLES OF LIFE a feature of the site and how digging there ‡‡ NOT SCARED OF YOU of your listeners by 3. On a 7-9, reduce their
Panic scores by 1.
The fight for survival makes for some strange might turn it to the warren’s advantage, take When you take this move, hold 1. When you
bedfellows. When you first use this move, choose encounter a predator you may spend your hold to
+1 forward when you Dig there. ‡‡ SWIFT RUNNER
another type of animal with which you have say how you’ve bested this type of predator before.
history and rapport. ‡‡ FERTILE You no longer have to Resist Panic when you deal You have never met an animal you couldn’t
outrun. When you Bolt, treat a roll of 6- as a 7-9.
When you Birth a Litter, choose a number with this type of predator.
‡‡ COCKY between 2 and 12 instead of rolling.
When you boast about your future deeds and ‡‡ NURTURER ‡‡ SWIFT WARNING
your boast proves true, hold 1 (max 3). You can ‡‡ GILDED CAGE When you give another rabbit your undivided When you alert others to danger, they each take
then spend your hold, 1 for 1, to remind yourself There are humans that will love and protect you +1 forward when responding to it.
attention, you can reduce their Panic score by
and others about your deeds and take -1 Panic. if only you return to live with them. When you
take this move, hold 1. When you encounter a
2 when you Help them. ‡‡ THUMPER
‡‡ COMPOSED When you cuff, kick, or knock another rabbit
human you may spend your hold to say why this ‡‡ QUITE THE PAIR about, you may roll +Strong instead of +Shrewd
When you Relax, subtract your Steady from human will take you in. You may play an additional rabbit but only one when you Speak Plainly.
your Panic instead of just 1. ‡‡ GREYFUR of the two may advance each chapter.

‡‡ DEAD EYES You are old. When others come to you and seek ‡‡ TOOTH AND CLAW
guidance, give it. They gain +1 forward if they
‡‡ SEER When you put up a fight, roll+Strong. On a 10+,
You have learned to focus through pain, When you have a vision of things to come, ask
do as you advise. they take a scar if they don’t flee. On a 7-9, you
probably in some terrible warren far away. At everyone at the table to contribute a single word both take a scar if you don’t flee.
any time you can take a scar to return your ‡‡ HUTCHWISE about your vision. Describe your vision, taking
Panic score to zero. Raised in a cage or hutch, you are familiar with care to include those words. The GM may ask ‡‡ WORRIER
‡‡ DOMINANT humans’ routines and mysteries. When you Pay you additional questions about it and then they When you talk about your worries with
Attention to humans, add “Why do humans do will incorporate your vision into the fiction.
Your influence among members of your warren another rabbit, remove their Panic, adding it
that?” to the list of questions you can ask. The to your own.
is based on either fear, lineage, reciprocity,
GM will tell you a truth and a falsehood—pick ‡‡ SENSE OF SPACE
or respect. Choose which one and take +1
whichever is more interesting or useful. You’ve ranged near and far and if anyone knows
forward whenever you Speak Plainly using
the lay of the land, it’s you. When you Pay
this influence. ‡‡ LEADER OF RABBITS Attention using this sense, you can also ask,
‡‡ DULL AND KEEN When you take charge and give orders, others “Where can I find ______________?”
take +1 forward when they do as they’re told.
One of your senses is dull, but another is almost
supernaturally keen to compensate. You can ‡‡ MARKED BY THE BLACK RABBIT ‡‡ SENSE OF OTHERS
never Pay Attention with the dull one, but treat You know every rabbit that lives in the warren
When others presume you dead, you’re not.
a 7+ as a 10+ with the keen one. and even a few who don’t. When you Pay
Return, injured but alive, at some later
Attention using this sense, you can also ask,
time—with an incredible story. Then cross off
“Who would know about ______________?”
this move.
GM Reference
Agendas Moves Warren Questions Stakes Questions
GMs in The Warren have three distinct agendas GM moves are a set of tools that the GM can ƒƒ What directions and landmarks would a ƒƒ What happens when rabbits are born?
during play. These agendas are your ultimate use to push the fiction along or get it going in rabbit give to locate the warren? ƒƒ What happens when rabbits die?
goals; you aren’t here to do anything else. a new direction. GM moves are typically made ƒƒ What can you see as you look out from the ƒƒ What things do they prize in the warren?
Always: when a character rolls a 6-, when players ignore warren? ƒƒ What happens when a new rabbit arrives?
an imminent threat, or when the players look ƒƒ Is the warren large, small, or somewhere ƒƒ What relationship will the warren have
ƒƒ Portray a naturalistic world. to you to say what happens next. in between? with other warrens?
ƒƒ Ensure the characters live in ƒƒ How was the warren founded? ƒƒ What predators terrorize the warren?
exciting times Each of these GM moves can be played either
ƒƒ Who are its revered personages, living or ƒƒ What other animals live nearby?
ƒƒ Play to find out. “soft” or “hard.” Soft moves introduce a threat
dead? ƒƒ What problems do humans cause?
or complication—something that the PCs can
ƒƒ What do your senses tell you about the ƒƒ What will happen if the rabbits are driven
Principles respond to, overcome, or avoid. Soft moves
warren? from the warren?
escalate a current situation or foreshadow
In addition to the three agendas, GM’s in The future hardship but do not impose irrevocable ƒƒ How are decisions made in the warren? ƒƒ What happens when rabbits’ station in the
Warren also have a set of principles which consequences. ƒƒ Who’s unhappy about the way things are warren changes?
guide them as they uphold their side of the in the warren?
conversation. If agendas are what you should
Hard moves, on the other hand, introduce the
hardship or consequence itself—something that
ƒƒ What is your place in the warren? Ending a Chapter
be doing then principles are how you should the PCs have to respond to, suffer, or lose.
ƒƒ What threat will destroy the warren if left
unchecked? All chapters come to an end. You’ll know it’s a
be doing it.
In general, you’ll want to start with soft moves ƒƒ What is the hardest thing for rabbits in good time to end a chapter when you can finish
ƒƒ Address yourself to the rabbits not the and escalate toward hard moves when PCs the warren to obtain? the following phrase:
players. ignore an imminent danger or when their moves ƒƒ What might others covet about the ƒƒ …and that’s how ________.
ƒƒ Make the world seem real using all senses. result in further 6- die rolls. warren?
ƒƒ Create interesting situations, not plots.
Good times to consider completing this phrase
ƒƒ Build a bigger world through play. ƒƒ Reveal an impending threat. What would make the warren a better and ending the chapter are when:
ƒƒ Make your move but never speak its name. ƒƒ Separate them. place?
ƒƒ …a Threat resolves
ƒƒ Pin them down. ƒƒ What ______________?
ƒƒ Look at your non-player animals and ideas ƒƒ …a stakes question is answered
ƒƒ Put someone in a spot. ƒƒ …an important character dies
through crosshairs.
ƒƒ Introduce a predator. Relationship Questions
ƒƒ Name every animal. ƒƒ …an important character births a litter
ƒƒ Ask questions, build on the answers. ƒƒ Add to their Panic. ƒƒ Who do you trust most of all? ƒƒ …PCs triumph over a predator
ƒƒ Be a fan of the characters. ƒƒ Scar them. ƒƒ Who makes your life miserable? ƒƒ …PCs achieve an important goal
ƒƒ Think off-screen, too. ƒƒ Announce off-screen badness. ƒƒ Who do you wish was your mate? ƒƒ …you run out of time to play
ƒƒ Tell players what humans do but interpret ƒƒ Give them a difficult decision to make. ƒƒ Who have you let sleep in your burrow?
their actions for the rabbits. ƒƒ Give an opportunity, consequence, or both. ƒƒ Who’s the oldest rabbit you know? Subsequent Chapters
ƒƒ Turn their move back on them. ƒƒ Who has turned out to be your rival?
ƒƒ Use a threat or predator move. ƒƒ Who would you like to see in charge? When a new chapter picks up you should again
use questions to get the fiction rolling again.
Always Ask ƒƒ Whose shadow have you been living in?
ƒƒ Who knows your secret? ƒƒ Ask about any Threats from the last
What do you do? ƒƒ Who ______________? chapter.
ƒƒ Ask if anything new has happened in the
Situational Questions warren and maybe make it into a new
ƒƒ Is it day or night or somewhere between? ƒƒ Ask situational questions to start in
ƒƒ Why are you all away from the warren? medias res.
ƒƒ When did you realize you were lost? ƒƒ Ask, “What do you do?”
ƒƒ Who is hurt or trapped?
ƒƒ What animal just approached you?
ƒƒ What predator has just revealed itself?