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Anajao, Andrea Faye

Ignacio, Charmaine

Mendoza, Jasmin

Sohal, Sukhjit Kaur

Tolentino, Grace Ann

March 23, 2010

Executive Summary:

This case study encloses about a Comprehensive Restatement between two hotels we had
visited, the Orchids Hotel and the City Gardens, both located in the City of Manila. The
summary includes a concise, but complete analysis of reservation system of the two different
hotels, how they differ and how it affects the Hotel using it.

The purpose of this study is to conduct a comparative analysis about the current
reservation system between two different hotels. This can be of great help to everyone especially
those students taking up hospitality courses, for them to know some of the reservation systems
being used in the hotel industry nowadays and this can also help other hotels for them to know
the advantage and disadvantage of the two systems.

We have chosen to conduct an interview to any front office staff of the hotel to make the
study possible. The Orchid Garden Suites, a 4-star hotel, uses IFCA reservation system, which
they say is a user-friendly system. It provides easy posting, check-in and reservation process.
Though, the Hotel didn’t find any disadvantages using the reservation system.

On the other hand, City Garden Hotel, a 3-star hotel, uses Micros Fidelio 7.12. They said
that the system is very easy to use and provides most of the details. The hotel wanted to upgrade
their system but due to its priorities, they can’t change their system that fast. The hotel finds their
system, time consuming, still incomplete and doesn’t provide all the things needed in one

The result shows that both IFCA and Micros Fidelio still have loop holes when it comes
to the system. They can easily be used and performs well but it still lacks the ability to have all
the different departments in just one module. And base on the result we have concluded that both
IFCA and Micros Fidelio are user friendly system. They are of great help for the hotel though
there are some lapses but still they can see it as efficient and reliable systems. We recommend
the hotels to somehow invest to upgrade their system if it’s possible for them because they will
also benefit from it in the long run.

Hotel Reservation System is what most hotels use nowadays. Before, hotel reservation is
done manually. But because of the advancement of technology, it was changed to an easier way.

Many hotels nowadays use a specific Hotel Reservation System. Hotels are very in need
of something fast and reliable to use to make their reservation flow fast and organize. Since the
advancement of technology takes place, Reservation System was invented. It provides the hotels
an easy way of doing reservation without wasting time and energy.

Hotel Reservation System is here to help you market your room inventory online and
reach out to your consumers directly. It is a cost effective method to help you create, sustain and
expand your inventory online.

Literature Review:


This hotel management information system caters for the entire needs of a hotel
operation. It covers the full integration from sales & marketing, front office activities,
food & beverage management (point-of-sale, menu, banqueting, purchasing, inventory),
PABX & electronic key lock interfaces and seamlessly integrating to its back-end
financial accounting & reporting functions.

The Hospitality Industry is made up of various facilities and services for tourists and
travelers that demand the highest standard of customer service. Hotel Management meets
the demands across all areas of the hospitality industry.

Hotel Management integrates your hotel operation with a single system. Although fully
integrated in its design, the system can be used as individual modules and expand in
stages to meet your specific requirements. This fully-integrated system supports the
following main activities:-

• Sales & Marketing

• Reservation
• Front Desk
• Cashiering
• Room Management - Housekeeping
• Facility Management
• Night Auditing
• Rate/Yield Management
• Guest History
• Travel Agent Accounting
• Ownership Accounting
• Maintenance Management
• Financial Accounting

Hotel Management provides for full hotel functions and is designed to integrate to F&B
System, POS System, Club & Tenancy Management System.


Property Management made easy by MICROS-Fidelio

Guest information, night audits, inventory control, profit management and report
generation are facts of hotel and resort property management. A MICROS-Fidelio
property management system (PMS) takes care of these tasks so you can do what you do
best: make informed decisions and build customer loyalty.

Your reservation system – the whole point of the sale

Configured to your own specification, your MICROS-Fidelio reservation system will

give your staff instant room status and availability, making reservations possible at the
touch of a button.

POS systems – a positive step toward greater profits

MICROS-Fidelio point of sale (POS) software systems make everything possible: faster
transactions, information at your fingertips and a point of sale experience that your guests
will appreciate.

Our hotel software suite includes property management systems, reservation systems and
POS systems for businesses of all sizes.

This study used Case and Field Research Design because it uses direct observation to
give a complete snapshot of a case that is being studied. The students used few subjects to do the
study and it focused on one topic only.

It also used Causal Comparative Design because it explores the advantages and
disadvantages of the current reservation system of the hotel. This design was used because the
study was done to conduct a comparison. The datum already exists and cannot be manipulated.
The advantages and disadvantages of the system are constant and cannot be change. It uses what
already exists and looks backward to explain whys.


To make this study possible we did an interview with any of the Front Office Staff of
Orchid Garden Suites and City Garden Hotel. We have asked them a series of questions
regarding the reservation system they are currently using.

Orchid Garden Suites uses IFCA reservation system. The researchers interviewed Mr.
Angel Encarnacion and Ms. Tonie Ngan, both Front Desk Staff. According to them, IFCA
system is a user-friendly system. It provides easy flow of reservation. This system allows easy
posting, check-in and reservation. Both Staff thinks that IFCA doesn’t have any disadvantage.
They don’t encounter problems with IFCA and their flow of work is still efficient. The hotel
relies on the system because that makes the flow continue. But the interviewee said that if the
hotel is given a chance to change their system, they would go for a system that is more powerful
and reliable than their current system.

City Garden Hotel uses Micros Fidelio 7.12 system. The Front Office Manager, Ms.
Dhey Nang was the interviewee. According to the interviewee, Micros Fidelio is very easy to
use. It’s good and it provides most of the details needed. But, the interviewee also said that there
are some disadvantages to it. Micros Fidelio takes time to operate, it consumes time. The system
doesn’t provide everything at the same window. You need to open a lot of windows in order to
view specific detail and most of all, it’s incomplete. It doesn’t cover all areas of the hotel.
Certain areas are only included in the system. The hotel does want to upgrade their system but
due to their more priorities, they need to set-aside the issue and wait until they can afford to
replace their current one.

Hotels consider their reservation system as one of the important factor to their standings.
If their system does not perform well, it may cost lost of sales and market. Base on the
information gathered on the interviews conducted, both hotels are using user-friendly systems.
But of course, every system has its own disadvantages. Every hotel wants to look for a system
that is complete, powerful and more reliable than their current system given the proper budget.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

This study concludes that the Hotel reservation is really important to make the Hotel’s
flow continuous. Most hotels use reservation system because it is more comfortable to use and
saves time. It organizes every transaction by its date, kind, etc. But even though most of the
systems are reliable to use, because of the continuous advancement of technology, the system
improves continuously that is why the features improves more and more and it takes the system
to cost very expensive.

All hotels wanted to have the latest version of their system but it takes a lot of decision to
purchase a new one. It is hard to purchase a new system especially when the hotel doesn’t belong
to the high-standing hotels. It is also recommended for them to do so because investing in
upgrading their systems will also benefit them in the future.