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Oficina de Bilingüismo

Fundación Universitaria Tecnologico Comfenalco

Week 4-6

Teacher: Jessica Patricia Villalobos Hawkins

Welcoming paragraph:

Hello my dear students. I would like to welcome you all to this new experience,
first of all by letting you know that you can always count on me for whatever you
need through-out this process. I am sure we will have a lot of fun and also learn
many interesting things.


 As you already know we will be developing our classes online. For which
we will be using the platforms Teams and Ferrum.
 I will schedule meetings every week through the platform Teams.
 I will upload all the information regarding the classes on Ferrum.
 We will develop our classes in 10 weeks. Each week we will work on a
different communicative subject.
 Every three weeks I will share with you on Ferrum a self-study guide, such
as this one, with different activities in order for you to work on
autonomously. The guide is divided in 4 stages.

Stage 1: Warm-up.
Stage 2: Topic presentation.
Stage 3: Practice. INTERACT App
Stage 4: Project.

 We will cover each aspect of the guide each week on our meeting on

Communicative objectives:

• Talk about what people like

• Talk about yourself
• Ask about likes and dislikes
Stage 1

Warm-up space:

The main purpose of this space is to introduce the different activities that this
self-study guide intends to develop.

Complete the following chart:

Stage 2
Topic Presentation

Presentation of the unit’s function and language space:

The main purpose of this space is to present the communicative objectives using
contextualized examples that allow you to understand the different functions
and language of the unit.

Functions and language

• Say why you like things Order in a restaurant
• Say what usually happens in different situations
• Because
• Asking for prices
• Zero conditional
• Outdoor activities
• Flavors Expressions to make reference to likes and dislikes regarding food

Sede A. Barrio España. Cra.44D No.30A - 91

PBX: (5) 672 3700 |Email: Cartagena - Colombia |
• When/if Extended vocabulary

1. Order in a restaurant

a. Listening exercise 3 and 4 page 155

Open the link:
b. Look
Sede A. Barrio España. Cra.44D at- the
No.30A 91 menu and answer the questions:
Part 1:
PBX: (5) 672 3700 |Email: Cartagena - Colombia |
What would you like to drink?
What would you like to eat?
How much is it?
2. Zero conditional

Sede A. Barrio España. Cra.44D No.30A - 91

PBX: (5) 672 3700 |Email: Cartagena - Colombia |
3. Musical tastes:

Answer the following questions:

Sede A. Barrio España. Cra.44D No.30A - 91

PBX: (5) 672 3700 |Email: Cartagena - Colombia |
Stage 3
Practice App

Lessons: 33
Lessons: 34

Stage 4

The project is the last part of the development of this self-study guide.

Create your own menu! Be creative and have fun!
With the menu you create work on a conversation in groups where you
order something from the created menu. Record yourselves via TEAMS
and paste the link of the conversation in this space. Extra points if you
share video cam and use props.

de A. Barrio
Sede España.
A. Barrio Cra.44D
España. No.30A
Cra.44D No.30A- 91- 91
X: (5)(5)
PBX: 672672
3700 |Email:
3700 |Email:Cartagena - Colombia
Cartagena | |
- Colombia
A. Barrio
A. Barrio
- 91 - 91
(5) 672
(5) 3700
672 3700
- Colombia
- Colombia
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