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The leading brand of Dabur Foods, Real Fruit Juice is India's top packaged, 100% additive and
preservatives free organic product juice brand offering customers the incredible taste and healthy
nutrition of freshly crushed juice in a clean and alluring pack. It offers a wide product portfolio
of eight juices: orange, mango, pineapple, grape, guava, tomato mixed fruit juice and litchi.

Dabur Foods is the first organization in India and among the best five organizations to utilize the
most recent spin cap tetra pack, cold fill technology and spill-proof twofold seal cap for
packaging real. Real was recognized as the fastest developing brand' for 2001-02 in the first ever
beverage industry workshop in India. Real natural Juice is a market leader in packaged food and
beverage industry in India.s

Genuine Organic product Juice is India's solitary bundled natural product juice brand to get SGS
(Society General de Observation) confirmations for high security principles utilized in bundling
that adjust to the rigid HACCP and GMP guidelines.

The non-carbonated refreshments division can be named Natural product beverages, Nectar and
Juices. The characterization depends on the % of the organic product mash content in the
refreshment. Natural product drink must have least organic product mash substance of 10%,
while Nectar needs to have a base organic product mash substance of 25%.

Genuine Junior, accessible in 125 ml packs, targets kids under six years. It has two most loved
kinds of mango and apple improved with calcium. Genuine Activ, a 100 % organic product juice
with no additional sugar, gives the integrity of organic products without including additional
calories. Today, it is the favored juice drink for the wellbeing and wellness cognizant youthful
grown-ups. Genuine Activ is accessible in orange, apple, and orange-carrot variations. Genuine
Activ orange carrot squeeze, India's originally bundled natural product + vegetable juice, is a
blend of succulent oranges and sweet carrots.

Coolers, a natural product based refreshment, offers conventional 'cooling' plans in a prepared to-
drink design. It is accessible in three variations - Aam panna, pomegranate (anar) and
watermelon Genuine juices are offered in sterile twofold seal spill confirmation covers in
Tetrapak bundling. When pressed, the 6-layer Tetrapak container holds the newness of the juice
for a more drawn out timeframe, subsequently keeping up the taste and sustenance of the juice.
The organic products that go into the juices are sourced from the best sources over the world, the
organization claims.

Dabur Food produces around 50 million liters of juice every year through its best in class office
at Birganj, Nepal. In August 2004, the organization authorized a multi natural product preparing
office in Siliguri, in West Bengal, set up by Pasadensa Nourishments, an entirely possessed
auxiliary of Dabur Nourishments Ltd. Spread more than 11 sections of land and outfitted to deal
with 150 tons of organic product every day, it has the ability to deliver 192 tons of
mash/concentrate. The plant gets organic products worth Rs 6 crore from West Bengal, North-
East, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. It has the most noteworthy limit
use by handling pineapple, litchi, guava, mango and grape round the year.



Dabur Genuine Juice creates and sells distinctive natural product juices. It has practically all the
normal juice flavors which incorporate mango, orange, grapefruit, blackberry, lemon, grape,
apple, cherry, banana, watermelon, raspberry, tangerine, pineapple, peach, strawberry and
cranberry among others. More or less, it is practically sure that Tropicana will fulfill any of your
juice needs the extent that taste, brand, and nourishment is concerned. One organic product juice
among the not many basic squeezes that needs on its rack is pomegranate.


The estimating methodology utilized by Dabur Genuine Juice on its items is the low evaluating
system. Truth be told, one of their fundamental advancement methodologies depends on this low
estimating methodology. The technique envelops low value levels that are over the-line
movement. Because of this estimating strategy,the organization has been enrolling better
incomes on account of the way that more individuals are purchasing and at a higher recurrence
than previously.


Dabur Genuine Juice focuses on all the market fragments with its new, scrumptious and solid
juices. There is anything but a solitary individual today who would not like to be sound or one
who doesn't need their friends and family to be solid. Lamentably, in contrast to the case with
other solid brands, Dabur Genuine Juice offers clients marks that are less expensive and
moderate. Anybody from the center pay base can, subsequently, bear to get it.


Dabur Real Juice is an effective brand as it has figured out how to infiltrate and keep up an
imposing piece of the overall industry. Its prosperity is incredibly ascribed to its market system.
There are not many organizations that have put resources into television plugs the manner in
which Dabur has. Truth be told, during its essential years, Dabur Real Juice was predominant in
television advertisements in all the business sectors that it has just figured out how to enter.
What's more, its plugs themselves were noteworthy, no big surprise inside no time, clients were
rushing to their racks so they can experience the items.



1. Strong Brand Strong brand name of the parent company

Dabur is the fourth biggest FMCG organizations in India. The organization has a tradition of
over 120 years.

2. One of the earliest players in branded packaged juice segment in country

Dabur launched its Real Fruit Juice product in 1996. There were very few players in the country
at that time in the segment.

3. Market leader in the packaged juice segment

Real is the market chief in marked bundled natural product juice fragment. It represents ~55% of
the all out piece of the pie, and is trailed by PepsiCo with a ~30% share

4. High number of variants to cater different target audience

In the JUICES range Dabur has:
 Coolers (Low fruit Content)
 Real (High fruit pulp Content)
 Real ACTIV (Health Conscious Youth)
 Real Juniors (for the children below 6 years of age)
There are in excess of 15 flavors in every one of the class. Huge range caters various
needs and has helped Real to keep up its prevailing piece of the overall industry.

5. Strong supply chain and logistics

Dabur has wide and integrated distribution network. Dabur has improved distribution system
through its Retail Excellence program, “DARE” (Driving Achievement of Retail Excellence).
It’s direct shipment strategy bypasses warehouses and distribution centers and delivers products
directly to the retailers.

6. Strong advertising and media presence

Dabur has an extraordinary promoting and media presence for Real brand with a consumption of
the tune of 150 crores.


1. Seasonal nature of raw material

Production of fruit is seasonal.. There is a need of capacity, which requires innovation like
cold stockpiling, newness lock strategies and so on. It expands the expense of stock and
diminishes the net revenue.
2. Low entry barrier industry.
Natural product juice industry is similarly less capital-concentrated industry. It is nearly
simple to set up the assembling unit. Accordingly, there are enormous number of major parts
in this industry including, Appy, Mazza, Minute House keeper, Cut, New Gold, and Del
3. Government regulations and stringent food safety standards.
There are heaps of guidelines and sanitation norms pertinent to the organic product juice
industry. Guideline determines thorough rundown of materials, which can be utilized for
bundling. Reasonable additives and level of additives are likewise to be carefully clung to.
These guidelines are nation explicit and there is a tremendous variety the wellbeing
principles over the globe.


1. Fast growing segment

The organic product based refreshments classification is one of the quickest developing
classifications and has developed at a CAGR of over 30% over the previous decade. At
present, the Indian bundled juices market is esteemed at INR 1100 crore (~USD 200
million) and is extended to develop at a CAGR of ~15% throughout the following three
2. Untapped market in rural and semi urban area
Inhabitants in these locales actually favor new squeezes over bundled ones as they are
relatively less expensive and furthermore in a state of harmony with the conventional
conviction that juices are best devoured newly squeezed .Given the adjustments in way of
life and developing wealth provincial and semi metropolitan regions can be a tremendous
3. Introduction of New Variants
Shoppers are looking for novel natural product seasons separated from the standard
mango, orange, or lime-based organic product juices. There is a tremendous extension to
present a lot of searched after novel flavors like dates, figs, raisins, almonds, kiwi, or
blend of these and so on. These flavors are high popular because of the nutritive
advantages gave by them. There is a colossal undiscovered zone of bundled marked home
grown juices like that of aloe vera, bottle ground, unpleasant ground and so forth. In the
event that the home grown range can be utilized with the juice section, it will open a
colossal zone of chance for the brand.


1. High inflation in fruit & vegetables prices

Costs of the foods grown from the ground have been ceaselessly expanding and have
seen a development of around 30% in most recent five years. Two fundamental reasons
are the change in climatic conditions and diminishing agricultural land.
2. Increasing awareness towards harmful effect of preservatives
With the expanding mindfulness among clients concerning additives and fixings that
could be hazardous for drag out utilization; it is anything but difficult to lose the trust of
individuals in the brand.
3. Intense competition from local manufacturers
There is an enormous level of the populace who actually favors newly prepared juice
over bundled juices. The presence of nearby players is more obvious in semi metropolitan
and country market.



Geographic Segmentation: - Dabur has fragmented the homegrown customer market

broadly just as locally. Provincial India represents almost half of the homegrown FMCG
deals for Dabur. During 2012-13, organization dispatched Project Double so as to expand
its inclusion of the provincial business sectors. Dabur has perceived the global interest of
its items and forayed into unfamiliar business sectors. The worldwide business presently
contributes 32.4% to combined deals. The significant worldwide business sectors are
Middle East, Africa, Asia (ex-India), Americas and Europe.

Demographic Segmentation: -
Economic Status: – – Lower, Middle and Upper class
Age (Every age group) – Dabur targets kids – 6 to 10 years old; Ladies (Mothers), Youths and
Old age people.
Family Life Cycle Stage – Family with adolescent, ladies and old

Psychographic segmentation: -

Lifestyle :– Dabur targets individuals who are wellbeing cognizant, need to supplant
sugar and mature age individuals who evade sugar. Nectar is additionally taken as
medication, for example, during hack given to kids. Dabur nectar today is related with a
way of life of the youthful and old of all class.

Needs and Benefits: Dabur effectively arranged the buyers on the premise their
necessities and advantages.

 Health cognizant clients

 Personal care fragment, for example, hair care and skin health management

 Food and home consideration section

Dabur Real Juice has a circulation network that covers 175 towns and 75 thousand retail
outlets making its item accessible to the shoppers the nation over quiet.
The Target Market for Dabur Real Juice is individuals of all pay levels. The objective
market of Dabur is – People in the Upper, Middle and Lower class. Additionally, Dabur
has focused on the abroad market and has become a famous brand with its items
accessible in more than 120 nations.

A fruit juice made from real fruits


1. Government intercessions: Government uphold the business to extend and to trade its items
and to develop.

2. Exchanging arrangements: Trading strategies are likewise positive for Dabur organization so it
can send out its items and it additionally help him to extend and to develop.


1. Consumer Focus: They are ceaselessly zeroing in on investigating the shopper needs
&develop items to satisfy their necessities. This is the fundamental purpose behind the
development of Dabur organization.

2. Living Standard: Rise in the expectation for everyday comforts of individuals have expanded
their creation level, produce great and assortment of items.

3. National Income: National salary is significant factor as though influence the development of
the association. In the event that per capita pay is more the sum spend will be more and on the
off chance that it will be bring down the sum spent will be less.

4.Inflation rate: Inflation implies the ascent in the estimation of all the item in the economy, if
expansion rate is higher the expense of items will be higher and if swelling rate is bring down the
expense of item will be lower. This legitimately influence the development of the association.


1. Socioeconomics: Demographics is the investigation of human populace in the economy. It

causes the association to partition the business sectors in various portions to focus on an
enormous of clients. For Example-as indicated by race, age, sex, family, religion, and sex.

2. Dispersion of pay: This shows that how pay is circulated in the economy. It straightforwardly
influences the buying intensity of the purchasers. What's more, at last prompts increment or
diminishing in the utilization level of the items.
3. Industrialism: This shows that numerous choices are accessible while buying of merchandise
to shoppers, so the decision turns out to be simple and quality items can be pick by customers.
Along these lines, while buying a buyer have various decisions to choose item as per his needs.

4. Instruction levels: Education is one of the most significant variables which impact the
purchasing intensity of shopper, while choosing a specific decent a buyer should know every one
of its highlights so it can separate them with another items.

5. Law influence social conduct: Different laws are made by the legislature to protect the
privileges of purchasers. For instance Consumer assurance act, this law demonstrates that a
purchaser can record a body of evidence against a vender on the off chance that he finds that he
is cheated.


1. Disclosures and development: Continuous advancement in items and cycles is the premise of
their administrations. They give customers creative items inside simple arrive at Build a stage to
empower Dabur to turn into a worldwide ayurvedic pioneer.

2. Progression in innovation: Focus on developing their center brands across classifications,

contacting new geologies, inside and outside India, and improve operational efficiencies by
utilizing innovation.

3. Automation: Change in innovation will prompts mechanization, this implies with new
innovation work required is less as machines are programmed. All the works are done
consequently by the machines as prior it is work arranged. Presently all the work is machine

4. Old rate: Day-by-day new innovations are made so the pace of out of date is higher, as in
Computer PCs have supplanted the PC. This shows that the innovation becomes old quick.

5. Exploration and advancement: This office assumes a fundamental part in the improvement of
the association. As this office consistently research that what are the interest of the business
sectors and how to cause headways so the association to can get by in the serious world.


1. Climate guidelines: The favored organization to meet the wellbeing and individual preparing
needs of their objective shoppers with sheltered, effective, regular arrangements by orchestrating
the profound information on Ayurveda and spices with present day science.

2. Natural insurance: Responsible organization to secure Ecological framework and use Eco-
accommodating items.

1. Organizations law: The organization satisfy all the Company law necessity to develop and
create and to support in the serious market.

2. Business law: Employment law gives equivalent chances to each resident to work and gain his
occupation. It gives equivalent chances to each resident.

3. Customer security: This law assists with ensuring the privileges of shoppers and he can
document an argument against vender on the off chance that he finds that he is cheated.

4. Industry-explicit guidelines: These laws are identified with industry for instance no industry
can build up in the middle of urban areas for example it ought to be outside the urban