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 Nationality: Jordanian.

PERSONAL  Marital Status: Single.

 Place/Date of Birth: Jordan /May 14 1989.

 Home address: amman-Jordan.

 Mobile number: +962775667514.

 Email:

OBJECTIVE  To obtain a creative, growth oriented position in communication

engineering where I can utilize and enhance my skills and knowledge, and
improve my abilities by getting a job in order to gain experience, to improve
my communication skills and to apply my university study and skills

 Al-Balqa’ Applied University, Jordan (2007-2012).
 B.Sc. in Communication Engineering and software. GPA (2.73 out of 4.00)
with rate of good.
 Tawjehe (88.5) Irbed High secondary school 2007(Scientific).

 Trained in royal-Jordanian-air-force (communication field network) from

TRAINING (25/6/2012-1/10/2012) with focus in fiber and microwave and network.

 Trained in Marka air port communication field from 1/8/2012 to1/2/2013.

 I have trained in the yarmouk University-orange incubator from (8/6/2010 -


 CCNA Course in orange incubator in Yarmouk University.

 Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access): good.
COMPUTER  Internet: very good.
SKILLS  Cisco packet tracer simulation program.

 Driving Licensing
 Hard worker.
PERSONAL  Team player.
SKILLS  Quick learner.
 Good communicator.
 Pays attention to details.

LANGUAGES  Arabic: Mother tongue.

 English: very good reading and understanding, good in specking.

 I am ambitious, positive, not cynical or jaded. I am very open, self- motivated

ABOUT ME as well. I have strong values & expect the same. I am accepting of different
cultures & adapt quite well to change. I don’t smoke.

REFERENCES  Available upon request.