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1. Dilectio by kauliberry, Krod934
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling  

o Explicit

o No Archive Warnings Apply

o F/M

o Work in Progress

05 Oct 2020

o No Archive Warnings Apply

o Draco Malfoy/Reader
o Draco Malfoy
o Blaise Zabini
o Theodore Nott
o Original Female Character(s)
o Alternate Universe - Soulmates
o Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence
o Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés
o Explicit Sexual Content
o Explicit Language
o Angst
o Eventual Smut
o Soulmate-Identifying Marks
o Enemies to Lovers
o Inappropriate Use of Wandless Magic (Harry Potter)
o Inappropriate Use of Wands (Harry Potter)
o Harry Potter Epilogue What Epilogue | EWE
o Draco Malfoy in the Muggle World
o POV Draco Malfoy
o POV Second Person
o Summary
Dilectio is Latin for Spiritual Love
Draco Malfoy relocated to London after the second wizarding war, working at the Ministry of Magic along
with Blaise Zabini for the last 2 years. For weeks, Blaise wouldn’t shut up about some girl at a coffee shop,
why he is wasting time and money at a muggle coffee shop is beyond Draco. A bloody muggle, Draco thinking
to himself after Blaise tells him about his latest conquest. With all the available witches in London, Blaise just
has to fuck a muggle.
He’s not sure he fully understands why Blaise is so hell bent on this muggle, but one thing is certain in Draco’s
eyes. You’re the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, and he can only see two outcomes: You’ll destroy his
carefully built life or you’ll ruin your own in the process.
A recent graduate of Ilvermorny, you’ve made the trek across the pond from your home in America to London.
You find yourself hiding under the radar from the Ministry of Magic working as a barista at a coffee shop in
Victoria Station. While many of your peers have gone off in the search for their soulmate, you find yourself in
search of something more sinister.













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