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I NEVER LOVED A MAN (THE WAY I LOVED YOU) Words and Music by RONNIE SHANNON Slow Blues Feeling heart break - er, a Hoe aw you'd un out 1 thougne af 1 tet you do you got one you'll «nev = er Wy The these things tone, lose, 1 don't know why 1 was to wrong, — (© 1966 Fourteenth Hour Music Corp./Pundit Music USA EMI Songs Ltd, London WC2H OEA. = fiends keep tell ing me tno they don't know way you” treat me Ba you —— know Fa leave you if 1 could. — 1 guess I'm up tight and I'm stuck ike _ glue ‘cause 1 ain't best you ev -er had. — Kiss “me once a -gain and don't say we've though cause I aia't 3 the way that 1 the way that 1 Words and Music by Solid 4 beat OTIS REDDING Ee = SS SS o What you want Teri got Tain’ gon-na “do you wiong while” you gone What you need you know I got it ain't gonna do. you wrong ‘cause TL don't wan - na. All Task in’ is for a lit-tle re -spect, when you come home (© 1965 Cotilion Music Warner Chappell Music Ltd, London WIY 3FA, (a when you come home, — re spect. ST pate Tm out. togive you all my mon -ey, but all Tm ask- in’ Ooh, ___your kiss-es, sweeter than hon-cy, but guess what 5 » — in re- tur, hon ey, is to give me so here's my’ mon- ey, all I want you to do for me ei = 3 oy 1 id T BS = a? oH 2 z SSS et = | | my pro-per_e = spect whnryor™get home Yeah | 8 gies some here whem you_ get home | = Se SS SS F a F a ; EEE HE ba-by, when you get home. ba-by, when _you get home. F a ae find out what it means to me, F ae) 1 uke ot =O TCO = aj r — 3 — 2p == é f - _ aS Repeat and Fate et = = ——— = =] adits tle te = spect + fF DO RIGHT WOMAN DO RIGHT MAN Words and Music by CHIPS MOMAN & DAN PENN Slowly <= 46 verse fim DA, Bust a in amie i GSR Gael aR] ea ERR SS Take me to heart, SS 4 Phy, | Uh au} x 2 and I'll al-ways love you, and no = bo-dy. F canmake me do wrong. Take me for grant- ed, —___ (© 1967, Screen Goms-EMI Music Inc/Trae Pub. Co. nc., USA ‘Screen Gems-EMI Music Lid, London WC2H OEA TRO Essex Music Co. Lid, London SW10 0SZ makes will power weak = and temp -ta - tion strong A worman’son-ly —hu- man; —___ youshouldun = der- She's not just a play - thing; she’s flesh and blood, just like her erese. If you want a A To Coda ® 7 Bye aie you've got-ta rman, Hh 4 NI Well, they say its a man's worl they say it an's— world; —_ oh, but you can’t prove that by me, . And as long as we're to- f 2 BOE pay DYE ge- ther, ba- by, wo-man, DE Er DE 4 A Brie. ier > @cova 4A be De If you want a you've got-ta be a D&. al Coda AT Bb a Hy Yougot-ta be a do right, all night, B DR. FEELGOOD Slow Blues Words and Music by £ GERRY GOFFIN & CAROLE KING sit-tiat a ound sitting eight there, looking at me and whet man, Beit my mother, my tether, ot my a i iy Would you be lieve, 1 get up, put on some clothea_go out and help ste find vome-toriy for this self if 1 can? (© 1977 Seroon Goms-EMI Music Inc EMI Blackwood Music inc, USA ‘Scroen Gems-EMI Music LtaJEMI Songs Lid., London WC2H OEA Now 1 don't iad compa - ny Yes is Nove | don't mind compan ‘be cause com = pan at Fight with aw ove" once in w roe ard that an get to Lows iE tell ya i 1 dig ya, bot 1 don't have time — to sit and chit and sit and chit chat and sail Dow't send me no Die = tony =4 Sf fill me up with all g tome Iman name Doctor Feel «god fs NPN Tae ae cure of all sy pins and my lls, Hin mane iv Doctor Peel -emet the morming veal = ly thie man's game, —_ e You an der-etand why 1 feel good (YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE) A NATURAL WOMAN 4 Moderately f¥ Look-in' out, T used to feel ELF, A > (CH baa And whenT — knewI'dhave to face FF it made me feel so oF t (© 1967 Scroon Goms-EMI Music Inc., USA ‘Screen-Gems-EMI Music Lid., London WC2H OEA Words and Music by CAROLE KING, GERRY GOFFIN & E JERRY WEXLER: (G# Bas) morn-ing rainy SS spired. = an-oth-er day, choc +H Hin 1S : : Be-fore the day = 1 weet clea amin clea ER a fe i FF life was so un~ . the key to. my. et sy HR mind, ‘cause you make = me__ feel, you make me - you make — me. feel like a, 2 bet ot aba at fe ih fae get (E Bass) to Coda @ (C$ Bay 2 6 ff ea we soul was in the lost and found, __ bes, en (Ch as9 to claim it, 5 (Gas * know just what was wrong with me, "il your g Si kiss helped me name it Now I'm no long = or out ~ ful__ of what I'm liv = in’ ett Doajt But cies ae GER DS. al & Coda I don't need to HH (A Bas, Oh, ba = by, what you've done to me! (What you've Coda 20 done to me!___} 8, Draft (ana (Good in- side.) (want to be. Bot te (CBAs close to you. You make me feel bat A Daast 2 Trey ett — [Ess Dmait A, PGA ae & BRS (Ch bas9 ial (CF Baw Zé mt [ait a [ee wo = man. You make a (CH Bas9 Moderate rock beat CHAIN OF FOOLS Words and Musio by DON COVAY © ae is ee == 5 3 Chain, cin, chan, ee ec = S55 Ps eof Se fe fies t= SS _ chain, ai, , cain chain, chai, . = = = 3 = SSS 2 CM 2 eT OF oie [e i j= ae - Se * — - ee E = Fos <———— _ chain of fools 6 Hi =z =3— gas SS r ter f [2 Chr ? ft Ee Ff => == S55 jas (© 1967 Pronto Music Ino/Fourteenth Hour Music Corp. ‘Warner Chappell Musi¢ id., London W1Y SFA 2B 9 SSS aS = é = — For five long years__ I thought you were my b «—h—} h — = OF rt $s Saas a ro Fs x SN 5 = az = 4 ss ¢— 2 OM Lh iS 7 = the chain is gon-na — break,— But up un-til then Tm gon-natake all Ican take, _Chain, chain, chain, 3s chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, rie OF Repeat and Fade Ze chain of fools, Chain, chain, chain, SAVE ME et ay CURTIS OUSLEY, ARETHA FRANKLIN & CAROLYN FRANKLIN D A D A (© 1967 Coton Music Ine. Warner Chappell Music Lid, London W1Y SFA hoe, Poa, og DAL ck A a His i EE i 5 —— SSNS (L) Promised my-self that was the first ro - mance, — (23.4, ~ See block lyric) T would-n’t give_you— a DA Hat EF t = you're sure to find bro - ther the It’s safe to say, ° > 10 Code oftervopest ’ : > ‘ DA tng ae A | 30 D&. (with rpt.) al Coda E D EB DE ne ae qf (3.) You're Ad lib. rpt. to Fade VERSE 2: ‘Those who love always give the most, We're crying together from coast to coast. Love leaves us cold and hurt inside, These tears of ours aren’t justified, Beggin’ you to save me Yeah, I need somebody to save me. VERSE 3: You're always sayin’ you needed me, You abused my love, set me free. You didn’t need me, you didn’t want me, Somebody help me, this man wants fo torment me. T'm beggin’ you to save me Oh oh, save me, VERSE 4: Call in the caped crusader, Green Hornet they know Fm in so much trouble I don’t know what to do. You can think anything about me, save me, Oh yeah, Save me. 31 THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT ‘Moderately slow 6 Words and Music by BOB LANCE & FRAN ROBBINS. o sien (© 1968 Coton Music inc Warner Chappell Music Ltd, London W1Y 3FA. © or _ — Z a ‘This was the land that he worked by hand, It was the dream.of an up -right man, There wast fence. that "held ur love, There ware Sate ieee 3 gifeea ant MAH = = SS SS SSS "IE fof fF f E f 3 SS = . 4 2S J I= © __ — é SS ee ee a # = J There was a room.that was filed with love, _Tt_was the lowecthat I walked out ot Th ie a hearcand it tured “to stone, This et hows Malad Ow ot 4 on 5 aE SSS SS ma rf ? Be 5 = . S = = * * 7 2 = z= = This is the life, the life that he planned on, the love the same old love in the house that toyed with love in the house that ‘Thi isthe life, that I de - — stroyed the day that “1 <> Jack built. (The house that Jack. built) Re-mem-ber this house Jack_built, (The house that Jack built) Re-member this house, = - SS —_ theuseof ery -in’, You know I ie SS brought it on my- self, there’s no de - ny my aw - filly fun-ny up right man, that 1 Up on the did -n't understand. un-til 1 hill___ ev - ‘ry-thing stands SS SS SS SS SS 3 a na a _ — a 3 JSS 24 J Za z =i _ ee ee os —?s == ——— Gases: ie house that Jack built) Lis -ten; 1 got the house, 1 got the car,— Seer: I got the rug, the rock, But I ain't. got Jack, Jack back! turned my back on Jack,—He said he was-n’t com Jack, He said he was-n’t comin’ back. back, I tumed my back on == Repeat ad lib, to Fade come on back! Jack, oh Jack, come on back! 35 Words and Music by TED WHITE & ARETHA FRANKLIN Moderately You better THINK THINK tout what you're tio’ ta do to me ¥ He Bice 4 ES wey on way back WRT Let your se be free — Let's eo back Let's go. back, Lats go {=e even fom you, You cul’ been too much nove than Oo? "mo pay chia = Arist ain't no Ee See what you're doin to we eter with de ares Buti don't take too mich high 1 You bet = ter (© 1968 Fourteenth Hour Music Corp Pundit Music, USA. EMI Songs Ltd., London WC2H O&A 36 i a ‘THINK about what you're Uyint to do to nD Freedon__(feedom! Ob, Freedom Yeah __ Free - Right now Freedom (freedom) Oh, Freedom (freedom) Gimme some Frecwdom —_ m iF + THINK «= bout THINK & - tout a ‘cnothnint youcould ask 1 could ansower you with 1 want but 1 want gon nachange to I'm not Cif you 7 Ea ta a Ea beep do in things 1 don't) THINK 4-tou what youre tyin' to tS ah " » Let your mind go Let youreelt be free Peo-ple walk - int ‘round ev - ‘ty day, play =a? fed Eg a fumes and taking scores Thyin'____ to make otter poo ple lose thei mid Well, be care fil you don't tose yours, Oh c004 ea ‘i r . i _ f afi hae ate ther can do. Ob, Hey THINK a bout ime. (To the bone for deepens) | SAY A LITTLE PRAYER Not too fast, smoothly Music by BURT BACHARACH. bmi? Words by HAL DAVID ca The mo~- ment I I run for the before 1 put on omy — make - up. while rid ~ ing I think of us, dear —— Am(n08) br a lit tle prayer for you lit - tle prayer for you (© 1966 Blue Seas Music nc. & Jac Music Inc., USA MCA Music Lt, London W6 BJA m1 cn? ' _ j_ _ SSS = os I zee ee ——— While coms ~ ing_my hair now and won d'ring what At work Te just take time and_all_—— through my z ° ¥ Heep r fs 2s 29 3 = . : ‘Am7(no5) ea ‘ SSS SS a For - ev - er, for = ev-er you'll stay in my heart and Se ne~ ver will part. Oh. ea “a= S—— SF 7 = A BP & pF Dm? a5 Ge Ee ee ee how Til love you. To + ge - ther, to- ge- ther, that’s how it must be. To T. Smoothly E/E > BIR ace be a 8H nit Ha Hi] fig (Ee live with-out you would on-ly be heart-break for me. My daf- ling be - lieve me, but 41 Boma? bmi? cnr Bbmaj? mF Ans-wer my 3 Bhmaj? cmI/F 2 Words and Music by tn! STEVE CROPPER & DON COVAY EE Ga ee = S55 =p ee Se some - times you hurt me so then some times —<—— 3 Se = yoy = SE bad, my tears run like wat = er, ba = by —} justnever know where [stand © 1965 Coton Musi Ine. Warner Chappell Music Ltd, London W1Y 3FA some-times you get You lift B D fg right be-fore your friends — when Tm on the ground — Hf tt HE Spb topper tt tell_ me youlove me @-gain.-—{ yousend me tum bl-ing down, Your love islike a see-saw ———S Sees your love is like a see - saw see-saw When I'm kiss-ing you and 1 and ask you to kiss me a - gain, reach at you, youjump out of sight,__ you change just like the wind.. 4% DAY DREAMING Words and Music by ARETHA FRANKLIN cm? Slowly Day- dreaming and I’m think-ing of you, — reaming and I'm think-ing of you, day-dreaming and I'm think-ing of you, day-dreaming and I'm think-ing of you, flow - ing He's the kind of (© 1972 Springtime Music In., USA Carlin Music Corp, London NW1 88D guy who would say hey ba - bylet’s get a-way, let's go some place huh, where T don’t Bhansi? Bhs. Bbinaj? Bhs. Z Be He's the kind of RS “hi crf EYP se RS cmt/F — SS SS SS SS = —=—= guy that you give your ev - ‘ry-thing, and trust your heart, share all of your love— till death do you 9 = (SSS eS eS its at 2 oS. eS, oe P= - =a a a Sas Bbmaj7 Bbmaj? Bb6 Ht i He 48 Bait iS (1.2.) 1 want to be what he wants_when he wants itand when-ev-er he needs it re qi FSS = Fas — fp oo ae SF (Se SSS Cm7/F BF ae zy eo SSeS And when he's lonesome and feel - ing love starved, I'll be there to feed him. I'm loving him Fe & AS FRSA 3 F ef 7 By —=——- —— = Se SS 7 Gm Ebm a : i ; es i — —~ esataet=t ieee ff = = little bit more each day. — it tums-me right on—— when I hear him say.— J, J —— fons ay = ==> - SS aE Hey ba = by let's get_—a- way, e's go where- SS Sr 50 dreamingand Tim thinking of You Se ‘and I'm thinking of you,-day-dreaming and I'm thinking of you. 1 5 = SS ES Se ee ee ae === . Pa? ae a= == se | Bb/G Bbsus? Bh Ab Gm a = (Think-ing of you > Day = dream Ad lib, to Fade (Think-ing ° DON'T PLAY THAT SONG (YOU LIED) verdana sdy BETTY NELSON & AHMET ERTEGUN & S. oie c HS iE Am (1) Don’t play that song for me, cause it brings back me-mo = ries of days that I___ once knew,— the days that 1 (© 1962 Progressive Music Pub, Co. Inc., USA Carlin Music Corp., London NW'1 BBD — spent with you no, don't let them play it, = it fills my heart with pain, please stop it