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Adolf Hitler: A Hero or A Villain?

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889. He is a German living in Austria-Hungary. His father was

an important government worker. After his father died, Hitler quit school in the ninth grade. He

decided to become an artist but had trouble finding the work. During the World War 1 (1914-

1918) Hitler volunteered for the German Army and served for the whole war. Germany lost the

war; many Germans became jobless and poor. Hitler wanted to be the person to lead the German

back to glory again.

After the war, Hitler joined the National German Socialist Workers’ Party. Also known

as the Nazi party. Hitler was an excellent public speaker. He appealed to German pride by

constantly speaking about their racial superiority. He blamed other people, especially the Jews.

His speeches attract thousands of people who thought Hitler could be a great leader. The Nazi

grew rapidly.

He ran for the election in Germany and was elected in 1930. In January 1933, He became

Germany’s chancellor, which was similar to a president. He immediately passed laws giving him

total power. Soon, Hitler had become a dictator. Hitler passed laws to get rid of people he did not

like. This includes his political enemies and Germans who were disabled or Jewish. Many of

these people were sent to large camps, where they were held prisoner. A lot of people were killed

in that camp. Hitler also began rebuilding Germany’s military. He wanted a powerful army so he

could conquer other countries, and eventually take over the world. He started by declaring

Germany’s union with the neighboring country of Austria.

Germany’s mighty army soon captured France and began bombing England. In 1914,

Hitler’s armies also invaded the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). This turned out to

be a big mistake because the German army had trouble fighting in several countries at once.

Hitler’s soldiers forced tens of thousands of Jews in Poland into small sections of the

cities, known as the ghettos. The Jews were not given adequate food, and many of them starved

to death. Hitler’s army also sent millions of Jews from Germany and other countries to

concentration camps. The death of millions of Jews under Hitler is known as the Holocaust.

About one-third of the world’s 18 million Jews died in the Holocaust, one of the history’s

greatest tragedies.

So, after knowing the history of Adolf Hitler, my opinion about him is that he’s both

villain and hero. He’s a villain to all the countries, Jews and other people that had been hurt by

him. He’s a villain to all the victims of the concentration camp; he’s a villain in general. But he’s

also a hero; he’s a hero to the Germans, because he had rebuilt the German army and made it into

a powerful one—beside that, he also develop the economic condition in Germany in that time.

He gave the jobs back to the people who lost them in World War I and he was a great leader, he

led Germany into a better future. To Indonesia, Hitler has decrease the amount of the Jews that

really against Moslems—which is the prior religion in Indonesia. Now, there are still a few

terrorist that fight against Moslem people, but could you imagine if Hitler didn’t kill those Jews?

The writer believes that it is true that for most people, he’s a villain because of the cruel things

that he did. But some other people could admit that Hitler was a hero.