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Lesson plan simple

Grammar and vocabulary class

Teachers trainees: Martha Margarita Gómez Corzo, Mariano Feliciano Pérez López.

Level of the class: begginers

1.- Goal
The students will be enabled to use and check the differences about past simple, past
continuous and past perfect for reporting events at different times in the past.

2.- Terminal objective: At the end of the lesson students will transform sentences by using
the past simple, past continuous and past perfect.

3.- Enabling objectives:

1.- Students will comprehend and produce at least the following vocabulary related to a
holliday story:

Nouns: airport, factory, beach, restaurant, swimming pool, food, camera, pictures, insect,
book, people, etc.

Adjectives: sad, disgusting, afraid, upset, dirty.

Verbs: cancel, delay, swim, eat, run, read, take, steal, see.

4.- Procedures

Stage Steps Time Material
T Introduces the topic by asking Sts
about their experiences in a
holliday. Photocopy with
T shows students a photocopy with pictures
Conveying pictures. 5 min Whiteboard
the meaning T asks Sts to identify things, Markers
expressions in the pictures and
write them in the whiteboard.
T tells Sts the vocabulary they don´t
T gives Sts a photocopy and ask
Checking them to fill in the blank using the Photocopy of
understanding vocabulary seen. 5 min exercise 1
T assigns turns to check the
Ts ask Sts to give examples of
sentences by using the vocabulary Whiteboard
Consolidation seen. 3 min Marker
Optional: T can assign the word
that Sts will use to form sentences
in order to save time.
T asks Sts to make a chart.
T gives the example in the
Presentation whiteboard. Flash cards
T shows flash cards with the verbs 5 min Whiteboard
and asks Sts to write them in their Markers
T and Sts complete the chart with
the past verb tenses.
T explains the structure of the
past( simple/continuous/perfect),
and give an example for each one.
Isolation and T asks Sts to write a sentence on the 5 min Whiteboard
explanation whiteboard using verbs in the chart. Markers
T writes a sentence on the
whiteboard using the three verb
T asks Sts to identify the verb
T checks/ whole class check.
T asks Sts to use the photocopy
(pictures) in order to make Sts write
Practice sentences in each picture using the 4 min Photocopies
three past tenses as in the example
and the vocabulary seen.

T checks the St´s answers by asking

them to say aloud one of their
Test At this step, T evaluates the Sts 3 min
performance by focusing on the
vocabulary and the past tense forms
used in the sentences and correct
them when it is necessary.

5.- Assessment.

In this lesson, the assesment will be taken into count as the test part of the lesson. It means the
reference points to check the students’ performance will be the accomplishment of the
terminal objective and the enabling objectives. From that, the teachers will have to decide
what of the objectives were accomplished and which ones were not, so then Ts make a new
plan to improve the students’ weaknesses.
6.- Extra class work.

Sts will be asked to write about their most experienced ( good/bad) holliday or invent one by
using the new vocabulary (they can add more) and the past simple/continuous and perfect