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Loan Account Statement for LPDEL00037573942

Uday Kumar
17-C C/O Krishna Kumar Sharma Vasant Gaon
Vasant Vihar Near Koyla Depot
Delhi - 110057
Tel: () ,
Mob: 8860342152

Loan Account Details As on 09-Jul-20

Sanction Date Loan Amount Adv. EMI Rate Of Interest Additional Instl. Paid Instl. Pending Future Future Instl.Amt
Interest Instl.Nos.
16-Jul-18 100,000.00 0.00 13.49% 24.00% 21 / 100,107.00 0 / 0.00 4 14,734.00

Branch: Delhi Co-Applicant Name:

Guarantor Name:
Product: PERSONAL LOAN Customer Category:
Application No: PL007900591

Tenure: 27

Frequency: Monthly PAN No. : AWDPK5562E

Rate(%): N/A
Variance: N/A
Int. Rate Type: Fixed
Current EMI: 4767.00

Currency: INR

Installment Plan: Equated Instl


Repayment Mode: AUTO DEBIT A/C No.004601564109

Status: Active

Disbursement Details As on 09-Jul-20

Disb. No Date Particulars Reference Amount

1 17-Jul-18 Disbursal Fund Transfer 100,000.00
Total 100,000.00

Pre-Payment/Conversion Details As on 09-Jul-20

Sr No Date Eff. Date Reference Rate Type Eff. Rate(%) Amount

1 13-May-20 09-Apr-20 Rate Revision Fixed 13.49

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Uday Kumar
Account Statement for LPDEL00037573942 from 01-Apr-20 to 09-Jul-20

Loan Finance Summary As on 09-Jul-20

Particulars Installments/Pre-payments Additional Interest Bounce Charges Other Charges Total

Op. Bal. 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Debits 86,020.00 14,087.00 64.00 472.00 2,655.00 103,298.00
Credits 86,020.00 14,087.00 0.00 0.00 2,655.00 102,762.00
Cl. Bal. 0.00 0.00 64.00 472.00 0.00 536.00

Current OS Excess Receivable Accrued Interest Future Principal Total Receivable

536.00 0.00 536.00 156.00 13,980.00 14,672.00

Loan Transaction Details from 01-Apr-20 to 09-Jul-20

Trans. Date Value Date Trans Type Particulars Debit Credit Balance
30-Apr-20 Additional Interest Due for Inst.21, Apr-20 64.00 64.00
16-Jul-18 Disbursement Amt Financed 100,000.00 (99,936.00)
17-Jul-18 17-Jul-18 Other Charge Pf Recd Frm Cust-nirr-nded 2,655.00 (97,281.00)
17-Jul-18 17-Jul-18 Payment Fund Transfer 97,345.00 64.00
10-Aug-18 10-Aug-18 EMI Due for Inst.1, Aug-18 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Aug-18 10-Aug-18 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410001 Rcpt No.:A0818703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Sep-18 10-Sep-18 EMI Due for Inst.2, Sep-18 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Sep-18 10-Sep-18 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410002 Rcpt No.:A0918703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Oct-18 10-Oct-18 EMI Due for Inst.3, Oct-18 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Oct-18 10-Oct-18 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410003 Rcpt No.:A1018703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Nov-18 10-Nov-18 EMI Due for Inst.4, Nov-18 4,767.00 4,831.00
12-Nov-18 10-Nov-18 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410004 Rcpt No.:A1118703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Dec-18 10-Dec-18 EMI Due for Inst.5, Dec-18 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Dec-18 10-Dec-18 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410005 Rcpt No.:A1218703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Jan-19 10-Jan-19 EMI Due for Inst.6, Jan-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Jan-19 10-Jan-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410006 Rcpt No.:A0119703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Feb-19 10-Feb-19 EMI Due for Inst.7, Feb-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
11-Feb-19 10-Feb-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410007 Rcpt No.:A0219703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Mar-19 10-Mar-19 EMI Due for Inst.8, Mar-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
11-Mar-19 10-Mar-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410008 Rcpt No.:A0319703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Apr-19 10-Apr-19 EMI Due for Inst.9, Apr-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Apr-19 10-Apr-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410009 Rcpt No.:A0419703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-May-19 10-May-19 EMI Due for Inst.10, May-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-May-19 10-May-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410010 Rcpt No.:A0519703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Jun-19 10-Jun-19 EMI Due for Inst.11, Jun-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Jun-19 10-Jun-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410011 Rcpt No.:A0619703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Jul-19 10-Jul-19 EMI Due for Inst.12, Jul-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Jul-19 10-Jul-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410012 Rcpt No.:A0719703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Aug-19 10-Aug-19 EMI Due for Inst.13, Aug-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
12-Aug-19 10-Aug-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410013 Rcpt No.:A0819703410 4,767.00 64.00

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Uday Kumar
Account Statement for LPDEL00037573942 from 01-Apr-20 to 09-Jul-20
Trans. Date Value Date Trans Type Particulars Debit Credit Balance
10-Sep-19 10-Sep-19 EMI Due for Inst.14, Sep-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Sep-19 10-Sep-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410014 Rcpt No.:A0919703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Oct-19 10-Oct-19 EMI Due for Inst.15, Oct-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Oct-19 10-Oct-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410015 Rcpt No.:A1019703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Nov-19 10-Nov-19 EMI Due for Inst.16, Nov-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
11-Nov-19 10-Nov-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410016 Rcpt No.:A1119703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Dec-19 10-Dec-19 EMI Due for Inst.17, Dec-19 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Dec-19 10-Dec-19 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410017 Rcpt No.:A1219703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Jan-20 10-Jan-20 EMI Due for Inst.18, Jan-20 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Jan-20 10-Jan-20 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410018 Rcpt No.:A0120703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Feb-20 10-Feb-20 EMI Due for Inst.19, Feb-20 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Feb-20 10-Feb-20 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410019 Rcpt No.:A0220703410 4,767.00 64.00
10-Mar-20 10-Mar-20 EMI Due for Inst.20, Mar-20 4,767.00 4,831.00
10-Mar-20 10-Mar-20 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410020 Rcpt No.:A0320703410 4,767.00 64.00
14-Apr-20 10-Apr-20 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410021 Rcpt No.:A0420703410 4,767.00 (4,703.00)
15-Apr-20 15-Apr-20 Bounce Chq No.:A19703410021 Bounced, Insufficient Funds 4,767.00 64.00
15-Apr-20 15-Apr-20 Bounce Charge Cheque Bouncing Charges Chq No.:A19703410021 472.00 536.00
10-Jun-20 10-Jun-20 EMI Due for Inst.23, Jun-20 4,767.00 5,303.00
10-Jun-20 10-Jun-20 Receipt Chq No.:A19703410023 Rcpt No.:A0620703410 4,767.00 536.00

Adjustment Entries from 01-Apr-20 to 09-Jul-20

Trans. Date Value Date Narration Amount

There is no adjustment between 01-Apr-20 to 09-Jul-20

For ICICI Bank Ltd.

Authorised Signatory

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Uday Kumar
Account Statement for LPDEL00037573942 from 01-Apr-20 to 09-Jul-20

1. Calculation of interest/additional interest and other charges are done on monthly basis, number of days in a month being 30. Broken Period Pre-EMI
interest is apportioned on actual number of days for which interest is due as against 360 days in a year.
2. Pre closure charges would be charged extra at applicable rate/s in case the loan is closed/terminated before maturity of loan.
3. In addition to the above dues, interest accrued but not debited to the account at the applicable rate(s) from 10-Jun-20 with monthly rests is payable.
4. As per Government of India notification, Krishi Kalyan Cess (KKC) of 0.5% will be levied in addition to the Service Tax of 14% and Swachh Bharat
Cess (SBC) of 0.5%. This will be applicable from June 1, 2016.
For any clarifications, customers are requested to contact us within 7 days of receipt of this statement. ICICI Bank reserves the right to rectify any
errors/discrepancies with due intimation to the customer.
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For any clarification or more information, you may write to us at from your registered e-mail ID or call our Customer Care
between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 P.M. Alternatively, you may visit the nearest ICICI Bank Asset Servicing Branch.
This is a system generated statement. Hence, it does not require any signature.
Retail Customer Care : 1860 120 7777
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Category of Service : Banking and Financial Services, Registration No. MIV/ST/Bank and Finc/4. PAN No:AAACI1195H PAN Based STC NO
Regd Off: ICICI Bank Tower, Near Chakli Circle, Old Padra Road, Vadodara, Gujarat. Pin 390007.CIN: L65190GJ1994PLC021012.
Corp Off:ICICI Bank Towers, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai - 400051. India. Website:
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