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We are former national security and senior officials who served during the administrations of
Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and/or Donald Trump, or as
Republican Members of Congress or Senior Congressional Staff members. We proudly endorse
the re-election of Donald J. Trump. President Trump has brought a badly needed realism to
American national security policy that puts the prosperity and security of the American people

President Trump has pursued a strong foreign and national security policy in America’s national
interests. He has imposed the toughest sanctions in history against China, Iran, North Korea,
and Russia. He also has persuaded our closest friends and allies to start living up to their
commitments to our mutual security. Thanks to President Trump’s personal diplomacy,
America’s NATO allies already have dedicated $130 billion to our shared defense and pledge to
spend $400 billion through 2024. US troops stationed in Germany are being brought home on
the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII or moved to Poland, and our military is refocusing on
the theater of greatest 21st Century concern: East Asia. South Korea also has increased its
spending to support U.S. troops deployed on the peninsula. In the critical new theater of space,
Trump created the newest branch of our Armed Forces to address these threats, the U.S. Space
Force, while closing the gap in space in the dual threats of Chinese and Russian hypersonic
weapons and anti-satellite technology.

President Trump has connected U.S. diplomacy with concrete results for Americans and our
allies and partners. He has upgraded the North American Free Trade Agreement into the more
modern and U.S.-friendly, US-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The Trump Administration’s
deregulation of American energy has turned the U.S. into a net exporter of oil and gas, which
weakens Russia, Venezuela and Iran and gives the USA a freer hand in international affairs. The
Trump Administration brokered the “Abraham Accords,” establishing diplomatic and business
relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The August 2020 announcement at the
White House was followed a month later by a similar diplomatic breakthrough between Israel
and Bahrain. For these initiatives, as well as negotiating a business and commerce thaw
between Serbia and Kosovo, President Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In addition to these peace treaties between Israel and the Gulf states, the Trump
Administration has weakened a perennial American antagonist, which is also the country that
relentlessly demands Israel’s annihilation: Iran. Iran is bankrupt, isolated, suffers both
economically and militarily, and still reels from President Trump’s decision to take out its most
powerful, terror-commanding general, Qasem Soleimani. Iran’s march to a nuclear weapons
capability, identified by the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency in June as being
unverifiable and beyond monitoring, has been set back significantly by President Trump’s direct
actions: economic sanctions, diplomatic isolation, and covert operations.
More than any previous president, Donald Trump holds China accountable for their predatory
trade practices, their systematic incarceration of Muslim and Christian minorities, their theft of
land and resources across the South and East China Seas, their corrupt practices in their Belt
and Road Initiative, and looting of the free world’s intellectual property. He has reversed the
seemingly inexorable spread of Huawei’s 5G technology and software. President Trump is
putting massive pressure on China to join tri-lateral nuclear arms limitation talks with Russia.
China, which some analysts estimate already has thousands of nuclear weapons, must not be
allowed to continue this march unabated. Finally, China must pay a steep price for its lies and
foot-dragging as COVID-19 roared out of Wuhan and unleashed a deadly plague upon the

We also believe that a president’s duty and loyalty are owed, first and foremost, to the
American people, and not the international community, which is consistent with strengthening
our alliances and friendships. For all of these reasons, we have concluded, that Donald J. Trump
should be re-elected as President of the United States. To that end, and in the best interest of
our nation and all Americans, we proudly will vote for him.

Christopher B. Burnham KT McFarland

Former Assistant Secretary Department of State and Former Deputy National Security
Under Secretary General of the United Nations Advisor

Edwin Meese Norm Coleman

Former Attorney General of the United States Former United States Senator

Haley Barbour Robert Livingston

Former Governor of Mississippi Former Member,
and Chairman of the Republican National Committee U.S. House of Representatives

Matt Schlapp Charles L. Glazer

Former Deputy Assistant to the President Former U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador
and Former White House Political Director

Stephen Yates Ty McCoy

Former Deputy National Security Advisor Former Under Secretary of
to the Vice President the Air Force, and acting
Secretary of the Air Force

Ken Blackwell Brad Higgins

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Former Assistant Secretary of State
Commission on Human Rights

Deroy Murdock Christian Whiton

Former member, Department of Education Former Deputy Special Envoy for
Advisory Board on International Educational Programs North Korean Human Rights, and
Senior Advisor, Department of State
Jack David Michael Wynne
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Former Secretary of the Air Force
for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction

George A. Folsom Randy Forbes

Deputy Director, Iraq Reconstruction Management Office, Former Member,
Baghdad, and former President & CEO of the U.S. House of Representatives
International Republican Institute

Christopher M. Lehman, Sr. Robert Blau

Former Special Assistant to President Former VP, Millennium Challenge Corp
for National Security Affairs and Senior Foreign Service Officer

Bob Barr James Talent

Former Member, Former United States Senator
U.S. House of Representatives

Rudy Giuliani Allen West

Former Mayor of New York City and Former Member,
Associate U.S. Attorney General U.S. House of Representatives

Jack Nicholson Brenda LaGrange Johnson

Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret) Former U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica
Former Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs

John Mills Jim Nicholson

Former Director of Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy, Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs
International Integration, Department of Defense and U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See

Rodolphe M. Vallee Ric Grenell

Former U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany
and (acting) Director of U.S. National

Gordon England Pete Wilson

Secretary of the Navy, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Former United States Senator and
Security, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Governor of California

Michael Anton, Rob Spalding

Former Deputy Assistant to the President, Brigadier General U. S. Air Force (Ret)
and National Security Council Former Senior Director for Strategic
Planning National Security Council

William C. Triplett, II Ira Greenstein

Former Chief Republican Council, United States Former Deputy Assistant to the
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations President
Bob McEwen Van Hipp
Former Member, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary
U.S. House of Representatives of the Army

John Deming James B. Linder

Former Deputy Press Secretary to John McCain Major General U.S. Army, (Ret)
Former Chief of Staff
U.S. Special Operations Command

James E. Campbell Bob Dees

Former Senior Intelligence Service Major General, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Central Intelligence Agency

Gregory Schumacher Robert Walter

Major General U.S. Army (Ret.) Major General U.S. Army (Ret.)

Richard T. Higgins Stephen Mundt

Former Director of Strategic Planning Major General, U.S. Army (Ret.)
National Security Coun

Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D. Rudy Boschwitz

Former Member, Former, United States Senator, and
U.S. House of Representatives Ambassador to the United Nations
Commission on Human Rights

Michael Doran Amanda E. Milias

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and, Senior Advisor and acting
Senior Director, National Security Council Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

James “Jim” Courter Mary Dawkins

Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives, and Former U.S. Ambassador to Barbados
Chairman, U.S. Base Closure Commission

Dudley Sipprelle Carlos Garcia

Former Senior Foreign Service Officer, (Ret), and Director, National Security Council, and
Consul General Senior Foreign Service Officer (Ret)

Edwin J. Feulner Dorothy Gray

Former Chairman, US. Advisory Commission Former U.S. Public Delegate to the
on Public Diplomacy United Nations

Jon Myers Pete Sessions

Former Officer-in-Charge, Benghazi Response Mission Former Member,
U.S. House of Representatives

John Miller Peter M. Hekman

Major General, U.S. Air Force (Ret) Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret)
Joe Arbuckle Thomas G. McInerney
Major General, U.S. Army (Ret) Lieutenant General, U.S. Air Force (Ret)

Paul E. Vallely James J. Carey

Major General, U.S. Army (Ret) Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret)

Norman Shumway Gil Gutknecht

Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives

David McIntosh Tim Hutchinson

Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives Former U.S. Senator
and Special Assistant to President Reagan

Jim DeMint Frank Mermoud

Former U.S. Senator Former Special Representative for Commercial
and Business Affairs, State Department