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1. Veterinary day is celebrated on which of the following day day?

(a) Last saturday of April month, (b) 24th april

2. Which is ruminant among these animals?

Deer, elephant, hippopotamus, Zebra

3. Which of the following is smallest virus?


4. Who contributed to the formulation of “Ashawa-shastra”

(a) Sahdev (b) Salihotra, (c) both

5. Who among the following established series of hospitals for horses?

(a) Samarat Ashoka (b) Chandargupta (c) Shahjahan

6. OIE was established in which year?

1924, 1902, 1942, 1946

7. Influenza virus belongs to which family?


8. Kysanur forest disease (KFD) occured in which of the following state?

Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana

9. Nili-ravi buffalo breed originated in which of the following country?

Pakistan, India, Afganistan

10. Rinder-pest is caused by which of the following virus?

Morbilli ,

11. Bowman capsule is part of which organ?


12. Schwann cells are part of which system?

Nervous system, excretory system

13. Cysticercus cellulosae is transferred by which of the following species?


14. Cysticercus bovis is transferred by which of the following species?


15. Main host for life cycle of Toxoplasma gondii is ?

Cat, Dog, Man, Monkey

16. Host in which sexual cycle of a parasite takes place is known as?

(a) Definitive host (b) secondry host............

17. Synthesis of milk takes place in which of the following cells?

(a) epithileal cells (b) Mayo endothelial cells (c) Mesothelial cells…

18. which of the following is a not a cattle breed?

Sirohi, kankrej, Sahiwal

19. Kankrej is breed of ?


20. Word ‘Hygiene’ is derived from ‘hygiea’ which is

Latin, greek, Sanskrit, English

21. India ranks first in which of the following population

(a) Cattle and buffalo, (b) sheep and goat, (c) camel, (d) pig

22. Which country is first in milk production?

India, USA,China, Russia

23. Which of the following is not correctly matched?

Niacin-pernicious anemia, thiamin-Beri-beri…

24. Which of the following vitamin is related to synthesis of collagen?

Ascorbic acid, Vitamin K, vitamin D, Vitamin K

25. Palakapaya is related to breeding of which of the following animal?

Elephant, dog, buffalo, Horse

26. Slipped tendon or perosis is caused by deficiency of which of the following elements?


27. Mallein test is carried out for?

Glanders, Anthrax, paratuberculosis

28. Ascolis test is done for which of the following disease?

Anthrax, Brucellosis,.................

29. When an electron is donated from an atom, this reaction is called as?

Oxidation, Reduction, Redox reaction...........

30. Act of giving birth in pig is known as?

Farrowing, Calving, Whelping, .............

31. Molybdenum toxicity can be chronically reduced by

Copper sulphate, Activated charcoal,

32. Milk sugar is

Lactose, Maltose, Galactose, Sucrose

33. Nucleated RBC are absent in

Fishes, birds, reptiles, all

34. Blue tongue is transmitted by

Flies, midges, Ticks, Mosquitoes

35. Inco-ordination of muscle contraction is called as

Ataxia, Tremor,..............

36. Anti vitamin substance present in egg is


37. Pelt is obtained as a by-product from slaughter of which animal?

Sheep, goat, Both.............

38. Which of the following is primary lymphoid organ?

Thymus , bursa, Both,…

39. During acute infection which of the following cells are recruited?

Neutrophils, Lymphocyte, Esonophills, Basophills

40. Which of the following is not a food borne disease

Rabies, Salmonellosis, T.B.,........

41. Toxoid is

Inactivated toxin, endotoxin, exotoxin, both

42. Bean shaped ovary is found in which animal?

Mare, Sow, Cow, Doe

43. Chloride shift is chemical reaction which takes place for transportation of

CO2, O2, Both, N2

44. Which of the following type of hemoglobin is....

HbS,... Hba,. Hbf, HbSaf,

45. Which of the following diseased animal's carcass should not be opened for post-mortem?

Anthrax, Glanders,..................

46. Most of the digestive enzymes falls under which category?

Hydrolases, lysases, Ligases, Oxidoreductase.

47. Spongiform Encephalopathy is cause by which of the infectious agents?

Prions, Virus, Bacteria, Protozoa

48. Dolly was developed at which institute?

Rosalin InstituteScotland.........


1. Wild ass found in

Runn of kutch

2. What is maturity age in case of Landrace?

9-10 months, 11-16 months, 6-8 months

3. Karan fries is cross of HF with ?

Tharparkar, Sahiwal, Red sindhi, Gir

4. Karan swiss is cross of Brown Swiss with ?

Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Red sindhi, Gir

5. In hay making process which nutrient’s loss is significant

Carbohydrate, protein, fat, carotene

6. which substance is added to milk for final setting of milk for cheese making?


7. Cattle X bison is called as

Cattalo, cason

8. In Pig and buffalo for prevention of heat stress which strategy is followed

Providing Wallowing tank

9. What is gestation length in case of rabbits?

30-32 days

10. Soft fibres product of changathangi goats of Himalayan regions is otherwise known as

Pashmina, mohair, Hair, kemp

11. What is marketable age of rabbits?

8 weeks , 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks

12. Male animal of which of the following species produces sound during breeding season?

Camel, Pig, Rabbit, Horse

13. What is fat percentage in plastic cream?

65-85%, 50-60%.....

14. Transcription is synthesis of?


15. what is benefit of allowing the cows waiting for 15-20 minutes before milking?

Early let-down of milk, clean milk production, inspection of udder, All of the these

16. Short horned, grey cattle is ?

Nagauri, hallikar, amritmahal, kankrej

17. who discovered that Genes are arranged in linear sequence on chrosomes .?

Morgan, Bateson, Sutton, Bovery

18. Genetic codon discovered by?

Nirenberg and Khorana, Jacob and monod, Mendel

19. Inbreeding coefficient after mating 4 generations between sire and daughter

25%, 50%, 62.5%, None

20. CAMP is synthesized by which of the following enzyme?

Adenyl cyclise, Acetyle co-enzyme -A

21. Which of the following product is obtained by heating anaerobically?

Bone char, bone ash, bone ossein…

22. If phenotypic variance in a population is 400 Kg2, intensity of selection is 0.8 and heritability is
0.25 then what will be response of selection?

4 kg

23. When a female of sheep is used beyond normal age of breeding it is called as

Crone, Seggy,

24. Male of horse above 1 year age is called as

Colt, Geld, Gelding, Cryptorchid

25. According to BIS standard inter-calving period of a dairy cattle should not exceed

390 days, 435 days, 450 days, 480 days

26. Economic life of tractor is

5 years ,10 years, 15 years, 20 years

27. Fencing of cattle house should be done by

Linked Chains, barbed wire, electric wires, trees

28. Vitamin A toxicity can result in destruction of which of the following organelle

Mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi body, Tubules

29. ‘J’ receptors are found on which of the following organ?

Heart,lung, Kidney, Liver

30. QRS is preceded by which of the following stage in heart beat?

Ventricular contraction, Arteriole pressure

31. Which of the following is effective vasoconstrictor

Angiotensin-II, rennin, Angiotinsin, Vassopressin

32. Chromosomes are best studied is which stage of cell cycle?

Metaphase, Prophase, anaphase, telophase

33. Heavy breasts, thick thighs and short legs are characterstic of which of the following?

Broiler, Cock, Layer, Brooder

34. Cross bridges between bone and muscles are formed of

Tropomyosin, actin, Myosin, troponin

35. which of the following is not correctly matched

Hyderabad-vanraja, IVRI-, -CARI, Hyderabad-kitkari, CARI- Shyam

36. Milk fat % is highest in which breed of buffalo

Bhadawari, Murrah, Niliravi, Surti

37. Which of the following is not a banding pattern of chromosome?

P band -,Q, band..........

38. Instead of fibre feeding when cereal feeding is increased which acid production will increase?

Propionic acid, Butyric acid Acetic acid

39. when a non carrier female is married to a haemophilic male what would be percentage of male
progenies to be haemophilic?

100%, 75%, 50%, 25% (0% was not option there)

40. Inbreeding coefficient of sire daughter mating is


41. Degree of genetic determination of heretibility in narrow sense is denoted as


42. When a hemophilic male is married to a homozygous female what percentage of male offsprings
will be hemophilic? (be careful language was same there, answer is same)

100%, 75%, 50%, 0%

43. For transamination which of the following vitamin is needed

Thiamine, riboflavin, Folic acid, Niacin

44. For alkali treatment of roughages which of the following alkali chemical is most commonly used?

NaOH, Ca(OH)2, Na(CO3)2,

45. While fat synthesis fatty acids are transported by

Carnitine, acetyle co-enzyme-A ,Creatinine

46. In mare most common vice is

Kicking, wind sucking, crib biting

47. How many days prior to breeding, flushing ration is started

3-5 days, 7-10 days, 14-15days,

48. Needle teeth in pigs are in Pairs

1,2,3, 4

49. Cattle population in India with respect to world is

17.5%, 25%

50. Un-degradable protein is digested in

Small Intestine, Large Intestine, abomasum, Omasum

51. Critical stage in Pig’s life is

First week, Finishing period…

52. Age of breeding in dog’s male and female

11/2 and 1 years, 21/2 and 2 years…

53. In camel males coming in rut season is

November to march, …

54. For synthesis of nicotinic acid which amino acid is required

Tryptophan, Methionine

55. Iron deficiency in piglets leads to

Laboured and difficult breathing,

56. period of first shearing in Bhdarwa sheep occurs during

After march-April, June-July, October- November, January- February

57. Chinchilla, Himalayan and Newzealand are breed of

Rabbits, Guinea pig, Mice

58. Guard rail arrangement and creep feeding in Pig is done to prevent

Piglet mortality

59. After milking cows are not allowed to sit for 40 minutes to prevent

Mastitis, intersucking, Leaky teats

60. % of Ca in Di- calcium phosphate is?

32%, 35%, 38%, 40%

61. Dicoumarol poisoning leads to deficiency of

Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin A,

62. Top female of one inbred line is crossed with superior male of another inbred line of other breed
is called as

Top crossbreeding, Top in crossbreeding, Top inbreeding, Grading up

63. Two extreme of characters are used in which type of mating

Assortative Selection, Disruptive Selection,Progressive Selection

64. RRS utilizes which of the following ability of animals

GCA, SCA, Both, None

65. Avikalin is breed of which animal

Sheep, Goat, Rabbit, Pig

66. Sunandini was developed under which of the following project

Indo-swiss, Indo-German, Indo- US, Indo- British

67. First limiting amino acid in soyabean is

Lysine, methionine, Tryptophan, Cystein

68. Which of the following organisms proliferate at chilling temperature

Psychrophillic enterobacteraceae

69. Calf scour is caused by

E. coli, Salmonella, Clostrodium Botulinum,

70. Which of the following organisms usually proliferates due to prolonged keeping of pig before

Salmonella org., pasteurella, Mycobacterium, Clostrodium

71. Most common temperature used for scalding in pigs is

60-62oc, 80oc, 70-72oc, 55-58 oc

72. Standing heat indicate that

Animal stands still to allow animals to be mounted,

73. Blueing of cheese is done by

Penicillium rouqferti, penicillium …..

74. During cold stress which substances is released

Thyroxine, Catecholamines, Adrenaline, Somatotropin

75. Calcitonin is secreted from which gland

Thyroid, Adrenal, Pituitary, Parathyroid

76. In case of broiler which of the following is economic trait of utmost significance?


77. When effective population size is 400, what will be rate of decline in variability?

1/800, 1/400

78. When effective population size is 500, what will be the rate of decline in variability?

0.001, 1/500,

79. What is ideal duration of photo period for layer birds for optimum production?

12 hours, 17 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours

80. In case of calves what is the most common cause of hair ball formation?

Inter-sucking, Tail biting, Tongue rolling

81. How much exotic blood of Holstein Freisian is present in Frieswal breed?

5/8, 7/8, 1/2...

82. In a farm how much of working hours of labour is declared as optimum as per BIS standard?

6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours.

83. While considering fire safety how much distance between farm buildings should be kept?

50 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters, 100 meters

84. Porcine Somatotropin Hormone is responsible for which of the following function in pigs?

Deposition of protein in muscles, deposition of fat in muscles, both., None

85. What should be ideal weaning age for obtainig maximum growth in case of kids?

1M, 2M, 3M, 4M

86. At which age Burdizzo's castrator should be used for castration in case of bulls?

12-14 months, 6-8 months, 2-3 months,

87. As per BIS standards what should be covered area for rearing breeding boar?

6-7 m2, 12m2, 3-4 m2 ..

88. Albumin quality of an egg is determined by which of the following indicator

Haugh unit, Yolk index

89. In a natural system of breeding in case of pigs, how many females should be bred with one
breeding boar?

10, 15, 20, 5

90. What should be orientation of a cattle house shed?

E-W, N-S, N-E, N-W

91. After how many generations of randome mating population will come in hardy-weinberg

2 generations, 4 generations, 5 generations, several generations

92. In a trihybrid test cross how much phenotype types can be obtained?

2n, N3, 2n, n2

93. According to H-W law, Inbreeding depression will be maximum when

p=q=0.5, p=0, q=0...

94. When dominance is absent, the formula for mean deviation will be?


95. After several generations of selection when benefit of selection get stable it is called as

Selection limit,

96. When heratibility is estimated by dividing response of selection to selection defferintial, it is

called as

Realized heritability

97. When penetrance of a particular trait is zero in one type of sex it is called as

Sex limited trait, Sex linked trait, Sex influenced trait

98. After 4 generations of pure inbreeding of a sire to daughter what will be inbreeding cofficient?

0.325, 0.5, 0.125....

99. How much % of albumin protein is in egg powder?

78%, 40%

100. In poultry shed level of ammonia should not exceed to what concentration?

25 ppm ,250 ppm ,150 ppm, 100 ppm,

101. Garole sheep is characterized by it's ability to perform in?

Hilly areas, Mangroove ecosystem, Semi arid regions, all ecosystems

102. What is percentage of casein of total milk protien?

80%, 30%, 50%...

103. wbc synthesized in which of the following organs

lymph nodes, bone marrow, both

104. Marker Assisted Selectio (MAS) is used for improvement of which of the following traits?

Disease resistance, milk production, egg production.....

105. In estimation of MPPA which of the following is used?

Repeatibility, Heritability, both, None

106. When both the alleles in heterozygote are equally expressed this condition is called as

Co-dominance, Dominance, Epistasis

107. Which of the following is a breed of duck?


108. From which of the following alone VFA gluconeogenesis takes place?

propionic acid, Acetic acid, Butyric acid

109. Progesterone is produced from which of the following type of cells?

Luteal cells, theca cells, antrum of ovary

110. Thirst is regulated from which part of the nervous system?

Hypothalamus, Medulla, Epitahalamus, Cerebrum

111. Which of the following legume crop is best suited for desert conditions?

Guar, Berseem, Lucern, Cow pea

112. Rickets in young one can be treated by the administration of which of the following vitamin

vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K

113. Glue can be obtained from muscles by heating at which temperature?

60-80oc, 40oc, 90-100oc

114. When Standard Plate Count (SPC) is below 200000/ml this type of milk can be classified in
which of the following class as per BIS standards?

Very good, good, Fair, bad

115. Black bengal breed of goat is usually preferred for which of the following purpose?

Meat, Milk, Dual, Fur

116. Non coding parts present on the chromosomes is known as?

Introns, Exons, Meson

117. 117. Horn in sheep is which type of character?

Sex infuenced character, Sex limited character Sex linked character

118. Threshhold characters are internally

Quantitative, Qualitative, None

119. In absence of glucose what is source of energy for brain?

ketone bodies, glucose, VFA

120. Secondary defence mechanism is

T-dependent, T-independent, both

121. Temperature of liquid Nitrogen is

-196oc, -182 oc, -140 oc, 0 oc

122. Albumin will make foam at which of the following temperature?


123. Thyroxine level will increase significantly in which of the following condition?

Parturition, At birth, Heat stress

124. Drug which is acting like morphine?

Pendorphine, endorphine, Opiates

125. Thromboxane is released from which source

vascular endothelium, Platlets, Both, None

126. White blood cells are formed at

Bone marrow, lymphnode, Both, None

127. Sahiwal is which purpose breed?

Milch, Meat, Both, Draught

128. Browning of meat can be prevented by addition of which of the following?

Salt, Sucrose,Frutose, Mannose

129. Males and females of cattle should be seperated at which age in an organized farm?

3months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months

130. Occurence of disease in a particular location in present condition is called as

Incidence, Prevalence, Endemic, Epidemic

131. Which of the following condition in case of an animal cann't be determined external

Parentage, Body weight, Disease pattern,

132. Line breeding leads to which of the following condition

common Parent, ....

133. Dry matter consumption is maximum in which of the following animal species?

Goat, sheep, cattle, buffalo

134. Demand for Zinc will be maximum in case of feeding of which of the following type of feed?

Protein of Plant source, Protein of animal source, corn....

135. Degnala disease happens to be due to toxicity of

Se, Mo, Mn, Cu

136. Secretion released outside body for intraspecific communication in animals is

Pheromones, Hormones, Enzymes

137. Which of the following character cannot be measured

(a) Qualitative characters (b) Quantitative characters

138. Operation Flood is related to

(a) Milk production (b) Agricultural production, (c) Fruit (D) Horticulture

139. In conventional barn the humidity is

(a) More than loose housing (b) less than outside environment (c) Equal (D) Same

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Dr. R.K. Nirala, IVRI.