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ni Nante Naritakunai!!
I Don't Want to Become Crown Princess!! • 王太子妃になんてなりたくな

Once a Japanese person. When she realized she was reincarnated, she was the
daughter of a Duke.

Wait a minute, my fiancé is the Crown Prince?

No matter how good looking he is, I definitely don’t want to marry into the
polygamous royal family.

While thinking about a way to break off her engagement, Lidi came upon a
ridiculous conclusion.

Will she be able to carry it out according to plan?

Author(s):Tsukigami Saki, 月神 サキ
Artist(s):Tsutamori En, 蔦森 えん
Year: 2014
Country: Japan
Genres:Adult, Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Shoujo, Smut
Tags:Aristocracy, Arranged Marriage, Beautiful Female Lead, Black Belly,
Dense Protagonist, Engagement, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead,
Kingdoms, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magic, Misunderstandings, Nobles,
Possessive Characters, R-18, Reincarnated into Another World, Royalty,
Source:Red Lantern Archives, Jingle Translations


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Chapter 2
Source: Red Lantern Archives


This is my first contributed work. I’m writing this in a relaxed manner so I

plan to stealthily improve these later.

……I have a glass heart so please be gentle.

『Lidiana von Vivouare.』

This is my name.

I possess memories of my previous life.

I remembered at a young age. It happened quite spontaneously, but I accepted

the fact that I had been born and raised in a country called Japan, and had been
an adult woman.

Along with those memories, I gained some serious worries.

The world where I reincarnated had absolutely no affiliation with Japan; it

was the so-called alternate world.

The common sense I had fostered there had no applicability here, and was a
different place in many regards.

There was magic here, and there was even a clearly defined caste system.

My social standing in that was, in a strange twist of fate, the high-class

daughter of a Duke.

My Father was the Prime Minister, and was famed as the leading Duke of the

In other words, in the near future and with an alarmingly high possibility rate,
I would have no choice but to become engaged to someone from the royal
family. Something like that.

Although I am still young, my mind is already that of an adult woman. After

recovering my memories and thinking about this matter, I began to shudder in

Certainly, I am the dignified daughter of a Duke. However in my last life, I

was but a common member of the general populace.

Furthermore, now that I’ve remembered, the feelings from then are stronger,
and it goes without saying that marrying into the royal family is unfathomable.

As the royal family, they have a royal obligation to fulfill. Of course, nobles
have responsibilities as well, but please understand that the scale isn’t
comparable. Tiresome affairs would much outweigh the pleasurable ones.

I could only think it was best to proactively avoid such things.

Also, there was another matter I couldn’t shut my eyes to.

The royalty of this country has a polygamous system. Polygamy was not
permitted outside of the royal family, but because they had no choice other than
to leave behind an heir, it was a privilege only recognized for the royal family.

It was unthinkable that I, who was born and raised in Japan, would be able to
bear with that. In fact, I would hate it.

I would have no choice but to share my husband with another woman. It

would definitely be impossible for me.

Due to the reasons above, even though I was young, I swore in my heart that I
would avoid marrying into the royal family.

Much to my grievances, it didn’t go well.

My Father seemed to want to create ties with the royal family no matter what,
and would one way or another try to bring me to the castle for an introduction.
To that, I would desperately insist that I had caught a cold, had a headache, or
some other feigned illness in refusal, and somehow or another a rumor spread
that I was a noble girl with a weak constitution.

In reality, I was a healthy and superior child to the point where I had never
even gotten a proper illness, but if I didn’t have to meet the royalty because of
that, then it was a cheap exchange. In the meantime, if they would decide to get
married to someone else then it would be a great matter of celebration on my
part, so I persisted in this method.

Thanks to that, I didn’t have to appear in the high society which I didn’t favor,
and to me there was nothing more joyous, but to the me that was still fiancé-less
even though I became 18, my Father had begun getting impatient.

Of course, for a top of the list noble girl it wasn’t as if there weren’t any talks
of engagement partners, but none of them suited Father and he brushed them all

Also, unluckily for me, the Crown Prince of this country and I seemed to be
very well-balanced in age. At this rate, Father will send me off as a bride to
become Crown Princess. Even if it wasn’t put into words, just by looking at his
behavior, it was easy to tell that it was what he wished for.

Yes, much to my reluctance, to this『Wilhelm Country’s』Crown Prince

Frederick, I was at the top of the list of engagement candidates.


「What to do, what to do?」

In my room, I held my head.

As expected of the daughter of a Duke, the width of the room was implausible
to that of a normal Japanese person’s common sense. The many furniture set up
were things that women would like with an elegant design, and there were lavish
decorations scattered here and there. In the inner chamber of the two adjoining
rooms there was an enormous king sized bed, and there was where I sat.

「This isn’t good. If this continues, I’ll really become Crown


While muttering to myself, I shook with fear.

Indeed, why did things turn out like this?

Just the day before, I became 18.

The age of 18 is when one is officially recognized as an adult in this country.

It’s the same for males and females.

Once they become of age, having an engagement partner is a matter of course.

Especially if it’s the high-ranking daughter of a Duke, it’s natural for early
identification, and it wasn’t strange for a fiancé to be allocated from long past.

To my Father who was enthusiastic about someone from the royal family, I
had desperately escaped until now, but if this continued it was likely that my
impatient Father would forcibly take action. Before that happened, I was
beginning to think that it was time for me to get rid of my sickly setting and
make a move.

Just then, my Duke and Prime Minister Father delightfully returned home
from the castle a few hours earlier in a high spirits.

I had a bad feeling, but once he returned, my Father summoned my Mother

and I with a face full of smiles.

「Rejoice, Lidi! Your engagement partner has finally been decided!」

Lidi is my nickname.

Hearing that my fiancé was decided, with a hand over her chest and saying Oh
my, my Mother raised a joyous voice.

She must have been worried about her daughter who had been having quite a
hard time deciding on a fiancé.

Looking at Father, even now it seemed like he would break out in a small
It was an unpleasant topic, but with Father’s mood, he naturally spilled the
identity of the opposing party.

As long as it wasn’t a member of the royal family, I had no intention of raising

any objections.

As I was taught, I planned to fulfill my obligation and meekly marry away.

My hopes were thin but wishing for it to be that way, I waited for Father’s
words with a pounding heart.

「Your fiancé is Crown Prince Frederick!」

「Oh my!」

Forcefully, as if a gloomy sound resounded, my mood sunk.

My extremely joyful Father and Mother. The servants who were

congratulating them.

Everyone other than me seemed to be elated.

……How did this happen. I had escaped for many years but all my efforts
were now established as meaningless. Above all else, by him.

Crown Prince Frederick.

He is approximately 3 years older than I am at 21 years. With golden hair and

a turquoise like blue eyes, he was indeed a handsome man with blonde hair and
blue eyes originating from royalty. With not one frivolous rumor, he certainly
had irreproachable conduct. A few years ago he was part of the Imperial Guards
in the Chivalric Order, and was employed as the Vice Captain. Knowing him
from childhood, he was close friends with the Captain, and his demeanor was
gentle and kind; everyone adored him.

Rare for someone from royalty, like me he had yet to decide on a fiancée, and
all the prominent nobles of the country thought to marry their daughters to him.
My Father was also included in that category, and I don’t know what he did, but
he splendidly came out on top.
What I’ve narrated before was just conjecture, as I’ve never met the Crown

Of course my Father tried various means to fabricate the Crown Prince’s and
my so called『destined meeting.』But when I noticed, I used my unbeatable
feigned illness excuse and evaded it.

Since to me, the Crown Prince ranks number one as the person I don’t want to

That kind of event where you meet once and it’s over, who would want to

I can only see it as a straight line from engagement to marriage, what a


Thinking that, to every evening party that the Crown Prince seemed likely to
attend, I had a no participation policy.

Consequently, it became that I only knew about him from rumors.

Glancing from the side at my merry Father and Mother, I let out a big sigh.


「Really, what to do……」

I couldn’t refuse the engagement partner that my Father decided on.

Moreover, since my partner was royalty, I had no right to decline.

If considered normally, the Crown Prince was an excellent catch, but he didn’t
garner my interest at all.

No matter how good-looking he was or how kind he was, just because of the
possibility of polygamy, I instantly labeled him as『no good』in my mind.

Is there some way to avoid this engagement?

I wrenched my brain for a plan, but in the end I didn’t receive any good
answers. This was my Father I was talking about. If I didn’t move fast, in the
blink of an eye there would be a marriage ceremony, and it wouldn’t do to have
him spreading announcements about it everywhere.

Crown Princess had a dreadful ring to it.

While saying it my body shivered, and I suddenly remembered my friend’s

conversation at the tea party just the other day.

It appears that recently, a『Masquerade Ball』has been gaining popularity

with the public.

All the attendants wore masks that covered their eyes, and while hiding their
faces and identities, they enjoyed the evening ball. I didn’t understand what
would be fun about it at all, but that was the point of the event.

Only the comparatively upper class nobles could participate in the festivities,
and during this event it was said that a superb young man would definitely

Of course his face would be covered by a mask, but the aura he exuded was
one of a high-ranking noble, his movements and manners were beautiful, and
once the young noble women caught the recently appearing young man in their
sights, they would burn with desire. It was that kind of conversation.

What I remembered, was what my friend had said next.

「That person, would without fail slip out along with someone else during
the ball. Where to, you ask? That’s a boorish question…… I heard this from
one of the people who haas been with him, and they said it was an amazing
experience. But it seems like he would never take the same person as a partner,
and the person I heard it from also seemed very disappointed about that.」

Hearing that, I laughed like a refined young lady, but now I would have to
express thanks to the girl who informed me of this.

「That’s it!」

There is only this option left.

I made a strong resolution.

I am a virgin. Let alone marriage, but I haven’t even been engaged yet, so it’s
only natural.

But in reality, this world is pretty lax on those things. There isn’t much high
regard attached to maidenhood. Just because someone said they weren’t a virgin,
they wouldn’t be able to avoid marriage.

Unless, their partner was from royalty.

For some reason, one of the conditions to become the Princess Consort was to
have their virginity intact.

「I can just have that person take my virginity!」

If that happened, then I would be able to break off the engagement with the
Crown Prince without fail. It would raise a somewhat tasteless rumor, but unless
they were royalty, then it wouldn’t bother others as much. The possibility
remained that I could get a different engagement partner.

If I angered Father to the point where he disinherited me, then that was fine in
itself. Moving into a monastery somewhere or something, I could enjoy such a
peaceful life. Much more than becoming the Crown Princess.

Why hadn’t I realized this possibility up until now? Thinking so, I realized
that in my life I’ve had very little contact with the creatures called『males』in
my surroundings. The only one was my long time childhood friend.

It seems that my Father, so that his daughter wouldn’t lose her precious
virginity, had been scheming.

But I already knew that.

According to what my friend says, that man seems to be quite a playboy.

He strings along women one after another, so there shouldn’t be any mistake.

There was the concern that we might fall in love at first sight, but it was
probably fine. Looking objectively, the appearance my current self could be said
to be beautiful, and I had a reasonable chest.
Since the conditions were only to find『my first partner,』as long as I got
close enough it would be possible to invite him.

There was no reason to decline someone who came, so if I invited him before
anyone else, then it would be my victory.

Precisely because he’s that sort of man, he may be willing to take away my
inconvenient virginity.

No, he might say that it’s troublesome to take away my virginity and refuse,
so let’s keep silent about that.

The current me is definitely a virgin, but in my past life I was a proper riajuu.

Of course, I also have solid experience.

At any rate, since I’m giving away my first time again then it’s obvious that an
experienced partner is better.

Mutual first timers can only be seen as a nightmare. Recalling my past life, I
shuddered. No thanks for a painful experience.

「Alright, let’s do this!」

Once I decided, I hurriedly researched the most recent Masquerade Ball.

With my perfect plan set I was in high spirits, and contacted the Earl’s
daughter that had given me the information.

Thank you for reading.

Chapter 3
Source: Red Lantern Archives



It went well.

It’s been one month since I’ve developed that plan. The time to change that
planning into action has finally come.


Afterwards, I immediately contacted the Earl’s daughter, my friend Marianne.

Marianne, who was the same age as I was, had a personality brimming with
curiosity and she greatly loved fun things.

If I told her that I wanted to meet that man at the Masquerade Ball, then she
would surely cooperate.

I got in contact with her at once, and inquired at the girl’s estate, while
keeping the vital plan of getting rid of my virginity a secret, that I wanted to
attend the Masquerade Ball and catch a glimpse of the rumored man, requesting
her cooperation.

Hearing that, Marianne’s eyes sparkled while she leaned her body forward.

「My, has Lidiana-sama finally taken an interest in men?」

「Y-yes. Since I’ve finally become betrothed, I don’t think I’ll be able to
appear at those sorts of places anymore. That’s why for this last opportunity, I
would like to catch a glimpse of that rumored person……」
She spoke as if I never had an interest in males until now.

It wasn’t that I never had an interest, it was just that my Father never let any
near me.

But there was no need to explain that.

Towards my words, Marianne gave a spirited nod.

「You’ve been promised to the Crown Prince after all. Oh, dear me, above
all else I should have offered my congratulations first…… Truly,
congratulations. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. We’ve all
always thought that there could be no one else other than Lidiana-sama to
take the position of Princess Consort. An announcement about your
engagement hadn’t been coming, so we were getting worried, you know?
Although it is a private matter, that it’s finally been decided is a truly joyous

「I-is that so. Thank you.」

I don’t want that sort of heavy expectations……

Now I really couldn’t reveal my true objective to attend this ball.

At this rate if my objective was revealed, as one would expect, even Marianne
would raise an objection.

「Then about the ball, will you cooperate with me?」

In the off-chance that the Crown Prince was there etc, I was worried about
what I should do, but it seemed to be an unnecessary concern.

「Of course! I understand Lidiana-sama’s feelings of wanting to relieve

some stress before getting married to the Crown Prince. After getting married,
you won’t be able to do these sorts of things anymore. Besides, if it’s the
Masquerade Ball, there won’t be any unnecessary probing, and all the
members attending will be of superior rank so you can rest assured. Even
though you do not attend much evening parties, it should have a pleasant
atmosphere for Lidiana-sama.」
To the Marianne’s one-sided machine gun talk, I nodded while cramped.

Marianne happily chattered away about the dress to be worn on the day of the
occasion. Once it became like this, there was no stopping her. Princess line or
slender line and whatnot. Even flapping off about recently trending colors.

Honestly I didn’t care about the dress, but to make him fall in love at first
sight without seeing my face, I probably needed to put in at least that much
effort. Thinking that I followed along Marianne’s discussion, and concentrated
on the plan for the appointed day.


It was the day the plan would be put into action. Saying I would stay over at
Marianne’s mansion, I left my estate. No one in my family doubted me. I
casually passed it through discussion, so it was only natural.

Marianne had a room seperate from the mansion. It was a place where
peoples’ eyes found hard to reach and was convenient for the circumstances of
slipping away, so we decided to use that place this time.

「Understood, Lidiana-sama? Please be sure to return before night falls.」

Before departure, Marianne repeated herself countless times with a sour


The one going to the ball would be me alone.

She was to be left behind in case something happened. In other words, house

「Of course. I’m only going to observe. When the ball ends, I’ll return at

I’ll just be doing it once and returning. It shouldn’t take that much time.

I boarded the carriage that Marianne had prepared and embarked towards the
meeting hall in a triumphant spirit.

Safely entering, my eyes dived into a sea of various colors and matching
masks. There was no written invitation for this Masquerade Ball.

If had to be said, then the mask itself would be the invitation.

Tonight, the masks being distributed to participants in advance had a butterfly


It had a thin build but it was also made in such bad taste, when I received it I
wanted to immediately throw it away.

The mask given to me was silver. Inside the meeting hall, wearing masks of
many different colors were men and women of different ages being boisterously

I briefly looked around myself.

That young noble didn’t seem to have come yet. His aura was said to be
different from others, so it should be identifiable at once. Until then, let’s wait
somewhere for an opportunity.

Thinking that, suddenly, I began worrying about what to do if he didn’t appear


In that case, then a different man…… If that possibility appeared then I would
be reluctant. With someone other than the man I had my sights on……As one
would expect, regardless of determination the hurdle would be too high.

The time I had left was scarce. But if he didn’t come, then I will consider
reworking my plan.

For now, let’s not think about those things and pray that it won’t turn out that

My objective was just that lone man, so of course I had no intention of


I don’t understand what could be so fun about dancing with a person whose
name and face you don’t know.
Well, I could tell after observing reasonable distinctive characteristics, but
even so if it wasn’t for my current situation, I would definitely never have taken
part in this ridiculous event.

But keeping pace with the atmosphere of the ball, I perfectly emitted a
cheerful feeling.

Unable to endure standing still, without a choice I carried my legs over to the
space where there was food laid out.


「Ooh. This is quite something.」

The prepared foods made me smack my lips.

Since it was a ball, the food was naturally set in a standing buffet style. There
were many things that caught my eye that I tried to placing in my mouth, and
naturally my mood enlivened at the unexpectedly superior taste.

This time waster came at just the right moment for waiting for him to arrive.

Peeking at the back table, there were delicious looking sweets enshrined there.

Unsteadily, as if I were being pulled, I moved towards that table.

I instantly became dazed at the gorgeously ornamented chocolates and tarts.

……In the end, I forgot about my original purpose and plentifully ate.

How much time has passed? After eating all the things I wanted to
satisfaction, I finally calmed down and returned to my true self.

……This is bad.

I completely forgot about my important objective.

Considerable time has passed since the ball began. Did that person come?

Or perhaps, did he already slip out with his target?

I broke into cold sweat. Crap. I failed right at the start.

I shouldn’t have gone to the sweets corner.

Since my past life, I’ve always had a weakness for sweet things and delicious

The sweets of this world were quite excellent, and there was no way I would
let this all-you-can-eat opportunity slip by.

But since I lost sight of my important goal, there was no point.

I wonder if I will still make it in time if I start now.

In a hurry I began to head towards the dance hall, but from behind a quiet
voice sounded, making me stop from reflex.


Being called, I stopped my legs and turned around.

At such a busy time I wonder who dared irritatedly in my head, but the
moment I turned around I was pierced with an intense gaze as deep as the
oceans, and those thoughts were blown away.

……A beauty was standing there.

It was a cheap representation, but there was no choice but to phrase it that

Although covered by a mask it was easy to tell his face was finely featured.
His gently wavy hair was black. His stature was tall enough I had to raise my
eyes, and his proportions came off as a well trained physique. I was completely
fascinated by his refined demeanor.

Understandable at a glance. The man who called out to me was cloaked in an

keen atmosphere that was different from anyone else, and he stood in that place.

As if piercing in my direction, his eyes entwined me. I stopped caring one bit
about not knowing his face.
As soon as that man appeared, we were in a situation he completely stole and
pinned down the gazes from our surroundings.

Even myself, I forgot about my motive for a moment and was simply charmed
in blank amazement.

So it’s you–!

I quickly returned to myself.

There was no mistake. The man Marianne had spoken about was definitely
this guy.

He was just as I had heard. Certainly I had understood at a glance.

I thought that I would have to search for him to call him out, but to have the
other party call out to me instead could be said to be lucky.

Now, to successfully claim him. Failure was not permitted.

I had no choice but to proceed with caution.

「Do you have business with me?」

While inclining my neck, I produced a perplexed voice.

Although in the depths of my heart, I was yelling「Alright! It’s come–!! 」, I

did not forget about the propriety of a girl from a Duke’s household that had
been crammed into me.

To leave behind a good impression as possible I conducted myself in a

graceful manner and returned his words.

Without knowing my inner voice, the man who called out to me expressed an
amiable smile and courteously bent at his waist.

The golden mask he wore reflected the light of the chandelier and glittered.

「Yes, with you. Good evening, milady. I believe this is the first time I’ve
seen you, but have you attended here much?」
「Good evening. It’s a pleasure to meet you. As you’ve said, tonight is my
first at this Masquerade Ball. I wasn’t familiar with the etiquette, so I escaped
to over here. But to know that it was my first time here, you must know a lot.
Have I done anything ill-mannered?」

Although I emitted a uneasy voice, I was entirely unconcerned that I would

commit such foolishness.

I wasn’t a Duke’s daughter for 18 years just for show.

……Still, as expected of the rumored womanizer.

Even though he didn’t know my face, he was able to tell I was a first time

If he said that he was able to differentiate by my figure, no matter how much

of an ikemen he was I would draw back.

After thinking that, the man widely shook his head in a grandiose manner.

「Ill-mannered, nothing of the sort. Your manners are perfect. Not that, but
it is my first time witnessing someone of your caliber of beauty.」

Taking my hand, he dropped a kiss to it. Knowing that was manners I let it
pass, but without thinking chills ran up my spine. This man’s sex appeal wasn’t

「……You’re skilled. I’m wearing such a mask, you shouldn’t be able to tell
if I’m beautiful or ugly.」

「Even so. Your exuding elegance and your behavior told me that you were
a very beautiful woman.」

U-wah-. So- cringe- worthy!!

This is no good, yep. This conversation between nobles giving face was
making my whole body break out in gooseflesh.

These types of conversations were also one of the reasons why I didn’t like
appearing at evening parties.
When I felt as if someone wanted to call out to me before I would always run
away immediately, but just for tonight this was an unavoidable circumstance.

While continuing the meaningless conversation, inside my head I only thought

about what I should do.

I wonder when he will hurry and end this unimportant conversation and move
onto the real question at hand.

「……And? I wonder if it’s fine for me to ask the reason why you called out
to me.」

I’m sorry. My patience ran out.

No matter how long I waited for him to get to the real matter, after running out
of numbness and speaking those words, he seemed a little surprised and
loosened his lips.

At the same time his aura changed from a sharp cleverness to a relaxed and
gentle manner.

「Fufu, you’re a hasty person. I was thinking that I wanted to know you a
little more in detail, is all. I have no other objective than that.」


Finally managing to come to the point where I’ve indirectly invited him in a
roundabout manner, even so I was still more or less a noble girl so I showed
suspicion once.

My real opinion was that I didn’t give a damn, so hurry up and eat me……No,
please eat me.

Actually, his overly polite tone had changed. Was it because my side invited
him first?

If he had continued with that shiver inducing speech, I don’t think I would
have been able to compose myself and have sex with him, so honestly it was a
Using an informal tone, he happily continued the conversation.

「How harsh. Are you doubting me? I really just wanted to get to know
you…… Actually just before, I arranged a room to rest in. If it’s fine with you,
would you like to continue the conversation there?」

This time a more direct invitation came.

Al-right, alright!!

It would’ve been better if you said that sooner.

I mustn’t let this chance past me by. I had to strike when the iron was still hot.

While acting as cutely as possible, I gave a small nod.

「……Indeed. I was also just thinking that I would like to get to know you

Will you allow me to accompany you?

Through my mask I replied with upturned eyes, but for some reason he was
left speechless.

Afterwards wondering if he had saw me, he laughed in heartily.


In a moment, I felt something bursting.

As if establishing my aim to a carnivore, I felt a sense of dread.

But in a moment I passed it away.

Unable to determine what happened, I blinked with surprise.

「What’s wrong?」

「N-no, it’s nothing.」

He inquired my frozen self, but there was no way I would answer. I don’t even
know what happened.

Treating what just happened as my imagination, now I didn’t feel anything.

Somewhat unable to comprehend and tilting my head, while still laughing he

wrapped an arm around my waist and prompted me to walk.

Of course it was a welcome development, so I stayed silent and followed


I disregarded the feeling I got earlier as part of my imagination.

Later I would be regretting that I had not learned one bit about the『Courting
Etiquette between Men and Women,』but for now I still had no idea.

Thank you very much.

Chapter 4
Source: Red Lantern Archives


Daily ranking number 1. Thank you very much. I’m very happy!!

I was so happy, even though I had no plans to upload today, I hurriedly


While it’s R18, it’s quite tepid so please treat me favorably.

The room I was brought to was a guest room prepared for the attendees of the

Although it was just a guest room, since it was something that nobles would
use, it was still finely prepared with complimentary furniture. After entering the
room and firstly confirming those things, I was relieved for now.

For my first experience, I want to refrain from using a『room only for the
sake of doing it』if possible. Even though I had experience in my past life, this
would be my first experience in my current life. What’s wrong with wanting to
dream a little?

To confirm the state of the interior, I stepped further inside and heard the
sound of the door closing behind me. When I turned around, the man who closed
the door approached me and slowly reached out his hand.

――――He wanted to hug me.

Realizing his intention, I quietly stood in place. There was no reason to deny
him. Besides, time was limited and I want “it” to happen quickly.

After staying still, as I had thought, I was pulled into his embrace. His hot
breath brushed against my ear. That sensation was more pleasant that I had
thought so I felt relieved.

Good, it seems like I can do this.

「I’m finally able to touch you……」

「’Finally’ you say. I’ve had no memory of telling you to wait though.」

To the man’s exaggerated words, I replied in a whisper.

Suddenly it felt as if time slowed down. The man looked at me while saying,
“Oh really.”

「Was that your aim?」

「……Well, I wonder.」

I had already come this far so there was no way I could say no. I had
purposely changed my tone of speech to match the venue of the Masquerade
Ball, but I found it tiresome and replied in a somewhat more casual manner.

「This is nice. This way it feels like I’m speaking to the real you, and it
makes me happy.」

「……You’re a strange one. This way is easier for me so it saves me some

trouble…… But not too long ago you also changed your way of speaking.」

He hadn’t voiced his intentions yet but if I’m sufficient for him then that’s a
good thing. He also hadn’t crossed any lines yet.

Unintentionally, I began to look at the gleeful him as if I was seeing

something odd.

Noticing that, he smiled even more in delight.

「Is that so. That was also my intention. Even so I’m actually quite
surprised here, you know? In various ways…… That’s right, replying to the
question you asked before, since the first time I laid eyes on you, I’ve been
badly desiring you. That’s why saying “finally” wasn’t wrong, yes? 」

As he spoke, the feeling of his breath against my ear made a shiver run down
my spine.

Noticing my reaction, he hugged me more tightly.

「……Certainly not. Admiring me while I was wearing a mask? Even I am

not gullible enough to believe such words.」

「It’s not a lie. Even now, I lust for you so badly my body has grown hot.
Such a thing is a first for me…… Yes? You’ve followed me silently up till now.
You aren’t a child anymore. Something uncouth like wanting to leave at this
point, you won’t say it will you?」

His sweet voice stirred up my desire.

With the index finger of his right hand, he lifted my chin and inquired me
tenderly yet firmly to prevent me from running away.

Of course,『YES』was my only option. That was the very reason I came


「……Yes. I also desire you.」

After I said so bluntly, he froze for a moment while still holding my chin.

Huh? Worried that I might have said something strange I timidly matched his
gaze. I was met with eyes dyed with lust.



He abruptly lowered his face and began to laugh.

Noticing my state, he raised his head and looked this way.

「Ah, my apologies. It’s not what you think. It’s because I’m happy…… I’m
glad. I’m very glad.」
「Is that so? ……Ah!!」

Wondering what he meant I wanted to ask him but before I could manage to
do so, he kissed as if biting me.

So this is my first kiss. While thinking that I shut myself up and received his

The tender sensation felt good. He licked my lips many times, prompting my
mouth to open.

As if saying that he was waiting for just this moment, his tongue violated the
inside of my mouth.


He inserted his saliva with all his might, and in a rush, I swallowed it. At the
same time, his tongue squirmed around freely in my mouth and tangled itself
with my tongue. In response, I also moved my own tongue.

Once again, his movements came to a stop.


Thinking that his reaction was strange, I opened my closed eyes to find him
looking at me with a face full of smiles. At that moment, I once again
remembered that trembling sensation.

Only, there was an even stronger sensation than before. Instead being the
predator like I was aiming for, it felt as if he was pinning me down by the scruff
of my neck.

Feeling intimidated, I reflexively put both hands on his chest to push him
away. But he wouldn’t permit that. Embracing me with even more strength, he
started kissing harder.

「……Nnn–. Nna–」

Loud kissing noises slipped out of my mouth. By the time he finally released
my lips, my hips had already given out.
Since I became unable to stand, he eagerly picked up my unsteady body and
carried me to the bed that was prepared.

With a poof, he gently laid me down in the middle of the sheets.

Like that, he leaned over me.

「……Hey, I want to kiss but this mask keeps getting in the way……
There’s no problem if I take it off, right?」


Before I could ask him what he was thinking, he began to peel off my mask.

Reflexively holding it back, I frantically argued at him.

「For what reason do you think this Masquerade Ball is for? It’s
meaningless if one’s face is revealed!」

There was no way I could be revealed as Duke Vivouare’s daughter here.

If I was exposed, then I definitely wouldn’t be embraced. The plan I had

painstakingly put together would come to nothing.

To the me who was desperately holding back my mask, he made a surprised

expression and slowly pulled back his hands.

「……What a regret. Then, would it be fine to tell me your name at least? I


「I will not, and I have no interest!!」

I covered his words with a loud voice as he tried to name himself.

Please don’t change your aim to something scarier than showing one’s face.


「What do you mean by “Ehh”? ……Please just refer to me as you like.」

「I wish to know your name.」

「I said I wouldn’t tell you…… You are aware that it’s against the rules?」

After I said that with upturned eyes, he reluctantly accepted while nodding in

If he understood then I wish he would stop with such tomfoolery.

Besides, what good would come out of knowing the name of a one-night stand
partner such as I?

「I understand. Certainly, I was in the wrong. ……It seems I was a little

impatient. Yes, the night is still long. Pressing the matter gradually would be
better……Then would it be fine if I refer to you as Diana?」

Pretending as if I didn’t hear the strangely foreboding words that came out of
his mouth, I reacted to the name only.


「Because your eyes are a lovely violet.」

It was the name of this world’s Night Goddess. Certainly, the eyes of the
Night Goddess were violet.

As he looked over my mask, I averted my eyes. The portion over the eyes was
open, so we could see each others’ eye color.

「……Do as you wish. Then may I refer to you as Apollo?」

「Diana’s lover, the Sun God Apollo. That’s nice, I like it very much.」

While stroking my cheek, Apollo showed me a tranced expression full of


It wasn’t as if I had said that with any deep meaning. It was simply because of
his golden mask. The avatar of the Sun, Apollo, possessed a golden aura. Like
the man before me, Apollo’s eyes were also blue. It had simply come up because
of the associated name Diana.

「Diana, my dear. I give my love to you.」


The hand that was stroking my cheek stilled and his face approached mine.
With corny words, he once again sealed my lips and used his tongue to play with

……This person was seriously good at kissing.

ly, he had given me a kiss that made my hips give out, but this type of kiss
was pleasant too. Even in my past life, I hadn’t experienced any kisses like these.
This was also similar to what Marianne had heard from the rumors. If it’s like
this then I’m relieved at what was to come.

Settling my chest that my sense had not been wrong, I began to focus on the
man in front of my eyes.


In between my breaths, sweet moans leaked out from my mouth. It felt so

good, I couldn’t help it.

Wanting to feel more, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him
towards me.

Apollo chuckled softly.

「……You’re very assertive, aren’t you?」

「Hm? ……Do you hate assertive women?」

Ever since before, whenever I made a move he gave an unusual reaction.

Since this man was the player type, I thought he would like a more assertive
approach so I didn’t hold back, but I wonder if I had miscalculated.

「No, it’s very welcomed.」

「……Is that so?」

「To the point where it’s fine to be even more daring.」

「……I don’t know if I will be able to meet your expectations though.」

While answering his kiss, I replied to his words.

The sex experience I had fostered in my past world was quite normal.

To have expectations placed on me by a veteran like him was honestly


「This is plenty.」

Before I knew it, my dress was unfastened and he had already plunged his
hand into the opening.

He massaged the soft breasts and a whimper escaped from my mouth. There
were absolutely no feelings of revolt.


「Does it feel good?」


After nodding, with a smile he lightly traced the center of my breast with a

At just that movement, I was strangely feeling it more than usual and
unconsciously let out a high voice.

「How cute.」

While murmuring he softly nipped my earlobe, and the core of my body began
to heat up. I had only received this much stimulus but I could already tell that I
was wet.

Since all of my attention was directed to my ear which was played with, I was
unaware that my upper half had been completely exposed till now. Having my
naked breasts presented before someone else was a situation that I hadn’t
experienced since my past life and made me strangely self-conscious.

「……Nn, this is embarrassing so don’t stare too much.」

Even though it was already up to this point, I said so while avoiding his gaze
and heard a voice saying “I give up.”

Opening my eyes and looking at him, he had his hand on his forehead and was
staring at the ceiling.

Letting out a breath, he pointedly stared at me.

「……I wish you wouldn’t instigate anymore…… Even now I’m holding
back quite a bit, you know?」

「Instigating you, something like that……Ah!!」

He grabbed my exposed breasts and my body jolted up in surprise.

Apollo obstinately licked and nibbled on the breast in his grasp while using
his free hand to play with the other.

「Ah–! Ahh–!!」

It felt so good that unconsciously, a lewd cry came out. This was a pleasant
sensation that I had never felt up until now. When coupled with thoughts about
what was to come, my bulging waist naturally began to sway and I took his head
into my arms as if to pull him closer.

In response to that, the vigor of his tongue and hands grew. Just by that, my
fever rose even higher.


I was aware that I was acting indecently, but it felt too good. I had no inkling
of wanting to hold myself back.

I wanted him to touch my lower area more. The center of my body was
throbbing and I couldn’t stand it.

「I see you’re feeling it. I’m happy……How about here?」

His hand slowly crawled down to my thighs, and I responded to that stimulus.
The teasing movement was unbearable. His hand reached the joint between my
legs and grazed my slit.

「You’re wet……」


His finger traced a circling pattern around my slit and unable to bear it, I
loosely spread my legs.

Noticing my reaction, he murmured something provocatively, as if trying to

stir me up.

「To open your legs by yourself……How cute. Do you want me to touch

you more?」

「Nn…… Please……」

My insides also wanted stimulus. In response to my obedient pleading, he


「How can you be so adorable? I can’t believe this. That such a creature
exists…… Ok, I’ll touch you a lot.」

Saying that, he inserted a finger into my secret place.

Finally receiving the long awaited stimulus, my insides tightened around his

「Tight…… Don’t tighten so much.」

While smiling wryly, as if searching for my sweet spot, he restlessly moved

his finger. It felt too good that each time he did so, my hips rocked.

……Suddenly, his movements stopped.


Losing the given stimuli, I looked at him with displeasure.

He muttered, “No way? No, but, certainly not.”


After I raised my voice, he looked at me with an astonished expression and

timidly inquired me.

「……Diana……Is this, perhaps, your first time?」

……I was exposed.

It didn’t end. R18 will continue.

Chapter 5
Source: Red Lantern Archives


Continuing from before R18.



 The an unspeakable silence filled the room.

 Forgetting about the current state of affairs, we both stopped out


 The current circumstances? The status quo was where we were in a

practically nude state with his finger still in “that place.”


「……As expected, you can tell……」

 I had thought that if I weren’t exposed then we could have just done it as is,
but things didn’t seem to be going that easily. It was probably because his finger
hit my hymen, or because it had been tighter than usual, something like that.

「……Well, yes.」

 Uneasily averting his gaze, I became even more uneasy.

 On top of knowing he was a veteran and choosing him nonetheless, it

couldn’t be helped if he found out.

「Yes. I am a virgin.」
 I considered it a bit, but realizing it was absurd to do so I changed into a
serious and resolute manner.

「……Err, as expected, is it a bother?」

 Seeing that his face stiffened for a moment, I asked him somewhat

 Having come this far I didn’t think that he would stop, but maybe it was
bad after all.

 If that was the case, then I wish he would take his finger out……

 Seeing my troubled face, he hastily shook his head to the side.

「No, it’s not that. ……It seemed as if you were very accustomed to
this……It was unexpected……」

「It’s my genuine first time.」

 In this world, anyways.

 In my past world, I did it. The reason he thought it wasn’t my first time was
probably because of that.

「Yes, I understand that now. ……Because your place “here” is so


“That kind of reaction, normally I wouldn’t be able to do it after all,” he

whispered to himself.

 Wanting to ask what he meant, I moved to open my mouth but his stilled
fingers began to move once more.

 Again receiving stimulation, my body easily reacted.

「……Hey, your first time, is it really okay for me to accept it?」

 While moving his fingers with squelching sounds, he whispered in my ear.

 It appeared as if he had no intention of stopping so I felt relieved.

 To convey my intentions, I shook my head up and down.

「If it’s not a problem to you……Ah!!」

 When he rubbed against a good spot, my hips sprang up.

 Taking in my response, he used his thumb to grind against my flower bud.

「Ah!!…… There!!!」

 While twitching, my toes stretched out. Because of the excessive pleasure,

even though I wasn’t sad, tears fell from my eyes.

「So you like it here. Alright, I’ll rub it more. ……Saying it’s bothersome, I
don’t think so at all. I’m very happy. It’s an honor. ……But don’t you have
anything like a lover or a fiancé to take away your maidenhood?」

 『Fiancé.』To that word, I unconsciously flinched. He didn’t let that


「……So you have one after all? Even so, is it ok with me?」

「There’s no one. I don’t have anything like a loverrrr!!!」

 Further stimulating my flower bud, I had no choice but to raise a flirtatious


 His other hand relentlessly playing around with my nipple while asking if it
was really okay told me that his vigor had no inkling of stopping.

 I suspect he had no intention of letting me answer outright.

「Hmm. So the one you have is a fiancé. Well, once you get to our age it’s
only natural. But even so you went along with my invitation. ……Perhaps, is it
not going well with your fiancé?」

「……It’s none of your business–!!」

 If it was going well or not, I’ve never even met him. Continuing on without
getting involved with him, I wanted to end it promptly. That was why I made this
「I see. If it’s like that then there’s no reason to hold back. I will gratefully
partake the honor of being your first man.」

 Inserting a second finger while announcing that with a smile, I thought, “do
whatever you want” and loosened my clenching to take in the finger.

 He had long fingers that were rugged and bony so he probably practiced
some sort of martial arts. That heightened the experience.

「Ah, you give such good reactions. How fun. I’ll make you feel really
good, so I’ll insert more.」

 ”Lots and lots, ok?”

 Once again, he murmured into my ear. Just by that, I felt like cumming.

 It was the first time I learned I was weak to voices. With his unusually sexy
voice, he toyed with me.

 The inserted fingers independently moved as if spreading wide my insides,

and an indecent sound resounded as they slid in and out.

 「!! AaAAHH!!」

 A third finger was inserted. Feeling it, my soaked interior easily swallowed
down Apollo’s third finger.

「Amazing. The third finger has already entered, you know? You’re
completely drenched. Does it feel that good?」

「Nn!! ……Good. It’s good!!」

 Nodding while shaking, as if to respond to the movement of his fingers my

hips swung.

「……Really, it’s hard to believe you’re a virgin. Then, what about here?」


 With a wet popping sound, he pulled out his fingers. Losing the given
stimulation, I looked at him with eyes insisting I hadn’t had enough.
「……Why did you pull out?」

「Uwah. How adorable. ……It’s alright. I just wanted to give you

something that would feel better.」

 Saying that, he stripped off the dress that was coiled around me and my
remaining underwear.

 While being exposed nude in front of him, I asked what he wanted to do

and he replied with a sweet smile.

「Will you let me hear an even better voice?」


 In one go he split my legs wide open and elevated my hips. Before his eyes,
my secret place came into full view.

「Amazing. Your lower mouth is twitching open and close. It wants my

thing quickly, it says.」

 But, not yet.

 Saying that, without hesitation he began to lick my secret place.


 Towards the direct sensation, numbness ran through my entire body.

 He raised my hips further, as if to spread it apart he diligently used his

tongue and began tasting.

「Hyah!! Ah, AhAAhh!!」

 I could no longer construct words. This extraordinary sensation made me

feel as if I was standing at the summit of pleasure.

 My hips began to spasm from the blissful feeling of his tongue plunging
into and tormenting my insides.

「Chu. ……Does it feel good?」

「Good!! It feels really good!!」

 Hearing my words, he raised his face and peered into my teary eyes for

 Feeling good to the point it was unbearable, I bit my own finger.

 In my past world, I didn’t have any aversion to licking or being licked, but
the sensations I experienced then was incomparable to now. Really, this man was
good at whatever he did.

「There was a woman who gave this sort of reaction. It’s like a dream.」

「What do you mean?」

 While at the mercy of his tongue technique, I became interested in the

words he spoke to himself and asked.

「Hm? It’s nothing. If you don’t know, then that makes me happier. You
don’t have to worry about a thing, just feel me.」

 Answering with a suggestive meaning, I wanted to ask a little more in detail

but once again he buried his face in between my legs and licked in a circular

 Because of that, my thoughts flew away and I was unable to ask anything

 He lightly nipped my exposed flower bud, and I quickly came.


「Fufu, you like it here. I’ll lick you more.」

「N……No!! I just came!!」

 While in the state of trembling after cumming, I restrained his head to stop
him from giving even more stimulation.

As a result, it looked as if I was desperately holding his face, begging for

「As I thought, you want more. Nn, I understand.」

「Tha……That’s not it!! AAAAHHHHH!!!」

 While licking, he pinched the hardened points of my breasts with both

hands, eliciting more shrieks from me.

 Feeling too much pleasure would only result in pain. While releasing
exhausted tears, I shamefully solicited him.

「It’s……It’s already enough so……Please put it in……」

 I couldn’t endure any more of this. Such intense foreplay was a first for me.
I came too much, my body was heavy and it was tough for me. But more than
that, the depths of my body wanted stimulation no matter what.

 With a sickly sweet voice I begged him, and to that, he raised his body and
restrained his mouth.

「Uwah. She’s begging. ……I love it. I don’t want to let you go anymore.」

 By that, I mean that I definitely won’t let you go. I’ve already decided.

 He incessantly rained down those scarily earnest words on me.

 But his murmurs never reached me. I was too drunk on the pleasure and
became unable to process things normally.

「Do you want me?」

 Temporarily removing his body, he put his hands on either side of my face
and like that, he inquired me in a melting voice as if fevered.

 The answer was, I wanted him. I formed the words he wanted to hear with
my mouth.

「I want you. Deep inside me, I want your hot thing……」

「Good girl……Alright, I’ll give you plenty.」

 That seemed to the correct answer. He praised me in a voice that aroused

my senses and gave me a kiss as he caressed my head.

 I opened my mouth to welcome his tongue.


 Tracing my row of teeth, a voice leaked out. Tongue and tongue became
immorally intertwined. Becoming an intolerable feeling, I once again pulled his
head closer.

 With a clatter, I heard the sound of him stripping off his pants.

 While initiating a deep kiss, his right hand split my legs wide open. He
pulled out his cock from his undergarments and placed it against my secret

 The feeling of something hot and wet was transmitted to me, and my lower
half itched in anticipation.

 Like that, he slowly penetrated inside.

 Then, I noticed a sense of discomfort.



 I tried to raise my voice, but my mouth was sealed with a kiss so it didn’t

 This guy is the worst, he’s not using any contraceptives!!

 Before arriving at this point, it was an extremely important issue so

naturally I investigated into contraception methods.

 As a result, like in my previous world, this world’s contraception had many
methods focused on men and their “things.”

 In those, the most popular options were the so-called extra-vaginal
ejaculation and applying a condom accordingly.
 Extra-vaginal ejaculation was just as it sounded, but as expected, the risk is
high on the woman’s side.

 Equivalent to putting on a second condom is the so called magic pill. If he

swallows this just before penetration, the man’s genitals would be enveloped by
a thin membrane. After ejaculation, all that was needed to be done was to take it
off and throw it away. The shape itself was like a different type of condom.

 The price was reasonable, and in this world, it was the most practiced
contraceptive method.

 That was good and all, but the man Apollo showed absolutely no hint of
intending to swallow the pill. He was definitely not using any contraceptives.

 Maybe he had extreme confidence in the extra-vaginal ejaculation method,

but with him trying to directly insert his dick dribbling with pre-cum, there was
no way I could say I felt safe.

 Damn it! As expected, a player can only be a player.

 He wasn’t thinking about the risks on the female’s side at all.

 The hot sensation pushing into me told me that without a doubt it was raw

 Just in case, I thought to drink a contraceptive beforehand, and it seemed to

be the correct choice so I was relieved for the time being.

 Unlike the male counterpart, in this world there only existed one method of
contraception for females.

 This was also a magic potion, but the effectiveness of each dose lasted for
approximately 24 hours.

 The asking price attached was extraordinarily high.

 It wasn’t saying much, but it was definitely not something an ordinary
woman would be able to get their hands on. As the daughter of the leading duke,
I used whatever methods I could to somehow get it into my hands. And even so,
it was worth an amount of gold that would allow an ordinary family to live
comfortably for about a year.

 I sympathized for the me that was suffering back when I learned of the
price. I am very thankful for my wealthy background.

 But the area from my back to my stomach was irreplaceable. If I was stingy
here, I might have a sexual experience I would regret later.

 Even though I wanted to break my hymen, I definitely didn’t want to get

pregnant. That future in itself was bleak.

 I decided myself to resignation.

 Then I spent all the money I had been laboriously saving up until now and
solicited someone for sex……

 ……It was the right choice.

 As I felt his thing penetrate further into the depths of my body, I was
relieved that my intuition was correct and that I was cautious enough to acted
upon it.

 In the worst case scenario, even if he ejaculated inside, there wouldn’t be
any repercussions. I wanted to applause myself for my careful preparation.

 Even so, I want to raise a complaint at least once.

 Pushing away his face that had started a persistent kiss, I scowled at him.


「It’s fine.」

「What is!?」

「I’ll take responsibility.」

 ……I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you mean.

 I wanted to press him for the meaning further, but he suddenly stopped his
 Probably realizing that he had hit my hymen, we suspended the

「I think this will hurt but try your best……」

「What……It hurts!!」

 He pulled away momentarily and thrust into my depths with all of his

 Feeling as if I heard a sound of something being torn apart, I shrieked.


R-18 will continue~

Chapter 6
Source: Red Lantern Archives


R18 will end here.

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!!

 The pain of my first time being penetrated in this world was more than I
expected. I couldn’t help but yell loudly to distract myself.

 To alieve the pain even a little bit more, I raised a loud voice and
desperately adjusted my breathing.

「Uwah…… So tight……」

 Even though he said that, without reservation, Apollo rocked his hips
backed and forth.

 Without thinking, I clawed at his back but he only made a wry face. It
didn’t seem as if he had taken much damage.

 In contrast to my suffering, he chuckled.

「It’s alright, you can scratch me more……Nn…… Look, it’s all in.」

 Following Apollo’s line of sight, I saw that our lower halves were
connected to each other without a gap.

 Ah, I’ve finally achieved my goal, I thought in a corner of my mind.

「Does it still hurt?」

「……A little, but I’m fine.」

 Since it came to this, I wanted to finish it quickly. I fixed my gaze on him.

「Is that so? ……I’m sorry. It seems I can’t hold back any more than this.
I’ll move as slowly as I can. If it hurts you can just scratch me like before.」

 Nodding, I once again put my arms around his back.

 With a squishing sound, he slowly moved his hips back and forth.

 There was still a slight pain but it wasn’t unendurable and gradually, a
pleasant feeling welled up. Relieved, I relaxed and as my sensitivity rose, my
reaction became more obvious.

「Seems like it doesn’t hurt anymore…… What a nice expression.」

 Sucking on the buds of my breast, Apollo increased the speed of his thrusts
and while hugging his body, I raised a rhythmical voice.

「Ah, ah, ah, ah…… !!」

 It feels good. His cock was quite long and pierced deeply into my depths.
As he hit the mouth of my cervix, countless feelings of pleasure ran throughout
my body.

 I want to feel more. Forgetting that I had condemned him before, I begged

「Nnn, Apollo, deep…… Deeper!!」

 Hearing that, Apollo smiled gleefully.

「You like it deep? Feeling it this much even though it’s your first time. Un,
I’ll give it to you lots deeper inside.」

 Grinding, he pushed to the opening of my cervix as if knocking. A high

pitched whimper leaked out of my mouth from the overwhelming pleasure.

「Good, so good!!」
 Wanting to feel more pleasure, my hips unconsciously began to move,
matching Apollo’s rhythm.

 The contact of our hips meeting each other’s’ midway felt unbelievably

 The movements of our sex filled the room with an obscene wet sound but
even that became encouragement and violated my whole body. Apollo stared at
me, spellbound.

「Ahh, this really feels great. Your insides are undulating, sucking me in. It
won’t let me go. Fufu…… Even shaking your hips, it seems that you’re feeling
good too… I’m glad.」

「Ye……s……!!! It feels……good!!」

 Apollo raised the speed of his hips even more and my mind blanked out. I
was dominated only by lust. Euphoria cornered me.

「Ah! Ah!! Cum!! I’m cumming!!」

「Yes, let’s cum together. I’m also at my limit……Kuh!!」

 At that moment, he wildly pounded into me. His thing swelled up even
more as he sought to pour his cloudy white semen into me.

 In an instant, I regained my sanity and tried to separate from him but he
wouldn’t allow it. He pressed his rod deeper into me with even more force. I
came even more at the impact.

「aAAAHHH!! Hot!! Don’t……Not inside!!」

 Ignoring my screams, he tightly squeezed me in his arms until he shot all of

himself inside. While spasming, I accepted it. In a daze, we kissed and tangled
with each other’s tongues.

 While still trembling, my insides convulsed.

「Releasing inside, you’re horrible……」

 He had no intention of ejaculating outside.

 It was fine since I had used birth control but if I had conducted myself
unskillfully or hadn’t come prepared, this would’ve been a complete disaster.

「It’s fine. I said I would take responsibility, didn’t I?」

「Like I said, what are you talking ab……Ah!!」

 Inside me, his thing once again pulsated hotly. Without my consent, his hips
once again began grinding. From just swaying back and forth, the pleasant
sensation from earlier returned.

「Eh…… Wait a…… I don’t want to any…… Jeez.」

「Nn, sorry. I can’t hold back.」

 Because of what he released from before, my insides became even more

slippery as he continued violating there. He licked his lips.

「Just once more……Ok?」


「It feels good for you too, right? Look, it tightened up again.」

 Unable to resist his deep probing, I could only pant loudly. Having the
weak spot I just learned about attacked numerous times, I raised an indecent

 I didn’t think he was the type of pervert to turn a woman’s first time into
her second.

 While feeling good, he rocked his hips and thrusted as he liked. I could do
nothing but react.

 Then suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and stopped his


 After he thought for a bit, he slowly unsheathed himself.

 There was an audible squelch as he did so.


 Then, flipping me over, he pierced into me with all his strength.


 Having a beginner suddenly get it from behind!!

 Brutal. This guy is a savage.

「Amazing, you tightened again. Do you like this position?」

「Hyah!! Ah…… It’s hitting!!」

「Yes, it’s hitting a good spot. Somewhere here?」

 Being inserted from behind… Maybe it was because the place where I was
being attacked was different but regardless, I felt a fresh wave of pleasure.

 With pinpoint precision, he aimed at a spot with his dick. Helplessly, I

buried my face in the sheets.

 If anyone were to see this scene it would look as if I was sticking out my
waist towards him.

 Having my breasts rubbed from behind while my sensitive spot was pierced
with pinpoint precision, I let out a lascivious moan.

「Fufu…… This is great…… You can even respond to something like this.
What a great view.」

「Ah!! Stop……already……impossible!!」

 Maybe reacting from my voice, his cock swelled even larger.

 His fully sheathed hilt felt indescribable.

「Don’t say something like that. Accompany me for a bit more, okay?」
 After pacifying me with that, he shifted his position as he poured his cloudy
white semen into me again and again. Like that, I graduated from my first
experience in this world by leaps and bounds.



 When I opened my eyes, I saw an unfamiliar ceiling.

 Not knowing where I was, a question mark floated above my head. After
several seconds, I recalled the situation I had put myself in. In a fluster, I sprang
awake only to find that because of the arm wrapped snugly around me, I couldn’t

 Apollo was sleeping while still hugging me in his arms.

「What time is it!?」

 I stretched out my arm to check the clock nearby only to find that the hands
pointed to 3:30 at night.

 Last night’s Masquerade Ball started from six in the evening. I think my last
memories of the night were from about 2 in the morning.

 Thinking that we had begun doing it after eight made my head hurt. With a
virgin as a partner, how much sex did this man plan to have? I held my head in


 The mask I should have been wearing was off. I had no recollection of
when it could’ve been taken off.

 During the concluding cowgirl position, it should’ve still been on…… I

wonder if it slipped off while I was sleeping. It was likely that my face hadn’t
been seen. Reaching for the nearby mask, I reaffixed it once again. I had to hurry
back. I felt bad towards Marianne who had helped me with finally setting the
 Apollo appeared to be sound asleep. Even if I moved, it didn’t seem like he
would wake.

 Feeling relieved, I carefully pulled away his arm from my body.


 The moment I removed it, his arm reached out to grasp for something so in
a rush, I pushed a nearby pillow to him instead.

 After hugging it tight, Apollo’s lips curved upwards with a satisfied

expression. His breathing became steady again.


 That was dangerous.

 It’ll be troublesome if he wakes up. Let’s leave this place quickly.

 Finding the discarded dress beside the bed, I briskly dressed.

 Because of my rapid movements, a large amount of off-white liquid slid out

from the inside, giving rise to an extremely unpleasant feeling.

Despite my bitter feelings, I speedily dealt with it. After I arranged my

appearance to look at least somewhat decent, I quietly slipped out of the room.

 Opening the door, I turned around and spared him a parting glance. His
golden mask glinted in the dim lighting.

「……I quit.」

 I had opened my mouth to throw some sharp parting remarks but stopped.

 I didn’t know what to say.

 I wondered if I wanted to say, “thanks for taking my virginity.”

 Or, “you thoroughly came inside and did whatever you pleased, you
savage bastard” and hold him in contempt. My feelings were quite complicated.
 In any case, I had already achieved my objective so I thought “well,
whatever” and without saying anything, I closed the door.

 ……The figure of him sleeping contentedly was strangely burned into my

eyes as I left.


「Lidiana-sama!! Are you alright!?」

 I boarded the waiting carriage and rode to the mansion in a rush. As soon as
she saw that I had arrived Marianne rushed over with enough force to tumble

「I’m sorry, I made you worry.」

 Feeling guilty about making her anxious, I apologized. With a sleep

deprived face, she smiled and replied: “It seems you’re fine.” That man refused
to let me go after one round and thanks to that Marianne was troubled.

 Thinking about having lied to such a sweet girl and even getting her to
collaborate with my scheme made my heart ache.

 I apologized to Marianne once more, and lied again, telling her that nothing

 Then as I had planned, I stayed over at Marianne’s until just before noon
before returning to my own estate.

 Returning to my mansion, I was extremely pleased that I was able to carry

out everything according to my plan.

 Father had gone to the castle and had yet to returned.

 He would likely return before dinner time, so the time until then would be
the battle.

 I was to tell him that I was no longer a virgin, therefore, my marriage with
the Crown Prince would be impossible.
 If asked about who my partner was, his face had been covered with a mask
so I wouldn’t be able to respond.

 Father also wouldn’t think of causing me any unnecessary shame, probably.

 After promptly annulling the engagement, I expect that next time he would
bring me a more suitable proposal.

 Such a good idea, why hadn’t I thought of it earlier?

 I became exhilarated at the thought of my future without the Crown Prince.

 ”Crown Princess” could go eat shit. Such a thing, give it to someone who
wants it.

 I want to marry someone who would love me and me alone.

 I absolutely refuse to be just a woman among many, and I’d hate a life
where I was bound by duty and unable to move as I want. There was no silver
lining in marrying the Crown Prince.

 Thinking that after long years I would finally be freed from this agony, a
deep emotion filled my heart.

 While glowing with self-satisfaction, I heard the flurried sounds of servants

moving about.

「Father? Has he returned already?」

 Whispering that to myself, I denied it. No, it was much too soon.

 But, after the door opened loudly, the voice calling for me was without a
doubt my Father’s.

「Lidi!! Lidi!!」

 While I had questions about my Father’s unusually urgent voice, I thought I

should receive him and saved my concern for later.

 Descending the large staircase in the center, I approached my Father in the

entrance hallway.
「Welcome home, Father. You seem to have returned considerably early.
Has something happened?」

 Delivering the line just as I was taught, I gave my greetings.

 When I raised my face, I met the eyes of the person behind my father and
immediately stiffened.

 He had medium length golden hair with loose waves and long, slitted
turquoise eyes. His features were well put together and he possessed a
frighteningly graceful appearance capable of charming anyone.

 Noticing me, his face broke into a cheerful smile.

 In contrast, my face hardened. I was aware that my smile had frozen along
with it.

 Why in this sort of place……

 Even though I had never met him, with just his defining traits anyone would
be able to trecognize him. The special features of the Wilhelm royal family
males were blonde hair and blue eyes. He was……

「Lidi, because he wanted to meet you, His Highness the Crown Prince
expressly made his way to my residence.」

 My Father informed me with his face illuminated in joy.

 ……Honestly, I want to escape right away.

 Just when I wanted to break off the engagement, why did it become this

Thank you very much.

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Chapter 7
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The man standing in front of me while smiling pleasantly was the Crown
Prince. Besides him, with a rare face full of grins was my Father.

 In the middle of the terrific pressure, I could only pull my stiff cheeks into a
cramped smile.

「……His Highness the Crown Prince?」

 With a quaking voice I muttered.

 Lightly nodding the Crown Prince came before me and elegantly kneeled.

 The mantle he wore billowed airily. Seeing the golden embroidery of the
Crest of the Royal Family, I could only grudgingly accept that he was the real

「Greetings beloved princess. My name is Frederic van de la Wilhelm. To

attain this engagement with you at this time truly makes me happy. Thinking
that I should see your honorable face at least once, I’ve arrived like this today
without sending a notice in advance, but I wonder, is it a bother to you?」

 Receiving his greetings, I froze.

 His renowned turquoise eyes were fixed on me.

 For a moment, it felt as if I had seen those eyes somewhere, but after
registering the words he said just now, that sense of deja vu vanished.
 Why would he say that at our first meeting?!

 In our country, only in proposing marriage would a man tell a woman his
full name, even in a house where the engagement partners decide that a proposal
isn’t necessary.

It’s gotten to the point where an official ceremony existed just for the
exchange of names prior to the wedding. Names were regarded that highly.

 Just now this man, without a doubt, had announced his full name to me.

 I was engaged to him but even though the ceremony has yet to come, he
had already revealed his name to me. I could only think that it was to implicate
and make it known that he assents to this engagement.

With a bad feeling, I looked to my side where Father stood trembling, moved
with deep emotion.

 ……This is bad.

 I had intended to break off the engagement but I couldn’t understand why
the Crown Prince had rushed over here first thing, or what he was thinking.

 If I could, I would speak my mind without holding anything back about that
matter, but it wasn’t something to be spoken about in front of the servants and
everyone else.

 Someway or another I had to get alone with my father then skillfully

smooth things over with the Crown Prince.

 While I was calculating many things in my mind, my Father began to pester

me from the side.

「Lidi, Lidi!!」

 I became aware of Father’s impatient voice.

 It seems like he wanted me to give a reply in regards to the Crown Prince’s
disclosure of his name.
 If one wanted to consent to the proposal, one would likewise name
him/herself in return. In the case of a refusal, depending on where someone was
from and whoever was in their family, they would name themselves differently
using their family names.

 That was the theory, but as expected it would be bad not to name myself in
this situation.

 When I checked my surroundings, I realized that the servants were also

examining me excitedly.

 Don’t even mention Father. His gaze bore into me with extreme vigour.

 ……I understood that there was no place for refuge.

 I resigned myself and plastered on a smile. ……Albeit, a strained one.

「……’A bother’ you said. It is no such thing. It’s an immense honor,

Crown Prince. I am called Lidiana von Vivouare.」

 For the time being I judged that rejecting him now was impossible so I let
etiquette take over and named myself in return as I held out my right hand.

 Anything less wouldn’t have been permitted. ……Especially with Father


 Accepting my words, the Crown Prince dropped a chaste kiss to the back of
my extended hand.

 That gesture was overly sweet to the point where it was unpleasant.
Looking at it from an outsider’s perspective, he was just like the princes from
stories I’d read in my past life. Ah, he’s a real Prince, isn’t he.

 Anyhow, because of this rite-like motion, the engagement had been

completely established.

「Thank you. Please refer to me as Freed, Princess Lidiana. May I call you

「Yes, please do as your Highness wishes.」

 At any rate I had no right to decline. He could call me whatever he wanted.

 ……But I refuse to call the Crown Prince by a pet name.

 I don’t know if he’d guessed my sentiment, but the Crown Prince stood and
gave a small chuckle.

「Are you shy? Lovely Lidi. It’s fine for now, but eventually, please call me
‘Freed’ in that cute voice of yours, ok?」


 Corny!! So corny!!

 I’m hit with a strong urge to retract my hand.

 The Crown Prince’s beautiful appearance along with the lines he had just
uttered suited each other extraordinarily.

 But just because it suited him didn’t mean that I would like it.

 ……It’s no good, he and I just aren’t compatible. We lived in totally

different worlds.

 It was regretful but as expected, I had to move towards the immediate
cancellation of the engagement with the Crown Prince.

 To begin with, I was already a woman with sexual experience so my

qualifications for marrying the Crown Prince was already determined.

 Even if it was deliberate.

 I didn’t even think that we would exchange names in such a place so that
was a failure on my part.

 I’m sorry, Father, Crown Prince.

 But even I have things I won’t give up.

 I looked over at my father sharply.

 Afterwards, in an effort to entertain the Crown Prince, Father would no
doubt lead him to his esteemed parlour room.

 In order to prepare myself, I would have to return to my own room.

 At that time, I will confess the truth to my father.

 He could then explain the situation to his Highness and have him comply
with cancelling the engagement.

 This was the only method left.

 After I had decided that, the Crown Prince once again interfered with my

「Prime Minister, I wish to speak with Lidi alone. Is that not permittable?」

 The Crown Prince said the words in a gentle yet firm tone. From that,
anyone could tell that refusal wasn’t an option.

 There was something about that tone that was familiar. However, this
wasn’t the time to worry about something like that so I quickly disregarded it.

 Of course, Father wouldn’t object.

「Why, certainly! Then, to where would you like to be guided? If it’s my

estate’s parlour room, I believe that your Highness would not be

「I would like to see Lidi’s room.」

The Crown Prince promptly ignored my father’s suggestion.

 Wait a minute, my room!? So he’s saying that he wants to go into an

unmarried woman’s room?

Initially, what he said sounded completely absurd, but upon further

reflection, I remembered that he and I were both recognized by our parents and
considered to be officially engaged.

 I realized that as long as he had Father’s permission, there wouldn’t be an


 Refuse!! Refuse him, Father!! You must show him your prized parlour

「Is that so? Then as your Highness wishes…… Now then, Lidi. Be sure to
remain courteous to the Crown Prince.」

 Father had seen my prayer-like behaviour, but that guy quickly gave way to
the Crown Prince.

 I knew this would happen, but I couldn’t help resisting it a little.

 But once it came to this, I had no option other than to nod.

「……Yes, Father.」

 I had bowed and nodded like a lady but inside, a storm was raging.

 What should I do? What could I do?

 My initial plan of confessing to my father and having the family circle
break off the engagement fell apart the moment the Crown Prince arrived at my

 My plan to have my father directly reveal the situation to the Crown Prince
and cancel the engagement was crushed before it could be put into practice.

 I couldn’t afford to spend any more time on this.

 It was only a matter of time before the date of the wedding is decided and it
turns into something irreversible.

 Then what could I do?

 While leading the Crown Prince to my personal quarters, I desperately

wracked my brain.

 However, why did the Crown Prince decide to agree to the engagement
with me?
 Judging by his behaviour since before, it didn’t look as if he was unwilling.

 I didn’t know why, but it strangely seemed as if he was eagerly anticipating


 The only merit to marrying me would be having my Father backing him,

but from the rumors it didn’t seem as if he was a person who needed it.

 No matter how I much I thought, I couldn’t understand a lick of it, so I

stealthily let out a sigh.

 The Crown Prince, who was walking beside me, heard it.

「To sigh like that, is there something wrong, Lido? Such a distressed
expression does not suit your beautiful face. Please smile.」

「Your Highness……」

 The words ”I was worrying about how to cancel this engagement with
you!” were lodged in my throat.

 I frantically told him that there was nothing wrong in response and guided
him to my room.

 Inviting the Crown Prince into my room, I left the door slightly open as
according to the rules of court conduct.

 A lady would not be as thoughtless as to pass the time with a man in a

locked room. ……For outward appearances.

「This is my room. There isn’t anything particularly interesting here,


 The Crown Prince and I sat face to face on the large sofa inside my room.

「No, just the thought that Lidi spends her life here, it’s of great interest to

「……Is that so.」

 While replying to the Crown Prince who was happily observing his
surroundings, I considered my next move.

 But in the end, I couldn’t think of anything so I gave up on it.

 ……This is enough. I’ll tell him directly.

 If he wanted to call me a loose woman, then he could call me whatever he


 It was much better than keeping silent and going along with the marriage,
only for it to be discovered on our first night.

 Conveniently, right now we were alone. I’m thankful that it would only be
the Crown Prince who would hear my confession.

 I haven’t conversed with him much, but he seems like a gentle person.
Maybe the Crown Prince would accept the nullification quietly and it would all
be over with that.

 Yes. I felt that that probability seemed likely. Actually, wasn’t it quite high?

 The more I had thought about it, the more my conviction, that this method
would be for the best, grew.

 If I had thought about it normally I would’ve realized that it wasn’t, but
with the continuous occurrences that led to this situation my head had

 I didn’t notice that I was in no condition to be making any composed


 I ordered the maid to bring tea, and she bowed her head and left to room to
prepare it.

 Now!! There was only now!!

 Motivating myself, I stood up.

「Yo……Your Highness!!」

「What is it, Lidi?」

 Although I had been immodest when I had stood up frantically, the Crown
Prince’s courteous response did not falter.

 As expected.

「I……I have something important to say to your Highness!!」

 The anxiety was too much, so I stumbled awkwardly.

 While the Crown Prince was expressing an archaic smile, he encouraged

me to continue.

 It’s going well!! If it’s now, then I can say it!

 Let’s go, Lidi!! For the purpose of grasping my future!!

 I gulped in a large breath and resolved myself. I opened my mouth.

「I, I cannot marry you, your Highness!!」

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Chapter 8
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 The passing silence was painful.

 Unable to endure it I looked down, and while staring this direction the
Crown Prince did not say anything for a while.

「……Can I hear the reason?」

 Hearing the calm voice, I lifted my face.

 The Crown Prince continued to look this way with a smiling expression.

 ……This, could it work?

 While raising a fist in my mind, I firmly nodded.

[TL: fist as in a guts pose/fist pump]


 Turning towards the Crown Prince, I slid onto my knees in apology.

「First of all, my Father knows nothing of this matter. Speaking about this
with your Highness is my first. This may be selfish of me to ask, but please
don’t hold my Father in contempt for this. ……If something happens, then I
will bear all responsibilities.」

 This situation was completely due to my selfishness. If possible, I didn’t

want to give any trouble to my Father. He was that kind of person, but he truly
cared for me.

 If I had to bear the responsibility then I will carry anything.

 Having appealed directly to the Crown Prince like this, I had to have at
least this much determination.

 Staring at the Crown Prince with determination in my eyes, he slightly


「It’s an exaggerated talk, but so be it. From henceforth, this conversation

shall be kept between you and I.」

「Thank you very much.」

「And? Saying you can’t marry, what do you mean?」

 I felt grateful towards the Crown Prince who had taken an earnest posture
to listen.

 As according to rumors, he was a good person, and in the depths of my

heart, I felt slightly regretful that it had come to this.

 ……Even so, I didn’t have one thought of wanting marry him.

 Polygamy, that laid everything to waste.

「It’s a little embarrassing, but I do not possess the qualification to marry

your Highness.」

「Qualification? You are the daughter of the foremost Duke, our ages are
suitable and you’re beautiful. Above all, I desire you. I don’t believe there are
any problems to be had, though?」

 ……Saying he wanted a woman who he’d never even met, he speaks well.

 Really, what about me has pleased you so?

「You jest, Highness. I do not possess such value. It’s inexcusable towards
your Highness, but I……that is……」

 It was extremely difficult to say.

 But the Crown Prince sensed what I had wanted to say.

「……Perhaps, you are no longer a maiden. Is that what you’re saying?」

 The Crown Prince had pointed out what I couldn’t say, and with relief I

「Yes. I’m very sorry, but truly I had thought to take the opportunity of
when my Father came home and discuss this matter with him. Even though I
do not have the qualification to marry your Highness, to name myself in front
of you was my error. Really, it can’t be pardoned. I will receive any

 Dispirited and I cast my eyes downwards, and “that was close”……I heard
a voice saying such things.

 Did I mishear? Thinking that, I raised my face and the Crown Prince made
a declaration where objection would not be permitted with a smile.

「There is no need to worry, it’s not a problem at all.」


 Without thinking, I asked in return.

 There was no way I didn’t need to worry about it.

 It was a matter of course that the royalty seeked undefiled maidens for
marriage partners.

 For some reason my side was the one frantically appealing.

「Your Highness, all the same it would not do. My virginity was primarily
meant for your Highness. Because it’s become impossible to do so, it’s only
right to break off this engagement.」
「That’s why, with just that as the reason, there exists no motive to annul
our engagement.」

 The Crown Prince and my conversation weren’t meshing.

 I didn’t understand one bit of what he wanted to say.

 I told him clearly that I wasn’t a virgin.

 It was a conversation where all he had to do was quickly announce that the
engagement was void and then retreat from this place.

 If he did that, then I would be cleared a free woman.

 At last, I would be able to think about having a reasonable marriage.

「Your Highness!!」

「The engagement will not be cancelled.」

 I was irritated at the Crown Prince, even though I had told him clearly.

 Even though I didn’t intend to, I raised my voice.

「And why is that!? I’m saying I’m no longer a virgin. For marriage, the
royalty demand for a virgin above all else. You should understand this to much
more of an extent then me!!」

 After finally losing it and exploding, the sound of a suppressed laugh

escaped the Crown Prince.


 What did he mean by suddenly laughing.

「Is there something strange!!?」

「Sorry sorry.」

 Saying that, the Crown Prince stood and circled around in my direction.
 I was suspicious of what he might do, but he stood me up and embraced

「Highness, what are you–!?」

「Ahh, I’ve finally caught you.」


 Hugging me tightly, he released a long sigh above my head.

「That’s why I said it’ll be fine. Didn’t I tell you I would take responsibility
numerous times? ……Your virginity was definitely taken by me, so there is no
problem anywhere. More than anyone else, I am sure of that. I won’t let
anyone complain.」

 To the change of his tone, my blood ran dry.

 Just now, what did the Crown Prince say? 『Taken by me』was what he
said, right?

「How cruel. When I woke up, I thought to propose to you and bring you to
the castle. But you promptly left me and returned home. I was supposed to be
embracing you but somehow it had turned into a pillow……Right? Diana.」

 To his flirtatious glance and his charming voice that made me recall love
affairs, I thought my heart would stop.

 Certainly, it was a voice I remembered hearing.

 Diana’s partner, Apollo; calling him like that until this morning, I
remembered even if I didn’t want to.

 Speaking about it, since before I had been feeling a sense of deja vu.

 Why did I choose to ignore such an important thing.

 It hadn’t been just my imagination, and finally I realized, it was because he
had been my partner from just this morning.

 Towards I who had lost my voice in shock, the Crown Prince explained that
since he didn’t know my name, searching had taken some time, and bumped
against my forehead with a clunk.


 Finally having spoken that name, the Crown Prince broke into a large smile.

 Confirming, he happily embraced my strongly.

「I would have never thought you would be my own fiancé. What an

oversight. If I’d looked at your portrait when the engagement had been
decided, I would have realized immediately yesterday, though.」

 He didn’t have any interest in his engagement partner, and for that
neglectance to have become his downfall, he told me with a vexed expression.

「At such an evening party, women such as you don’t usually attend. That’s
why I was surprised. In the bedroom, it didn’t seem as if you had an assertive
or playful temperament, so I was wondering what kind of sheltered princess
you would be……」

「……You saw……my face……?」

「Yes, during the time after you came and lost consciousness. You’d been
very wary, and you wouldn’t even tell me your name. Taking a glimpse at your
face before you ran away, I am only more convinced that I made the right
decision at that time.」

 My anger boiled at the man who had easily confessed.

 What a mess. The reason why my mask had been removed was because of
this man.

 Hm? But Apollo’s hair color was certainly black, if I remember……

「Your hair color is different……」

「Ah, this? As expected, if I stayed the same I would be discovered as the

Crown Prince. It’s quite a defining trait, this color scheme. That’s why I
changed the color of my hair using magic.」
 While saying so, he approached my face and dropped a kiss.


「You’re so cold. Even though we had such passionate love making last
night. Hey, why was such a person as you at that evening party?」

 Wanting to separate I struggled, but his prison of arms didn’t budge one bit.

「It’s fine because it was me, but if you had been eaten by some strange
man, wouldn’t the one regretting be you?」

「I’m regretting it with my all right now, though……」

 I glared at him, who was disregarding my futile resistance and continuing to

drop kisses.

 What a misstep, the partner who I’d chosen to give my virginity to was

 But, who would think that the Crown Prince would be at such a place
fooling around!!?

 ……I had long lost my desire to continue my acting.

 Unless I said it clearly, this man wouldn’t get it.

「……I didn’t want to get married to you, so I thought to promptly get rid
of my virginity!! That’s when I thought of the player who didn’t seem like he
would bring much trouble later……」


 Being stared at with a strong gaze, I nearly lost the ability to breathe.

「As expected, that was your objective. ……And in such a manner, you
went along with my invitation. Well, the target seems to have been me, so I’ll
forgive you this time. ……I won’t forgive a second time, though?」

「……The relationship between you and I ended after that. There is no

second time.」
「Don’t want that. Aren’t we officially engaged?」

「That’s why I’m telling you to cancel it!!」

 The moment I said it, the temperature in the room noticeably dropped a few

 The Crown Prince declared in a cold voice.

「……I won’t consent. It’s only natural. The woman I fell in love with at
first sight, is the exact ideal I’ve been searching for this whole time.
Additionally, she is already my fiancé. Such a convenient situation, as if I’d let
it slip past me. ……I definitely won’t let you escape.」

 The feeling of being targeted by a predator revived.

 His eyes, they captured me and wouldn’t let go.

「Ideal, you say……」

「You aren’t aware of the bedroom etiquette of this country, are you? ……
It’s extremely boring established from far before.」

 Curving the corner of his lips, he spoke.


 I tilted my head, not understanding the meaning. Seeing that, the Crown
Prince said, “as I expected.”

「It’s fine not to know. You don’t need it. I like the way you are now.」

「……Did I do something strange?」

「No, you did nothing of the sorts. ……That’s right, I should thank the
Prime Minister for not teaching you of those things.」


 Somehow, it seems I had committed a fatal blunder.

 I don’t know what it’d been, but I understood that it only further propelled
his obsession with me.

「But thinking about it, for the daughter of a front running Duke and for I
the Crown Prince, to not have met each other even once till now, isn’t it

 ”If we had met earlier, surely I would have fallen in love with you,” so the
Crown Prince told me with a hot breath.

 If that was true, then I was spot on with choosing the option to run away.

「In the beginning, it seems the Prime Minister had tried to let us meet, and
truthfully had made various settings. But until now, they had never been put
into practice. I wonder exactly why?」

 ”You know why, don’t you?” He asked, and I nodded inside of his arms that
wouldn’t let me go.

 There was no need to hide it anymore.

「……I knew that Father wanted to make Your Highness into my husband.
I did used every possible method to avoid that.」

「Then, the talk that you’re sickly is also false?」

「I’ve almost never gotten sick.」

 Replying to him with a serious look, while hugging me the Crown Prince
looked towards the heavens.

「I’m beaten, do you really hate me that much?」

「I don’t hate you. I don’t know you, so it’s only natural. I just didn’t want
to marry into the royal family.」

「You don’t want to be married to me?」

 Blue eyes pierced through me. Those eyes wouldn’t permit refusal, but I
didn’t falter.
「I don’t want to.」

「……You’re very direct. Well, it was the same for me until I met you. But
now I can think of no other than you. So give up and become my consort.」

 Holding the sides of my face with both hands, our eyes met and he smiled.

 Such gestures were nice and pleasant, but were impervious to me.

「I refuse……I will reveal to my father that I am without virginity.」

「You want to cancel the engagement with that? Impossible. Because your
partner was your fiancé, me. As according to plan, I will take responsibility for
stealing your virginity and receive you……If you’re going to take out such
measures, then I will certainly inform the Prime Minister so.」


 Sliding his hand to my belly while I shook with anger, and continued his

「Furthermore, I poured a lot of my seed into you last night. Around now,
there might be a small life beginning here. Right? There’s a reason for me to
take responsibility, isn’t there?」

 Towards the Crown Prince who was smiling darkly and had implied the
meaning of not using protection that night, I was astonished.

 That was what he meant by saying he’d take responsibility.

 But I won’t lose in this matter either.

 Warding off the smiling Crown Prince with all my might, I refuted.

「A shame. I had considered such a possibility and properly took a

contraceptive, so it’s a completely needless anxiety.」


 This time the Crown Prince froze up.

「……You used, birth control?」

 Unable to understand his startlement, I affirmed with a yes.

 With an astonished expression, the Crown Prince looked towards me.

「The contraceptive you’re speaking about, is it『Delice’s Secret


「Is there any other? I only have recollection of there being only one
method of contraceptives for women in this country, though……」

 That was certainly the name. It was the name of the grandma who sold me
the medicine.

 She was a pleasant old woman, so after talking to her of my circumstances

she happily sold it to me.

「How did you get it!?」

「Eh……I just normally……Followed the side road.」

「Normally you said!?」

 The Crown Prince shook my shoulders.

「Do you understand just how valuable that is? People can’t even usually
find the witch who sells the medicine!! And you say you got it into your

「Well, it was certainly very expensive.」

 After I mumbled about the price, he focused on me even more.

「You bought it for only that much!?」

「No, I think it was an adequate price.」

 Thanks to that, my savings were mostly air now. I had to begin saving little
by little again.
 Hearing my words, for some reason the Crown Prince was at a loss for

 The moment I thought that, he held his stomach and began laughing.

「Hahahahaha, ahahahahahaha!!」

「Y-Your Highness?」

 Oh no, His Highness broke.

 Thinking that, when I moved a step back to retreat, the other side pulled me
into his arms.

 I looked into the Crown Prince’s eyes, who seemed like he was having fun.

「……It’s my defeat, Lidi. To think that you were able to get『Delice’s

Secret Medicine』. Really, even though you knew nothing of the etiquette
between men and women, you researched all about this, didn’t you?」

「No, because it’s important, isn’t it?」

 In truth, it saved me this time.

 After I replied seriously, he confirmed and nodded countlessly with teary


「……Fufufu. Aah, as I thought you are the best. Marry me?」

「Didn’t I tell you I didn’t want to?」

 The Crown Prince sure is persistent.

「Saying you don’t want to marry into royalty, what exactly is the

 Blinking his turquoise eyes, he enquired. Having been silent to this point I
wondered why, but I obediently told him my reason.

 Towards the Crown Prince who was strangely urging me to elaborate, I
lowered my eyebrows slightly.

「……If it’s not a one-to-one marriage, I don’t want it.」

 ”That’s why it’s impossible,” when I wanted to continue like so, my words
were blocked.

 Because the Crown Prince who was holding me had stolen my lips.

「Nn!! Nnnn……!!」

 Plus it was a deep one with our tongues twined around with all their might.

 Towards that I remembered our affairs of last night, and my body heated up
in an instant.

「……Puha! What are you doing, so suddenly!!?」

 Desperately pushing our bodies away, while breathing haggardly I glared at


 Without seeming like he’d learned, the Crown Prince looked at me

ecstatically while he replied.

「It’s because you said something so adorable……」


「In other words, Lidi is saying you want to monopolize me, right?」

 I’m sorry. Please speak in a way I can understand.

「Of course, if I can have Lidi then I don’t mind at all. If I can get you to
accept our marriage with such a thing, then I will happily renounce my right
towards polygamy.」

 As if fulfilling his cute wife’s wish, he acknowledged with a sparkling full-
throttle smile.

「No, um……」
「Is there more?」

 Urging me to tell him, half desperately I replied.

「The burden of becoming the future Queen is too heavy for me.」

「To the daughter of a forefront Duke as you? We’re speaking of the Prime
Minister, surely he’s had you take such classes since childhood?」

 ……It was exactly that.

「If you can’t do it, then no one can. Don’t worry, I’ll support you……Hey,
give up and become mine?」

 One by one he tore down my excuses and cornered me.

 It couldn’t be helped that I felt scared of the Crown Prince’s smile.

 Before I noticed, I had been driven to the wall.

 Losing my escape routes, once again I was slowly embraced.

 My reasons had already lost all meaning.

 If I nodded now, I would definitely never be able to run away from this

 That’s what my instinct told me.

 Even though I wanted to escape, the arms around me only grew stronger
and wouldn’t budge at all.

 I didn’t like that I almost thought that this felt a little nice.

 Why, why did it turn out this way?

 Even though I said so much that I didn’t want to become Crown Princess,
and had begged him so……。

「I-I don’t love you, Your Highness.」

「For now, but in the near future I will definitely make you say you love

「No thank you.」

「Don’t worry about it, I’ll only do it because I want to.」

 Saying so, he buried his face at the crook of my neck.

 A small pain ran through me, and I realized he was sucking with great

「W-what are」

「Hm? Marking.」

 ”I have to tell everyone in your surroundings that you belong to me.”

 Saying that with a satisfied smile, a shiver ran down my spine.

「I love you, Lidi. I definitely won’t let you go, so be prepared alright?」

「No way. I don’t want to marry.」

「Even though we’re already engaged? How stubborn.」

 While being hugged strongly, I desperately denied the Crown Prince’s


 While feeling that I was in a bad situation, only the impending danger of
me nodding once and it was over moved me.

 He laughed merrily.

 Noticing the hands that had circled around began to move indecently, I

「I absolutely refuse to become your consort!!」

Thank you very much.

This is it of Lidi’s POV for the time being.

From the next onwards will be of the Crown Prince’s.

Chapter 9
Source: Red Lantern Archives


Sorry to keep you waiting.

To think, it surpassed 3000 bookmarks.

Really, thank you very much.

 ――――Just what meaning was there in this conduct.

 I am already sick of it.

 21 years ago, with the position of this country’s Crown Prince and with an
appearance that could be said to want nothing more, I was born.

 From king training to swordplay lessons, even in magic there was nothing I
was weak at, if I tried to do something then the results would come.

 Watching over me as such, everyone praised me as the ideal Crown Prince.

 I myself made efforts to become so, and behaved myself to appear so.

 『Flawless Crown Prince』

 That was the evaluation I received from society.

 Good grief, it was an absurd talk.

 Even I had one or two worries.

 It was a worry I couldn’t really tell others, but I had a sexual disposition
that was much stronger than most people.

 I could pass over it while diffusing it with something else, but it was rather

 Furthermore if I just ignored it my concentration would suffer, and it would

affect the control of my magic. Since I had confidence in my control, I took quite
a shock.

 Moreover it one-sidedly got worse year by year. At the same time the power
of my magic also rose, but in return controlling it became more difficult. This
year, the effect finally began to show it’s influence my offensive magic.

 ――――As expected, this was bad.

 For I who led the army and battled often, dragging out a situation where I
lacked my powers of concentration was not desirable in the least.

 I had to do something, while thinking so and researching ways to reduce my

sexual desires, I heard that the witch who dealt with the one and only women’s
contraceptive, was selling a medicine with just that purpose.

 I heard that it she overcharged an outrageous amount of money, but who

cared about that.

 To carry on in this situation was worse. If I could do something, then I

didn’t care if I had to use and abuse everything that I owned.

 Desperately hoping, I tried to make contact with that witch but it didn’t go
well, and in the end I was unable to even meet her.

 Unable to meet with the witch, my way became dark.

 Now that things came to this, rather than decreasing the sexual desire, I
sought to vent it out, but my methods were limited.

 It was often said, but if I dealt with it by myself, on the whole I was left
quite unsatisfied.
 Though saying so, I wanted to avoid calling women to my room.

 Since I was young, I had already become fed up with women competing for
my favor.

 Greatly perplexed and without a choice, I called out the knight captain who
was my best friend since childhood for a confidential consultation.

 Having grown up together since young, he was the second son of a ducal
family and was aware of my circumstances to a degree.

 After discussing about my predicament and pondering for awhile, he

proposed that I vent it out at the evening party.

「Evening party?」

「Right. Although saying so, it isn’t just a simple evening party. Do you
know of masquerade balls, Freed?」

「I know of them, but……」

 While putting on a mask and hiding their social status, they would enjoy the
ball; that seemed to be the intention.

「There, it’s fine if you call out to young noble ladies. Only people of
certain statuses are allowed to attend, so you can have peace of mind of that
person’s background, and over there it’s manners to not inquire anything
about the other party. If you change that conspicuous hair color and don a
mask, nobody would consider that you’re the Crown Prince.」

「……Sleep with women, you say.」

 I involuntarily sighed.

 If it was possible, I wanted to avoid that.

 To I who was making an unenthusiastic and difficult face, knight captain
Gregor (I referred to him as Glen) spoke to me.

「Even though you say that, going out onto the battlefield with your
concentration ability impaired and then having something happen to you is
worrisome. It can also be said your magic is our army’s trump card. You
weren’t able to find that aforementioned witch, and since it’s become that way,
the actions you can take are restricted. I don’t recommend a brothel, and I am
also opposed to the method of inviting women.」

「That’s why, the evening party, you say……」

 I stared at Glen with clear bitterness.

「It’ll be fine even if you’re worried. I’ve heard good things about the
masquerade ball, but there’s no doubt it’s a place where men and women
gather seeking that one night of excitement. At such a place, it’s standard to
not make future troubles for both parties.」

「……Such a place exists, the world is also near the end.」

「But without it, there wouldn’t be a reason to expressly hide one’s face and
gather. In the end, the masquerade ball is only the superficial reason.」

「Having the reality of this country’s dishevelled customs shoved into my

face, as a person of the government it makes it hard for me to answer, you

 To my sarcasm, Glen made a sullen face while replying.

「I’m of the same opinion. However, this is the simplest and most reliable

「I can’t get motivated at all…… Especially on the matter where I have to

embrace women who I don’t even like.」

 Even though my sexual desire was strong, it wasn’t as if I wanted to

indiscriminately breed.

 Even though I was in this situation, I never thought of expressly sleeping

with a woman I had no feelings for, and if possible I wanted to avoid the act
itself. To be frank, I don’t like women.

 But, it wasn’t as if there were any alternatives left.

 I couldn’t find the witch, and the situation was urgent.

 There was an indication that the army would be called to dispatched soon as

 I was extremely reluctant, but without a choice, I frequented the

masquerade ball whenever I had spare time.

 You’d think that by frequenting the masquerade ball, my problem would be

resolved, but as expected, things wouldn’t work out that easily.

 I easily led them to bed. My objective was merely to diffuse my lust, I

invited women with light discussion and jumped straight into sex.

 That was fine and all, but nonetheless an unbearably intolerable feeling was
left inside me.

 Bue even so, there was no other methods.

 Certainly, sleeping with women more or less calmed down the sexual
desires I was unable to deal with by myself. There was meaning to it.

 Helpless, I tried to think of it more positively.

 Since I had no choice in the matter, I thought we might as well enjoy

ourselves together.

 Thinking so, I thought of doing many things in the bedroom, but it was
difficult to achieve outside of imagination.

 In this country, there were nuisances called『Etiquette between Men and
Women』and『Manners of the Bedroom』.

 It was referred to as the common sense of our country’s nobility, and in
most cases, it was taught from parent to child when they began to become aware
of the opposite gender.

 If I had to explain it simply, it was present when courting ladies at the
evening party, and it also influenced the methods of sexual intercourse.
 In this country, with the exception of marrying into royalty, virginity was
not important at all.

 Perhaps for that reason, the romantic affairs between men and women were
quick in reaching physical relations.

 At any rate, it was because in my country’s『Etiquette between Men and

Women』, women were to strive to be『ladylike』and to know『shame』.

 For example, the evening party’s rule was like this.

 Ahh, it’s only a rule applied to invitations made at the evening party, so
please keep that in mind.


 It’s decided that the one to start the conversation should be the male. Before
you strike up a conversation, make eye contact with the female you’re aiming
for. If she averted her gaze, then you should consider it to be hopeless and resign

 If the OK signal of precise eye contact resulted, then that meant they
permitted you to initiate a conversation with them.


 The contents of the conversation should mainly be praising the female.

 If you displayed your enthusiasm for as long as possible and they approved
of it, they would be inclined to feel delighted. While in the middle of
conversation, if they shook their head, or if they escaped then that was the signal
for rejection and you would then say your partings and retire without a fuss.


 Lastly, and only in the case that you’re ably to continue the conversation,
you were permitted to invite them afterwards.

 Of course, it was perfectly fine to continue discussing like normal.

 In any case, as long as you reached this point and the female wasn’t
unwilling, after having an enjoyable discussion and exchanging information, you
were able to do as you pleased.

 However, inviting them to a separate room, in other words inviting them to

the bedroom, there was yet another rule.

 Inviting indirectly in the most roundabout manner was virtuous.

 Here, the woman would reply by either nodding or shaking her head.

 If she nodded, then it was finally considered a success. It would progress to
escorting the woman to a separate room.

 Thus concludes the basic rules of courting women at evening parties, but
generally speaking the woman is on the receiving end.

 Since it’s a country where the ratio of women were few, it was probably a
rule made with the intention of confirming the woman’s will over and over
again, but it was very troublesome.

 If you exhausted your words and all that came back was a silent nod, your
eagerness would become dampened. In my case, I was only looking for a one
night stand to relieve myself, so it was a very bothersome time spent.

 , in regards to『Manners of the Bedroom』

 Even in the bedroom, women were sought to be『submissive』and

to『have shame』.

 Just by saying this it was easy to comprehend, but in any case they lacked

 If I were to start a kiss, I would be the only one giving. If I repeatedly
caressed them, they would only gasp.

 They were completely passive. They were taught that way, so it was only

 Even during insertion I could say the same thing. After spreading their legs,
it was only inserted in the predetermined default position.

 When I thought to be even a little more positive and to enjoy myself, I

knew of the manners but I wanted to attempt various positions, so there were
times I tried to put them into practice. However, according to the women’s
common sense it appeared to be unthinkable and brutish, and when I attempted
to flip them over and enter, each one of them screamed in protest.

 Humoring them back into a good mood afterwards was difficult, so ever
since then I maintained a monotonous and proper sex routine……。

 Fed up, I once asked Glen if such dull sex could be enjoyed, and was asked
if there was a problem while mystified in return.

 He didn’t seem to have much dissatisfaction.

 ……Was I the strange one?

 At any rate, because it continued in that trend, without being able to at least
enjoy sex in a clear cut manner, I fell into a situation where my frustration piled
up in reverse.

 It completely became a job of spitting out my desires, indifferently

embracing women and leaving after the deed was done. As those days continued,
I who originally didn’t like women now became disinclined to even touch them.

 Even though my sexual desires became more favorable, it was a hard fact
that my mood was not getting better.

 After sleeping together, I naturally didn’t feel the need to go out and meet
them the next morning.

 Taking into consideration my sexual desire, I was able to continue for

numerous times, but I was never in the mood to.

 I wasn’t enthusiastic from the beginning. After releasing once, my mood

cooled further. I never thought of doing it once more.

 Even though I slept with them that way, it seemed my reputation among the
women was favorable, and before I knew it without doing much they would
meet my eyes with a smile, and would tempt me to bed with trivial words. I
wasn’t troubled over partners for the night.

 But, I wouldn’t sleep with the same woman twice.

 It might’ve be cold, but I didn’t them to form feelings towards me.

 Those gloomy days continued.

 My feelings of enjoyment became quiet and inconspicuous, and I began to

wonder why I was doing this. I attended the evening party with the feeling of
meeting my quota and embraced and slept with women as if it were an
occupation, they were just days of me performing my official duty. I lived each
day monotonously.

 I thought I would go crazy.

 ――――Let’s stop, I finally came to this conclusion.

 Honestly, I was sick of it.

 I didn’t feel like humoring women who I didn’t even like, and there were
days when I felt like vomiting just from the scent of a woman.

 Was there such a need to release my lust to this degree?

 Having my sexual desires pile up was difficult, but the times I when I
couldn’t bear it anymore and deal with it myself was much more preferable.

 One more time.

 This time, I needed to search for that witch more seriously. This time, I
would split the grass to find her.

 Since I had already contacted them to inform my attendance, I couldn’t be

absent from the next evening party.

 But, that would be my last.

 I feel bad towards Glen who was only thinking of me, but I won’t embrace
women anymore. I don’t even want to.
 I’ll just greet the organizer and return home immediately, and then return to
my former lifestyle.

 Thinking so, I felt unusually refreshed.

 It seems to have been quite burdening to me.

 Noticing myself, I laughed mockingly at myself.

 Like that, just when I thought I recovered my former self.

 ――――The king of this country, my Father, summoned me.

The opening movement for now.

The main story will start next time.

Thank you very much.

I’ve uploaded a side story in gratitude. It’s short, but please check it out. (I
haven’t translated it yet, so don’t get your hopes up…)
Chapter 10
Source: Red Lantern Archives


「Engagement, you say?」

 Called to an audience, the word that came out was expected in a sense.

 My fiancée had yet to be decided even now, so he must’ve been worried
about his unsteady son.

 I could understand my father’s sentiments.

 The royalty around me were getting betrothed one after another and in the
middle of deciding their marriages, being able to do as I pleased until now was
honestly more of a shock.

 It’s a debt collecting of years on end.

「Yes. It’s not right for the Crown Prince to be unmarried forever. It’s about
time for you to take an official fiancée.」

 Taking notes in a position lower than my scowling father was the Prime
Minister. For some reason, his mood seemed to be good.

 I could understand from just that.

 ……It was likely that my partner was his daughter.

 For years he had pleaded to make his daughter into my consort, but it seems
like Father has finally granted it.

「……The Prime Minister’s daughter?」

 When I asked confirmation he nodded.

 In any case I knew I would get engaged sooner or later.

 Marriage was part of the royal obligation, and if it were a partner my Father
approved of then I had no room for objection.

「I understand.」

「……Freed. If there’s someone you like……」

「Such consideration is unnecessary. Father. For my obligation and for the

benefit of this country, it’s better the more superior my wife-to-be is. If Father
has decided so, then I will gladly abide.」

 I accepted the betrothal without interest.

 I was sick of women. Any one of them were the same. If that was the case
then it was better for me to accept the advantageous partner that Father decided
for me.

「I see……I’ll plan the ceremony to be next year. Until then, if your

feelings change, feel free to speak to me.」

「I am grateful towards your generous concern. But that situation will

likely not happen.」

 I bowed deeply and excused myself.

 While returning to my personal quarters I thought deeply.

 This could be punishment.

 To only make it easier for myself, even though I didn’t wish for it I
continued to conduct myself in a scum-like manner.

 I didn’t think things would turn out this way from that, but if I thought of it
as retribution then I could accept this marriage that I didn’t even want.

 If the Prime Minister’s daughter was set as the Princess Consort, then
naturally she would seek to conceive children.
 Wanting nothing to do with sleeping with women at the moment, there was
a great problem in my mood to make the Princess Consort bear a child, but I
couldn’t let the royal blood be exterminated.

 In the case that the I was unwilling to impregnate the Princess Consort, then
in the worst case I would take women into my harem and then limit doing it once
while increasing my concubines until one of them got pregnant, such a situation
might come about.

 ……The inner palace.

 Just by imagining it, my mood worsened and I wanted to vomit.

 No matter how I wanted to drive away my impairment I did something

stupid, and just when I decided to stop sleeping with women at the evening

 I was completely fed up. Towards the possible worst outcome future, I
could only sigh as I was reaping what I sowed.


「Freed, congratulations on your betrothal.」

 When I returned to my office, without delay the first thing I heard was
Glen, who was waiting for me.

 He probably knew of my feelings. While making a complicated face, he

expressed his congratulations.

「……It’s nothing to be happy about.」

 While sitting down in a chair I replied. It was more of an emotionless voice

than I thought.

 I was astonished at myself who lashed out against Glen without thinking.

 I was supposed to have made peace with it, but it seems to have been more
of a shock that I realized.
 After composing myself, I continued speaking. Glen wasn’t the one at fault.

「……Please don’t mind it. I am only fulfilling my obligation as royalty. I

thought it was about time for the matter to be brought up.」


「Please don’t make such a face. It’s something I knew from the start.」

 After I uttered so, Glen’s eyebrows lowered and simply nodded with

 Right now, I probably had an awfully pathetic expression on.

 Even without pointing it out, I knew.

「……Your partner is the daughter of the Prime Minister?」

「Ahh, that’s what they said. He must be happy things are advancing just as
he wanted. He was smiling from beginning to end.」

 While he was a well-known sharp and able person, it was the first time I
saw that Prime Minister with a face full with such glee.

「Speaking of the Prime Minister’s daughter, they mean Phantom Princess,



 I inclined my head to the unfamiliar words Glen spoke.

「What do you mean?」

 Asking if I was unaware, Glen continued.

「Phantom Princess. She’s your fiancée. There’s a rumor that she’s sickly,
so she doesn’t attend most of the evening parties. The Prime Minister also
didn’t want his daughter getting close with other men, I assume. Her
appearance has seldom been seen, so at some point she became known as
 After being told so, I noticed it for the first time.

 Even when speaking of the Prime Minister’s daughter, I couldn’t recall her

 There could only be one reason for that.

「……Come to think of it, I’ve never met her.」

 As the frontrunning Duke and Prime Minister’s daughter, furthermore as

the leading contender to become my fiancée, I should’ve met her at least a
several times until now.

 In actuality, the Prime Minister’s side had arranged for us before. But I
recalled it was always let slip by.

 I didn’t want to meet with women who swarmed around power so I thought
of it as fortunate, but I didn’t pay any other heed to it.

「With the Prime Minister’s daughter? It’s just to the point of hearing
conversations, but I thought that the Prime Minister wanted to make his
daughter into your consort no matter what. To have never met her is

「……Truly, Phantom Princess is utterly fitting for her.」

 Speaking of which, I should be grateful for at least not having to choose a

fiancée from amongst the young noble ladies who trailed behind me and aimed
for my affection. If the day ever came that announced one of those bunch to
become my fiancée, even if it was an order I would have a hard time complying.

「……This might be an excellent direction, unexpectedly?」

「Can you stop your pointless comforting? In the end, she’ll just be the
same as other women.」

 Even saying so, I didn’t have the choice of refusal though.

 If I refused here, then a new fiancée would just be given prospect. One
bothersome event was more than enough.
「……Have you even seen her portrait?」

 Glen offered to find it, but I shook my head.

「No, it’s fine. Since I’ll have to meet her sooner or later, even if I don’t
want to.」


 Having my close friend look at me with deplorable eyes, I smiled wryly.

「I’ve accepted it. It’s not as if a fiancée was forced upon me without my
knowledge. Father also said that if I had a girl I liked then I could refuse……
He said he would wait until the ceremony.」

「Is…that so?」

 Glen’s eyes widened. He probably hadn’t thought that I would be told such

 I lightly nodded in affirmation.

「Just being told that, I was grateful. It’s regrettable, but there isn’t a
woman I think of to such degree.」

「Freed……There’s still time left!!」

 Full of zeal, Glen insisted that it still wasn’t too late.

 To find a woman I loved.

 But even if I was told that, I wasn’t in the mood to do so.

 Everything was already too late.

 Besides, I didn’t think I would be able to love anyone at this point in time.

 I truly felt sorry towards my wife-to-be, but I probably wouldn’t be able to

love her.

 However, I would treat her with great care. Even without love, we would
have to live countless decades together, after all.

「No, it’s fine already. It’s surely because it’s the right time. I was already
getting tired of going to the masquerade ball and since I’ve been pinned in a
corner, I thought to make next time the last……It’s probably heaven’s
guidance that wants me to clean up my surroundings.」

 At that, Glen showed a surprised expression.

 He was also slightly aware that I was at my limit, probably.

 He bowed his head deeply.

「I deeply apologize. If I hadn’t proposed such a foolish thing……」

「Your idea was good, Glen. The problem lies with me. It’s nothing for you
to worry about.」

 In the first place, the one who sought consultation was me.

 Even while being reluctant, the one who decided to put it into practice was
also me.

 Condemning him was barking up the wrong tree.


「Enough of this topic. Even if we discuss it, there’s no benefit.」

 Seeming like he still wanted to argue vehemently I stated words of closure

and concentrated on the documents on my desk.

 Even so, the voice inside my head continued to ridicule.

 ――――Yeah right, what do you mean『Flawless Crown Prince』.

 If that was true, then you wouldn’t be a complete failure right now would

 I thought it was a fitting conclusion towards I, who had been so foolish.

Thank you very much.

time is finally the Crown Prince’s destined meeting(lol)

Chapter 11
Source: Red Lantern Archives


Good evening.

Lidi will finally make an appearance.

 In the blink of an eye days passed, and the night of the last masquerade ball
I decided to attend arrived.

 Mostly out of a sense of duty, I dyed my hair black with magic and slipped
away from the castle and headed towards the venue.

 I hadn’t even reached it, but I couldn’t help already wanting to return home.

 Before entering the venue, while confirming there were no watching eyes I
put on the mask.

 In place of a ticket for today’s event was a distasteful mask with a butterfly

 The golden color sparkled in the light and brought memories of my original
hair color, spiraling my mood into melancholy.

 After paying my respects to those present, it would be over.

 While telling that to myself, I entered the dance hall.

 Since I was a little late the ball had already begun, and I spied men and
women in masks chatting pleasantly here and there.

 I could only think that any of of those faces were similarly covered as mine,
and had trouble restraining the nausea I felt rising.

 The moment they were aware I arrived, amorous glances were sent from
here and there around the hall.

 Wanting to make eye contact. Wanting to be called out to. It was that kind
of unabashed gaze.

 If it was the me from before, I would’ve non-committedly chosen one of

them who I hadn’t slept with before and called out to them. But I wouldn’t do
those things anymore.

 I ignored the gazes I felt and searched for the event sponsors. I knew that
they were the only one wearing a black mask.

 After finishing my greetings, I would return home without delay, just when
I thought that.

 I suddenly saw that girl within the depths of the hall.


 ――――I thought my breath would stop at the impact.

 Even though she wore a mask she was comparably beautiful. Her delicate
figure and her straight posture. Each and every one of her movements were
lovely. The dignified ambience she brought to that place was almost as if her
surroundings were different from the rest.

 In every single meaning she felt out of place at this venue, and she was
alone in that place wearing a silver mask.

 There was no one around her. Of course.

 The space she occupied was the area where people went to take food.

 The people who came to this evening party were mostly people who sought
to have sexual relations with the strangers who attended, so outside of their
purpose they wouldn’t enter that space.
 They were able to obtain drinks from anywhere, and because finding a
partner was more important they all gathered in the hall.

 The area for food and drink was prepared for form’s sake, since this was an
evening party after all.

 At that place with proper manners and having fun enjoying the food,
coupled with her appearance she was unusually conspicuous.

 I had never seen that girl before.

 Essential to my position, once I was involved with someone I could

remember them.

 Even if they hid their face with a mask, from their eye or hair color, their
attire or the build of their body, or their gestures and behaviour, if I compiled
that comprehensive information it was easy to pinpoint their identity.

 But, no matter how I referred to the people I met in those memories, her
figure didn’t exist.

 As if I would be able to forget.

 If I met her once, I wouldn’t be able to forget such an impressing woman.

 I can declare it.

 Probably made from a soft material, whenever she stirred about the girl’s
silver dress glittered in the light. Her long pale brown colored hair that reached
her back further served to adorn her.

 After taking a deep breath, I realized that I was charmed by her.

 As if waking from a dream I suddenly became aware of the surroundings,

and understood that the surrounding men were also conscious of her like I was.
It was only natural.

 They glanced at her here and there wanting to make eye contact with her
somehow, but being engrossed in the food she didn’t even notice those men.
 At that time, having been wholeheartedly focused on eating, the girl
suddenly stopped moving.

 Unbearably curious about her state, as I continued observing she gently

slackened the corners of her lips into a smile.

 How cute……!!

 With such a plain faced smile expressing her joy, I thought my heart was in
a vice grip.

 I couldn’t see her face because of her mask.

 But I felt like that smile from the bottom of her heart greatly jolted
something inside me.

 Watching over her, I was entirely spellbound by her.

 But it seems I wasn’t the only one to see her smile, and I could feel the
presence of the men who saw her approaching closer to her.

 Men other than me were approaching her.

 Just by thinking that, rage boiled from the bottom of my stomach.

 ――――I won’t allow that.

 Reflexively thinking that, I sent the men a restraining look.

 Then, I walked towards her.

 Receiving my gaze, the men stopped their movements at once.

 Without letting that opening go, I hurriedly approached her.

 She didn’t notice me at all.

 She had been enjoying the food to her heart’s content, but as if realizing
something she suddenly raised her face.

 In a panic, she rushed towards the hall.

 We passed by each other for a moment.

 More so than not even wanting to make eye contact with me, I lost my
patience at her who wasn’t even aware of my existence.

 I wanted her to gain recognition of me.

 Those feelings swelled up, and while knowing it was against the rules,
before I knew it I had called out to her.


 Reacting to my voice, she stopped her legs and turned back.

 Meeting eyes with the beautiful amethyst pupils that lay deep within the
mask, I froze for a moment.

 I felt like my heart was jumping and pounding heavily.

「Do you have business with me?」

 Her soft and gentle voice hit against my ears. That voice was captivating.

 Watching as I was perplexed, she didn’t give off such feelings of disgust or
scheming at all towards I who had ignored manners.

 Feeling relieved, I immediately bent my knee.

 No matter what, I didn’t want to let her escape. I thought so instinctively.

 Deliberately creating a charming smile, I spoke as courteously as possible.

「Yes, with you. Good evening, milady. I believe this is the first time I’ve
seen you, but have you attended here often?」

「Good evening. It’s a pleasure to meet you. As you’ve said, tonight is my

first at this Masquerade Ball. I wasn’t familiar with the etiquette, so I escaped
over here. But to know that it is my first time here, you must know a lot. Have
I done anything ill-mannered?」

 Even while saying so, her confidence was fully overflowing.

 She probably never even considered she could make the littlest mistake. I
thought her dignified behaviour was charmingly beautiful, and inferred she was
from quite a high-ranking noble family.

 No matter how I looked at her, she didn’t seem to be the type of person to
come to these sorts of places.

 Once again, I desperately combed through my memories, but I couldn’t find

any information matching her.

「Ill-mannered, nothing of the sort. Your manners are perfect. Not that, but
it is my first time witnessing someone of your caliber of beauty.」

 Making free use of flowery words, I sought to catch her interest.

 Taking her hand, I dropped a kiss. Touching her smooth skin, my body
naturally became heated.

 This was a first for me.

「……You’re skilled. I’m wearing such a mask, you shouldn’t be able to tell
if I’m beautiful or ugly.」

「Even so. Your exuding elegance and your behaviour told me that you are
a very beautiful woman.」

 Perhaps if I wasn’t noticed by her, some other man would have taken her

 Just thinking of it gave me chills.

 I didn’t want to let any other man take her. And above all else, I wanted to
know her better.

 With those feelings, I desperately appealed to her.

 With a girl that I really wished for, I never knew that I could speak words
without end.

 But she took an unexpected development.

「……And? I wonder if it’s fine to ask the reason why you called out to

 In the middle of speaking, she spoke as if to intercept.

 For a moment, I thought she was refusing and chills ran down my back, but
it didn’t seem to be the case.

 With an expression that plainly said it was bothersome and with words to
proceed already, I was filled with wonder.

 Certainly, the one who ignored the rules and spoke to her first was me, but I
never thought she would do the same thing. 

 She was different from all the women I’ve seen until now.

 While looking at her dumbfoundedly, something that was hardened inside

me began to unravel.

「Fufu, you’re a hasty person. I was just thinking that I wanted to know
you a little more in detail, is all. I have no objective other than that.」


 Before I realized it, I began speaking to her in my normal manner.

 I was hesitant she might be uncomfortable with it, but rather she seemed to
show relief instead.

 In a better mood because of that, I began to solicit her with more

 Of course, I was serious. I don’t remember ever having appealed so

desperately to a woman before.

「How harsh. Are you doubting me? I really just wanted to get to know
you……Actually, just before, I arranged a room to rest in. If it’s fine with you,
would you like to continue the conversation there?」

 As expected, was it too direct? Repentance pricked at my heart, but it was
blown away after she slightly nodded. What a relief.

 The moment I thought that, unbelievable words came from her mouth.

「……Indeed. I was also just thinking that I would like to get to know you

 ”Will you allow me to accompany you?”

 Saying that, she looked at me with upturned eyes from behind the mask.

 Even leaving behind my heart that pranced and beat furiously from her
upturned gaze.

 ――――Unbelievable. I didn’t think there was a woman who ignored the

rules to this extent.

 Staring at this unprecedented girl who defied and broke protocol as if

saying it wasn’t needed, for some reason laughter welled inside my heart. She
betrayed me in a good meaning.

 That free spirit as well. Along with her visage, even though I just met her
she fascinated me to no end.

 ――――I had no choice but to consciously accept it now.

 I fell in love with her.

 I was felled by her instantaneously.

 ”Love is something you fall into” was a good saying.

 Even though I had refused love to such an extent, she blew everything away
and swept me off my feet.

 I didn’t even think of leaving that place anymore.

 Some way or another, she had to fall to the same extent as me.

 No, I’ll make her fall.

 ――――I want her. I want her no matter what. She’s the only one I want.

 ……So this was love. Towards the feelings I never felt before, unlike my
usual self I was having fun with it. 

 Contrary to my boiling heart, each part of my mind was cold and clear.

 I won’t let it be for only tonight.

 So that I could have her by my side from now on, I began calculating
legitimate ways to keep her in my grasp with great vigour.

 Even now, I didn’t know her name or her status.

 I couldn’t let her escape in such a situation.

 Suddenly, I noticed the girl shiver. Taking myself back, I prompted a


 I neatly hid my raging heart.

「What’s wrong?」

「N-no, it’s nothing.」

 Inclining her head confusedly, I wrapped my arm around her waist and with
feigned composure I guided her to the separate room.

 I was aware of the women’s disappointed gazes and the men’s envious
gazes directed towards us.

 Too bad for them. You men will never touch this girl for your entire lives.

 With those thoughts, I intentionally shut out those gazes from my


 Touching her, her feeling was tender, and from her a sweet floral scent was

 From her scent my temperature throbbed.

 It rose to an unbelievable degree.

 Allowing herself to be invited to a separate room was to say it was okay to

embrace her.

 If it was for her who I yearned for, then I didn’t care what kind of
monotonous sex it was.

 Wondering what was with me until now who had suddenly changed sects, I
laughed bitterly at myself.

 To bury myself in the person I love, how satisfying it must be.

 The expectations made my heart quake passionately.

 But, it wouldn’t do to lose my head. At least, not until I learn of her


 Instructing myself once again, with her, we migrated to the prepared room.

Thank you very much.

I’ve updated the second side story. Please take a look if you’d like.
Chapter 12
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I was able to update today, somehow. Well, almost……

I will reply to your impressions etc tomorrow.

Thank you for all the applause. Very very grateful.

  The room I brought her to was something the sponsor prepared with that
objective in mind.

 Judging from the characteristics and voice of the sponsor this time, it was
probably Marquis Littenheim.

 Considering his social standing and tastes, I thought he would prepare an

unusual room but I was relieved that it was normaler than I expected.

 In all honesty, I wanted to embrace her in my personal room at the castle.

 But I couldn’t tell her something like that.

 I didn’t have one inkling of letting this chance right in front of my eyes slip
away today.

 Glancing at her appearance, without feelings of fear she looked around the
room with great interest.

 After confirming that, I reached behind me and closed the door.

 With that, I breathed a sigh of relief at having imprisoned her in the room.
 Now she couldn’t run away from me.

 Thinking that I would embrace her just moments away, my whole body
trembled in delight.

 I slowly approached her.

 Wanting to touch her, my hand stretched out instinctively.

 I thought it couldn’t be helped if she thought I was hasty, but she didn’t run

 Having her meekly being hugged in my arms, I breathed in relief.

 I couldn’t help thinking that side of her was also lovable.

 I was spellbound by the tenderly elastic sensation. I was intoxicated by the

scent she gave off herself.

 So hugging the one you loved was something this different.

 The depths of my heart was filled with something warm. At the same time,
my lower half became heated to the point of hurting.

「I’m finally able to touch you……」

 Finally uttering my true intention, I was replied to with an astounded voice.

「’Finally’ you say. I’ve no memory of telling you to wait though.」

 To her blunt manner of speech, I thought this must be her true self.

「Was that your aim?」

「……Well, I wonder.」

 Throwing away her mask of a graceful noble lady she replied and looked up
at me in a provocative manner. With eyes as if wanting to ask “what will you
do?” I was once again captured by her and wryly smiled.

 Everything she did was helplessly pleasant.

 I, who was already wallowing in love with her, could only thinking of
permitting her that tone of voice.

「This is nice. This way it feels like I’m speaking to the real you, and it
makes me happy.」

「……You’re a strange one. This way is easier for me so it saves me some

trouble…… But not too long ago you also changed your way of speaking.」

 I had said what I truly thought, but was met with a dubious expression in

 Even from this trivial exchange, my heart was dancing and my mood was
out of this world.

「Is that so. That was also my intention. Even so I’m actually quite
surprised here, you know? In various ways…… That’s right, replying to the
question you asked before, since the first time I laid eyes on you, I’ve been
badly desiring you. That’s why saying “finally” wasn’t wrong, yes?」

 I brought my lips close to her ear.

 She shivered in response, and feeling good about that I held her tighter.

 Yes, it was a surprise.

 Even for me, there hadn’t been a time I was able to speak in my normal
manner so abruptly.

 I didn’t think I would be able to fall in love in such a short period of time.

 I couldn’t help but want her more and more.

 Like a starving beast, I craved her as if she were my prey.

「……Certainly not. Admiring me while I was wearing a mask? Even I am

not gullible enough to believe such words.」

「It’s not a lie. Even now, I lust for you so badly my body has grown hot.
Such a thing is a first for me…… Yes? You’ve followed me silently up until
now. You aren’t a child anymore. Something uncouth like wanting to leave at
this point, you won’t say it will you?」

 I had no intention of letting her escape now, though.

 I seized her slender jaw.

 While desperately holding back the urge to kiss her then and there, I peered
into her amethyst eyes once again asking to confirm her will.

 I didn’t want to hear any other reply than『YES』.

 While gazing at her with those thoughts in mind, I was once again given an
unexpected response.

「……Yes. I also desire you.」

 Being told that, this time I froze vacantly.

 To process the meaning of her words, I took several needed seconds.

 When I finally comprehended, I felt like I couldn’t be any more

passionately aroused.

 I had thought she was out of the norm, but I never thought she would tempt
me so directly.

 If any other man saw her, they might’ve said she was promiscuous.

 But to me, it only served to further provoke my passion, and was a

rejoiceful thing.

 She timidly looked at my eyes.

 In her eyes only I was reflected. Turning unbearable, I involuntarily cast my
gaze downwards.


 Maybe she thought she had said too much. She called out to me with a
nervous voice, but even so I couldn’t reply to her.

 Because of the immense joy, laughter naturally bubbled up from within the
depths of my emotions.

 Towards I who was in such a state, she leaked out a bewildered voice.

 In a rush I raised my face and explained to her in the gentlest way possible
to reassure her.

「Ah, my apologies. It’s not what you think. It’s because I’m happy…… I’m
glad. I’m very glad.」

「Is that so? ……Ah!!」

 The happiness I felt frankly showed on the surface.

 With those raging mad feelings, I kissed her as if biting.

 To the tender and soft sensation of her lips, it felt as if my reason would
burn away.

 Wanting to feel her more, wanting to know her deeper, I unconsciously used
my tongue and as if prompting her, I licked her lips numerous times.

 As if responding she parted her lips, and having waited for it, I thrust my
tongue into her mouth as if I were plundering.


 While violating the insides of her mouth, I poured in my saliva. Without

hesitating to swallow it down, I was once again stirred up by her figure.

 Exploring her row of teeth, I took and entwined her tongue with mine.

 Even though it was merely saliva, I wonder why it had the taste of sweet

 While enraptured and thoroughly entwining our tongues, as if to respond

her tongue also moved to entangled mine.
 Without being able to understand what happened in that instant, I stopped

 Surprise slowly surged forwards.

 From before until now, no one had ever returned my kiss even once.

 Because that was exactly the『custom』.

 Women were only to receive. That was the established『rule』.

 Even so, like the exchange in the hall from before, she readily skipped over
the rules. Such a woman was scorching to the point of death.

 ……Truly irresistible. I’ve never seen a woman like her before.

 I always thought about it while performing sensationless sex.

 If only there was a woman that would respond to my actions.

 If there was a woman like that, we could enjoy ourselves together, and the
way I said it was bad, but from there love could sprout, and maybe she did exist.

 Just thinking about it was futile, but even so I prayed for it somewhere in
my heart.

 Not only did she exist here, but she was someone who pushed me into love
with the force of a drop kick, so there was nothing else I could do.

 ……It’s no good. I don’t want to let her go.

 I will absolutely get her into my hands, no matter what.

 Strongly resolving myself, I smiled towards her who wore a puzzled face.

 Seeing my expression, I don’t know what she thought, but she fearfully
pushed me away with strength.

 However, in the end it was only a woman’s strength. Such a thing wouldn’t
do anything to me.
 As if embracing her resistance I locked her in my arms.

 And I firmly demanded the continuation to just before.

「……Nnn. Nnn–」

 Tangling our tongues once again, I deeply savoured her.

 Towards her who was desperately responding to my, feelings of love

swelled up without limit.

 I love you, I love you, I love you……More, I want more.

 From those emotions, I indulged in her further.

 No matter how much I kissed her it wasn’t enough.

 Nevertheless I was reluctant when she parted with me, it seems her hips had
given out. Exactly because she couldn’t stand, she clung onto me.

 Feeling glad that she had felt it, I happily carried her in my arms.

 I want to feel her more. I want to divulge in her deepest depths.

 With feelings of impatience, I carried her to the bed.

 I lowered her onto the sheets as carefully as possible, and bent over her like

 Wanting to kiss again, I approached her face……and thought the mask was
in the way.

 I wanted to tear off this tasteless and stupid mask.

 I knew it was breaking the most significant rule of the Masquerade Ball.

 Even so unable forgive this thing that separated us, I took her mask into
hand and said this.

「……Hey, I want to kiss but this mask keeps getting in the way……
There’s no problem if I take it off, right?」

 I felt I wanted to see her bare face, who was staring at me with shock.

 All the same I thought the mask was in the way, but I abandoned the idea at
her firm opposition.

「For what reason do you think this Masquerade Ball is for? It’s
meaningless if one’s face is revealed!」

 If I knew her face, then naturally I would know her true identity.

 There was a part of me that thought that, but even she didn’t like breaking
the rules to this extent. She might’ve also had a reason for not wanting to reveal
her face no matter what.

 There was no meaning if I kept persisting strongly here and let her escape.

 Thinking so I easily pulled away.

 In exchange, proposed this.

「……What a regret. Then, would it be fine to tell me your name at least? I


「I will not, and I have no interest!!」

 I was going to announce myself as『Freed』.

 I also wanted to know her name, but the largest reason was probably that I
wanted to see her speaking my name.

 I wanted her to call my name in her sweet voice.

 My name being called out by her who I love, surely it would be something
special to hear.

 I thought so, but here I was also strongly vetoed.

 Obstinately not wanting to reveal her identity, I thought she might’ve had
some special circumstances.
 If that was the case, then I should temporarily withdraw here. There was
still time.

 She told me to call her as I liked, so I decided to call her『Diana』, the

night goddess of this country, because of the color of her eyes.

「……Do as you wish. Then may I refer to you as Apollo?」

「Diana’s lover, the Sun God Apollo. That’s nice, I like it very much.」

 It may have been unconscious, but by suggesting we be paired my mood

further elevated.

「Diana, my dear. I give my love to you.」

 I want to know her name quickly.

 Not by an alias, but calling her by her real name and telling her my feelings.

 With burning hope I gazed at her, but even so I whispered as much love as

In the end, it became stubborn.

I apologize. R18 will follow.

Thank you very much.

Chapter 13
Source: Imported


[Nn] Giving her my words of love, I tasted her lips once again.

I opened my eyes to look at her, watching her face showing an ecstatic


It seems like she’s pleased. [Nn……Ah……!]

Her sweet voice escapes her lips every time we separate our lips. From just
her voice alone I might just cum. As I tasted her lips to my heart’s content, she
wrapped both of her arms around my neck, wanting more. Pulling my body
much closer to hers. She showed a seductive smile.

[……You’re bold woman.] [……You don’t like bold women?]

Noting my opinions about her, she tilted her head in response. Suddenly, I
thought that she might be uneasy as well. Being so bold at this point, they say a
man would be likely attracted to this.

Maybe she just had a bad experience… Thinking about it, a man knowing
about her other than me, makes me jealous. My guts burned with jealousy when
I think about they know this side of her. I even wanted to kill all the men
involved with her. But for now, I have to ease her uneasiness.

[Being bold is good.]

As I lightly kissed her, hoping this would help her calm down. Making a
difficult face, I cannot help it because she’s too cute.

……I don’t have worry about that.

It is for her, there is no problem even if she is not reacting. Even if I have to
follow the rules according to the『tradition』its fine. After all, with or without
reaction, as long it is her everything is okay.

While talking to her, she quickly relaxes. Unfastening the ribbon, I touched
her breast through the opening.


The feeling of her skin is sucking me in, my mouth loosens to the feel of her
soft and elastic breast. A long breath leaks out of her mouth.

[……Ahh] [Does it feel good?] [Nn~]

She’s too cute nodding meekly, using my finger I moved forward to touch
those peaks. Although I lightly touched it, she reacts sensitively.


I unconsciously whispered aloud. I closed my eyes, wanting her to feel more

pleasure, I nibbled on her soft earlobe. By the tone of her voice she felt good,
when I removed her dress off (?). (TN: I’m going to assume its a 1 piece dress so
he removed everything. When the translation [上半身] is upper body.) A
delectable pink bud sits on center of those round breasts, pert and sensitive (?)
Embarrassed, she turned her face away from me who staring at her.

[…Nn, its embarrassing so please don’t look]

——I give up.

I unintentionally looked up and place a hand on my forehead. (TN: …Face

palmed?) Up till now you were seducing me, now you are saying you’re
embarrassed. Such an excellent destructive power. What does she intend to do to
me. Even though I am still controlling myself.

I breathed in heavily and stared at her. I was aware that my eyes reflected lust
in them.

[……Could you not seduce me further…… when I’m trying to hold back?]
[What are you……Ah!!]
I cannot stand her cuteness any longer, so I nibbled on that delectable pink
bud. She adorably cried out while I was sucking, my felt lower body react. Not
forgetting the other one, I caressed her other breast and played the pink bud.


To her reaction, the corner of my mouth rises up. I sucked faster to hear more
of her voice. Meanwhile, she shook her waist and her breath heavy as she
embraces my head. This kind of gesture is like begging to be loved, my feelings
will naturally respond. To respond t

[Haa……Ahh……Nn……More!!] [You’re feeling it. I’m glad…… How

about here?]

By the way she’s shaking her hips indecently, I could not bear it anymore. I
slide my hands down her thighs. Reaching to that particular spot, I traced her
entrance using my finger, the slimy feeling I felt made me happy.

[You’re wet……] [……That’s because!!]

Despite shyly shaking her head and denying it, she still opened her legs to me.
By presenting her naive self to me is getting more and more arousing, as if she
was replying to me, encouraging me to touch her more through those teary eyes.
…How far are you going to make me fall for you? When I touch her, the more I
don’t understand『common sense』. If this keeps up especially
the『rules』will thrown out the window.

But I could not help it because I find quite pleasant. I sincerely want to fall in
love with her forever.

[Why are you so cute? Unbelievable. There was someone like you…… Fine,
I’ll touch you more]

Even If you hated it, I whispered in her ears. With just that, more of her juice
spilled out of her. It seems like these kind of words, she responds quite nicely. I
want to make her more angry.

I want her to beg for me to move it, to the point she’d go mad. While I thought
of it, I finally inserted my middle finger into her.
I bitterly smile at the tight entrance.

[Tight…… please don’t tighten up]

Even so, I explored her tight entrance. Just adding one finger in, she’s so tight
that I cannot move.

[So tight……]

Still, I tried to find that particular spot watching her for her reaction. She licks
her tongue in response to my movements. (TN: what.)

…… Suddenly, I felt something on the tip of my finger, I froze.

—- Don’t tell me.

My eyes widened at the sudden thought that crossed my mind. It would be too
tight if it was not her first time. I definitely felt it with my finger.

[You’re kidding, right……]

Although evidence is right in front of me, I shook my head in disbelief. I

thought this was not her first time. It was natural to think that way. Who would
be so responsive on their first time?

But right now, definitely…

She opened her eyes, looked at me full of confusion, and uneasily called out


She doesn’t understand what I am surprised about. Anycase, I have to confirm

it. Is what I thought, but I’m afraid to ask her.

[……Diana…… Maybe, is this your first time?] [……yes]

When I asked, her body stiffened. From that response alone, I was right.

The shocking feeling slowly fades away, the feeling of pleasure rises up from
inside me. She was silent. Her eyes full of suspicious towards me, I have totally
given up.
Ahh, she must answer quickly. I want to know the truth straight from her lips.
I stared at her with burning desire.

[……So you understand] [Well]

As I expected, I could not directly look at her due to delight and I shifted my
eyes towards another direction. Thinking that she doesn’t know any guy other
than him, I couldn’t take it. I felt like I was like a teenage brat, who does not
know how to express my feelings for her She answered me hesitantly.

[yes, I am a virgin.]

That definite reply made me really want thank the Gods of this world. What
do I do. I’m happy I could just die now.

As soon as I confirmed she was a virgin, all the questions, everything now
became clear. I didn’t think she was a virgin, so the idea of marrying was
impossible. (TN: wait what.) Is what I thought. At least I could take her as a

Despite the fact that I love her, I don’t a wife who doesn’t think, so I
wondering a while ago if there was any way to cut ties her.

But her being a virgin is a different story. There is only one solution.

Observing her behavior, she would be at least a daughter of a someone with

court rank. If my guess is right, then it must be somewhat of a high ranking.

Because in the today’s ball, the ranks should be only of Earl and above. I’m
positive that her rank is above a Earl. Otherwise, she would be someone related
to a Earl rank family or above.

Gathering all my thought, I nodded.

With such a rank, no one is going to complain if I would make her my wife.
Although I have no choice in the matter, plus my Father said I could choose my
wife. I’m sorry to the Prime Minister’s daughter, but it’s unlikely for her to
receive my love forever. If it’s the Prime Minister, I’m sure he could find
someone else to love her.
Just as I was convincing myself, her fearful voice calls me out of my thoughts.

[……Um, is it troublesome after all?] [Eh?]

……What did she say? I didn’t get it, I looked at her dumbfounded.
Troublesome? Me? Her? There is no such thing as troublesome!!

Regardless of how she accepted my actions, she looked at me guilty. I quickly

tried to smooth things over.

[No, it’s not what you think…… I got used to having non-…… it’s really
unexpected] [It’s genuinely my first time]

I replied [ I know ] seriously . That might be it. If I think about it hard, it

maybe just her natural reaction.

[One doesn’t usually have that kind of reaction…]

I mumbled. Really, if you knew the『tradition』, you would have hesitated

more. She doesn’t even know the basic things about it, how could she have
known a man.
Chapter 14
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Even though I mumbled, it seems it was audible enough to be heard. Fearing

she might ask another question, I continued my movements with my finger that
was in her entrance. She doesn’t have to know.

Of course, her body obediently begins to react. ……Ah, I do need to ask.

[…Hey, your ‘first time’, are you really giving it to me?]

Moving my fingers a bit faster, you can hear the indecent sounds as I
whispered in her ears. Of course, I have no plans of stopping at all. Still, it is
something I need to ask.

Rubbing that little hidden nub, stripping her sense of reasoning I want her to
personally understand.

[If it is not troublesome for you—-Aah!!]

Her eyes began to shed tears as I gave her more pleasure.

[Its fine. Okay, I’ll stroke you more… Troublesome you say, I don’t
understand why it should be. I’m totally happy. In fact I’m honored… but for
a noblewoman like you to give it away don’t you usually have a lover or

I wanted to hear, if she had a lover, or maybe a fiancee. Because being a

virgin, its highly impossible that she would be married. However, it would be
also strange if she did not have any fiancee.

Sure enough, she reacted to the word 『Fiancee』.

.…you do have one. I suppressed the urge to click my tongue.

Still rubbing her, I continued to question her.

[ Fuun.You do have a fiancee. Well, its natural to have one at our age. But,
to invite me to do this…I suppose, things are not going well with your
fiancee?] [……Its none of your business!!]

Although she’s losing herself to the pleasure, surely with the glare she’s
giving me, is something I understand that she was forced into it.

Suddenly, my lips arched into a smile. …I see, if that is the case, I can freely
have you right? Nonetheless, even if you do have a lover I will not give you up.
In short, the one who had made an official bond with her is the winner*

With that point, I have special method to do that. An inescapable method that
will forever tie a bond between me and her. I decided to use that method, with no
hesitation. She is the only I want. It will forever stay that way. That’s why, for
her I will use it. I simply thought of it as if it was natural.

I don’t know if there is anyone else. If she runs away, then that’s the end of it.
No matter what, even she hates it I will tie her to me, by leaving a proof. A kind
of proof she will never escape from. After the effort of doing so, I’ll slowly ask
her after. There are no second chances.

[ I see. Then there’s no reason to hold back. Thank you for allowing me to
have your ‘first time’]

Now that everything is settle, I feel quite comfortable. What’s left is to fully
enjoy her.

By increasing my fingers inside of her from 2 to 3, she happily cried out.

[じゅぶじゅぶ] It’s the sound of my fingers moving inside of her.

[Amazing. Did you know I have 3 fingers in? Also you’re getting very wet
too you know? Do you feel good?] [Nn!!….Good. Too good!!]

Hearing her moans, I realized that up ’til now I never have been so hard and
aroused. Quickly, I want to be inside her soon. On the other hand, I want to
watch her lose control even more. I came up with a good idea.

Aah, just thinking about it makes it me more excited. Following my

imagination, I regretfully removed my finger from her. Her eyes filled with
discontent, begging to bury my fingers into her again immediately.

[.….…Why did you take it out?]

She was too adorable by the way she slurred her speech as if intoxicated in
pleasure.* While distracting her with a kiss, I fully striped of her clothing.
Though she didn’t look like she was going to resist, she shyly peeked at me
embarrassed. I chuckled at her actions.

[Let me hear your more of your fine voice, okay?][Eh?] I opened her legs
wide. then by the back of her knees, I lifted her legs up. I can see her entrance in
full view. It was turning red as if begging to be played with, twitching.

[Amazing. Your other mouth is twitching open and close. ‘I want your thing
inside me’, it says]

No, not yet. To be honest, I truly want to put it in. But I’ll need you lose
control even more.

And so, I licked her hot tight entrance. This is my first time doing this kind of
thing. In the first place, I don’t mind licking a woman’s secret place, it is just that
I think any other woman would cry out that it is against the rules to lick her. But
there’s nothing to worry if it’s her, rather I think it’s positive for me to do this her
this way.


I wondered how she’d react. I was a little worried, but it seems I didn’t need
to. Her voice raising, crying out in pleasure. Far from hating it, she responds as
if to beg me to do more, I lifted her legs up a bit more, licking her thoroughly.
Her juices has a sweet flavor to it, its addicting. Her voice obviously became
higher when I started to lick her. That reaction is unbearably cute.

[Chu.… Is it good?] [Good! That feels so good!!]

Lifting my face from her entrance, looking to her teary eyes for confirmation.
With that, I’m sure you’re not rejecting me. Instead, you seem to like you
wanted more. I narrowed my eyes, disturbed. To think, she would like this.
[For a woman to respond to me like this. It feels like a dream] [What do you

Listening to her question, this time I will not answer. I will not teach her
anything. I want her to remain as she is. I nibbled on her hidden bud, and she
instantly came.


And so, I continued to give her pleasure over again and again. Each time she
reacts to the pleasure, she gets even more intoxicated with it. After numerous
times of repeating it, she soon is unable to bear it and tearfully said to me.

[Enough.… Enough already…… Please, put it inside me……]

The lust that oozes out with her voice begging me to put my thing in, my
mouth froze. Surely I heard her but I want to make sure I’m not thinking this. No
way is she, telling me to…

[Uwah. To be begging……Lucky. I don’t want to part with you anymore]

I mumbled my declaration. I will never let her go.I have decided. She still has
not gotten over with the aftershocks, I teasingly said.

[Do you want me?]

I placed my hand beside her face, I asked with my voice thick and feverish.
Hey, could you ask me again? What do you want from me? Silence enveloped
us, when her small voice told her desire to me,

[I want it. I want your hot thing inside me……] [Good girl.….… Alright,
I’ll give a lot to you]

I never thought that this kind of conversation could be such a turn on. I
stroked her head, as I kissed her while I prepared the magic spell inside my
mind. Along the way I removed my clothes, I opened her legs wider. Anymore
of this I might just cum as I align my thing against hers and pushed it slightly
apart. As expected of her entrance, with my transparent pre-cum spilling, it was
mixing with her overflowing warm honey making it easy to slide it in. I slowly
proceeded to push in.
Ah, she suddenly resisted.


I could instinctively guess what you wanted to say. Perhaps thinking that I had
no contraceptives. I won’t allow you to say it, I gave her a deep kiss to block the

As you see, until now I have not neglected birth control. In fact, usually I
never release it inside a woman. As far as I know, the pill has 100%
contraceptive effect. However, there is still a resistance even though it a thin

Needless to say, I did bring those magical pills with me. But for her, I had no
intention of using it in the first place.

——- It’s because I intended to put it in directly inside her.

To love her ’till she gets pregnant I think would be the best after all. By
having my child, she cannot escape anywhere. Yet that’s not enough.

I want her to be completely tied down to me.

Seeing that the setup of the spell is done, I moved my waist forward. I haven’t
enter in her much but still my lower half paused at the pleasure it felt. The raw
feeling for the first time is so extraordinary, so much that I almost came. There is
nothing that separates me from her. Truth to be told, it feels heavenly.

She escapes from my kiss, and glared at me complaining.

[Contraception!!] [Its alright.] [WHAT IS!!] [I’ll take responsibility.]

I nonchalantly replied to her. It seems that she did not understand me. .….…
For now, it’s fine if you don’t understand. I’ll just tell you sometime later.

Pushing my waist further in, I felt her barrier. She looked at me anxiously.

[I think it will hurt, but please bear with it for a while]

And so with the magic spell set, all at once I pierced through her barrier. With
the force I put in, I successfully penetrated inside her. Unable to bear the pain,
she sharply cried out.


For the first time, with her pained cry and the sensation of her insides, I felt
my dick swell up so much it was painful.
Chapter 15
Source: Jingle Translations


It was when I’d been invited by Freed, and together with Brother us three
were chatting in the office. Freed was sitting at the desk signing paperwork. In
front of him, I and Brother had our usual inconsequential talk.

“In the first place you always, always…” “Older Brother, that’s you, right. I

While we were complaining about each other, Freed stopped his hands and
seriously said.

“Really, Alex and Lidi sure are close. I’m going to be jealous”

At those words I and Brother faced each other. Amazed, Brother pointed out.

“Listen, Freed… What are you doing being jealous of her family member
like me” “Even if you say that, it can’t be helped that I’m not pleased with Lidi
getting along with a man other than me, can I” “… Lidi, you also say
something” “Even if you tell me that…”

Even if I say something, Freed’s feelings won’t change. In the first place,
Freed is an extremely jealous person. I’ve already learned it by heart. Exactly the
moment I chose the words I should say, as if to interrupt our talk the door was
knocked on.

“Freed, may I for a moment?” “Esteemed Uncle? Were you coming back
from the territory?”

It was Freed’s uncle, Lord Garay who entered the office. In response to his
uncle’s visit, Freed hurriedly stood up. Lord Garay sat down on the sofa for
visitors and made a slightly tired face.
“Yeah, for a while. Elder Brother summoned me here, but even if I use a
transfer gate, the Royal Capital is far away…”

Wilhelm boasts vast territory. Lord Garay’s territory is on the southern side,
facing sea. Travelling hardly takes time if you use a transfer gate. Even so, if the
actual distance is far, it must feel far. Today Lord Garay is alone, there’s no Lady
Sarah who’s his Princess Consort. After a court lady brought tea, to not disturb
their conversation I and Brother withdrew to the rear. Hearing Lord Garay’s
words that he had been summoned by the king, Freed also sat on a sofa and

“Is Esteemed Father’s task alright already?” “Yeah, I finished it quickly.

It’s a rare chance so I thought I’d go see your face… You have good
complexion. It’s most important that you’re healthy” “Yeah, of course. It is not
something you need to worry about. Because, I have her”

Freed took a fleeting glimpse here. Lord Garay followed it, and our eyes met.

“Ooh, Princess. It’s been a while. Are you getting along with Freed?”

As Lord Garay called out to me in a friendly voice, together with Brother we

slightly bowed and expressed belated greetings. Afterwards, the two of them
returned to their talk, but Brother secretly poked my flank with his elbow.

“Hey, hey, Lidi” “What is it, Older Brother”

Because we couldn’t bother them, our exchange naturally turned to whispers.

When I grimaced from irritation at being poked with an elbow, Brother further

“You like the royal uniform, right? How’s Lord Garay’s?” “Lord Garay’s?”
“Right, hasn’t he just come wearing it. You like refined men, right? That’s
why, how do you find it” “Aah…”

With Brother’s words I again observed Lord Garay siting on a sofa talking
with Freed. Certainly, today Lord Garay is wearing the royal combat uniform.
Unlike Freed in the Royal Capital, Lord Garay is appointed to headquarters in a
coastal port city to command navy. Our army is fundamentally organized into
five large divisions, but facing the sea to the east, Wilhelm naturally has navy
apart from the army. However, because until now no naval battles have
happened, it’s made light of compared to the army. Unfortunately, many people
forget its existence. Even so, the fact that it’s an important national organization
doesn’t change. To quickly respond to conflicts, the duty to lead the navy lies in
a royalty with high rights to succeed the throne. That’s Lord Garay. The fact that
he expressly came here in the uniform means it may be related to the navy.
Maybe because Lord Garay is often sunburnt, his skin color is slightly darker
than Freed’s. But, since they share the same lineage, he has the same blond hair
and blue eyes as Freed, their faces are quite similar, and he looks well in the
uniform. And above all, as Brother said, there’s no doubt that slightly refined
men are to my liking. In fact, I think he’s very cool. That’s why while nodding I

“Yup. You’re right. I think he’s a very wonderful gentleman?” “That’s all?”
“…? That’s all?”

As I tilted my head without understanding what he’s getting at, Brother

groaned Hmmm and said.

“No, whenever Freed wears the uniform you’re always in high spirits,
right? I was thinking that it doesn’t seem the same with Lord Garay” “Eh?
Even if you tell me that…”

I’m troubled. Certainly, Lord Garay is cool enough to be captivated by him,

and the military uniform suits him well. There must be lots of young ladies
infatuated with it, and I think he’s a feast for one’s eyes, but I don’t feel my heart
fluttering like when I see Freed in the military uniform. At the very least, when
looking at Lord Garay the Military Uniform Festival doesn’t happen.

“How should I say it, it’s different… Certainly, it’s to my liking, and I think
he looks very cool in the uniform, but well”

If I had to say, I guess it feels like looking at a celebrity. There are no feelings
beyond being captivated by it. Good grief, Brother shrugged his shoulders while
I was tilting my head in puzzlement.

“After all, you only react to Freed… You’re easy to understand” “… What
do you mean”

When I secretly glared at Brother, he let out a small sigh.

“Never mind, recognize it yourself. Honestly…” “What’s with that…” “Lidi,
come here. Alex, you too”

While we were secretly quarrelling, Freed called out to us. We responded to

that in a fluster and suspended our talk. When I was about to go to Freed, for
some reason Brother teasingly poked me with his elbow, so in retaliation I
stepped on his foot.

Just to make sure, I stole another glance at Lord Garay. Yup. After all, he’s
captivating, but my heart doesn’t flutter.

Brother told me things like you only react to Freed, but since my heart doesn’t
flutter, it can’t be helped. This is absolutely not my fault. I nodded and came to
one conclusion.

―――― After all, the military uniform suits Freed the most.

That’s right, the impressive fluttering means that kind of thing. It simply suits
Freed too well.

As I understood that, feeling extremely refreshed I headed to Freed.

“… Haa”

I heard an ostentatious sigh from behind, but I ignored it.

―――― That’s why I didn’t notice that Brother was watching me with
extremely disappointed eyes.
Chapter 16
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For those who may have skipped the making an intense large size lemonaide
slushie and may have forgotten the point of all why Freed came to even the
party. (This is how I understood it)

Lidi is a person who didn’t like to get married to a family that accept
polygamy, so to escape the engagement she approached her wonderful gossipy
good friend who says “Ya know my other friend had an amazing s*x with this
mysterious guy but unfortunately he doesn’t sleep with the same person twice
so she was sad…”

She decided to give her ‘first time’ to some stranger. If she did give it away,
any other family is okay with but its a no-no to the royalty which unfortunately
she has given it away to Freed who is the “flawless” crown prince.

On the other hand, Freed has this huge magical powers and its downfall is that
his sexual libido increases as his power increases. He has put it off for quite
some time, but its really breaking his control over his magical powers. He tried
looking for that medicine in hopes it could somehow put a break but he couldn’t.

Glen being a wonderful best friend that he is, decided to say ” Hey go to this
party. You can have this one night thing, no strings attached. Two birds with one
stone.” With little option he had to sleep with women in order to lessen it, but
over time he got sick of sleeping with women who just acts like a sex doll as
stated in the how-to rule book and felt like it was a duty instead.

The fact that he will be soon forced into marrying ‘someone’ he didn’t like
and he decides that this would be also the last party before he goes into a wild
witch hunt who sells that certain medications. Fortunately, Freed found Lidi,
who was busying eating off the buffet table. Attracted to her pose, aura, beauty
and above all, the fact she breaks each and every rule in the how-to rule book
like a wrecking ball, he just fell in love.

They slept together. Lydia got want she wanted, and Fred got what he wanted
plus he just fell deeper and deeper in love. Like Cinderella after one night, Lydia
runs away. Freed was determined to find her.

| Chapter

After a few hours, I woke up.

It seems I had a very deep sleep. I noticed that this would be roughly my first
time in several years that I actually slept like a log; I’m surprised. My body felt
extremely good. Not only that, I am also surprised by now that the years that I
felt restless and heaviness in my body has completely vanished, furthermore I
never felt quite refreshed in my life.

———– Right now, I felt like I alone could take on 10,000 soldiers.

I’m certainly not joking, if she was here I would give her a tight hug. I will
truly not let her go. Once she comes back to me, I will lock her up myself in a
room till its time for our wedding.
That is what I thought, as I snuggled close to what I expect to be her warm
skin………instead the next instant I realized that I found myself holding a
pillow, I jumped in surprise.

I looked around the silent room, and I couldn’t find her any trace of her.
Seeing that she has escaped, there was nothing left but a biting disappointment.

I would say that it’s not even morning yet. Probably after I slept, she must
have secretly left. I suppose she grabbed the chance, since it was extremely dark
around here. But remembering yesterday’s events, and I unconsciously let out a
laugh. Surely if it’s her, she would no way of escaping.

However, I would normally wake up with the slightest movement, but in this
case I was pathetically dead to the world. I sighed heavily as I collected my
fallen clothes and easily dressed myself with them. While doing so, all I thought
about was her. I was planning to have us a one-on-one talk and thinking how
many times I would have to make her cry while we could have another round.
That sort of perverted plan.

It’s no use if she’s not here anyways. I will go back to the castle immediately,
and I find out who she really is. I mumbled to myself with strong determination.

[ My dear wife, I will absolutely never let you go …. And soon I will come
and pick you up]


Using teleport magic, I quickly slipped back to the castle and went directly
into my room. After a hot bath, I quickly got ready and went towards the
Knight’s practice grounds. At this time of the morning, he should be on the
practice grounds.


I found the person in question in the arena, training. Once I called out to him,
he spoke something to the knight beside him, then proceeded to come towards

[Freed. Good morning. To be here this morning is there anything wrong?]

Glen has sensed that something was amiss since I was calling for him during
training session which was unusual. I didn’t reply to him and just gently pulled
on his arm.

[Sorry to interrupt you during training…. I know you’re pretty busy but can
you spare me some of your time?]

With that, Glen knew that something was up and just silently nodded. Waiting
for a little while, I watched Glen as he approached the same knight a little while
ago and as he conveyed him today’s practice menu. After that seeing Glen turn
back towards me, and I turned my foot and proceed towards my office.

Glen silently followed me, but as soon as we entered the room he asked [And
so? What’s wrong? It’s not like you to be in such a hurry.]

When he says that, I too realized that I was unusually rushing things. But if it
concerned about her, I can’t help but to hurry things along. It was different for
her. I need to find her, I want to hold her with all my strength. This
strange feeling is driving me crazy.

[Any~ways, quickly bring me every portrait of each daughter of the family

with the rank Earl and above. I am searching for a person that has light
brown hair and amethyst eyes.]

I ordered Glen to select only those with these certain features. I saw Glen
tilted his head not understanding what I just said.

[Portrait of each daughter…? What on earth are you going to use it for?]

It seems like for the first time, I found myself not explaining anything to Glen.
I appeared to be impatient. I was pretty shocked that I am losing my composure.
Even so, if I wanted to get Glen’s cooperation I should talk to him. I sat down
on my chair, regaining my composure, as I slowly told him the
unforgettable night.

[Glen, I saw my fated last night] [‘Fated’ you say?]

I nodded my head to Glen as a reply to his question.

[That’s right. I met her last night’s evening party. Even now, I still desire

Glen blinked at my words. With just saying the word “her”, he would
understand I am talking about a woman right? I carefully confirmed her identity.

[…..You said ‘evening party’, are you talking about last night ‘Masquerade
Party’? With all due respect, for a woman being in a place like that, I don’t
think she’s suited for you Freed….]

Knowing the ‘true’ purpose of that Masquerade Party, I suppose Glen can’t be
helped in thinking that way. However, I will not forgive anyone insulting her.

[Don’t you ever insult her again…..She isn’t like those loose women. She
said it was her first time to go come to a party….. and besides, she was a

As I said those words Glen was honestly surprised at the revelation and he
hung his head in relief.

[Well that’s–!! ……. Please excuse me. Then so, have you embraced her?]
[Aah, no matter what she’s the only one I craved for, thanks to that, you can
obviously see my body is in a perfect condition.]

I nodded my head as I laughed and pointed to myself.

[That’s true, your face has a nice color to and is just brimming with
liveliness this morning…. and it’s all thanks to that person?] [Yup. Regardless
how many times I would hold her its still not enough….. For first time
who knew I would still yearn for her so much(?) ….. I will just take her and I
will not allow her to escape from me]

Glen clicked his tongue.

[Wait just one moment, are you not a bit hasty in this? Don’t tell me that you
revealed that you are the crown prince?] [Unfortunately, not yet. I was trying
to but she quickly ran away]

Naturally, Glen was shocked that I snapped at him.

[Of course that would be the case. After all, you met at the masquerade
ball…….But, it’s too late now that she’s not a virgin, wouldn’t it be impossible
to place her as the crown princess? Though with your crown prince status you
could easily go and meet with her as your favorite concubine without lifting a

From my expression, he knew I had some sort of other plan on how to deal
with her. I grinned, then laughed at Glen who was trembling in fear.

[No problem at all. I had no intentions on making her something lowly like
a concubine. I have already given her the ‘King’s Flower’] [‘King’s Flower’!?
You didn’t even inform that to your partner……Freed, that’s a going too far-]

Grabbing a hold on Glen who was getting pissed off, I hurriedly explained.

[In other words, I could not let her go. That was the only one chance I had.
You should know that as well, right?] […..You are freaking serious aren’t you]
[I’ve been telling you that. She’s the only one I want, no one else.]

Seeing that I was serious, Glen gave up and sighed in resignation.

[…..and do you know which lady are we talking about?] [That’s where I
draw a blank, so I am asking for your cooperation. With you on this, I can
catch her quickly. I don’t want to leave her again. …… I love her too much]

Clearly speaking, Glen’s eyes showed a small tenderness in them.

[Is that so…… With all due respect but I have thought that sooner or later
you would be giving up your wish to find ‘love’] [You’re right on that. That’s
what I thought until yesterday. But when I first took a good look at her, I knew
that I wanted all of her. It’s just for the first time I never expected myself to be
strongly affected by the feelings I have for her]

Glen mumbled as he clenched his fist, then looked at me and happily nodded.

[That is indeed ‘Love’……..Freed, congratulations…. Yeah, you’re right. It

is very important for you and for us that your body is in top condition. If you
don’t mind, it’d be my pleasure to help you search for the future crown

[Are you sure you’re not mistaken that the lady has a rank of Earl and

Glen came in carrying the portraits of the young ladies from the
administration and placed them inside my office. All of the portraits are drawn
on a paper that is approximately around 50 cm. According to the laws of this
country, it was established that each ranked household needed to submit a
portrait of each their family member every spring to the castle. Officially it is
used for any emergency situation that could happen but in reality, it is mostly
used for nobles to set up an engagement. With the restrictions of having a rank
Earl and above, hair and eye color, I managed to narrow a large number of
portraits down to a few.

I carefully check each and every portrait that was handed over. They
ones shown in the picture could be different from the real thing. I understand that
much. But, none of these portraits bear any resemblance to her.

[Different….. This is also different.]

I have checked out every portrait that fitted the bill, but in the end I still
hadn’t seen her face appearing. I collapsed onto my desk, feeling
very disappointed.

[……Glen, is there any more?]

I asked with a low voice, and Glen apologized in return.

[Unfortunately, we don’t have any other portrait that are of rank of Earl
and above that fits into the description. Maybe she is a daughter of a Baron or
a Viscount? Although there are no pictures, we should also consider she may
be a daughter from a merchant line…..]

The way she showed her elegant behavior I could only think that she was born
into a high nobility rank. It was quite convincing that you could even say she
was part of the royal family. Her act was perfectly executed.

[Was I mistaken…..?] [You were so blindly in love, maybe you have

misjudged somewhere] [I’m sad to say that you could be right but I am pretty
sure I didn’t make any mistake either]
Seeing my head hanging down, Glen suggested

[No use grieving over it. If you’re aiming for her to be your crown princess,
wouldn’t it be better first cancel your prior engagement with the Prime
Minister’s daughter?]

I stood up at Glen’s suggestion and nodded. Certainly I had to break my

engagement first before I could go out and pick her up. It would be rude for both
of the young ladies, if I didn’t. Cancelling the engagement first, then all could
start from there.

Obviously up till now my common sense had been totally thrown out the

To be controlled by the feeling of being so madly in love for the first time, I
had no choice but to laugh at myself in mockery. If she were still in my arms this
morning, I would have no doubt immediately gone and engaged her to me. The
order of things is all mixed up. I should first go and report to my Father.

I double checked about my Father’s schedule and confirmed it. There seems to
be no other important matters Father had to attend, it should be okay to meet up
with each other. It’s not too late to start and find her. By that time, there could be
different method to find her. I will go and met with Father.

When I was about to inform Glen of my plans, my eyes stopped to see that he
was holding one lone portrait in his hand.

[Eh? Glen, whose portrait is in your hand?]

I asked Glen, as he hid the portrait behind his back.

[Aah, it would be meaningless even if you did look Freed.]

It must be the portrait that I repeatedly avoided. Or so Glen says. I tilted my

head as I strangely thought on, why would it be meaningless.

[…..However, you are holding that portrait means that she passed the
conditions I set, correct? I don’t understand why it will be meaningless, but
just in case I’d like to make sure as to why you are not showing it to me] [I still
think this is absolutely different to what you imagine……….]
Glen was hesitating as he handed me the portrait, suddenly my eyes opened
wide when I saw the image drawn. I stared long and hard at it.

It must have been drawn by a famous painter. The portrait that the painter
painted truly grasp her characteristics.

Her amethyst eyes and her long light brown hair. Her gentle smile as she
stood. ——–Without a doubt, it was her who I spent the last night with.

[GLEN!! It’s her!!] […….eh?]

I stood up so suddenly as I told Glen, as he had a puzzled face. I didn’t know

why Glen made such a face, as I looked at the name that was written on the
upper right corner. I stood there frozen, seeing the name of the portrait myself.


Seeing that I was frozen still from shock, Glen quietly tried to call out to me.


I raised my face towards his voice. My whole being was thrown into
confusion I looked at Glen confused, as he looked at me with an awkwardly.
Now I understand why it was meaningless. Naturally, at any rate she was………

Glen reluctantly yet clearly said

[……..I told you didn’t I, it doesn’t make any sense……. She is Princess
Lydiana, the daughter of the Prime Minister….. Freed, she’s the same person
you are trying dissolve your engagement with]

Thank you very much.

“NO!! I mean YES. But WHY The hell GLEN—!?!? why would she do
that!? ” –Freed
Chapter 17
Source: Jingle Translations


“Hmm… I wonder what I should do…” “Princess? What’s troubling you?”

One afternoon. While I was groaning with a difficult face by myself, Cain
nimbly dropped from the ceiling.

“Uwah! Cain! Jeez, don’t surprise me…”

Seeing me bend backwards as far as I could, Cain laughed amusedly.

“Princess, you’re too surprised every time… And? What’s troubling you?
Could you at least not do something strange this time?” “What’s with
something strange. That makes it sound as if I’m always doing something

It’s a terrible false accusation. When I scowled at Cain in vexation, he stared

at me in wonder.

“… Uwaa. To be so unaware, your nature is too bad. How unmindful can

you be…” “Can, you’re rude”

I got just a wee bit angry, so I lightly whacked him. Really, Brother says that,
Freed says that, and now even Cain. Everybody is a little too rude to me. When I
looked at him reproachfully, while holding his head Cain roughly apologized.

“Ouch. I understand, my bad… Really, you’re always raging as you please,

even though that’s how you really are…” “What did you say?” “Nothing,
nothing” “Jeez…”

Looking at each other we smiled. It’s clear we’re being frivolous. When I
giggled, with And? Cain returned to the talk.
“What were you actually thinking about, Princess?” “… Hmm”

I hesitated for just a moment, but after all decided to talk. I thought it might be
easier to progress if I get his help.

“Err, listen? It’ll be Valentine’s Day soon, won’t it…” “Now that you
mention it, there was something like that… What about it?”

Cain wouldn’t guess just from the event name, so although I felt a little
embarrassed, I continued the explanation.

“… That’s why, on Valentine’s Day. For Freed, right…” “Aah… That kind
of thing”

All it took is for Freed’s name to come up to convince him. … Amazing.

Hearing his knowing voice, I regretted saying it a little. But, I really am troubled.

―――― It will be 2/14 soon. The world is at the height of Valentine’s Day
sales battle season. In my previous life it was said to be the scheme of sweets
manufacturers, and well, in this world it’s similar. The event called Valentine’s
Day had already existed by the time I became aware of things around me, it’s
believed to have been spread by the Trade Guild. The event itself is very similar,
the gist of it is to give chocolate to people you are grateful to or to your beloved.
In Wilhelm it’s common for it to go from women to men, but certainly in

“Hey, Cain. In Sahaja valentines are from men to women, right?” “Yeah.
It’s strangely different from country to country” “You’re right. Hey Cain, have
you ever gifted anybody?”

Cain too is of that age. When I tried asking since my interest welled up, he
made an incredibly displeased face.

“There were no women in the assassins guild. In first place, I was on the
side that kills. Who’d be happy to say they received chocolate from Shinigami”
“… Sorry, I was imprudent”

I forgot. He belonged to an assassin guild. When I hurriedly apologized for

my rude conduct, Cain waved his hand to not mind.
“It’s fine, I don’t really mind… Well, that’s why I think I’m useless. It’s that,
right? Princess wants to say that aside from chocolate, you want to give your
favorite Crown Prince a present, right?” “Y, yup. That’s right. Good job
figuring it out” “… No way I wouldn’t”

When I vigorously nodded that it’s indeed like that, Cain breathed a sigh.

―――― Right, since a while ago I’ve been troubled about the upcoming
Valentine’s Day. What should I prepare for Freed, about that.

It goes without saying that I and Freed are betrothed, but before that we are
lovers with feelings for each other. Every day we spend a very happy, fulfilling
time together, but exactly for this reason I naturally can’t ignore an important
event like Valentine’s Day. Of course I’ll give chocolate to my family and people
I’m grateful to, but I want to give something particularly elaborate to my newly-
made lover. I want to give him chocolate… and something extra.

“But, you know, it’s quite difficult. After all, it seems Freed has
everything… I have no idea what he could want”

When I complained, Cain nodded with, I bet.

“Of course, he’s the Crown Prince. There’s nothing he can’t get” “Right?
That’s why I’m troubled… But, if possible, I want to give him something he’ll
be pleased with?” “Princess, you’re totally a maiden in love…” “Shut up…”

When I glared at Cain for his impressed tone, this time he laughed, Don’t be

“Rather than consulting with me. Why not try asking those who are closer
to the Crown Prince?” “Nn?”

For a moment I was flabbergasted, but when I understood the meaning I

grandly nodded.

“Aah, I see. I could ask my Older Brother and co.”

Certainly. If I think about it, Freed has three childhood friends, moreover they
are close with each other. One of them might know what Freed wants. Deeply
convinced, I gave Cain thumbs-up.
“Cain, nice idea! I’ll use it. I’m off to ask at once” “Eh? Princess, you’re
going now?” “Of course!”

I returned an affirmation to Cain who looked confused. There’s no time to

waste. There aren’t many days until Valentine’s Day. I want to quickly gather
information and go shopping. When I left the room to go meet those three, the
guard addressed me.

“Princess Consort? Are you leaving?” “Yeah, for a moment. I have business
with Brother and Will” “With Lord Alexei? I understand. Please take care”
“Thank you”

When I brought up Brother and Will, they easily backed down. From the start
I was told that I can do as I like inside the castle, besides my purpose is clear. I
separated from them who nodded in relief, and set out for the general area. I
didn’t ask him, but Cain should be following me in hiding as usual. That’s why I
decided to not mind that and first of all thought about who of the three I should
go meet first.



I left the royalty quarter and for now came before Freed’s office. I thought if
things went well, I’d meet someone, but ultimately without meeting anybody I
arrived before it. It seems luck’s not with me. I looked at the door and breathed a
sigh. … As one would expect, I have no intention of knocking. I know Brother
will be there if I go inside, but naturally so will Freed. I can’t ask before the
person in question “What do you think Freed wants?”

“… Hmm. It can’t be helped. Should I ask Will or Glenn first”

I came here first because it was simple to get here, but it’s an out since Freed
is here. While amazed by my thoughtlessness I made a U-turn, when I heard a

“Lidi? What are you doing? And in such a place” “Older Brother?”

The owner of the voice was Brother. Holding documents with both hands, he
was looking at me with a blank face. I immediately realized he was coming back
to the office. Lucky! Thinking so, I rushed up to Brother with pitter-patter.

“Older Brother, you’re just right. Hey, may I have just a little of your time?”
“Sure, no problem. However, you’ve come to see Freed, haven’t you? I saw
you before, yet you didn’t enter the room?”

Apparently, I was seen. While thinking that I wish he had called out to me, I

“Ah, yup. I don’t really have business with Freed” “Nn?”

I don’t have business with Freed. When I declared that, Brother blinked his
eyes. Surprise was written all over his face. I felt just a little offended.

“What. Is it strange I have no business with Freed?” “That ain’t it…

Recently, if you only have time, you’re all over him. Business, or should I
say… I thought you were lonely, so you came to see Freed” “Ugh…”

All over him, told so I turned red. Because it’s not like I’m completely
unaware, I became embarrassed. I hurriedly denied.

“T, there’s no way, right… I saw Freed in the morning” “I see. But, your
lover doesn’t seem to think so” “Eh”

When I asked back about what he meant, Brother said like it’s bothersome.

“That Freed guy, every single day he’s noisy in the office that he wants to
meet you. Saying he wants to go back even if a little sooner, he never does
overtime” “Oh… Come to think of it, it seems he comes back earlier
recently…” “Right?”

… I have an idea all too well. Certainly, before there were times he returned
late at night, but recently he always returns to the room in the evening. Thanks to
that, the times he gets tired of waiting and comes to pick me up on days such as
when I work in the kitchen have increased. Often I’m told by Head Chef
“Master, His Highness has come for you” and I have to hurriedly suspend
work. Of course, I’m very happy about Freed specially coming to pick me up.
The person I love very much cares about me and acts on it. It’s impossible I
wouldn’t be happy. When I’m whispered things like “Let’s go back quickly”
with a sweet smile, it feels I’ll melt with that alone. “Master, your face has
slackened”, every day disciples point that out and tease me. But, I can’t help it.
Because I actually am happy.

As I was reminiscing, while adjusting the papers in his hand Brother said.

“To change Freed so much, the power of love is amazing. Grumbling that
he wants to spend as much time as possible with his lover, he finishes
government affairs with amazing vigor” “He, hee…” “Thanks to that I get
swallowed up in it… Well, I am happy that we finish early… Aah, my bad. I
digressed. And? What the hell do you want from me?”

I hurriedly reported the important matter to Brother who looked a little

exhausted. It’s clear to see Brother is busy. I don’t want to disturb him more than

“Ah, yup. Errr. Older Brother, any idea what Freed wants?” “Ha? What are
you saying. That guy only wants you, right?” “Eh?”

I became speechless upon that immediate reply. Brother complained.

“Because, look. Ain’t nothing that guy is obsessed except you. In fact, he
only thinks of you” “No no no, isn’t it strange. That” “It ain’t strange. He’ll
be the most delighted if you let him embrace you all he wants, right?” “…”

Even though I didn’t intend to, for a moment I became convinced that it might
be so. Certainly, Freed will be delighted by that, but…

“That’s somehow wrong…”

Unconsciously I made a low voice. Brother met my eyes and grinned.

“I don’t think it’s wrong. And? Why did you suddenly bring that up?” “…
Because, Valentine’s…”

When I muttered these words, Brother nodded like he was convinced.

“Aah. I see. So that’s why you were waiting for me without entering the
office… That means, you asked for what Freed wants for the Valentine’s
present?” “Yup” “That makes it difficult”
As he finally understood my aim Brother nodded and, with his face suddenly
turning serious, he pondered. He said troubledly.

“That childhood friend of mine really has no materialistic desires. That’s

why, what he wants in that sense… It’s honestly difficult” “… I see” “As far
as I know, what he actually wants is just you?” “… Muu”

I was really troubled to be told that. Then just what I should give him as a
present. While I was at a loss, Brother said with a groan.

“… What he wants, or how should I put it, recently that Freed guy looks
like his fatigue is accumulating. How about you try thinking in that area?”
“He’s tired? … Is that so?”

I suspiciously asked back. … It’s the first time I hear about Freed getting tired.
Because, even last night I was desired until the day changed. I didn’t see any
sign of him getting tired. If he’s tired enough for Brother to point out, he didn’t
have to do it so many times. Sweet moments with Freed is also what I desire, but
I don’t want him to make effort until he’s fatigued.

“I see… Thank you. Yup, I’ll try thinking a little” “It’s fine I could be of
use… Hey? Where are you going?”

When I was about to start walking, Brother called me to a halt. Having

nothing to hide, I informed him of my next destination.

“Eh? Just in case, I’m thinking of going to ask Will and Glenn. I want to
hear as many views as possible”

When I brought up their names, for some reason Brother made a face like he
swallowed a bitter bug.

“… I understand your feelings… But, as usual you’re a demon… Well,

fine… Even so, that guy will be delighted” “Older Brother, what in the world
are you saying…?” “Lidi”

I tried to ask Brother about his words I didn’t understand well, but before that
the door to the office opened with a clank. Of course, Freed appeared from
inside. When he recognized me, he gently narrowed his eyes.
“After all it’s Lidi. I thought I felt a presence outside” “Oi, what you mean
by presence?”

Brother retorted to Freed saying things like presence, but Freed completely
ignored it. He reached out his hand for me.

“Come, Lidi” “Yup, Freed”

I obediently nodded and settled in his arms.

“Ehehe…” “It’s been a while, Lidi. I felt lonely that I couldn’t see you” “…
Me too. I’m happy we could meet”

When I answered with a smile, another retort came from Brother.

“Oi, you lovebirds. Weren’t you together until morning” “Alex, be quiet”

Shoo shoo, Freed gestured to chase off Brother. And then he strongly hugged
me. Happy to be hugged, I rubbed my cheek against his chest. I wrapped my
arms around his back, and with my whole body enjoyed his scent.


Aah jeez, it’s immensely calming. While I was embracing Freed feeling soft
and warm, I heard Brother’s voice from behind.

“Lidi, you still have business left, right. Freed too. You still have work to do,
so if you want to flirt, finish it first”

I could tell Freed wryly smiled at Brother’s words.

“I know that, however since it’s a precious meeting with Lidi, you could let
me off a little, right? Lidi, won’t you drop by the office? It’s a little early, but
let’s enjoy teatime together” “… Bastard. Recently you intently work while
saying teatime is unnecessary, and yet…. When Lidi is here, you act like this”
“Isn’t it fine once in a while. To work efficiently a proper amount of rest is

As Freed declared so while hugging me, Brother once again groaned

“Bastard…” But, to my great disappointment, I couldn’t accept this invitation.
There aren’t many days until Valentine’s Day. If possible, I want to hear from
Will and Glenn by today. I’d be grateful for any information.

I very much want to have tea with Freed, but I chocked back my tears that I
must give it up at least for today.

“Listen, Freed. Sorry… It’s awfully unfortunate, however at least today is

no good. I have to go” “Eh… Do you have something to do?” “Yup, I’m really

When I refused him with heartbroken thoughts, Freed made a visibly dejected
face. My heart throbbed with pain. Freed slowly separated from me and turned
bitter eyes to me.

“… Is it so important to neglect me?” “… Ugh. It’s not like that, but well,
there are various things…”

It’s for the investigation into what Freed wants! Because I was unable to say
that, I spoke vaguely, when for some reason Brother backed me up.

“Hey. It’s a meaningless jealousy. If you’re so worried, I’ll go with Lidi.

There’s no time so, here, the documents you requested. I brought them, so
please do them first. I’ll be back once we’re finished”

―――― Eh?

Surprised, I turned head towards Brother with all my strength. Certainly, with
the current condition of not knowing where Will and Glenn are, I’m grateful that
Brother will come with me. I’m grateful, but I never would have thought he’d
come up with that.

“… Going together with Alex, huh. In that case well, I’ll be relieved…”

Maybe thanks to Brother saying he’ll go, Freed reluctantly nodded. Deep
down I felt incredibly relieved to not be questioned for the reason.

“Right? Then, I leave the rest to you”

Brother pushed the documents he’d brought onto Freed, and while looking
back said to me.
“Hey, Lidi. Let’s get it done right away” “Y… yup. Sorry, Freed. Then, see
you at dinner” “Ah, yeah. I’ll finish as soon as possible” “I’ll be waiting. Do
your best at work” “Oi, Lidi, we’re going” “Yeees” “Lidi” “Nn…”

With a pull on my arm I was kissed. It was only a light peck, but with the
location being what it is my cheeks flared up. Seeing my response, Freed
narrowed his eyes with true satisfaction.

“Be careful” “… Yup” “Oi, enough of that. You!” “Wah, sorry… Then, see
you. Freed”

Prompted by Brother again, I hurried to his side. Then I gave him a little

“Thank you, Older Brother. Otherwise it’d get exposed to Freed” “You
guys… Well, the reason is like that. I’ll cooperate once in a while. You want to
please Freed, right?” “Yup”

Then it can’t be helped, with that he placed a hand on my head.

“Let’s finish it quickly. They’re probably together today. Hey, this way” “Ah,
wait for me”

Brother quickened his pace. I specially came here at the cost of a teatime with
Freed. I again fired myself up that I want to obtain useful information no matter
what and trotted after Brother.
Chapter 18
Source: Jingle Translations


“Fufufufun” “You’re in a good mood” “Nn?” “No, it’s nothing”

My little sister walking next to me while humming unconcernedly is in a good

mood. The evidence is the spring in her step. I understand she’s surely having
fun thinking of what to give to Freed.

―――― Fundamentally, she’s simple.

An easy to understand little sister. A few days ago she seems to have finally
recognized her feelings for her fiancé and became lovers with him; perhaps she’s
so happy she can’t help it, so she’s smiling in high spirits the whole time. It’s the
same with Freed, who’s her partner.

The sweet air they produce. It was considerable even before they’ve become
lovers, and now that they actually have, it’s difficult to look at them straight. Yes
yes, I think it’s great they’re happy, but it’s unbearable how they’re flaunting it.

Today my little sister seems to have come to survey about a Valentine’s Day
present, but I have a headache thinking about who we’ll meet from now on.

“Hey, Lidi. Will you really be asking Glenn and Will”

When I reconfirmed with her just to be sure, my little sister turned her head to
me and curiously tilted her head.

“Yup. Wasn’t I saying that. Is there any problem?” “… It feels like there’s
nothing but problems…” “Nn?” “No, nothing”

You’re strange, Older Brother. When my little sister began walking next to me
with that, I sighed so she wouldn’t hear it. Of all things my little sister is now on
her way to ask that Will guy, “What should I gift to my lover”. Thinking of Will
who can’t help but love my little sister makes me want to avoid it. … But, even
if I avoid it here, that guy will surely be unlucky and run into my little sister
somewhere. I have such a hunch. Moreover, rather than letting him receive
damage alone, I think it’s better if I come with her and provide my follow-up as
much as possible.

―――― Sorry for my little sister.

I think so, but on the other hand I also want to tell him that it’s the path he
chose. In two months the ceremony will be held and my little sister will marry
Freed as his Princess Consort. Judging from how they are now, it’s easy to
predict it will surely be a happy ceremony.

“… Haa… This is the future Queen…”

Looking at my little sister walking, unconsciously my real thoughts leaked

out. Her ability is certified. Furthermore, it’s a marriage strongly desired by
Freed himself. There’s nobody who will disagree anymore, but the problem lies
in the personality of the person herself.

Generally speaking, my little sister hates boredom and immediately causes

some uproar. Many times I’ve thought “That girl, wouldn’t it be better had she
been born a man” about my little sister, who possesses exceptional ability to
take action that’s unlike young noble women. This little sister of mine will in the
near future become the Queen and the mother of the nation; it’s something I find
truly incomprehensible.

―――― Even so. If he hadn’t met my little sister, Freed would probably be
still suffering and spend every day with resignation somewhere on his face, and
my little sister wouldn’t get to know love. In the end I can only think it’s good
that they met.

“Hey, where’s Will?” “Aah, Will should have business with the Chivalric
Order today, so that way――――” “Ah, it’s true. Will!”

According to the rumors at least. From the other side of the corner, I saw the
very Glenn and Will coming here while talking.

Lidi’s voice wasn’t loud, but Will responded immediately. I’m utterly amazed
by his blatant attitude.

… You really do love Lidi, huh.

If it wasn’t Lidi, he absolutely wouldn’t notice he was called out to. Will
showed a delighted face for a moment, however the next instant he returned to
the usual blank look he shows Lidi.

As we bumped into each other perfectly in the middle of the corridor, we went
a little off to the side. With a smile Glenn started talking.

“How unusual to see Vivoir siblings inside the Royal Palace together”

At Glenn’s words I frivolously returned.

“That so? This girl simply stands out since she’s always sticking to Freed”

It’s particularly true after their feelings became mutual. Perhaps both of them
want to be together as much as possible, as I have a feeling that opportunities to
see them as a set have increased. Glenn nodded that it’s probably so.

“Certainly. Recently they look particularly close. As a vassal I am as

delighted as I could be” “You don’t have to keep appearances, Glenn. You can
honestly say their flirting is irritating. Because it in fact is” “Older Brother!”

My little sister raised a censuring voice. I pulled her cheeks. My mouth

spontaneously slackened from the feeling similar to mochi.

“Gyaah. What are you doing! Let go!” “Never mind that, Lidi. You have
something to ask them, right. Then get it done quickly” “Something to ask?
What is it?”

Shaking off my head, my little sister looked at them with a serious face. To
encourage her, Glenn asked a question. Will next to him didn’t reply, he seems to
be waiting for her words to finish.

“I’m sorry to ask you while you are busy. I want to ask you two if you
perhaps know what Freed wants?”““Ha?””
Their voices were in a splendid harmony. Even if they aren’t similar, as
expected of brothers. It seems neither could understand what my little sister said.
After a short pause, despite his bewilderment Glenn asked my little sister.

“What Freed wants… Is there anything other than you?” “Wha…”


At Glenn’s words Lidi’s stiffened, on the other hand I spurted out with all my
might. Of course! Glenn, you think so too, don’t you!

“Older Brother! Why did you spurt out!”

With a flushed face my little sister glared at me.

“No, because see. Glenn, after all you think so too”

When I seriously said that, Glenn affirmed with a straight face.

“Rather, is there anything besides her? When asked about what Freed
‘wants’, nothing but Lidi comes to mind” “Of course. See, Lidi. It’s as I said,
right?” “Nu… nuu”

See, that’s how it is, when I said it to my little sister she groaned in frustration.
But, her ears are red. … You’re happy, my little sister.

However, although I understand the feeling of wanting to gift Freed what he

wants, that guy doesn’t have such materialistic desires in the first place. There’s
no reason for my little sister to be troubled. Surely that guy will be happy with
whatever he receives from my little sister. He’s that kind of guy. Because I can
say that with certainty that Freed is like that, I can entrust my little sister to him.
Glenn spoke troubledly.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be useful, Lidi. However, what is the reason for this
abrupt topic?” “I want to gift him something for Valentine’s Day”

When she briefly explained, Glenn nodded like he was convinced.

“Aah, I see. Because it’s an event for lovers”

You have it nice, Glenn softly laughed, and showed a look like he was
contemplating. And then he made a face as if he ultimately gave up.

“I wish I could be useful. But I really cannot predict what Freed could
want… Elder Brother, does Elder Brother have any idea?” “…”

Glenn brought up the subject with Will, who’d been silent until then. Actually
I wanted to resolve this talk to a certain degree before it was brought up to this
guy, but it seems it won’t go that way. My little sister too is staring at Will with
an expectant gaze. And he’s not a man who will betray my little sister’s
expectations. Will is such a man.

“… Come to think of it” “Is there something!?”

Apparently, there is one person who seriously thought about what Freed wants
after hearing my little sister’s story. Will nodded once. His face looked satisfied.
Everybody’s eyes gathered at Will who came up with what Freed wants. What
Freed wants. If there’s such a thing aside from my little sister, I want to know it
by all means. With everybody’s attention on him, Will calmly spoke.

“It’s a matter from a few days ago… Certainly, His Highness said that ink
in his office is about to run out. That’s why you should give it to him as a
present” “Haa?” “E, Elder Brother?”

Before my little sister could reply, my and Glenn’s disarrayed voices

splendidly harmonized.

Ink? To say ink… Ain’t it just office equipment!

Paying no heed to us being dumbfounded, with a straight face Will nodded “I

think it’s a relatively good idea”. Wait, please wait. I don’t know what Will is
thinking, but ink is office equipment. It’s not something to give as a present.
Besides, I know for sure it was resupplied the day before yesterday.

“W… Will… That’s, as one could imagine…”

As expected, unsure of how she should react my little sister made a troubled
face. She must understand Will spoke in a completely good faith. Strange silence
that makes me feel like running away fell. It’s only Will who hasn’t noticed.

“E, Elder Brother. That’s… Umm, is it not something like he wants a new
quill because it’s hard to write with his current one?”

Perhaps unable to bear the silence, Glenn provided a questionable follow-up.

But, certainly. Certainly, a quill would be acceptable. However, Glenn’s hopes of
it being a slip of the tongue were easily destroyed.

“Are you stupid. What are you asking. I said it was ink”

It’s you who’s stupid!!

Glenn’s generous consideration splendidly went over Will’s head. Is that so…
Glenn hung his head. He must be at a loss for what to do. Reluctantly I also

“Listen… Listen, Will. It’s a valuable idea. However, the ink was resupplied
long ago” “What did you say!?”

Don’t what did you say meeeeee!!

… Ain’t it obvious. As surprise showed on Will’s relatively serious face, I

thought with all my heart “What should I do with this guy”. While avoiding his
eyes, my little sister said.

“L, look, Will. How about something that’s not office equipment… Umm,
something a bit more appropriate as a present…” “Pft…”

This girl just clearly said office equipment. After that, with an “Ah” she
covered her mouth like it wasn’t on purpose, but while averting his face, Glenn
said “Kh! Elder Brother! You’re pitiful!” Your statement is even worse.

“I, I see…”

Even if he won’t listen to our opinions, he will lend an ear to my little sister.
Will, who’s recently little by little become able to talk normally with my little
sister, received my little sister’s expectations for something more giftish and
pondered for the second time. Soon he raised his faced and said.

“That’s right. Speaking of something suitable for a gift… There was one
thing” “Eh, what? No way it’s something like there aren’t enough memo pads
in the office, right?” “Pfft!”
Maybe because I thought the same thing at the same time, I spurted out with
all my strength. … However, Lidi. Even if I am guilty of the same crime, at least
I didn’t let it come out of my mouth. And, Glenn. You must be enduring, but I
see your shoulders trembling. It’s too funny. Speaking of Will, with a serious
face he nodded “It’s alright”. … Sometimes, I think. Ain’t this guy a natural

“Actually, when His Highness visited my room a little earlier, His Highness
took interest in a magical tool… It’s a very valuable item, but I’ll give it to
you” “Eh?”

I knew he was talking to my little sister, still my voice leaked out. The reason
is, I remember hearing how much he dislikes Will’s magical tools and such.

… T, that was only because you were so utterly boasting about it Freed
reluctantly feigned interest!

I know because I was there too. A broken magical tool ordered from a foreign
country. As Will was endlessly boasting about it, although Freed’s cheeks were
twitching from having to go along with it, he was nodding as if he was
interested. And this guy completely misunderstood that.

Notice! That was politeness――――!

While I was astounded, as if it’s no good anymore Glenn turned his back to
Will standing next to him and began trembling. I recall Glenn was also there. I
felt like shaking Glenn with all my strength.

He’s a truly useless guy! Since you too know that, stop him!

“O, Older Brother?”

My little sister’s gaze clung to me. She is the number one victim of Will’s
magical tools. My little sister, who receives strange magical tools as a present
whenever he obtains something unusual, has no choice but to stow them all away
above the ceiling. When my little sister showed me with teary eyes a magical
tool used to apply curses in a shape of a straw doll, as one could Imagine I
wanted to just tell him to cut it out.

Although it’s my little sister who deals decisive damage to Will each time, she
can’t bring herself to waste his kindness. The doll that she received as more or
less Will’s kindness got stowed above the ceiling with great care. To never see
the light of day… And then, I suddenly noticed.

… That girl, perhaps she’s planning to leave everything behind when she gets
married. I absolutely don’t want that. Please, either dispose of them or bring
them with you. Especially dolls. They’re scary.

Anyway, under the gaze of Will’s magical tools victim that is my little sister, I
shook my head to deny with all my strength. Seeing that, my little sister made a
relieved face.

… Of course. She wouldn’t want to give such a strange thing to Freed.

Seeing the pale face of us siblings, it’s easy to imagine it’s not a laughing
matter. Glenn gingerly spoke to Will.

“E, Elder Brother. He would be troub… No, isn’t that magical tool
important to Elder Brother. It would be too much to hand it over…” “What
are you saying. It’s appropriate as a present exactly because it’s a precious
thing. I’m confident His Highness will be pleased with this” “Is, is that so”

With the exception of Will, who’s full of confidence, everybody stiffened.

Even so, it’d be unbearable if a strange thing was forced onto my little sister. My
little sister recovered from petrification and told Will.

“Hey… Listen. I am happy about your kindness, however… Umm… Right!

No matter how I look at it, it’d be improper to give Freed something I received
from Will” “That’s right! I think Freed would like to receive something chosen
by Lidi herself!” “Quite so! I believe it is crucial that Lidi chooses it herself!”

I and Glenn desperately got onto Lidi’s painful excuse. I can’t do more than
support her.

“Is that so? I think there’s no problem…”

The unaware man Will frowned alone.

“I thought it’d be perfect… Yup, there’s nothing better. Lidi, after all…”
Everybody’s faces twitched as Will still didn’t give up. This guy feels like
forcing the strange broken magical tool onto my little sister no matter what. …
No way, is this indirect harassment towards Freed…! Of course I know that can’t
be, but I still thought that.

“You, you know what!”

She must absolutely hate it. Lidi vigorously bowed her head. Her slightly
tearful voice is too sad. Surely she recalled the trauma from the doll. Certainly,
that was scary.

“Sorry! Will. I’m grateful, but I want to give Freed a present of my own
choice! I just wanted hints from everybody, I don’t want Will’s magical tool!”

At the end what she really thinks leaked out. Still, when Lidi declared that,
shock appeared on Will’s face. And then he hung his head crestfallen.

“I, I see… It was an unnecessary assistance. Sorry…”

Seeing Will wither, my little sister raised her head and despite her fluster
provided a follow-up.

“N, no such thing. It was plenty helpful. After all, it shows how much you
think of him. I understand how closely Will looks at Freed, so I have to follow
your example! … Ah, that’s right! I’ll make something for Freed myself.
Come to think of it, he’ll be most pleased by it, and handicrafts are my
forte…” “Eh…” “It’s the first big event since we’ve finally become lovers.
Something with feelings put into it sounds good. Ehehe, I wonder what I
should make. I’ll keep it a secret… I want to surprise him” “… You, you’re
right. Surely His Highness will be pleased” “Thank you, Will!”

I take back what I said. She wasn’t providing a follow-up. Poor Will
completely solidified when my little sisters talked about preparing handmade
goods for her lover. And she finished it with a full-power “Thank you” attack
while smiling. It’d be good if it was a regular thank you, but because it was a
thank you for “I think Freed will be pleased”, I can imagine how much damage
Will took. Will’s mental strength was eroded to the bottom in the twinkling of an
eye by that highly lethal attack that’s like one-hit kill. But, it’s not the end of my
little sister’s assault. Once triggered, I have no idea when my little sister’s
assault will stop.
“I wonder what I should make. There’s not much time so something
elaborate would be difficult, so I might as well make something I’m familiar
with. How about something that can be used in the office… Yup, if Freed can
keep it at his side, he’ll be happy. Ufufu. Now that I’ve decided there’s no time
to waste! I must finish it at a level that wouldn’t be strange in the Crown
Prince’s office! Let’s do it!”

I could clearly see the blades of her words pierce Will. … Will is already close
to death. My little sister, stop at it. Isn’t the damage that Will guy received so
much he’s turned completely white. Oblivious as ever, my little sister turned to
us with a smile and bowed her head.

“Thank you for your time. Thanks to that I’ll manage somehow” “… T,
that’s good to hear”

In place of Will who wasn’t in a state to answer, Glenn forced an answer. My

little sister turned to me and smiled cheerfully.

“Well then, I’ll be going back. Older Brother too, thank you for coming with
me!” “Ah, yeah”

Waving to us, my little sister hurriedly left for the royalty quarter. She left
behind Will who turned to ashes. Having seen my little sister off, I and Glenn
looked at each other and deeply sighed. ―――― It looks like from now will be
the time to console Will.

Aah, my goodness. When will I return to the office.

Recalling the number of remaining documents, I unconsciously grumbled.

“… I guess it’s overtime today”

Freed will surely quickly finish his share and go home. Glenn responded to
my voice as if it couldn’t be helped.

“I am sorry for the trouble… I will accompany you” “Yeah, please do… Oi,
Will, we’re going!” “…Lidi” “Aah jeez! You’re so gloomy it’s irritating!”
“Alex, please treat Elder Brother with greater care!” “This is enough for this
guy! If you have complaints, do it yourself!”
I silenced Glenn who was being noisy. I sighed and, grabbing Will by his
collar, I decided to forcibly pull him to his room.
Chapter 19
Source: Jingle Translations


“Ms. Delris! May I borrow the kitchen for a while!?”

When I asked so as soon as I entered her house, Ms. Delris tilted her head.


“I was wondering what you came out with of nowhere…” “I’m sorry”

While I was measuring the temperature of chocolate in the kitchen I was

guided to, an amazed voice resounded behind me. I turned back for a moment
and bowed my head slightly. Taking Cain with me, I visited Ms. Delris’s house.
My objective is to ask Ms. Delris for a small favor… and because I wanted to
borrow the place. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, chocolate is essential. But, if I
make it in the castle kitchen, it will surely be exposed to Freed right away. I want
to avoid that no matter what. Thinking of some way to not let him know, I came
up with asking Ms. Delris to let me make it in her house.

“I apologize for the trouble. Thinking of how to not get exposed to Freed, I
could only come up with this”

When I bowed my head, Ms. Delris shook her head while laughing.

“No problem. Whatever the reason is, I am happy you dropped by” “Me too.
I am very happy to meet Ms. Delris”

When I returned a smile, for some reason my head was stroked.

“However, you sure are sincere. You don’t need to bring sweets every time?”
“Eh, but to borrow the place without bringing anything would be… Besides,
Ms. Delris, you like strawberry daifuku, right?” “I won’t deny that. Now,
you’re in a middle of important work, right?” “Ah, yes”
I returned my gaze to my hands and slowly mixed chocolate with the spatula.
Upon confirming the movements of my hands, Ms. Delris said like she was

“Hmph… It’s the first time I see it, but you really are skilled. Are those
sweets the present for the Crown Prince?” “Yes. I’ve used dark chocolate. He’s
not very good with sweet things…”

I didn’t take the eyes off the thermometer while explaining. For chocolate,
temperature control is truly critical.

“If it’s you, you could also decoct medicinal herbs well. If you trained, you
could become a pharmacist” “A pharmacist, huh… I don’t think I could, but it
sounds interesting”

I slipped out a giggle at Ms. Delris’s playful words. If I still didn’t want to get
married, I’d be frantically studying to learn a trade. Now that the chocolate has
become smooth, add fresh cream and alcohol. This time I intend to make nama
chocolate. Freed isn’t good with sweet things, but I don’t intend to make that
much, so I think he’ll be able to eat what I make. I poured it into the mold, and
with that it’s complete. Later when it hardens, I only have to sprinkle the powder
onto it as a finishing touch.

“Phew… Ms. Delris, where’s the ice room?” “Ice room? Aah, you want to
cool it”

Ms. Delris, who was watching my work with great interest, nodded
understandingly and snapped her fingers. With that much, the chocolate I was
holding was cooled.

“Heh…? Eh…? Cold!” “You’re exaggerating. It’s not frozen, right?

Something as troubling as putting it in an ice room only takes time. This way
is by far faster” “Thank you very much…”

I stared at the chocolate finished in the blink of an eye. Just in case I tried
checking, but it seems to be properly hardened. Be that as it may, as Ms. Delris
said, it’s not frozen. I’m impressed by the superb temperature control.

“It’s amazing”
As expected of a witch.

“It’s not impressive, how about you too practice magic a little. From the
situation it looks like you can’t use it yet, right?” “Ugh…”

She hit the nerve, so while awkwardly laughing I averted my eyes.

Surprisingly, I got easily bored and got completely fed up with magic after
obtaining no results. Moreover, Freed pulls various strings in the Royal Castle so
that I don’t experience inconveniences. The worst thing is, I got completely used
to the life in the castle that’s more comfortable than in the ducal residence, so I
started getting useless thoughts like it doesn’t really matter that I can’t use

“It looks like the Crown Prince spoils you a lot” “… I am aware”

I’m preciously cherished. That’s exactly why he makes every effort so I don’t
get hurt or feel uncomfortable. And though I don’t think it’s good to presume
upon it, it’s so comfortable I end up immersing in it. It’s times like these that
make me notice Freed is enclosing me. Freed’s scheming to make me most
comfortable by his side so I don’t feel like running away. … Even though I have
no intention of running away anymore. I’m fine with staying by Freed’s side.
Therefore, no matter how many times I say it’s unnecessary, I’m told “I’m only
doing it because I want” without being listened to.

Honestly… Since it’s Freed… Uu… I, I’m happy!! Shit!!

“I don’t know what you’re recalling, but you’re grinning” “Hah!”

As Ms. Delris calmly pointed that out, I quickly came to my senses. The voice
of Cain who should’ve been in another room continued after her.

“Princess is now at the height of thinking about her lover. Leave her alone,
granny” “Cain! You’re awful!”

When I looked back, Cain came here as if he grew bored and came here to

“It’s true. Every single day you talk fawningly about the Crown Prince…
Put yourself in my shoes, since I have to listen to it” “Ugh…”
I remember it all too well to be able to talk back. Feeling the situation is
unfavorable, I excitedly resumed my work. Neither of them said anything else.

“Alright… Done” “Good work”

After a little while the chocolates were safely finished. Cain, who ultimately
stayed in the kitchen, gave me words of appreciation. Thanks to Ms. Delris’s
cooling, the work advanced considerably. I packed the chocolates cut into
squares into the prepared box. Observing me do that, the two sneakily muttered.

“… I think it would be best you stopped” “I agree with granny. Will you
really give that” “Will I? I made it for that reason”

When I told them that while looking displeased, this time they made difficult

“I warned you” “I told you to stop, okay?” “What’s with that…”

Not knowing why they told me that, I frowned. In any case, the chocolate is
finished. is the present.


Now that the chocolate is complete, it’s time to make a present. I spread a
cloth on a borrowed desk and moved the needle. Cain peered at my hands doing

“Hee. It’s skillful” “Thank you. Embroidery is my specialty” “Really,

Princess can handle surprisingly many things…”

Saying so, Cain groaned like he was impressed. Mixing medicine in the
cauldron in the middle of the room, Ms. Delris scolded him.

“Hey, don’t you get in her way” “I’m just looking. I ain’t a hindrance” “I
don’t mind. Sorry to keep you waiting, Cain. I’ll be done in a bit more”

I apologized to Cain who had his arms crossed behind his head looking bored.
I’m devotedly embroidering, and Ms. Delris too started mixing medicine. Cain
surely has nothing to do. When I apologetically looked at Cain’s face, he shook
his head to deny.
“I’m saying you don’t need to worry. Princess can do as she likes. More
importantly. Princess, what are you making?” “Nn? That? I’m making a
cushion for lower back pain… Since it’s a rare opportunity, I’m thinking of
embroidering it with a blue rose”

If he places it at the backrest, I wonder if it will relieve his lower back pain a
little. According to Brother, Freed seems awfully tired, so I wondered if it isn’t
painful to sit on a chair for a long time. A plain one would be unaffectionate.
And so, I decided to embroider it with the flower that’s his symbol, the blue rose.

“A cushion, huh. I was sure you’d make Princess’s doll” “My doll?”

At Cain’s words I stopped my hands. Cain nodded with a self-satisfied face.

“Because, the Crown Prince is crazy about Princess. I thought he’d be

incredibly delighted if he received a doll that resembles Princess…” “Nope”

I declined without even thinking about it.

“Nope. I won’t make my doll” “Eh… Why. Can’t Princess make it?” “I can,
but I won’t. No way”

Seeing me stubbornly refuse, Cain tilted his head.

“Why not?” “You would hate the Crown Prince look at the doll with a smile,
right? You too are surprisingly jealous of inconsequential things”

Looking into the iron pot, Ms. Delris pointed out while laughing. Cain looked
at my face in surprise.

“Eh… Seriously?” “…” “Princess?” “…” “… Your face is red… Oh,

seriously” “S, shut up… I hate things I hate. It can’t be helped”

I reluctantly responded to Cain who stared at me in wonder. What Ms. Delris

said was so on point I had no words to return.

Because, it’s easy to imagine if I just think about it a little. It’s Freed. If I give
him my doll as a present, he’ll undoubtedly be delighted. And surely, yes…
Freed would put in on his desk in the office. And it’s guaranteed he’d turn the
sweet gentle gaze he only directs at me to that doll… Thinking it’s me.
… I’d hate that.

“Hee… Princess is jealous, huh… But, you’re burning with jealousy even
though you’re loved so much?” “… It’s not logical”

It can’t be helped that I hate it. While resuming embroidering, I sighed.

“Unsurprisingly, even I think ‘Are you stupid’. However, if I imagine it, I

feel gloomy. That’s why the doll is rejected” “Then why not say, I am the
present? Then you won’t burn with jealousy, so ain’t it fine?” “…”

It’s not like I didn’t think of it.

But, but see. Even if I’m told that, how is it different from the usual?

Nowadays, I’m embraced day or night. It’d be one thing if we usually didn’t
do it, but isn’t it much too late? Moreover, I don’t refuse Freed at all! In other
words, that means I go along with him a splendid number of times.

You can embrace me all you want today! Even if I said, it wouldn’t feel
special at all. In such a case, I wish I had refused him a little… No, it’s
impossible. Since I’ve recognized I love Freed, I can’t refuse his invitations.

“… That’s impossible”

When I said it with a straight face, Cain face turned flustered.

“Eh? Ah… Yeah, well. It’s too high of a hurdle for a woman to say it. Sorry,
my bad for teasing you. There’s no way Princess would do such a thing” “Y…
yup” “Come to think of it, you’re a noble princess. Yup, it’s my bad” “D, don’t
worry about it”

Cain apologized with a docile face, but I couldn’t stand his gaze. I absolutely
can’t say that it’s not the reason. I gave up and decided to focus on the
embroidery at hand… But Ms. Delris’s stifled laughter strangely weighted on my


When I turned my gaze to her, Ms. Delris returned a very nice smile.
“Nn? What is it?” “… No, it’s nothing”

… Prudently, I decided to… not investigate any further.


The very day of Valentine’s Day,

Fully prepared, I was waiting in Freed’s room. I put the prepared present and
chocolate on the table. The present was prettily wrapped up and tied with a blue
ribbon. Nervously I looked up at the clock.

“Any time now I guess…”

I wonder if he’ll be surprised. He’ll surely be delighted, but still, my heart is

pounding since it’s the first event for us as lovers.

“Uu… What is this. I’m nervous”

While I was deeply breathing with a hand on my chest, I heard the door open.
I hurriedly stood up. A gentle voice called out to me.

“Lidi, I’m home” “W, welcome home”

Since Freed spread his arms with a sweet smile, I immediately settled inside
them. He tightly hugged me and dropped a kiss on my forehead. When I raised
my face, this time he kissed my lips. Still hugging me, Freed said.

“When I see Lidi’s face, I feel relieved. My fatigue is blown all away. Now
Lidi, let me savor you today too” “Hoeh? Ah, no, don’t!”

I frantically stopped Freed, who without looking neither right nor left tried to
drag me straight to the bedroom. As always, he’s too fast. Or rather, recently it’s
really too often. Why is he so eager. I wonder how he doesn’t get bored of it
every day. When I resisted, Freed made a sullen face.

“Why? You won’t give me a reward for doing my best at work?” “A

reward… Jeez… You’ll get it before we go to sleep anyway, right…?” “Of
course… But I didn’t see Lidi for a whole day, so wouldn’t one time be fine”
“What are you talking about!? We met at lunch, and in the first place it won’t
end with one time!?”

As he told me not to be stingy, reflexively I rebutted. Freed’s one time is

untrustworthy. Every time he says that, we do it three times. Freed made a
visibly sad face. Uu, I was at loss seeing his expression.

“Lidi… What’s gotten into you today? You always nod so adorably, and
yet… Do you hate me?” “T, there’s no way”

Not wanting to see his miserable face, I desperately denied. When I did, while
fixedly looking at me Freed asked.

“Really? You love me?” “I love you… Jeez, even though you know” “Yup,
then isn’t it fine” “Wait! Wait wait wait”

Freed smile with satisfaction at my answer, and as if it was the end to the topic
he once again tried to take me to the bedroom. I forcibly stopped it and led him
to the sofa. Freed, who wasn’t hiding the unwillingness on his face, noticed the
chocolates and package placed on the table and stared at them in wonder.

“Eh…?” “Err, see, today is Valentine’s Day, right? That’s why…”

“Valentine’s Day… I see, it was because of that…” “Freed?”

When I looked at Freed who nodded like he was convinced, he narrowed his
eyes and smiled.

“Recently Lidi looked restless. I was wondering what you were scheming.
Even if I asked Alex, he would persistently avoid questions… So it was this
kind of thing” “Ah, it got exposed…”

I understand from Freed’s words that my behavior was transparent. It’s just a
possibility, but. I wonder if he was embracing me many times because I was
acting suspiciously. Thinking it was the flip side of his anxiety, I felt guilty.

“Fundamentally Lidi is easy to understand. But, I’m glad Alex kept silent
like that. Certainly, it was better that I hadn’t known about such a happy thing.
Thank you, Lidi”

My cheek was kissed with a smooch. Freed moved his gaze onto the
chocolate, and with a voice overcome with emotion spoke.
“But, I see, Valentine’s Day. I forgot about it since it was unrelated to me
before” “Is that so? Didn’t everybody vie to give you something”

He’s the popular Crown Prince. I can’t believe it was unrelated to him.

“I felt sorry, but I notified in advance that I would refuse. Didn’t you
know?” “Ah, yup”

When I nodded, he returned a wry smile.

“Well, makes sense. Lidi wasn’t interested in me” “Sorry” “It’s fine. We
were the same in this regard. Besides, this year you prepared like this. That’s

We sat on the sofa together, and I properly handed him the present.

“Err, yes. Happy Valentine’s Day. Um, listen. Freed, I love you. Stay with
me from now on”

When I did my best to convey that despite my bashfulness, Freed blinked his
eyes. Then he hugged me, presents and all.

“Thank you… I love you, Lidi. Even if you don’t ask, I absolutely won’t let
you go” “Yup”

I returned a tight hug.

“Can I open the present?”

When I nodded to the question, Freed’s hands began carefully untying the
ribbon on the present. Seeing what appeared, he opened his eyes wide.

“Amazing… Did Lidi make it?” “Yup”

What appeared was a slightly oblong cushion with a blue rose embroidery.
Freed leaked a sigh of admiration

“The craftsmanship is good… Lidi, you sure are skillful. It looks as if it was
made by a famous craftsman” “Cooking and handicrafts are my strong points.
I heard from Brother that Freed is tired recently… So I thought if you put it
on the backrest of your office chair, it will relax your back a little” “From
Alex?” “Yup”

When I nodded, Freed tilted his head a little. While looking at such him, I
pointed at the chocolates.

“That’s why… These chocolates…” “Yup”

When I prompted him, Freed lifted the lid like he understood. What appeared
was 12 pieces of nama chocolate.

“Freed, you said you aren’t good with sweets, so I tried making them with
dark chocolate…” “I’ll eat whatever Lidi makes. This especially is an
expression of love for me, right? Whatever it would be, I’m happy. Thank you”

While relieved by Freed thanking me with a smile, I moved on to the main


“Since your work is over, I guess it’s just right. Try eating one” “Nn?”
“Hey, say aah…” “Eh… ah. Aah”

Wanting to quickly surprise him, I picked one chocolate by a small toothpick

put into it and tossed it into Freed’s mouth. Freed blinked his eyes, but still he
chewed the chocolate and gradually his face turned surprised.

“Wha…?” “Hehe… Surprised?”

Having swallowed the chocolate, Freed fixedly stared at my face.

“Surprised, you ask… Lidi, what did you do with that chocolate?” “I asked
Ms. Delris and tried mixing in the stamina recovery medicine. Because it’s
tasteless and odorless it shouldn’t affect the taste of the chocolates… However,
even one piece will completely recover you? Because you are fatigued, I hoped
they’d invigorate you”

This was half of the reason I went to Ms. Delris’s house. It’s a secret from
Freed, but of course I also have the stamina recovery medicine. But, I’d feel
ashamed to use what I’d received as her goodwill. That’s why I explained the
reason and confirmed if I could use it, and so I received easy-to-use medicine
that would have no effect on cooking. By the way, regarding that matter,
“Wouldn’t it be better if you stopped”, Ms. Delris and Cain for some reason
asked me to stop time and time again with serious faces… Why.

“… Stamina recovery medicine… Lidi” “Do you feel a little better?”

When I inquired, he drew my body to himself and hugged me. His hot breath
covered my ear.

“You thought so much about me… I’m happy. Yup, I feel a lot better”
“Really? I’m glad”

He’s the Crown Prince. It would be a disaster if his body broke down. When I
was relieved that he recovered from fatigue, for some reason Freed lifted me in
his arms.

“Huh?” “With this I can embrace Lidi to my heart’s content” “Eh…?”

Here’s the predictable development. When I looked up at him in

bewilderment, firmly holding me in his arms Freed smiled with a very good

“I don’t know what you heard from Alex, but I’m not really tired. Probably,
he saw me considerably push myself at work, wanting to quickly return to Lidi.
But with these chocolates I can enjoy Lidi for a longer time” “Fuwah!?” “My
share and Lidi’s share. There are 12 pieces… 6 doses, huh. With this I can
embrace Lidi for almost a week without reservation. I’m happy”

While laughing, Freed carried me to the bedroom for sure this time. Eh? Eh?
Eh? I’m confused by the development beyond my expectations. In other words.
Brother’s statement that Freed’s tired was a false alarm? That means, I expressly
gave healthy Freed chocolates with the stamina recovery medicine in them… Is
that how it is? Naturally, there’s only one way healthy Freed would use them…


I hung my head when I finally understood the meaning of Ms. Delris and Cain
telling me to stop. They were anxious about this.

“No… don’t… If you aren’t tired, let’s return it after all” “Nope. This is
what I received. Really, it’s the best present. Thank you, Lidi”
Passion that couldn’t be concealed blazed in Freed’s eyes as he smiled.
Moreover, his stamina was just recovered which means Freed is in perfect form.

“Uwaaaaaaaa! I messed uuuuup!” “I specially got such a wonderful

present from my cute lover. I must live up to expectations, right?” “You don’t!
That wasn’t my intentioooon!” “You really did something cute, Lidi. I’m
always head over heels in Lidi. I love you”

Freed dropped a peck on my lips and saying so laid me on the bed in the

―――― What happened to me afterwards can be easily guessed. Let’s say I

was wrung dry.

And one more thing… I wish I had made fewer chocolates. It was a bitter
week for me who had dug her own grave.

With this chapter this batch of extras is over. I will translate the character
introduction, and afterwards we’ll be back to the main story.
Chapter 20
Source: Jingle Translations


“Fu fu fu… Finally…”

The Crown Prince’s room at midday. Inside it, Lidi held up what she had been
intently embroidering for the past few days. A large dark green cloth was tightly
embroidered with white thread. Seeing it, Lidi nodded deeply. Umu. Well
done… It’s perfect.


“Hey, Princess. Are you really doing this?”

Cain asked with a worried face. The time is the afternoon several days after
the aforementioned thing was finished. In Freed’s room, Lidi and Cain gathered
for discussion.

“I am. In the first place, what do you think I worked so hard for? For this!”
“No, to say for this… You know you’ll get scolded?” “… I properly obtained
permission.” “I wonder if you really did.”

Fufun, this time Lidi puffed up her chest at Cain, who directed a suspicious
expression at her.

“I’ve received permission from His Majesty and the Queen. I’ve also
contacted Father. So, believe me?” “I’m incredibly worried that I haven’t
heard the most important name, the Crown Prince’s.” “That’s…”

Lidi suddenly averted her eyes. What Lidi was talking with Cain about earlier
was her return home afterwards. Her mother said she wants Lidi to come back
once in a while, so driven by homesickness, Lidi at once asked the King and
others for permission. Everybody readily gave her permission, but…
“After all, if I talked to Freed, wouldn’t he absolutely say no?” “So you are

Her beloved lover and fiancé, Freed. In any case, he’s obsessed with Lidi.
Even though they’re getting married soon, not wanting to part even for a
moment, he restraints her. Normally it ends with “You love me, right?”, but
today’s situation is a little troublesome. She understood that even if they talked,
he wouldn’t make a happy face. That’s why Lidi made necessary arrangements
and obtained everybody’s permission except his. She really is quite skilled.
That’s right, today Freed is the only one unaware that Lidi is going back home.
Everybody else knows.

“Well, if Princess is okay with it, I won’t say anything else… And, since you
have permission, ain’t it fine to openly exit from the front?” “Eh? Isn’t that
boring? I’ve went through a trouble to keep it secret from Freed, so I must
enjoy this situation!” “Oi…”

Cain looked at her with reproachful eyes, but Lidi paid it no heed. She put her
hands together and asked.

“Please, Cain. Take me home without being discovered by Freed.” “… I feel

like an incredibly difficult task was forced on me.”

After ostentatiously sighing, Cain nodded like he gave up.

“Got it. From the start I had no intention of rejecting Princess’s wish. For
us Hiyumas, granting master’s wishes takes the highest priority.”

Cain raised his face and smiled defiantly.

“That mission. I’ll undertake it.”


“And? Why have you put this on your head, Princess?” “Eh? It’s cute,
right?” “…”

Now, let’s leave the castle using Hiyuma’s secret art! When the talk turned to
this, as if to say wait, Lidi suddenly spread a cloth. It was a furoshiki with
arabesque pattern. Is it difficult to understand? Although it’s a simplified image,
it would be nice if you imagined a green furoshiki with white arabesque pattern
that thieves carry1. Wanting to make the furoshiki with arabesque pattern, Lidi
intently embroidered for the past few days.

“… What is that?” “Nn? It’s furoshiki.” “Froshkee…? You made

something strange again. No, never mind that, Princess. Why… do you need to
wear it on your head?”

Lidi tilted her head at Cain’s voice and expression that showed he was at a
loss. She didn’t understand why he had such a desperate face. Because… She
only tied furoshiki around her head a little.

“Let’s see. If I had to say, there’s beauty in it.” “Beauty…”

Cain repeated in a dumbfounded mutter. Lidi nodded seriously.

“Right. Since I have this furoshiki, I had no choice but to tie it around my
head. I’d felt like making it, but it turned out better than expected so I wanted
to use it.” “I don’t quite get it, but Princess, you certainly are the only
daughter of the preeminent ducal house and the Crown Prince’s fiancée,
right?” “Yup. Why do you mention it now?” “… No, you don’t have to
understand.” “You’re strange, Cain.”

The image is… Cain muttered so, but there was something that bothered Lidi
more than that. She pulled the hem of Cain’s clothes.

“Cain, let’s get going. If we don’t hurry, Freed will come back for midday
break. We can talk on the way home.” “Ah… Yeah.”

As Lidi said she couldn’t bear being discovered with a serious face, Cain
nodded and hurriedly made the technique symbol. … While thinking that he
really has no idea what’s going on in his master’s head.


“Alex, Lidi’s not here. Haven’t you heard anything?”

Midday break. As usual, Freed returned to his room to see his beloved
fiancée’s face, only to see an empty room. He hurried back to his office and
briefly explained the situation to her brother and his close aide. Seeing Freed’s
impatient appearance, Alex tilted his head, then he nodded understandingly.

“She went back home today. What Freed, haven’t you heard?” “Home!?”

Freed was shocked when he heard about Lidi’s destination. He hadn’t heard
about it from Lidi at all. Even this morning when they exchanged a good day
kiss, she didn’t say anything like that.

“… I haven’t heard about it.” “Is that so? Not only did she get permission
from the old man, she even got it from His Majesty and Her Highness the
Queen. So she made such unusual arrangements but didn’t tell Freed, huh…”

A scarily low voice escaped Freed. She’s really done it. Certainly, he can’t say
anything since even his father and mother accepted it. However, he wishes she
mentioned it to him. Because Freed is Lidi’s fiancé… and lover, moreover their
feelings are mutual. While he was sullen, Alex said while shrugging his

“It’s because you make such faces. Even if Lidi obediently asked for you
permission, you wouldn’t allow it.” “Of course.” “Let her stay overnight at her
home. She’s still your fiancée.” “Overnight?”

Freed made an even lower voice. Alex cheeks twitched.

“Y, yes. So we’ve heard…”

Hearing that far from the whole day, Lidi wouldn’t come back until tomorrow,
Freed’s mood reached the bottom. Sleeping without hugging Lidi? That’s
impossible. Alex sensed Freed’s bad mood and said with a sigh.

“You really are narrow minded when it comes to Lidi. Let her stay
overnight. It’s not like she went out without permission, and the place is a
mansion inside the Royal Capital.” “Don’t want to.” “… I see.”

Of course Lidi wouldn’t tell you. When Alex glared at Freed with that
complaint, Freed picked up his cloak. He mustn’t waste time in such a place. He
must hurry up and chase after Lidi. Alex watched Freed’s action in amazement.

“Oi, Freed. No way, you aren’t planning to…” “I’m going out for a bit.
Send Ventisca to the south gate.” “… I’m asking just in case, but what about
afternoon work?” “Be silent, you are also guilty.”

When Freed said it over his shoulder, Alex looked up at the sky.

“… After all it turned out like this. Shit, that Lidi. How dare she involve

Freed glanced backwards at Alex who dropped his shoulders dejectedly, and
promptly left the room.


“Ufufu, it went well. Nothing less I’d expect from you, Cain.”

They safely escaped the Royal Castle and walked towards the ducal residence.
It felt liberating to be outside the Royal Castle for the first time in a while. While
she was walking together with Cain thinking that it’s necessary to have a
breather once in a while, Cain repeatedly glanced at Lidi. Or more specifically,
Lidi’s head.

“… Princess, hey, won’t you take it off?” “Furoshiki? Nn, I’ll take it off as
soon as we arrive to the mansion. Somehow, I like it. Don’t you think it
surprisingly suits me?”

Fufun, Lidi proudly puffed up her chest and Cain made quite a complicated

“On the contrary, it’s scary how much it suits you… If somebody found you,
you’d be a laughingstock.”

Cain restlessly looked around, but fortunately there was nobody in sight. From
the start, the inner gate section is a special place where only important nobles
live. Unlike the middle gate or outer gate sections, there’s little pedestrian traffic.

“It’s alright. Nobody would think it’s me.”

It’s so brazen that on the contrary it won’t get exposed. When she lightly
fended him off, Cain sighed deplorably.
“… Well, yeah. There’s nobody who would think a duke’s daughter looks
like it. “ “… There may be somebody, no?” “There won’t.”

He instantly returned an answer. For a moment Lidi thought about what it

makes her, but she wisely stayed silent.

“And? I get that you like it, but in the end what’s with tying the cloth around
your head?” “Nn, It’s just an image. Let’s see. If I had to say, of a phantom
thief! Or something like that?” “Phantom thief… That sounds like you stole
something. Then Princess, what did you steal?”

Under the inquisitive gaze, Lidi thought a little and answered.

“Your heart! Or something?”

She tried to say it as coolly as she could, but Cain only looked at her in

“Ha?” “It’s a famous line from The Castle of Caglios*ro… Even if I say
that, you won’t understand, huh. No no, it’s nothing…” “My heart is still
stolen by Lidi, okay?” “Eh…”

When she laughed it off, not wanting to tell a story of her past life, she heard
an unlikely voice. When she turned in its direction, she saw Freed saddling his
favorite horse, Ventisca. The appearance of Freed mounting the white horse as
he looked at Lidi was exactly that of a prince from a story. It’s just that
regrettably, unlike a prince from a story, although he was looking at her with a
smile, his eyes weren’t smiling at all.

“… F… Freed.”

… He was much faster than she’d expected. Lidi’s voice trembled from

“I was surprised you weren’t there when I returned to my room.” “… Y,

yup. Y o u ‘ r e r i g h t.” “I heard from Alex, but are you really going home?”
“Y… yup.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “That’s… umm.”

Unable to say anything to oppose him, Lidi glanced at Cain next to her. In a
whisper she complained.
“… Cain, mission failure.” “That’s why I said the difficulty was too high.
We should’ve leapt straight to the mansion. You got caught here because we
walked leisurely.” “… Uu.”

It seems it was a mistake for Lidi to enjoy the scenery outside because the
weather was good. Freed intensified his smile.

“Lidi? For now, take off that strange headdress? It’s cute, but I can’t see
your face well, Lidi…” “Y e s…”

Scary. Incredibly scary. Lidi hurriedly took off the cloth tied around her head.
It’s a situation where it would be very hard for her to say that she doesn’t want to
because she likes it.

“And? Back to the topic. Why didn’t you tell me? Did you perhaps think I
wouldn’t give permission?” “Uu…”

Looking up with upturned eyes, Lidi met eyes with Freed fixedly staring at

“It’s vexing. Even though I’ll grant anything you desire, Lidi.” “Eh? You’ll
allow it? Truly?” “If you don’t say you’ll stay the night. Really Lidi, you’re
cruel. You tried to leave me all alone.” “I, I planned to return tomorrow.”

Saying that, Freed brought Ventisca closer to Lidi and suddenly raised her in
his arms.

“Fuah.” “It’ll be dangerous if you move. You’re going back to the ducal
residence, right? I’ll escort you there.” “… Eh, is that fine? Thank you!”

When Lidi hurriedly looked over her shoulder, she saw Freed looking down at
her with a wry smile. Great. He doesn’t appear to be angry.

“You even received permission from Esteemed Father, so I can’t say no this
late, right? Instead, I’ll also stay over today.” “Eh…”

Lidi was moved for a moment, but she froze at Freed’s remark. Freed will stay
over in the mansion? His Highness the Crown Prince will? Wait a moment. Of
course, Lidi’s house is the preeminent ducal house. It can’t be said they can’t
welcome him, but still, the Crown Prince staying over without any preparations
is too nonsensical. Seeing Lidi quickly turn pale, Freed smiled calmly…
however, it might be just Lidi’s imagination, but his eyes looked like he was
scheming something.

“You don’t have to worry about welcoming me. Lidi, as long as you’re on
my side, it doesn’t matter. I also intend to stay over in your room, Lidi.
Embracing each other in Lidi’s room for the first time in a while… Sounds
good.” “Eh…”

There were disturbing words mixed in Freed’s statement. Like staying over in
her room… Or doing it in her room. Certainly, they’ve done it in her room once
or twice, but it’s out of the question for her, since she’s uneasy about her mother
downstairs. And yet he’s staying over? Staying over means her father and
brother will also come back. Besides, we’re talking about Freed. Naturally he
won’t stop at doing it once… You’re kidding, right… While dumbfounded, Lidi
shook her head.

“Wait… wait a moment. You can’t… T, that’s right. Freed, you have
government work, right? No matter how you look at it, abandoning it is…”
“It’s alright Lidi. Since Alex took part in your plan, I pushed it onto him. Now,
Lidi. Let’s go. It may be fun to do it in a different place sometimes.”

Freed make Ventisca walk. Sensing his unyielding will, Lidi hurriedly called
out to her ninja, Cain.

“C, Cain. Umm, help…” “It was game over when the Crown Prince came.
Then, I’ll be going to granny’s place.” “N, no way. U, unfair…” “I ain’t
unfair. I don’t feel like disturbing lovebirds and I don’t like peeping. Laters.”

Cain swiftly put two fingers to his forehead and disappeared. Lidi saw him off
in a truly hopeless mood. ―――― Shit, that damn ninja. That damn ninjaaaa!!
Even though she groaned, it was pointless. She was already on the horseback
and Freed was holding her tightly. There was no way she could escape. In
accordance with Freed’s will, Ventisca began running towards the ducal
residence. From the bottom of her heart Lidi felt like crying over the situation
that could no longer be reversed. She made the furoshiki because it was slightly
interesting, and since she made it she wanted to use it. And taking the
opportunity, she tried going back home for a bit. Why, why, did it turn out like
this? Inside Freed’s arms, Lidi raised a sorrowful voice.

“I don’t want to do it in my room anymoooore!” “If you learn the hard way,
you won’t think of keeping secrets from me.”

Hearing Freed’s words, Lidi vigorously looked back.

“Aren’t you angry after all!?” “Huh? When did I say I wasn’t angry?
Tonight Lidi, I’ll give you lots of punishment in your room.” “Nooooo!”
“Shh… Don’t say more… Nh.”

Lidi’s shriek went to the sky… No, it was swallowed by Freed’s relentless


Chapter 21
Source: Jingle Translations


“… Alright.”

I looked around. I’m above the ceiling in Princess’s mansion. In a sense,

there’s no better place than the slightly dusty place where nobody comes. There,
I moved carefully as to silence my footsteps.

“Err… Princess room is this way, isn’t it?”

Right now, I’m heading for Princess’s room. I didn’t really enter without
permission. I came on request of Princess, whose current residence is the Crown
Prince’s room in the Royal Palace.

“Please! Could you go get my needlework toolbox?”

The content of the request was to go get the toolbox with Princess’s favorite
needlework tools. Princess, who’s good at embroidery, has tools for her personal
use. Of course, Princess is at the Royal Palace. If she implores her doting fiancé
with even slightly upturned eyes about needlework tools, he will immediately
prepare as many top quality products as she wishes. But when I said that,
Princess shook her head.

“There’s no point. That’s not what makes tools good. They are good
precisely because one is accustomed to them. It’s no good unless it’s those
tools. Please, Cain. I’ll explain their location, so could you go and get them?”
“Of course, I don’t mind.”

It was my master’s order. I had no reason to refuse. Besides, I’m honestly

happy she didn’t ask anybody else and went to me first. That’s why I gladly
agreed and sneaked into Princess’s mansion, but…
“What’s this…?”

I couldn’t hide my surprise by what appeared in front of me. Right now I’m
directly above Princess’s room. There are traces that ceiling boards have been
removed several times. Around, lots of odd things are piled up. Until now I’d
come here a few times, but today is the first time I noticed them. Probably,
Princess placed them here. But, what the hell are they…?

“… Magical tools?”

A strangely shaped vase, a scroll. There’s even something like a clearly

broken crystal. It doesn’t seem like Princess’s hobby at all. In that case, this is…

“Aah… Magician Division Commander, huh.”

… I figured out the culprit. Since I’m often at Princess’s side, I immediately
realized. It’s the Magician Division Commander, William von Pellegrini. It can
only be him. Because, he loves Princess. And apparently, he’s loved her since
they were children. That is to say, that’s the way he shows off. These are his gifts
to Princess. But…

“No… There’s no way.”

I quickly averted my eyes. There are lots of magical tools I don’t know the
purpose of. Mixed with them are somewhat strange handmade figurines. Every
one of these was given to Princess by that strait-laced-looking Magician
Division Commander…

“Even his taste completely loses to the Crown Prince…”

I recalled the ring on Princess’s finger. It’s a beautifully decorated ring in the
Crown Prince’s colors. Since she received it from her beloved fiancé, Princess
treasures it very much. Sometimes when she’s alone, she gazes at the ring with a
bad smile unfitting a duke’s daughter. She really is pleased with it. Compared to
that… Sorry, but there’s a world of difference.

“It ain’t even a contest… Hii!”

Shamefully, despite being called Red Shinigami who should throw everyone
into the maelstrom of fear, I shrieked. But it couldn’t be helped. Just now,
absolutely ――――.

“Eyes… our eyes met.”

The doll with long blonde hair and hung head appeared to be staring at me
with wide open big eyes. Seeing the doll as big as a baby wearing an elaborate
dress in the dark was incredibly terrifying. My whole body shook with fright.

“Wha… What is he thinking? That Magician Division Commander… You’d

be hated by anybody but Princess for this…”

Unconsciously, I stroked my upper arm… I got goosebumps.

“… Nope. I don’t want to stay here long.”

Let’s quickly escape. Thinking so, I shook free from the doll’s gaze that
bothered me greatly (she was absolutely looking at me!) and was about to jump
down from the ceiling to Princess’s room without anybody noticing, but
incidentally another thing entered from the corner of my eye.

“Hi… Hiiiiiiii!”

This time I screamed in fear. Lying there was a straw doll the size that could
be held in one hand. Moreover, for some reason a long nail was piercing its
stomach. I don’t get what’s going on anymore. Or rather, it’s incomprehensibly
scary. Anyway, the moment I noticed it, fear ran through my body. What’s most
terrifying about that straw doll is… the strange, eerie aura I caught a glimpse of.
It’s unmistakably emitting something like a black haze. … Honestly, its nature
seems to be worse than the Curse of Sahaja. I absolutely, absolutely don’t want
to get near it.

“Hi… Hii.” “Is anybody there?!” “Ah! Damn it!”

Apparently, my unconscious scream was heard by the guards in Princess’s

mansion. The uncharacteristic blunder made me want to cry. Still, mission
failure is not allowed. I hurriedly jumped down and grabbed the toolbox
requested by Princess. Then I managed to escape using the secret art.

“… Here you go.” “Thanks, Cain. But, it took you a while. Did something

I managed to return to Princess without being found, but so many things

happened I was riddled with wounds. While gasping for breath I handed her the
requested item. Princess checked the contents of the toolbox and happily smiled.
I just couldn’t stay silent, so I ended up asking.

“Hey… Princess.” “Nn?”

I fearfully asked Princess, who answered without looking here.

“No, listen… That strange doll above the ceiling…” “… You saw it!?”

Upon hearing my words, Princess turned to me vigorously. Her face stiffened

in fear.

“Ah, yeah…” “… I see, Cain too saw it.”

Princess nodded and showed a tired smile.

“Those are… all unusual magical tools Will obtained and gifted me.” “… I,
I see.”

It was exactly as I’d expected, so I could only nod.

“Since I received them, I couldn’t do anything… In the end, I crammed

them above the ceiling… The straw doll and especially the doll with short
blonde hair are particularly frightening, aren’t they? I don’t want to see them
ever again.” “Eh?”

I couldn’t let Princess’s words slide.

“Short hair…?”

When I asked back thinking I’d misheard, Princess affirmed, with a face
asking what I am saying.

“Yup, that’s right. You saw the blonde-haired doll, right? It’s scary how it
seems to be looking at you.” “…”
I could tell my face stiffened in fear. No, my whole body shivered in fear.
Because, because… I gulped. I’m sure you could tell I was scared from my face.
Princess’s complexion too was becoming noticeably worse. Both of us have now
turned pale. In a frightened voice Princess said.

“No, no way… The hairstyle is different?”

Hahaha, there’s no way… Princess shook her head to deny it, but I slowly
nodded. My voice was trembling shamefully.

“… That’s right. Princess, the doll I saw… certainly had her hair down to
her waist.”

After a moment, Princess’s scream resounded inside the room.

“Nooooooooo!” “Scaryyyyy! What is it! What is that place above the

ceiling! Hell!?” “Nooooo! Throw it away! Somebody take away that dooooll!”

… It was that moment when I thought I never again want to go above the
ceiling in Vivoirs’ residence.

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Chapter 22
Source: Jingle Translations


This is the first part of Tanabata side story. It’s a playful comedy. There’ll be
all sorts of tsukkomi elements. The second part is particularly heavy on
lovebirds, so it’s only for those who can lightly laugh it off.

‘Short play: The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl’

“What’s this?”

I was summoned to the hall used for small scale evening parties in the Royal
Palace. Seeing the scenery in front of me, my face turned serious.


It started a few days ago. Unusually, there were six people in Freed’s office.
Freed and me. Will and Glenn. This much is the usual. Moreover, for some
reason Lidi and… Sion (the former Tarim tactician) who’d been recently staying
inside the castle also gathered.

“What are you planning with so many people here?”

When I tilted my head, Freed breathed a displeased sigh. Then he turned his
eyes to Sion.

“Sion, explain.” “Yes, Your Highness Friedrich.”

The former enemy tactician, Sion, broadly smiled. Sion hasn’t officially
become Freed’s subordinate, but he often follows Freed’s personal requests. This
must also be one of them. Sion made sure everybody’s eyes were on him and
slowly spoke.

“Actually, recently we have received a request from the citizens of the Royal
Capital.” “A request?”

I knit my brows at what he brought up out of nowhere. So did everybody else.

Only Freed was frowning like he understood.

“Their ways of expressing it are different, but they generally wish for the
same thing. Since there aren’t many fun topics recently, if possible, they want
some entertainment.” “Entertainment? Is there a need for us to prepare it?”

There are all sorts of stores in the four towns of the Royal Capital. They
should fulfill the role of entertainment facilities. I wonder if they aren’t enough
then. Sion nodded to my words.

“Certainly, there are many entertainment facilities in Lindwurm.

However… It’s probably not about that. To put it frankly, I think the citizens
are anxious.” “Anxious?”

Will reacted to Sion’s remark. Yeah, Sion confirmed.

“Currently, Sahaja is moving suspiciously. Of course, ordinary citizens

don’t know that. However, high ranking nobles and knights do. The citizens
can vaguely sense the atmosphere that something is going to happen.” “I see.
Certainly, the knights are prepared to act in case war breaks out. Their air of
tension might be getting conveyed.”

Glenn nodded like he was convinced. Certainly, there’s some truth in what
Sion said.

“And? What are you telling us to do with it?”

So far I understood what he was saying. In other words, it means us in top

positions giving citizens a sense of security by providing entertainment and
creating a fun atmosphere. Just for example, citizens will be relieved to see
Freed’s composed attitude. The attitude and atmosphere of those at the top is
transmitted surprisingly easy.

“Providing entertainment ain’t all, right? If anything, we had better take the
initiative and show we are enjoying ourselves… is that right?” “Yeah, it’s just
like that. As expected of Lord Alexei.”
Sion, who smiled insightfully, truly is a shrewd man. He still hasn’t officially
become Freed’s subordinate, and yet this presence… Even Freed’s stance shows
he’s listening to Sion’s story. If he becomes a subordinate, he will certainly
become a military asset. He wasn’t the Tarim tactician just for show. His abilities
are certain. All that’s left is for him to take the oath of a vassal. While sighing I
asked Sion again. I can’t say after hearing this much that I don’t want to. It’s
already decided that we’ll do whatever he tells us to.

“Let me ask again. What should we do?”

Nobody objected to my words. The atmosphere of resignation filled the place.

Even my little sister silently listened. Well then, after a while Sion talked.

“I will call for everyone as soon as I’m ready. Let’s see. It will only take a
few days. Please be sure to respond to the summons.” “Got it…” “Then that’s
it for today. Everybody, thank you very much for gathering while you are

All of us sighed, certain that it will be troublesome.


“… What’s this?”

And so, we arrive at today. The hall we were summoned to was small from the
start, but now there was a scene installed in it. On top of it, just as if for
performance of a play, a set was constructed. My cheek unconsciously twitched.
to me, I heard a voice of a similarly surprised man.

“Wha, what is… this?” “Ooh… Will, huh…”

When I turned my gaze to him, I saw Will with his eyes glued to the stage just
like me a while ago. to him was Glenn. Perhaps Freed and my little sister had
come earlier, as they seemed to be talking with Sion about something.

“Eh!? You must be kidding. I absolutely don’t want that! Impossible!”

My little sister shook her head with a face like she couldn’t believe what Sion
was saying. Freed was frowning too, it was obvious at a glance he was opposed
to it. Curious about what they were talking about, I approached them, leaving
Glenn and Will behind.

“… is it still no good even so?”

Sion beckoned my little sister and secretly whispered something. Contrary to

Freed’s displeased face, my little sister’s face lit up in the twinkling of an eye.

“R, really?” “Yeah. I would not tell a lie.” “… In that case I accept. I am
not confident, but I will do my best.” “Lidi?”

My little sister easily changed her opinion and unlike before smiled happily.
Seeing this, Freed didn’t try to hide his discontent. Sion smiled and also
whispered into Freed’s ear.

“… is.” “What? … Haa.”

Having heard Sion’s words, Freed turned his eyes to my little sister and sighed
in exasperation.

“I understand. So that’s why Lidi changed her opinion. Sion, you seem to
understand Lidi well.”

As Freed made a complicated face, Sion said, still smiling.

“Won’t you do it? I believe it will be very effective.” “… Certainly, I think

it’ll be effective. Moreover, I cannot refuse in this situation… You truly are
difficult.” “I shall take it as a compliment.”

As Freed’s anger abated, my little sister happily pulled his sleeve.

“Quickly! Okay, Freed?” “… Now?” “Of course! That’s why I accepted it!”

My little sister nodded with a wide grin. Got it, Freed nodded with resignation
under my little sister’s expectant gaze. I don’t know what they talked about, but
Freed. Aren’t you too soft on my little sister?

“… It can’t be helped. Really, Sion used something strange to bait you,


Freed lovingly stroked my little sister’s head and with those words left the
room. While skipping, my little sister followed Freed. Now that their feelings
have become mutual and my little sister stopped trying to hide her feelings, her
whole body seems to be saying that she loves Freed. I feel sorry for Will who
has feelings for my little sister, but… if he clearly understands there’s no hope to
that extent, won’t he be able to give up…? He won’t, huh. Sion’s eyes chased
their retreating figures, then he turned here.

“Thank you three for coming. Then, please give it a read once. Eventually, I
would like you to remember it.” “Nn?”

Sion approached and handed each of us a bundle of paper.

“… The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl… What’s this?”

When I read aloud the letters written on the cover, Sion lightly turned the page
and explained.

“We talked about providing entertainment, didn’t we? And so… it turned
into royalty and high-ranking nobility showing a play to everyone in the Royal
Capital. Yeah, of course it’s the result of a questionnaire conducted in the
Royal Capital. It is not my own decision. The future His Excellency the Prime
Minister would not disregard the voices of citizens who want to see people they
normally have no chance of seeing from up close, would he?” “A play!?”

Before I could say anything Will reacted. Well of course he would. It’s
unthinkable that he’d nod to that. Will raised his voice and got terribly angry.

“Why should I do something like this!?”

In a gentle voice Sion spoke to him.

“Princess Consort readily consented, right? Aah, of course His Highness

Friedrich too.” “… What?”

Will’s eyebrows raised with a twitch. Pretending not to notice it, Sion

“Yeah. Princess Consort seemed to be particularly looking forward to it.

And, err? … Lord William doesn’t want it. I see. Princess Consort would
certainly be disappointed, wouldn’t she?” “…”
I could tell Will froze upon hearing that my little sister is looking forward to
it. … This guy. He knows exactly where to attack Will. Will was silent for a
moment, but in the end he said, while trembling.

“… If it’s for the sake of citizens, high-ranking nobles have the duty to
help… I am unwilling, but let’s cooperate.”

Weak! You’re too weak, Will!! Is that so? Without mentioning the quick
change in attitude, Sion nodded.

“Thank you very much. Lord Gregor… Of course you will cooperate, won’t

Sion turned to Glenn. Glenn nodded immediately.

“If both Freed and Elder Brother agree, I have no choice of refusing.
Citizens certainly seem anxious. I will cooperate.” “…!”

Amazing… If Will and Freed are defeated, Glenn can’t refuse. This guy
understands the order of defeating us. After Will and Glenn, Sion finally turned
his eyes to me. While smiling, he tilted his head. His eyes were certain of his

“Now then. Lord Alexei. What will you do?”

Asked a question that he’d already predicted the answer for, I deeply exhaled.

“… I just have to do it, right? They nodded, so I can’t refuse…” “Thank

you very much. I’m glad. With this I obtained everybody’s consent.” “…”

… As Sion got me to say it after having everybody else agree, I dropped my

shoulders, crestfallen. As expected of the former tactician who obtained
successive victories.
Chapter 23
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Translator’s Note:

Welp. This will be my last post. I know its been a long long SUPER wait but
as I have said things where pretty hectic for the past couple of months and I
knew that all of you have been waiting. Especially for this chapter. FROM THE

Hopefully when I get out of my current project I can pick another novel and
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| Chapter

A/N: I apologize for making you wait. It’s the [King’s Flower] Explanation

My mouth dropped open as a word I couldn’t understand suddenly came up


No, [King’s Flower] is that ‘ [King’s Flower]’ right?

Although, I naturally knew that word can be said as common sense to the
society, but I don’t understand why he brought it up now.

Despite his neck tilted, Freed’s face looked serious.

Apparently, though it doesn’t seem I had any connection to it, I reluctantly


[……That is the engraving of the royal tattoo on all of the crowned

princess’ left chest, right?]

That is what I remembered it correctly.

All the crowned princess’ left chest has an engraving of a flower tattoo,
exactly below the collarbone.

That is what the [King’s Flower] is.

Each royal male has a matching flower tattoo and on their wedding event, the
corresponding flower tattoo is engraved.

For example, the symbol of His Majesty is [Sayuri].

There was an engraving of [Sayuri] on the crown princess’ chest. (T/N: I’m
going to assume it is the current queen)

No matter what kind of work has been applied, one cannot erase the [King’s
Flower]. In other words, it meant that crown princess is not allowed to divorce.

It seems that this is also the reason why polygamy is accepted, but how it got
to that complicated/convoluted situation I really don’t understand.

If it is was my Father, perhaps he had detail knowledge about the tattoo, but
for a woman like me who was not Father’s heir, then I only have the general
concept of the tattoo.

This is useless to mention, but about royalty(women) who marry into a family
outside(meaning not royalty) those types don’t have such problems whatsoever.

For me who has been tied to these circumstances became constricted, it made
one truly jealous.

I strayed far from the topic.

For the time being, I spoke my thoughts to Freed and he approved with a [ Un
] while groaning.
[As expected, even the Prime Minister’s daughter also does not know. Well,
to an extend THAT is the fact that people who are close to the royal family
knows. However in reality, the [King’s Flower] is not a ‘tattoo’. Its a magical
seal. Only men of royalty can do it once in a lifetime, somewhat like a secret art]

I think it was probably serious enough for Freed to blurt out a royal secret
very easily.

[It is a ritual for every royal male to select one’s partner. Once it is done, a
magical seal corresponding to the individual will appear. That is the true
[King’s Flower]]

My eyes flickered at the unexpected reality.

Did you say that the ‘tattoo is not a ‘tattoo’ but a magical seal?

What magical seal…… ‘as if it was a curse’ is what I thought at the corner of
my mind as I listened on.

The [King’s Flower] can be only given once in a lifetime. Whether if it failed
or the other party died, it was impossible to redo it. Therefore in this country,
obviously the one who bears the [King’s Flower] is the only recognized as the
crown princess.

As he looked this way it was as if he said I had some relation to that , I cannot
help but have an unpleasant premonition.

[There are conditions in order to do the [King’s Flower]’s ritual. That is the
virginity because the only time they are able to invoke the secret art is when they
penetrate the hymen. Afterwards as the secret art develops, they complete it by
releasing the semen inside. No pregnancy needed. The ritual itself is easy, right?]

[Yea, you’re right….]

As Freed revealed the royal secret one by one, because there was no need for
detailed explanation, there was a feeling of no turning back.

Is what I thought as I returned my consent, Freed laughed sarcastically.

[But in the situation that the other party is not a virgin, it’s just tragic. The
secret art is just once in a lifetime only. If the [King’s Flower] does not appear
then she will never again be welcomed as the crown princess. While the other
who failed the ritual will be driven out.]


[It actually happens, you know.]

With that said, I truly saw the pained look somewhere on Freed’s face.

[However, since it is not publicly known, not many understand. That after
doing the ritual for the [King’s flower] only then will they be truly recognized.
The [King’s Flower] is the royalty’s duty. If he fails then he will not be
recognized as part of the royal family]

My eyes became completely wide open.

[Going back to the story right. In summary,it’s not my lady’s deflowering but
the, 『King’s Flower』carved seal, you know. One’s proof of maidenhood is
not essential. It’s whether the 『King’s Flower』manifests that is everything.]

Freed’s face was so serious, it was scary.

A crown princess without the [King’s Flower] will not be recognized. The
[King’s flower] also carries a part however granted only the crown princess has a
lot to do for this country. So she cannot be disregarded.]

…… Therefore, she also is not able to break the marriage?

If changing does not work, then it is impossible to allow a divorce.

And then because one cannot change, even if he loved his concubine, the
position of the crown princess is absolutely unshakable.

Normally, if he loved the concubine, the crown princess will lose her position,
at the end a divorce will follow.

And yet, in this country no matter how much the he loved his concubine, the
crown princess’ position will not be revoked. Just like the current King and
[In addition other than the royal family, there are lot of unknown facts and
obligations about the [king’s flower]. I will explain it to you little by little
however for now, does it answer your question?]

Now that you mentioned it, I nodded.

I seriously do not need any more explanations.

[…Yes, I came to understand the [King’s Flower] however, as I thought I

cannot be your crown princess because I am unable to do its ritual]

In other words, it was what I said.

If one is unable to do the ritual, then one cannot be the crown princess.

Since I cannot be the crown princess, there was no meaning for Freed to
marry me.

I have no intention in becoming a concubine, and my father will never forgive

such thing.

…. Un. The decision that I took wasn’t a mistake, after all.

Even though I believe it as such, Freed’s facial expression didn’t waver at all.

A smile appeared on his face as he shook his head.

[…. if you weren’t the one I held last night, you’re totally right.]

[ eh?]

[Or maybe, if I didn’t love you. And therefore, you believed that your plan
was carried out perfectly that was what you wanted right? ]

It was disappointing right?

As he spoke, Freed slowly pointed at my left side of my chest (breast).

The throbbing jumped once *dokun*. (T/N: I imagine it’s her heart but there
was no ‘heart’ in the sentence.. But i think you all can imagine it)
[At that time at first glance, I absolutely wanted Lidi….. This feeling was
the first time ever since I was born even I was surprised. Nevertheless, for this
reason I swore I’ll do anything to have you in my hands.]

Freed’s lips became a smirk as he spoke. (T/N: the sentence translated ‘ that
freed’s became slanted/distorted’)

My senses told me it was as if to say my reply meaningless pierced through

my ears.

[….. That is why last night, when i heard about you being a virgin it was
such a pleasant surprise. Because of that I can take you as my own. At that
moment, for the first time in my life I am glad to be part of the royal family.]


Chills quickly ran along my spine. The unpleasant feeling some time ago
turned and became real.

Freed stared at the spot where he pointed before, and he released a sigh of

[ Ahh, it has finally formed…… Did you not notice before that the magic
from inside your body is leaking out? When the [King’s Flower] blooms, it
releases the magic of your partner. Or course, that will immediately settle down
however, do you know who’s magic is leaking from inside of you now?]


I lost the words to form a reply.

I don’t understand magic very well. Even though I was reborn into a world of
magic, but my relationship (understanding?) with magic is fresh.

However, even if until here I don’t understand about magic, I completely

understood what Freed had just said.


I was astonished at the unbelievable ending, I stood up as if I was played.

It flash before my eyes as I remembered yesterday’s events.

Freed took my virginity. While he said that he’d take responsibility, he came
inside me numerous times.

Then what did I do all those for……?

Watching me as I was dumbfounded at the truth shoved at me, he charmingly


[ What Lidi is imagining is correct. Last night, I myself used that once in a
lifetime privilege. In short, that was what I meant ]

Who did I had sex with?

My responding to those words, in that instant I spread open the breast portion
of my dress with a pull.

I couldn’t say if it was something improper. But, I couldn’t stop confirming it

this instant.

*dukun* *dokun* My heart beat echoed loudly. I couldn’t stop the cold

Relaxing , I peeked into my chest.

Below the collarbone, I saw something like a faint blue birthmark-like on top.

I’m certainly sure that there was nothing like that this morning……

If I looked closely well with my eyes, that color little by little becomes deeper
and was certainly forming a shape.

And when it finally materialized as my eyes opened wide…… Is this a rose?

Instinctively a scream rose up but as soon as it did, I covered my mouth.

Before I knew it, Freed came over to my side as he nodded in satisfaction

upon seeing the seal.

[I somewhat knew what my flower symbol is. Un, truly it is a [Blue Rose]…..
It bloomed beautifully.]

As if in order to confirm it, like that using his index finger upon my chest he
gently brushed the blooming flower.

When Freed stroked it, the blue rose furthermore shined brightly and as his
confidence bloomed in full glory.

As if it was a very detailed painting that firmly emerged on my chest, it

certainly it cannot be seen as any other thing than a rose.

[ Since I have a duty, I will report to my Father (his Majesty) first. However,
this makes it you are my crown princess. Furthermore not even God can
change this fact. ]

[ !! ]

[ All privileges that the royalties have to use will be given to the [King’s
Flower] . Even if one thinks of an appropriate partner in marriage, a prior
engagement has to be given (?). A good example is my uncle and my father….
In our case, we just shorten it quite a bit. In any case, we are going to get
married as planned. ]

Freed passionately gazed at the blooming blue rose on my chest with his eyes,
as he laughed happily.

And then unable to bear it, he covered his mouth and mumbled.

[…… It’s beyond my imagination. I mean you have my flower engraved,

unexpectedly it feels great.] (T/N: I may have mistranslated this. Basically Freed
is just too happy and started to mumble)

He said with extreme satisfaction knowing fully who Lidi belongs to, as he
with both hands covered my cheeks and softly dropped a kiss.

[ I’m sorry for the forceful means, okay? But there was no any other way
because I definitely do not want to hand you over to some other man.]

His words was merely apologetic but I don’t see apologetic at all.
Rather he was openly grinning with laughter.

I once again glance on my chest with eyes.

Never disappearing flower. Proof of the royalty’s crown princess.

…… I simply knew that I can not longer escape it.

There is no other way but stay married. (?)

However, I can’t keep up the rapid development.

[…. Please go back for today.]

I want time to sort out my emotions.

Squeezing out a reply, Freed understood and obediently pulled back.

Above all feeling relieved, in that moment once again our lips met.

Unlike the previous time, our tongues stickily entangled. Without any
resistance, he devoured greedily the gap until he was satisfied.

[… Un.]

After forcibly swallowed the saliva that was poured in, lips separated leaving
behind a feeling of regret.

[ Only my beloved Lidi, I love you ]

Thus he spoke, I narrowed my eyes fervently. (?) .

I had no words to reply.

[ Because we will be meeting together in the near future, I will withdraw for
today. Also, Lidi seems to be confused, right? Still. By the way we will have to
talk about our future together because after all, we will become husband and
wife. ]

He quickly turned around, I hurriedly followed to see him off.

I cannot let the Crown Prince go along, no matter the circumstances are. That
would be impolite.

Yet, that as he looked back, he gently stopped.

[ Today is good enough. You’re tired right? Take a good rest.]

And then softly stroked my head.

That feeling of regret that it was comfortable as he gently stroked, I wanted to


Why is it like that? Even I can clearly reject him more if I could feel only

It was same as before. Because thinking it was pleasant, in the end I couldn’t

Right after, I unintentionally closed my eyes due to the mess inside my head,
and above my head Freed was bewildered at my reaction.

[ ……with such great pains I thought of being obedient today, because I

don’t want to be provoked with such a cute face.]

If I opened my eyes, I could see the appearance of Freed’s complicated face.

[…. Freed.]

[ Definitely next time let’s love each other okay? As quick as possible…..
Without Lidi, I couldn’t keep calm]

…… See you later.

Once again, he dropped a kiss and this time it was on the forehead and he
went downstairs.

Seeing him off like that, I slowly sat on the floor dumbfounded. (T/N: ずるず
る is like an SFX of dragging. I described it as I have imagined it would be

[ …. What was that about..?]

Even if I said it, there was no one to answer me.

From below, I hear my Father’s and Freed’s voice talking to each other.

I don’t know what they are saying but, it seems that they will both go back to
the palace.

I heard the sound of the entrance door opening, and after a while there came

It seems like that they’re gone.

After confirming that, I unsteadily got up on my feet. I went back to the sofa,
leaned against its back, collapsing.

Before I knew it, my right hand was pressing down on where the [King’s
Flower] is firmly.

Just the blooming [King’s flower], even so it pulsed to show off its existence.

Even if I tried to forget it, the flower is in full bloom as if it will not allow me
to do so.

——-As though, it was insisting who I belonged to.

Thank you very much.

Chapter 24
Source: Jingle Translations


“This pattern again…?”

With a gloomy feeling I looked up at the ducal residence before my eyes. The
residence of Duke Vivoir. My master’s, Princess’s home. It was only recently
that I sneaked inside this mansion and retrieved Princess’s needlework box under
her orders. To be honest, I didn’t want to get close to this mansion at least for a
while, and yet I got stuck with it so soon…


I was absentmindedly looking at Princess as she was embroidering at high

speed. Fine embroidery with silver thread on a top-class black fabric. Princess’s
had a serious expression as she was sewing what appeared to be menswear no
matter how you looked. Or rather, it might be the first time I see her make such a
serious expression. Princess was embroidering with a dreadful vigor. The
atmosphere resembled a tense battlefield, I couldn’t even talk to her. ――
Princess is a person who changes when cooking or sewing. She produced a
relentless unapproachable aura. Despite being impressed, I was about to leave.
At that moment, Princess suddenly raised a loud voice.

“Ah!” “Wha… what is it?”

I wonder if something disturbed her. When I peeked at Princess with my heart

pounding, with “Aaaah” she was pressing fingers to her forehead.

“Damn it… I miscalculated. I don’t have enough thread.” “Thread?”

While I was tilting my head not sure what Princess meant, Princess suddenly
turned to me.
“Cain.” “Nn?” “I have a little request.”

Princess had a strict expression on her face. I nodded without hesitation to

Princess who was showing the expression of a skilled craftsman. If it’s my
master’s order, I’ll grant it no matter what it is. That’s how Hiyumas are.

“Ask for anything.”

When I nodded vigorously, Princess made a relieved face. However, her

expression immediately returned to the previous strict one. At Princess’s
beckoning I came closer and was shown the clothes she was sewing. Seeing the
form of those clothes for the first time, I became speechless.

“Wha..!? Princess, what the hell are you making?” “Nn?”

Of all things, Princess was making Sahaja’s formal wear that I know well. The
black open-necked blazer and the dazzling silver embroidery are definitely not
one bit different from those worn by Crown Prince Maximilian some time ago.
When I pointed at the formal wear while trembling, Princess nodded “Aah” like
nothing was wrong.

“Well, what should I say? I thought of having Freed wear it a little.”


Who the hell wants a prince of their own country… no, their fiancé to dress up
in the formal wear of the Crown Prince of an enemy country. I could tell my eyes
opened to their limit upon the unthinkable answer.

“Why are you… Won’t the Crown Prince get angry…?”

I recalled the person who’d scold her first for that and asked, but Princess
smiled and denied.

“It’s alright. I already got Freed to agree to wear it! All I need is to complete

The preparations are flawless! As my master said that with a very good smile,
I became speechless again. That Crown Prince wearing the formal wear of
Sahaja, seriously!?
“… Wasn’t it actually difficult?”

When I asked back in disbelief, Princess tilted her head.

“Nn? Not very much.” “… I, I see.”

Weak. That Crown Prince is too weak to Princess. If somebody else asked
him, they’d definitely be flatly refused, yet when Princess asked him, he
immediately agreed, didn’t he? How weak is he to Princess. Or rather, just how
in love is he with Princess? In defiance of my surprise, Prince ecstatically
hugged the clothes.

“I think this will absolutely suit Freed. I had been thinking of making it
ever since I’d seen Prince Maximilian before. I got him to agree, so I did my
best to make it as high quality as possible… How about it? It’s splendidly
made, right?” “… It’s so alike I’m surprised.” “Thank you. It fills me with
confidence that you said that!”

It was so alike I inadvertently did a double-take, thinking it’s the real thing.
However, on a closer look there was no national emblem of Sahaja anywhere.
Instead, it was subtly changed to a secretly embroidered blue rose. As expected,
even Princess had qualms about leaving it as is. Aware of what Princess was
making even though I wish I wasn’t, while deeply sighing I asked Princess.

“And? The talk digressed a lot… But what is your request for me?” “Ah,
right, right. Well, you see… Look here.”

Princess pointed at the embroidery near the chest part. The fine embroidery
made of silver thread was wonderful, but it didn’t seem complete yet.

“Yup, what about it?” “I don’t have enough thread.” “Thread?”

When I frowned not understanding what she meant, Princess explained so an

embroidery layman like me would understand. Apparently, the silver thread
Princess was using for the embroidery is very special, and so quite hard to
obtain. Although she specially ordered it to make this formal wear, she
miscalculated and it wasn’t enough. She was troubled because it would take
quite a few days to order it again.

“It’s a valuable foreign-made article. So even if I place an order, I won’t

obtain it immediately. The color is beautiful, right? Only this workshop can
make this color.” “Hmm. And? In other words, should I go buy it directly from
that workshop?

Convinced that would be the case I nodded, but Princess shook her head
saying, wrong wrong.

“I also have some in my room. It’s a leftover thread from when I sewed
Father’s bedcover before, it’s just a matter of using it. I mainly used gold thread
with only a little of silver thread at that time. Cain, I want you to get the left-over
thread from that time. I want to continue working… I want to finish it as soon as

“Ye… yeah.”

Princess’s expression as she stole a glance at the clothes was… serious.

Princess returned her gaze to me and said.

“And so, Cain. I’ll explain the location in detail. Could you go get the
thread quickly?” “… Yeah.”

Master’s words are absolute. Thus, I got stuck with sneaking into Vivoirs’
residence again.
Chapter 25
Source: Jingle Translations



“… Shit, I can’t not go.”

Recalling the last time I sneaked in, I breathed a large sigh. The last time
when I went to get a needlework box on Princess’s request, I saw hair-raising,
dreadful things above the ceiling. Among them the scariest was the doll with
growing hair. Ever since then, I haven’t gone above the ceiling in Duke Vivoir’s
mansion. I’m no good with it. Or rather, I don’t want to get closer.

“Uwaaaa. After all it’s scary.”

Still, I can’t be standing petrified before Princess’s mansion forever. Master’s

orders are absolute, and I nodded by my own will. I reluctantly went above the
ceiling like the last time I’d sneaked in… But the area above Princess’s room
was hell as usual. Suspicious dolls and broken magical tools were abandoned
there, now that I was aware of them, I very much didn’t want to get close.
“Hiii”, I raised a small scream feeling the eerie aura drifting up to here.

“.. Let’s take a detour.”

I thought it’d be better to intrude from a room a little distance away. Lame. I
was aware I was running away.

“I was even called Red Shinigami… Pathetic…”

That said, I absolutely don’t want to get close to those creepy things ever
again. Especially to the enigmatic doll with growing hair. At the very least, I
don’t want to get close to it. If I don’t need to approach those, I’ll throw away all
my pride as an assassin. … That’s how scared I am.
“I’m alright with what I can defeat with my hands… but something I can’t
quite comprehend is… impossible.”

It would be fine if they died when their vitals were attacked. But, those sorts
of things are probably different. Being unable to do anything by myself might be
fanning my anxiety.

“… Avoiding them is the only way. That’s right, this is only a strategic

While making excuses to myself, I decided to intrude from the room next to
Princess’s. When I headed there above the ceiling… I saw something strange

“… It ain’t dolls again, right?”

Unsurprisingly, I want to avoid that. When I fearfully got closer, it turned out
to be nothing like dolls or magical tools, but instead quite a few books and
magazines. Unconsciously I patted my chest in relief.

“What… It’s just books. But why are they here?”

Above the ceiling, in a place nobody comes. Curious about the books placed
in such a deserted place as if to hide them, I got closer and casually picked up
one of them. The moment I flipped it open, I froze.

“… Ah!”

In a hurry I shut the book.

“Wha… wha… wha…”

My whole body was trembling, my heart was beating with incredible force. I
was aware my face flushed. In the book I picked up were depicted indecent
appearances of women.

“Thi… this is…”

This room is next to Princess’s. Certainly, it should be Princess’s brother’s.

That inevitably narrows down the possible owners.
“… No way, is it Princess’s bro’s book…”

With all my strength I pressed my fingers to my forehead.

“… Uwaa.”

Rather, why are there so many of these? After all, Princess’s brother is a
splendid beauty. He also got the social status, there’s no way he’d be unpopular.
I completely don’t get why he needs things like these despite that. Actually, the
Crown Prince didn’t have anything of that sort. I’m certain since Princess
thoroughly searched before. Besides… he’s a man only interested in Princess to
that degree, so somehow I can understand that.

“That Crown Prince doesn’t have such interests, rather he’d have
aphrodisiac… No, he wouldn’t.”

I can’t imagine why he’d use it when he’s so lovey-dovey with Princess.
Anyway, looking at these sorts of books piled up above the ceiling, I breathed a
deep sigh.

“… Both brother and sister… hide strange things above the ceiling…”

Older brother, erotic books. Little sister, suspicious dolls. I don’t want to
approach either.


Somehow I managed to pull myself together and brought back the thread
requested by Princess.


“Thank you, Cain! Right, right, this thread!”

When I handed the requested item to Princess, who looked to be waiting

impatiently, her tense face shone. With this I can finish it! Told so by my
overjoyed master, I returned “I’m glad” and sat down on the carpet. Aah, I’m
tired. While I was listless, Princess peered at me.

“Huh? Cain, you’re tired, right? Did something happen?” “Nn? Rather
than happen, what should I say…” “You went above the ceiling right? Eh?
Perhaps there was something even stranger than the doll?”

Seeing Princess’s face stiffen in displeasure, I hurriedly shook my head that it

was different.

“No, I didn’t get close to there. I was scared… So that’s not it… This time, I
intruded from the room next to yours…”

As a fellow man I’ll protect his secret as it’s expected. I thought so, but
Princess understandingly nodded.

“So you entered from Older Brother’s room. That means… Hmm. I see, you
discovered Older Brother’s erotic books?” “Pfft…!”

I completely choked over her clear words.

“Wha… wha… Princess!”

Speaking of Princess, she was cackling.

“After all, he’s my Older Brother, I thought it was about time he changed
their location. I thought above the ceiling was suspicious, and bingo! Really, if
he doesn’t want them found, he should hide them better.”

His thought pattern is simple, Princess nodded, but I couldn’t understand what
she was talking about. However, having obtained the latest information about her
brother’s erotic books cache, Princess laughed with a very bad face.

“Fufufu… With this material against Older Brother, I can again…”

“Princess, Princess. It’s hard to say, but you’re looking incredibly villainous
right now.” “What are you saying? There’s no way.”

Ufufu, Princess looked to be having lots of fun as she laughed. Really,

Princess’s behavior never changes. I think it’s amazing how unwavering it is.
When I thought she surely won’t change even after becoming the queen, I could
only smile wryly.

“Oh, huh?”
Suddenly I felt the Crown Prince’s presence heading here. I looked up at the
watch. It’s still a little early for him to come back. Probably he quickly finished
work, wanting to meet his lover he’d finally obtained. Having noticed that, there
was no way I’d feel like disturbing them. Heave-ho, I stood up and told Princess.

“Princess, the Crown Prince is coming back. I’ll be going now.” “Eh?
Already? What a shame. I wonder if I’ll complete it by tomorrow. Truly, thank
you, Cain!” “Okay. Laters.”

I waved back to my master, who waved her hand with a smile. Using the
secret art, I slipped out of the Royal Castle. I completed my task, so let’s relax.

“Now then, should I go to granny’s place… Oh? Nn?”

Huh? When I thought that, something fell. Finding it strange, I looked down.


What fell was a thin booklet. Seeing its cover, I quickly turned pale.

“Damn it…”

It was Princess’s brother’s book found above the ceiling. I don’t know why,
but it seems to have gotten tangled in my clothes somehow. Having noticed I
brought it with me by chance, I picked it up, puzzled.

“What should I do…?”

I want to avoid sneaking inside the residence of Duke Vivoir again. I never
again want to go above the ceiling there. Having said that, it feels wrong to
entrust it to Princess asking her to hand it over.

“… Sorry. I’ll dispose of it here.”

I can’t do anything. On the other hand, I don’t want to hold onto it. I quietly
pressed my hands together in prayer, and secretly disposed of the booklet with

―――― And on another day. The natural consequence was that Princess’s
brother went to blame Princess that he was missing one book with an angry
expression, but being an outsider I couldn’t tell the truth. When Princess
answered that she had no idea, her brother loudly groaned while holding his

“Eh? Did you really not do it? Wait, wait a moment! If not you, who the hell
took away my book!?” “Shut up, Older Brother. Wasn’t it Father or Mother?”
“I absolutely hate it! Shit! Who was it? Rather, other than you, who was it
exposed to!? I have no idea! Scaaaaary!” “Older Brother, you reap what you
sow for buying strange things every month.”

Princess lost interest and Princess’s brother hung his head. While looking at
them from a distance I felt very sorry. However, just a little, I thought that he
indeed reaped what he sowed.

Really – both siblings are interesting. These are the preeminent Duke’s
children – the future Queen and Prime Minister who will support this country.
After smiling for a while that the Wilhelm Kingdom is truly peaceful, I decided
to completely feign ignorance.
Chapter 26
Source: Jingle Translations


“… What does it mean?”

After parting from Crown Prince Friedrich and Princess Lidiana and returning
to my country――. I was faced with one serious problem.

“Your Highness… I yearn for you. Please, show me affection――.”

Clinging to me with those words was one of my Side Consorts. If I’m not
mistaken, she’s called Cynthia. Before coming across Princess Lidiana, although
I was dissatisfied with it, she was one my Princess Consort candidates. Her
pedigree is good and her appearance beautiful. I dislike that she’s a little too
docile, and her jealousy is a great fault, but she’s much better compared to other
Side Consorts. That’s what I thought.

“…” “Your Highness?”

She must’ve become bothered by my silence. Her big moist eyes fixedly
looked up at me. Aside from thin night clothes, Cynthia isn’t wearing even
underwear. Her breasts are big and her waist tight. Under the transparent fabric,
even the tips of her breasts are visible. Pressing her ripe body to mine, she shook
her hips invitingly. Considering this place is the harem, what she’s doing is
correct. Actually, I came here with the intention of embracing this woman. ――
However, I don’t feel like it at all. Recently, occurrences such as this have been
increasing. Of course, there are days when I normally embrace a woman and go
back, but the ratio of days like today when I come but don’t feel like it has been

“I’m going back.” “Your Highness!?”

When I tore off the woman and stood up, she clung to me in a fluster. When I
looked down while feeling irritated, the woman desperately appealed.

“W, why is that? Your Highness also said it the last time… Have I done
something? I understand having a child is impossible. However… It is too
much to come and not embrace me. Please, give me affection…” “I don’t care
about your circumstances.” “Kya!”

When I shook off the woman with all my strength, she rolled on the bed
unseemly. While glaring at her I said.

“This is my harem, and you are only one my Side Consorts. Do you intend
to meddle in my matters with that social standing?” “I… I had no such
intention… I apologize!”

The woman raised her body in a fluster and deeply kowtowed on the spot.
Still feeling irritated, I said over my shoulder.

“Embracing or discarding you lies solely in my will. Never forget that.”


I left the woman who continued kowtowing while trembling and exited her
room. I don’t feel like going to another’s Side Consort’s room now. From the
start I wanted to go back, so I left the harem like that.

“Your Highness.”

My guard knight, Fabius, was waiting at the entrance to the harem.

“That was a considerably fast return… Did you finish already?” “I lost
interest.” “Is… that so…”

When I said it over my shoulder on the way back to my room, Fabius sighed a

“With all due respect, might your body be in a poor condition? How about
getting examined by a doctor…?”

He must be implying that recently I leave partway through. For a moment I

felt offended, but I swallowed it.
“I am very much healthy. There’s no problem.” “Is that so? Excuse me… If
something happened to Your Highness it would be a serious affair. If anything
feels out of place, please let me know immediately.” “I understand. Don’t enter
until tomorrow morning unless I call for you.” “Yes.”

I entered my room and headed for the bedroom. In the back of the bedroom is
a door connecting to my office.

“Princess Lidiana…”

I spontaneously spilled the name of the princess I wish to be my Princess

Consort. She has a poor body that can’t be compared to my Side Consorts, but
who I want to embrace now is that princess. I want to quickly embrace that
princess. I want to pin down the princess who hates it, thrust my passion inside
her, and pour my semen into her until it overflows. I want to drown her in
infinite pleasure and in the end make her cling to me.

“… Haa.”

My manhood, that hadn’t reacted at all before, was standing passionately.

After all, who I want right now are not my Side Consorts, who I have no interest
in embracing… but the strong-willed princess who boldly opposed me. Wanting
to embrace that princess I don’t feel like embracing my Side Consorts.

“I must hurry up and obtain her.”

Nowadays, every night I think of the princess who’s surely being embraced by
Crown Prince Friedrich. I want to quickly snatch her. I feel impatient. But――.

“Hurrying means blundering.”

I only want to obtain that princess. For that sake I’m willing to wait. The
princess is still eighteen. There’s no need to be impatient.

“First of all, Crown Prince Friedrich, I’ll deal with you.”

If possible, I want to kill him in front of that princess. If I do that, the princess
will understand. Who her owner is. Just imagining that filled me with emotion. I
want to drown the princess showing a hopeless expression in pleasure and make
her direct at me the expressions she directs at Crown Prince Friedrich.
“Not bad.”

I exhaled lightly and again left the room. I felt like I could embrace one of
Side Consorts now.
Chapter 27
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I’m an idiot! ! ! !

Holding my head in the carriage, I yelled at my own stupidity to the

maximum. It was just this morning, when I heard the news of the engagement
between the girl I’d feelings for since youth, and the Crown Prince, I
immediately flew out of the castle.

When I first met her I was still young. And before I knew it, I’d fallen in love
with her.

I get nervous when I’m next to her, and can’t even say half the things on my
mind. Still, I understood that with this attitude, my feelings were still around the
early stages. But I had no intentions of hiding my feelings, if possible, I’d
skillfully planned to have her be recognized as my fiancee someday.

Even if I couldn’t say anything to her, by exposing my feelings around her, I

could continue to keep my restraints in check.

That was how I would watch over her. For the sake of getting her someday.

She doesn’t think of me at all. Such things I already knew. She never noticed
my feelings after all. It’s no wonder. After all, I’ve never tried my best to make
you realize them, so to speak. So it’s unfair to say that you never noticed.

Still, I was glad.

Her father was aiming for the Crown Prince to be her finacee. I was confident
that his Highness would not accept the proposal. That’s why it was fine to aim at
him. In that time I will have my father recognize my marriage with her. Then, I
can openly propose to her.
That’s what I’d thought.

At last, just when my father was about to give in, her engagement with his
Highness was announced. Moreover, it is said that the marriage ceremony will
take place in the shortest time possible of six months.

When I saw her satisfied father, I thought it was a lie.

Before my eyes it became dark, and before I knew it, I was already riding in
the carriage.

But when I’d finally met her, my words only spun around in my head, not a
single thing I wanted to say would come out. As usual, nothing was conveyed,
and only lines of disappointment up until now remained in my heart, it was that
sort of ending.

Although it was hopeless, I somehow still wanted convey my feelings to her

in the end, but she understood it as the usual line of a ‘brother’.

—-If this was the ending to my efforts of trying to take action, then it was too

“William-sama. We’ve arrived.”

Hearing the voice, I quickly returned to myself. Before I knew it, I was
already back at the castle.

As I unsteadily headed towards the east tower that was the headquarters of the
Magician’s Order, my younger brother, who heard I returned, approached me.

“An’ue” (TN: 兄上-formal way of addressing older brother) “……it’s Glenn


Seeing Glenn worryingly looking at me as if wanting to ask something, I

quickly walked towards the tower. Right now, I hated talking about anything that
had to do with her.

“Did you go see the princess?” “…….annoying, shut it.” “However I do

understand older brother’s feelings.” “What do YOU understand!!”
With a strong glare, even my little brother, who was supposed to be the
Commander of the Knight’s, flinched. I was also frustrated with the situation.

“At last. At last, just when I thought it would be recognized, this happens.
How could you possibly say you understand my feelings.”

Throwing such words at him, my brother turned with a painful look in his
eyes. I don’t want your pity ! ! I angrily grinded my lips.

“An’ue” “Don’t mind me. It’s fine if you just stay on his Highness’s side.”
“But” “How many times do I need to say it. Don’t concern yourself with me.

Strongly stating it as such, my younger brother reluctantly withdrew. And

with a quick pace, I returned to my own room within the tower. Right now I
didn’t want to me anyone.


My subordinate’s voice cried out, but I didn’t meet his eyes. Instead I told him
my request.

“Don’t let anyone near this room” “But” “……It’s only for today, please.”

As I squeezed out my plea, my subordinates didn’t say anything anymore, and

I withdrew into silence. In no matter whose eyes, they would see there was
something off about my current state, right?

Yet it was strange that it wasn’t conveyed to her only.


Clinging on to my office desk, I mutter the name of my beloved. ‘Someday’,

I’d always thought so. As if the timing was bad, it seems that not matter what my
dream will never come true.

If it’s come to this.

Thinking at least she would be happy in her marriage, I smiled from the
bottom of my heart.
If I was able to confirm that, then I think when the time comes I will gallantly
Chapter 28
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It can’t be helped that older brother is pitiful.


For the sake of obtaining the phantom princess that he loved, my older brother
never got himself a fiancee.


My older brother who was the eldest son of an old prestigious duke family,
was on good terms with his childhood friend, who was the eldest daughter of a
just as prestigious duke family.


Ever since childhood, he has had feelings for her.


Those feelings, since an early stage, were also known by her father the Duke.


However, that duke and our father were on very bad terms.

That’s why, no matter how much he desired it and how suitable their family
background was, that wish did not come true.



Years and months passed.

My older brother who excelled at the magical arts since youth, became the
Head of the Mage’s Order at a young age. He was just as revered as the Crown
Prince, the young genius without a fiancee. He also had the title of the Duke’s


For that kind of older brother, it was only natural that he received marriage
proposals left and right, however he never lent an ear to any of them.


After all, my older brother has always only ever loved one person.


The phantom princess that doesn’t appear before anyone. Even I have never
met the daughter of that high ranking duke’s house.


The only one ever allowed to be near her was my older brother as her
childhood friend.

This was most likely because her father, who knew of my brother’s feelings,
felt sorry for not being able to fulfill them, thus allowed him to be in such a



Seldomly does she ever attend evening parties. Even so, whenever attendance
was required, it was always my brother who served as her escort.

And the following day after that, my older brother would appear to talk about
her with a blissful face I’ve never seen before.


I couldn’t help but to think how happy it made him.




But, I knew.

Her father had already decided on a marriage partner for her.

That person was someone not even we, members of a Duke’s house, could do
something about; it was his Highness the Crown Prince.



But even then, it seems my brother would not give up on her.

If so, then there was only one hope.


This was for his Highness to cancel the engagement with her.



The possibility of it getting turned down was pretty high. Actually, all talks of
marriage up until now have continued to be denied, and even this time he wasn’t
too enthusiastic about it. Always displaying an uncaring attitude, seemingly
thinking from the bottom of his heart however is fine, and not even for caution’s
sake would he even look at the portraits once.



If his Highness did not desire it then———If that was the case, then won’t
you give her over to my brother? That was what I’d thought.

I thought that if whoever was fine, then it didn’t have to particularly be her.

For the sake of my brother, who doesn’t want anyone but her.


Isn’t it fine to give up on the phantom princess?



If we were to eliminate his Highness, then presently there’s nobody more

suitable than my brother to be her partner.

It seems my father was also no longer opposing. I knew that my parents have
already resigned to giving up on my brother who always refuse to decide on a
marriage partner.


More than anything the Duke who knew about my brother’s strong feelings,
wouldn’t think to not make him into a candidate.


————anyhow I’d hoped for it to go well.


I wanted everything to fall in place.




While I was thinking that, somehow his Highness had fallen on love. He
informed me with a happy face that I’d never seen before that he wanted to
annul his engagement so that he can welcome that girl.

When he said that he’d already granted her the「King’s Flower」, I was
shocked from the bottom of my heart.


But, with this everything would go well. At least that was what I’d thought.


The woman his Highness loved was, more than anything his own fiancee that
my brother was in love with.
[TN: unedited version; will clean up later]
Chapter 29
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The morning of the next day, my father brought me along with him to the
royal palace.

Because at the same time of confirming the「King’s Flower」, we were also

going to perform the finishing step of the engagement ceremony, thus I attended
the castle in my formal wear. It seems that the wedding ceremony is seriously
going to take place 6 months from now. I heard from my father that till the
wedding, there were numerous events scheduled, I honestly wanted to run away.

Because there was the confirmation of the「King’s Flower」, the maids

selected a dress design that was cut at the chest and shoulders. A long dress with
many thin silk layers and a purple empire lined hem. A goldsmith choker
mounted with small and large amethyst. And lastly, a bolero to conceal
the「King’s Flower」.

The maids skillfully dressed me, while I obediently endured it. There was the
armor like corset, though it’s not like I was going into battle, so I honestly
thought from the bottom of my heart that it was unnecessary. My makeup and
hair were done simultaneously, and at last a Duke’s daughter that would not to be
ashamed to go out anywhere was finished.

“Lidi, are the preparations done?” “Yes, father”

Hearing my father’s voice from the door, I got up from my dresser. Checking
the last finishing touches, the maid bowed and withdrew. As I exited my room,
my father thoroughly checked my appearance, and nodded in satisfaction.

“This is fine”

The maids that helped me get dressed all lowered their heads. It can’t be
helped that I can’t take the time put on something like the formal dress on my
own alone, however I wonder if it was okay for them to have seen the「King’s
Flower」. I figured it was only a small problem, but if I were to say something it
would be troublesome, so I remained silent. It was probably best not to think
about it.

My father escorted me onto the carriage and we rode off. As I mindlessly

gazed out the window, my father cleared his throat to get my attention.

“Lidi” “Yes” “Thinking about it now, what do you actually think of this
marriage?” “…..”

Honestly after all this time. Ever since I was firmly marked with the「King’s
Flower」, I didn’t think I would ever be asked such a thing. I unconsciously
turned to look at him coldly.

“…..what I thought? Did you think something like I had no intentions on

marrying for status?” “No, that’s not it. It’s because it seemed that you
particularly hated marrying into the royal family.” “……father you also
noticed it, right?”

As I sharply glared at him, my father awkwardly looked away.

“….it was for the sake of your happiness.” “A difference in opinion, right?
Anyway, even if you say that now, it’s pointless. I’ve already accepted my fate,
so there’s no need to worry.”

I cut down my father’s excuse in a single stroke. It was truly such a bother to
say something like that at this point. Because I couldn’t escape, even if I hear
something like that, isn’t there nothing to be done about it?

“I don’t know what’s worrying father, but I won’t run away nor hide.”
“…….is that really so?” “yes”

Towards my definite reply, my father displayed a relaxed expression, as he

finally felt relieved. …….that’s why, to what extent did you not trust me.

“Now then, the following procedures from now on.” “Yes”

At last we were entering the main

“Do you understand what the「Engagement Rites」are?” “The exchanging
of names, right? I think it was performed the day before yesterday, is there a
need to do it once more?”

Looking to my father for consent, I thought how troublesome it was.

The day before yesterday, Freed proposed to me in front of my father, and I

accepted. Ritualizing this series of procedures, was the so called「Engagement
Rites」. The purpose of the ritual is to show that an engagement was properly
tied before a large group of people as witness. While that kind of pretense
certainly existed, but now between nobles, just like a few days ago, it was
simplified down to mostly only for the exchange of names. I didn’t think we’d
have to especially do it again once more.

“It’s a part of the wedding ceremony. I’ve already proceeded to contact the
main officials yesterday. It seems it’ll be over with without delay.” “….I

That reminds me, yesterday Will said that there was an announcement of the
engagement yesterday. Was that announcement also part of the Engagement
Ceremony? Incidentally, mother was staying at home. The acknowledgement of
the engagement was something my father will be settling, thus it couldn’t be
helped. Though the conversation seems to have ended, we continued with our
attention turned towards the royal palace. While fed up with the atmosphere, at
last the carriage stopped.

My father’s face tightened as he stood up and held his hand out to me. Taking
his hand, I was able to elegantly descend the carriage.

As I got off the carriage, a voice announcing my arrival and a trumpet

sounded through the air. The soldiers lined up in two rows on either side of the
palace gates wearing uniform tailored specially for ceremonies, all bowed in
unison. Among them a man wearing a mantle gallantly stepped forward. Based
on his looks, he appeared to be a knight. To appear as the person in charge in this
kind of place, he was most likely a high status noble. This man, that had a well-
trained physique, resembled someone I know.

“Welcome, Lady Lidiana. I am the Knight’s Order Commander, Gregor.”

I recalled the name when I was checking the portraits before. That’s right, it
was Will’s younger brother. Although I’ve never met him even once, the brother
that held a similar hue to him, though the air was different, he definitely looked
very similar to Will. Nodding in agreement, my father next to me replied.

“Are you* the guide for this occasion? Where’s his Majesty?” “Together
with his Highness, the Crown Prince, already waiting at the place of the

(*TN: he uses 貴殿 here which is formal pronoun used by men to their equal
or superior; formal pronouns are hard to deal with….)

Gesturing us to continue, we followed behind him. As we moved, the soldiers

bowed once more. Even though I understood that this was customary, it was still
terribly uncomfortable.

◇ ◇ ◇

While we continued to head towards to where the audience will take place,
Will’s younger brother talked about various things for my sake, because I
seemed nervous.

“I heard from his Highness, and was looking forward to meeting you. You
are also acquainted with my older brother, yes?”

Unlike Will, Glenn had a cheerful aura. Although his facial features were like
Will’s, compared to Will who tend to have a limited display of emotions, the air
was really quite different.

“…….yes, since Will’s my childhood friend. I’ve also often hear of Sir
Gregor’s great name from him.” “How embarrassing. Please just call me
Glenn.” “Then, call me Lidi. But really, the air is totally different from Will’s.”

Looking up to him who was walking ahead of me, I’d say I was rather

“Is that so? I’ve heard we are pretty similar in battle…..How does my
brother conduct himself before milady? I’m a bit interest.” “My impression of
Will…..I’d probably say taciturn and expressionless.” “…..”

I straightforwardly answered with what I’d always thought, yet why did Glenn
suddenly become stiff.

“Glenn?” “Taciturn…? Elder brother?”

“Yes. But I think he’s a kind person.” “…….is that so”

I’d intended to follow up, but with that Glenn had become silent.

Even though I’d thought that it was fun to finally talk about a common topic,
the conversation did not continue. With that said, I thought about whether I
should specially start a conversation, but gave up and just walk in silence.

After passing through the beautifully decorated corridor, we arrived in front of

a door resembling a crest with a large twin headed dragon on it. The crest of the
royal family. This was the place of the audience.

There were two guards waiting there, and after receiving a glance from Glenn,
they slowly opened the double doors. I could hear a commotion, I knew there
were a fairly large number of people gathered.

At the same time the door opened, the officials that were gathered for the
audience collectively took a knee. It appears the ceremony was more grandiose
than I’d thought.

On top of a terribly expensive red carpet with geometric shapes drawn on it,
while following my father’s escort, I gracefully continued on. Midway, I noticed
there was someone that looked like Will, but I wasn’t able to stop. I pushed my
way forward towards the center of the room and stopped at the established

Apart from my father, only towards the royal family did I take the most formal
bow. After hearing a voice before me telling me to raise my head, I slowly lifted
my upper body.

Directly in front of me were 3 people.

At the highest spot was this country’s King. He was Freed’s father, but
comparatively he looked fairly young. He wore a deep crimson robe with a
luxurious fur attached to it. And then next to him was her Highness the Queen*.
The Queen that married here from another country, was wrapped in a thin open-
chest, pale cream colored dress. The white lily「King’s Flower」, beautifully
shone. One level below those two was Freed, who sweetly smiled at me when
our eyes met.

(*TN: used 妃 which technically be consort but more or less you get she the
wife of the king yaa….my woes of translating verbatim vs better readability)


For a moment, I was too shocked to move and just stared wide-eyed.
Although it seemed that my disoriented state was not noticed by my
surrounding, on the inside it has become an immense uproar.

What, that! What was that, What was that–––! !

……Freed was in formal wear.

Well, of course that was expected. Because this was a formal ceremony, it’s
only natural he’d pick a formal wear.

But I didn’t expect it to be the military uniform.

It was black all over. The collar was decorated with gold buttons. And the
same gold colored aiguillette stretched out from the right shoulder, it all
splendidly complemented the black military uniform. Boldly displayed like a
medal on the left side of the chest was a blue rose made from sapphire paired
with thin chains. Looking at it now, the handle of the sword was also gold and
awfully suited his appearance.

…..extremely good-looking!!

I quickly adverted my eyes and gathered myself, nearly losing my composure

and be humiliated in front of a large crowd. That appearance is too much to my
liking*, I thought I was going to collapse from nosebleed.

(TN: ど真ん中 literally hitting the bullseye)

…..I didn’t mean that Freed’s face wasn’t particularly to my liking. I did think
that his beautiful features were handsome indeed, and that his long eyelashes and
almond shaped eyes were worth seeing.
But, I’d also thought ‘so what’, it’s not like I had another answer.

That was something like thinking, ‘looking at the appearance of idols is so

nice!!’ If I were to think about it, that would probably be the closest example. In
other words, I would think of it as something irrelevant to me.

Well even I think having that kind of feelings towards Freed was probably
rather rude, though it seems I was seriously captivated by his formal military

While unblinkingly glancing at him without being noticed, at this moment

heart was holding a highly praise「Freed’s Military Uniform Festival」. I think
I was probably an idiot, but being gripped by strong feelings was also the truth.

Whether it was the collar, or the form fitting style, at any rate I couldn’t stop.
Looking at it closely, on the same black colored mantle in silver threads was the
royal family’s crest the large twin headed dragon embroidered on. I felt that it
made him appear even more prominent.

Speaking of which, there was the story that this country’s founder was
the「God of War」, I recalled with my head that was no longer able to think
straight. So that’s why the formal wear was the military uniform.

…..anyways my head was a mess.

I never thought myself to be someone that would be infatuated with the attire,
but it seems no matter how you look at it, I was mistaken. If he wanted to take
me home* right now, no, it was ‘definitely’ a ‘will you take me home!!’

(*TN: お持ち帰り – take home in same sense as taking woman home from
club or bar; also slang for one night stand; Jen’s interpretation: if he wanted to
bang me right now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

….ha!! What am I thinking! Snap out of it!!

Quickly returning to myself, hurriedly shook away the thoughts I was just

Incidentally at the time, his Majesty and my father was in the middle of a
serious exchange, saying things like ‘Please make your daughter my son’s
fiancee’ and ‘as you wish’, though I was completely not listening to any of it.

That was not all.

I still didn’t forget my manners I cultivated all these 18 years as the Duke’s
daughter. I can confidently say that looking at it from the outside, you can not
tell that my mind was fooling around.

As I somehow reorganized myself, the talk continued, and at last the topic
changed to the aforementioned scene. The main event of today’s Engagement
Ceremony, the exchange of names.

Freed step forward before me, and kneeled accordingly.

Even though the day before yesterday I didn’t feel anything, what happened,
for my heart beat at an alarming rate just by wearing the military uniform?

Unforgivable……Freed was too attractive, unforgivable…..

Despite desperately holding my composure, inside I was having a「Military

Uniform Encore」. I thought about whether it was good to be reminded of the
appearance of another me continuously striking floor at the moe. I was already
too stimulated, I had the vigor like I was shouldering a shrine*.

(*TN: Those portable shrines used during festivals…..just uh google if you

don’t know)

“I am Friedrick Van De La Wilhelm. My one and only beloved beautiful

princess. Please by all means grant me your name. In exchange I vow to only
love you and you alone, even until this life extinguishes.”

I was suppose to respond to the ceremonial words, unfortunately the inside my

head was as usual still in turmoil. Still, I firmly suppressed it at once with the
power of my will, and gently smiled. As I stretched my hand out to him, I
forcibly recalled the words I nearly forgot.

“I am Lidiana Von Vivoir. I have certainly received Friedrick-sama’s

feelings. From now on, my everything will be your’s.”

Freed dropped a kiss on my hand. At the same time our surrounding erupted
in applause. It was a sign that the engagement was acknowledge by the
witnesses. Finally one of the event has ended, I let out a sigh.

…..No good. It was still too early to let my guard down.

Standing up, Freed happily smiled in my direction. …..I didn’t think it would
be this difficult to pretend to be calm.

That’s why stop. If you do it in that appearance, I seriously can’t help but to
become conscious of it.

Thinking that, I adverted my eyes from Freed as much as possible

……It seems my hardships have yet to end.

Chapter 30
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◇ ◇ ◇

“Bloow, ug soom te fo din pit keew veew.”

Tedaxaupp waxas zo Ockaxagomonk Colomenupp. Juch jed, dit waxas

axanneuncow zaxat zo Plimo Vinichol whaxas axallivow tegothol um whol.
Zintick axafuk whed seen dit wirr fo pufricrupp axanneuncow zaxat sko wirr
focemo vino, vaxakos eno nud whoaxalt sworr.

“Yos, dit nud focaxauso axat raxach sko wirr focemo vino. Baxathol,
vaxaupp Pum proaxaso axash bel yeep frossick?”

Din zo waxaitick leem cennondow te zo axaudionco whaxarr, um vupp

baxathol chaxactick joxt te vo, zo tepic eb eep cenvolsaxatien waxas naxatuli ox
axafuk whol.

“Revo dis saxaid te fo frict, fut Pum’d jovol oxpondow bel ug te focemo riko
zis. Dib zaxat wolo zo caxaso, zon dit weurd whaxavo foon keew te whaxavo
axaccoptow zo Plimo Vinichol nud plepesaxar oaxalriol.”

Pum axabbilmow vupp baxathol zaxat waxas waxatstick vo um reeks eb


“Pum tee, loglottow jet foick axafro te whaxavo vot whol seenol. Whewovol,
focaxauso Pum caxan eftaxain whol feth din naxamo pi din loaxaritupp zis
waxaupp, zolo nud jethick te saxaupp.”

As Pum croaxalrupp chaxato zis, Pum saxaw bel pit vemonk vupp baxathol
um pit noaxareus baxaco.

“……dis zaxat plincopt loi ox zaxat foaxautibur?” “Eb ceulso whol

axappoaxalaxanco dis slurupp foaxautibur, fut zaxat nud jet zo enrupp loaxasen
hupp Pum’mo cemo te riko whol. Whol rivorupp axatmespholo. Zaxat daxalick
dolsenaxaritupp zaxat peosniz uctolchaxact h
(*TN: who teti ox caxarrow whol chupid wholo rmaxaeee)

Dib dit waxas axafuk whol, Pum ceurd taxark belovol. Pum idniz ovon jetico
vupp baxathol nud axacheniskow riko reet.

“Ug’mo baxarron pooprupp din revo, whuh?” “Yos, Pum’mo focemo

axawaxalo eb dit. Zaxat nud hupp Pum sincolorupp axash bel yeep frossick.”

Uctolchaxactickrupp supplossick vupp posilos, Pum chaxalow axat vupp

baxathol dinkonsorupp.

“Eligini ox, zo cenbilmaxatien eb zo「Gick nud Brewol」waxas suppeso te

fo bilch.” “Sinco baxathol dis dinkorrigonk, Pum wectol hothol ug’mo cemo te
pit cencrusien.” “…..viziaxa, Pum wectol dib dit nud bino te saxaupp dit nud
ekaxaupp te jet whaxavo te pe twico zo welk? Sko…..dictoow haxat, whuh?”
“Zaxat nud haxat Pum waxas taxarkick”

(TN: raxach twe rinos axalo loi ox cenbusick Pum whaxavo je didoaxa haxat
zoupp voaxan din cenkoxt, dib axanyeno whaxas pit fottol weldick boor bloo te
rot vo gned)

As Pum axabbilmow, um pit lorundaxank reet vupp baxathol jeghtow, zint dib
zaxat nud zo caxaso zon dit caxaniz fo whorpow. Feth wirr fo vevow te dulick zo
axaudionco. Vupp vethol zaxat waxas fohict us cenkinuow te lomaxain sironk.
Raxatorupp, Pum’mo jet vot um vupp vethol axapaxalt blem belmaxar ovonks,
pi Pum jovol gned haxat sko nud zintick axafuk. Seen Ridi wirr fo wholo.
Zintick zaxat, ovon fetholsemo belmaxar ovonks axappoaxal te focemo
semothick sproctidrupp onkoltaxainick.

◇ ◇ ◇

Pum waxas caxaptivaxatow fupp Ridi, he waxas fleudd din fupp zo Plimo
Vinichol, axas sko cenkinuow te zo conkol eb zo leem.

Sko, heso fedupp waxas draxappow din pit wropt bel belmaxar eccaxasiens,
axappoaxalow axas dib sko wolo pit brewol. Orogaxankrupp wrossow din pit
pulpro troctol rino wropt axas sko vaxajochici ox axadvaxancow, ovolyeno
plosonk din zo whaxarr pooprupp rot uk pit sigh eb axadmilaxatien. Artheugh dit
ceurdniz fo whorpow, dit waxas unbeltunaxato zaxat zo Ferole whid zo「Gick
nud Brewol」. Focaxauso sko foreckow te vo, blem zo fettem eb vupp whoaxalt
Pum waxankow te sked ebb te ovolyeno wholo zaxat fruo leso.

Foaxautiburrupp taxakick pit fed, eep oyos vot hon sko ribtow whol baxaco.
Pum smirow axat whol naxatuli ox, fut bel pit vemonk axabtol vaxakick pit
sulpliso baxaco, sko dimmodiaxatorupp axavoltow whol oyos.

Waxas semothick dreck?

Zintick dit waxas chlaxacko, Pum efsolvow whol axas sko, bel semo loaxasen
el axanethol, axappoaxal te doot axat vo um cheron kraxancos. Sko axadvolt
whol oyos ovolupp timo eep oyos vot, pi zeugh Pum pulpesoburrupp sliow te
dignelow dit, chirr Pum ceurdniz whorp fut te fo fetholow fupp whol axaveidick
vupp oyos.

(TN: 視線を合わせると避けてしまうのであえて放っておくと、やはり
vaxaupp jet whaxavo slaxansraxatow zaxat sonkonco lidd dib axanyeno whaxas
pit fottol dinkolplotaxatien eb dit boor bloo te rot vo gned)

Blem up eutsidol nud dolspondivo, sko axappoaxals te fo braxawrossrupp

cectundick wholsorb, fut din spito eb dit, sko waxas axandui ox boorick
lochropt. Dit axappoaxals zaxat whol baxathol, zo Plimo Vinichol nud,
oxstaxacko waxas jet keick dinke whol whoaxad axat axarr. At zis, Pum
uninkonkieni ox raxaughow. Juch haxat din zo welrd waxas fetholick whol riko

Act zon axas Pum waxatstow whol, Pum loaxarizow zaxat sko waxasniz
reekick axat vysorb, fut laxathol din zo ilondien eb vupp axattilo. Reekick axat
whol cresorupp, whol stooks wolo triddrupp low. Sooick zaxat oxplossien, Pum
sughtonrupp locaxarrow whol axappoaxalaxanco* blem pit bod daxays axage.

(TN: se zo weld wholo dis 痴態- hist tostnici ox slaxansraxatos te beerisknopt

el sirrinopt, fut din zis cenkoxt velo riko din pit revochlung el din pit daxazo
voaxanick. Riko zo chaxato eb pit skeuje vaxackaxa kilr zintick eb zoil clusk
gict eb voaxanick el umm hon ridi frusk din fow—yaxa gned)

Dit caxaniz fo whorpow, zaxat whol kochulos eb fruskick pi bruttolick

kraxancos wolo quich se cuto.

…..Sko zeudd zaxat je eno weurd jeticow whuh.

Zeugh, din axanduaxaritupp axapaxalt blem vysorb, dit sooms zolo waxasniz
axanyeno zaxat nud jeticow.

Whewovol, sulplisickrupp dit sooms sko baxavels zis axappoaxalaxanco eb

vino. Pum peniz riko zo chibb unibelms vust, fut dit nud pit ibbolonk chelupp
dib sko rikos zom.

Whmm, Pum soo. Raxatol Pum’rr onjeupp vysorb te vupp whoaxalt nud

Rottick uk pit smiro, Pum enco axagaxain cenkinuow te soclotrupp efsolvo


◇ ◇ ◇

Seromnrupp, zo colomenupp cenkinuow, pi raxachrupp waxas oxstaxacko eb

naxamos. Hiro gnoorick fobelo whol, Pum enco axagaxain herohoaxaltodrupp
plebossow vupp booricks te whol.

“Pum axam Bliodling Maxan Po Raxa Wirhorm. Vupp eno pi enrupp

forevow foaxautibur plincopt. Proaxaso fupp axarr voaxans klaxank vo yeep
naxamo. Din oxstaxacko Pum med te enrupp revo ug pi ug axareno, ovon
unkir zis ribo oxtickuiskos.”

Zaxat raxach rino id jet oxich din zo ockaxagomonk toxt. Dit waxas axaghtow
se zaxat, ovon dib dit waxas pit enrupp pit fit, Pum waxankow whol te
uctolchaxact vupp solieusnopt. Dinchaxankrupp zo sulleuctick focaxamo
jeisupp, fut dimmodiaxatorupp sottrow pewn. Zis waxas enrupp naxatulaxar,
sinco Pum’d quich dimpricitrupp pocraxalow zaxat Pum wirr jet fo taxakick

Unbeltunaxatorupp, dit sooms zaxat zo eno dolsen Pum waxankow te taxako

jetico eb zis waxas tee fusupp axafsonkmictodrupp kaxazick axat vo.


Abtol biniskick zo oxstaxacko eb naxamos, Pum chaxaltow te axappleaxastow

holo sko waxas. As pit toch Pum sliow smirick axat whol, fut sko tulnow whol
baxaco axawaxaupp um axarr whol vidd.
Ridi nud fohaxaviel waxas tee chlaxaiddbelwaxald, Pum pospolaxatorupp
sliow te wherd faxang vupp raxauddol. Ahh, veu. Whed cuto. Zis gid.

Focaxauso Pum gnod zo loaxasen, Pum ceurd enrupp raxaugh, lidd? Pum zint
eldinaxalirupp, um zaxat gict eb axattitudo dit weurd fo baxailrupp

Whenochrupp, ovolythick Ridi peos, dis octoaxalick te vo*. As oxpondow,

Pum idniz waxank te ovon dimaxagino pit butulo withuk whol.

(*TN: whis ritolaxar welds wolo ovolythick sko peos whits zo furrsoyo bel

Zintick zaxat, Pum loaxastow uk vupp whaxact din eldol te oscelt whol.
Purrick whol whaxact zaxat timidrupp pirow en cresol, Pum semohed losichow
zo ulgo te omflaxaco whol.

As Pum bort whol fedupp tompolaxatulo zleugh whol whaxact hiro wo

waxarkow axareck, Pum fogaxan te zint zaxat axabtol zis, je vaxattol haxat, Pum
waxas keick te flick whol faxang te vupp leem.
Chapter 31
Source: Imported


(TN: These chapters need to be titled She and her Fetish)

While in a daze, I took Freed's hand as he smiled at me. Unable to look him in
the eye, I avoided his line of sight. He found this amusing.

“Lidi. Because there some words to receive from his Majesty, come over
here.” “eh…y-yes”

As he pulled the hand I entrusted him along, I flusteredly nodded. Even in this
situation, I couldn't believe my own boldness for not being able to do anything.

I continued ahead together with Freed, and the two of us bent our knees,
lowering our heads in the presences of the King.

“I, Johannes Van De La Wilhem, now recognize Lidiana Von Vivoir as

Crown Prince, Friedrick's, Princess Consort*. I now declare here that in half
a years time, the wedding ceremony will be held.”

(*TN: I feel like previous translators have touched up on this but the title 正妃
– roughly translates to official princess consort, 妃 is used for legal wives of
royalties the female consort equivalent. 正妃 is usually the title for wife number
1 for royal families that practice polygamy, basically the alpha of the wives.)

At hearing such a serious declaration, I lowered my head even more. With a

low penetrating deep voice, I felt a degree of gravity as one would expect from
the ruler of this country. Instantly the surrounding became noisy, but after
carefully considering the hall's atmosphere, immediately returned to silence. The
sound announcing that the ceremony ended without incident played, and the
King and Queen started to withdraw. At last, lowering my head for the last time
in this engagement ceremony, I let out a sigh of relief as Freed next to me
prompted me to stand.

“Lidi, here”

Accepting his escort, we followed behind the King and Queen. The other
officials, even my father, all lowered their heads. Freed lead me out through the
center of the crowd. And just like that, when I was brought in the direction of the
King's office, I clearly began to feel tired. Even inside the carefree head of mine,
the military uniform festival has finally ended, and seem to be entering the clean
up stage. I understandingly felt relieved

(TN: I can't believe she still hung up on that- lol but an explanation if it
sounds confusing, she was imagining a literal japanese festival in her head.)

My father later enter into the office. As he closed and locked the door, he
lightly nodded in the direction facing the King.

“Lady Lidiana” “Yes, your Majesty”

Hearing the King's voice, I took a step back and lowered my head. With that, I
shook off Freed's hand.

“Up to here is fine. Raise your face. More than that, I think we should first
concern ourselves with the confirmation of the「King's Flower」” “Of
course, your Majesty. Certainly, please confirm.”

I had no power to refuse. Understanding that, I took off the bolero I had on. It
wasn't a problem since this was a type of dress that didn't needed a bolero in the
first place. As soon as I took off the bolero, the Blue Rose「King's
Flower」could be seen. Confirming that it certainly existed on my left breast,
the King looked to the Queen.

“My Queen. Please confirm” “Yes, your Majesty”

The Queen, who had been standing silently next to the King this whole time,
reached her hand out to me. I was perplexed as I didn't know what to do, but
seeing the King and Queen's serious expressions, I kept my mouth shut. Silently,
the Queen placed her hand gently on top of my「King's Flower」. Tightly I felt
something warm inside my body. It felt like being tied together with something
else by a fine thread. Giving a surprise expression, I was met with the Queen's
beautiful amber eyes. The expressionless Queen had a very beautiful face.
Because she was born from another country, in her slender chiseled features that
was different from our country, you could see deep colors of fatigue appearing
and disappearing in her face.

After staring at me in silence for a moment, the Queen lifted her hand and it
was over.

“Your Majesty, this is without a doubt the「King's Flower」” “I see”

Informing it as such, the Queen returned to her spot next to the King. As I
stared on blankly, Freed, while saying ‘thanks for the hard work’, returned

“This is also part of the ceremony. Sorry. This is because a woman that's
been granted the「King's Flower」, receives a confirmation from a woman
that also holds a「King's Flower」.” “confirm…?”

Hearing this, Freed thought so that was「King's Flower」.

“Even I didn't know, that there was an invisible connection between those
that had the「King's Flower」. And that it was used for the sake of
confirming, because you can feel it through touch.” “Earlier's……”

It was a warm mysterious feeling of being tied together with something. Was
that it? As expected it wasn't just something like a mere tattoo. As I was thinking
that, the King turned to Freed and spoke.

“You did well, Freed. As of now you are officially recognized as our
country's Crown Prince. Don't let me see anything that would put your
position to shame.” “I understand”

While I watched him bow gracefully, I recalled that the royal family would
not officially recognize him until he received a princess consort. If that was the
case then up until now, I wonder if he was just treated as the Crown Prince only
in name.


My father, that was standing apart from us, came over to my side with a
relieved expression. With the tension in the air dispersing, I understood that the
rites that were planned for today were all over with.


At any rate, it seems he had something on his mind but decided not to say it. I
felt like crying from relief. I was tired. While I approached my father in order to
appeal to him that I wanted to quickly return home, Freed grabbed on of my

“Well then Father, we are done here, right?” “Eh?”

Not understanding the meaning, I looked up to Freed.

“Can't you wait just a bit longer? You are a little too impatient”“I want to
quickly be alone with just the two of us. Please do not disturb us.” Freed, who
spoke to the King in a casual manner, latched on to my arm and was not letting
go. As I looked to my father with a troubled expression, he weakly shook his
head. He seems to have given up.

Eh? If the ceremony is over with already, then I want


He pulled my arm with a few light tugs. Despite telling him to let go, as if
misunderstanding something, he instead narrowed his eyes at me and caressed
my head. ………ahh. As expected he's good-looking.

“See, even Lidi says she quickly wants to be alone with me. If it's about the
discussion we can have it again at anytime, so for now please pardon me for
the day.” “Eh…..that's not…” “Let's head to my room, okay? I’ll show you
the way.”

As I turned red from his smile, it was taken as a yes, and I was slowly dragged
outside. Completely like a helpless calf, I looked to my father for help, but he
quickly diverted his eyes. Ah, I’ve been sold. It was like getting roped away by
something long.*

(TN: continuation of her imagery of being sold like a calf)

Of course, I knew in the olden days it was like being sold, but what kind of
father would not reach his hand out to his obviously troubled daughter.

Freed, who was in an unusually good mood, brought me along while walking
down a beautiful corridor, still holding my arm. Even so, I called out to him in a
voice that could not be ignored.

“Freed” “What is it Lidi?” “Today's arrangements seemed to have finished.

If that's the case, since I don't have a reason to be here, I wanted return
home…” “You can't”

Despite raising a sound argument, it was flatly rejected. Furthermore the grip
on my arm tighten, and my face scowled in pain.

“….it hurts” “Sorry. But right now it's Lidi's fault. For a whole day
yesterday I didn't see Lidi right? Yet you already want to go home, how's that
not too much?” “Even if you say that……” “Besides, Lidi said she likes this
outfit right? Don't you think you want to slowly appreciate it” “Wha-!?”

Hitting the bullseye, my cheeks became hot. Even though I was being careful
not to be found out, I never expected I’d be noticed. How careless!!

“……I don't know what you’re talking about”

Even I thought this was a poor excuse, but I didn't need to say it. Freed
decisively followed up with the heart of the matter.

“You were

“You were absentmindedly watching me in fascination the whole time, you


He let out a smile, and I wanted to disappear from the embarrassment. Since I
was already found out, there was no meaning in hiding it now. Dejectedly
dropping my shoulders, I gave up and apologized.

“……..I’m terribly sorry” “There's no need to apologize. If Lidi captivated

by it, then even if I’m in a cramp formal wear, there's meaning to it.”

Saying that, Freed inserted 2 of his long fingers into his collar, and gently
loosened it.* ‘Fuuu’, letting out a breath, he lightly stretched his neck. His
beautiful blonde hair gently spread about.

(*TN: left the verbatim translation because it was funnier)


Forgive me……… …..that gesture was seriously going to killed me, I


No good, it was too much to bear. Unintentionally I covered my mouth with

one hand and shut my eyes*, and squeezed out a voice while trembling.

(TN: with a ‘gyuuto’ sound – ぎゅうっと)

“…..if it's a just bit then”   I’ll go, before I noticed the words came out.

“Really? I’m so happy”

It was certainly a complete defeat. I nodded to my defeat by the appeal of the

military uniform. But it couldn't be helped. That gesture, no matter how you look
it, was foul play.

Me, who wanted to bring home pretty men in military uniform. ……….I’m
sorry. I couldn't stop this heart-throbbing situation like an iiot.

Freed happily smiled at me, who was nodding with a bright red face. It
seemed that there was something dark mixed in with that smiling face, I wanted
to think that it was just my imagination.

By the way, there were naturally royal guards stationed nearby, but it was
undoubtedly not a mistake that I noticed being watched with warm eyes.

Letting go of my arm, Freed in exchange wrapped his arm around my waist.

“Let's go”

As he whispered in my ear, I shook my head with a yes. Military Uniform

festival was not over. I’d just come to realize that.

–––––Military Uniform Festival, FOREVER

Muttering that in my heart, I raised the white flag to surrender and obediently
followed him.

……More or less I wanted some of my overreactions to be forgiven. Even I,

myself don't really understand why I’ve become like this.

……Really, why??
Chapter 32
Source: Imported


“Your Highness!!”

As Freed brought me along down a hallway decorated with gold and beautiful
paintings, a voice suddenly called out from behind. As Freed, who was called
out to, stopped in his tracks, I too, naturally stopped as well. Turning around,
there were 3 young ladies before us.

The ladies that were wrapped in a multicolored princess line dress

passionately gazed at Freed, while completely ignoring me, who was next to
him. The moment I saw the flirtatious looks in their eyes, I came to my senses
like the tides suddenly drawing back. Silently, I stepped away from Freed. When
I wordlessly separated myself from his side, Freed looked at me for a moment
with a dubious expression, but even so, taking my feelings into considerations,
he decided to not say anything. Meanwhile the girls that were encircling Freed,
desperately tried to start a conversation with him.

…..I wonder if they were Freed’s followers?

As I observed from a distance, I let out a small inaudible sigh.

It was obvious that Freed was a rarely seen beautiful figure. With golden
blond hair, turquoise eyes, and beautiful and well ordered features, it seems that
no matter who saw, would greatly admire. Not to mention his position as the
Crown Prince. Even rumors of his gentleness was heard by everyone. With those
conditions alone, there was no way he was not popular.

In other words, the girls that were defeated in love, would all directly aim at
me, who was his marriage partner. It has become that kind of situation.

How bothersome.
I felt fed up with the girls staring at Freed. My feelings were completely cold.
The drive to go to Freed’s room had long vanished.

It’s okay, if it’s just talking to his followers. I’ll just go back after greeting

Deciding that, I once again approached Freed in an attempt to leave. That way
he would have to listen not matter what, even if he didn’t want to hear it.

“I hear you got engaged this time” “You’ve worked hard, your Highness.
Even if it’s said to be an obligation to royal family, for someone like your
Highness to be forced into something like a marriage of convenience”
“Honestly. But fortunately the royal family practices polygamy. If it pleases
you, please feel obliged to call for us anytime”

Talk about being blunt, my expression unexpectedly stiffened at their blatant

statement of wanting to be concubine candidates. Consequently, my cheeks
started to twitch. They were considerably bold to say that knowing that I’m here.
Obviously I knew who these girls were. I had already inputted a complete list of
the nobles within the country in my head. Daughters of a Marquis, Earl and
Duke house respectively. Their age was about the same as mine. Although they
were respectively a daughter of a chief official, what were they thinking, picking
a fight with me? Not to boast or anything, but I was the daughter of a splendidly
high ranking* Duke family. Aside from the royal family, I don’t recall being
looked down by the other families.

(*TN: 筆頭公爵家 – not sure how ranking in the same peerage works but this
can also be translated as Head Duke House which I guess means they outrank
other Duke families)

In addition, because there were rumors that I was in poor health due to
seldomly attending evening parties, did they think that if they just put a bit of a
strong front up I could easily be dealt with.

If that was the case, then unfortunately they’ve miscalculated. I wasn’t

someone that would cave at a bit of

(*TN: 小物な – mob character, nobody, etc.)

Freed didn’t even return a single word. He just silently displayed a smile on
his face. Even so, I sensed a restlessness to a terrifying extent exuding from his
whole body. The girls didn’t seem to understand, but if you could sense that,
then you’d think that becoming something like a concubine was a just a dream
within a dream. It was out of the question.

Somehow it appears that even his mood has gone bad, so it’s best if I quickly
run away before I get tangled up in this mess.

“Your Highness”

I called out to him in an unconcerning voice. However I had let out a bit more
force in my voice than I’d thought, and not only Freed, but even the noble
daughters turned there attention to me.

“I apologize for interrupting in the middle your conversation, but I will

excuse myself for now. Your Highness, please carry on”

I conveyed such with a modeled ladylike smile and mannerism. Gently taking
a bow and thinking it was over, I turned my heel, but Freed tightly grasped my
hand as if not letting me escape. Strongly gazing at me with an intense look, I
could feel he was angry.

“Name” “Yes?” “Why are you going back to calling me like everyone else? I
told you. I won’t reply.” “……but even if you say it like that”

For a moment the noble daughters’ gaze shifted, and I clashed with their
hatred filled eyes. To be resented for something that had nothing to do with
myself, I thought somehow I’ve gotten engaged to a troublesome man.

“I don’t want to receive any unnecessary resentment”

I declared such without hesitation. In this situation, if I were to call his name,
it’d be like giving bait to starved beasts. Although I tried to communicate this
with my eyes, he still wouldn’t yield.

“For that kind of trivial reason? I won’t allow it. Just like with the name,
there’s no point in going back now.” “…..Freed”

At his voice that did not permit refusal, I reluctantly called out his name.
Instantly, I felt annoyed with the 3 that swelled up with bloodlust.
……yes yes. It’d become like this, right.

At the easily understood jealously, I could only let out a sigh. That’s why I
didn’t want to say it.

“His Highness’s sacred name!!” “There’s a limit to such shamelessness!!”

Like a fish in water, the girls violently howled as I stared at them. While still
being held by Freed, I looked up to the heavens thinking ‘as expected’. I wonder
in their minds, how they changed the scene where Freed forced me to say his
name. Before I knew it, it’d become the situation where I had voluntarily called
it out. … bothersome. It may be okay to seriously consider this exclusion.
Straightening my back, as I stretched out my head, I stared into their eyes. The
girls jumped when they met my eyes, and before the words could come out

“How unpleasant” “ehh…” “Your Highness?”

To Freed who spoke as if he were disgusted, the noble daughters suddenly

stopped moving. Freed glared at them as if he was looking at something dirty.

“Firstly, you’re suppose convey your intentions to me through your fathers.

I don’t wish to be approached a second time. Nevertheless, it’s an insult to my
beloved princess for you to be repeatedly coming to the castle at your own
convenience. I’d thought you were foolish, but I didn’t think it was to this
extent.” “Your Highness….”

The Earl’s daughter’s name I think, if I’m not mistaken, was Ana Von Platini.
Unable to believe what’d happened, she approached Freed with a shocked

“I cannot allow you to approach any further. It’ll be regarded as being


He said it in a monotone voice, but even so it was a clear rejection.

“Respect for the Princess Consort is absolute. You should have already
heard the speech during the engagement ceremony. By his Majesty’s decree,
she should already be treated as the Princess Consort. Yet, your attitude
towards the princess earlier, just what was that. Did you think I’d need such
an incompetent person that can’t even understand proper manners?”
Implicitly implying that they were an unnecessary existence, their complexion
quickly turned pale.

“Your Highness!! Why have you become like this? For your Highness, who
was always so kind, to say something like that, as expected that woman-!!

Even so, the one who raised her voice from disbelief this time was the
marquis house’s Maria Von Shanoire. Wearing a pink dress, she who had a
strong look in her eyes due to the tears, pitifully turned towards Freed. However,
Freed just scowled as if he hated it from the bottom of his heart.

“Furthermore, for you all who lack the ability to learn, where is the need to
even continue pushing your luck with your conduct.” “….your Highness, that
sort of thing-” “Still, I think no matter what you say to a foolish person is
useless. Disrespect towards my Princess Consort, will consequently be taken as
an insult towards me as well. Whether it’s family background, appearance, or
even educational standards, there is not a single thing that you can win
against her, yet I completely can’t comprehend why you look down on her.”
“T-that was-” “Were you jealous of her that much? She is someone that’s
taken the position of my wife, and decided to stand as the future Queen. And
then for her to be unjustly resented in return, it’s just too shallow and
extremely ridiculous. For people like you, you should know your own extent.”

Freed was relentless. He scornfully gazed towards the three, that went from
shedding fake tears to actual real tears.

“Step down. Only this time will I turn a blind eye. From now on, don’t show
that face in front of me a second time.” “…Y-your Highness. We just…”
“Disgusting*. Guards. Take them away. Afterwards, give me a detailed report
of the cause and countermeasures for allowing someone to intrude this kind of
place as the please.” “Ha!!”

(*TN: くどい – I looked this up in various Japanese dictionaries and the best
definition I could find that fitted the context was しつこくて嫌味な感じがす
る – ‘to have a persistent and unpleasant feeling’. If anyone knows or could find
a better definition please let me know because I’m still kinda unsure about it)

Receiving Freed’s orders, the royal guards took the three that were still
clinging on to him away. I could only watch the scene unfold with my mouth
wide open.
Just when

Just when I thought I could finally retaliate by taking my anger out on them, it
was completely taken over by Freed. What should I do with this pent up feeling.
It feels strange to criticize Freed when I’ve clearly been rejecting him so far. Not
having an outlet for my feelings, I seem to have become a bit lost.

And what I thought above all. ….Un. Who were those people earlier?

Honestly I was taken aback. To even speak with that kind of tone.

I wonder if it was because he was angry, that it was unusually refreshing,

since I’d only known of his polite tone and gentle expressions. Although I think
he is awfully natural and looks good in a military uniform. I wonder if he gives
orders with that tone in battle.

….Un. Good. As expected using a commanding tone in a military uniform.

There’s nothing better than this.

Because without the 3 noble daughters, only Freed and I were left behind in
the corridor, thus I immediately went back to having stupid thoughts. This is
really bad. Even though I thought it was over, as soon as I let my guard down,
the festival restarted. I know. I just have to go home, before I do anything stupid

… be honest, it was a bit dangerous just now.

“Freed. I also will excuse myself from here.”

Even though I’d thought that I’d skillfully took the opportunity to leave, Freed
wouldn’t allow it.

“What are you talking about Lidi. Earlier, didn’t you promise to come to my

Remembering the pain as he strongly grasped my hand, my face scowled.

Returning to his usual tone, he pulled me into his arms as to not let me go. Even
while I thought that it was expected to not work well, I still somehow tried to
think of an excuse.
“If I carefully think about it, I realized there’s no reason to intrude. I think I
will take my leave now.” “You can’t, Lidi. I won’t let you escape today”

I was strongly held as he looked into my eyes. It was definitely the uniform’s
fault that my heart throbbed violently.

“I apologize for making you experience something unpleasant. Those girls

were particularly persistent. Up until now, because animosity to that extent has
never happened, I’d always properly dealt with those kinds of situations. But
how dare they have that kind of attitude towards my princess consort,
Lidi…….I won’t let those girls come near Lidi a second time, so it’s fine even
if you don’t worry about it.” “……..They’ve already displayed who they are
and what kind of people they are, so it’s not a problem. I’ll deal with it myself”

I’m not so soft that I’d get hurt like that. If they are going to aim at me, then
next time I’ll turn the tables on them.

“That’s reassuring, but……did you know who they were?” “The faces and
names of all the nobles is like common knowledge to me” “As expected,
towards people I’ve never met before, even I can’t say I have a good grasps
on……but that’s just me saying I want to hear the names of those idiots that
can’t even remember half.”

I told Freed their names, their father’s names, and what positions their fathers
held. He then replied ‘correct’ with a surprised tone.

“It’s just as the Prime Minister says, it seems you don’t need the Princess
Consort training. You’re already perfect.” “It’s an honor to receive such a
praise. Now then, I will-” “Didn’t I already say you can’t go. It’s bad to not
know when to give up.”

I had intended on

“You promised you’d come with me, didn’t you?” “But that was……!!”

Even as I tried to shake him off, his arm was not yielding. As I seriously tried
to resist, Freed got a bit upset.

“If you’re just shy, then I think it’s cute. But if that’s not the case……then,
it would be that Lidi has lied to me.”
As he said that the air about him completely changed. I was pierced with his
cold gaze and words. Completely swallowed by his intimidating air, the words
stuck to my throat. I couldn’t reply right away.


I’d intended to say that it wasn’t a lie, but the words wouldn’t come out.

“If it were like those unimportant people earlier, I don’t particularly care.
But I really hate it when the people close to me that I recognize to lie to me.”

To Freed who suddenly erased his expression, I felt as if I’ve somehow

stepped on a landmine. While I stood frozen not knowing what to say, Freed
started to walk strongly pulling me along. As if letting myself be persuaded, I
once again followed behind him. Even as the hem of my dress got caught, Freed
completely didn’t excuse anything. His silent back conveyed to me that he was
extremely angry.

We quickly continued forward towards the inner parts of the castle. Each time
we pass through a door, the guards lined up on both sides would bow to us.
Naturally, there was no one to blame.

And then we arrived at what is probably the most inner part of the castle.

Freed casually opened the silver door with ivy vines carved on to it,
furthermore bringing me into the room with him. This was most likely his
personal room. Judging from this situation it was definitely Freed’s.

Without even the time to closely inspect the room, I was pushed onto my back
by Freed, who’d removed his irritating mantle. Staggering, as I tried to prop
myself up with my hand, I felt something soft and fluffy. By the time I realized I
was thrown onto the bed, Freed was already hovering over me. Even if I try to
escape, he had both my arms pinned above my head with one hand.


I thought, at least I should protest, but my mouth was sealed, unable to form
the words. And just like that, a tongue slipped in, violating the insides of my
mouth. Tracing the rows of my teeth, then intertwining his tongue with mine.
My body started to grow hot by that teasing like kiss. Again and again, changing
the angle, he continued deepening the kiss.

I completely lost all my strength, I didn’t even have the power to resist. Freed,
who had been devouring my lips this entire time, slowly separated him face from
mine. Red lips soaked, with a silver thread passing along each other’s lips,
creating an impure atmosphere. Freed intently stared at me with his emotionless
eyes. Feeling uncomfortable, I let out a breath.

“…..Anyhow, because it’s already decided to do it this way, the result is still
the same” “eh”

I brought my gaze up to Freed who uttered those words. Even so, he


“You need to take responsibility for making me angry” “hah? Do what….”

He beautifully smiled, as I listened again and not understanding what he said.

Then, as if to persuade me, slowly pausing between words, before he ultimately
thrusted himself onto me.

“….I thought I said I didn’t want to be lied to a second time, so a proper

punishment needs to be given.”
Chapter 33
Source: Imported


“…..yaa–– Freed––!! Please–– I’m already about to come–!! uwaa…

nnng….aaahhh!!” “You can’t, don’t climax yet”

Freed softly stroked my skin as he ignore my protest. With the tip of his finger
he caressed my body, and just from that, I trembled all over.

From there just how much time had passed, I wonder. Declaring that it was
punishment, I was pressed onto the bed as Freed continued to toy with me with
his tongue and hands. My clothes had already been torn off, my indecent
appearance exposed on top of the bed.

My hands that had been held down from the start was already freed. However,
I was already unable to resist, my body was completely bewitched. Even the
word escape didn’t come to mind.

For a long period of time, my body continued to receive pleasure, simply

reacting, no matter the stimulus.

Lifting up both my legs, Freed stimulated the region near my crotch with his
tongue. He had been continuing like that from the start. My secret place, the tip
of my breast, the places I wanted it the most he completely avoided. Despite
being muddled in tears with my resolve melting away, he still didn’t stop
stimulating the places he had decided on.

“Feed-!! Please–!!”

As I reacted to the stimulations, I pleaded over and over again. Although I

certainly disliked it at first, Freed’s touch felt good even ‘there’, and before I
knew it, my thoughts slowly started to dissolve. Wanting more, I even begged
for more stimulus, but Freed wouldn’t give in. Not letting me climax, he
adjusted as he tormented me with just the minimal amount of pleasure.

Despite it not being touched, my secret place was already loosening, as my

nectar sloppily spilled out. Freed licked up my overflowing honey while
carefully avoiding my secret place.

“Fuaa––!!” “I said you can’t. Because this is punishment” “Yaa–– already,


He traced with the tip of his tongue from the line of my bottom to the back of
my thighs, my tears spilling out from the new stimulus.

“This is difficult for me too, because I can’t taste Lidi, who is so disheveled
liked this. Ahh, but Lidi is also the same, right? Because this place here
already wants me, it’s been twitching this whole time.”

For that place to be continuously stared at, my abdomen furthermore grew hot
from embarrassment. Before Freed’s eyes my thick love juices spilled out, my
head seems to have become strange from his stare.

“Ah, it’s still coming out huh. Earlier was just the beginning, yet it’s already
become like this. Lidi’s quite lewd huh” “n-….no more….already” “You say
that, but your body seems to be enjoying it” “your….wron….”

This time he lightly licked the area just outside of the areola. Just from that
repeated action, the heat inside my head seemed as if it was boiling.

“No more…..punishment….yaa!!

As I pleaded to him with tears overflowing, Freed finally stopped moving.

Even as he paused, his expression, not even once, relaxed. Still with a stiff
expression even now, he seriously asked me.

“You don’t

I didn’t want this torture like sex. As I said that still out of breath, Freed
gently caressed the blooming「King’s Flower」while he pondered for a bit.

“Is that so. Then it’s fine to give you what you want. But before that,
promise me, that you’ll never to lie to me anymore?”
Freed, who was caressing the「King’s Flower」, loosened his expression just
a bit. Then, he gently dropped a kiss there.

“Lie…?” “That’s right” “Something like lying…..I didn’t” “But earlier you
lied to me right?”

With my head all fuzzy, I thought about what Freed meant. The cause for him
to be like this. The trigger for Freed’s anger….

I recalled back to when I returned to myself from the military uniform festival,
and as I tried to run away I felt his imperial wrath.

ahh, that.

“No….that was, I was just embarrassed….after all, if I go, I knew it would

definitely end up like this. That kind of thing….was just insane…..”

As I said this, Freed’s eyes flickered. It was probably because it was

something he didn’t expect to hear. He continued to stare at me.

“… that so?” “…..yea”

He nodded as he let out a hot breath with a ‘haa’. Freed let go of my leg he
was holding, and with his right hand, struck his head.

(*TN: Anyone good with japanese onomatopoeia know what くしゃり


“Uwaaa, Sorry….I jumped to conclusions…surely I…..”

His face was read as he muttered this. Finally catching my breath, I sat up and
unblinkingly stared at him.

“Surely….what?” “Ah… nothing. Anyway I’m really sorry. Because I

unintentionally lost my cool, I did something terrible to Lidi” “…….it’s fine,

If I looked at Freed’s reddening face, somehow it improved. In the first place

he didn’t have to get that angry, but speaking of which, it was my fault since, I
said I would go to his room but still tried to run away. This may sound strange
but, I didn’t dislike doing it with him. Rather it felt too good, although not letting
me climax was a bit painful.

“I won’t lie to Freed. This is fine right?” “Lidi”

I understood that he gets angry when someone close to him lies to him, so if
that’s the case then it’s best to not tread on it. When I was questioned by Freed, I
was so scared that I couldn’t immediately work out the misunderstandings.

Showing that I wasn’t angry, I smiled at him as I said that. And as if

overcoming with emotion, Freed tightly embraced me.

“Mou…..why are you such a handsome man…” “What’s that”

A completely naked woman embraced by a man in a military uniform, what

kind of composition was this. During that long torture play, he didn’t even take
of his coat. He only removed his gloves.

As Freed tightly held me, I returned his embrace. As I patted his back, I
unexpectedly heard a laugh. I felt relieved.

Ahh, he finally smiled.

“Why are you laughing?” “hm? I

When Freed pointed it out, my body stiffened. Oh no, a lot had happened, so I
completely forgot about using formal speech. Just as I was foaming at the mouth,
Freed gently stroked my back as if to soothe me.

“It’s fine. We’re already at this point. You really don’t need to use formal
speech” “but” “I want to be equals with Lidi. So please.” “Freed…”

While nodding from the pleasant sensation of his touch, I gently closed my
eyes and noticed the aiguillette of his uniform hitting my bare skin. I love
military uniforms, but as one would expect it was painful on bare skin.

“…..Sorry, let go”

The moment I said that in a sweet and gently voice, his voice turned dry.
“Why?” “The aiguillette is hurting me”

As I blatantly pointed it out, Freed flusteredly separated from me when he


“Sorry, are you okay?” “I’m fine. It was only touching”

I was fine since it didn’t particularly hurt that much. More of less checking my
body, it was evident that it wasn’t the aiguillette, but manmade red marks that
scattered all over my body.

The markings appear as if it was claiming for oneself, and as I was reminded
of the act from earlier, my face became hot.

“Were you recalling?”

As I glared at Freed, who slyly asked this when he saw me turn red, he gently
dropped me a kiss. Pecking me over and over, he softly smiled as he met my

“I like you, Lidi. I really like you a lot. It may have only been a few days
since we met, but I’m not lying. I love you so much that I can’t bear the fact
that there’s days we can’t meet” “…….”

Freed’s eyes that were looking at me were overflowing with love, I didn’t
think he was lying. I realized that I also felt happy hearing those words.

Even so, I still don’t know whether I loved him or not.

Ever since meeting Freed, it seems like many turbulent things have happened.
Despite dealing with it the best I could, there was not much I could do.

“I….” “You don’t understand right? It’s fine. The days ahead are long. I
know it, it’s fine if you come to like me slowly.”

I didn’t know how I should answer as Freed continued.

“You don’t like it when I touch you?”

Instinctively I shook my head.

When he touched her, never once did she felt uncomfortable. Actually I had
thought of more things. But for today let’s just leave it at that.

“I see that’s good… about when I embrace you?” “I don’t, dislike it”

While in a daze, I replied with such. Given what I said earlier, I wondered if
I’d really wanted it. If I didn’t like it I definitely wouldn’t have said that. Even so
there was a part of me that was surprised that I thought it was nice to be
embraced by him.

As expected, it must be because we’d already



Anyhow, since my marriage with him has already been decided, I think I’m
glad that he’s not someone I dislike having sex with.

While I tried to think of it that way, I looked up to Freed who’d already made
me say something so embarrassing. He smiled as he said this.

“Then, is it okay if I continue” “….yea”

Only touching my insides, all the places left alone felt painful. Nodding, his
lips once again rained down on me. His tongue urged my mouth open.
Responding to his desires, he invaded the insides of my mouth with his tongue
and freely teased my upper jaw.


Because there was the matter from earlier, without drawing into an embrace*,
our tongues intertwined as my breast were softly massaged. With his index
finger he touched the tip of my breasts for the first time, and my body sensitively
reacted. The tips of our tongue mutually came together, and then separated.
Feeling lonely, I once again drew my own lips closer to kiss him.

(*TN: I’m quite unsure if I translated this first part correctly: 先ほどの件が

“Lidi….rarely ever instigates” “That’s because”

I motionlessly stared at him. And as if unable to bear the standup collar, he
removed two of the metal fittings with two of his fingers. As he tried to take off
his outer garment, I grabbed his hand to stop him.

“Lidi?” “….Don’t take it off” “eh” “You said you’d let me enjoy it till I’m
satisfied, right? Then don’t take it off. I want to look at that appearance of
Freed’s more.”

Before I knew it, I’d lost my mind once again, I was truly faithful to my
instincts. Freed blankly stared at me, who’d clearly said to not take it off, and the
next sound that came out was a laugh.

“Pfft…! Hahahaha!!” “Don’t laugh, so mean”

As I said that, Freed while saying ‘sorry sorry’, once again stopped and redid
the metal fittings on the collar of the military uniform. I absentmindedly stared at
that gesture without reservation. I wasn’t scared since it had already been found
out. As originally planned, I intend to fully appreciate it.

While trying to hold back his laughter as he observed me, Freed as if recalling
something, opened his mouth.

“Fufu. It seems you really like it. For me, I’m just happy that Lidi is being
assertive. Perhaps I should change the tone of my voice too?” “eh?” “Earlier,
when talking with those noble daughters. It seemed you were intently staring
at me the whole time, that’s why I just thought perhaps you’d wanted it”

I’ve been found out!! Freed’s perception was quite frightening. I didn’t want
to think whether he’d seen through the military uniform festival or not. I already
couldn’t deny it. He laughed as he tried to pacify

“If this is the real Lidi, then from now on it seems I’ll never be bored. So
please, stay like this.” “What do you mean?”

As I tilted my head while asking this, Freed meaningfully raised the corner of
his mouth.

“It’s fine to not worry about it if you don’t understand. Let’s just enjoy
Saying that, Freed separated from me and got off the bed. Then, he quickly
straightened up his disorderly clothes. As I was left alone on the bed, I sat and
looked up to him.

“Now then, how does Lidi want it?”

After readjusting his clothes, he completely changed the tone of his voice, my
spine shivered like an electric shock at his inquiry. That voice. From earlier.

It was the voice he used when talking with the nobles daughters earlier. Just,
what was different from before, was that there was a bit of sweetness mixed in. It
made me think just how sexy it was, it directly shook me to the core.

Instantly, my head heated up. Freed’s eyes swollen with desire, while wrapped
jet black military uniform, my innermost part reacted first. Recalling the act
from earlier, my body instinctively mended my legs together. Once again I could
only feel the sensation of the thick honey overflowing.

Looking at my current appearance, Freed narrowed his eyes.

No good, I can’t hold on anymore. Unable to bear it, I begged Freed in a

shaking voice.

“Please…insert….your fingers” “where?”

As I instinctively replied formally, Freed mercilessly responded with a

question. Something like inserting the fingers, naturally it was no where but
‘there’. That place which had been left alone for a long time, was unbearably
begging for direct stimulus.

It already was unable to be satisfied with just touching.


As expected I couldn’t say it, I dropped my gaze as I conveyed my intentions.

I thought that he’d forgive me with just this, however Freed who was in military
mode, didn’t stop.

“I can’t understand when you just say ‘here’. If you can’t say the name,
then show me the place yourself.” “–!”
What! While I knew what I wanted to say, the moment when Freed calmly
made such a terrifying demand, I stiffened. To spread open my legs myself, was
that what he meant?

While shocked, I looked up to Freed. Freed with an nonchalant look, while

ordering me around in a military uniform, was really attractive. The instant I
looked up, my heart was struck with a single blow, it felt like being crushed by a
throbbing agony.

Despite being told such unreasonable things as if challenging the limits of my

embarrassment, I noticed that I was becoming completely obedient to him. This
is bad. Even so, as I was trembling from over embarrassment, Freed dropped
another bomb.

“If you don’t hurry up, not matter what, I won’t be able to give Lidi lots of
love. If you can’t do it yourself, then shall I order you to?”

Before I could comprehend what he said, he pressed on in one breath.

“Lidi, open your legs”

Chapter 34
Source: Imported


「Lidi, open your legs」

With his commanding tone that prohibits you to refuse, the deepest parts of
my body quivered. Goosebumps littered my skin as his discerning gaze looked at
my body with delight. Seeing his glazed blue eyes pleased me and urged me to
rub my thighs together.

I couldn’t refuse.


I am aware that I was flushed all-over. My cheeks were hot and my body is
not cold despite being naked. Rather, I can feel my sweat dripping.

While feeling Freed’s heated gaze on me, I placed my feet on the bed and
slightly opened my legs just as he ordered me to.

「I still can’t see anything.」

Are you a demon!! Even then, I could not refuse Freed so I did as he told
and opened my legs even more. While I hid my shivering face from the shyness,
Freed knelt on the bed.

「Alright, then stay in that position.」 「……!Hiiii..」

While looking at me with a feverish look, Freed suddenly inserted his finger
in the heat between my legs. I raised my voice instinctively.

The wetness in my core was dripping from the earlier stimulations that it
easily accepted his finger. He moved his finger with the intention of coaxing my
insides, making my body writhe in reaction.
「Aa, aaa」 「You’re dripping wet, is one finger not enough for you? 」

He teasingly laughed. While desperately craving for the pleasure, I could not
do anything but nod at his question. I drown myself in his torment as I anxiously
wait for more.

「More……Please give me more!!」 「Very well.」

He added 2, 3 more fingers inside me and further escalated his movements.

The ‘guchi guchi’ sound from his stimulations incited the pleasure and sent my
head into nothingness.

「Your legs are closing, spread it even further.」 「yes」

Obediently doing what he ordered, I spread my legs for a second time. Even if
it seemed strange as expected, I immediately revert to a polite way of talking
when he uses his commanding tone. Am I intoxicated in him or intoxicated with
the situation, I have no idea. All I can understand is that the throbbing of my
heart cannot stop. (T/N: tokimeki*) I only feel like doing whatever he tells me.

The swelling of my sensitive area twitched as he touched me and my body

recoiled in reaction.


I come apart in the blink of an eye. Was it because of his continuous teasing
previously that coming afterwards was quick? After reaching my peak like that,
the urge for something hotter surged within me. Because I was forced to do
multiple embarrassing actions a while ago, the shame and hesitation to beg for
more are gone from my mind.

「Something thicker……please」

The ache in my abdomen continuously pulsed as I begged for something else.

The movement of his fingers did not stop even as my words reached him. My
eyes teared from the pleasure of his fingers.

Freed’s eyes squinted as he smiled, lightly laughed afterwards.

「……Do you want my thing?」「……yes」 「Then try begging. If you

His eyes watched me intently as he pulled out his fingers. I racked my brain to
think about the meaning of his words. I wanted him quickly that I can’t stand it.
How could I make him put it in me?

With my head still in a puzzle, I spread my legs even further and placed my
fingers on my lower lips, spreading my swelling folds. With upturned eyes, I
looked at Freed and begged.

「Plea……ase. Freed’s……thick, hot thing……put it in me.」

I said that with difficulty while I clung onto him. The vision of him widening
his eyes and covering his lips with his hand reflected on my eyes.

I faintly heard him say ‘I didn’t think you would go that far’ but I didn’t pay it
any mind. I wanted it quickly that I can’t help it. Should I beg again to receive it
faster? While thinking that, I felt a heat in my genitals.

「……Very good.」

He only opened his coat as if to do as I wished (T/N: military festival~) and

fully exposed the lower half of his body, pushing himself into me. A searing
solid thing kissed my nether lips, heightening my expectations even further.

I wrapped my arms around Freed’s back instinctively.

「Here I come.」 「Please……put it in me deep quickly!!」


That heated feeling was pushed into me while a moaning voice was let out.
My insides tightened in delight as I was given the thing that I desired.

「Aaaah~!!」 「Don’t clench me too much. Don’t you want it

deeper?」 「I can’t! It feels good~ But give me more!!」 「Chii!」

Freed penetrated me as he held my hips. My whole body trembled.

「Fuuaaa!! Nnnnnn… It feels good……」

Everything within me settled as I become entranced with the feel of his heat.
My whole being unbearably loved the feeling of the fast-paced throbbing of my

I stayed idle as to savor the pulsating heat however, Freed slowly shoved his
entire size within me.

「Nnn!!」 「If I remember, this part hits your spot.」 「Nnn ahhh, that
feels good~」

He accurately pinpointed the spot he identified a few days ago when we had
sex for the first time. The chain reaction was like a coursing of electricity every
time Freed pressed on the spot. My insides clenched him in response.

「Fuu……uuunn. Aaah」

I clung onto him in tears as the speed of his thrusts got faster and faster.

「Your hips are shaking. Tell me, what would you like next?」

The calm exterior he exudes was the opposite from the sweat that is dripping
from his forehead. The blue irises of his was peeking out of his blonde hair
looked to be giving off an indescribable gloss. The golden aiguillette from his
uniform sways in rhythm with the movement of his hips.

His erotic appearance served to fuel the fire on my stomach, making me

convulse my insides even further. Freed slipped out a smirk as he noticed my

「Seeing you satisfied is my pleasure.」 「……hnn!!」 「Lidi?」

I didn’t know

「I wouldn’t know unless you tell me. Or would you rather I pull out?」

As I whipped my head up to refuse, Freed nodded his head in

acknowledgement. From the unchanging tone of his voice, I realized that he
understood my type of things (F/N: fetishhhh, the military fes~).

That fact caused me to convulse.* (F/N: 癪だ。Wahh, I could not find the
proper meaning of this word. So I just wrote something that resembles it? huhu
if someone knows, pls tell mee)

「Then, tell me what you want me to do.」 「Plunge it deep into me……
while we kiss……please.」

I understand now. I’m completely weak against his commanding voice. In

accordance to his demand, I answered in a trembling voice. I felt my face
flaming in embarrassment. He nodded and slowly shortened the distance of our

「Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.」 「Nnn……ye……s」

I did as he told. Freed then licked my tongue with the top of his. In time with
it, going along with my wishes, the thrust of his hips to reach the deepest part of
my insides showed no signs of stopping. He slammed his lower half with force
continuously while deepening his kisses.


Our bodies were completely meshed together. I closed my eyes while I then
again encircled my arms around his back. The feel of his pounding and his lips,
his tongue, everything felt good.

The overflow of saliva urged us to pull away. enting it from dripping, I

forcefully gulped the liquid. When I opened my eyes, I immediately saw the
color of turquoise.


With a ‘chu’, he pecked me on the lips once again. Then, with a low, hoarse
voice, Freed whispered.

「I’m gonna cum soon. Can I?」

Hearing his seductive voice near my ears made me nod. I heartily enjoyed
myself with the military uniform. I’m already satisfied.

「Here I come.」 「Nnnn!!」

Freed quickened the pace of his thrusts while holding my hips. The
overwhelming sensation from since a while ago doubled in intensity. I got
befuddled with the frenzy.

「Haaaa.……aaaaahh it feels……goood!!」 「Me too. The insides of

Lidi is so hot, I feel like I’m melting.」 「More……please give me

My pleasure spot was continuously hit. Not wanting to let it get away, I
entwined my legs on his hips.

「Lidi!!」 「Freed!!Aaaaah!!」

Seeing my delighted behavior, Freed fastened his pace even further. (T/N: Lol.
monster~ ahh) As my innermost parts were pummeled, my entire body
convulsed in elation.

「Fuaaah!……Aaahh!I can’t take it anymore!……I’m cu!I’m

cumming!!」 「Come, Lidi!I’m also at my limit!!」 「Nnnnn!!」

With another forceful push of his hips, he reached his peak. At the same time,
I felt the sensation of something hot. That sensual feeling served to add fuel to
my quivering body.

「Aaahh, Freed’s* hot!!」(F/N: probs semen, but she didn’t explicitly

say it, so let’s just stick with that) 「I’m not yet done!!」

He came apart several more times and each time, it filled me with intense
heat. With one


It ended…… eh, it was extremely full of passion*….(T/N: 非常に濃厚でし

た…againnnn plss~) 

As I fell down the bed with a rough breathing, Freed pecked my forehead. I
accepted it silently.

「As I thought, looking at Lidi’s cute face while doing it is the best.」
‘Chu chu’ as he kissed my entire face. I suddenly remembered the Masquerade
Evening Party. Come to think of it, several days have only passed since then, yet,
an unbelievable development occured that made me astounded.

No one would expect that I would personally be reached out by the crown
prince to that private room.

Freed’s kisses were ticklish. Seeing me lose strength, Freed started to slowly
pulled himself out.


Since I recently just came, my insides clenched and opposed Freed’s pull out.
Freed then pulled out with a slight more force. Along with a slippery sound, the
filled sensation was lost, making me let out a voice unintentionally. At the same
time, the fluids that were secreted inside me earlier leaked out.

How could I say this……this is an extremely complicated feeling.

……In the end, he came inside me again.

Well, I actively instigated the situation this time so it can’t be helped.

Following my cycle, I probably wouldn’t be pregnant. (T/N: the period
cycleeee~ google it if u don’t know hehe)

I counted the days in my head. I don’t know what Freed thinks, but I
personally wouldn’t want to be pregnant before marriage. I thought that I should
at least talk about this to him once.

This time, however, as precaution, I drank the contraception for women that I
purchased from Deliris-san.

And then, I smiled complacently as I lied on the bed. Military uniform was the
best. Freed’s unexpected coercion to my whims made me enjoy myself. It didn’t
turn out into a strange play but, on another time, I predicted that I might request
it again.

Iyaaa, really, I might get addicted to that. I want to voice out the kind of
glamour that the military uniform has.
Military uniform is justice! (T/N: AMEN)

While I take a breather from my self-reflection, the view of Freed taking off
his clothes entered my vision.

His naked body made my eyes glued to the spot. It was my first time seeing 6-
pack abdominal muscles. As I thought about it, the last time we did it was
covered in darkness. The hindrance of the mask made me unable to view him
clearly too.

Unable to see this fine macho was a regrettable act in my part.

As expected of someone who fought in a battlefield, the discipline to train can

be seen. I ogled Freed’s muscle as I continue to be lost in my thoughts.

…… eeh, I am well aware of my deplorable personality. Is there something

wrong?(T/N: yes girl)

However, why is Freed taking off his clothes? I inclined my head to the side
as I searched for the answer.

「Freed?」 「Yes?」 「What are you doing?」

I looked up at Freed

「Eh」 「Lidi’s portion is done. I granted your wishes that’s why this time,
it’s my turn.」 「Eh!」

It still wasn’t finished?! My face cramped up in reaction.

「F……Freed……?」 「To not make a mark in Lidi’s smooth skin a while

ago, I was holding myself back you know. Let me taste Lidi to my satisfaction
this time, okay?」 「No, umm……I’ve had enough already……」

As I tried to escape from above him, Freed pinned me down with a smile.

「I still haven’t had my fill. I have no intention of stopping today, so

prepare yourself.」 「Eh……wa……wait??」

In that place full of sloppy, slippery liquid, he stood stiff once again. How
could he be full of energy again after pouring a lot out?

「Lidi looked at me with eyes full of desire that’s why I reacted like this.」

So this is retribution! I was shocked at his statement. He realized my

fascination of his muscles earlier.

The obscene sound of slick juices resounded in the room. Freed then pushed
his erection inside me in one-go. With how slippery it is, my lower lips accepted
him easily.

And then, this time he started off with harsh movements intending to hit my
deepest parts.

「Hiii!!Aaaaaaah!!」 「Lidi, Lidi, you’re so cute. Show me more of

that face.」

Like a reaction from the earlier deed, he tightly held my body in time with his
movements. The tips of my breasts were rubbed in rhythm, giving me a new
kind of pleasure.

「Fuua……uuunnn……」 「Fufu, aaah this feels good hm? Sure, I’ll

give you more so Lidi can just feel everything. Leave it to me.」

He looked for my pleasurable points as he teased my nipples. I couldn’t help

but raise my voice.

「No……ahh……this is too excessive for me.」 「Even if you say that,

you’re clenching me tightly, you know?……Aaah, I can feel it coming already.
Drink it all, okay?」 「Aaah!That place is not allowed!!」

He continued to move at his own pace with the squelching sounds to

accompany his movements. All I could do was whimper.

And then, he filled my insides to the brim once again. I accepted everything
thinking that this time finally it ended as I sank on the bed. However, Freed
didn’t permit that.

Without even pulling out, he continued to move once again.

Please, spare me.

After that, even after coming a couple of times, Freed never showed the end of
his energy. Even after crying out that I could not take it anymore, his vigor and
the deed continue to show no end.

After continuously receiving the other end of his stick, I fell in a deep sleep.
The next time I opened my eyes was the next day, dawn.

We started the deed at noon the previous day, which would mean that we have
been at it until the sun rose up.

Lesson learned. Never be fascinated by his muscles ever again.

……Meal. I skipped 2 meals……

Chapter 35
Source: Imported



It’s warm??

I felt warmth as my consciousness gradually awaken .

My eyebrows gently lifted at the peculiar sensation of waking up.

The sheets that were touching my cheek felt different than usual.

Above all, my body seemed incredibly tired. I don’t even want to move a


I was then made aware of a lukewarm feeling that is clinging onto me. When I
unconsciously moved closer to the pleasant heat, I was embraced tightly.


This is splendid. I can’t get enough of this……, eh?

……Embraced?? I was?

When I opened my eyes from suspicion, I was met with the close-up
appearance of a blond-haired tranquil beauty.

Although he looked peaceful asleep, I was certain that I am currently

embraced by a naked man.

In an instant, I was fully awake. I turned pale as the memories of last night
suddenly returned to me.

That’s right, I was brought to Freed’s room, and then stayed as is…


When I fully comprehended the situation I am in, the next thing that left my
mouth was a big sigh.

……I went and did it.

I was splendidly taken away.

「……What have I been doing」

I was completely bewitched by Freed’s military uniform appearance, and

while also being in complete knowledge of forgetting myself in my own
indulgence. After that, I was swept by Freed’s insatiable self-fulfillment as well.

It’s no wonder my body is aching allover. This situation wherein moving even
an inch is painful makes me want to shed my tears.

I heard it from Deliris-san too, but either way Freed seems to be an

unparalleled guy.

Since it was my first time previously, he expressed that he held himself back
and I only just then realized that he might actually be saying the truth.

Unlike previously, I felt like my energy is exhausted to the bone.

「Wai-……can’t move……」

When I experimentally tried to move my body, Freed tightened his embraced

on me, prohibiting my movements.

I tried twisting my body roughly out of his arms with a huff, yet still, it proved
to be impossible. I gave up henceforth and stopped my resistance.

With nothing else to do, I moved my eyes to gaze around the room instead.
Since it’s the room of the Crown Prince, I looked around with expectations of
it to look grand and extravagant, yet it seemed to have not that much difference
to my own room.

The painting held up as an ornament is indeed wonderful however; other items

of the same or higher quality are kept to a minimum. Even things such as
personal properties are just about nowhere to be seen.

The nearest chair with a refinement of a baroque style is where Freed’s

discarded military uniform is placed on. As soon as I laid my eyes on it,
yesterday’s chain of events with connection to the uniform ransacked my brain.
It made me want to bury myself alive.

「I’m an idiot……」

Just what have I been doing with my own fiancé……

Requesting clothing play and the like, I could not believe myself.

If I remember clearly, I ordered Freed to not take it off……

Ahhhh, what have I done.

……In the meantime, let’s leave this topic for another time.

I certainly will be

It would probably be in vain anyhow but I still hardened my resolve.

Afterwards, I continued my surveillance of the room.

The light peeking out of the curtains made me realize that it is now currently

「So it’s already morning……」

I absentmindedly murmured as my eyes scrutinized the dazzling light, not yet

completely in my senses.


My eyes widened from the overwhelming surprise. My drowsiness dispersed


Wait a second. If I remember, Freed brought me here at noon and yet, how
could it be morning already!!

I remembered the moment I finally collapsed from his tiresome deeds.

I saw the colors of the rising sun peeking out from the windows ……I
certainly thought that I wasn’t able to eat two set of meals.


I’m suddenly at my wits end. Doing it for almost one whole day, how could
that happen!!

……Too idiotic. I almost want to cry and the deny the truth.

Leaving that aside, there is a question of more importance.

It would appear that I stayed out overnight without giving notice.

My father that sold me out likely understood the flow of things so I wouldn’t
worry about him, but I wonder if mother is worried about me.

For the time being, I want to go home. And then I want to eat.

Since I didn’t eat two worth of meals yesterday, my stomach became honest. It
has been strongly complaining about it being hungry.

「Uuuu……I’m hungry.」

More than anything it was painful and made me disheartened. While thinking
so, I heard a stifled laughter from in front of me.

「Kukuku……Saying that as soon as you wake up……」

「Freed!! You were awake?」

Freed’s shoulders shook in laughter as he held me tightly.

「Good morning. I wondered what Lidi would do as she woke up and

observed you.」

「……You have strange hobbies.」

While my lips pouted with a ‘mu’, my head was caressed tenderly. It

somehow felt good so I quietly closed my eyes. I then heard laughter once more.

「The last time you escaped successfully. I didn’t want Lidi to be gone once
I wake up again that’s why I observed you.」

「Perhaps, were you awake the whole time?」

I was surprised, but I then realized that two hours have only passed since then.

「Even if you stayed up the whole time, I wouldn’t be able to escape with
my arms bind behind my back like this.」

「Despite that fact that you want to run away, Lidi is still adorable, you
know? I almost want to do it one more time.」

「Impossible!!That’s impossible!!」

I desperately shook my head to that frightening sentence. Freed smiled

warmly as he agreed and understood what I said.

His princely smile that can charm anyone only seemed contriving to me.

「I won’t push you over any more than this for today. My official duties
piled on me from yesterday as well; therefore I don’t have much time to rest.」

「……Would you be okay without sleep?」

「My condition is extremely pleasant. It’s thanks to Lidi.」

I checked his physical condition just in case and he expressed that he is in

perfect form with his sparkling eyes and smiling appearance.

How could he be so energetic without sleep?

「For the time being, let me go.」

「That’s fine, but can you get up by yourself?」

I glared at Freed as he finally let me out of his embrace. I then tried

straightening myself up but ended up losing strength and felt myself collapsing
on the bed.


「See, didn’t I told you so.」

Predicting this, Freed held me up as I was about to fall down. He sat me up

while making me lean on him.

I got flustered as I couldn’t put up any strength.

「Eh? How?」

「It might be because I pushed you to your limit yesterday.」


While I’m leaned against Freed, he circled his arms around my waist. We
were then glued to each other naturally. Since we were both naked, our bare
bodies touched together. My body trembled with a start and then, Freed dropped
a kissed on my throat.

「I cleansed your body with my magic so it shouldn’t feel unpleasant, but

how is it?」

As he said that, I realized just then that I didn’t feel any discomfort. I couldn’t
help but think that if I had magic too, it would be extremely handy.

I’m not very good with magic as it turns out. I also couldn’t understand how
magic flows.

「……It’s alright. But I still would like to take bath therefore, I want to go

Even if my body is clean, the urge to sink myself in a hot bath still creeps
within me.
Was it the traces of my Japanese roots? It probably was the feeling of wanting
to take a bath after being worn out.

When I expressed my desire to return home, Freed candidly knitted his


He caressed my back as if persuading.

「With your body at that state, it’s impossible. If you want to take a bath,
you could always use the ones inside the castle. I wonder if it will be too late if
you bathe after eating breakfast. I haven’t told you this before, but the head
chef cooks superb dishes, you know?」

「……Is that true?」

I suddenly felt my eyes sparkling momentarily, but it was probably my


My having reaction towards eating before taking a bath instead is honestly


While happily smiling towards me, Freed then ordered for food to be brought
in. When I raised my head up to his words, the sound of a knock and an opening
door was heard.

「Good morning, your highness Frederic. I have brought your meal. May I
receive your permission to enter?」

From the gentle-sounding voice of a woman, I understood that it was the

castle’s court lady that came.

As expected of the Crown Prince’s attendant, she works fast.

Hmm? Wait a second, aren’t I naked……?

I panicked at the sudden occurrence, but opposite to me, Freed replied towards
the door with a playful expression.

The arm that was around my hips was holding me tightly that I was unable to
「Good morning, Head Court Lady. I don’t mind so bring it here. However,
don’t let the guards come near. Let them be on standby before the door.」

「……Understood. Well then, Excuse me.」

I understood her position as I heard the phrase ‘Head Court Lady’. The door
opened with

Ah, they’re somehow surprised.

About 40 court ladies with clean-looking plump bodies exuded a surprise as

their brown circular eyes widened greatly.

They stared fixedly at my face, drilling their gaze intently. Afterwards, the
head court lady’s line of sight stayed rooted at the left side of my chest.

I was naked, so naturally, ‘The King’s Flower’ was in full view.

It was already too late when I realized that I forgot to conceal it.


She said with a gasp before straightening herself as she quickly realized.

When I thought that a well-mannered gratitude would exude from her, it was
replaced with an apology instead.

However, her actions seemed constrained.

「……I deeply apologize. I did not think that the Princess Consort would be
present as well. It was immensely impolite of me.」

……Err, I’m still only the fiancée though. The title of a ‘Princess Consort’
startled me.

Freed thoroughly ignored that statement and cheerfully pointed it out.

「I thought as much. It’s Clara after all, you probably thought I brought
another female didn’t you?」

「……No, I would never……」

「Never? Then that’s fine. On another note, quickly prepare our meal. Lidi
is hungry; making her wait any more than this is pitiable.」


Freed, who seem to be calling to me, protested too. The head court lady
quietly bowed her head.

「Understood. I will prepare it immediately.」

She signaled towards the line of court ladies and instantly, an arrangement of
food crowded the table.

The food varied from eggs, to vegetables, to fruit juices, even cheeses,
chicken and Caesar salad. In addition to that, various counter of meal courses
lined the court ladies’ hands.

As expected of the royal palace’s head chef, just the appearance alone
displayed brilliant colors beautifully.

While I was admiring the food’s exquisiteness, I remembered Freed’s words. I

impatiently gazed at the dishes intently as I thought of wanting to eat already.
While doing so, I felt a warmth envelope my back.

「It wouldn’t be good if you catch a cold.」

From the fluffy feel of the item, I understood that a blanket was put on me.

The Head court lady supposedly handed the blanket to Freed with the
intention of hanging it on me.

「Thank you……」

I felt relieved at the warm, gentle sensation. As my body was completely

wrapped up, I released a breath.

If they wanted to cover me up it would have been better to give me a set of

clothes instead though.

Without noticing, Freed was already sporting a white coat. I’m so jealous……
After a while, the preparations of the meals were finished and the court ladies
stepped back. The only one to remain was the Head Court Lady.

「Your Highness, the food arrangements are complete.」

「Yes, Thank you. Lidi, since it’s already in the way, let me introduce you.
She is a court lady from ever since “Clara Grimm”. A long time ago, she was
the court lady assigned to me.」

Clara deeply bowed her head as she was introduced.

「Princess, My name is Clara Grimm, the head court lady. I am pleased to

make your acquaintance. Let me make a correction to His Highness’ words. I am
proudly stating that I

To the Clara that is overflowing with self-confidence, Freed answered with a

bitter smile.

「That is true, since Clara is comfortable to be with, it’s easy. Other court
ladies are noisy and annoying…… Clara, she’s my princess consort Lidiana.

Umm yes, I already told you I’m still just a fiancée. I gave a faraway look as I
realized that correcting them is pointless.

Freed stroked my hair as he pulled me closer even further.

He easily supported me as I was about to fall from imbalance. He then kissed

my cheek as he did so.

What are you doing? I thought as I turn my head to face him but he kissed me
on the lips instead.

……At least hold yourself back in front of other people.

As if she couldn’t believe what was happening, Clara fixed her gazed at us,
however, she immediately bowed her head as she came to her senses.

……I have a feeling that her ears were red.

「……I am well aware……The lady is His Excellency’s, Vivouare Duke’s

It was unusual to see someone that calls my father as a duke. Unconsciously,

my gaze fixated on Clara.

Almost everyone called him the Prime minister since it was known that he
liked being called Prime Minister more than the Duke.

He wanted to be called by the title he acquired than the title he was given.
That kind of pride, I’m aware of it.

「……I’m Lidiana. Please treat me well.」

Since she went out of her way to call my father using that title, she probably
dislikes him.

It wasn’t because of Freed; this time I was fed up being disliked as a result
because of my father.

Nevertheless, my father is my father. Me is me.

After this, my meeting with the head court lady would probably increase.

If she understands that my father and I are completely different it would be

better though. I don’t want to be paired up with that work fiend.

I’m going to be under the head court lady’s care from now so I would prefer it
if we were on good terms.

……Umu, let’s work hard.

While I thought that way, Freed opened his mouth to add more words to say.

「Oh that’s right, let me get this out of the way. I wished for this marriage to
happen because I want Lidi. That’s why I hastened the preparations. It has
nothing to do with the Prime Minister. Be careful not to misunderstand,
okay?……If Lidi is treated harshly, I wouldn’t forgive even if it’s you.」

Clara casted her eyes downwards as she felt his forceful gaze.
I wasn’t able to see her expression because her face was looking down.

「……I understand.」

「Well then, Lidi sorry for the wait. Let’s eat breakfast」

His cold tone was gone in an instant and was then replaced by his usual
demeanor as he cheerfully smiled.

……He probably protected me, in order to prevent the court lady from
harming me.

I’m glad about his feelings but,

I don’t particularly mind. It would be better if he stops overly protecting me

like this.

……Since, right?

I’m not that weak.

Chapter 36
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When it was finally okay to eat breakfast, I tried moving my blanket-covered

body to get off the bed. The food was prepared on top of the table, so I thought
to at least transfer towards it.

However, just when I moved to separate myself from Freed, an electric shock-
like pain traveled to my hips. 「Uuu!!」 「Lidi, don’t force yourself.」
Reflexively pining my hips down, Freed reached out his arms and encircled
them on me once again. The pain made me lean down on Freed and take out a
rough breath. It hurts……

Somehow, the soreness of my whole body felt worse than it felt when I woke
up. It made my eyes teary. I looked up at the reason for my pain, but Freed
averted his eyes instead.

His face is red.

I knitted my eyebrows at his out-of-place reaction. ……Umm, I’m actually

mad you know? 「……Freed?」 「Sorry, Lidi’s teary eyed face was just too
cute……」 「……」 Just who do you think made me unable to move from too
much pain? I glared at him with a pout but he just patted my head while
continuously muttering ‘cute, cute’.

Stop it. 「Your Highness……」

I looked over my shoulder as a calm voice reached my ears. Clara was holding
a plate out to Freed.

Small portions of the laid-out breakfast were on the plate. 「Your Highness,
in consideration of the Princess’ state, I thought that it would be better to eat
as it is for today. I am the only one on the scene to witness as well」 The
capable Head Court Lady suggested and Freed agreed. 「That’s right, that
would be better. Lidi, you don’t have to force yourself to move. It would be a
bit ill-mannered but let’s eat our breakfast on the bed.」 Freed accepted the
gold plate from Clara. Unintentionally, my eyes followed it.

Freed noticed my movement and slipped out a laugh.

He picked out an already peeled grape from the plate and brought it closer to
my lips. 「Here, say ‘aahh’.」  Bite. 「!!」

I bit the offered grape without any questions. I was entranced by the fresh
taste that was spreading in my mouth.

Aaa, the fruits from the royal palace is different as expected.

My house, the duke’s residence, gives me delicious meals but as one would
expect, the royal palace’s meals are more extraordinary.

I chewed the fruit until it was okay enough to gulp it down. Because of the
grape, I felt the sensation of hunger get stronger.

Wanting to eat more, I stared at Freed steadily. He snapped out of his daze and
hurriedly offered me one more.

「……Here」 Bite. Yum…… My lips loosened into a smile as I deeply felt


I placed both my hands on my cheeks as I was

「Push you over……I mean I can’t move anyway so if you’re going to feed
me, then I will eat.」 I don’t know what he was agonizing himself about but, he
seemed to be pleased by this situation of him feeding me. I inclined my head at
Freed’s unusual tastes.

As for me, it doesn’t really matter if I was fed or I feed myself instead.   It
might sound strange but, I was already used to this kind of activity, therefore, I
didn’t really think of it as something embarrassing. 「……then, what would you
like to do? I don’t mind either way though…… If you’re going to feed me
anyway, I’d like to eat that salad next.」 I did not intend to restrain myself. I
told my desire as it is. While sporting a complicated face, Freed spoke. 「……
Of course I’ll feed you. But Lidi, I wanted to ask you something. Don’t tell me,
you’re used to this kind of thing?」 I continued to munch on the salad as I
nodded at Freed’s question, having no idea what his intention was.

I virtuously gulped down the food before I recalled the memory and told him.
「Yeah, I guess so. Will seemed to like feeding me. He would always feed me
after I return home from an evening party and was too tired to move.」 It was
when I was completely exhausted and couldn’t bring myself to eat. And during
that time, Will would take care of me heroically. ‘Eat properly’ he would say
with an expressionless face.   I think that was almost already like a parent

「……Who’s Will?」

Freed asked in a small voice. 「??I think Freed already knows him but he’s
this kingdom’s magic division commander. As a matter of fact, he’s actually
my childhood friend.」 「……Hooo, he is hmm」 I revealed Will’s affiliation
as an answer. From the rumors, it seems that that they have a trusted
relationship, so naturally, Freed would know (him). Without noticing Freed’s
steadily softening voice, I hurriedly picked what food I want to eat next.

He brought the sandwich closer to my mouth silently. I was instantly pleased

as I took a bite.

Ah, this egg sandwich is superb. 「Delicious」 I’m relieved at the existence
of mayonnaise in this world. When I first

Possessing the memory of my past life wouldn’t let me pardon a world

without mayonnaise. If mayonnaise didn’t exist, I surely would be an evangelist
and spread the greatness of mayonnaise in the world!!

Mayonnaise is indispensable in an egg sandwich.

The flavorful taste of the mayonnaise made me comprehend that it was


As expected!! As expected of the royal palace’s chef!! I certainly would like

to meet them firsthand and express my compliments. As I was deeply enjoying
myself in the taste of the food, I didn’t realize the change in Freed’s words.
Like an interrogation, he kept on asking questions one after another. 「That’s
reassuring to hear. The head chef will surely be delighted as well ……and
then, Lidi. That childhood friend refers to the eldest son of the Pejegreeni
Duke’s House, right?」 「Yup. My father wouldn’t really let anyone get near
me, that is why he’s my only childhood friend.」 Although I do have female
friends as well, other than Will, I have no one with a relationship that was as
long as I’ve had with him.

「You just said ‘evening party’, didn’t you? Lidi, were you attending
evening parties?」 I bite into the next meal that was brought to me.

「Hm? Ah, yeah. From time to time. When I couldn’t refuse an invitation,
Will escorts me and I attend. I didn’t want to meet with the royal family so we
would leave early though.」 In the end, I still ended up in this situation though.
「……Hmmm, he escorted you hmm……did you perhaps attend Duke
Muller’s hosted evening party?」 When I heard the word Duke Muller, I
instantly remembered the time I scurried back home. I frowned at the unpleasant

「Aaaa!! That time was the worst. They didn’t announce that a royalty
would attend and since they eagerly requested my presence, I attended. And
then the host suddenly said that Freed will be coming as a surprise guest.」
「……Is that so. That’s why you went home. That’s right, I haven’t met Lidi at
an evening party even once.」 ‘If we did meet I surely wouldn’t let you go’
Freed muttered but I completely ignored him and asked for another dish.

Freed breathed a sigh at the sight of my uninterested attitude and gave me the
food I asked for.

The insistent questions continued. 「……Then, at that day, Will fed you as
well?」 「??I wouldn’t remember every single thing about it ……?」 When
we were returning home, we were both exhausted that’s why my memory of that
time was fuzzy.

I wouldn’t possibly remember if Will was feeding me food or not.

That was what I thought, but Freed was nodding head while looking as if he
comprehended something.

I wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction from him and it made me

dumbfounded. 「Freed?」 「……That’s right」 「?」 「……Aaaa, hearing it
from the person herself is quite intense」 He looked up and gave out a huge
sigh while combing his hair upwards. Afterwards, he laughed in a troubled face
as he looked at me. 「……I’m telling you I’m jealous. You might think of me
as someone without composure but, monopolizing Lidi at a time where I
wasn’t present is something I can’t forgive.」 「……Haaa」 「What’s with
that indifferent reaction. Did you understand? I want to tear him from limb to
limb, is what I’m saying.」 I’d be bothered if you say that. I can’t do anything
about it and I think nothing of Will.

Besides―――― 「I mean, it was already decided that Freed and I will be

married in half a year’s time, isn’t it?」 On top of that, the ‘King’s Flower’ was
given to me. You strongly appealed yourself to me already, what are you even
insecure about. 「It’s not something I can explain. I just feel displeased about
it. I don’t want any guy to get close to Lidi.」 「Haa……Haaa」 He clasped
my hand as he looked at me with an intense gaze.

My line of sight moved somewhere else as I couldn’t handle returning his

gaze. At that moment, I saw Clara’s form and then remembered that it was just
not the Freed and I in the room. 「F……Freed!!The Head Court
Lady!!」 Now, since I declared such, she silently bowed her head.

「Princess, by all means, please do not mind my presence」 I would


The excellent head court lady did not once change her facial appearance. I was
honestly in-awe of the court lady’s professional attitude, however aside from
that, please make Freed stop. He stared at me intently as he draws himself close.
If I don’t do anything right now, he will surely devour me again!!
「Food!!I want to eat!!……Alright? Feed me more food?」 I will use
everything I can use. I looked at him with upturned eyes that were slowly tearing
up. Freed became flustered in reaction as expected.

「Lidi……that’s unfair. You’re doing that on purpose aren’t you」「……

What is?」 I tilted my head as cute as I

Of course I am self-aware.

I laughed with a ‘hehe’ as I strayed away from the topic. Freed widened his
eyes in earnest and said ‘It can’t be helped’. 「……Haaa……Alright, let’s
continue eating. But Lidi, don’t ever let Will feed you again, okay?」
「mmhmm……I’ll try my best」 I couldn’t promise him definitely, prompting
me to say something similar to a politician somewhere. Freed pulled my cheek
because of that.

It hurts. 「Rely on me on times like that. From now on, I will be the one to
escort you, isn’t that simple?」 「Is that so? Aren’t you busy?」 Freed shook
his head at me as I said that he shouldn’t force himself to do so.

「Since I’m Lidi’s fiancé, it’s a given. I won’t entrust it to any other man. I
will attend all the evening parties that Lidi can’t refuse.」「But, I don’t attend
much anyway so you don’t have to worry about it.」 It seems that I was already
treated as a rare animal to the public because of my low attendance rate in
evening parties. I didn’t think to go out of my way to turn their opinion back at
this point. Yet, Freed shook his head. 「It’s not for the purpose of your low
attendance, it’s for my own reason. Therefore, be obedient and let me escort
you, okay? Moreover, since you’re my fiancée, evening parties that you should
attend will surely increase.」 「……Now that you mention it」 So far, I’ve
been using my ‘illness’ as a reason to stay indoors and away from parties but
evening parties hosted by the royalty are a lot. My current standpoint will
absolutely require me to attend such. The rumor about my weak condition will
be out in the open for sure.

As I became crestfallen to realize such, Freed that was looking at me hugged

me closer. 「Hey, I want to flaunt Lidi to everyone……Though the feeling of
not wanting to show you is of the same extent.」 ‘That’s why let’s do our best’
Freed said in an absent-minded whisper. 「……Then, will you wear your
uniform again??」 「Of course, if Lidi wishes for it. I won’t let you sleep in
exchange though, alright?」 When he coaxed his desire for a reward, the
implicit implications of our deeds yesterday came back to me and made me

Even though I had already reflected on the results of my actions, for some
reason I gave a small nod and did not disagree.

「Fufu, good girl」 My reaction made his mood thoroughly joyful and
prompted him to laugh in a delighted manner. And like that, I stayed in his
embraced as it is while he continued to feed me breakfast.
Chapter 37
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「Well then Lidi, I have to go now but you can lie down and rest slowly,

「……Good bye」

After our breakfast in bed ended, Freed finished dressing himself and dropped
a kiss on my forehead.

‘Are we newly-weds??!!’ is what I would comment but I didn’t have any

willpower left to do so.

I silently accepted his affections as it is.

As for me, I’m currently still covered only by a blanket.

I couldn’t move my body well enough which left me sitting upright as it is.

「Clara, I leave Lidi to you.」

「Kindly leave it to me, your Highness」

Freed called out to Clara that was in-waiting from the corner of the room.
Hurry up and leave.

After continuously turning his head back towards me at his reluctance to part,
Freed finally left the room.

The only ones left are the Head Court Lady and I.


……The silence hurts.

「Umm, Head Court Lady?」

「Clara would be fine, Princess」

When I couldn’t endure it and called her out, a lively response was returned.

I intended to give up already, but as expected, being called the ‘Princess’ is


As long as I’m here, I have a hunch that it’s almost certain that that namesake
would continue.

That wasn’t a prediction, it’s conviction.

「Clara, umm if it’s possible, I would like something to wear to be


「That way of talking towards me is not necessary. Please feel free to give
an order」

Clara said before bowing her head.

After having her see the exchanges I had with Freed, I couldn’t say anything.

The crown prince speaks casually so him talking to the head court lady in a
polite speech was certainly not possible.

As I become convinced, I reluctantly returned to my usual way of talking.

「……Then, anything is fine so a change of clothes please. I want to wear

clothes already.」²

「Certainly. I will prepare them immediately. Please wait for a while.」

When I complained that I don’t want to be naked, Clara bowed her head once
again and left the room.
I saw her off and gave a sigh of relief. Surprisingly, my demands were easily
answered. I was relieved at the fact.


At last, everyone left.

Just in case, I looked around the room.

After making sure that no one was around, my body that was in pain got off
the bed.

「……Ow……ow ow ow……」

My whole body was grating in pain. It was particularly painful in my hips and
in that area.

It was extremely intense if my body wasn’t bent. I can’t stand up straight.

Although I do want to rest on the bed, I have no such time for that right now.
No matter what, I want to go home.

I walked several steps and picked up the seemingly wrecked dress that Freed
tore off.

The beautiful line was ruined by creases.

Although I felt disappointed at that, I continued to search for something. I put

my hand in the dress’ hidden pocket on its left side.

My fingers felt a hard texture and so I took it out.

It was a thin folded paper.

I returned to the bed after taking only that out.

Afterwards, I picked up the pitcher of water by the bed and filled a cup with
water. I then poured the contents of the paper on the cup.

After confirming that everything was dissolved, I drank it in one

「……!! Nnn」

As soon as I gulped the contents down, the lukewarm feeling spread

throughout my body. I felt the sluggishness fade.

Even my lost energy was filled to the brim.

For the effectiveness to come out this promptly, my only thoughts left were
fascination. There were still muscular pains, but my strength was restored and
made me able to move my body.

「Deliris-san!! Thank you」

I felt gratitude to her that gave me this medicine.

I absolutely must visit her again to give my thanks.

After I am able to safely return home, I should visit immediately.

Just in case, I jokingly hid one dose of the medicine but for it to be convenient
is almost detestable.

After I confirmed that my body can move freely, I returned to the bed. ³

While sporting an innocent look, I waited for Clara to return.

A short time later, Clara returned along with other court ladies.

One pair of clothes would be fine but they brought along several pieces of

「I apologize for the wait, Princess. Please pick anything you like.」

「Anything would be fine but, I’d like the most easiest dress to move in

The court ladies then began talking at how I did not even look over the
designs of the dress. When Clara gave one glare towards them however, they
instantly silenced.

That intensity was applause-worthy. As expected of the head court lady. Her
strong gaze is impressive.

「Then, how about this one I wonder?」

A simple dress with an A line was showed to me. I nodded my head to agree.
It wasn’t a design I usually wear but it doesn’t matter.

As long as it was a dress I can wear outside then I won’t complain.

Since I gave an affirmation, the head court ladies started moving.

Clara instructed them to support me while they changed my clothes.

The efficient court ladies even prepared underwear along with the set of

How did they learn my size though? I did not even want to ask.

And then, the castle’s court ladies finished up my appearance with all their
power. I was dressed equally wonderful as I was yesterday. It was splendid
workmanship. To be able to do this much in just a short time, as expected of the
people working in the castle.

They are professionals.

I looked into the full-length mirror. I was in a thin pink dress with long-
sleeves. For some reason, I believed it to be my mother’s type of design.

Everyone was pulled back and the only one left was the head court lady. I had
her take me to the sofa. My praise-worthy act of being unable to move was

When I sat down, the tea was prepared. It was too outstanding that there’s
nothing I could say.


「Yes, princess.」

「Clara is busy as well, right? I’m alright by myself so, you can return to
Clara would not leave my side, prompting me to tell her that.

I’m almost certain that Freed told Clara to not let me get away.

Even I know for sure that he wants to make me stay in this place.

I’m almost suspicious enough to think that it was for that purpose that he slept
with me that intensely yesterday. It was frightening to think that I could not
definitively think that it wasn’t the case.

……But, don’t think it will go

I hardened my resolve and displayed a smile befitting a lady.

However, my opponent is a formidable person as well.

She returns an answer saying that even if she returns to her station, her utmost
priority is assisting (me) the Princess.

Hmmm, like I would yield in!!

「……That might be true. However, as you see I could not move well
enough on my own. I’ve thought to lie down and rest for a bit so it would be
sufficient enough if you would come and see me sometime during noon


「……Please, Clara. I want to be alone for a while……would you

sympathize with me?」

「Certainly!! Then, I will come back and check up on you around noon.」

「Thank you」

When I pretended to show sorrow for her to sympathize with me, it seemed
that Clara misunderstood something and immediately showed an understanding.

Alright, since I’m at it, I should correct her.

I tried asking her what she thought she sympathized with me about but ……
Somehow, Clara dashed out the room. I was finally alone in the room.

I also lost my interest in taking a bath at the castle’s bathroom that Freed was
talking about earlier.

If I try using that now I would lose my chance at escaping.

A previous big-wig also said『Army Values Great Speed』. One must

conduct oneself with swiftness.⁴

I walked while trying to not make a sound as much as possible. When I

reached the entryways, I cautiously opened the door.

I peeked out my face by the door and surveyed the surroundings to make sure
that no stand-by was around.

The imperial guard was facing the opposite direction towards me at the
moment without noticing my way.

I sneaked out at that exact moment.

If I was found by a guard, surely Clara or Freed would come in an instant.

I cannot afford to be found.

Without ruining my pace, I went and skillfully slipped out until I reached the
royalty’s residential-looking area.

If I went this far of a place, there certainly won’t be anyone that would
recognize my face.

I have confidence at that fact that my face is unrecognizable.

I put on airs as a shut-in for a long time after all.

I instead brazenly walked out in the open.

And so, I arrived at the general area.⁵ However problems began arising in my
thoughts so I stayed put.

The best method for me take right now is to most probably talk and meet with
my father to use the duke household’s carriage to go home.

However, father’s location would likely be in either the audience room or in

the King’s office.

If I dare go to either of those places, I wouldn’t be able to fight my way out of

returning to the room.

In this case, my father is completely my enemy.

I am not going to silently be pushed in front of Freed.


Well, what should I do now? While I worried by myself, I hear a voice call out
to me behind my back.

「Lidi? As I thought it’s you. Just what are you doing in this place……」


When I heard a familiar voice, I turned my head back and saw the appearance
of my childhood friend.

Clad in a dark blue robe and a monocle, it was the magic division commander,

My instant thought was why he was in this

The magic division commander being in this location is not strange at all.

Rather, the strange one here is me.

When he saw me as I turned my head back, his eyes widened in surprise for a

‘What’s the matter?’ he said. There isn’t anyone that wouldn’t use this

「It’s been two days, Will. I’m sorry for saying this even though we just met
but, I want to immediately return home. If it’s possible, can you take me

Meeting Will in this place is a lucky thing.

I feel bad thinking this but, if it’s him, I’m sure he wouldn’t say no.

「To your mansion?I don’t mind but……」

In accordance to my thoughts, he nodded while sporting an inquisitive face.

With this I can finally go home. The inside of my heart danced wildly.

Take that, Freed.

I became thoroughly glad so I showed Will a full smile.

「Thank you!! That saved me. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to go


Will knitted his eyebrows when I said that semi-seriously.

「You won’t go home?……Why?」

Because I was embraced⁶ too much that it made me unable to move and then,
as a combo, will certainly prompt eternal sex with my fiancé.

I thought in reply which made me laugh ambiguously.

It was amusing to see his expression become a bit stiff.

I do not wish for that to happen.

「Nnn, I can only say that my father is an idiot. In any case, I want to
quickly go home. Will, please.」

「……I understand. I’ll call for my carriage.」

When I pestered him to hurry, Will grasped my hand and started walking
towards the castle’s gateways.

The magic division commander that was him passed by, invoking looks of
admiration from the men and heated gazes from the women.
Walking beside such a person was a rather pleasant feeling.

「O-oh, That’s awesome Will. You’re popular.」

「……Not particularly」

Will is as expected, a curt person.

「You think nothing of it? When I was walking beside you earlier, the looks
of every women were glaring, you know?」

I said while giggling. Will glanced at my way at that.

I’m already used to it so I know. My eyes were probably astonished.

「……Why are you happy about that」

「Iyaaa, I was envied and got looks of jealousy that’s why. Since it was
already like that, I thought to enjoy myself anyway.」

Haha, isn’t it envious!!

Despite the annoyed looks I receive, I laughed in return instead.

「Which reminds me, the crown prince’s surrounding circles were amazing.
The piercing gazes that painted me as an enemy were out in the open and
poured on me.」


When I remembered and told him, Will stared at my way.

「It was when my engagement ceremony ended yesterday you see. I

encountered them accidentally. It was certainly a bloodshed.」

If I did the same thing I did today towards them (Freed’s fangirls), I would
probably be pierced in a literal sense.

If they’re going to do it then let them go and try, is what I would like to say
but, the ladies surrounding Freed have a more vicious nature.
A reflection of a yandere-type lady so to speak.

Yup. I should collect more information before picking up a fight with them.

「……Were you alright」

My thoughts were interrupted by Will’s vacant mutter.

「I’m alright. They got on my nerves so I thought of

「Is that……so. His Highness did」

Looking relieved, he then led me by the hand again and started walking.

But still, his grip on my hand was stronger than it was a while ago. Was it just
my imagination?

Suddenly, I remembered seeing Will on my engagement ceremony yesterday.

「Aa, which reminds me, Will attended yesterday’s engagement ceremony

didn’t you?」

Will was facing the other way as he nodded his head. I couldn’t see his

「…Yeah, all the ministers couldn’t help but to all participate.」

「That’s why there was a lot of people……」

「After that, you……」


「……No, never mind」

Although he looked as if he wanted to say something, Will shook his head and
said ‘forget it’ instead.

Being led by Will, we arrived outside the castle walls. The carriage of
the Pejegreeni House was already coming alongside.
Time likes these make me think that magic is pretty convenient.

「……Get in」

「Thank you, Will」

Thanking him, I boarded the carriage.

I had thought that he will come with me, but contrary to my expectations, Will
stayed standing on the ground.


「……Sorry, I still have work to do.」

Meeting gazes with Will, I understood.

The magic division commander wouldn’t be free. That much should have
been obvious.

「I’m sorry for taking your time」

「……No, it’s fine」

After instructing the coachman to take me to Duke Vivouare’s residence, Will

then took a step backwards.



I inclined my head at Will that was looking at me.

「It’s nothing……It would be better for you to not step outside for today」

「?That was my intention. You’re being strange. Thank you Will!! See

When I waved my hand through the window, Will returned the gesture
The carriage then started moving so I sat down.

The carriage wheels made a rattling sound as it moved.

I looked out the window once again and saw the appearance of the castle
gradually becoming distant.

I couldn’t help but take a breath.

My strength left me at the same time.

Since no one was around with me inside the carriage, I slovenly leaned my
head against the coach’s wall.

Just for a while……Just for a while before arriving home, I want to stay like
this longer.

「……Aaah, that was tiresome」

An incredibly worn out voice came out.

The carriage rhythmically moved, heading towards my residence.

As soon as I arrive home, first I want to take a bath.

Afterwards, leisurely sleep in my room, and then after――――

When I thought of things to do upon arriving home, my exhaustion increased.

Aaa, but the most important thing is――――

My lips loosened in a satisfied smile. I muttered towards a certain someone


「Escape mission ――――Clear」

Sorry to disappoint.

……I won’t go along your intentions.

Chapter 38
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「……Good bye.」

You don’t even know how happy I was —to the point of quivering, at those


Leaving Lidi in the room, I head towards my office.

My body was surprisingly light.

It did not even feel like I was not able to get a wink of sleep.

My magical power was calm that it felt like a lie and the energy within my
body was filled to the brim.

Securing the ‘King’s Flower’ stabilizes one’s magical power.

I had known about that fact as part of the knowledge I learned, however, I
would have never thought that it would actually feel this different.

Yet, it was not just that.

Whether it was the result of sleeping with her (Lidi) for almost 24 hours, the
usual libido that was rampant deep within my body is also suppressed. I am truly
in perfect form.

「Good Morning, Freed. You seem to be in high spirits.」

When I opened the door to my office in a good mood, Glenn was already
waiting inside with documents on hand.

Usually, I would be fed up at the volume of papers, but I think nothing of it


「Morning, Glenn. Aa (yes), I feel splendidly pleasant.」

I almost want to hum a song at the extent of my happiness.

「Rumors already spread, you know. His Highness finally brought a lady to
his room, is what they said.」

I slipped out a laugh at Glenn’s words.

Let alone bringing; even now she’s lying down my bed. If that information
was found, I wonder what they would think.

「Is that so, how disappointing. Was the identity of my companion not
spread? Although surely it must have leaked out from the Imperial Guards

「I would guess it was because of the fact that His Highness brought a lady
that piqued the interest of everyone the most. More so than finding the identity
of said lady, the former became the leading gossip」

「Hmmm, it would be better if it didn’t turn in a strange talk though.」

If that kind of hearsay occurred, I don’t want it to reach Lidi’s ears.

However, if nothing but the truth was spread then it would be fine.

As I conversed with Glenn, I sat down my seat and scanned over the

Although I already resigned myself over it, there was a considerable amount
of papers.

「……that’s a lot」

As expected, the volume was disheartening. As if

「I wonder who neglected his afternoon duties. No matter how much time
passed, you did not arrive and so I actually searched for you, you know.」

「……Aaa, I was with Lidi the whole time that’s why.」

Glenn sighed and answered with an ‘I am informed’.

「At that time, I heard about the rumors as well. Freed and a lady secluded
themselves in the room, they said.」

「Hmm. Just who do you think I am?」

I was a bit curious so I asked.

「……I know of Freed’s feelings which was why I did not even consider the
lady to be anyone other than Princess Lidiana. ……In the end, were you with
her until morning?」

「Yeah, I parted with her in my room a while ago. I pushed her to limits
considerably so she’s probably asleep right about this time.」

I splendidly had sex with her. Although it was my plan, perhaps it was a bit

I should see her state afterwards, I cheerfully thought.Just having the idea that
she was in my room, already makes me feel ticklish.

While sporting a face that expressed his inability to comment anything, Glenn
opened his mouth.

「……That is」


(T/N: Kyah~ New ikemen chara)

Glenn knitted his eyebrows. He was probably about to present his candid
advice. Before he could do so however, the door was slammed open.

A lone man with an angry expression came jumping in the room.

「Youuu!! You dared to deflower my cute little sister!!」(T/N: He said てめ
え!! = temee, which is like an aggressive way of saying you)

My eyes opened wide at the man that stormed in with a yell without even
knocking on the door.

Not even appearing in yesterday’s engagement ceremony and having not

being seen for almost a year, the face of that man was standing there.

「……Alex……so you’ve returned.」

With a flushed (T/N: in anger) face that was glaring my way, the man’s name
is, Alexei・Von・Vivouare

Along with various happenings, it has been a year ago since we last met. I
thoroughly forgot his existence but as a matter of fact, he’s the Prime Minister’s
eldest son and Lidi’s brother. And then, he would become my brother-in-law in
half a year’s time, however, he is also one of my childhood friends.

Although Glenn immediately moved to protect me the moment the door

opened, he loosened his strength once he comprehended that it was Alex.

Alex is one

Alex was grinding his teeth while looking at me with eyes that are shooting
me to death.

It would seem that he’s seriously furious.

「Freed, explain yourself in detail. Depending on the sequence of your

answers, I would absolutely never forgive you.」

Leaving the door open, Alex walked towards me briskly.

As Glenn observed the situation, he moved to close the door in silence.

Except for the spectacles, Alex –that was drawing near me with an enraged
countenance, looked alike as two melons with the Prime Minister. Both are
good-looking men. However, the reputation of cleverness that the Prime Minister
posses is completely different to that of Alex’s. His looked more like raging fire.
He has the same lovely purple eyes that gave off a feeling of translucence like
Lidi’s and silver hair that is comparable to that of new snow. Unlike his father’s
hair however, his is a different straight hair and is put together neatly on the back
of his head.

Although he is clad in a beautiful embroidery clothes that is befitting a House

of a Duke’s eldest son, he didn’t seem pleased by it and wore the clothes to his
own liking. And it certainly suited him.

As soon as Alex reached my side, he slammed both his hands on top of the
desk with a loud thump.

The force threw the documents away. It felt like the accounts payments
portion and the portion with outstanding accounts got mixed.


I averted my gaze away from the documents as I heard his low-key voice. His
eyes were dyed in anger.

「First things first. Where’s Lidi?」

From the looks of it, it would appear that he dropped by his residence already.

There’s no point in hiding the truth. I thought as I honestly answered.

「……She’s in my room.」

His eyebrow twitched at my words.

「Oi……Just what are you thinking, doing as you please and abducting
someone else’s sister. Proclaiming her as the Princess Consort already, but in
truth, she’s still only just your fiancée. Don’t just forcibly lock her up in the
castle on your own convenience.」

「Is that so, I had thought that couples living together before being engaged
is a common story though?」

When I refuted Alex’s complaint like that, his eyes held still the whole time.
That expression looked exactly like his father’s.

「There’s no way she wished for that to happen. Second thing. Freed……just
what are

「About what?」

I rested my chin on my hands as I replied in a calm manner. Alex appeared to

lose his cool once again as he saw me.

「Don’t fuck with me!! You, even though you hated being engaged to my
sister that much before!! Despite that, what is this ‘King’s Flower’ all of a
sudden, or bringing her to your room immediately after the engagement
ceremony. What are you planning!!」(T/N: He said temee again, weeee~)

「Even if you ask me that……Alex, you have no say in the matter, you
know? In the first place, this engagement was brought up by your own

「I know that already!! That was why I was in complete opposition the
whole time!! And yet that shitty old man!!」

Alex groaned and cursed the Prime Minister with words such as ‘that old man
is an idiot’.

I was utterly stunned at his state.

「……I know you’ve had a sharp nasty tongue since we were young but,
did it further improve during the year?」(T/N: He said ‘improve’ but it
probably means worsen. I guess he said it sarcastically lol)

「Shut up. It’s fine as long as I don’t do it in public. You don’t really care
about it, and anyone would turn out this way if he were to spend time with my
house’s underground people day and night.」(T/N: I don’t know how to word
the ‘underground people’ better lol, just think of it like, gangsters in the modern

That’s true.

Alex is usually this way when he’s in front of me, but, he turns in a
completely different person when in public from the refined disposition he
conducts himself in.

As expected of a Dukedom Household’s successor.

I nodded my head in agreement as I remembered that fact.

From the start, Alex has been my close aide. As the successor of the House
Vivouare, he has been by my side since we were young.

Likewise, his thinking process is exceedingly superior as one that is decided

to be the future Prime Minister.

The two of us have been performing/managing official (castle) duties since

way back. However, it then has been decided that he (Alex) would overlook the
Duke House’s intelligence agency for a short period in order to properly succeed
Duke Vivouare’s Household.

He reasoned that if he could not subdue the dark side (underground) of his
territory, he would not be qualified to be the


On and after, as part of the condition (of his travel), Glenn will be
accompanying me in Alex’s stead for a limited time. However, there are certain
things that did not go smoothly.

Originally, Glenn is the Knights’ Leader.  

He’s not in a position that can perform a close aide’s duties generally, and
above all, it’s out of his field.

「……You, are you serious about this?」(T/N: Now he said, お前 = omae~)

Amethyst eyes stared at me intensely.

I felt his strong intention, and so I seriously answered again.

「Of course. I am in love with Lidi.」

I looked back at his eyes without hesitation. Seeing this, Alex finally moved
his hands away from the desk.

I threw a glance at Glenn that was scratching his head.

「I honestly had expectations for Will. And yet that incompetent fool, no
matter how much time passes, he never instigates an action. While he took his
time idling by, eventually it was taken entirely by this person.」

「……My brother was frantic in his own way.」

Alex spat out as he averted his gaze away (from me) to Glenn that stated

I cannot allow that conversation to pass. The same name I heard from Lidi this
morning came up again. I pressed a question to explain what it means.

Naturally, Will is one of my childhood friends as well. (T/N: cue ‘dun dun
dunnnnn’ sound for reveal)

However, I never would have thought that there would be a connection

between Lidi and Will.

Without even noticing my state, their conversation became heated.

「Hah. Someone who thinks that anything can be conveyed to that dense
Lidi without saying a word is mistaken. Staying by her side for so long, he
should have realized that much even if it’s unpleasant. 」

「That is……」

「……Wait a minute」

I could no longer endure it so I stopped their exchange. I felt my insides

becoming chilly.

As I started to speak while I felt that way, the voice that I let out was lower
and colder than I thought.

「Will……is what?」

Glenn averted his eyes awkwardly but Alex responded nonchalantly.

「Yeah, Will have had an unrequited love for Lidi for many years.
Nowadays it’s the type of rare pure love, you know? His parentage is up to par
as well. I, for certain, was rooting for Will more than some troublesome person
like you.」
Chapter 39
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「Alex!! Aaa, that was uncalled-for!!」

Glenn clung to Alex, binding his arms to his back to warn him not to say more
unnecessary things.

It’s the Knight’s Leader’s brute strength. There was no way for him to escape
that hold but, Alex warded it off easily as he laughed.

「Haha! Fighting isn’t compromised of only strength, you know? The

movement of your opponent’s muscle joints and things like that, if one is to
deeply comprehend those things he would be able to take on even someone like
you!! 」

As Alex easily evaded Glenn’s arms, he then proudly and swiftly explained
his movements. Glenn frustratingly gritted his teeth in response.

Glenn’s unsuccessful streak against Alex has also been that way since we
were young.

「Still the same as ever……So, specifically telling me Will’s unrequited

love, I wonder what’s your intention? If that’s your way of harassment then
you have some poor taste.」

A muddled sensation keeps accumulating in the pit of my stomach. From my

conversation with Lidi this morning, I instantly understood Will’s fondness for
her. And from it, her indifference as well.

For that fact be thrown at me straightforwardly however, gives me unbearable

feeling of sickness.

Immediately beside Lidi was someone that has feelings for her and it was a
guy other than me. That reality gave me a burning sense of jealousy.

And for him to boldly feed Lidi as well made me remember the anger I
couldn’t lash out.

Nevertheless, I am aware that it was only my compulsive outburst of anger.

But, I still could not help it.

Alex raised the ends of his lips as he amusingly surveyed my state.

「Solely for you and to ascertain just how serious your feelings are for Lidi.
But I never would have thought you’d actually

I glared at his gleaming amethyst eyes.

I would not deny the feelings I have for her (Lidi), even if it’s in front of her

「That’s what I said. Hereafter, Lidi is the only woman for me.」(T/N:
What about men hmm?)

As I proclaimed so, Alex laughed and replied with a ‘is that so’.

But, he then turned a piercing gaze towards me.

「If you’re going to say that much then it’s fine. I’ll believe you. So, let me
hear it. From the one year period of my absence, what happened?」

With his eyes that was permeating the desire for truth, I was wide-eyed. Alex
raised his eyebrow.

「Did you think I was not aware? You, who did not have at least one
fragment of interest towards women, suddenly started having alternate
relations with various half a year ago. Why is that?」

「Alex, that was my……」

A flustered Glenn raised his hand to refute but Alex completely disregarded
「Shut up. You should keep quiet. The one I’m asking right now is Freed.」

While his gaze fixated on me, he warded Glenn off. As I observed his eyes I
realized that he perhaps, already know everything.

I then remembered that Alex has been that kind of person since we were

「……How far have you investigated?」

「Are you going to make me say it. Well, it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t told to
keep it a secret from you anyway. In truth, it was by His Majesty’s command.
Roughly three months ago, my old man passed information about a request for
me. ‘Freed’s magical control is in disarray. Is there an effect in his usual life
as well? Investigate it privately’ is what it said.」

「Father did……」

I expected his awareness of the matter but I would have never thought he’d

「As the person most involved, you already know the results of the
investigation, right? Several months before, participated in masquerade balls.
Day after day, accepts and sleeps with any woman that comes his way. The
first time I heard the report, I had thought you went insane.」


「After all you’re still a man. I just thought you changed beliefs or
something, but, as days passed, you steadily became gloomy and dejected. It’s
natural to think that something happened when you hear that, right?」

「……What did father say?」

Without even confirming where his statements were truth, I reflexively asked
a question.

Alex continued to speak indifferently.

「When he heard the report, His Majesty said『So it was impossible for
Freed as well. If that is the case, I have to hasten the engagement
preparations』Afterwards, concerning the masquerade balls『There is an
unavoidable circumstance behind it, therefore, feign ignorance on the matter
for now』is what he said.」

Hearing this, I understood the reason behind Father’s coercive engagement


In the end, everything was known.

I closed my eyes for a moment. Then I faced Alex to talk.

「……Supposing you mind the circumstance stated just now, I don’t mind
taking an official pledge to assure my willingness to forbid making relations to
any woman other than Lidi. The issue was already settled anyway.」

The『King’s Flower』was given and Lidi received it.

There’s no more reason to do those stupid actions ever again. Likewise, I have
no want to do such.

「And that circumstance, am I allowed to ask the reason behind it?」

「It’s the royalty’s confidential information. Even if it’s you, the details of it
are not viable for discussion.」

When I bluntly said so, Alex dropped his shoulders in disappointment.

「If you say such, I can’t ask anymore. Although I was curious about it

As Alex stated his personal research, my interest was piqued.

「Such as?」

「There’s no point in saying. It was all too ridiculous and is not one least

I nodded my head in response and met Alex’s line of sight.

He’s truly capable.

「I feel remorseful towards you however. The thing about Lidi included.
That’s why, as an apology, I’ll tell you one thing……The ridiculous rumors
you heard are probably true.」


I ignored Alex who was showing a confused face and steadily raised a
question. That conversation has now ended.

「And then? Is my brother-in-law going to give me his blessings?」

As I said so, Alex, albeit reluctant, gave his affirmation.

「The engagement ceremony already ended. Moreover, the『King’s

Flower』is present. As if I can interfere anymore. Good grief. Performing the
King’s Flower Ceremony at that kind of place, are you even sane.」

Alex, who was even informed of my first interaction with Lidi, bitterly
distorted his face.

「It was the heaven’s command. If I didn’t do it at that time, I wouldn’t be

able to get a hold of Lidi.」

When I honestly declared that I have no regrets on the matter, Alex then
proclaimed ‘When you have your eyes set on it, you go straight for it after all’.
Afterwards, he stared and kept a watchful eye on me once again.

「Concerning this affair, I plan to severely reproach Lidi about it as well.

She didn’t want to marry a royalty that’s why she went to a masquerade ball?
That stupid idiot, just how did that kind of wild resolution pop in her head. It’s
as if we’re not even related.」

「……No, I think the both of you are a pretty similar brother and sister

Alex, who was in indignation at that, looked at

I believe their ability to disrupt and exhaust various things are exactly alike.

Likewise, their skill in swaying their surroundings to their favor is similar as

「Aa? Don’t lump me together with that. I am seriously furious about the
matter at hand. But, that’s right, if Will had an ounce of your audacious
nature, I think the outcome would have been different instead.」

「That name is unpleasant, could you not say that name in front of me for a

As I knitted my eyebrows while I said so, Alex broadly grinned in response. I

had thought that he stated his name pointlessly, but as expected it was on
purpose……Still detestable as ever.

「Isn’t that fine. In the end, you got her.」

「Nevertheless, the unpleasant feeling has not changed.」

When I straightforwardly said so, I was laughed at and told ‘you’re desire to
monopolize is too much’.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says.

I am well aware that when it comes to Lidi, I become terrifyingly narrow-


「I thoroughly believe that you’re serious and I understand why you can’t
explain the circumstance in detail. However, you should properly explain the
situation to Lidi. She will also become a royalty. Naturally, she has the right to
access those confidential information, right?」

「Certainly. I plan to discuss it to her before long.」

Alex nodded his head with a serious face.

「Then I have nothing more to say. That’s right; let me hit you once in
retaliation. With that, everything will be even and I will deem you

Alex then cracked his knuckles with a pop. My cheek became stiff for a
moment but if it will make him at ease then it’s a small thing.

「……Do what you want.」

I caught the sight of a worried-looking Glenn from the corner of my eye but I
hurriedly closed my eyes.
Chapter 40
Source: Imported


「……You didn’t hold back at all huh……」

When I thought he’d go for my face, he went for the pit of my stomach
instead .

The impact of it made me have trouble breathing for a moment . Groaning, I

looked over at Alex . He was holding the hand he used to hit me with while he
glared my way .

「I restrained myself in hitting your face……In any case, your abdomen’s

pretty solid . The one in pain here is my hand . 」

「Well, thank you . Even though it may not appear obvious, I’m still the
Supreme Commander of the Knight’s Order . 」

‘Now that you say it’ Alex said as he nodded in agreement .

「So you finally had the official inauguration . 」

「That’s because I secured The『King’s Flower』」

Our country’s army mainly consists of the five following orders: three
Knight’s Orders, Knight’s Order of the Imperial Guards, and the Magician’s*
Division .

(T/N: 魔術師団 = majutsu shidan = magical arts division . Different from 魔

法 = mahou = magic and 秘術 = hijutsu = secret arts that was explained in
previous chapters . So this division mainly focuses on magical arts . )

The Knight’s Order of the Imperial Guards was shortened to the so called
Knight’s Order . This unit, which I previously was a member of as a Sub-Leader,
is under the direct control of Father and is particularly in charge of the defense of
the Royal Capital . This is also the unit wherein Glenn is the leader of .

The remaining three Knight’s Orders: Primera, Segunda, and Tercera have
respective duties as well . However, in our country, the position of the Supreme
Commander for these three orders has been the Crown Prince for over
generations . (T/N: Spanish numeros dios mio por favor)

Since I was able to secure The King’s Flower, I was officially recognized as
the heir . Simultaneously, this would mean that the assumption of my role as the
Supreme Commander have been regarded as official as well .

However, the matter of the King’s Flower is only known by a handful of

people and is hidden information* . (T/N: It said 隠された事実 = ‘hidden truth’
originally but it sounded weird, so I changed it to information instead lol)

Although to the nation’s people and the numerous chief vassals that is not
aware of the truth, they believe that I was already standing in the position of the
Supreme Commander .

At the period where the King’s Flower has not been secured, though it was not
known, the Official Supreme Commander was the King .

Until someone was deemed as the rightful heir, I was no more than the
representation of the ‘Crown Prince’ .

「With this, I would no longer need to constantly request for Father’s

approval . Twice the labor would be gone as well . I’m honestly relieved . 」

The differences of duties from the mere change of acting as agent to the
official assumption of the role are heaven and earth .

When I said my honest opinion, Alex nodded his head in agreement .

「Is that so, the timing was just right then . 」


I called out to Alex that folded his arms as he pondered over something .
He opened his eyes and curved his lips challengingly . (T/N: He sneered,
probably, but the raws said, ‘he curved his lips’ so I translated it as it is lol)

「You know too, right? Did you honestly think I returned to the Royal
Capital for my sister’s sake alone? 」

「I did consider it to be not the case……」

This guy, who did not even appear in the engagement ceremony, went out of
his way to go here would mean that there is

Is what thought .

From the challenging look he gave, the realization dawned on me .

Though I doubted it, Alex narrowed his eyes as affirmation and slowly
announced .

「Before long the “North” will set out, you know?」

「「! !」」

From Alex’s words, even Glenn, who remained as a spectator, straightened

himself up .

「Is it already that time soon . 」

「Margrave Shallum has already finished with preparations . It is likely

that a report requesting for reinforcement and a departure to the front will
arrive within a few days . 」

If he says that Margrave Shallum, who protects the border from the North
have started their move, then it must be truth .

Glenn frowned at Alex’s words .

「Year after year, they just never learn……」

「Their side must be desperate as well……The winters there are too severe .

While listening to their conversation, I analyzed the development of the
situation hereafter .

Just north of our country situated the nomadic horseback-riding tribe [Tarim] .

Every year during winter, this nation would start their advance towards South .
Their aim is, naturally, the dominion over our country . To distance themselves
away from the harsh northern lands for at least a short while, they attack the
country that is blessed in climate .

Once they withdraw however, then we would give up that year as well . As
long as it was not prolonged, it wasn’t too much of a burden but, this year, their
advance was considerably early .

The number of soldiers that can be deployed and plans on how to minimize
the damage we would receive, formed in my mind .

My facial expression naturally became tense .

「Have you reported to Father already?」

As I said so, Alex, who was conversing with Glenn, turned my way and
lightly nodded .

「Of course . It would be best for you to prepare as well……you’ll take part,

「If the commander isn’t present, it would never commence . Of course I

will . 」

When I gave an affirmation, Alex broadly grinned .

「Show that face to Lidi . Weirdly enough, that girl has a weak side over
that part of a guy . Perhaps that might make her roll over* you unexpectedly」

(T/N: “案外ころっといくかもしれないぜ? ” Probably means turn her on

lol . Broken Jinsei said that it might be, “make her climax easily” but like, I just
couldn’t make Alex say that (cuz incest) so I left it like that lol forgive me)

I then remembered the sight of her getting surprisingly roused up over my
uniform just yesterday .

Although from the look of her befuddled silliness that was her upturned eyes
and her demands for more, I was considerably riled up as well .

Looking at my state, Alex disappointedly murmured ‘what a letdown’ .

「From the way you look, it seems you already know . I had thought it was
a great chance to make you feel grateful towards me though . Well, it doesn’t
matter . Then, I will leave now . While I’m at it, I’ll convey this information to
Will too . 」

「Aaa, alright . 」

As the Head of the Magic Division, it seems necessary to inform Will of the
matter as well .

Rather, it’s of no use if he was not notified . In order to head towards

Margrave Shallum’s region and restrain the North, opening the Transfer Gate
which is under the control of the magician’s division is necessary .

「See ya, Freed, Glenn . Keep it together . 」

I called out to Alex who was leaving the office as he waved his hand .

「Right back at you, return to the capital quickly . 」

Without Alex, various things are delayed .

「Just a

With the door kept open, Alex turned around and laughingly responded .

「Except on the bed, I don’t plan on making her cry . 」

「……You* . How dare you shamelessly say those things in front of me . 」

(T/N: Again, back to temee =てめえ)

「Although I’ll say it many times over, it’s because I’m serious . I have no
intention of specifically glossing over it . 」

As I said so with a serious look, Alex shrugged his shoulders as if drained . He

raised his hand and said ‘I’ve intruded’ then finally left .


When the accumulated official duties were finally put in order, the night sky
was up .

In the end, I could not go and see Lidi, let alone invite her out to eat together .

I wonder how she passed time .

While I thought of whether she is able to move steadily enough, I returned to

my room in a fast pace .

I want to see her quickly . See her, then hold her close and thoroughly savor
her soft body once again .

I reprimanded my body that became hot involuntarily as I remembered last

night’s coquetries . Just a little more patience .

As I arrived whilst holding back my straying feelings, the one who greeted me
wasn’t my beloved lady, but the head court lady alone . (T/N: dun dun dun)

「……Where’s Lidi?」

Seeing the tidied bed, I asked Clara a question .

Clara lowered her gaze apologetically .

What I expected to see was her (Lidi) and her resentment-filled eyes that
looked up at me .

I would then calm her, whisper my love to her, and then eventually sink into
the bed together . That was what I thought .

But the room was vacant, like how it usually is . I imagined there was an
entire story behind this situation, yet I still could not accept it
From my concise question, Clara deeply bowed her head .

「I am terribly sorry . The princess have returned to her residence . 」


The unbelievable answer spun out of Clara’s mouth . Not believing such, I
shook my head .

「Even though I slept with her that intensely? Yet, she is still able enough to
move, is that what it is? 」

「That is……」

When I was reported of what occurred from since the moment I left the room,
I became at a loss for words .

She escaped when we took our eyes away from her for a short while, is that it?

From that improbable words, when I noticed it I was already laughing .


「Your Highness?」

She must have never thought that I would laugh .

Although Clara looked my way in confusion, it didn’t matter to me .

……Really . She escaped me again .

From the unexpected development of the situation, I was in admiration . At

the same time, I whole-heartedly laughed once again .

Aaa, you really can never be careless around Lidi .

「Yes, as expected of my Lidi . Although once was inevitable, to think that

she would run away from me* again for the second time . It didn’t even cross
my mind……I was done in . 」

(T/N: Freed said, ‘kono watashi ga’ in this line, which is like saying, ‘Lidi
escaped someone like me’ and regarded himself highly . )

It was unbearably amusing .

I was escaped from again . Although such was the case, instead of taking
offense, laughing was all that escaped me .

She, who kept on surprising me in succession, deeply grasped my heart again .

Aaaa, as I thought, I want her body, her heart, and her everything .

I never

I never would have imagined that I could have such an attachment to one lone
girl .

I just wonder how far is she, who is unaware of the bottomless pit that she
drops me into, going to entrap me further .

「I deeply apologize . Because of my negligence, the Princess ……」

I shook my head to Clara, who looked to be shrinking as she apologized

earnestly . I did not have the intention to harshly blame her .

「It’s not Clara’s fault . Although I haven’t explained it, Lidi is that kind of
lady . You wouldn’t know what she’ll do the moment you let your eyes off of
her . The one at fault is me who knew of this yet thought it would be okay and
left her side . 」

「……Your Highness」

I assured Clara, who was sporting a doubtful face, and told her that I don’t
mind . I then remembered last night .

「Hmm . Then, in short, Lidi wasn’t satisfied is what it means, right . I was
relatively serious when I slept with her though ……I see, it was not enough

She immediately bolted out of the room after that, so she seemingly had
sufficient strength left .
Just before however, she was uttering her complaints about the pains on her
hips and her inability to move . It didn’t feel like a lie as I saw her state, but
perhaps she can recover extremely fast……

If she went home full of energy, then I should have slept with her more .

Even though I held myself back, since she cried and pleaded . In other words,
that kindness was not necessary .

……I’ve decided . The next time I sleep with her, I will not stop until I’m
utterly satisfied .

I wouldn’t yield even if she cried and cling to me .

I would have her take responsibility and accompany me to the end . When I
thought so, the ends of my lips lifted .

In continuation, I then urged Clara to report .

How did she (Lidi) return home after leaving the room? I was curious at the
means she used .

However, when the name of Will and his cooperation in Lidi’s escape fell
from Clara’s lips, I did not believe my ears .

「Will? Do you mean to say, Will sent Lidi home? 」

「Yes . Will-sama himself has reported the matter . Thereafter, from Duke
Vivouare Household as well, I received letter from Madam, stating that the
Princess Consort have returned to their residence . It was an apology in behalf
of the Princess Consort, who went home without saying a thing . 」

「I see……」

「I have thought to report the matter immediately however, it appeared that

you were busy . 」

「I understand . Thank you for your report . 」

Since the matter with the “North” have occurred, we were in disorder, so it
couldn’t be helped that I couldn’t be contacted . (T/N: I assume this means,
couldn’t be reached magic telepathy-wise in Clara’s case, cause she didn’t even
go to Freed’s office lol)

If she (Lidi) went home safely, then it’s fine .

I could just meet her tomorrow .


「Why did Will arrive at such timing……」

I grabbed my forelocks in frustration . Instinctively, my real opinion leaked

out .

I want it to stop .

Just this noon, I heard such unpleasant news from Alex .

Merely imagining the unfamiliar exchange between the two of them (Will and
Lidi) drives me mad with jealousy .

Will’s feelings were unreached and she (Lidi) became my Princess Consort .
That was it . I know .

But it* wasn’t something logical . (T/N: Freed’s anger)

I trust Will . We have known each other

Although he has a sharp-tongue, I don’t think of him as someone that will do

something to my fiancée .

Yes, in my head, I already understand .

Nevertheless, I didn’t have the confidence that I could stay composed when I
see Will’s face .

「……As I thought, I don’t want to see Will’s face for a while . 」

If I did, I might vent my anger unto him .

I want more time to cool down my temper .

As I took a deep breath, I then told Clara to fall back . She quietly did as told .

Aaa, I should sleep for today .

I crawled unto the cold bed alone .

The neatly arranged bedding has no remnants left of Lidi’s scent . The only
fragrance in the air is fabric softener .


Even though she was in my arms just this morning .

Even though our tongues were entwined and I was enjoying myself in her
deepest insides many times over .

Although it was supposed to be the same as usual, I felt an indescribable

feeling of emptiness from the spacious bed .

It’s lacking her . I could no longer settle down and sleep by myself .

In actuality, I should be earnestly holding my beloved her and should already

be immersed in our sweet space around this time .

Even though I thought to melt her innermost parts and have her cling unto me

I wonder if she, who ran away undauntedly, is laughing in satisfaction right

about this time .

Or is she at least thinking that she’s lonely even for a short while .

Despite not sleeping a wink last night, the drowsiness did not even appear .

I just want to sleep as soon as possible yet I couldn’t help but be fully-awake .

I want the morning to come quickly . I want to see her immediately .

Just what should I do to stop her from running away .

Should I lock her up? Or should I whisper my whole-hearted love to her?

As someone that have already tried such, I couldn’t think of an alternate plan .

I even considered shamelessly clinging to her in tears and begging her to say .

If that would make her remain here, then I would happily practice it .

I continued to toss and turn as I thought of such things .

Since I couldn’t sleep, I gave up at last and sat up .

It couldn’t be helped . If it’s like this, I should just come up with the budget
revision plan for the proposed amendment until morning instead .

As I thought so, I put on my dressing gown and stood up .

Then at that moment .

An ear-piercing siren-like sound resounded inside the castle .

It was a familiar signal informing of an emergency and from that, the feeling
of tension was raised .

I stood still and quietly strained my ears to hear every bit of contents they
report .

As the lengthy siren stopped echoing, several seconds of silence permeated .

Afterwards, the feared words were announced .

『Tarim’s advance confirmed!! Urgent reinforcements are to dispatch!! All

Superiors are to gather in the reception hall at once!!』

Brought about by magic, the wafting voice that expanded the sense of urgency
made my expression stiffen .

Although I heard it from Alex already, as I thought, this year is too early .

As the notice for the departure to the front was released, my thought process
swiftly changed .
When Clara, who was in waiting outside, has arranged the preparations, I left
the room in haste .
Chapter 41
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「Yo, Will!! I’m intruding!!」

Ignoring his subordinate’s efforts to stop me, I opened the door and fired off .

As he (Will) looked my way with a displeased expression, I raised my hand in

greeting .

「Long time no see, you good-for-nothing . 」

「Shut up, Alex . Just what is your purpose in going out of your way to
come here . 」

Will waved his hand to order his subordinate who was standing behind me, to
withdraw . It seems that the subordinate is still an apprentice . As if relieved, the
subordinate bowed clumsily and left the room after closing the door .

I saw that off from the corner of my eye as I poke fun of Will .

「As I thought, you have some horrible face there, Will . Was Lidi’s
engagement that much of a shock?」

When I grinned as I moved closer, Will turned a seething gaze towards me .

Aa, scary, scary .

「It’s none of your business . Did you specially come here to rub salt on my
wound . 」

「Nah, I didn’t . I came here to pass information . But I did thought to tease
you while I’m at it . 」

Ignoring the gaze of the seated man, I leaned on the edge of the desk .

I had something I wanted to hear from him .

「Hey, Will . Why haven’t you said anything to Lidi all this time? 」


Unconcerned, I continued my words to Will who widened his eyes and kept
silent .

Honestly, I was surprised at this engagement .

I knew Lidi hated it and since I was beside Freed, I knew of his feelings as
well .

No matter how much the old man eagerly arranged the engagement, it wasn’t
processing smoothly because of this .

「I already said this to Freed a while ago, but I honestly had expectations for

There weren’t any problems with family status, and neither is there any in
Will’s reputation .

Although the root cause was the bad terms between our fathers, it wouldn’t
have mattered and would still depend upon one’s great effort .

In truth, these several months, both houses have started to give up and meet
halfway .

「……She doesn’t see me as a man . 」

There was no confidence in Will’s voice as he spoke lowly .

My eyebrow raised at his words that lay the blame on Lidi .

「Well, I guess that’s probably so . That is why a confession was necessary,

that much is needed to get through that dense thick-head . It was just that
Freed acted faster . Truly in lightning speed . He fell in love at their first
meeting . Then pushed her down and forcefully gave the King’s Flower, it
seemed . 」

「The King’s Flower?!」

I meant to say it as a tease, but seeing Will seriously surprised made me

utterly amazed .

Rumors were floating around since yesterday so it wasn’t something hidden .

When it comes to Lidi, he really is slow .

「You already know too, right? Who Freed was with the entire night . If the
‘King’s Flower’ wasn’t already in possession, such a thing wouldn’t have been
accepted . If you think about it, it makes sense, right? 」

「A, aaa, I guess so . 」

Seeing Will’s averting eyes, I realized then that he was too overwhelmed with
shock to ever notice the details .

「Apparently, she’s still in Freed’s room . Good grief . I meant to talk to

Lidi before returning to our fief, what to do……」

I wanted to scold that idiot but I couldn’t possibly step inside the royalty’s
residential area . 。

As I pondered dejectedly, Will murmured in

「If you’re wondering about Lidi, I sent her home by my carriage……」


Not understanding what he said, I uttered a question .

Will responded somewhat indifferently .

「I met Lidi at the general area a while ago . She wanted to return to her
residence, so I called my carriage and sent her home」

「……Then, she returned to our residence?」

「That should be it . 」

Wondering what she perpetrated this time, it seemed my sister ran away from
Freed .

I then remembered Freed talking in a satisfied manner as he expressed

confining Lidi .

Seeing Freed that way was a first for me, but he certainly is serious about Lidi

Just what did my sister do to make Freed engrossed to that extent?

I would like to know but that natural airhead probably isn’t even aware of
what she did .

Asking about is futile .

Seeing Freed’s state, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he were to personally go and

meet Lidi as soon as tomorrow . I don’t think he would let her escape the next
time .

If I had wanted to talk to my sister, now is the only chance .

As I thought so, I stood up . In the next moment, I asked Will .

「You*, do you resent Freed? 」(T/N: He said omae)

「……What are you talking about」

「No, well, the person you’ve had feelings for, for many years was snatched
away from you on the side, right? I wondered what you think . Certainly you
wouldn’t have thought that since you came to like her first, you’d have first
priority . 」

「What nonsense are you spouting……」

‘Normally, that would be so’ I thought . Seeing Will’s grimace, I continued on


「Right . If that’s the case, then it’s fine . When it comes to love, it’s first
come first served . If there was such a thing as priority, then the person who
didn’t make use of the first meeting is at fault . If one is to


「Long before Freed met Lidi, you had plenty of time . Same goes with the
opportunities . In truth, Glenn could have been Lidi’s childhood friend as well
but it was also your doing that made them unable to meet, right? If you had
that much of a free time to monopolize her, then you should have at least
spoken a pick-up line or two . 」

As he heard my banter, Will raised his voice as if annoyed .

「Even I wanted to do that . I like her too much that words can’t flow out of
my mouth . There was nothing I could do!!」

「That’s why you didn’t advance beyond that . Because of that, it’s over .
You weren’t able to use your chance of making her yours . That’s what it is,
right? Freed held Lidi and made her his, thereon you have no right to have a
say in the matter . 」(T/N: hisssssss scorched)

As if teaching a lesson, I jabbed my frank words . Will grinded his teeth and
responded .

「I already know that kind of thing . ‘Reaping what I sow’, I understand it

to the point of hating . 」

「That’s why I’m asking . Do you resent Freed?」

When I asked him again, Will glared at me as if saying ‘don’t make fun of me’

「It couldn’t be helped that I’m jealous . The feeling of longingness I have
for Lidi still exists . However, as if I could resent His Highness . I have not
fallen to that extent . 」

「……Right . My bad . I said too much . 」

Although I fanned the flames to hear Will’s real thoughts, it seems I overdid it
As I lightly slapped Will’s shoulder with a thump, Will then sighed .

「……Perhaps it was for His Highness’ sake that you wanted to know my real

「I guess so . Bothering you is fun……saying this probably doesn’t matter,

but I was looking forward to seeing you as my little brother . 」


This reason was why I was furious at the sudden development .

I was furious at Will who didn’t take any action .

The least he could have done was confessing his feelings and if he was turned
down, then that was preferable .

I can’t help but feel that way .

My sister doesn’t matter . She could gain happiness wherever she is . That’s
the kind of person she is, so I don’t think she’ll fall in misery with how much
that guy is in love with her .

「Well, there is such a thing as suffocated with love*……」

*(T/N: Raw texts said ‘crushed with love’ = 押しつぶされそうな愛では

あったが but it doesn’t really sound as good in english, so I changed it to this .
lol or maybe I just suck at translating huhu) changed to suffocated… as per X . x
suggested, thank you~)


「No, it was nothing . 」

Will inclined his head in question . I can finally move on to the main reason I
came here to say .

「Will, the North have moved . Be careful」


Will then became serious and showed his agreement as he nodded .

「I have already informed His Majesty . Freed too . It would be better if you
rush your preparations as well . 」

「……I understand . 」

Will returned his assent . I responded with a ‘I’ll rely on you‘ and turned my
back from him .

「See ya . I’ll return to my residence……Thanks for helping that Lidi . 」


It seemed as if Will wanted to say something, but I have already turned around

The conversation has ended .

Waving one hand in the air, I then left Will’s office .

Now, then .

―――― is that idiot’s (Lidi) turn .

Chapter 42
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I splendidly cleared the escape mission, but what happened later was far from
fine .

After coming home safely, I went to see Mother . It was also to greet her as I
returned home, but mostly because I thought I made her worry . I don’t
particularly care about Father, but I didn’t mean to make Mother worry . At any
rate, she probably knows the situation to a certain degree, but it’d still give me a
peace of mind to explain it . Thinking so, I arrived in front of Mother, but
contrary to my expectations Mother made a troubled face and said such .

“It is unthinkable, but you did not return without permission, did you?”

Hearing those words, I stiffened . Crap . Certainly, I didn’t leave behind even
a letter . Seeing my gaze wander about, Mother guessed the situation . She
breathed a sigh, and with a cough began her sermon . Eh, why did it turn out like
this . I couldn’t keep up with this unexpected development .

This is the first time mother got genuinely angry at me . Honestly, I’d thought
she’s a quiet and docile person, so I was surprised by her unknown side . I was
so surprised half of what she said went over my head .

Mother’s sermon continues . I took the victorious attitude of earnestly

repeating ‘Yes’ ‘Sorry’ .

Thanks to Father I understand . At such times, I can’t unskillfully talk back . It

provokes more anger, and only prolongs the scolding . Because I’d received
sermons from Father for every little thing every few days, I learned of the
method to make them end as quickly as possible .

But to sermonize me like harshly scolding a little child, I became depressed .

Or rather, I wonder why Mother weaves in words like ‘tomboy’ or ‘careless’ here
and there . It cannot be, besides Father, did Mother feigning her innocence got
exposed… Even when Father scolded me the other day Mother was on his side,
so perhaps it’s the case .

“… That should be enough, go to your room . But, do not do something like

that anymore, okay?”

With this these words Mother’s scolding that eroded my mental strength
finally ended . Already dizzy, I could do nothing but obediently nod to Mother’s
words .

I was allowed to return to my room, and as I ascended the large staircase in

the spacious lobby, I thought .

… I understand well . I’ll be extra careful from now on . Mother is somebody

who mustn’t be angered .

I returned to my room and sat on the sofa . Drinking tea brought by a maid, I
could finally take a breather .

“… I’m tired”

I flopped on the sofa . It’s okay since nobody’s watching . Drinking my

favorite blend of black tea I finally felt I came home . Mother might have got
mad that I returned home without permission, but I’m glad to be back .

I wonder what Mother would think about that .

In the first place, if I’d stayed in that constrained place obediently, without any
of my things, how in the world would I spend my time . Even if I were told to
just roll around and wait for Freed, I absolutely couldn’t agree .

… But, this is a serious problem .

I raised my body and again started thinking .

It’s a fact that it’s been decided I’ll marry him in half a year . That much is
fine . I’ve already agreed, and the engagement ceremony was grandly held . Fast
horses must have been immediately sent out to foreign countries, after all the
Crown Prince of a major country got engaged . Unmistakably it’s spread all
around the world .

But, I need to take some measures before the wedding . To marry there means
having to endure spending free time there . I absolutely don’t feel like being
locked up even when I finish my work as the Crown Princess .

Bringing something to kill time is essential . What’s more, I need minimum

freedom . I think I’ll have to implore Freed for that . If it’s impossible… Yup, I’ll
use force . What’s left is, what to do about what happed this time . Mother also
said it earlier . Think a little more about your behavior .

That’s to say, I have to manage more skillfully from the next time, it’s
something like this .

Of course, as my Mother ordered, I have no objection about apologizing to

those I caused trouble for, starting from Clara . It’s the truth I really didn’t say
anything, causing trouble for all sorts of people . Let’s lower my head any
number of times necessary .

But, I’m also growing . If there’s a next time, that time I for sure won’t
blunder . Let me show that if it’s something like a letter even I can write it .

As expected, there’s no way I can honestly write ‘I’m bored so I went home’ .
Putting knowledge I was taught as a Duke’s daughter to use, I’ll compose an
exemplar letter paying attention to phrasing and decorating it with beautiful
words .

I’m a child who can do it if she tries .

But, suddenly I noticed a certain fact . If I overdo it, wouldn’t it become

‘hypocritical courtesy’ . That’s that . If I’m too polite, instead it’ll turn impolite .

“Hmm . Achieving balance is surprisingly difficult…”

At what degree should I stop . I thought I could use flowery words freely, but
it seems better to stop .

I drank the tea once again .

… Alright, let’s rethink from the beginning .

Having a little fun thinking about the next time I escape, I started getting
engrossed into the topic of what kind of letter should I leave behind to be
successful .

“Or, what if I use ‘invisible ink’…?”

They’ll surely be surprised . But, if they fail to notice there’s a chance I’ll be
scolded like this time . That’s no good . I’ve had enough of it with this time . I
detest being scolded .

Without noticing the direction of my thoughts went awry, I groaned unable to

reach a conclusion, when I heard loud noises downstairs .

I came to my senses hearing that . It seems maids are making a commotion .

Concerned abut the sound, I stood up . I looked at the antique wooden clock
hanging on the wall . The time is early afternoon . It’s still too early for Father to
come home, so perhaps a guest came .

Concluding that at any rate it doesn’t have anything to do with me, I once
again immersed myself in thought .

However .

“Lidi!! Did you come home!!” “Geh”

Before even thinking about who the person raising the voice, I frowned . The
owner of the voice seems to be going up the stairs . I can hear such sounds . I
clicked my tongue as it looked quite clear he headed for this room .

Why did he return to the mansion .

He should have returned to the mansion in our territory to train as the

successor a year ago . I haven’t heard he’d be returning to the Royal Capital .


The door opened with a bang . I glared at the man who intruded without
permission .
The man who entered without any reservations is my older brother . Of
course, he’s my real older brother . Brother, who looks just like Father, is
wearing an extremely flashy red justaucorps . It’s decorated with aiguillette
made of gold and silver threads . You can tell at a glance it’s an appearance a
noble who went to the castle . Regardless, I unintentionally knit my brows .
Truly unacceptable . Looking at Brother’s bottom of the neck, I breathed out a
sigh . The cravat that should’ve been beautifully tied, was atrociously disheveled
. Conversely, it may suit him, but as expected I don’t think so .

A maid I haven’t seen before who followed him looked at Brother who
entered and the stock-still me with an apologetic face . But, there’s nothing to
worry about . She must be unaware, but this is the default for this man . Being
told she can withdraw, the maid bowed and went back .

When just us two were left in the room, I courteously bowed to him .

“It has been a long time, Elder Brother . You have visited me in an awful
hurry, do you have some business with me?”

As a revenge for invading my room as he pleased, I gave him an overly polite

greeting, but Brother didn’t seem to like it . He brushed up his hair like silver
threads and looked here .

“What’s that . Are you harassing me?” “I do not understand the meaning of
what you have said . In the first place, is it not Elder Brother’s attitude that is
usually fraudulent”

Brother mastered feigning innocence . I’ve seen it happen at the evening

parties several times, but Brother with his vulgar words and behavior, can
thoroughly conduct himself elegantly if only he feels like it . I don’t know how
many times I’ve thought don’t be deceived by that sham when seeing young
ladies spellbound by Brother’s gentle smile . Brother who inherited Father’s
good parts has wastefully high specs . His aristocratic behavior driven into him
from young age is flawless in public without any gaps to take advantage of, I
could only be amazed when I’d heard about his popularity among young ladies
from a friend . Let me emphasize, I’m not aware of what’s there to be fascinated
by . That’s how the usual Brother is .

Seeing Brother appear irritated, feeling relieved I decided to suspend the

harassment for the time being . He specially came from the territory . He must
have some business here . There’s no reason to waste time .

Thinking so, I took a breath, and looked in Brother’s direction .

“So, why are you here, stupid brother” “Oi, you’re calling the future prime
minister stupid”

He returned in an annoyed tone . I responded curtly to Brother who flared up .

“Idiot is adequate for a man who enters lady’s room without knocking .
Could you stop that already?” “There’s nothing to be worried about . Or what?
Will you have sex in this room? Then, as expected I’ll consider it?” “Ha?
What are you saying, there’s no way I would do that”

I looked at my grinning Brother with frigid eyes . He’s been like this from old
days . It’s too stupid to treat him with courtesy .

“No way you’ll do that? Won’t you do it with your fiancé” “W, wha!!?”

Instantly realizing who he meant, I became lost for words .

“Ain’t you embarrassed . I understand . These hickeys . You sure are lucky?
They’re Freed’s, right?” “!!!!”

In panic I ran towards the full length mirror to check out my neck . A groan
leaked out when I saw many red marks of ownership . I haven’t noticed at all!!

As I recalled Will saying it’d be better had I stayed in the room, I wanted to
bury myself from shame .

So that’s what he meant…!

The red marks that flaunted the fact of our love affair became unbearable .
While looking at me cower while covering my neck, Brother said in admiration .

“That’s amazing . I’ve never been like this . That Freed seriously fell in love
with you, but you’re still feigning innocence?”

What an amazing innocence, when Brother laughed from the bottom of his
heart, I once again scowled at him .
“I’m not feigning anything . Older Brother, you also know, right? I have no
reason to feign innocence after having an encounter at such a place”

It’s Brother who was asked to investigate by Father . There’s no way he

doesn’t know .

“I’m not feigning anything . Older Brother, you also know, right? I have no
reason to feign innocence after having an encounter at such a place”

It’s Brother who was asked to investigate by Father . There’s no way he

doesn’t know .

“I guess . Still, that guy fell in love with the true you . In a sense, he’s a
strong person” “Annoying . Idiot brother” “So bashful . Nobody will say
anything since it’s an officially recognized relationship . The Crown Princess
is greatly favored by His Highness, that is spreading around the castle” “Give
me a break!!”

Don’t look at me with such lukewarm gaze . Or rather, even though the
opportunities to visit the castle will increase from now on, being looked at with
such eyes is too harsh . Seeing me sit down and hold my head, Brother grinned .

“What are you saying . You’re already a celebrity, y’know? The castle has
been in an uproar since yesterday as His Highness brought a woman to his
room” “? What’s unusual about it . Hadn’t Freed brought in as many women
as he’d wanted until now?”

I’ve heard from my friend Marianne that he’s a famous playboy . That’s why, I
thought it’s natural he’d bring women into his room . When I said that, Brother
made a difficult expression and scratched his check .

“Ah, you seem to be misunderstanding, but you are the first woman he
brought to his room, okay?” “… Really? I’ve heard he’s a playboy though” “I
ain’t doing it for him, but I’ll correct what’s different from the reality . It’s
been only half a year since he started sleeping with women at masquerade
balls . He hasn’t brought even one to the castle, in fact before that he hadn’t
messed around” “… So that’s how it is”

Certainly when Marianne talked about Freed she used the expression ‘recently
appeared’ . Come to think of it, Father also said Freed has his circumstances .
“I don’t really care”

That’s what I really think . It’d be different if he made an illegitimate child,

but I have no reason to learn about details of Freed’s past relations with women .

“It’s about your fiancé . Ain’t you curious?” “I have a rule of not caring
about the past”

When I stood up and put it bluntly, Brother’s eyes widened .

“… It’s your usual masculine remark . I don’t think there are many women
who can honestly say that” “Really? I don’t want infidelity or adultery, but
even if I’m told about what happened before we met, I can’t do anything about
it, can I?” “You’re right . But well, as that Freed said he’d tell you his
circumstances, listen if you have a chance” “Circumstances?” “The reason he
went to masquerade balls for half a year” “… Ah”

It’s the root cause why I ended up caught by Freed . It doesn’t really matter as
it’s already over, but for now I nodded . Seeing me agree, Brother said alright,
and fixed his gaze on me . I felt an aura of scolding rise up .

“Then, returning to the story, why did you go to the masquerade ball?”
Chapter 43
Source: Imported


… That story again, huh . Being reminded of the harsh scolding from few
days ago I became a little sullen .

“Older Brother, you’re aware of it, right . Then, isn’t it enough” “I only
know facts . You went to the masquerade ball and slept with Freed there . But
that ain’t what I’m talking about . What I mean is why did you do such a risky
thing” “I had no other choice”

If something else had come to my mind, I’d have done that . I answered
honestly, but Brother wasn’t convinced .

“As if . You are too impulsive . No matter how much you didn’t want to
marry into royalty, what idiot came up with an idea of sleeping with an
unknown man!!” “… Me?”

As I tilted my head, Brother raised his voice . Noisy .

“That’s why I’m saying you’re impulsive!! Has no one tried to stop you!!”
“Not a chance . Because, I didn’t want to consult with anyone”

Even I understand I’d be admonished . It was roughly like that when I told
Will few months ago . Brother obstinately yelled .

“There shoulda be other ways . Like, asking an acquaintance rather than a

man you don’t know!!” “Acquaintance… I don’t have any other male
acquaintances other than Will though” “So had you asked Will…” “… Will

I’m getting slightly fed up with Brother saying that name . Why is everybody
immediately bringing up Will .
“Father also said it, why not Will . In the first place, what kind of
expression would Will make if I asked him to take my virginity? It’d be too
awkward to see him again”

A man whose face I didn’t recognize was far better choice .

“No, rather than about virginity, you shoulda asked to be made his bride…”
“Stupid brother . You’re joking too much . I wouldn’t even think of that” “You
were like that…”

I looked suspiciously at Brother who let out a tired sigh .

“So? Why did Freed catch your eye?”

After thinking over Brother’s words, I answered . I don’t really have a reason
to keep it a secret .

“Why? I’d heard he’s a playboy so I thought there’d be no future trouble . I

assumed he’d accept the invitation to mess about for one night . And, I was
certain he’d be skilled at sex . After all, if I were to do it, I thought it’d be
better if it felt slightly good . Ah, but even though I couldn’t see his face I’d
hate if he was an old man . But as women evaluated him highly, I thought I
wouldn’t feel visceral disgust… Huh? Did I do anything wrong?”

Brother is looking more and more astonished by my words . Finally, he

pressed down at his temple and shook his head with a sigh .

“… Thinking about your goal I don’t think there’s anything wrong, but my
little sister’s criteria are amazing”

What’s wrong if it’s correct .

“Lidi, what did you actually think after seeing Freed?”

Now that I was asked, I remembered our first meeting .

“He had an obviously different aura . I thought I was lucky, since he came
my way when I thought of calling out to him?” “You tried to call out to him
Brother groaned in a hopeless voice . Etiquette… He’s trying to say
something, but I don’t understand well .

“Older Brother?” “Aah, I got it . Either way you wouldn’t catch anybody
except Freed . Just in case that old man took countermeasures” “??”

I don’t get what he means . While I was full of doubt, Brother had an
expression like he alone understood .

“I get your point . So, promise . You’ll never again do something so foolish”
“I won’t”

There’s no point in doing that . I nodded that it’s fine, but it didn’t relax
Brother’s suspicious expression .

“I wonder . I was shocked when old man told me to investigate . You really
only have useless energy” “Shut up” “And? Today you used that useless
energy to run away from Freed here?”

The atmosphere suddenly changed, I frowned at my Brother who made an

intrigued expression . Seeing me like that, Brother laughed again .

“After all, you were scolded by mother? Did you notice even our moderate
mother had to discipline you? In the first place, the whole family knows of
your feigned innocence” “… After all you knew”

I wondered if she knows while listening to Mother’s sermon, so after all she
does . Without minding my embarrassed expression, Brother patted my head .

“We’re family . Of course we’d know, right? I’m more surprised that you
thought it hadn’t been exposed until now” “… Yeah”

Certainly, I’m happy because it means they understand me, but I feel
embarrassed since I thought I was hiding it .

“You were scolded for going home without saying anything, right?” “Yup .
But I reflected… time, I’ll do it more skillfully, that was the issue, right?”
“Ha? Eh, is… that so… No, that’s right . That’s exactly right!!”

When I asserted that I understood what Mother said, Brother looked taken
aback, but then he smiled broadly and nodded that’s exactly right .

“It seems you fooled that Will guy this time, but how will you succeed the
next time?” “Fooled… Hey… Isn’t that too harsh??”

I said, flustered from hearing the unexpected words .

I said, flustered from hearing the unexpected words .

“It’s not harsh, it’s the reality . I bet Freed will be surprised around this

Brother seems to be somehow having fun .

“It’s what he deserves for trying to lock me up” “He said he won’t let you
go? Oh, you are seriously being loved . Older brother is amazed”

With the marks of ownership being pointed at again, I heavily groaned .

Please spare me .

“What’s there to be shy about this late . Even though you carry marks of
ownership… That’s right, what do you think about ‘King’s Flower’?”

Hearing these words, I remembered “King’s Flower” . Come to think of it,

there’s such a thing .

“Nothing special . If I had to say, I’m glad it’s not a tasteless flower symbol .
A blue rose can just be seen as a slightly stylish tattoo, right?”

There’s no pain, and it’s not a nuisance . If it was a real tattoo pain should
have lingered for a while . As that’s not the case, it’s not really a nuisance . But
Brother shook his head with that’s not it .

“… Look, that’s not it, didn’t you think things like I dislike it or it’s
disgusting a little?” “I don’t understand what you are saying . Doesn’t every
princess consort receive it? It’s no use even if I disliked it, isn’t it?”

It’s already in the past . That’s why I truly couldn’t understand what Brother
was saying, and when I asked, my brother’s mouth opened agape . Then, he
began scratching his hair .
“… What . I didn’t need to worry… Well, that’s right . Thinking about it,
there’s no way you would touch a man you didn’t like…” “Older Brother?”

I called out to my Brother who was muttering something by himself without

looking at me .

“… What’s this . After all it’s mutual love, huh . I didn’t have to worry about
anything . Shit . I wasted time thinking you’re depressed over being forced to
marry against your will” “Ha? What are you saying, Older Brother . About
Freed, I don’t really…”

I became flustered by Brother’s words that made it seem as if it’s a mutual

love . Brother made a mysterious face .

“But, you’ve been embraced by that guy? What’s more, many times .
Naturally, you consented?” “Eh? That’s true, but…” “I understand by looking
at you, you didn’t really mind being embraced by him, right?”

I nodded unable to deny anything .

“Have you said that to Freed?” “I have”

I said that I don’t know if I like it, but I don’t find being touched or embraced
unpleasant .

Hearing that, Brother let out a big sigh .

“Aah… Well, that guy will run wild… Hey, Lidi . You also think a little . Did
you think it was okay to be embraced because that guy is handsome? If so, you
secured yourself a handsome guy”

“Aah… Well, that guy will run wild… Hey, Lidi . You also think a little . Did
you think it was okay to be embraced because that guy is handsome? If so, you
secured yourself a handsome guy”

I got irritated by Brother’s way of speaking .

“Ha? What are you saying . Stupid brother . I’m not interested in Freed’s
Certainly, I do think he’s a very handsome man though . When I glared at
Brother, he soothed me with yes yes .

“I don’t get why you went this far, huh… Ah, but, such opinion might make
it interesting . The appearance that Freed brandishes and is seen as superior .
Ah, yup, after all I can leave you as is” “… I don’t understand what you
meant, but I do understand you’re terribly looking down on me”

Irritated, I aimed a fist at Brother’s stomach, but it was easily caught . Vexing .
Brother looks to be in an amazing mood .

“No, I’m not looking down . I’m praising you, praising . To naturally shake
that Freed, you’re plenty incredible . As expected of my younger sister” “…
That doesn’t make me happy” “After all, I have to see it firsthand… Alright,
I’ve decided!! I’ll come back here next month . Please, stay as you are, okay?
And, entertain your older brother”

I was requested with a full-faced smile and patted on my should, I found it

strangely irritating .

“… Never return again, shitty bro” “It’s just us two siblings here, right?
Don’t be so cold, my cute younger sister . Besides, Freed will be back next
month, so it’s just right” “… What are you talking about?”

I felt something out of place in Brother’s words, so I asked a question . What

does will be back means .

“You’re already a concerned person, so I’ll tell you earlier . There’s been
Tarim’s movements at the northern defensive line . Freed will depart in 2 or 3
days” “Eh?” “He’s the Supreme Commander of the army . Ain’t it natural?”

Naturally, the words Brother is saying don’t reach me . Freed is departing?

After repeating it many times over in my head, I finally understood . Realizing
there’ll be war, before I knew it anxiety washed over my whole body .

Freed is the Supreme Commander of the Chivalric Orders . It’s a well-known

fact every winter a Crown Prince goes to fight against Tarim that advances south
. This year too this time has come . That’s how it is .

―――― But .
“Freed… will go to war?”

When I noticed, I was grasping the hem of Brother’s clothes . My hands are
unseemly shaking . As I clung to Brother and looked up at him, my eyes were
met with a surprised face .

“Older Brother?”

When I called out to him, he made a terribly troubled face and roughly stroked
my head . It hurt, but I didn’t mind at all . Rather, I felt an invisible kindness that
made me want to cry . Then Brother muttered .

“… Ah, that guy will be okay . You also know that Tarim advances every
year, that guy is so strong it’s stupid . He won’t lose . He’ll nonchalantly come
back next month . You don’t need to worry like that”

Even if I’m told that, anxiety that once appears doesn’t disappear easily .

“It will really be okay?” “It’ll be fine . You’ve also heard rumors of the
‘Flawless Crown Prince’, right? Between you and me, Freed is particularly
specialized for combat . I’ve seen him a while ago, and he’s in perfect form
that I’ve never seen before . Wanting to see you with all his heart, he’ll surely
clean up in the blink of an eye and come back . But well, when he comes back
excited after the battle, you’ll have a hard time”

He absolutely won’t let you go until he’s satisfied, okay?

When it was whispered into my ear, I turned pale . As expected, I can

understand what he meant . Woah, that’s… a little .

When I understood my dreadful future, I reflexively returned to myself .

Seeing such me, Older Brother smiled, suggestively and contentedly .

“Well, that’s why you only need to stay as you are . Then, I’m going . Tell
the old man I’ll be back next month” “So you were serious about coming

I thought he was joking, but it seems I was wrong .

“Of course, then Lidi, don’t do anything unnecessary while I and Freed
aren’t here” “Could you not call people troublemakers?” “Isn’t it close .
That’s right, I think that Will guy will also leave for the war with Tarim, do
you worry about him as well” “Of course . Isn’t it natural”

After all Will goes there every year . It’s impossible not to worry .

“… I see . Haha . I’m looking forward to my enjoyment next month!!


Just as he entered, Brother unexpectedly left the room . Seeing him off I
thought .

That Brother will come back next month?? Even though for this one year I
had a rare opportunity to live peacefully?

Remembering when Brother was in this mansion I was attacked by dizziness .

Brother is truly excellent, but more than that he’s a difficult person . At any rate,
his base is like that . From a long ago when I regained the memories of my
previous life, I’ve been suspecting Brother also had a previous life . Only our
family and surroundings know how Brother is, because his feigned innocence is
perfect you absolutely couldn’t discover it by looking from the sides . But, I’m
secretly impressed that he can serve as a close aide to the Crown Prince with that
personality .

Brother, who loves teasing people and enjoys poking his nose into trouble,
came back .


I can’t stop sighing .

… Thinking about the next month, I felt my mood turn gloomy .

Chapter 44
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“Strawberry, straw berry”

Spacious kitchen in the mansion . There, I’m kneading dough while humming
a tune . From some time ago, I’ve been feeling multiple passionate gazes at me .
I fully understand they’re peeking here with curious expressions . I looked back
with a wry smile and called out to the Head Chef Thomas . He’s a short plump
man around 60, I can always trust him to make good food .

“If you are curious, should I teach you the recipe?” “!! Is it okay?

Saying so with a smile on his face, Head Chef came out together with
subordinate cooks . Still not accustomed to that nickname, my face twitched .

… Yup, could you stop calling me master already .


In my past life, one of my hobbies was cooking .

Japanese food, Chinese food, Western food, I could make more or less
anything, but my particularly strong point was sweets . In this world there are
many ingredients resembling those from the previous world, but the variety of
recipes is overwhelmingly tiny . It’s disappointing since the dishes themselves
are superb delicacies .

But, the me who both loves to eat and cook, couldn’t accept this situation .

If what I want to eat isn’t available, I just have to make it . Fortunately, I have
the skills .
Reaching that conclusion, I immediately decided to reproduce recipes from
my past .

And then, I focused on reproducing Japanese sweets .

Why Japanese sweets .

Strangely, in this world, while there are relatively plenty Western sweets, there
are absolutely no Japanese sweets .

There is tiramisu . There is mille-feuille . So why is there absolutely nothing

with red bean paste .

Even though I love that faint sweetness!! Unbelievable .

Then, before a person knows, they’ll have eaten too much .

Let’s do it, I roused myself . I thought there’s only one choice if I were to
reproduce them .

Frantically recalling memories of my past, I swore to reproduce ‘daifuku’ with

all my effort . It was when I was 13 . Recalling it now, I think I was truly a
charmless brat .

Head Chef was surely troubled by a Duke’s daughter unreasonably wanting to

be lent a corner of the kitchen . Even now, I’m thankful that he nodded with it
can’t be helped to me who earnestly requested saying I won’t be a hindrance .
While at least avoiding the times which I thought would be hectic, I earnestly
engaged in work . First I started working on red bean paste . Despite there being
azuki beans, there’s no concept of red bean paste . I had no choice but to
somehow make it myself .

At first, not understanding well what I’m desperately making other cooks
observed me at a distance, but gradually they began leaving me alone .

And, the ‘daifuku’ I somehow finished couldn’t be called acceptable even as

flattery . But, the chefs bursting into tears overcome with emotion after sampling
the unknown sweetness of red bean paste is a fond memory of mine .

Afterwards, after many creative attempts ‘daifuku’ that reached the acceptable
taste and was completed, shocked the world . Brother who secretly ate it took a
liking to it and brought it to the castle on his own .

‘Daifuku’ that wasn’t yet known to people of this world .

At first, people nervously approached Brother to taste it, and just like that they
became captivated by the never before experienced sweetness and texture .
Rumors spread and great number of people approached Brother asking for it, but
Brother only responded with a smile . Boasting that it was the Duke household’s
personal chef’s original recipe, he didn’t talk about the details and kept
everything a secret . Secrets just make you want more . That’s the way humans
are, to find out the daifuku recipe, since then the number of spies sent to our
house multiplied . Of course, Father and Brother wouldn’t allow it and thwarted
every attempt, but it’s something awful Brother brought upon .

By the way, this is a story from few years ago, but there seemed to be people
who were unable to forget the taste of daifuku they had in the castle once and
clung to Brother . It’s still fresh in my memory that I thought it’s absolutely
premeditated after hearing a rumor that one of them was a person who was
hostile to Brother in the past .

“That person is a sucker for sweets”

A few days before Brother willfully took away daifuku, I’d noticed Brother
muttering that .

Such daifuku has now attained the reputation of being a gift of the Duke
household’s favor .

‘Daifuku’ is a present when visiting the castle . ‘Daifuku’ is brought when

visiting close friends’ houses . ‘Daifuku’ is a dessert for welcoming guests, as it
can only be eaten at our home, the scarcity is also one of the reasons behind its
great popularity .

I know other recipes besides daifuku, so I don’t think it’s necessary to stick to
it, but as it’s surprisingly Father’s favorite, it’s been left as is . Father, who was at
first hesitant, nowadays likes them so much he smiles broadly at daifuku . Since
I occasionally see it taken to the castle, perhaps His Majesty also eats them . I
haven’t heard directly, but I have such a hunch .
I produced daifuku purely for my own cravings, but I’m glad if I considerably
contributed to my household as a result .

But, to be honest, it’s not fun to only make daifuku . There are plenty other
sweets I want to reproduce . After getting tired of making daifuku, I decided to
tell Head Chef the detailed recipe . Because it’s troublesome I told him to make
it instead of me .

However . Having been told daifuku recipe Head Chef’s stared at me in

wonder and asked . Is it okay to tell me such an important recipe .

The so called craftsmen in this world look at techniques and steal them by
picking up the fundamentals . Chefs are no exception . A chef who has the
original recipe is only valued for that, so some even don’t reveal those until they
die . As for me, I’m concerned about delicious dishes being buried in the dark
like that, but it seems that isn’t a problem for them .

When I easily nodded, Head Chef simply bowed his head . Then, I was asked
if he can revere me as his master . It’s an unthinkable wish, so I naturally
rejected . I don’t want anything like that . I thought it’s troublesome as I only
wanted to make food .

But Thomas and his subordinates shook their heads and didn’t give an inch .
Eventually I lost to their energy and as their master I was for some reason
supposed to control the kitchen of our house…

“Daifuku with strawberries is a fresh idea!! Master!!”

What I’m making now is called ‘strawberry daifuku’ .

What I’m making now is called ‘strawberry daifuku’ . Ever since then, they’ve
never called me ‘Milady’ . It’s only ‘Master’ . Since Father hasn’t said anything
there’s no one to stop them, so ultimately it ended up like that .

“I think salt daifuku and mugwort daifuku are delicious, but after all
strawberry daifuku is my favorite”

For a person who lived in that world it’s obvious, but for people who’ve never
thought of it, it must seem like a wild idea . Although I understand, it’s strange .
Ah, that’s right, although I understand my feigned innocence was exposed to
my family, in the end I couldn’t change my attitude this late, so at home I stayed
the same as ever . At any rate, there’s a little less than six months until the
wedding, even though my act came to light I defiantly continued it .

“’Salt daifuku’, is it! You’ve thought up another recipe!! As expected of

Master!!” “Ah”

… Crap . It seems I blurted out something while absentmindedly thinking

about unrelated matters . I reflexively pressed a hand to my temple, hearing the
words ‘salt daifuku’ and ‘mugwort daifuku’ Thomas has already started getting
excited as he pleases . When that happens, the chef cannot be stopped . No, I’m
already done with daifuku, while I truly would like to make other types, like this
there’ll be no end to it . Thinking of what to do I decided to escape quickly .

I smiled sweetly and informed Thomas .

“I have something to do . I will excuse myself with this” “Ah, Master!!”

While thinking of the many daifuku they have yet to see, I hurriedly packed
the completed daifuku in a box and escaped from the kitchen .

Thomas still seems to be saying something, but I pretended not to listen .

When it comes to cooking that guy is persistent . No matter how much time I
give him it’s not enough . Somehow I avoided the apprentices and returned to
my room, but it considerably worn me out .

“Phew, I almost dug my own grave…”

I feel like I’ve already dug it, but I’ll lose if I care . I placed the box on the
desk and beautifully wrapped it up in wrapping paper, and hurriedly changed to
street clothes . And as usual, I was about to take out a rope from under my bed,
when suddenly a thought crossed my mind .

“… Perhaps…”

… It is unthinkable, but it’s worth trying . I took a look outside the window
and turned back . I took the package in my hand and descended the large
staircase with a nonchalant look . Mother who was in a lobby before the entrance
tilted her head seeing the package in my hand . She absolutely didn’t mention
my appearance of a town girl .

“Ara, Lidi, are you going out?” “Yes, Mother . I want to thank someone I’m
indebted to” “I see, do not stay out too late” “I understand”

Being seen off so simply, I went outside the mansion .


…… ……

… Oi oi . … Oi oi oi oi .

I walked several steps in silence, but suddenly I stopped walking and

crouched . I held my head .

“Woah, the worst…”

After all my sneaking out had been exposed… Since my feigned innocence
was exposed I got the idea of straightforwardly leaving through the front
entrance, but Mother simply sent me off . … Her attitude was terribly ordinary .

“I see… Of course . I thought it was strange…”

It’s impossible my outings wouldn’t be exposed with security measures that

don’t allow any spies to invade . Everybody knew of me desperately sneaking
out through the window, moreover they didn’t say anything .


My shoulders dropped . I thought of that after learning I was found out . I

thought of that, but being let through so easily is embarrassing .

“… Well, it’s easier to leave this way, so oh well”

If that’s the case, I wish I had noticed sooner . But it can’t be helped I hadn’t
thought of that . Telling myself that, I pulled myself together and got up . For
now, let’s complete my objective .

What I told mother wasn’t a lie . Someone I’m indebted to – that is, I’m
thinking of going to thank Delris-san again . Since it’s a rare occasion, I thought
of bringing a present, with that in mind I shut myself in the kitchen since the
morning .

“I wonder if he’s fighting now…”

Unintentionally, I looked at the sky and muttered few words . I

absentmindedly stared at the cirrocumulus clouds like scales that stretched out .

In the end, Freed didn’t come the next day . It’s only natural . Due to Tarim’s
assault, he departed for the front at night .

The next morning, I was informed of his departure by Father .

His Highness departed for the front .

When I was briefly told, I simply nodded okay .

I was able to accept it quietly as I’d heard about it from Brother beforehand,
but honestly my mind was in turmoil .

No matter how strong Freed is, nobody knows what will happen . That’s what
going to war means, right?

I transmigrated from a peaceful country where there’s no war, so it doesn’t

quite click with me . Although there’s war in this world, even if I understand it’s
in the present tense, I’d thought it’s a story that doesn’t concern me .

I transmigrated from a peaceful country where there’s no war, so it doesn’t

quite click with me . Although there’s war in this world, even if I understand it’s
in the present tense, I’d thought it’s a story that doesn’t concern me .

Everybody living in this country is aware he’s the Supreme Commander of the
army that’s meant to stop Tarim from going south . He assumed supreme
command over 3 Chivalric Orders, among them Primera Chivalric Order which
is composed of elite knights, and accompanied by them he’s going to Margrave
Sharm aid .

And, in that army there’s Magician’s Division led by Will to provide rear
support . It’s natural as only the leader of Magician’s Division can unlock the
gate to move the army . But, even though I’ve heard of Will going there every
year, I haven’t felt anxiety…

After all, is it different because he’s the rear support .

I’ve heard Freed fights at the frontline .

Normally, the Supreme Commander leads from the rear . But, as his fighting
strength is extremely high, it’s more effective if he’s at the frontline, so he
always stands there .

He’s not posing, he’s a true soldier .

Defeating enemies, inspiring allies, the future king brings about the victory .
That’s his role .

“I hope… he doesn’t get injured”

I didn’t know him until now . So I didn’t think anything of it . But, now that I
know him, it’s impossible not to worry . After all, it’s war . Moreover, he’s
fighting at the frontline . I cannot not worry .

That’s right ―――― that’s why I’m worried like this .

Even so, no matter how much I think, I can’t do anything . All I can pray is for
the safety of these two . Just because I’m melancholic doesn’t mean anything has
changed .

Anybody would wish for that . I know this much .

―――― That’s why, I’m the usual me .

Breathing out lightly, I switched my train of thought, and started walking

again . The objective is Delris-san’s home .

How will she react to ‘Assorted box of daifuku and strawberry daifuku’ that
I’ve prepared as thanks .

“I hope she’ll be pleased”

Lightly lifting the package, I let out a giggle . How will she react to me being
the creator of the ‘daifuku’ that’s gossiped about .
This time too, I’m deeply indebted to Delris-san . I hope I can repay her if
even a little .

It’s a bit early to call the season winter yet . Watching autumn wind rock trees,
I leisurely walked towards the castle town .
Chapter 45
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As I haven’t made any special arrangements with Delris-san, I walked on the

side of the street without hurry . Passing through the central gate, I advanced
down the main street . Sometimes clattering wagons pass by, Sporadically, I also
see carriages that seem to belong to nobles . I stop paying attention to them after
checking their crests . From stands lined up in front of shops, shopkeepers are
shouting to attract customers .

“… It’s peaceful”

Even though Freed is fighting at the distant northern border, people here
carefree . But thinking they’re doing their best to protect this peace filled me
with deep emotion .

While lightly walking towards my destination, I’m taking peeks at the stalls .
There are many people around this area, it’s filled with liveliness . But among it,
I heard a shrill familiar voice .

“We are going to that shop . You truly are a dullard!! Look, hurry up!!” “I
am sorry, Milady . Let’s go at once”

A pair of woman and man who seem to be a master and servant entered my
line of sight . They’re oddly conspicuous being surrounded by citizens at a
distance . I don’t recognize the man’s face, but I remember the woman .

… It’s her .

I lightly searched my memory . Certainly, she’s a marquis’s daughter Maria

Von Shanoire . On the day of the engagement ceremony, she was one of the
followers driven out by Freed .
At that time, she was wearing a pink dress, and today again she’s put on a
showy blue dress . It certainly suits the strong-willed her nicely . It suits her,

… Let’s think about TPO a little longer .

She felt amazingly out of place . Her hair is beautifully curled, and her
makeup applied perfectly . My cheeks twitched at her appearance that wouldn’t
feel off even if she visited the castle . She’s obviously conspicuous, yet she
hasn’t even noticed the surroundings are keeping away from her .

“Even though it is my long awaited relaxation in town, it is useless with an

attendant like you . You deadhead!!”

Without resisting her getting annoyed and shouting, the earnest attendant
deeply bowed .

… How should I say it, unsightly .

I couldn’t stand to watch it, I secretly averted my gaze .

The town residents, who were waiting to see what will happen at a distance,
understanding it’s a noble’s selfishness soon lost interest and dispersed . The
correct answer is to not get involved . I also fully agree .

As it is, I cannot walk past her . Thinking it’d be unpleasant, I took a detour .
The detour took me along a river . I encountered a truly unpleasant thing .

However, what sort of trouble was that .

Such a lady shouldn’t easily be permitted to go out to town specifically .

Surely, she said it was for relaxation .

… Aah .

Once again I remembered her being harshly refused by Freed . Perhaps she
was scolded by her father afterwards . And maybe she went out to town to clear
away her gloominess . Certainly, her father, Marquis Shanoire is a man
extremely weak to power . I happened to see him as he buttered up to Father
who’s the highest ranking Duke, and Brother . It’s easy conjecture that he
probably personally found fault with his daughter who had irritated and been
reprimanded by the Crown Prince who’s the absolute power . He’s a man of
splendidly small caliber .

Finding it more and more unpleasant, I decided to forget about it and walk
down the riverside . And, from the direction I was heading to I saw a staggering
man .

His whole body is covered with brown attire close to black, the lower half of
his face concealed . Since he’s looking down, I can’t see his expression . On his
feet he’s wearing something like Japanese socks . On his waist, something
resembling a katana is visible .

Although he doesn’t look out of place, I wanted to shout in surprise at his

appearance .

Although he doesn’t look out of place, I wanted to shout in surprise at his

appearance .

Ninja!! Japanese ninja!!

I swear . His appearance is how I imagined shinobi of Iga or Kouka1 dress . It

can’t be helped that I thought that . If I was normal, seeing something so
suspicious I’d pretend not to see and run away, but I was different . I stopped and
fixedly stared at him .

Woah . It’s the real thing .

Of course, I’m well aware there’s no such thing as ‘ninja’ in this world . But, I
couldn’t help but feel like that .

Seeing from up close you would understand . Old-looking costume with a

worn-out impression . The katana on his waist doesn’t seem to be new either .
Their appearance of being used is perfect . Yes, it’s perfect . I gazed at his
exceptionally realistic appearance .

Although his appearance might cause disturbance among townsfolk, the

riverside is away from the center of the town, or rather, there aren’t many people
here . Although he’s a suspicious person, since he’s just passing by everybody
who catches sight of him pretends not to see anything .
I’ve been ardently watching the man in slight excitement, but the other party
hasn’t noticed me at all . He staggered by me in silence . At that moment, I’ve
heard rough breathing and felt the smell of blood, so I unintentionally turned
around .


Without reacting to my voice, the man simply kept walking . On a closer look,
he was dragging his leg a little . There’s no reason to even think about it, he’s
injured .

This is not good .

I can’t ignore a person who is injured . Thinking so, I tried running after him,
when I heard a woman’s “kya” .

… This voice is .

I looked there with an unpleasant premonition, and as I thought, it seems Miss

Maria from a while ago and a man collided .

She seemed to be only lightly hit as it ended with nothing more than
staggering, but it wasn’t like that for the man .

She seemed to be only lightly hit as it ended with nothing more than
staggering, but it wasn’t like that for the man . I guess standing had been his
limit . The moment he was hit, he immediately collapsed on the ground .

“Hey… This is bad…”

It was already too late when I muttered that . Miss Maria who was bumped
into, started raising a fuss looking at her dress .

“My!! You got dirt on my brand-new dress!! Were you not satisfied with
bumping into a marquis’s daughter, what in the world was that!!?” “…”

The man didn’t answer . He couldn’t . While lying on the ground, he lifted
himself with his elbow and breathed roughly . It seemed to be all he could
manage .
“Why are you not saying anything!! Impolite!! Quickly get up and kneel!!”
“…” “Hurry up!! Otherwise, I will force you to kneel!!”

Unreasonable .

Every time she raises voice, expression disappears from my face . Does she
not understand this is not the time to be saying that . If you’re going to raise him,
at least check his state, I thought, but she absolute didn’t share my view . I could
only be amazed that the lady has less common sense than I thought . It cannot be
left to this woman .

Having become impatient with the man who won’t stand up at all, she ordered
her attendant to pull him up . Sensing that he’ll be punched like that, I raised my
voice in panic . There’s no way I can let that happen .

“Stop it!!” “Wha… what”

I guess she didn’t expect somebody to call out to her . Hearing me strongly
raise voice to stop them, not only her, but also her attendant were surprised, and
halted . Taking the opportunity I approached her . I forced my way through and
stood in front of the man to protect him .

“Although I don’t know the whole story, is this something a marquis’s

daughter is supposed to be doing? Can’t you tell by looking he’s so injured he
can’t move!!”

Angered by my words, she talked back .

“So what!! Outsiders should not interfere!! Because of this man, my dress

Dress? Is this woman stupid . I could tell my emotions were growing cold
hearing her words .

“… There is nothing more important than life . How can you not
understand such a simple thing”

When I quietly said so, she lifted her eyes . She doesn’t seem to yet recognize
just who I am . Thinking she was looked down on by a commoner, she furiously
glared at me .
“Even though you are a commoner you dare being rude…!!”

Hearing those words, the corners of my mouth curved . After all, she’s that
type of a person . In that case, I shall face her .

An eye for an eye . A tooth for a tooth . Social status for social status .

I fixed my gaze on her and took a step forward .

“I wonder if you can only judge people by their appearance . I will not let
you tell me you forgot my face” “Eh…”

1) Two regions famous for their ninja traditions, Iga, Kouka

Chapter 46
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Because she picked a fight with me at the Royal Castle, I absolutely won’t let
her say she forgot me . I brought my face closer to get the desired reaction, but
her expression said she doesn’t recognize me . But that was only at the beginning
. She looked at my face once again, and her face stiffened in a twinkling .

“… Ah… Duke Vivoir’s…”

Since she finally understandood who I am, I sweetly smiled .

“Yes, I am glad you remembered . It has been a long time . I could not greet
you in the Royal Castle . And so? Who is being rude to whom? Absolutely do
tell me”

I told her provocatively . When it comes to our status, I’m at an overwhelming

advantage . If she’s flaunting her social status, she must understand this much . If
she’s under the impression that I’m a sickly lady whom she can beat by taking
confident attitude, she’s making a great mistake .

“Tha, that is…”

As expected, Maria averted her eyes and, lost for words, couldn’t answer .
However, with just that I had absolutely no intention of easing up on her .

“It is unexpected to meet you in such a place . I was surprised to see you in
the town with an appearance suitable for attending a ball, but above that I was
shocked by the attitude you showed to the man just now . Do you know the
meaning of the phrase ‘noblesse oblige’? We are here thanks to them . It is not
a good thing to selfishly abuse the rights of the privileged class . We are
required to serve as the example for the public whenever possible . Poor thing,
you seem unable to understand such obvious facts”
Maria weakly sneered, seeming annoyed .

“Wha, do not look down on me!! I don’t care you a duke’s daughter, you
yourself have no peerage, you are only a woman!!”

As expected, she seemed to realize she had been insulted . And then she said
that . It’s fine, but . I intensified my smile . As elegantly as possible . To make it
beautiful .

“Yeah, that is right . It can also be said about you, Miss Maria . The status
you stubbornly flaunted just now does not belong to you, it is your father’s . It
is unrelated to you”

Being told that, Maria reflexively shouted .

“But . Father would listen to anything I ask for!!” “That might be so . But
you know, I could also ask for that much and more, I wonder if you do not
understand that . My Father is the Prime Minister and the leading Duke .
Yours is at most a lowly marquis of a province, there is no way he can
compare” “Tha… that”

Having the reality thrust at her, she stood stock still in shock . Until now she
must’ve hidden behind her father’s status to do as she pleased . It seems it not
working was unthinkable .

“Although it may be an inconsequential matter, I will tell you . Your father

was desperate to have my Father and Older Brother take a liking to him, you
know? If I report your actions today, I wonder just what he would say?” “!!!”

I guess she thought about my words . In a twinkling, Maria became pale .

Although it was a speculation before, she must’ve been terribly scolded by her
father for angering Freed .

If he finds out she furthermore picked a fight with the young lady of the
household he’s thinking of buttering up to, even if she’s his adorable daughter,
she won’t make it through by just smiling .

Noticing her blunder for the first time, she began trembling . Unable to keep
standing, she seemed to collapse, her attendant had to support her from behind .
The color already drained from her face . Even so, despite trembling she got on
her knees . Without manners she simply lowered her head .

I stared at that with a somewhat fed-up look .

“I was… rude . Please… forgive me”

While trembling from humiliation, she put together an apology in a very thin
voice, to which I tilted my head like a small bird .

“I do not understand at all what you are talking about . Who in the world
are you apologizing to?”

She was begging for forgiveness on her knees in terror . Perhaps she’s
frightened of the fury of her father who’s a marquis . Had she done that from the
start there would be no need for what’s happening .

“Of… Of course to Lidiana-sama… Ple, please, keep this matter a secret

from His Excellency the Duke and father… I beg you…”

Her words truly disappointed me . I thought she was a small fry when I met
her in the castle, but she’s truly hopeless .

“The person you should apologize to is different . It is not me you should

apologize to, but him . To not even know such a thing”

When I pointed out the poor thing with my eyes, she looked like she noticed
his existence for the first time .


Seeing the roughly breathing man, she screamed and drew back . His hood
slid off exposing his eyes . There’s no light in one eye, the other is bright red . I
became fascinated by its red like pigeon blood . With his black hair it made for
an unusual color combination, I let out a sigh of admiration .

“Cu… cursed clan”

She displayed the exact opposite reaction . Seeing his eyes, she shivered
unable to stand up . There certainly is a rumor that the clan of red eyes is cursed .
But .
“It is not the reason to abandon a person you know is injured”

I told her with my brows knitted, but she frantically shook her head .

I told her with my brows knitted, but she frantically shook her head .

“Because… it’s disgusting!!” “!!”

Her words that were like an embodiment of malice took my breath away for a
moment . I forcibly suppressed the urge that instantly arose . If I hadn’t, I would
have hit her . My vision became red with fury . I can’t understand why she
would discriminate due to a part of his physical appearance . Looking at those
pretty eyes myself, I found her insensitivity unbelievable .

“… Enough” “Eh…”

As she turned her frightened eyes towards me, I waved my hand to drive her
off .

“I will do something about him . Go away already . It will be unpleasant if

you stay here any longer”

She reacted with a start to my anger that leaked out, despite my intention to
restrain it . I took another breath and spoke to her attendant .

“I will turn a blind eye this time . Therefore, take your master away”

I turned my back to her and went down on my knees next to the man . I didn’t
want to see her face anymore .

In the background, the attendant seemed to be saying something to her . After

a while, it felt like she stood up, and the two of them finally left . I breathed out
in relief at the sound of their footsteps growing distant .

“Milady, shall I help you”

As soon as they disappeared, a single man suddenly appeared . The man with
fine physique who I recognize to a certain degree bitterly smiled . After all it’s
like this . Probably he’s a guard Brother or Father gave me . I don’t know his
name . I sighed and looked up at him . He was grinning happily .
“I thought you would be here, but again you appeared at an incredible
timing” “Honestly, I thought of coming out a little earlier, but I really had no
opportunity . But, truly well done”

While being utterly amazed by the man who didn’t feel like helping me, I
gave him instructions .

“Well, whatever, that being the case it is your turn now . Please provide this
guy with medical treatment . I smell blood . He appears injured” “I

Smile disappeared from his face, and he quietly searched the collapsed man
for injuries . He’s got quite slender physique . Rather than a knight with firm
muscles, it seemed to be more convincing to say he does secret work, like
espionage .

Smile disappeared from his face, and he quietly searched the collapsed man
for injuries . He’s got quite slender physique . Rather than a knight with firm
muscles, it seemed to be more convincing to say he does secret work, like
espionage . Yes, like a ninja . Ninja .

Although it was my guard who checked for presence of wounds, before long
he made a face like he doesn’t understand and spoke to me .

“Milady . I cannot find wounds anywhere”

Perplexed by his state, I asked him to repeat .

“Eh?” “As I said, there is nothing like wound anywhere”

At those words, I looked down at the man . The man breathes with difficulty .
He’s probably still young, the man perhaps younger than me certainly smells of
blood .

“But, he smells of blood…” “Milady, this is probably a kind of curse”


I tilted my head at words I don’t get to hear much .

“That’s right . There’s no injury but the smell of blood hangs in the air .
Abnormalities of the respiratory organs . It’s closer to a curse than a poison .
However, if it’s a curse we cannot do anything . I’ve heard a special method is
necessary to dispel it . However, unfortunately I don’t know it” “Such a
thing…” “He won’t survive long . He’ll die soon”

I stared at the roughly breathing man . He weakly opened his eyes and looked
here . The pigeon blood captivated me . It seems his voice won’t come out . Still
he moved his lips . I read their movements with my utmost effort .

‘Kill me’

I opened my eyes wide wondering if I haven’t misread these words . The

words unconsciously came out of my mouth .

“… Do you want to die?”


Hearing my words his eyes widened slightly . But, he didn’t say anything .
Even so, the brilliance in his eyes said he wants to live more than anything .
Looking at those eyes, I again strengthened my determination .

“I got it . In that case, I’ll do something” “Milady!!”

When he again closed his eyes, while stroking his head I said so, but the guard
raised his voice to reproach me . In addition, he weakly shook his head .

“I have an idea for a person who may be able to help . It is close, please at
least let me try” “Who is the person who can break a curse? What in the

“I have an idea for a person who may be able to help . It is close, please at
least let me try” “Who is the person who can break a curse? What in the

I didn’t answer his question said in a tone that demanded explanation . I think
Delris-san doesn’t want her existence to be known . In that case, I can’t reveal it
at my own discretion .

“I am sorry . I cannot say that . In any case, I will go there . Absolutely do

not follow me” “However”

I firmly stopped him from persisting . Probably, nobody other than me can use
that path . I have such a hunch .

“Even if you try to follow, it will probably be impossible . So please . I

promise I will return to the central gate by dusk, so please wait there”
“Milady…” “I might be able to save him . Please”

When I looked at him appealingly, the guard soon nodded I understand to

show he gave up . However, while I was feeling relieved, he said the following .

“… I will report this matter to your father” “… I would like you to stop, but
I expect it to be impossible . I understand”

I’ll leave the matter with Father be for now . First I have to do something
about him .

Leaving the guard on the spot, I had him stand up while supporting his body .
As he’s a man, I prepared for him to be considerably heavy, but to my surprise
he was lighter than I’d expected . Although it helped with moving him, he was
probably malnourished . That’s not good, I grimaced .

Delris-san’s house isn’t far from here .

Perhaps Delris-san will hate me bringing him along . Even so, I have no
choice but to implore her . She’s my only acquaintance who seem to understand
curses . A life cannot be replaced .

While dragging his body, I desperately headed for her house . Hot breathing
struck my neck . The definite proof that he’s still alive filled me with strength . I
murmured to persuade both him, as well as myself .

“… I will absolutely help you . Do not give up on life”

Chapter 47
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I brought the man along to the usual spot and stood there stock still. The
reason is simple. The pathway to Delris-san’s house that shouldn’t be visible
already stretched in front of me unhindered. Like the last time, I didn’t have to
touch it to make it appear. From the beginning, the pathway was visible as if
saying welcome. The unusual sight that felt too out of place made me doubt my
eyes. When I was at a loss for what to do, a voice resounded in my ears.

‘Look, enter quickly before those guys find out” “Eh?”

Instinctively I looked around, but I couldn’t see any people.

‘Never mind that, hurry up’ “Ah, yes”

Hurried by the voice, I entered the pathway carrying the man. Since the
pathway opened like this, I guess it’s fine to bring the man along. When I
stepped inside, the pathway changed to its usual state of being enveloped in fog.
I felt somehow relieved about that. Looking behind, the entrance has already
disappeared. I understand it’d probably only opened to let me in.

While thinking I was saved, I headed for Delris-san’s house, but at that
moment a crow flew from behind with amazing vigor.


I cowered down, but the crow showed absolutely no interest and simply kept

“What was that…”

When I pulled myself together and advanced through the fog, I noticed a black
lump approach from the front.

‘Put the man on that dog’

When I followed the instructions and placed the man on its back, the black
dog started calmly moving towards Delris-san’s house. I also followed in a rush.


After passing through the open door, the dog continued down the stairs. While
admiring it skillfully carrying a person on its back, I followed after, and was
greeted by Delris-san in her usual black hood looking at me. I wonder if it’s my
imagination that she looked worn-out.

“… You brought something troublesome again…” “… Sorry”

Being told so in amazement, I lowered my head. I very well understand I

caused her trouble. There’s nothing but to apologize.

Delris-san waved her hand at the dog. The dog with the man on his back
changed to something resembling a bed. Convenient. Right after she raised her
hand. A black crow flew through a window and landed on her arm. I recognize
this crow. It’s the one that flew by me a while ago. Or rather, a witch and crow…
They’re too well-matched.

“I carried a series of exchanges through this familiar, but you see. This man
had a quite troublesome curse placed on him” “… After all it was a curse?”

I didn’t want to believe it and asked to confirm, but Delris-san clearly nodded.
I thought it would be good if it wasn’t the case, but it didn’t go as I wished.

Releasing the crow familiar, Delris-san approached the man and opened his
clothes, exposing his chest, and while at it removed his face cover.

Releasing the crow familiar, Delris-san approached the man and opened his
clothes, exposing his chest, and while at it removed his face cover. Curly black
hair and pained face with some childishness still remaining became visible. As I
thought, he’s young. His slender body was so emaciated bones were visible. And
yet it was firmly toned. Awful scars were all over his exposed upper half. I
instinctively wanted to turn my face away, but somehow I endured.

Delris-san, not minding his appearance, casually placed her hands above his
chest and began chanting something like a spell.

At that moment, the man groaned.

I could only be confused not knowing what she’d started doing.


“Be silent. Look, it’s coming out. This is the identity of the curse. Hexcraft
that steals away target’s life in exchange for caster’s life… It’s something
assassins of Sahaja to the west use when they want to kill their target at all

When I followed her gaze, I saw fist-sized pattern emerge near his heart. Two
snakes entangled like ivy made up for a tasteless magic formation.

“… Sahaja?”

Hearing the unexpected name, I asked back. That’s right, Delris-san


At these words, I searched my head for information about Sahaja. Sahaja is a

country’s name. A desert country ‘Sahaja’.

A large country to the west of ours. The country, where warmongering kings
rule, has from old days never stopped waging conflicts. Over half of its territory
is covered by an unsparing desert, it’s a war-loving militaristic country that
always watches for an opportunity to aim at neighboring countries.

Our country is currently not in the state of war with it thanks to the signed
armistice, still Segunda Chivalric Order keeps a watchful eye on the western

As great number of monsters live in the desert there, factions often come
together to fight against them. The outcome being, in that country the so-called
guilds where same kinds of people could associate were established. Of course,
guilds also have branches in our country, but generally all their headquarters are
in Sahaja’s capital. There are various types of guilds like Trade Guild,
Manufacturing Guild, Adventurer’s Guild, but the especially famous one that
only exists in Sahaja is ‘Assassin’s Guild’. It undertakes assassinations for
money, there’s even a dark rumor it’s directly under the king’s control.

“Err. Does this mean he’s in some way related to Sahaja?”

“Err. Does this mean he’s in some way related to Sahaja?”

I couldn’t see the man who’s now suffering in that way. Delris-san vaguely

“I don’t know what sort of connection that is. This guy doesn’t look to be
from Sahaja, after all he has red eyes, right? He doesn’t hail from Sahaja.
Going by his eyes, he appears to have come from the north” “North…”

I thought of several countries to the north. But, I couldn’t think of any with a
red-eyed clan. In the first place, although I was aware of the story of the cursed
clan, it was nothing but a rumor. Before seeing him today, I also had thought it
was fake.

“He had such a curse placed on him. I’m certain he incurred considerable
wrath of Sahaja’s Assassin’s Guild” “Is… that so” “Sahaja’s Assassin’s Guild
only moves with money. They’re professional assassins, so generally they don’t
put their life on the line for no reason. Them placing the curse in exchange for
a life should tell you how much they resent him”

I looked at the man breathing with difficulty. I don’t know what happened, but
he seems to have been targeted by Sahaja’s Assassin’s Guild and had a curse
placed on him. I wonder if he escaped to this country.

“Can you help him?”

When I said that, Delris-san listlessly shook her head.

“Of course, is what I’d like to say, but there is no way to dispel this curse.
It’s a powerful hexcraft placed in exchange for the caster’s life. I might have
been able to help him if it was at least few days earlier” “No way” “The curse
has already spread throughout the whole body. Your guard also said it. It’s too
late. I thought maybe I could do something, but after rough examination I
realized it’s hopeless. All I can do for him is kill him”

Because dying from a curse is painful, Delris-san added. Those words made
me recall him appeal ‘kill me’. He wished for it because he understood

“He’s still young…” “Well, that’s right. Still, he blundered enough to be

resented at such an age. I guess he’s not an ordinary person”

As soon as Delris-san left the man’s side, I approached him.

As soon as Delris-san left the man’s side, I approached him. He’s still roughly
breathing as usual. Suddenly, he opened his eyes. As expected, there’s no light in
one of them. The other, red eye seems unfocused. But somehow I felt him
looking at me. The instant I realized that, I closed my eyes.

I have no idea what to say to such him to apologize. I easily told him I’d help
him, to have hope. I extended a helping hand to him who gave up. And yet I
can’t do anything, I’m worse than that stupid womanMaria.

“Sorry… I’m sorry. I cannot do anything”

Even though I can’t do anything, I can’t choose to relieve him by killing him.
I’m an awful woman.

I grasped the hand of the man whose body started convulsing some time ago
and knelt by the bed. I softly reached out my hand towards the pattern above his
heart that Delris-san had drawn out. This magic formation is torturing him. With
such a tiny formation his life is in danger. It’s frustrating not being able to do
anything. I wonder if there is truly no way.

“This magic formation should just disappear…”

Staring at it hatefully, I grasped the magic formation wanting to crush it.

Seeing this, Delris-san called to me in panic.

“Oi, don’t carelessly touch it. It’s a curse. A lump of negativity. Nobody
knows what may happen if you directly touch it”

Seeing her panic, I withdrew my hand grasping the magic formation. At that

―――― Crack.


I heard a sound of something breaking.

Chapter 48
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A strange dry sound like thin glass breaking resounded from the direction of
my hand .

Surprised by the sound, I withdrew my hand in panic . Wondering what

happened and whether it wasn’t something bad, I stared at that spot .

But even when I desperately strained my eyes, I couldn’t see anything there .
For some reason, even the magic formation that was there just now disappeared .
It’s truly nowhere to be seen . All that’s left is his smooth chest . I can tell he’s
alive from the soft movements of his chest .


Without understanding what happened I once again muttered and looked back
at Delris-san . I’m afraid I must’ve done something to make the magic formation
that emerged disappear . But, she was looking at me with a dumbfounded face .

“Delris… san?” “… I’m surprised…” “Eh?”

She put a hand against her mouth and muttered to herself .

“Does it even cover hexcraft…”

She approached me while mumbling so and shaking her head, then once again
fixedly stared at my hand .

“I knew you are a person who has the ability to neutralize my barrier, but…
Unbelievable . Does it really go as far as neutralizing the ‘Curse of Sahaja’”

The ‘Curse of Sahaja’ she spoke about must be the magic formation from
earlier . But, neutralize?? Come to think of it, I recall hearing it before .

When I first came to Delris-san’s house, she said such a thing . But, now’s not
the time for that . There’s something I need to confirm first .

“Um, Delris-san? … The pitch-black magic formation is gone, but… is this

person okay…”

When I nervously asked, Delris-san spoke as if she was amazed that I haven’t
noticed .

“What are you saying . Didn’t you just splendidly neutralize it… This guy is
okay now . It seems he has no other injuries, so he should wake up soon”
“Is… that so”

Delris-san’s words made me pat my chest in relief . I got on my knees next to

the bed and once again tightly grasped his hand . I was so relieved my tears
welled up . I don’t understand well what Delris-san said, but it appears he’s
saved . That’s right… I was able to save him . Then, there’s no need to say
anything .

“… I’m glad”

When I spoke from the bottom of my heart, Delris-san informed me with an

astounded expression .

“Normally it would be unthinkable . That guy was fortunate to have come

across you… He couldn’t be saved by anybody else”

It was also impossible for me, Delris-san weakly laughed .

“It’s fine either way . As long as he was saved”

As long as my ability that I don’t understand well saved him, it’s fine . Above
all, I’m happy I could be helpful .

“… I see . But you must also be tired . There’s still some time until that guy
wakes up . I’m going to make tea, so take a little rest” “Thank you . I’m
grateful for your offer”
When I was shown the chair from the last time, I let go of his hand and stood
up . My sight violently shook . I felt unsteady on my feet .

“Wo… w”

To me surprised by dizziness, Delris-san pointed out .

“You must have consumed a great deal of magical power . It’s inevitable
you’d feel somewhat unsteady . Look, get yourself together” “Ooooou”

I managed to reach the chair after walking unsteadily . After safely sitting
down strength left my body . I fell on the desk .

“Fuaaaa” “Here, tea to restore your magical power . It tastes better than the
last time so drink it quickly” “… Thank… you!?”

Looking at the color of the tea placed in front of me, I completely solidified .
What, I’m just having a bad dream . Tea, certainly Delris-san said it was tea .
And yet, this is…

… Yup, it’s blue .

What should I do . I don’t understand Delris-san’s definition of tea .

The cup presented to me was filled with cobalt blue liquid . My cheeks
twitched at the deep blue color as if blue paint was dissolved in it .

The green-colored tea from the last time was also tough but going by the
appearance this one is worse . After all, this blue is strange .

As I can’t see any foreign matter, at least it’s better in that way . As a test I
tried shaking the cup, but for some reason the contents shook like jelly . It’s
supposed to be tea, but what is it… I don’t understand .

In any case, courage is undoubtedly needed to drink it . Even so, I know the
effectiveness of Delris-san’s medicine first-hand . And that it’s her kindness . I
have no choice but to drink it this time as well .

… Okie dokie, let’s prepare myself .

… Okie dokie, let’s prepare myself . Just like facing death, I faced the tea . It
may be meaningless, but I made sure not to breathe through nose and gulped it in
one go .

“Whatever!!! … Woah… geho… woah gross”

As expected, it can’t be called delicious even as a lie . The taste worse than
aojiru’s made me cough . For some reason, it stuck to the back of my throat . It
was so awful I teared up . In what way was it better than the previous one .

However, after all the effect was outstanding . Lightheartedness that’s like
intense vertigo disappeared in an instant, my consciousness also cleared up .

The aftertaste is the worst though… … Truly, this taste can’t be called good .

“Thank you… very much”

I mumbled my thanks . The feeling of it going down my throat was the worst,
but it’s a fact my condition recovered . It’s only right to thank her . Even so,
aware of what I was trying to say from my expression, Delris-san rested her chin
in her hands and meaningfully smiled .

“This time too you bravely drank it . Truly, you are interesting… Fufu,
effective medicine is bitter”

Contrary to Delris-san’s delighted voice I felt dejected, still I rebutted .

“I think something this bitter is beyond fine”

Her pills and powder medicine are fine, so why is the liquid medicine like this
. I can only think of it as harassment .

“The amount of your magic power is remarkably high, but even so you seem
to have used quite the amount to neutralize the curse just now” “You
mentioned neutralizing before”

I was finally able to respond to the phrase that came out again .

“Ah, after all you were unaware . Well, it’s not well-known so it’s
understandable… Let’s see, you have quite an unusual neutralization ability”
While laughing she offered me a cup of water, which I gratefully accepted . I
wanted to drink to finally remove the stickiness from the back of my throat .

While frowning from the unpleasant feeling that still remained, I still listened
attentively to Delris-san’s talk .

“Neutralization ability… It is the first time I hear these words” “No surprise
. It is rare, although it’s a type of magic, it’s outside the established magic and
magical arts systems . That’s why it’s not publicly known, few people are aware
of it . Neutralization ability, although there’s variation to its degree, can
neutralize magical power at user’s intention, rendering it ineffective” “Haa”

Delris-san explained it carefully, but somehow it doesn’t click with me .

“You said you weren’t good with magic . Neutralization magic is special . I
think it’s natural you wouldn’t be able to use other magic or understand the
flow of magical power”

“You said you weren’t good with magic . Neutralization magic is special . I
think it’s natural you wouldn’t be able to use other magic or understand the
flow of magical power” “I see, after all I can’t use them…”

I dropped my shoulders at Delris-san’s words . I find not being able to use

even simple magic quite inconvenient in this world brimming with magic . There
are things that can be substituted, but there are things I cannot do . Transmission
magic is the prime example, as I longed for magic, the shock I received when I
realized I couldn’t use it was great . I’d accept it if I had no magical power, but
the amount of my magical power is much higher than others’ . I wondered if I
couldn’t manage somehow but listening to this story it appears it’d be very
difficult . … Magic, I wanted to use it .

Seeing me obviously dejected, Delris-san added .

“I didn’t say you can’t use it . I said it can’t be helped that you’re poor at it .
In the first place, you have the ‘King’s Flower’, as long as you give your best
won’t you manage if it’s something simple?” “Eh? Is that true?”

I energetically straightened up and looked at Delris-san . Seeing such me

Delris-san wryly smiled .
“Although it’s not well known, the ‘King’s Flower’ has an ability to control
magical power . Naturally it appeared to the Crown Prince, but similarly the
ability should have appeared in you . Because it makes the flow of magical
power easier to grasp, you may be able to use life magic somehow”

What an ability the ‘King’s Flower’ has!! My eyes suddenly sparkled . My

chest trembled in anticipation of magic that I longed being usable .

Viva!! Hooray ‘King’s Flower’!!

The blue rose on my chest suddenly appeared wonderful . I want to hug Freed
who gave it to me, I wouldn’t mind kissing him as thanks either .

“What should I do!?”

Delris-san told me, who bent myself forward in excitement, to quiet down .

“Calm down . Practice sensing magical power inside your body . When you
grasp the flow of magical power, sooner or later you’ll be able to use magic”
“… However, I couldn’t sense that magical power” “That was before you
received the ‘King’s Flower’ . Now you have its support . Depending on your
effort it should be possible”

I was deeply moved by Delris-san’s words . ‘King’s Flower’, I’m grateful .

“Thank you!! I’ll give it a try as soon as I’m home!!”

I was so overjoyed I took her hand and grasped it tightly . I too may be able to
use magic . There’s no way I wouldn’t be happy thinking so . After all, speaking
of fantasy magic is a must!! Let’s absolutely practice when I’m back!!

“… Good grief, won’t you ask about the neutralization ability?” “What’s
important now is that I may be able to use magic, that’s more than enough!!”

I declared while heavily breathing .

“… Is that so . The neutralization ability is also magic . Well, I’ll roughly

explain it . Your ability is probably activated by ‘touching’ the target and
invoked with your ‘intention’ . Since it’ll be troublesome if it’s known to
people, do not mistakenly use it”
As I was admonished with a serious face, I got rid of my merry expression and
nodded .

“… Is that so . The neutralization ability is also magic . Well, I’ll roughly

explain it . Your ability is probably activated by ‘touching’ the target and
invoked with your ‘intention’ . Since it’ll be troublesome if it’s known to
people, do not mistakenly use it”

As I was admonished with a serious face, I got rid of my merry expression and
nodded . That… perhaps, it’s the so called reincarnation cheat .

I thought a little . If that’s the case, I wanted something easier to understand .

Like Will’s magical arts talent . The ability that I have to hide from people is too
troublesome . Even so, I hate trouble, so I resolved to hide it with all my power .

“Thank you for everything . I was saved thanks to you… Err, it might be
late, but I brought these as a token of gratitude . If you would like”

Each time I come here I only increase my debt, I feel like I’m unable to return
the favor with just that . Even so, although it’s late I took out the box with
daifuku and gave it to Delris-san, which she received with a mystified
expression . That face didn’t change even after opening the box . She tilted her
head at the beautifully lined up white and strawberry daifuku .

“?? What is this?” “Do you not know? It’s a traditional confectionery called

Hearing my explanation, Delris-san made an expression like she understood .

“Daifuku?? Ah, that thing that became popular in the Royal Palace?”
“That’s right . Ah, by the way, the ones with strawberry are the new work .
They’re called ‘strawberry daifuku’”

I nodded to her words . It seems she’s heard of it, but never seen the real thing
. When I informed her that I produced them, Delris-san made a surprised face
and looked alternatively at me and daifuku .

“Hee!! That’s an unexpected talent . If I had to say, I thought you’d be no

good at such things”
To her upfront answer I returned a bitter smile .

“… Ahaha, you can’t judge a book by its cover . I hope what I made will suit
your taste”

Saying it makes me sad, but for some reason all people who learn that are
equally as surprised . I wonder why . Do I look that clumsy, I wonder .

“The rumored daifuku… I’ll gratefully accept”

After curiously observing daifuku, she picked one up . When she’d asked how
to eat it, I explained that you take it in hand and bite into it . Either way is fine,
but I prefer nibbling rather than taking big bites .

I observed Delris-san who happily put it into her mouth . As the maker, I’m
looking at her in anticipation .

Now then, how will she react?

Chapter 49
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Delris-san took a bite of not strawberry, but white daifuku, and looked amazed

“Hee!! It has an unusual texture . It’s the first time I taste something like
this” “Ufufu, isn’t that right . Everybody who eats it for the first time is

I’m pleased by Delris-san’s reaction . It’s quite a good feeling . She had
another bite .

“Nn? What’s this thing inside?” “It’s red bean paste . Roughly speaking it’s
azuki beans and sugar boiled together . I think it’s unusual because it’s not
available in this country” “Red bean paste, huh . It’s completely different from
the sweets I normally eat, but I could get addicted to this taste… Yup, delicious
. I took a liking to it” “Is that so? If so, I’m glad!!”

I smiled at Delris-san who nodded while munching . Even if she’s never eaten
it, I’d thought she’d be pleased with this sweetness . Of course I don’t speak for
each and every one of us, but women are generally weak to sweets . It seems
Delris-san is no exception . Delris-san, looking totally pleased, this time picked
strawberry daifuku from the box .

“This is? I recall you called it strawberry daifuku” “Yes, it’s a new work I
made this morning!! Delris-san, you’re the first one to taste it!!” “Is that
okay? Bringing something so precious to such a place”

When I was asked if I wouldn’t like to eat it, I shook my head .

“It’s fine . Delris-san, I’m indebted to you for everything!! Of course, I want
to eat sweets, but I made them for the person whom I wish to eat them .
Because they were made for Delris-san, please don’t mind and eat them” “It’s
becoming more and more of an honor”

Happily smiling Delris-san nibbled on the strawberry daifuku .

“!!” “Fufu . I have confidence in them”

I talked to Delris-san who solidified . This reaction means she undoubtedly

likes them . When I spoke to her confidently, Delris-san fixedly started at the
strawberry daifuku .

“… I can’t believe it… It’s so delicious”


I spontaneously made a guts pose in my mind and showed a full-faced smile .

“Right? I also love strawberry daifuku . I’m glad it was to your liking,

Haa, Delris-san sighed in admiration and looked at me with respect .

“You… That’s an amazing secret skill” “Thank you for the compliment .
I’m glad you enjoyed it”

Generous praise feels good . When I see people delightedly eating like this, I
think as expected I can’t stop making sweets . Aright, let’s also give my best the
next time .


Satisfied with Delris-san’s reaction, I was thinking of new products, when I

heard a muffled voice from behind .

“Nn?” “Ah, seems he finally woke up”

Delris-san said so as if it’s a trifling matter . When I understood the meaning

of these words, I stood up . Hurriedly I returned to his side .

Lying on something like a black bed, he had a confused expression, still his
eyes were clearly open . With that I noticed . His slender features still retained
boyishness, yet there was a little gallantry mixed in them, I very much look
forward to him becoming a fair-skinned beauty in the future . Following the
bridge of nose on his small face there’s nothing boorish like a mustache .
Perhaps because he was mindful of his eye that can’t see, he grew out long bangs
on the left side . The curly black hair was evenly trimmed short at his back .

“Good morning . Do you remember who I am?”

When I approached and called out to him, he was taken aback and looked at
me . His vigilant eye seized me . I was so surprised by the clear red I held my
breath . When that eye recognized me, his complexion turned surprised .

“You’re the one from earlier!!”

Hearing those words, I became relieved that he remembers the meeting with
me .

Hearing those words, I became relieved that he remembers the meeting with
me . I wondered what I’d do if he asked who I am .

He seems unable to understand his current condition, so I began to talk to

make him feel safe .

“It’s okay . The curse disappeared . Aren’t you glad”

When I said so with a grin, he looked at his chest with an “Eh” . After
confirming there’s nothing there, he sat up in panic . I can tell he’s considerably
trained by his jumping movement .

He examined his body thoroughly, and when he realized there’s no

abnormality, his expression turned even more confused .

“The hexcraft formation is gone?? … Why??” “That child helped you”

Seeing him look even more surprised than before, Delris-san came over and
pointed at me . In response, he stared at me with suspicion .

… Oou, I’m uncomfortable .

“You did…?? How… The ‘Curse of Sahaja’ is undispellable, isn’t it?” “It’s
something… . Ah, or rather, it’s a secret . Isn’t it fine, you were saved”

I stopped myself from answering honestly . I remembered Delris-san’s advice

from a while ago that I better keep it a secret . After I spoke evasively, I looked
at her to see her narrow her eyes as if to say that’s fine .

“Certainly, it disappeared, however…”

Delris-san asked him, who tilted his head at my strange reply, a question .

“After all it was the ‘Curse of Sahaja’ . It seems you’re considerably

resented . Who in the world are you?” “I am!!”

He reflexively responded to Delris-san, but he stopped . He shook his head,

straightened himself and, looking at Delris-san, spoke .

“Sorry . Even though my life was saved I haven’t offered thanks . Is she the
one who saved me?” “Yeah, I’m helpless against the ‘Curse of Sahaja’ . It was
truly this girl who helped you”

He nodded at Delris-san’s reply with sincere eyes . Then he faced me, and
deeply bowed his head .

“I am sorry for this sort of posture . I am deeply grateful for having my life

Being unexpectedly faced with proper attitude I panicked . Flustered, I shook

my hands .

“Ah, you don’t need to humble yourself . Don’t worry about it, I just did
what I wanted”

Although I said it seriously, he didn’t nod .

“I cannot do that . I was about to die… I was prepared for death . I don’t
understand the method, but it’s a fact I was saved . I want to return the favor .
If there’s anything I can do, tell me”

Heavy heavy heavy――――!!!!

He said I’ll do anything with an expression filled with determination and
leaned towards me . I wasn’t expecting something like that . I only saved him on
a whim . I shook my hands in a fluster .

“I really don’t need that . I saved an injured person . Isn’t it natural? I

would be inhuman if I had no intention of saving a person who collapsed in
front of me”

Even so, he didn’t draw back . He leaned forward and appealed .

“However, you protected me from that disagreeable young lady some time
ago, didn’t you? My body couldn’t move so I didn’t see everything, but I
understand it was you who did that . Moreover, you saved my life, I simply
can’t ignore that . I have no intention of being ungrateful” “I didn’t protect
you!! I just couldn’t stand what she was doing!! Helping you was only a side-
effect!!” “Even so, it’s a fact you helped me” “…”

… Oou . … A stubborn guy . A stubborn guy he is .

Neither of us gave an inch . As a result, our talk hasn’t progressed one bit .
Having lost my patience, I used the final card, being his lifesaver .

“Aah, enough . Then, your benefactor is telling you it’s unnecessary, so

listen to what I’m saying!!” “No, but, then!!” “… For now, why don’t you
introduce yourselves”

Fed up with our unproductive exchange following parallel lines, Delris-san

provided a helping hand . Both I and he stopped in an instant . Come to think of
it, certainly, I haven’t heard his name .

Perhaps having realized the same thing, he could only squeeze out ‘Ah’ . In
panic he straightened himself and once again bowed his head .

Perhaps having realized the same thing, he could only squeeze out ‘Ah’ . In
panic he straightened himself and once again bowed his head .

“Sorry . I haven’t given my name to my lifesaver . I’m called Cain… As the

matter of the curse became known, I shall confess, I belonged to Sahaja’s
Assassin’s Guild ‘Red’ . That curse was placed by the guild master when I
escaped from the guild”
Cain spoke of having belonged to the Assassin’s Guild plainly . It was too
natural, I have no idea how to respond . Despite my confusion, I returned my
self-introduction .

“I am Lidiana… Call me Lidi” “Got it . Let me thank you again, Lidi . I was
truly saved… Being cursed by that man I gave up on living . Despite being so
close to fulfilling my father’s last wish . You gave me the chance to fulfill it, for
that I’m deeply grateful”

A promise with his father… huh .

He pressed his hand against his chest as if to grasp something important .

Then bowed and shook his head .

“Even though you said kill me, your eyes didn’t look like they gave up on
life . That’s why I saved you . That’s all”

As a matter of fact, it was a coincidence I could save him . Since I myself

don’t quite understand what I did, I’m troubled being thanked .

But .

“… Yup . I’m truly happy I was saved”

He told me with a smile filled with emotion . I want to say that’s obvious, but
Cain squinted as if seeing something radiant .

“What’s the matter?” “No, I just thought how many years it has been since I
had a proper conversation with another person”

I urged Cain, who shook his head in self-derision, to continue his story . What
did he mean by not having a conversation in years .

With a faint smile Cain answered my doubt honestly .

“It’s been a long time since a person talked with me normally like that .
What I usually had can’t be called conversations . I was found disgusting and
that’s it… That’s why, since a while ago I’ve been thinking it’s strange you
offered me help”
The ruby looked at me challengingly .

“… Don’t tell me, you aren’t disgusted by me?”

Chapter 50
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I don’t get what he’s saying . Seeing my expression, he looked at me in

disbelief . Taking the opportunity, he raised bangs on his left .

“Look at this eye . It’s red . Furthermore, I can’t see with the other eye .
Don’t you think it’s disgusting, being the mark of the cursed clan?” “Even
though it’s so pretty? No way”

I laughed off the words Cain said in self-derision . I fixedly peered into his
eyes . When I drew close enough to feel his breath Cain showed a bewildered
expression, but I didn’t care . His glittering red eye is still beautiful . Even if he
can’t see with one eye, I don’t think it makes him inferior .

“Cain, your eye is pretty . When I saw it for the first time some time ago, I
thought that it was pretty like a jewel . I don’t think it’s disgusting” “Ha…?
Pretty? This eye?”

Although I told him honestly, he seems unable to believe it . He made a face

like a pigeon struck with a peashooter . Once again I affirmed to him who’s
making such a face .

“Yup . I’ve also heard of the story of the cursed clan . But seeing it in
reality, I can’t think of it like that . Cain, your eye is so sparkling . I like that
eye” “…”

When I gently told him what I think, he hung his head and fell silent . I tilted
my head at Cain who stopped moving .

“Cain?” “… Yup, wait a moment” “Eh”

As he hung his head and nodded together with his words, I observed his
appearance, and… His ears are red?

“Leave it at that . The stimulus seems too intense for the innocent boy”

When I was about to call out to him again, Delris-san stopped me, with
laughter mixed in her words .

“You said you’re Cain . That red eye, you’re from Hiyuma Clan, right?”
“Do you know of them!”

With Delris-san’s few words, Cain’s face turned so severe it’s like he became
a different person, and he asked to confirm . Seeing that reaction, she nodded I
see .

“Ah, after all it was that . It’s surprising there’s a survivor . I’ve heard they
were completely annihilated 8 years ago”

He shook his head in silence . He clenched both fists tightly . His hands were
trembling .

“… I managed to escape, everyone else died . As the survivor, I inherited the

title Lux” “Hoo? You’re a direct descendant of the clan . I see . Then perhaps,
you are Sahaja’s Red Shinigami? After all, I’ve heard he’s still a young man,
but I can understand if he’s the next Lux of Hiyuma’s Clan”

Hearing the phrase ‘Red Shinigami’ Cain showed a displeased face for an
instant . How should I put it, ‘Red Shinigami’… what a chuuni name . I
inadvertently laughed in my mind, but the expressions of these two were serious

“You know surprisingly much about me . I may have been saved by you, but
just who are you?”

Once again, Cain looked at Delris-san with vigilance, but Delris-san’s next
words seemed to blow it all away .

“I’m a witch . The witch Delris”

When she mischievously informed him, Cain opened his mouth wide for and
instant and showed a foolish face . Then, as soon as he understood the meaning
of her words, he looked amazed and greatly leaned forward .

“Ha? The witch Delris!? That witch famous for her medicine!”

He gazed at Delris-san with his expression painted with surprise .

“Well, yes, because I wish to avoid being found by fools, I live in hiding like
this” “Eh? But wait, if you’re the real thing, why am I here? Aren’t you
famous for misanthropy?”

When Cain pointed that out Delris-san shrugged her shoulders .

“You’ll understand if you think a little . This child brought you here . That’s

When Delris-san turned her gaze towards me, Cain followed and fixed his
gaze on me .

“Is that so… You’re amazing” “No, it’s not really like that”

For some reason I objected to what he said with a strangely serious face . I
don’t think Delris-san is really a misanthrope . After all, she treated me kindly
from the first time we met .

Cain looked around and relaxed as if he understood .

“Is that so… This is the medicine witch’s dwelling . It’s no wonder the
famous medicine witch would know about me . I’m sorry for distrusting you”

He apologized saying he didn’t think such a being would help him . Delris-san
returned a wry smile .

Of course, I knew Delris-san was a famous witch . She’s the only witch who
can make contraceptive for women, so it’s only natural I contacted her . But, I
didn’t think she was famous enough to be known in other countries .

“Delris-san is an amazing person…”

I unconsciously interjected . I casually dropped by with daifuku, but she

seems like a considerable big-shot .

Seemingly unconcerned, Delris-san waved her hand lightly .

“I don’t care about others’ evaluation . I am myself” “Fufu… you’re right”

I unintentionally giggled at the words typical of Delris-san . Yup, I like her

being like this .

Once again, I turned towards Cain . I don’t know if he’ll answer, but it doesn’t
hurt to ask .

“Hey Cain, you’re from that Hiyuma Clan, right? Is that the red eyed clan
from the north?” “Yeah, that’s right . The clan was driven off and annihilated
. I am the only one who escaped”

Cain answered plainly like him shaking earlier was a lie . However, as the
person hearing it, I found it unbearable .


As I said with a gasp, Cain nodded that’s right .

“In order to let the young me escape, everybody died . I ran away south and
was picked up by Sahaja’s Assassin’s Guild’s guild master . From then I just
single-mindedly lived as an assassin, I spent my days only to return the favor
of being saved” “I see…”

He told me about his life back-to-back, to sum it up in one word it’d be fierce

Naturally, I can’t impertinently disparage the way he lived as an assassin until

now . Listening to him, I understand it really was the only way he could live .

I am aware of the circumstances of Sahaja . The disparity of wealth is intense,

Sahaja that wages numerous wars has an abnormally great number of orphans .
And because they are too numerous, there’s no institution to care for them .

There are very few occupations they can chose not having parents . Like
working in a brothel, or falling to slavery . There is truly nothing decent . You
could say something dreadful like an assassin is preferable among the few
choices . That’s the reason something as wasteful as Assassin’s Guilds developed
in that country .

Sahaja is too harsh for those without power . It’s a country where might makes
right . It’s unthinkable in our country .

I thought that I couldn’t condemn him . I lowered my head slightly . I felt his
gaze piercing me .

“Sorry for making you say things you don’t want to say . You ran away from
the Assassin’s Guild, right? Yup, Cain, you’re already free . You can go
anywhere, you can do anything” “You…”

As he didn’t expect to hear something like that, his eyes wandered about . I
firmly looked into those eyes and returned a nod .

“You mentioned your father’s last request, right? Will you fulfill it? Good

I told him recalling what he said a while ago . , I faced Delris-san and placed
my hands together . I feel guilty, but I have nobody other than her to rely on .

“I’m sorry . Until he recovers a bit more to the point he can move, could you
let him stay here? I’m truly sorry, but I cannot take him home . Of course, I’ll
pay the expenses . It may be little, but this is all I have on me…” “I don’t need

When I took a Wilhelm gold coin from my purse and looked at Delris-san, she
immediately shook her head .

“Even if you hadn’t asked, I was planning to do that from the start . You
couldn’t bring such a troublesome guy back, right?” “Well, it’s true, but”

Speaking of hopeless people, Delris-san looked at the direction of the desk

delightfully . Her line of sight fell on daifuku .

“I don’t need money . But if you’re bothered by it, could I ask for more
daifuku? Especially the strawberry one was a masterpiece”
I hurriedly nodded to her words .

“If it’s fine I’ll bring as much as you like! I will also bring new products!
Thank you, Delris-san!” “I don’t think I’d trade your sweets even for gold”

Suddenly, she stroked my lowered head with her wrinkled hand . It felt very
comfortable .

“… Besides, you didn’t refuse my tea . I’d like to thank for that” “Eh? What
did you say?”

Her voice was so quiet I missed what she said . I raised my head and asked,
but she smiled to gloss over it .

“Nothing . You over there . That’s why, you’ll be staying here until you
recover your strength”

Being called out in a sharp voice, Cain flinched, still he tried to refuse .

“No, but any more than that would be a trouble…”

Being called out in a sharp voice, Cain flinched, still he tried to refuse .

“No, but any more than that would be a trouble…” “Don’t think you have a
say in it . It’s this child who saved you . Without asking for a reward this child
did what she felt was right, isn’t there something only you can do?”

When Delris-san said that, Cain’s eyes opened wide . Then he once again
bowed his head .

“… Got it . In that case, I’ll accept the offer . I was truly saved . You have
my thanks” “Yeah, that’s enough”

Seeing their exchange, I patted my chest in relief .

When I casually checked my watch, I realized the agreed time was steadily
approaching . Woah, that’s bad . Angry faces of my escort and Father appeared
in my mind .

“I am sorry . I have to go now . I promised to return by evening”

When I hurriedly informed of that, Delris-san nodded .

“Ah, you’re going already . Please take care… You’ll come again, right?”

I nodded strongly .

“Of course! I’ll also bring a new product! Cain too, sorry . But, I’m glad
your curse was removed . I don’t think we’ll meet again, but I pray your
father’s last wish will be fulfilled . Stay healthy!” “Oi!”

Can tried stopping me in a fluster, but I already started walking up the stairs in
a hurry . Even so, I looked back and once again spoke .

“Delris-san also said you can stay here until you’re healthy . Of course
Cain, you can leave whenever you want . Don’t mind me” “Wait, do not decide
on your own… Do you truly want nothing from me”

I shook my head with I don’t at Cain who said that can’t be .

“I already told you I don’t need a reward, didn’t I . If I had to say, I saved
Cain . That was the best reward” “You”

I energetically waved my hand at him who stared here in disbelief .

“See ya”

I unilaterally bid goodbye to Cain who still seemed to have something to say
and quickly went up the stairs . I have to hurry . I really can’t make the person I
selfishly asked wait .

When I climbed the stairs and opened the door, I heard Cain’s voice from
behind . Although it was directed at me, I didn’t turn back .

Going by his tone he’ll surely be okay .

Satisfied by his lively voice, I went through the door and hurriedly ran to the
meeting place .
Chapter 51
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When the guard confirmed I arrived at the gate on time, he made an obviously
relaxed face.


I lightly waved my hand at the guard who called out to me and went to his
side. Having run, I was breathing a little roughly.

“… I am sorry. But, I kept my promise. Let’s go home”

Saying so I passed through the gate, but the guard stayed back and looked all

“Milady, what about the man from before?”

I nodded aah to his words.

“There is no need to worry” “No way, was he saved?” “Yeah”

Ignoring the guard who couldn’t hide his surprise I began walking. I don’t
plan on going into detail. Sure enough, the guard who caught up with me began
nosily inquiring, but I vaguely evaded. The guard who realized I didn’t feel like
talking scowled, but I also evaded that by feigning ignorance.

“Please tell your father properly” “I wonder? I cannot promise that”

The guard finally raised the white flag by saying that, but I only answered
coldly. I absolutely won’t tell Father about Delris-san and Cain. It’d be different
if Father was an ordinary person, but ultimately he’s the Prime Minister. It’s very
unlikely it’d stop at him listening. I don’t feel like talking about her living in
hiding by choice, nor like giving Cain who escaped inevitable death excessive

Although I came back to the mansion like that, unfortunately Father has
already returned from the castle and is waiting in the entrance hall.

… He’s angry.

At Father’s anger obvious from his daunting pose, I averted my eyes finding it
troublesome. I tried scowling at the source of that information leak, but he was
gone already. Tch, he ran away quickly.

Feeling defiant, I nonchalantly told Father I came home.

“I am home. Father certainly came back early today”

If I’m shameless, say so. Thinking so, I bowed, but Father had a sour

“When I’ve received the report, I hurried back. Lidi, I’ve heard the story
from the guard I attached to you. The matter with Shanoire is fine. Well done.
But, just what in the world did he mean that you picked up a cursed man”

I see. The main story is about Cain. Having congratulated me with simply
well done about the matter with marquis, Father brought up the real issue at
hand, Cain.

“… You have sharp ears. Yeah, it’s as Father just said. I have nothing else
to add”

At my words father raised one eyebrow with a twitch. Perhaps the detailed
report was sent while I went to Delris-san’s house. I’m fed up with how overly
excellent our intelligence service is.

“… Another troublesome thing. Lidi, do you understand. You will be

marrying His Highness the Crown Prince. Won’t you think a little about
changing that unrestrained behavior of yours” “Even if I’m told that, it’s as
I’ve told Mother, today I only went out to thank a person I’m indebted to.
Everything else was a coincidence”

I strongly insisted that I didn’t do anything, but I was only met with a doubtful
face. Sad, is what Father said while unnaturally covering his face.

“To me it only seems like you’re poking your nose into trouble on purpose.
Really, it can certainly be said older brother and younger sister are similar.
You’re just like Alex” “Being lumped together with Elder Brother is vexing”

I reflexively denied. I could tell my cheek twitched. Say what you want, but
don’t put me at the same level with Brother who manipulates his surroundings.

“And…? I’ve heard you picked up a man with a red eye, but is that true?”

With the tone of wanting to return to the subject, it felt like Father really
wanted to ascertain what happened.

Truly the capable Prime Minister. He seems to have investigated to a certain

extent to know the man has a red eye. Of course, he wouldn’t believe the rumors
about the cursed clan. He doesn’t know that Cain is an assassin or that he’s from
Hiyuma clan. However, I’ve decided not to talk about these matters even if I was
pressured. I’ve thought about it a little, but for now I affirmed Father’s words,
while using a diversion.

“Yeah, it was a beautiful pigeon blood. But, I do not know where he is now”

I can’t hide the matter of his eye color as it was seen by the guard. It’s
meaningless to act dumb. But, apart from that, what will happen will happen. I
prepared myself.

“Hm? What do you mean?”

I frivolously told Father who was making a suspicious face.

“The curse has been certainly dispelled thanks to an acquaintance. But, I

have no idea what happened later. After all, I promised the guard to return
right away. But surely, I think he already went somewhere”

I tried to not lie as much as possible. Otherwise, I’d be exposed right away.
Especially when the other party is Father. Father looked me in the eyes with
suspicion. I undauntedly stared back in his deeply peering eyes.

For a while Father looked at me with suspicion, but eventually gave up and
breathed out.

“… I understand. Then that matter is settled already. Then, next. Who’s the
acquaintance who can dispel a curse. There shouldn’t be any new high-
ranking magicians in the castle town”

To these words I returned a sweet smile.

“I am sorry, Father. I cannot explain it sufficiently. I said earlier that the

curse could be dispelled thanks to an acquaintance, but I didn’t say that
person dispelled it. Please do not misunderstand” “Lidi! Stop joking! This is
an important talk!”

Father got angry like a raging fire at me who evaded.

In any case, we’re having this talk because he wants to invite that magician to
the castle. The desire to employ an excellent magician is the same everywhere. A
magician who can dispel curses is on the level of receiving an invitation from the
castle. I immediately understood Father surely wants to invite that magician to
the castle.

I smiled relaxedly.

“Yeah, it may appear like that to you, Father. Nevertheless, the person who
can actually remove the curse is not my acquaintance, it’s a different person.
Moreover, I confess that I haven’t seen that person directly”

I didn’t say a lie. I’m the person who removed the curse, and I can’t see
myself directly. Because it’s something I don’t understand well myself, naturally
I won’t mention my neutralization magic to Father. Surely the talk would get
confusing. It’s better to keep it a secret for my continued peace. When I stared
challengingly at Father who looks like he wants to say something, he raised his

Don’t get so angry, Father. Your blood pressure will rise.

“You haven’t seen?” “Yeah. That is why I cannot introduce you” “Truly”
“Yes” “… I understand, enough”

After the few exchanges, Father said so, tired. I didn’t notice why he hadn’t
questioned me more. I was gloating on the inside that I’ve won, but I froze
hearing Father’s next words.

“I understand the story well. Lidi. You are prohibited from leaving for a
month. Obediently reflect in your room” “Father!?”

Seeing my complexion clearly change, Father said nastily.

“If there’s something you want to say, I’ll hear it… We can negotiate

… Tch.

After all Father didn’t believe a thing I said. My eyebrows moved with a
twitch at him implicitly saying if you want to talk, I permit it. Who would fall
for that trick.

“… I understand. Then, I’ll do embroidery in my room” “Right. You better

do something appropriate of a lady of a ducal house a little. Otherwise, your
faults will be exposed”

My feigned innocence is not that half-baked. It’s perfect in public. Besides.

“I believe I’m better than Elder Brother”

I said my true feelings, but I was completely cut off.

“Don’t compare yourself with Alex. He’s a man. What are you doing being
so mannish. If it weren’t for His Highness, there might have been nobody to
take you as a bride”

It’s none of your business. Feeling quite irritated, I shut out Father’s extolling

Honestly, Father’s evaluation of Freed is as high as ever. He’s certainly

excellent as the Crown Prince, but Father can only openly praise him because
he’s not aware Freed is an unrivalled brute. I was made to realize there’s nothing
metaphorical about the expression being crushed in embrace. I seriously wonder
if there’s a woman who would go along with it.
I’ve reached the limit of disparaging Father in my mind for continuing
praising Freed without knowing his true nature. Then, I turned around.

“… I will return to my room” “I understand. If you want to talk, come to my

room anytime”

With my back turned to Father I answered.

“What I said earlier is everything. That being the case, per your instruction
I will stay silent” “Lidi!” “I will excuse myself”

I ignored Father’s censuring words and went back to my room.


“… Lidi” “…”

I ignored it.

“… Lidi”

I thought of ignoring it again but being glared at so much I reluctantly


“… What is it, Father”

Two weeks have passed since I was banned from going out by Father. Of
course, I haven’t said anything about Cain, Delris-san, or my neutralization
magic. I basically don’t talk with Father. It’s a complete cold war. Even now
during breakfast the atmosphere is chilly.

“Lidi, won’t you cut it out”

Calmly yet firmly Father said, exposing his anger. I looked straight at such
Father and showed a faint smile.

“What might that be about. I am spending all my time doing embroidery

confined to my room per Father’s orders. Is there any problem?” “Lidi!”

Losing his cool, Father stood up, but I feigned ignorance and ate a pancake
that I requested for breakfa