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Bites Cary, NorD, THOMAS) Nox LAT STEWART. RICHARD STARKINGS sullen-eyed, sword in am iver, a slayer, with gigantic and gigantic mirth, to d the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandaled feet. He spent some months among a __ tribe of the Aesir, fighting the Vanir and the Hyperboreans, i developing a hate for the latterwhich lasted all his "life. Enslaved by those cold, immortal sorcerers, he saw his comrades all die at their "hands. But it was not only Based on the stories, characters, concepts, and vision of ROBERT E. HOWARD Bcd Kurt Busick ag Cary Norp with THOMAS YEATES Bae ON RAUL aa RICHARD STARKINGS and COMICRAFT Ce eae JosEPH MICHAEL LINSNER Oe DARIN FABRICK eee Matt DRYER ea Scort ALLIE Vee Mike RicHARDSON tg ae Pretest cel Takeo Nae FREDRICK MALMBERG at CONAN PROPERTIES. ‘OONAN THE BARBARIAN Published Monthiy by Ra Cis CACO ca oe Se nea CC rarer aa oe me Ran ome eo etc) ‘elated logos, characters, names, and distinctive Palen etptnir da iptodapr pais cee reer) ‘any such similarity which may exist is purely, CN ooo a Creat BLOOD fo BLOOD There was water, though — and wood, broken from stunted trees and blown by the northern winds. What roots grew in this harsh Soil were deep under ice =- and even those he gould claw his way down to were imprisoned in the frezen earth. When he slept he dreamed 0 ‘At times, he thought he Gould stiil see the smoke, though of course distance and the winds hed long Shrouded it. Hyperboreans, Of the machines that drained When he woke, his thoughts were of Iasmini. of Iasmini iY But he thought of Iasmini and of Wiord. And more and more, with every “aimite, every footstep southward —- 22, GERTHA! BRING YOUR SWEET BOTTOM HERE AND SuSWER Me WEA ‘BSE! os Ss eee ‘1 gettae dead oust Et Molina’ a aor | ld have paid his xe monvhsy in $his order town — i Ee netiade seal | Eee bia en =a tw And gold loosened even most recaleitrant of ES Om t s the fifth toun he You well inside the F, f Srythunian borders He xnew trom the ponent he saw Sensing 1 a wels’scenting pre, ¢ rm Here in this strange Southern village with its odd buildings and stocky, Serious-faced inhabitants. ornene? oe vO. FIGHT FREES Bacar BETRAYED BY TWO WHO Seis bY: a Ny z THESE MEN wilde COWARDS ANZ TRYTORS WHO ‘SOLD Thiele OWN, PEOPLE INTO SLAVERY ANP DEATH. O-ONLy THAT “THESE, AM, THESE 7 WERE HOP" BRYTHLNIAN, AND BRYTHUNIAN LAW HERE, NOW: IM Mag/sTe4re Heme! THERE ARE CaWS BRYTHNIA, YOu. BLOODY HANDED ANAL! CALL THE GUARE, were aber EY THEY DESERVED. TER EEE, WHO BIANE WITH THEM DESERVE DEATH AS WELL. PEAK ‘Lirgie Bevan, WHAT, BID YOu i = he ‘The tales had painted a picture of magic and wonders but magic => Hyperborea shoved the truth of magic. 014, Gorm, withered beneath their spelisy a lifeless husk. Living men made mindless, leaping to their deaths — gards of Byperborea, halimdead already —— Sho tBrew thelr evn Lives axay ao well. He heard the chittering of the spider-creatures once more —= And he avoke unrested, with a sour taste in his mouth and the gopper sneli of sweat in his nostrils. He had traveled far indeed. Too far? snoud he return, then, to the darkcome hills that birthed hin? See what else the world hela. So He had 1itt1 enough to buy food, wineskins gad ‘other suppiies’ne’d iezt out. Hyperborea w: gold left, but THE INNKEEPER,, HE'S HOLDING COM THOSE MEN LEFT, PAYNENT FOR A LONGER STAY, HE'S, HOPING YOU WON'T ASK ABOUT IT. BURY THEM DEER. DEES IN THE COLD EARTH. —- = VLA POG "4 i ,. 4 } 4 3 x Te ee re \ wn Wh” ie 4 p ‘ og is r 4 ? t £ y is 100 LOYAL, wan’ p. Si P & n = NEXT ISSUE: Onan EA COOL