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PHASE A – A320 B1 COURSE 2018


1- Which of the four aircrafts in a320 series has maximum endurance with respect to MTOW?
a- A319
b- A320
c- A318

2- Which one of the following aircraft has Rolls Royce engines installed on it?
a- A320-210
b- A320-240
c- A320-214

3- Which one of the aircraft mentioned below has thrust rating of 33000 lbs?
a- A320-213
b- A320-214
c- A320-314

4- Mention the name of the engine installed on a320-216.

a- General electric
b- Prett & Whitney
c- EA (GE+PW)

5- For measurements and location of components within the fuselage X is used as:
a- Defines fore and aft distances from buttock point (STA) to STA " 0 ".
b- Defines fore and aft distances from reference point (STA) to STA " 0 ".
c- Defines fore and aft distances from any point (STA) to STA " 0 ".

6- STA 0 in X datum is:

a- 2540 mm before the Radom.
b- At Radom
c- 100 mm before the Radom.

7- Positive Y datum line means:

a- is a plane left hand from " Y 10 " in flight direction
b- is a plane left hand from " Y 0 " in flight direction
c- is a plane right hand from " Y 0 " in flight direction

8- Out of three datum references, datum Z means:

a- Vertical distance from aircraft center line
b- Vertical distance from aircraft lateral axis
c- Vertical distance from aircraft yaw axis

9- STA230 is on:
a- Front of left wing as compare to STA240
b- Front of lower fuselage as compare to STA240
c- Front of upper fuselage as compare to STA240
10- The cabin passenger / crew doors, cargo compartment and main landing gear doors are only
identified by the zone number
a- Since each of these doors is a same station.
b- since each of these doors is a zone in itself
c- Since each of these doors is a sub assembly.

11- Zone 332 is on:

a- Leading edge of outboard side of left horizontal stabilizer.
b- Leading edge of inboard side of left stabilizer
c- Trailing edge of outboard side of right stabilizer.

12- Fuselage is divided into various sections, 15/21 explains:

a- Center fuselage section
b- Forward fuselage section
c- Does not exist in a320 family.

13- The station (STA) number is the distance:

a- In inches of the cross-section from a reference point.
b- In centimeters of the section from a reference point.
c- In centimeters of the cross-section from a reference point.

14- The reference (X=0) for all structural measurements in the X-axis is:
a- Located 2.54 cm forward of the aircraft.
b- Located 100 cm forward of the aircraft.
c- Located 2.54 m forward of the aircraft.

15- A318 is:

a- 6 frames shorter than a320
b- 6.11 section shorter than a320
c- 6.11 m shorter than a320

16- How many frames are in a18 as compare to a320?

a- 11
b- 11.5
c- 7.5

17- A318’s vertical stabilizer is longer than a320, because of:

a- Additional fin leading edge panel
b- Longer vertical spar
c- More space required to install antennas

18- When it comes to access panel identification, letter W explains:

a- Water servicing
b- Sidewall panel
c- Waste tank panel

19- A320 cabin has maximum of:

a- 185 seats
b- 190 seats
c- 180 seats

20- A320 family has cockpit annuncitator light philosophy:

a- No lights when system is working normally.
b- Light on when system works normally
c- No lights when annunciator light switch is off in cockpit

21- The purpose of safety stay in jacking is:

a- Prevention of vibrations
b- Assistance in jacking.
c- Prevention of accidental movement of aircraft

22- Jacking for wheel change can be performed:

a- From either side.
b- From behind
c- From forward

23- When leveling the aircraft, which position relates to zero longitudinal and zero transverse angle.
a- D4
b- A4
c- D3

24- Quick leveling procedure can be performed with:

a- Sprit ruler
b- GPS

25- During towing, shock absorber travel should not be more than :
a- 11.8 inches
b- 11 inches
c- 11.6 feet

26- The maximum authorized steering angle on each side of the aircraft centerline is limited to:
a- 90 degrees
b- 95 degrees
c- 40 degrees

27- A fully charged 3000 PSI braking accumulator can provide:

a- 7 brakes
b- 6 brakes
c- 10 brakes

28- In cold weather it is recommended to put:

a- Fiber material between the tires and the ground surface.
b- Polyethene sheet between tires and ground.
c- Grease between the tires and the ground,

29- What type of labels are place in skydrol zones with white letters on black matt finish?
a- Standard type no.1
b- Standard type no. 2
c- FOTOFOIL type no. 3

30- The use of self propelled conveyor belt is not recommended on a318 by airbus because:
a- Close proximity of door to engine intake
b- Cargo compartment not designed for self propelled conveyor
c- Manual loading is comparatively fast

31- What manual covers all Airbus aircraft specific tools and all associated documentation?
a- AMM
b- TSM
c- Support equipment summary