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MOCK EXAM - Mock Exam

Marketing (Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi)

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Department of Marketing












Scrivere in stampatello/Please print


Durante la prova d'esame lo studente è tenuto al silenzio, a non avvalersi di alcun ausilio o supporto esterno, sia esso cartaceo o
elettronico (es.: manuali, dispense, fogli propri, libri, pubblicazioni, telefoni cellulari, computer palmari o altri dispositivi elettronici),
se non espressamente autorizzato dal docente in aula, a non copiare né osservare le prove di altri candidati, a non contattare o
tentare di contattare in alcun modo altre persone. Lo studente deve rimanere in aula per tutto e solo il tempo strettamente necessario
per lo svolgimento delle sue prove d’esame, salvo diverse disposizioni del docente in aula. Lo studente che abbia necessità di rivolgere
domande al docente deve alzare la mano ed attendere che l’esaminatore si avvicini al suo posto.

Al termine della prova, lo studente deve riconsegnare l’elaborato svolto e il testo della prova d’esame al docente esaminatore e
lasciare l’aula.

La violazione di tali regole o delle eventuali altre disposizioni indicate dal docente presente al momento della valutazione comporta,
in ogni caso, l'annullamento della prova e l'invio, d’ufficio, di una segnalazione alla Commissione Provvedimenti Disciplinari.

Tutte le sanzioni disciplinari sono registrate nella carriera accademica dello studente. La sanzione superiore all'ammonizione comporta
la decadenza dai benefici del diritto allo studio (borsa di studio, alloggio etc.).

L’Honor Code e le regole dettagliate per lo svolgimento delle prove d’esame o di altre prove di verifica della preparazione sono
pubblicate sul sito dell’Università .


During exams, students must remain quiet and may not use any external support aids, whether paper or digital (e.g. manuals, lecture
notes, personal papers, books, publications, cell phones, handheld computers or other electronic devices), if not expressly authorized
by the teacher in class. In addition, students may not copy or look at other students’ exam paper or contact or attempt to contact
other people in any way. Students must remain in the classroom for the whole of the time and only for the time needed to finish his
or her exam, unless teachers in class give other orders. Students who have questions for the teacher must raise their hand and wait
for the examiner to come to them.

At the end of the exam, students must return the exam script and the exam paper to the examining faculty member and leave the
Any breach of these regulations or any other orders given by the faculty member present at the time of the exam will result in the
test being cancelled and an official report sent to the Disciplinary Board in all cases.

All disciplinary sanctions will be recorded in the student’s academic career. Sanctions greater than a warning will result in forfeiture
of benefits for the right to study (scholarships, housing etc.).

The Honor Code and detailed regulations for taking exams and other tests are published on the University website

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Department of Marketing


Firma: Mi impegno a rispettare le norme sopra descritte e sottoscrivo la mia presenza alla prova d’esame.
Signature: I hereby undertake to respect the regulations described above and undersign my presence at the exam.

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Department of Marketing

This exam consists of multiple choice questions and open questions. Each multiple choice question
is worth one point. Each of the open questions is worth X points.

Each of the multiple choice questions has exactly one correct answer. Read the instructions of each
question carefully to make your choice. Indicate your answer clearly within the appropriate choice
field. There are no malus points for wrong choices.

The time allotted for this exam is 60 minutes.

Question 1
Many companies have developed ________ programs that encourage employees to develop new
product ideas.
___ management
___ incentive
___ entrepreneurial
_x__ intrapreneurial
___ crowdsourcing

Question 2
________ are less frequently purchased consumer products and services that customers compare
carefully on suitability, quality, price, and style.
_x__ Shopping products
___ Convenience products
___ Unsought products
___ Capital items
___ Supplies and repair services

Question 3
Beth Williams works for a marketing research company in Chicago. Her current research
involves finding the market potential for a client's new line of sports apparel. Given her
objective, which of the following types of research is the most suitable for Beth?
___ Causal research
___ Constructive research
___ Statistical research
_x__ Descriptive research

Question 4
Shoez Inc., a manufacturer of shoes, has recently launched a brand of sturdy shoes ideal for
hiking and other outdoor activities. Which of the following brand personalities could be best
associated with the new brand?
___ Sincerity
___ Excitement
___ Sophistication
___ Competence
_x__ Ruggedness

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Department of Marketing

Question 5
Within the communication mix, which is the communication tool that explicitly stimulate
purchasing from consumers?
__x_sales promotion
___public relation
___personal selling
___sponsorship and events

Open questions
Question x (3 points)
Name and briefly describe the forces in the company’s macroenvironment.
Answer: The forces are: 1) demographic, 2) economic, 3) natural, 4) technological, 5) political,
6) cultural. The demographic environment is of major interest to marketers because it involves
people, and people make up markets. The economic environment consists of factors that affect
consumer purchasing power and spending patterns. The natural environment is the physical
environment and the natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are
affected by marketing activities. The technological environment is the most dramatic force in
changing the marketplace; it includes factors such as new products and opportunities, etc. The
political environment includes laws, government agencies, and pressure groups that influence or
limit various organizations and individuals in a given society. The cultural environment consists
of institutions and other forces that affect a society’s basic values, perceptions, preferences, and
behaviors. People grow up in a particular society that shapes their basic beliefs and values.

Question x (4 points)
What is conspicuous consumption? When is conspicuous consumption more likely to be
Answer: Conspicuous consumption is the act of buying products that signal social status. It is
often used to signal one’s identity, and thereby to associate with desirable social groups and
dissociate from undesirable social groups. Products signal social status when they are scarce
and recognizable by others. Therefore, luxury products and brands are a common target of
conspicuous consumption.

Question x (3 points)
Please refer to the guest speaker’s presentation. What are the advertisers’ challenges to win in a
disrupted world? Please state at least 3 challenges and comment each of them through an
How to allocate and measure spending? Volvo - Super Bowl Interception
How to engage and connect with consumer in a fragmented world? Geico - Unskippable Pre-
How to grow via new channels? The Wild Detectives - Litbaits
How to do more with less? Samsung - Safety Truck
How to leverage the blurring line between real and virtual? Microsoft - Survival Billboard

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