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An author’s word choice refers to his or her selection of particular words to

convey meaning and to express specific ideas and attitudes.
Like writers of fiction and poetry, nonfiction writers also use vivid language, or
strong, precise words. Using strong verbs and precise adjectives helps readers
picture descriptions and actions and makes the writing more interesting. For
example, the sentence A big dog went by is vague and not very exciting. By
contrast, An enormous dog with curly black hair trotted down the gravel driveway
is much more specific and vivid.

A. DIRECTIONS: Rewrite the sentence using strong verbs and precise adjectives.
1. The game was cancelled, so Jake was sad.

2. While walking to school, I saw a bear.

3. Jose was happy to go on the trip.

4. Belinda walked on the beach.

5. Axel wanted to go to the concert because he liked the band.

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A. DIRECTIONS: Add a vivid adjective or adjective phrase to describe the noun.

1. a cat 6. a meal
2. a pipe 7. a arm
3. a bird 8. an explanation
4. a trophy 9. a lie
5. a house 10. a bed

B. DIRECTIONS: Read this passage. Then, respond to each item.

Deena pressed her hands against the heavy oak window frame and pushed
upward. In rushed the jarring sounds of honking horns and screeching tires
and the pungent smells of exhaust and uncollected trash, all piggybacking on
a welcome current of cool air. Deena had been in the one-room apartment
nearly two months now and had managed to acquire no more than a small cot
in the corner opposite the door, a folding table and two chairs beside the
window, and an assortment of milk crates in which to store her meager

1. Select a phrase from the text that uses vivid language to give a positive feeling.
a. heavy oak window frame c. welcome current of cool air
b. no more than a small cot d. assortment of milk crates

2. Select a phrase from the text that uses vivid language to give a negative
a. exhaust and uncollected trash c. pressed her hands
b. managed to acquire d. a small cot

3. What does the writer’s choice of words convey about his or her attitudes
toward Deena? Give two examples that support your answer.

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