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Session 2020-2021
Name: ________________ S. No.-A2
Roll No. ____ UT - I Class:th XI Subject: Accountancy
Ques1) Mr Vikas runs a cyber
Date: 13.08.2020 café. He purchased 20 computers @ 35,000 each onMax
30 marks:
15; Time:2018. He
40 minutes
paid 2, 00,000 immediately and balance to be paid in 5 equal annual instalments starting from 30th
September, 2019. 19 computers are to be used for customers and one will be used by him for his personal
use. At the same time, 3, 00,000 were spent for making table chairs for the clients to work using
computers. Due to funds being insufficient, Mr. Vikas took a loan of 6, 00,000 payable after 5 years.
Calculate the value of non current assets and non current liabilities of business as on 31st March 2019.

Ques2) Rishul does not keep accounting records properly because he believes that except himself no other
person is interested in the accounting records of the business. Is he right? If not, state any three groups
and their areas of interest for accounting information. (3)

Ques3) Draft an accounting equation from the following transactions:

a. Riya started business with cash 5, 00,000 and furniture 50,000.
b. She purchased goods of list price 2, 00,000 from Radhika @ trade discount of 20% and paid 50%
c. Paid rent 12,000 including 2,000 for the next year.
d. She sold to Naina goods costing 60,000 at a loss of 20%. (4)

Ques4) Journalise the following:

a) Interest on Bank Loan of 20,000 @12% p.a. is due for one month.
b) Loss of goods due to fire which was 100% insured of its actual cost price. Insurance Company accepted
80% of claimed loss and paid 25% of accepted claim immediately which amounted to 10,000.
c) Sold goods costing 45,000 to Manoj at a profit of 33*1/3% on cost less 20% trade discount and paid
carriage 400 (to be charged from the customer).
d) The horse bought for 15,000 earlier died, its carcass was sold for 1,000.
e) Charge depreciation @10% p.a. for two months on machine costing 3, 00,000. (6)