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CITY OF NEW HAVEN A AR hatin Bicker, Meyor F a Layance cry nemarve oe infthesitven Her oF ee “ras Rectan et eee Serene Pe 20) Fa 0 9 ert ena cn te “te ‘August 25, 2020 ‘Attorney Yonatan Zamir and Sarah Mervine New Haven Legal Aid 205 Orange Street New Haven, CT 06510 Dear Attorneys, Zamir and Mervine. ‘We arein receipt of your letter dated August 19, 2020 Re: Livable City initiative Improvements and fully agree that during this unprecedented time, we are experiencing a helghtened sense of "urgency for housing code calls and complaints. However, LC! staf has continued towork consistently during the Emergency Order and respond to constituent concerns as apart of our normalcourse of business. ‘We appreciate the time you put forth in making recommendations for internal process changes for LCland we will review and consider those recommendations as we continue toimprove our ‘operations and effectiveness in serving the residents of New Haven, With respect to recommendation 1-4 the City is in the process of transitioning its online database and reporting processes to a new program *Municty”. We are in the final stages of, {going lve withthe new system and will be fully operational by the end of the year. We are Confidext this new system will improve our data information gathering and reporting for properties throughout the city. Your recommendation for "Communication, Primary Phone ‘Number Voicemail Message and Website", will be implemented as soon as possible. We are working withthe city’s IT department to update and make the appropriate changes to improve ‘communication with New Haven residents. ‘Thank you again for your recommendations. We look forward to continuing our colaborating ‘with New Haven Legal A in serving New Haven residents. CseaveDiector