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From Battle to Victory our side, then, we can have peace even as we face affliction.

His loving
touch enables us to look into the future with hope.
Memory Text: “‘O man greatly beloved, fear not! Peace be
to you; be strong, yes, be strong!’ ” (Daniel 10:19, NKJV) A Great Conflict (Daniel 10:20, 21)
Introduction: The political events involving the Jews, the Samaritans, and
Daniel 10 introduces the concluding vision of Daniel, which the Persians reflected an invisible war between the angels of God and
continues in chapters 11 and 12. This chapter shows its spiritual evil powers.
dimensions and reveals that behind the scenes of earthly battles rages a  Here is revealed an interesting conflict between the powers
spiritual conflict of cosmic proportions. of darkness and the powers of light.
 The object of the influence is over the mind of Cyrus the
Fasting and Prayer, Once Again (Daniel 10:1–3) king of Persia. The issue is over the influence at work in
Two Possible Reasons of Daniel’s Fasting: Cyrus mind respecting the situation in Judah.
1. He was still praying for better understanding of the vision  The Samaritans were trying hard to hinder the work in
previously explained in long range term. He was wanting for additional Jerusalem. For this Daniel prayed for three weeks. God
facts. worked to favor His dear people.
2. He was praying for the crises going on in his native Judah.  The angel discloses to Daniel that there has been a battle
The Samaritans were blocking the rebuilding of Jerusalem and it was between Michael and the prince of Persia.
bad news for him. Cyrus mind might do something against  For three weeks Gabriel wrestled with the powers of
continuance of his previous decree. darkness, seeking to counteract the influences at work on the
Historical Background: mind of Cyrus; and before the contest closed, Christ Himself
Daniel 10 introduces the final vision of the book, which came to Gabriel’s aid.
comprises chapters 10–12. It is 536 B.C., the third year of Cyrus, king But here in this conflict the curtain is drawn aside and we see
of Persia. Ezra 1 and 2 tell us that many Jews returned in 538 BC. The the true philosophy of history. God works upon the mind of men
anguish that bothers Daniel is the fate of those who returned, since influencing it for good. Satan also works. Man therefore, has to decide
according to Ezra 3 and 4, there was opposition from the Samaritans to which direction he has to follow. When man makes his final decision
the arrival of the Jews and the rebuilding of the Temple (Ezra 4:4, 5). that is it. So the history of the world had been the product of
The Samaritans write letters portraying the Jews as a seditious people supernatural agencies and man’s free choice. But God’s will eventually
and so persuade the king to bring the construction work to a halt (Ezra triumph and it will triumph gloriously.
4:6–16, 23, 24). This crisis leads to fasting and prayer of the prophet
and the Lord responds in an extraordinary way, as recorded by the text A Victorious Prince
of Daniel 10 to 12.
When Michael appears in the Bible, it is always in contexts
 For 21 days, he prays and fasts on behalf of the returnees. of conflict.
 God responds with the vision of a “great war” in which the  In Daniel 10, He is fighting against the malevolent
curtain is lifted that veils the unseen realities from the seen. prince of Persia;
Valuable Lessons from Daniel’s Prayer Life:
 In Daniel 12, He stands up to deliver God’s people
1. We should persist in prayer, even when our petitions are not
in the closing scenes of the great conflict;
answered immediately.
 In Jude, He contends with the devil for the body of
2. We should devote time to pray for others.
Moses; and
3. Prayer prompts God to do some -thing concrete and real.
 In Revelation 12, Michael fights with the dragon.
A Vision of the Prince (Daniel 10:4–9) So, it seems clear that Michael is the heavenly warrior who
represents the forces of good against the powers of evil.
 Daniel saw in his vision a Heavenly Being (10:4-6), no other
Jesus was indeed the divine warrior who was battling the
than Jesus (Rev 1:12-16).
spiritual forces of evil. Later on, Jesus’ fiercest battle took place on the
Daniel and his Prayer
cross, where He achieved the greatest victory over evil, not by killing
Chapter Story God’s Response
but by dying. After His resurrection, Jesus ascended to heaven as a
2 Daniel prays with God gave the dream and its
victorious warrior showing the spoils of war in a cosmic parade (Eph.
his friends interpretation
4:7, 8; Psalm 68; Psalm 24).
6 Daniel prays 3 times God send His angel and closed We have the sacred duty to carry on the battle alongside our
by day the lions’ mouths Supreme Commander. Like Jesus, we must fight this spiritual battle,
9 Daniel prays for his God sent Gabriel with the 70 not by killing but by dying. Our weapons are not guns and bombs, but
city and the temple weeks prophecy faith and the Word of God (Eph. 6:10–18). We battle not only external
10 Daniel prays for his God sent Jesus with a marvelous forces but also the sin that lies in our hearts. However, “in all these
people prophecy things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” (Rom.
8:37, NKJV). Let us continue to fight until the day when Michael will
 The effect of the vision on Daniel's companions is the same come and destroy evil in all its manifestations.
here as when Jesus appeared to Saul on the Damascus road
(Acts 9:3-7; 22:6-9). Life Application:
The biggest battle of our lives is not against visible enemies
Touched by an Angel (Daniel 10:10–19) of flesh and blood, but “against principalities, against powers, against
Symptoms of a prophet in vision the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of
 The strength left the prophet (10:8). wickedness in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6:12, NKJV). Although from
 He fell to the sound of the voice of the Heavenly Being a human perspective this battle can be an uneven conflict in which it
(10:9). appears that the odds are often against us, we have nothing to fear.
 The prophet was gradually strengthened (10:10). Jesus fights this battle for us and alongside us and gives us the
 He stood up to the angel's command (10:12). assurance of victory.
 He spoke when the angel touched the lips (10:16).
The angel touches Daniel three times
1. The first touch enables the prophet to stand and hear the
words of comfort coming from heaven (v.12)
2. The second touch enables Daniel to speak (vs. 16, 17)
3. The third touch brings him strength (v.19)
The angel has been sent to Daniel in response to his prayers,
in order to give him insight and understanding. The vision that follows
in chapter is intended to encourage Daniel in response to his mourning
and meditation over the present situation in Jerusalem. With God on