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Famous Personality of Himachal Pradesh

 Anand chand:Son of Vijay chand of erstwhile Bilaspur, born in Jan 1913, wrote a book
titled “Bilaspur Past, present and future”.He was first chief commissioner of Bilaspur

 Anant Ram
 Born on 10 april 1907 at Daulatpur Chowk, Una.
 A great patriot and freedom fighter.
 In 1975 he was honored by Prim Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi.
 He founded Kaka Educational Trust.
 Died on 11 Jan 2010 at the age of 113 years.

 Bachitar singh
 A freedom fighter from Bari Batran village, kangra.
 He had joined Azad Hind Fauz.
 Died in Feb 2011.

 Shri Bakshi Pratap Singh

 Born on 20 Oct 1912, Chadiyar,Palampur.
 In 1931 joined British Army.
 In 1942 Joined Azad Hind Fauz.
 On 5-6th feb 1944, in midnight he entered alone in the British camo, killed a
guard and Injured an army officer. For his exceptional courage he was awarded
 His unit fought for 14 days in a guerilla war without food.
 Was MLA in 1952 from congress.
 From 1957-1962 he was deputy CM of Punjab.

 Shri Baba Kanshi Ram (Pahari Gandhi)

 Born on 11 Jul 1882 in Dehra Gopipur, village Dada Siba..
 In 1902, was sent to jail for 2 years.
 In 1937, in a political meeting at Gadriawala(Hoshiyarpur),Pt.J.L Nehru gave
him title of “Pahari Gandhi”.
 He was a prolific singer so was conferred the title of “Pharan Da Bulbul” by
Sarojini Naidu, in 1927 at Daulatpur Chowk Una in 1931.
 When Sardar Bhagat singh, Raj Guru and Sukhdev were hanged he took oath to
continue to wearing black clothes till India achives independence.
 He was great follower of M.K. Gandhi and practiced all his principles in real
life, was a leading light in the kangra region.
 Died on 15 Oct 1943.

 Shri Balki Ram

 Born on 4th April 1912 at village safadi,Panchayat Chalah of Balh Valley of
 He was famous Bathra artist.
 Bathra is a famous folk dance-drame of Mandi through which aalong with
entertainment,common problem of the masses are also highlighted

 Shri Bhavani Dutt Shashtri

 From Mandi, a renowed Sanskrit Scholar.
 He translated Srimad Bhagwat Gita, Upanisheds and Vedanta philosophy in
 He also painted more than 300 opaintings.
 He got Pahari Samman (1988), Churamani Samman (1989).
 In 1994 got first Himachal shikhar samman.
 Died in 2008.

 Bhagmal Sautha
 Born 23 Sep 1899, Village Dhar, Jubbal, Shimla
 Joined INC (Indian National Congress) in 1922 in its Baroda session..
 Founder member of Himalayan Riyasti Praja Mandal.
 He was 1st to be arresred near Ghanahatti just before Dhami firing tragedy 1939.
 Elected to territorial council in 1957.

 Shri Bhaskara Nand

 He was from Basantpur, Shimla.
 Founded Praja Mandal in erstwhile Bhajji state.
 Elected General Secretary,Praja Mandal Shimla Hill state, 1939-46.

 Shri Chanderdhar Sharma Guleri

 A renowned writer critic,poet and linguistic born in the family ofPt. Shiv Kumar
of Guler, Kangra on 7th jul 1883 in Jaipur.
 His father was family priest of Jaipur Raja.
 He passed his metric from Allahabad University in 1899 for which he as
awarded gold Medal by Maharaja of Jaipur.
 At the age of 17 he built a library and ‘Nagari Bhawan’ in Jaipur.
 He wrote a book”Jaipur observatory and its builders”.
 From 1903-07 he was editor of the magazine “Samalochak”.
 He was editor of “Kashi Nagri Pracharni Patrika”.
 His famous wok “Usne Kaha Tha”,”sukhmaya jeevan” and “Buddha ka kanta”

 Shri Daulat Ram Sankhyan:

 Born on 16 Dec 1919, Panchayat Jukhala in Bilaspur .He was one of the
founder of Bilaspur Praja Mandal.
 He was ordered exile from District Bilaspur from 11th June 1946 to 12 oct
 In 1952 formed “Bhakhra Suffere’s Association”.
 Died in 1998.

 Shri Deena nath”Andhi”:Born on 3Nov 1914 at Pragpur,Kangra.

 Resident of Andhi Bhavan jakhu Shimla.
 Passed Hindi Rattan from Jail(Lahore).
 He was 1st jailed in 1930.

 Shri Durga Kangra:

 Vijaypur,Kangra
 He organized “Seva Smiti” and opened 2 schools for girls and various other
institution through this organizations.
 Joined Jan Sangh 1951.

 Shri Gian Chand Totu

 Born 15 Sep 1919 in Shimla.
 Joined Dhami movement Under the guidance of Pt. Padam dev. Became an
active member of Dhami Pooja Mandal and was elected General
secretary,”Shimla Riyasati Praja Mandal(SRPM)”.
 In 1940 became president of SRPM.

 Smt Gauran Devi

 Born in 1895, Rawalpind, Pakistan.
 Later she became resident of kishore cottage, Shimla.
 She did commendable work in swaraj movement and was a close aide of
Gandhi.To set an example against foreign clothes she set her own clothes on
fire first.
 In 1984 was awarded with Jamna lal Bajaj award for community service.

 Hari Ram Sharma : Born at Chalet, Una

 He use to read news items for the people from Dainik Pratap related to court
proceeding of Bombing case in central assembly.
 He was Awarded”Tamarpatra” in 1972 for taking part in freedom movement.

 Bhai Hirda Ram:

 Born in Mandi on 28 Nov 1885.
 He was known as “Bhai Ji”.
 He was inspired by Gadhar Party,Dharamshala in the meetings of the comrades
he was given the duty of making bombs.

 Shri lmamuddin
 Amarpur Mohalla, Nahan.
 He was a sculpturist..
 Among the famous creations idol of Baba Balak Nath in Tokiyo village of
Paonta Sahib, Hanuman’s idol at Girinagar, Mahatama Gandhi’s statue in
YamunaPark Panonta sahib JL.Nehru and Y.S Parrmar’s statues.
JL.Nehru and Y..S Parrmar’s statues.
 On 25 feb 1996 Himotkarash Sahiya Sanskrit and Jan Kalyan Parishad
presented him with “fakir Chand Memorial National integration award”.

 J P Baggi
 Born on 15 jul 1908 School Bazar,Mandi.
 He was sent to jail for 6 year for involvement in Lahore conspirancy.

 Jeevan Sharma
 Born in 1907 in village Pangana of Karsog,Mandi.
 Participated in Suket Satyagraha.
 He was also known as Jiyunu Pandit.
 Died on 4th Jan 2010.

 Kinkri Devi
 Born in 1927,Ghaton, Sirmaur.
 Widowed when she was just 22 years.
 She came in limelight when she filed PIL in the HP High court in 1987 seeking
a Born on illegal quarrying in the Sangarh area of Sirmaur.
 She stayed in Shimla for 19 days, when the money got exhausted, she worked
as maid
 There.She even started a fast in fornt of the HC to highlight the issue.
 In 1991 the court directed the government to close all the active mines in the
 Ministry of Human resource Development felicitated her with the award of
“Jhansi Ki Rani Lakshmi Bai Stree Shakti Puruskar,1999”
 In 1995 she was invited to attend international women’s conference in Beijing.
 She was invited by Hilary Clinton wife of former US president Bill Clinton to
light up the lamp at inaugural function.

 Krishan Chand vaid

 Born in 1916 in Mandi.
 Remained first deputy speaker of HP vidhan sabha 1952-56.
 Lal chand Prarathi :Naggar, Kullu born in 1916. He wrote “kullu Desh ki Kahani”.

 Justice Mehra chand Mahajan

 Born on 23 Dec. 1889 in Tikka Nagrota villages, Kangra.
 His father was Babu Briji Lal. Immediately after his birth he was declared
inauspicious and it was advised that his father must not see his face for 12
year. So he was sent away and brought up by a Rajput family of Maya and
Rugtu whose son Gopalu was without any child.
 Babu Briji lal, who was staunch believer in astrology,called a conference of
highly learned people and asked them to reconsider his child’s future.This
conference continued for some days and finally they declared him very lucky
and would either become judge or minister.He was brought back from exile at
the age of seven.He had his first marriage in 1910 with Kesari Devi.His first
wife died 1921 and he remarried in 1922.
 He was appointed as Judge of Lahore High court on 27th Sep 1943.
 After partition he served as Prime Minister of Kashmir.
 He was chief justice of india (Supreme Court) from 4th January 1954 to 23rd
December 1954.
 He wrote “Looking Back”(auto biography).

 Mohan Lal Aukta

 Born on 22nd Dec 1907,Jubbal,Shimla.
 First chairman of state co-operative bank.

 Narain Chand Prashar

 Born in St. Petersburg in Russia on 9th oct 1874.
 He travelled Russia, Europe, central Asia, Mongolia ,Tibet ,china, Japan and
 In 1928 at the age of 54 he came face with Himalayas.He was so much
enthralled by the beauty of the Himalayas that the last two decades of his life,he
spent in kullu valley.
 He emerged as immortal painter.
 There is hardly any museum or art gallery in any big city in india, America and
Europe where there does not exist paintings of Roerich.
 In 1929, in America 22 story building was erected in his honor, where his
painting were housed..
 He had painted 7000 canvases on Himalayas.
 He established master institute of united arts and international arts centre.
 There is an art gallery devoted to Roerich in Naggar.
 He married Devika Rani the queen of india cinema.
 His Famous Painting: Drop of life,pearls of striving,sigh of Maitreya, Banners
of the east, Tibetan strongholds.
 His painting on War:The last angel, Ominous Signs, human Deeds, Doomed
city,the lurid glare. The city of Serpents etc.
 On religion:Saint Sergius, Santa Protectrix, Saintly Ghost, Budha The Giver,
Sri Krishan, Kalki Avatara
 Published works:Atlai Himalaya, The abode of light, Himavat.
 He was known as Maharishi.
 He died on 13 Dec 1947.

 Norah Richards
 Born on 26 oct 1847.
 Came to India with her husband MrPhillip Richards in 1911, hw was professor
of Englishin Dayal Singh college of Lahore.
 Norah widowed in 1920, and then she left india and came back in sept 1924.
 In india 1925 she settled at Banuri and 10 years later at Andretta.
 She devoted herself to dramatic activities.
 On 29 Oct 1970,she was conferred honorary degree of.Litt. by the the Punjab
 Published Woks:The flower Maker, Sati, The village play, the son comes
home,Country life.
 In Punjab people had admired her as “The great grandmother of Punjab
 She died in 1971.

 Shri Narender Pal: Born in 1892, Luna, Mandi.

 Got bullet injury in 1918,while fighting against the British in Surat.
 He was arresred for Rawalpindi Bomb explosion case.

 Shri Padam Dev

 From Bhamnol, Rohru , Shimla, Bornon 26 jan 1901.
 Also Known as Kaviraj.
 Was founder member of “Himalayan Riyasti Praja Mandal” and was general
secretary of HHSRC (Himalayan Hill State Regional Council).
 He launched relentless struggle against “Reet”,”Begar”,”untouchability” and
specially discrimination against koli.
 He also led Suket Satyagraha.
 He became first home minister of the state in 1952.

 Subedar Piara Singh

 Died 18 June, 2011 at the age of 106.
 Lived in Takoli village in Una.
 His wife Hansa breathed her last at Dharmshala at the age of 101.
 The couple claimed to be the oldest married surviving couple of the world and
had attempted to enter into an agreement with the Guinness world record in
2007.But it was not accepted.The Dalai Lama had also sought their blessings for
his long life as per the Tibetan traditions at a special function organized on his
borthday at Mcleodganj.
 The couple was married on May 23,1924.
 A family of 81 members, they has seen five generations.
 Piara singh had joined British India Army in 1930.
 While fighting against Germany in 1942 in WW-II in Cherim hills in Sudan,he
received seven bullets in different parts of his body, but survived.
 He was getting pension pf Rs 8 after retiring in 1942 on medical grounds which
now had increased to Rs. 12000/PM.

 Raja Rajender Singh

 Born on 15th June 1929 at village Barthata in Jubbal.
 Did his LLB from law collage, Jalandhar.Elected to territorial council in 1957
and 1962.
 Became Chief Minister of HP after the collapse of the Janta Government,
headed by Mr. Shanta Kumar, Mr. Lal occuoied the chair till 1983, when he
was made governor of Andhra Pradesh

 Shri Ramesh Gupta

 Born in 1929 at Kaithu in Shimla.
 In the communal holocaust of 1947. He came forward to save life and property
of Muslim.
 From 1954-66 he was editor of “Suryodaya Vichar Patrika” launched by
Vinoba Bhave.
 In 1966 he became secretary General of “Himachal Nasha Mukti Parishad”
 In 1984 launched Hindi Weekly “Pahari Lehar”.

 Ranjit Singh Verma:From Hamirpur. He was called “Himachal Gandhi” by BBC

for leading a Non-violent agitation successfully deputy speaker from 1979-80

 Rishikesh Lattah
 Born in Dhusada in Una.
 In 1906 escaped from Lahore via Karachi along with Ajit Singh and Sufi Amba
Prasad and reached Basra.From there moved to “lsfahan city” (iran) in the
disguise of a doctor.There he edited newspaper “Parvana”.
 He also participated in the revolt against the shah of lran for which new govt.
Of Kaumi party conferred upon him the title of “Amar Mahajar”.Later he
moved to America and became found member of “Gaghar Party” in 1920 he
died in Teheran.

 Captain Saurabh kalia

 (1976-99) born in Amritsar, He was an officer of Indian army who died during
the kargil war while being held by the Pakistan security forces.
 He was first Indian to observe and report large scale intrusion of Pakistan Army at
kargil. He assumed guard of “Bajrang Post” to check infitration in the kaksar
area.After a continuous cross fire with Pkistan armed forces from across the LOC,
he and his troops ran out of ammunition.They were finally encircled by platoon of
Pakistan ranger and captured alive. They were tortured for over 22 days as
evident from their bodies.

 Satyanand Stokes (1882-1946)

 He was son of Philadelphian engineer Businessman well known for his
contribution to elevator technology.
 Arrived at leper home Subathu in 1905.
 He was sent for relief work to kangra.Then devastated by earth quake.
 In 1910 bought a tea garden, got married and made “Barubagh” in Kotgarh his
home.He learnt Sanskit and wrote a book ‘Satyakam’.
 In 1932, He became Hindu and converted from Samuel evens to “Satyanand”.
 Begar was abolished from Shimla because of his efforts stokes introduced both
apple and culture of growing apple as a commercial crop for small farmer at
height above 6000 feet in Himachal.The varieties of Apple were Cox’s Belnhein,
orange, Newton and Russet.
 He introduced the technique of grading apples according to size, color and quality
before packing them.

 Satya Prakash Bakshi

 Also known as “Bhaggi” from Una.
 In 1941 imprisoned for participation in freedom struggle,He was on hunger strike
for 26 days in Lyalpur Jail(Pakistan).He abandoned hunger strike on the request
of Gandhi Ji,but soon after died.

 Sardar Shoba Singh

 Born 1901 at Har Govindpur in Gurdaspur.
 In 1923, left army to become a free lancer and started his own studio in
 In 1931 he came to Delhi and founded his studio there.
 He went to Andretta and lived in a hut rented out to him by Norah Richards.
 Some famous Paintings: Sohni-Mahiwal, Portraints of Sikh Gurus, Kangra Pride
And Gaddi Balle.
 In 1974, Punjab Govt.acclaimed him as the “state artist”.He died in 1989.

 Major Som Nath Sharma

 Born in Jan 1923, Jammu. He was killed while fighting in 1947. His last message
was “the the enemy is only 50 yards from us, we are under devastating fire, and I
shall not withdraw an inch but will fight to the last round”.
 He was awarede “Param Veer Chakra” India’s first post independence award

 Thakur Sen Negi

 1909, Shong, Kinnaur. Wrote famous book “Scheduled Tribes of Himachal

 Shri Tirath Ram: Born in 1909, Una.

 Set up Gandhi Ashram at Oyal in Una for freedom fighters.
 Was conferred Jamna Lal Bajaj award in 1990.

 Captain Vikram Batra (1974-1999): From Palampur was awarded Param Veer Chakra
posthumously for his actions during 1999, Kargil war.
 Yashpal: Bhumpal, Hamirpur born in 1903.
 He started monthly magazine “ Vipplav” in Hindi and its Urdu version “Baghi”.
 He wrote more than a dozen novels and a classical reminiscence “Sihmavaloken”
in 3 volumes.

 Y.S.Parmar
 Born on 4th Aug 1906 at Bhagthan in sirmaur and Died on 2 may 1981.
 Studied at F.C. College, Lahore, Canning Lucknow University and did M.A,
L.L.B, Ph.D.
 Organized Suket Satyagraha in 1948.
 President of All India state people’s conference (AISPC) 1947.
 Sworn 1st Chief Minister of HP from 1952-56
 Elected to parliament in 1957.
 He was advocate in Supreme Court in 1961.
 President HPCC 1961-62 and 63.
 Reelected as CM in 1963 and again in 1967. Got elected to vidhan sabha from
Renuka constituency.
 From 1967-77 remain CM of HP.
 He wroe
 “social & economic back ground of Himalayan polyandry,”
 “Himachal Pradesh : its proper shape & Status”,
 “Himachal Pradesh : case for statehood” and
 “Himachal Pradesh : Area and language and strategy for development of
hill area”.

 A.V. Rajbhans :
 A mechanical engineer from Ansoli, Kangra. Got his name registered in Guinness
book of world record 2004 for writing smallest ever “Shrimand Bhagvat Gita”.
 There are 163 pages in it with 2.2 cm x 10.7 cm and thickness 1.3cm. He has also
made the complilation of the constitution of UNS & England.

 Devi Cherian: From Chamba

 Awarded Rajiv Gandhi Ekta Samman awarrd 2006 for achievement in social
service and Journalism.
 She is actively involved with Deepalaya an NGO for educating orphaned

 Dilip singh Rana (The Greak Khali)

 Dhirana,Sirmaur.
 Once worked as a laborer in a tiny Himachal village. He now fights for world
wrestling entertainment (WWE) In USA.
 He is 7 feet 3 inches,weighing 420 pounds.
 He has also acted in a Hollywood film “ The longest yard”.
 He has been named The Great khali by WWE organizers as he often invokes Kali
the Goddess off destruction,during his fights.
 Dalip was an officer in Punjab govt.

 Kulbhushan Upamanya (Kamla village, Chamba)

 The man who made the Chipko movement a success in the remote areasof
Chamba in Himachal.
 He was a close associate of Sunder lal Bahuguna (from Uttrakhand) leader of
Chipko movement.
 He has devoted his life in protecting the environment of district.
 He was against the govt’s policy of planting pine saplings.He even destroyed a
nursery of pine trees.
 Pine is harful for the local flora and fauna. Its leaves are acidic and destroy the
natural grass which is fodder for the livestock.
Dr.M.P. Singhal: For his excellent research work on unknown typhus fever, he was
awarded with “Himachal Gaurav” award in 2004.

 Shri Prem kumar Dhuma

 Samirpur, Hamirpur born on 10th april 1944.
 Studied in D.A.V collage Jalandhar and Punjab university evening college
Jalandhar,topped in M.A.
 Joined as lecturer in Punjab University and also did L.L.B.
 Made his first political dent in 1977 and actively participated in elections.
 He won 1998 Vidhan sabha from Bamsan and became Chief Minister on 24th
March 1998.
 Became CM 2nd time in 2007.
 He was honored with Mother Teresa award.

 Sanjay Kumar (Rifleman): He was Indian army soldier and recipient of Param Veer
 On july 4, 1999, he was the leading scout of a team tasked to capture area flat top,
dfuring the kargil war.
 He crawled up alone to capture the area flat top and charged the enemy bunker
through a hail of automatic fire.
 He was hit by two bullets in his chest and forearm though wounded; he killed
three enemy soldies in hand to hand fighting.
 Sh. Jaggat Prakash Nadda
 Born in 1960 at Patna.
 He did B.A (Hon’s), educated at St. Xaviers School Patna.
 He represented Bihar state in the all India Junior swimming championship held at
 Did L.L.B from HPU (Himachal Pradesh University).
 He is union minister of health & family welfare and MP of Rajya Sabha.

 Neera Kohli
 Won the international contest for planning a colony on the mars organized by
NASA in 2006 in Spain.
 He was student of J.P University.
 He is from Solan.

 Shanta Kumar
 Born in 1934 at Garh Jamula,Palampur became Chief Minister of non congress
govt. In 1977-80 and 2nd time in 1990.
 He married Smt. Santosh Shailja
 He did B.A., L.L.B from Delhi Unniversity.
 He also worked as teacher in S D high school.
 He participated in Pathankot Satyagrah for merger of Jammu & Kashmir in Indian
 He wrote:”Man ke meet”,”Dharti hai Balidan ki”,”Pahar Begane Nahin
Honge”,”Himalaya Par Lal Chhayaa”,”O,Parvasi meet mere”,”Desh Bhakat
swami Vivekanand”,”Mrigtrishna”,”Lajo and Kaidi”.These are joint collection of
short series and poems by his and his wife.

 Sukh Ram:
 1927, Arnyana, Mandi.
 He remained minister holding various portfolios.
 He was responsible for preparation of many employment oriented schemes for the
unemploed youth including providing of interest free loan for purchase of hybrid
cows and in similar fashion, for promotion of fisheries in the state.

 Shyam Sharan Negi

 He has the privilege to be the first voter of independent India in 1951.As election
for 1st lok sabha was held in 1952, but due to Kinnaur being a snow bound area,
election was held here in advance.

 Vir Bhadra singh

 23 June 1934 born at Sarahan, Shimla.
 Remain Chief Minister from 1983 to march 1985, 1985-1990, 1993 to 1998,23
march 1998 (for few fdays), 2003-2007, 2012-present.
 131st descendent of princely Bushahr state.
 His father’s name was Padam Singh.
 Did M.A. from St Stephen College Delhi.
 Conferred honorary rank of captain in Indian army in 1962.

 Mrs.Vidya stokes:
 Born in 1927 at kotgarh in Shimla.
 Elected as first lady speaker in March 1985 of Himachal.
 Elected as president of Indian women’s hockey federation for two consecutive

 Pt Vijay Kumar
 He has held the distinction of being the first Bollywood actor from Shimla to
have played the leading roles with famous actors like Lalita pawar, Devika
Rani etc.
 Born in 1905 in Shageen village.
 Acted in Sajeev Moorti, Shaadi ki Raat, Azadi.

 Vijay kumar:
 (sport shooter) Subedar Majer Vijay kumar born in 1985, Hamirpur (Barasar).
 Won silver medal in individual 25 rapid fire pistol events at 2012 Olmpics