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year 4 · nº 12 · February 2020

ano 20 · nº 54 · June 2019 · portuguese edition

portuguese steelwork
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In this edition of “Metálica”, the project article is dedicated to the application of

steel structures in supporting of facades is highlighted. Three projects are presented
showing their resource to different constructive solutions, detailing its particularities,
the construction processes, the respective structural schemes and advantages of the
implemented solutions.

Regarding the usual opinion articles, Professor Vitor Murtinho continues the presentation
of the main developments carried out for the construction of the statue of liberty and
its steel support structure. Professor Altino Loureiro tells us about heat treatments of
welded structures. Professor José Guilherme Silva presents us with the application of a
steel structure in a project that meets high usage requirements. And Dr. Trayana Tankova
describes particularities in the welding of high-strength steels.
Additionally, another information note from CMM – industry and services dedicated to
anti-corrosion protection is presented.

Nuno Lopes
Finally, it is important to mention the preparation of the 12th Conference on Steel and
Composite Construction which is taking place on 21 and 22 November in Coimbra.
Everything is evolving successfully to make it an excellent opportunity to disseminate the
latest innovations and achievements in the field of steel and composite construction.

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metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019

CIN – Innovation, Quality and Leadership

With over 100 years of experience in the paint and with a high surface moisture content, reducing the
varnish market, CIN is innovation, quality and leadership. problems associated with osmotic back pressure. It is
Leader in the Iberian market since 1995, 18th largest a 100% solid product with a high penetrating power,
European paint manufacturer1, 48th worldwide2, suitable for integrating paint schemes of the most
CIN is present in the main market segments: Civil diverse chemical natures.
Construction, Industry and Anti-Corrosion Protection,
with a consolidated turnover of 238M €, in 2018.
The C-FLOOR® PAS800 FLEX is the new self-leveling
The Protective Coatings business unit includes high
product which, due to its properties of high flexibility,
performance coatings for corrosion protection, passive
recoverability and memory effect and good isolation
fire protection, protection of concrete structures and
to impact noise, acquires comfortable characteristics,
being especially recommended for hospitals, gyms and
CIN’s floor solutions assume a compromise between schools, indoors or outdoors.
functionality and sustainability, combining the capacity
Combined with the C-FLOOR® PRIMER E150 DP primer
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and the C-FLOOR® VARNISH PU375 FLEX varnish,
and harmony of spaces.
they make up the new comfortable floor system: CIN-
Featured C-FLOOR® products: CONFORFLEX.


One of the most recent launches in the range, the
C-FLOOR® PRIMER E135 AP is the solution for floors C-FLOOR® E245 WB is the new satin aqueous epoxy
where adhesion may be compromised because they are product with excellent concrete anti-carbonation
glazed and polished surfaces. Easy to apply and with properties and high mechanical and chemical resistance.
quick drying, it can be applied on polished concrete,
Excell Plus Bronze certified, it is a harmless product by
ceramics and tiles, linoleum, rigid polyester fiber, pickled
indirect contact in sensitive environments, such as the
and galvanized steel.
food industry. In addition, the C-FLOOR® E245 WB has
C-FLOOR® PRIMER E150 DP Class A + for Indoor Air Quality and complies with LEED
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With an innovative formulation, C-FLOOR® PRIMER
E150 DP is the ideal primer for cementitious substrates Integrated in the Colormix 4G color tuning system, it is
available in a wide variety of colors.
European Coatings Journal, 2018

Coatings World Top Companies Report, 2018

2 Discover all the solutions at ■

Nuno Lopes, member of the CMM board of directors,

wins young researcher award
Nuno Lopes, assistant professor in the Department with acceptance by the international scientific
of Civil Engineering at the University of Aveiro, won community, and the implementation of some of these
the Young Researcher Award Prof. João Martins 2018. proposals is already foreseen in the new generation of
The prize is awarded annually by the Portuguese Structural Eurocodes.
Association of Theoretical, Applied and Computational
Mechanics and aims to recognize the scientific Nuno Lopes, also director of “Metálica”, has
curriculum in any area of Applied and Computational participated in several European and national research
Mechanics. projects, including the StaSteFi “Fire Design of
structural elements in stainless steel”, financed by the
Nuno Lopes’ scientific activity has focused on the Foundation for Science and Technology, of which he is
fire resistance of steel structures, contributing to the the responsible researcher.  ■
development of proposals for calculating structural
elements in steel and stainless steel in a fire situation,

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019

GRAVIDADE designed the new Concentrated Solar Energy

Production Plant, in Ilanga, South Africa
GRAVIDADE has designed several industrial
structures for energy production plants in Central
America, South America and Africa in recent years.
In Ilanga, GRAVIDADE was responsible for Air Cool
Condenser, the largest infrastructure in the complex.

In November 2018 the new Concentrated Solar Energy

Production Plant, Ilanga CSP 1, located near Upington
in the Northern Cape region, South Africa, came into

With a production capacity of 100 MW, it is the first GRAVIDADE was responsible for the design of the
in a group of plants that use this recent technology to largest of these structures, the Air Cool Condenser
produce clean and renewable energy taking advantage (ACC). This equipment has a total of 18 cooling modules
of the region’s excellent solar potential. The target for supported by a continuous steel structure of 100m in
2030 is to inject about 1 GW into the national electricity length, 45m in width, 30m in height and 1000 ton of
network, reducing the carbon footprint associated with structural steel.
the production of electricity.
GRAVIDADE is an independent engineering and
A plant with these characteristics brings together a consultancy company with extensive international
vast and complex set of equipment, in which the steel experience in the development of complex projects that
structures have an important role. require high specialization and coordination capacity. ■


Let's build your future together!

P E D R O N U N O B A S T O S , U N I P. L D A . | +351 256 912 344 | GERAL@PNB.PT | W W W. P N B . P T

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019

Design of concrete anchors with eurocode:

a new form for sustainable constructions

As of March 2019, the design of concrete anchors However, with the advent of design software such as
is subject to a new standard: Eurocode 2 in part 4. PROFIS Engineering, it is possible to design fixings in
Safety, reliability, sustainability: some see this total safety for the sustainability of buildings, as they
regulatory change as an opportunity. already consider several requirements of the new

On the mandatory Eurocode, François Régnier

explains “If Eurocodes are specified in market
solutions, works that do not apply them will not be
in accordance with it, with all the consequences that
this implies. This standard is not a constraint, but an
opportunity to gain in terms of efficiency, reliability and
safety and is already required by many contractors or
Historically, the design of concrete anchors was in major construction projects.” ■
associated with a series of recommendations made by
the European Organization for Technical Assessment >> For more information see:
(EOTA), in the form of a European technical approval
guide named “ETAG”. With the set of experiences
acquired since March 2019, the calculation of concrete
Potential consequences of incorrect calculation of
anchors is now a standard supported by the European
concrete anchors:
Commission for Standardization (CEN): Eurocode 2 in
part 4.

This defines a multitude of crucial points, as stated

by François Régnier, Technical Marketing Manager
in Western Europe for Fixing and Installation at
Hilti, “Even if often invisible, concrete anchors are
widely used in structural and non-structural elements
of construction. They are all directly or indirectly
associated with the safety of people or construction.”
Steel structure:
EN1993 (EC3)
Steel structure:
EN1993 (EC3) Before 2019


Post-installed (ETAG) 
Post-installed (EC2-4)
Steel structure: March 2019
EN1993 (EC3) ETAG 001 first version, 1997
Concrete structure:
EN1992 (EC2)
Before 2019
Concrete structure:
EN1992 (EC2)
Post-installed (ETAG)  Post-installed (EC2-4)
EC2-4 (EN1992-4) 
lastest date of publication, Mar 2019

nternal Webinar | A long journey to Eurocode 2 for anchor design | Schaan | Oct 4, 2018 18

anchor design | Schaan | Oct 4, 2018 17

ETAG 001 first version, 1997 March 2019

Concrete structure:
EN1992 (EC2)
metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
EC2-4 (EN1992-4) lastest date of publication, Mar 2019

CMM strengthens competitiveness of

Portuguese companies through ProSteel
During April and May 2019, CMM promoted two
activities to disseminate this project.
On April 9th, the presentation took place in Paços
de Ferreira, at JoinPortugal. And on May 9th, the
presentation took place at Tektónica.

ProSteel is the investment of the Portuguese Steelwork

Association (CMM) to lead companies in the sector to
implement a set of competitiveness factors that ensure the
sustained development of their business and enhance their
Paços de Ferreira Tektónica
Aimed at SMEs in the Steelwork Construction sector, the
ProSteel training and certification project is designed to ProSteel – a SME qualification project, within the scope of
support and prepare companies at national level in the Portugal 2020, runs until December 2019.
various areas that influence and define their position in
the market. In this way, it is with the sustainability and •C
 MM intends to be a driving agent and create
competitiveness of the business fabric in mind that CMM, conditions to make it easier for companies in the
through its ProSteel consulting actions, invests in the sector to reach foreign markets.
qualification and certification of companies in different •T
 he ProSteel qualification project aims at the
areas such as Management, Marketing, Quality, Energy, integrated implementation of dynamic competitiveness
Environment and Technology. factors – Marketing, Quality, Energy, Environment and
This project reinforces the competitiveness of Portuguese
companies whose strategic objectives are to increase their
competitiveness, productivity, level of internationalization, ProSteel runs until December 2019 and companies in the
exports and degree of digitization, through inteligente, steelworking sector can apply in one or more of the areas
sustainable and inclusive growth. mentioned above. ■

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019

Over 300 visitors,

in one week, from all
over Europe, including
Portugal, were at

DNC Técnica was also present at this great event and it lifts the parts on the leveler input roller conveyor for
closely witnessed all the technological innovations. the subsequent leveling process. After leveling, the
FlatJack® system checks the leveling of the parts.
From May 20 to 24, 2019 in Baden-Baden, ARKU After the process is complete, the robot removes
opened its doors and once again proved to be a the parts and places the plates on a pallet. With this
technological and innovative leader. configuration, we increase the use of the machine and
At this event, ARKU presented the latest systems to reduce the workload for operators. When necessary,
accelerate leveling and burr removal, reducing the costs we can also implement autonomous handling of parts
of parts and the associated manual processes. Visitors for other machine sizes, as well as for our burr removal
had the opportunity to bring their own sheet metal parts processes.
and watch live demonstrations.
After this process, participants demonstrated all the
All participants in this “ARKU InfoDays” event benefits of ARKU technology in sheet leveling.
experienced new dimensions of ARKU leveling
technology: autonomous, flexible and networked. In addition to the leveling of the plate in the “ARKU
InfoDays”, Removal, Deburring and edge breaking
During the live demonstrations, ARKU presented the
technology was also presented with the range of
FlatMaster® 88 leveler with an upstream vision robot
deburring machines, with special emphasis on the new
for automated loading and unloading together with the
EdgeBreaker® 3000 deburring machine for laser cut
flatness test system, the FlatJack®.
The combination of Graders, Robots and Quality Control
With this system, ARKU expands its deburring machine
combines high levels of automation with high quality
portfolio: “Current developments in sheet metal
processing show a clear trend towards stable and
ARKU has integrated plate processing requirements in efficient processes. The same applies to deburring. Our
advancing the development of plate handling technology. portfolio expansion meets these needs ”, explains Hund.
Short setup times, approximately two minutes and
The new deburring machine has two sequential
intelligent part recognition make the robotic system a
processing zones that remove the burr and round sheets
viable option for laser or plasma / oxyfuel companies.
up to 80 mm thick on both sides in a single pass. The
The participants of this event were able to test and patented “clicks” system for changing consumables on
experience all this technology live in the complete the EdgeBreaker® 3000 allows for quick and extremely
process, using their own plate parts weighing up to 100 easy replacement. In addition, the automatic calibration
kilos: system measures the consumption of abrasives and
compensates for this automatically. The operator does
– Process: the parts were positioned in the work area
not need to intervene.
and the material specifications were transferred to the
machine using a bar code. Autonomous processing ARKU took advantage of this event to show partners
begins. The cameras photograph the parts and the robot and customers that it continues to invest in innovation
system identifies them, regardless of height, alignment and diversity. All participants witnessed ARKU
and / or position. The robot autonomously selects the technology as a market leader in leveling and burr
correct clamping jaws based on weight and size. Then removal technology. ■

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019


Teczone: Confidence,
security and solutions.

TZ Insulating TZ-Deck profiles TZ profiles for

sandwich panels for deck roofs roofs

The TECZONE range of Profiles TZ-47 Deck and The TZ roof profiles are
sandwich panels, with TZ-56 Deck, with high the best solution for the
new PIR insulation core, structural performance, execution of functional,
provides high thermal compatible with any type economical and high
insulation with minimum of insulation systems a n d quality roof coatings.
panel thickness. waterproofing or sealing
Wide range of profiles,
TZ panels: Thermally with heights between 16
efficient facades and Designed for large deck and 60 mm, available in
roofs with an unbeatable roofs in industrial and different steel thicknesses
aesthetic finishing. commercial buildings. and several options of
steel coatings.
Improved fire rating: The best solution for the
Euroclass B,s1,d0. execution of deck roofs at
TECZONE range of roof
a competitive price.
profiles is an integral
construction system,
which includes all
the needed auxiliary
elements, components
and accessories.

Pol. Ind. Gamonal, Calle 4. 09007 - Burgos (Espanha)
Tel. (+34) 947 483 700 | Cel. (+34) 647 951 686
M: | W:
design Steel Structures applied to Facade Containment Solutions

Steel Structures applied to Facade

Containment Solutions
Eng.º Ricardo Justiniano (
Eng.º Guilherme Pisco (
Eng.º Rui Tomásio (
Eng.º Alexandre Pinto (

JETsj – Geotecnia

›  Introduction

In recent years, there has been an increase in the The set of buildings that constituted the “Solar” date
number of residential / hotel developments carried out in from the 16th century, prior to the 1755 Earthquake.
Portugal, mainly through foreign investment [1]. These buildings contained several elements with a high
Typically, this type of development has the following patrimonial value, as shown in figure 1.
construction limitations:
It was decided by the Work Owner to preserve most
• Facade maintenance;
of the interior walls, as well as the need to create a
• Demolition of interior elements; buried floor for parking. These facts constituted a great
• Facade removal for the construction of buried floors; challenge, since all the floors would be demolished,
• Location in urban centers with little space for associated with the fact that there is little space outside
construction sites. the work for the containment of the facade, as shown in
figure 2.
Taking into account the aforementioned constraints, the
steel structure presents itself as a competitive solution
for the realization of the containment of the facade. In
the following chapters, 3 projects developed by JETsj are
presented, where some of the problems and solutions
of the containment of façades using the steel structure
are addressed.

›   Solar de Santana

The “Solar de Santana” building, located in Lisbon,

presents itself as a private centenary building, with a
complex solution of containment of façades, where the
steel structure played a fundamental role. Figure 2. Structural elements to preserve.

Figure 1. Elements of patrimonial value - Solar de Santana.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
21-22 November, 2019

Gold Sponsors
design Steel Structures applied to Facade Containment Solutions

The containment of façades was carried out using two Bearing in mind the need for structural reinforcement
types of structural solutions: i) in the building facing of the walls to be maintained, a reinforced concrete
Campo Mártires da Pátria, a set of interior locks was sheet was made on each side, in order to confine the
developed, with a latticed steel structure ii) for the masonry and increase the resistant capacity of the
remaining walls, a solution of steel struts, locking structural elements. This solution was developed since
one wall on the other, replacing the diaphragm effect, the beginning of the demolition phase, in order to be
ensured by the beams and steel struts. These locks are compatible with the steel elements, of locking, to be
located at the floor level, as shown in figures 3 and 4. placed later.

Lattice Diagonal truss Horizontal "chicken leg”

containment containment elements locks
solution solution


da Pátria
Plant Section A-A
Figure 3. Structural solution for the containment of façades.
Figura 3 - Solução estrutural para a contenção de fachadas.

Tendo em conta a necessidade de reforço estrutural elementos metálicos, de travamento, a serem colocados
das paredes a manter, foi executada uma lâmina de betão posteriormente.
armado em cada face, de forma a confinar as alvenarias e A opção pela estrutura metálica deveu-se, sobretudo,
aumentar a capacidade resistente dos elementos estruturais. pela i) elevada capacidade resistente ii) facilidade de
Esta solução foi desenvolvida desde início da fase de compatibilização de soluções iii) facilidade de execução em
demolição, por forma a ser compatibilizadas com os obras com espaço reduzido e acesso condicionado.

Figure 4. Compatibility of structural reinforcements with the containment structure of the façades

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
escoramento montada interiormente ao edifício, antes dos
trabalhos de demolição.
design Steel Structures applied to Facade Containment Solutions
A estrutura de contenção foi interior uma vez que não foi
autorizada a ocupação de via publica (figuras 5, 6, 7 e 8).
The choice for the steel structure was mainly due to
i) high resistant capacity ii) ease of compatibility of
solutions iii) ease of execution in works with reduced
space and conditioned access.

›   Hotel Defensor de Chaves

The facade containment of a hotel on Rua Defensor de A

Chaves, in Lisbon, had the solution of a shoring tower B
mounted inside the building, before the demolition work.
The containment structure was interior since the
occupation of public roads was not authorized (figures 5,
6, 7 and 8). B

Figure 55.–Demolition
Planta de demolição,
plant, with com localização
shoring da torre de
tower location.
In the particular case of this work, it was not only
necessary to preserve the facade, but also the
construction of buried floors, which raised challenges No caso particular desta obra, não só era necessário
in terms of making the facade containment solution 1. Execution of micropiles;
preservar a fachada, como também a execução de pisos
compatible with the peripheral containment solution.
2. Execution of the reinforced concrete header, leaving
enterrados, o que levantava desafios ao nível da
the upper face to the elevation of the land (+
The construction process associated with the compatibilização
79.10m);da solução de contenção de fachada com a
containment structure can be characterized by the
solução de contenção periférica.
3. Partial and local demolition of the interior in order to
following steps:
O processo
make roomconstrutivo associadoof àtheestrutura
for the placement tower de recu
contenção pode-se caracterizar pelos seguintes passos: entr
1. Execução das microestacas; micr
2. Execução do maciço de encabeçamento em betão MPa

armado, deixando a face superior à cota do terreno pres

(+79.10m); méto
3. Demolição parcial e local do interior por forma a abrir
espaço para a colocação da torre; micr
4. Montagem da torre de escoramento (soldada) part
incluindo a colocação das vigas de distribuição junto
EXPERTS IN BLASTING MEDIA AND ABRASIVES FOR SURFACE TREATMENT da fachada, devidamente ajustada e aferrolhada à
Glass Beads | Glass Grit | Ceramic Beads | Steel Shot | Steel Grit | Cut Wire Stainless Steel Shot
Brown Fused Alumina | White Fused Alumina | Miked Alumina | Aluminium Silicate
Iron Silicate | Plastic Media | Garnet | Among Others… 5. Execução da demolição dos restantes elementos;

Blasting Cabinets | Blasting Machines | Spare Parts For All Brands

6. Execução do recalçamento da fachada, incluindo a
Maintenance and Technical Support execução das fundações indiretas da fachada;
Spare Parts For Watrejet Cutting Equipments | Granet

E cX
D DI and 20
20 ha
A show r ch atal
3Drade s!
M -B
21 alão
t a
19 xpo

it u
Centro Empresarial Castêlo da Maia pr
Rua Manuel Assunção Falcão 481 +351 221 450 070 3D
4475-041 Maia - PORTUGAL

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
contraventamento na cave -1;
9. Escavação até à cota da cave -2;
design Steel Structures applied to Facade Containment Solutions
10. Execução da laje de fundo e montagem do
contraventamento na cave -2.
4. Assembly of the shoring tower (welded) including
the placement of the distribution beams near the
facade, properly adjusted and fastened to the

5. Execution of the demolition of the remaining


6. Execution of the façade repressing, including the

execution of the indirect facade foundations

7. Excavation to basement level -1;

Av. Dos Defensores 8. Execution of the 2nd concrete mass and assembly
de Chaves of the brace in the basement -1

9. Excavation to basement level -2;

10. Execution of the bottom slab and assembly of the

brace in basement -2.

The façade stripping was ensured by using balancing

reinforced concrete beams, connected by pre-stressed
rods and supported by micropiles [N80 high-strength
steel tubes (560 MPa) with sealing bulb (high pressure
injected cement syrup), executed through the IRS
system and according to the method of Bustamente and
Doix [2].
Figure 6. Facade containment system - Section B-B.
Figura 6 – Sistema de contenção de fachada – Corte B-B.
In the design of the steel micropile tubes, it was
O recalçamento da fachada foi assegurado com necessary to take into account some particularities,
recurso a vigas de recalçamento de betão armado, ligadas namely:

entre si por varões pré-esforçados e suportadas por i) The flexural / buckling phenomena of the
compressed elements, in accordance with EC3
microestacas [tubos metálicos de alta resistência N80 (560 [3], between the concrete masses (elements not
MPa) com bolbo de selagem (calda de cimento injetada a alta buried);

pressão)], executado através de sistema IRS e segundo o ii) In all tubes, it was necessary to install external joints
to ensure continuity between the sections of steel
método de Bustamente e Doix [2].
No dimensionamento dos tubos metálicos da
iii) In cases where the micropiles have a definite
microestaca, foi necessário ter em consideração algumas function, it will be necessary to consider a sacrifice
particularidades, thickness, that is, design the element with a
Figure 7. Shoring nomeadamente:
tower with cellars.
thickness less than the theoretical thickness, to
i) Os fenómenos de bambeamento/ encurvadura dos take into account the corrosion effects due to the
elementos comprimidos, em conformidade com o aggressive external environment, in accordance with
EN 14 199 [4].
EC3 [3], entre os maciços de betão (elementos não
enterrados); Finally, it is worth noting the importance of implementing
instrumentation and observation plans (PIO) to
monitor the deformation of existing structures, such
as facades, and the surrounding buildings, throughout
the construction process, ensuring the execution of
work in safety and, if necessary, allow the execution of
reinforcement work in due time.

Figure 8. Facade retaining structure.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
a os efeitos de localizado em Lisboa, é um projeto de grande envergadura,
o agressivo, em que requereu uma contenção de fachada com recurso a 2
design Steel Structures applied to Facade Containment Solutions
torres de escoramento pelo interior (figuras 9 e 10).

Ground Floor Plan Raised Floor Plan

Figura 9 –containment
Planta contenção
plant de fachada
shoringcom torres de
mportância da Figure 9. Facade with
towers.. Figure 10. Façade containment with two shoring towers.

o e observação
Dada a geometria da fachada, optou-se por executar
das estruturas ›   Largo das Palmeiras Development Given the façade’s geometry, it was decided to build
duas torres de contenção que permitiram travar uma parte two containment towers that made it possible to lock
s circundantes,
The project de toda ainfachada.
located ParaPalmeiras,
Largo das o dimensionamento
located das a significant part of the entire façade. For the design of
ndo a execução in Lisbon, is a large project, which required a facade the towers, the EC3-1-1 [5] was considered, while for
torres, considerou-se o EC3-1-1 [5], enquanto que, para as
ário, permitir a retaining with the use of 2 shoring towers inside (figures the welded and bolted connections, it was considered in
and 10). soldadas e aparafusadas, considerou-se em accordance with the EC3-1-8 [6].
conformidade com o EC3-1-8 [6].
O processo construtivo relativo à execução destas
torres de contenção é semelhante ao processo descrito no
caso apresentado no capítulo 3, com a diferença de que os

elementos metálicos são aparafusados e o número de caves

é superior, o que resultou numa estrutura de maior The Path for your
Ao nível das vigas de distribuição, optou-se por future starts here!
evitar a ferrulhagem dos perfis de viga de distribuição. Apesar
de ser uma is a training company
prática comum, in vezes é •difícil
welding M.I.G./ M.A.G. - S.E.R. – T.I.G., • WELDERS UALIFICATION
compatibilizar os furos das vigas de distribuição de ambas as
chada. boilers and mirror welding. • SUPPORT FOR COMPANIES
faces da fachada quando existem fachadas de elevada
espessura, o que atrasa o processo construtivo. Hidropartener was founded by two trainers with vast experience
exclusively in this area both at national and international level,
whose knowledge is reflected on a great capacity to respond to
real difficulties that appear along the professional career.

We provide 13 individual training cabins equipped with all

necessary conditions for a training of high quality.

Rua das Matas, 4 - Bom Sucesso Tel. +351 963 732 944

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
design Steel Structures applied to Facade Containment Solutions

Figure 11. Locking details 1. Figure 12. Locking details 2.

The construction process related to the construction As a final note, the importance of the Instrumentation
of these containment towers is similar to the process and Observation Plan in this type of interventions is
described in the case presented in chapter 3, with the reinforced, so that the work is carried out safely and that
difference that the steel elements are screwed in and the problems inherent in projects of this complexity are
the number of basements is higher, which resulted in a detected and resolved in advance.
larger structure.
The authors would like to thank the Work Owners for
At the level of the distribution beams, it was decided their authorization to publish the images in this article.
to avoid the rusting of the distribution beam profiles.
Despite being a common practice, it is often difficult to ›  References
match the holes in the distribution beams on both sides
[1] Banco de Portugal (2019). “Boletim Estatístico – Statistical bulletin
of the facade when there are high-thickness façades,
3 /2019”.
which delays the construction process.
[2] Bustamente, M.; Doix, B.(1985) “Une méthode pour le calcul des
tirants et des micropieux injectés” – Laboratoire Central des Ponts
Instead, a welded cross-section between distribution et chaussées.
beams in the span zones was considered. Intermediate [3] CEN (2010), EN 1993:2010 – Design of steel structures. Brussels,
supports in the form of steel short cantilever beams European Committee for Standardization.
[4] CEN (2005), EN 14 199:2005 – Execution of special geotechnical
embedded in the facade were also considered to provide
works – Micropiles. Brussels, European Committee for
vertical support to the distribution beam. Standardization.
[5] CEN (2010), EN 1993 -1-1:2010 – Design of steel structures.
Given the rounded configuration of the facade, in areas – General rules and rules for buildings. Brussels, European
where the distribution beam was more than 5cm away Committee for Standardization.
[6] CEN (2010), EN 1993 -1-8:2010 – Design of steel structures –
from the facade to be contained, wooden wedges were
Design of joints. Brussels, European Committee for Standardization.
considered to give continuity to the facade locking.

›   Final considerations

The use of steel structures in Portugal has been

progressing in recent years, especially in the demolition
/ construction phases of projects that require facade
containment / peripheral containment work.

The steel structure solutions allow i) to intervene

in areas of great space constraint; ii) large resistant
capacity with slender solutions; iii) great savings in
execution time on site; iv) reliability and effectiveness of
the solutions developed, with the possibility of adapting
solutions in the case of unforeseen events.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
architecture Liberty in the form of Statue: an odyssey in the New World

Liberty in the form of Statue:

an odyssey in the New World

“ Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
Prof. Vitor Murtinho
Universidade de Coimbra A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome;
” Emma Lazarus*

Almost a century after the United States Declaration Traditionally, in most

of Independence, dated 1776 and whose main cases monuments are
mentor would be Thomas Jefferson (with declared evocative of certain
interests in architectural practice and the country’s situations, such as
3rd president), it became socially imperative to leave personalities, conflicts
visible ballast for such event of universal value, or conquests, but, in
which symbolized the principle of freedom, equality the specific case, this
and fraternity. Ideals widely professed by France and statue is testimony of
for which they heroically fought at the end of the an ideal that is later
18th century, in a contagious movement that began symbolically transported
with the famous Storming of the Bastille on July 14, and transformed as an
1789. Due to the role that these two countries – USA imaginary associated
and France – occupy on the international scene of 1. Auguste Bartholdi, Pyramidal with one whole nation.
Pedestal Project of Liberty
founding states of democracy, to which the political Enlightening the World (c. 1880). This monument was
thought of Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) would an undertaking that
not be alien, an undertaking such as the Statue united desires and incomes in two countries, leaving
of Liberty, as sentinel of the Western world1, is of the statue in charge of the French people and the
particular relevance and interest. pedestal in the hands of the Americans, with the design
of the famous American architect Richard Morris Hunt,
Liberty Enlightening the World is undoubtedly the making it possible for each continent to develop a
most daring achievement by Auguste Bartholdi, having specific commission to collect the sums sufficient for
become known as the Statue of Liberty. Constituting its realization.3 At the start of the financing attempt
an icon and an identity mark of the USA, none of these in the USA, contrary to more optimistic expectations,
resources favored the planetary knowledge of its author, American society did not join the project. To contaminate
despite the effervescence of the event being as well this difficult task, a connotation of the undertaking
known as the Statue of Bartholdi.2 with New York City was developed, conditioning the
collection of funds outside this geography.4 Due to the
position that the statue occupied, on an island, renamed
* Excerpt from the poem New Colossus, written in 1883 for the purpose of helping
Liberty Island – initially Bedloe Island – and in a wide
fundraising the Statue of Liberty pedestal and which is engraved on a plaque placed on natural port, it was considered, during the period of the
the pedestal in 1903 (Emma Lazarus, Selected Poems and Other Writings, edited by
Gregory Eiselein, Broadview Literary Texts, Peterborough, p. 233 and note 1). Excerpt great European emigration to the USA, an ostentatious
from the poem New Colossus, written in 1883 for the purpose of helping fundraising the
Statue of Liberty pedestal and which is engraved on a plaque placed on the pedestal in
landmark of hope, tolerance, cohesion and aggregation.
1903 (Emma Lazarus, Selected Poems and Other Writings, edited by Gregory Eiselein,
Broadview Literary Texts, Peterborough, p. 233 and note 1) 3 The monument consists of a foundation with 20m, a pedestal with 27m and a statue of
We suggest reading Viano, Francesca Lidia, Sentinel, The Unlike Origins of the Statue of
46m making a total of about 93m.
Liberty, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1986. 4 Berenson, Edward, The Statue of Liberty, A Transatlantic Story, Yale University Press,

Mitchell, Elizabeth, Liberty Torch, Grove Press, New York, 2014, p. 253. New Haven, 2012, p. 77.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
architecture Liberty in the form of Statue: an odyssey in the New World

the past, it is known that Bartholdi knew in some detail

other experiences of statues, notably the Colossus of
San Carlo Borromeo7 built between 1614 and 1698,
which the sculptor had visited in 1869 when he was in
Arona in the context of his trip to Egypt.8

This colossus, made with copper-molded plates, was

for a long time the largest statue of its kind, having only
been surpassed in the 19th century, first by the Statue
of Arminius9 in Detmold in Westphalia and, immediately
after by the Statue of Liberty. In the case of the German
statue, it was built between 1838 and 1875 and its
2. Auguste Bartholdi, 3. Photo of the arm and torch author, Ernst von Bandel, resorts to the subterfuge
Chromolithography, 1884. photo of the Statue of Liberty
displayed at the Universal of the sword wielded on an elevated arm, allowing a
Exhibition in Philadelphia in greater height of the monument. This cunning medium
would also be used by Bartholdi through the use of
In that sense, that monument was constituted as a the raised arm with a torch. The statue was the tallest
space of memory, evocative of constitutional principles, building in New York, until it was supplanted in 1897 by
moving further and further away from its original genesis the St. Paul Building, by architect George Browne Post,
of construction and becoming an icon of America. unfortunately demolished in 1958.

In the second half of the 19th century, we witnessed a One of the most
period in which countless artifacts are being tested that interesting situations of
aim to surpass the heights of the Gothic architecture, the Statue of Liberty is
with much of this effort being done in American territory. undoubtedly the structural
The end of the 19th century was a relevant period for solution developed by
the exercise of construction at height, in its various Eiffel, which resembles a
functional aspects, given the quality of iron production kind of skeleton to which a
and its gradual trivialization of use in architecture. A cover has been added. The
challenge such as the Statue of Liberty had, in addition question of foundations
to the difficulty of financing, given the enormous being very important
costs involved, the problem of overcoming a very high given the load of the
set of technical and structural issues since it was a steel colossus, the way in
project that had no comparison. The conditions and the
4. Unknown author, The which the interior support
Statue of Liberty in New York:
physical space where the colossus was intended to be assembling the steel structure
structure was designed is
implanted, represent a huge technological challenge, but on the pedestal, 1886. particularly relevant. This
due to the exposure that such a project had, it could, skeleton is composed of
in case of failure, cause the doom of its executors. If in three distinct parts that complement each other. A first
appearance this would be a calculated risk, in practice it one that corresponds to a central steel pylon, composed
was an enormous challenge that put the most advanced of four steel pillars, which constitutes the main support
knowledge at stake and certainly constituted a notable tower; a secondary support consisting of trusses that
feat in terms of engineering and publicizing the potential will define a conformation between the main structure
associated with steel structures. Given the size of this and the interior volume of the statue; a third, formed by
colossus, many times, due to issues of scale, the use of rectangular bars (50x8mm) that – corresponding to a kind
the analogy of a confrontation between ants and a titan, of springs – make the connection between the secondary
of Lilliputians against Goliath, is recurrent.5 structure and the copper leaf envelope layer that defines
the statue, allowing the transmission of the wind action
At that time, the statue certainly beat a world record of the outer shell to the central pylon.10 In defining the
for its height and, although it corresponds to a shell, volumetry of the statue, the use of a wrinkled covering,
composed of riveted plates, with steel skeleton, it was corresponding to a costume, was certainly a choice that
a remarkable engineering challenge, let alone because
we were talking about two hundred and fifty-four tons 7 This statue, designed by Giovanni Battista Crespi, has an accessible interior, 23.4m high
of steel, of which eighty-one were copper.6 In terms of to which is added 11.7m of granite pedestal.
Hayden, Richard Seth and Despont, Thierry, Restoring the Statue of Liberty, p. 24.
9 This monument consists of a pedestal of about 26.9m and a statue covered in copper foil
5 Hayden, Richard Seth and Despont, Thierry, Restoring the Statue of Liberty, McGraw-Hill that measured from its base to the tip of the statue, corresponds to 26.6m; note that the
Book Company, New York, 1986, p. 46. sword alone measures 7m.
Moreno, Barry, The Statue Liberty Encyclopedia, Simon & Schuster, New York, 2000, p. 75. 10 Berenson, Edward, The Statue of Liberty, A Transatlantic Story, p. 59.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
architecture Liberty in the form of Statue: an odyssey in the New World

favored the bearing character of the statue. In reality,

the use of a pleated dress corresponding to a Roman
toga to which a stole was superimposed was definitely a
subterfuge that greatly helped to give rigidity to the entire
outer wrap. An enclosure that was intended to have some
level of autonomy in relation to the interior structure in
order to be able to absorb expansions, contractions and
oscillations, both due to the thermal amplitudes and the
action of the winds.

One of the biggest mysteries around the Statue of

Liberty is the identity of its model. Since this answer 5. Foot and torch of the Statue of Liberty next to Fort Wood on
was not clarified in life by the author, the choices always Bedloe Island (c. 1885-86).

went through the group of people closest to him, whose

most credible hypothesis would be his own mother, is precisely the fact that Sarah was of German family
Charlote Bartholdi, or the dedicated wife Jeanne-Emilie ancestry and, above all, was born in New York. As far
de Puysieux. However, it appears that the enigmatic as is known, Bartholdi always wanted the statue and
and Roman-nosed face may be that of Sarah Coblenzer its face to be a symbol and not a portrait, which is why
(better known as Sarah Salmon due to her marriage to he never publicly revealed who was his model, always
André Salmon), who had impressed Bartholdi during limiting himself to considerations of a generic and not
a visit to his atelier in Paris and led him to recognize very objective character.
her as an incarnation of the image that he intended to
eternalize liberty.11 What is most curious about this story If on the French side, the Statue of Liberty
implementation project was a serious matter, difficult
11 On this thesis, consult the book of Salmon, Nathalie, Lady Liberty I Love You – l`Historie
Vraie du Modéle de la Statue, Comever of Rameau, Rouen, 2013. to achieve, on the American side, despite being a land

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metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
architecture Liberty in the form of Statue: an odyssey in the New World

high, corresponding to the forearm that held the torch

in its hand, guaranteeing its notoriety, since the section
is visitable and managing to gather a dozen people at
the balcony that crowned the shaft. This success was
confirmed by the inauguration in New York of his statue
Lafayette arrivant en Amérique, offered by the French
government to the American city. After Philadelphia,
the fragment of the statue would be transported to
New York, confirming the popularity of the event there.
On July 4, 1876, the date of the centenary of the
Independence of the USA and having not fulfilled his
desire to finish this ambitious project, Bartholdi had the
6. Face of the Statue of Liberty, 7. Henri Thiriat, The Statue of opportunity to see a giant illuminated image displayed
Bedloe Island (c. 1885-86). Liberty in New York: the end of
the Assembly in L’Illustration, next to the New York Club building in Madison Square
October 1886. representing the statue, confirming the enthusiasm and
the possibility of making possible what was a utopia for
with multiple millionaires, it proved to be a Herculean
a long time.
task and if it weren’t for Joseph Pulitzer’s12 dedication,
making his newspaper, the New York World, serve the
The section that remained on display for some time,
cause, everything would have been nothing more than a
would be returned to France in August 1882, to
dream, since there was a large gap in the development
incorporate the original statue.15 This part of the statue
of works on both sides of the Atlantic. As it is known,
had been developed under the guidance of the visionary
the shipping of the containers with the different parts
Viollet-le-Duc, who promoted the use of iron as a useful
of the statue had left the frigate of the French navy in
and correct solution for architecture, whether it is new
the month of May 1885 from France and only arrived,
or in a situation of rehabilitation, advocating the mass
late, on June 17, 1885, in New York. The delay was
use of steel solutions.
due to the need for an intermediate refueling of coal
and supplies on the island of Faial, in the Azores, an
However, despite all Bartholdi’s efforts, official
unscheduled but imperative situation, mainly due to bad
recognition of the project took very long and only
on February 22, 1877, in the context of George
Washington’s birthday celebration, the US Congress,
In order to launch the process of building the monument
unanimously, would give moral support to this great
in the context of the USA and to keep this project alive,
work. This support would not be enough since it
Bartholdi’s trip to the American continent was necessary.
became imperative to define a strategy and a support
Thus, on the part of the French sculptor and having
instrument that would allow the construction of the
the Statue of Liberty as common denominator, five
statue’s pedestal and was a mission under American
transatlantic voyages were made, between 1871 and
responsibility. In March 1883 and with the statue
1893. The first, after twelve days at sea, arriving at New
practically completed in Paris, Congress failed to provide
York port on June 21, 1871, it allowed him to observe
a fund to support the construction of the pedestal. An
a prominent, fortified rock, offering itself from the first
attempt to raise funds for the project was developed by
moment as a potential site for the placement of his
Joseph Pulitzer, through his New York World newspaper.
statue. However, this place had the disadvantage of the
This effort, almost fruitless, in November 1883, had
fact that in the desired site – Bedloe Island – there was
collected about a hundred dollars when what was at
a military fort.14
issue at the time, according to optimistic estimates, was
of an order of magnitude of hundreds of thousands of
The most profitable trip was decidedly the one made in
dollars. With a view to the construction of the pedestal,
the context of the Universal Exhibition of Philadelphia,
the excavation work had begun in April 1883 and ended
in 1876, allowing Bartholdi to travel through American
in June, which was followed in October of that same
territory for an extended period of nine months. This
year, the beginning of the foundations.16
trip, with arrival in Philadelphia on May 18, served to
show a section of the Statue of Liberty, about 10 meters
In the year 1884, the construction of the pedestal
foundations followed its course, slowly, under the
12 This journalist and editor is, by testamentary decision, responsible for the creation of the
prestigious Pulitzer Prize, which distinguishes since 1917, annually, in the USA, the works
in the area of journalism, literature and musical composition that were distinguished by
their exceptional quality. 15 Moreno, Barry, The Statue Liberty Encyclopedia, p. 22.
13 See Moreno, Barry, The Statue Liberty Encyclopedia, p. 122. 16
Despite the beginning of the work, the ceremony of the first stone took place only on
14 Letter of July 21, 1871, addressed to his hand and quoted in Belot, Robert and Bermond, August 5, 1884, as it was necessary to wait for the official delivery of the statue by the
Daniel, Bartholdi, Éditions Perrin, Paris, 2002, p. 257. French government (Belot, Robert and Bermond, Daniel, Bartholdi, p. 348).

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
architecture Liberty in the form of Statue: an odyssey in the New World

control of engineer Charles P. Stone and with a design

by Richard Morris Hunt. This architect, who had a
particular taste for Egyptian monumental art, used
the studies previously prepared by Bartholdi17 as the
basis for his project. In the first studies developed
by Bartholdi, still without the hiring of Hunt, the
influence of pre-Columbian architecture is notorious,
perhaps wanting the sculptor to test forms and a type
of building that could have a genesis identified with
the American continent. Hunt’s proposal would only
be presented to the American Committee18 on July 9. Current photo of the interior of the Statue of Liberty, with a view
31 and approved on August 7, 1884. With its gigantic of the central helical staircase and support structure.

proportions, the pedestal presents a classic design,

with a concrete structure lined with granite from the
for the implantation of the Statue of Liberty, under the
island of Leete, in Connecticut. Given the dimensions
initial proposal and determination of Bartholdi, was made
of the statue, the design of the basement was a very
official by General William T. Sherman, in 1877, after a
important and relatively vital issue for the success of
strong request by President Rutherford Hayes, since at
the process, both for functional and structural issues,
that time the fort had no defensive function.20
as well as for aesthetic issues of integration of the
In the spring of 1885, the works continued at a very
low cadence, with a strong lack of resources and with
a public opinion that was not very motivated for the
undertaking. Starting in March 1885 – and for five
months – a new attempt at fundraising by Pulitzer in
his newspaper is rehearsed. Thus, slowly and because
many other initiatives have been associated with the
project, such as public collections, free concerts and
exhibitions, the number of donations made in cash had
grown, many of them anonymous. However, in terms of
financing the project, the real “Columbus egg” was the
publication of the name of people who made a donation
on The World pages, making the fundraising campaign
very attractive and with particular success.21

Bartholdi’s third trip to the USA, which took place

between November 4 and 25, 1885, will be the result of
the construction work of the pedestal, allowing him to
evaluate the entire process foreseen for the reassembly
of the statue that was dispersed on Bedloe Island since
8. Elevation and section of the Statue of Liberty produced within the June of that year. Only on May 16, 1886, almost a year
context of the rehabilitation project of the 1980s.
after the statue arrived in the USA, was the pedestal
in conditions to be able to start a new phase of work.22
In the final process of assembling the statue, which
The pedestal, due to its shape, was associated multiple
occurred mainly during the summer of 1886, in addition
times with a lighthouse, particularly that of Alexandria,
to taking care to overlap each of the pieces, trying to
one of the seven wonders of the world. This pedestal
ensure maximum surface regularity, there was a concern
was built on the walls of Fort Wood, whose base design
that the entire riveting process be done from the inside,
corresponded to a starry configuration, with eleven
increasing the effect of unity of the ensemble, as if the
spouts, resulting from a fortification built between 1807
whole statue were made at once and by a continuous
and 1811. The decision to grant the island of Bedloe
material.23 In addition to this situation, it was necessary
to ensure that the rivets had sufficient clearance to
17 Hayden, Richard Seth and Despont, Thierry, Restoring the Statue of Liberty, p. 33.
18 The American Commitee was a branch of the Franco-American Union (founded by
Edouard Laboulaye in order to finance the Statue of Liberty and its pedestal).
19 For a closer look at the various pedestal variants developed by Bartholdi and Hunt,
20 Moreno, Barry, The Statue Liberty Encyclopedia, pp. 21 e 91.
see Stein, R. Susan, “Richard Morris Hunt, architecte du piédestal”, in La Statue de la 21
Mitchell, Elizabeth, Liberty Torch, p. 191.
Liberté, L’Exposition du centenaire, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 1986, pp. 192-199. 22 Stein, R. Susan, “Richard Morris Hunt, architecte du piédestal”, p. 199.
For an insight into Hunt’s work, see Stein, R. Susan (edited dy), The Architecture of 23 Benaiteau, Carole, “La Statue de la Liberté” in Gustave Eiffel, Le Magicien du Fer, Skira/
Richard Morris Hunt, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1986. Flammarion, Paris, 2009, p. 65.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
architecture Liberty in the form of Statue: an odyssey in the New World

the implementation of a new lighting system, a subject

that was clearly a problem since the beginning of the
work and a second, much deeper and that occurred in
1985 and 1986, certainly in view of the celebrations of a
century of existence.

In this last intervention, in addition to the nature of

the work carried out, the apparatus created for its
realization was particularly relevant. What stood out
in addition to the natural conditioning of the visit to
the statue was a huge scaffolding that enveloped
10. Image of the platform of the State of Liberty Museum with a the entire volume of the statue and which practically
view of the Statue of Liberty, taken in 2019.
covered Liberty. This work, of singular specificity and
in order to safeguard the integrity of the statue, forced
ensure the inevitable expansions resulting from the this structure to be totally independent of the armor,
annual thermal amplitude, transforming this task into a given that the heights involved and the winds of the
kind of specialized tailoring work where the seams must area, could put the monument in question. Now, in
be robust but discreet.24 It should be noted that while the context of the rehabilitation of the eighties of the
in Paris the assembly had been done using an external last century, the structural part that was in the worst
scaffold, the conditions of assembly on Bedloe Island did condition was the flat bars connecting the statue’s
not allow any scaffolding to be assembled, and the work outer armor due to the successive adverse climatic
was therefore more complex and dangerous. actions and above all because the corrosion process
in the contact between copper and the iron was in a
The statue was originally intended to be lit, still very advanced state. Note that aware of this problem,
with kerosene, a liquid petroleum-based product. Eiffel had used asbestos as a transition material.
Considering that in 1879 Thomas Edison presented Complementarily and thinking about the expansion, in
the first marketable incandescent lamp, and further the interior, in the connection area, a U-shaped copper
developments in technology, they allowed that a month enclosure had been created inside which, sealing the
before the inauguration the torch had been electrified square bars, made them autonomous in relation to
and inexorably improving its image and night vision.25 the statue’s shell, facilitating contractions and dilation.
Thus, given the detrition of the asbestos layers and
On October 25, 1886, a French delegation, which its carcinogenic properties cumulatively known, the
included Bartholdi and Lesseps, arrived in New York removal of this material was one of the intervention
just in time for the inauguration of the statue of priorities. Another problem with some seriousness
liberty, this being the sculptor’s fourth trip to American was the failure of many of the plate rivets, causing
territory. The ceremonies, dated October 28, with a their displacement and consequently numerous points
huge military, naval and above all discursive apparatus, of moisture entry with serious damage to the iron
with a strong public presence, were led by President structure. 27 In this context, the access space was
Grover Cleveland, on a stormy and rainy day.26 This was reformulated, creating a temporary place to display
certainly a day that masterfully signaled the end of a the original torch and flame that were replaced. The
cycle. definitive location for these original elements would be
the Statue of Liberty Museu28designed by the well-
In general, given the quality of the constructive solution known New York architecture firm FXCollaborative,
developed for the Statue of Liberty, it has overcome which is located on the island opposite the statue. In
the adverse conditions to which it is subjected, with an the specific case of this project, it was intended to
age of more than a century and the addition of another dilute the volume built in the landscape, creating an
half century to its existence is not far from today. In inclined plane that later extends to the roof using a
this long period, and coinciding with relevant moments, vegetal surface and whose maximum level does not
the statue was the object of two major rehabilitation exceed the floor level of the platform of the Statue
interventions. A first in the context of its fifty years, in of Liberty. This intervention of enormous aesthetic
1936 and which in addition to corrosion problems, had sensitivity was also careful to use the same material
palette as the monument. That is, the same type of
24 Mitchell, Elizabeth, Liberty Torch, p. 150.
25 Bell, James B. and Abrams, Richard I., In Search of Liberty, The Story of the Statue of
Liberty and Ellis Island, Doubleday & Company, New York, 1984, p. 58. 27 Berenson, Edward, The Statue of Liberty, A Transatlantic Story, pp. 172-173.
26 There was yet another visit, in 1893, perhaps in the frame of the World Columbian 28
This space was opened to the public on May 16, 2019 and among other pieces features
Exhibitian, Universal Exhibition in Chicago, which allowed his last visit to Bedloe Island full-scale replicas of the foot and face of the Statue of Liberty allowing visitors to have a
(see, consulted on December 17, 2018) . clearer idea about the relationship of the human scale with the creation of Bartholdi.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
architecture Liberty in the form of Statue: an odyssey in the New World

granite, copper for the facade cladding and steel as the

dominant structural element.

If the Statue of Liberty exists today as a reality, such

an undertaking was only possible thanks to the strong
determination of a man who knew how to bring together
a whole set of desires, associating an artistic project
with a remarkable engineering feat and with exceptional
diplomatic capabilities. Without these particularities,
without all these attributes, we are certain that such
a grandiose work would have been just another
megalomaniac project. In reality, Bartholdi was the
great helmsman of a project that brought together 11. Aerial view of Bedloe Island by Ramey Logan obtained in 2014.
two continents and that, ingeniously, transformed
an almost banal place into a memorable place, in a
Although the phrase is used in a different context, it
transcendent place, which asserted itself as an indelible
feels like to say that “In this case, the event precedes
and identity mark. In the specific case, it was the event
the monument, but at the same time the monument
of the independence of the USA that constituted the
makes the event.”29
foundational basis for a monument that intended to
make the fraternity relationship between two peoples
eternal, but in fact, given the subsequent contingencies
and the value that such construction acquired, this
became almost an equivalent. 29 Belot, Robert and Bermond, Daniel, Bartholdi, p. 210.

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welding Heat treatments of welded structures

Heat treatments of welded


Prof. Altino J. R. Loureiro

DEM, Universidade de Coimbra

Welding works produce significant changes in Another option illustrated in Figure 1 is to increase the
structural steels, both in terms of microstructure heat input in welding, calculated according to equation
and mechanical properties, and in residual stresses 1. This option should, however, be looked at with some
and induced deformations in the structures, as well caution, as the illustrated thermal cycle (temperature
as associated cracking phenomena, as mentioned variation curve with time in proximity of the welding)
in [1-3]. Other processes such as cutting and shows that there is also an increase in the holding
component repair also lead to changes in the time of the material at high temperature, say 1000ºC.
microstructure and properties of structural steels. In This increase leads to thickening of the structure and
some cases, such changes are so undesirable that it increased grain size, especially in the heat-affected zone,
is necessary to diminish or restore previous material which reduces the toughness of the weld.
properties. This is where heat treatments and related
techniques play a relevant role. Pre-and post-heating E = –––– . 10 – 3 (1)
operations are frequently mentioned as related
E – heat-input in kJ/mm; V – voltage in volt; I – current in ampere;
techniques, whose objectives are different from heat v – welding speed in mm/s.
Heat treatments of welded joints usually have other
purposes, such as reducing residual stresses in welds
Preheating and post-heating intended to reduce the and tempering hard structures, such as those that often
cooling rate of the weld, and thus the tendency for found in the heat-affected areas of welds. These effects
hydrogen-induced cracking to occur, as detailed in [2]. improve the fatigue, stress corrosion and brittle failure
This effect illustrates in Figure 1, where preheating behavior as well as the dimensional stability of welded
reduces the cooling rate only at low temperature, structures.
around 200 ° C to 300 ° C. At these temperature, harder
and more brittle (martensitic) structures are formed,
especially in the most resistant steels, for example those
in EN 10025-Part 6 [4], and tensile stresses resulting
from heterogeneous cooling in and around the weld.
Post-heating performs only for steels with the greatest
tendency for hydrogen-induced cracking, Cr-Ni-Mo low
alloy steels resistant to high service temperatures (550 °
C). This treatment is always associated with preheating
and even heating between weld layers, but in most
structural steels, only preheating is required, without the
need for other treatments.

Fig. 1. Effect of preheating and heat-input on weld thermal cycle.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
welding Heat treatments of welded structures

These heat treatments are normally required for welding

in low alloy steels or in C-Mn steel structures over 30
to 40 mm thick, as these are stiffer, leading to higher
levels of installed residual stresses. These treatments
are currently required in pressure vessels and piping if
the thickness of the parts exceeds certain limits, which
depend on the toughness properties of the welding at
the service temperature of the equipment, especially if
negative temperatures are concerned. In the building,
bridge and offshore steel structure industries, increasing
thicknesses are used with welds in the as welded
condition, ie untreated, but with increasing toughness Fig. 2. Temperature variation in a stress relaxation heat treatment.
requirements at service temperature. European
standards therefore emphasize the use in these
structures of materials that for the service temperature In the case of Cr-Mo steels which are more resistant
and thickness considered do not require heat treatment. to hot plastic deformation, the plateau temperature
EN 10025 specifies for structural steels without a should be above 650 ° C but lower than the steel phase
substantial amount of alloying elements a minimum change temperature (≈ 720°C). If they are quenched
toughness of 27J at -50ºC or 40J at -20ºC, but limits the and tempered steels such as those in EN 10025 part 6,
thickness to be used to 250 mm. However, according to the threshold temperature must be at least 20°C below
Eurocode 3 [5], untreated welds should only be up to the tempering temperature, otherwise there is a loss of
50 mm thick. hardness and strength of the steel.

The stress-relieving heat treatment consists of slow The selection of treatment media to be used depends
heating (<55°C / hr) of the structure or part thereof on the size of the structures to be treated, the thermal
to a plateau temperature, followed by a period of cycle and thermal tolerances required, the type of
temperature maintenance and subsequent slow cooling energy available and the economic aspects to be
to room temperature, as illustrated Figure 2. Normally it considered. Most treatments are performed in fixed
is considered that heating and cooling below 200°C or temporary ovens, the latter being built around the
does not influence residual stresses in welds. Slow structure or equipment, or parts of the structures when
heating and cooling intends to ensure uniform heating they are very large, being used in the yard.
and cooling of the structure to prevent the formation of
new residual stresses. The underlying stress relieving Fixed ovens are normally installed at the factory and
mechanism relates to the plastic deformation located in have large doors and a movable rail sill to facilitate
the weld because, as the temperature of the structure loading of structures as shown in Figure 3a). Many can
increases, the elastic limit of the material decreases, reach temperatures of 1200ºC and control the entire
and the residual stresses are responsible for these treatment cycle. The heating system used in these
deformations. furnaces can be by flame (combustion of propane or
diesel) or by electrical resistance. The main advantages
Temperatures and holding times depend on the building of flame heating lie in cheap portable equipment and
codes and are determined essentially by the type and economical operation. However, they have the drawback
thickness of material to be treated. In the case of C-Mn of temperature distribution in the oven being difficult to
steel welds, the temperature is in the range of 550°C control. In the case of electrical resistance heating, heat
to 650°C and the holding time is about 2 min / mm is generated by the Joule effect and allows for more
thick with a minimum of 1h. It is generally considered effective control of the temperature distribution in the
that a holding temperature of 600°C provides a residual oven. This heating method requires very high electrical
stress reduction of 70% and improves weld toughness. power in the case of large ovens, and the operation is
Using threshold temperatures at the lower end of the more expensive than the previous process.
range requires longer threshold times. If steels contain
microalloy elements such as niobium and vanadium, In the case of temporary furnaces, these are built around
there is often an increase in hardness and loss of weld the parts to be treated, usually the welds, minimizing the
toughness due to carbides or carbonitrides precipitation space between the furnace wall and the structure to be
(secondary hardening). treated. Heating is usually done by induction systems,
Figure 3b), or electrical resistors, and the furnace wall
consists of blankets of thermally insulating material. This

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
welding Heat treatments of welded structures

during heat treatment, especially with regard to the

support of the same, because with the increase of the
temperature the resistance of the material decreases,
and the structures deform due to their own weight.

The temperature control of the heat treatment cycles is

currently performed using thermocouples placed in the
oven, or more precisely in the structure itself, and the
respective signals are also used to control the heating
systems. Other systems may be used like pyrometers or
thermographic systems, but are not as widely used.

Heat treatments are expensive no matter what

technology is used, so we have been looking to
increase the thickness from which treatment is
required using increasingly tough materials at service
temperature. In the case of, for example, repairs to
structures that have been heat treated, the repairs
should undergo identical heat treatment. In recent
years, several techniques have been developed to
prevent the heat treatment [8]. One technique is to
b repair by depositing layers with progressively increasing
Fig. 3a. Fixed heat treatment oven [6] diameter electrodes but removing part of each layer
b. Induction localized heat treatment [7].
before depositing the next. The goal is for each layer
to anneal the previous layer and its heat-affected
zone, providing refined grain structures with excellent
results in higher heating and cooling speeds and lower
toughness. This technique and others are described in
energy consumption as the volume to be heated and
[8], but are generally time consuming and expensive,
the losses are lower. Induction heating results from a
requiring great precision, so they are attractive in only a
high frequency generator that feeds a solenoid, which
surrounds the structure to be treated, inducing eddy few very specific situations. ■
currents. Induced heating is a function of frequency,
power and duration. This system allows excellent control
›  References
of the heating speed and temperature distribution in the
part, but requires high investment. [1] Altino J. R. Loureiro, Efeitos da operação de soldadura na
resistência dos aços estruturais, Metálica, vol. 37 (2015), 28-30.
[2] Altino J. R. Loureiro, Fissuração a frio, induzida pelo hidrogénio,
If the structures or equipment have simple geometry, Metálica, vol. 32 (2013), 22-24.
the treatment can be done on site using a mobile [3] Altino J. R. Loureiro, Soldadura de aços estruturais de alta
resistência, Metálica, vol. 50 (2018), 26-28.
system and flame heating, as shown in Figure 4. The
[4] EN 10025-6:2004 – Technical delivery conditions for flat products of
structures to be treated should receive special attention
high yield strength structural steels in the quenched and tempered
[5] EN 1993-1-1 – Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures – Part 1-1:
General rules and rules for buildings.
[8] Welding Technology Institute of Australia, Post weld heat
treatment of welded structures,

Fig. 4. Heat treatment of a sphere by propane flame.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
great works of steel construction in brazil Use of Steel Structures in the first Class A + Building Project

Use of Steel Structures in the

first Class A + Building Project
in Northeast Brazil

J. G. Santos da Silva1, G. L. Debona2

 Post-Graduate Program in Civil Engineering, PGECIV. Department of Structures and Foundations,
ESTR. State University of Rio de Janeiro, UERJ.E-mail:
2 Department of Structures, Department of Architecture and Urbanism, DAU. Federal Rural University

of Rio de Janeiro, UFRRJ.E-mail:

›   1. Introduction In this sense, BS Design Corporate Towers (Figure 2)

was inaugurated on March 28, 2019 (Figure 3), after
Showing clear signs of recovery in the real estate three years of works, being a new icon for the capital
market in Brazil, after four consecutive years of of Ceará, in which its project was developed with
decreases, property sales in the first half of 2018 grew five specific pillars that differentiate the enterprise:
12%, according to data from the Brazilian Association sustainability, safety and innovation, comfort and
of Real Estate Credit and Savings Entities (ABECIP) functionality, design and accessibility. The president
[1]. Following this trend, R$ 9.96 billion were invested of the developer of BS Design, Beto Studart, stressed
in the acquisition and construction of new properties that the project was designed to dialogue with the
with funds from the Brazilian Savings and Loan System environment in which it is inserted, respecting the
(SBPE) in the first two months of 2019, meaning an environmental characteristics, and seeking the most
increase of 34.9% over the same period of last year modern and innovative in accessibility, mobility and
[2]. In this growth, the State of Ceará stands out, which landscaping [5].
obtained an increase of 13.8% of units sold in the first
two months of 2019 when compared with the data from
the previous year, which represented an increase in ›   2. The BS Design Corporate Towers building in
financed volume of 25.9%, as disclosed by ABECIP [3], details
as shown in Figure 1. Based on positive analysis of the
valuation prospects for the real estate market in Brazil, in The BS Design Corporate Towers building (Figure 4)
the years 2018 and 2019, this realization of growth was located in an upscale area of the
​​ city of Fortaleza, capital
of vital importance for the developers and construction of the state of Ceará (CE), gained national prominence
companies to keep their launch schedules up to date for during its construction for being the first enterprise to
the aforementioned real estate market [4].

Figure 1. Financed properties in the state of Ceará - Brazil (Source:

ABECIP) [3]. Figure 2. BS Design Corporate Towers promotional image [6].

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
great works of steel construction in brazil Use of Steel Structures in the first Class A + Building Project

methodology that simulates the entire construction

process, enabling the compatibility of all projects, the
Building Information Model (BIM) [9].

Conceived by Daniel Arruda Arquitetura, the BS

Design Corporate Towers building arrives in the city of
Fortaleza/CE as a reference in the corporate sector and
also in technology and modernity, drawing attention
for its sculptural character and presenting a futuristic,
innovative and bold design. The architect Daniel Arruda
pointed out that looking for an innovative concept

Figure 3. BS Design Corporate Towers inauguration photo [7].

obtain the highest quality graduation worldwide (A +

certification) in the Northeast region of Brazil, issued
by the North American commercial real estate services
company Cushman and the American university Colliers
[8], [9]. The certification attests that the project meets a
series of requirements, characterized by intelligence and
high architectural standards, capable of bringing together
in a single project a high level of technology, safety and
comfort [9]. The building also holds the LEED Pre-
Certificate, which guides and attests to the commitment
to the principles of sustainability for civil construction.
Figure 4. Front view of BS Design Corporate Towers [10].
The building was planned using an innovative

Distributor of all kind of steel products

Fittings and Industrial Supplies

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
great works of steel construction in brazil Use of Steel Structures in the first Class A + Building Project

with an organic format, based on regional references,

the building’s architectural design was idealized from
the inspiration of a raft sail, being an important and
traditional symbol of the city of Fortaleza [11]. The
project values every detail of the building, ensuring a
wide view and valuing the four corners. The sidewalks
are wide, with adequate signaling for the blind and with
accessibility ramps. Species of native flora combined Figure 5. Earth moving images of the BS Design Corporate Towers
with ornamental plants create colors, aromas and construction [15].

textures, awakening the most varied sensations [12].

high horizontal efforts, opting for a system in which the
steel structure overlaps the central core of the building
The BS Design building has two towers of 21 floors
each (with a ceiling height of 3.15 m) and a “bridge”
connecting them, where they are distributed to 690 It is worth mentioning that the structural connection
commercial rooms (with areas ranging from 22 m² to solution between the towers was initially conceived in
326 m²), 18 corporate slabs and 4,200 m² of gross reinforced concrete. However, due to the 35 m span
leasable area for shopping centers. The project, which between the towers, it was realized that aesthetically
is located on a 10,000 m² site and has a built area of ​​ it would not be viable, due to the fact that the concrete
approximately 72,000 m², also has 25 elevators (18 beams would be very robust, as reported by Ricardo
of which are social and air-conditioned, with a speed Ary Filho [15]. The architect Arruda added that without
of 180 meters per minute, three times faster than the use of steel structures, it would not be possible
conventional ones), two helipads (with VIP room set) to achieve all the architectural requirements that the
and five underground parking lots, with capacity for project envisaged, as the suspended “bridge” needed to
1,527 vehicles (of which 1,311 spaces for cars with overcome a 35 m free span; and, also, free the space on
different sizes and 216 spaces for motorcycles) [13]. the ground floor of the complex for a large public-private
The first basement has an enlarged ceiling height, with square, idealized as a gift for the population, totally
approximately 5 m, allowing the vehicle loading and open, being the first undertaking in the city of Fortaleza/
unloading process, reducing the impact on the building’s CE to follow this world trend of open court concept or
surroundings. The remaining basements will have a 360º [11].
ceiling height of 3 m [12].
It is worth mentioning that the steel structures were
The containment system used is one of the most also very relevant to give beauty to the architectural
modern in Brazil, consisting of concrete panels ensemble, especially with regard to the diagonal
(diaphragm walls with compression strength of 25 MPa) elements of the lateral facades (Figure 8) and the
3.20 m long, 50 cm thick and 20 m deep, executed with curved lines that form the architectural details (Figure
assistance of three 80 ton cranes. During the excavation 9), consisting of slender profiles in steel [11]. Technical
phase, the work used hydraulic excavators of 36 and studies have made structural steel solutions feasible
50 tonnes, a capacity well above the commonly used with approximate costs to reinforced concrete solutions.
model of 20 tonnes [14]. The total land movement of In addition to composite solutions in steel deck slabs,
the enterprise was counted at 190,000 m³ and lasted several other types of steel materials were also used
for three months, as shown in Figure 5 [15]. The direct in the building assembly, such as laminated profiles,
foundation was the structural solution adopted due to welded profiles and tubular profiles, reaching a total
the settlement of footings being at a depth excavated consumption of 1,385 tons of steel structures, of which
with soil in solid rock [16]. 64 footings were made with a
total volume of 2,660 m³ and volume variation from 1 m³
to 415 m³ [15].

The BS Design superstructure project is based on

two reinforced concrete towers with 21 floors,
interconnected by a suspended block in steel structure,
with a span of 35 m, according to Figures 6 and 7
[11]. Ricardo Ary Filho, operations director at “BSPAR
Construções e Incorporações”, stressed that the
building’s structural system is a hybrid of composite
type (steel-concrete) and had to undergo several
modifications during the project’s elaboration, due to the Figure 6. Side view of the BS Design Corporate Towers construction

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
great works of steel construction in brazil Use of Steel Structures in the first Class A + Building Project

Some important challenges were faced during the

design and construction of the building, requiring several
adaptations of the structural elements to meet the
architectural proposal, and it is relevant to comment
on the main one. The assembly and execution of the
suspension bridge were reasons of great concern among
the designers, requiring several studies of the structural
concepts in order to have an efficient and precise
assembly. During the work, all construction stages were
closely monitored, comparing their intermediate phases
with the results of the strains and stresses of the
structure arising from the structural calculation models

Figure 7. Front view of the BS Design Corporate Towers construction In this sense, the architect Arruda stressed that “after
a series of studies developed in conjunction with the
1,049 tons used only in the structure of the connecting designer, manufacturer of structures and with the
“bridge” [15]. assembler, an assembly plan starting by the lower
technical floor was adopted; and, later, it was effectively
The BS Design construction numbers (designed by complemented with the incremental assembly of
BSPAR Incorporações) complete the total consumption the following floors ”[11]. For this purpose, cranes
of 32,000 m³ of structural concrete, 3,264 tons of steel strategically placed on the seventh floor slab were
for reinforced concrete structures, 42,400 m² of ceramic used to lift the main steel beams, with a total weight
tiles, 18,350 m² of granite areas, 20,000 m² of frame of 12 tons, requiring structural modifications and
areas and 6,000 linear meters of pre-molded railing reinforcement on the building’s floor slab [15].
(composed of 1 meter long pieces) [15].
The structural design of the suspended “bridge” has a
steel transition beam that receives the largest load from
the truss, in the order of 523 tons, as shown in Figure
10, and transmits it to the concrete structure, according
to Figure 11. The necessary tolerance for the assembly
of the steel structures, with welded and screwed
connections, was six millimeters for the total span of
the steel structure, also taking into account the thermal
deformation capacity of the system [15].

It should be noted that all steel structures have

undergone fire protection treatment, using intumescent
paint (based on epoxy) on the exposed structures, and
projected passive protection on the other structures,
with products that are easy and quick to apply with a
Figure 8. Detail of the steel trusses present on the side facades of BS
Design Corporate Towers [17]. high index of agglomerating material (minimum of 80%
plaster or cement), which gives it good mechanical
characteristics [15]. The BS Fire protection and fire
fighting system can be compared to the North American

Figure 9. Detail of curved steel trusses on the facade of BS Design Figure 10. Transition beam between steel and concrete structure at
Corporate Towers [17]. BS Design Corporate Towers [15].

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
great works of steel construction in brazil Use of Steel Structures in the first Class A + Building Project

LEED Sustainability Pre-Certificate, the Outstanding BIM

Award for information modeling and the Builder of the
Year award for the developer BSPAR. ■

›   4. Referências bibliográficas

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imoveis-cresce-com-incentivos-dados-pelas-incorporadoras/. Access
in: April, 2019.
Figure 11. Transition pavement between a steel and concrete
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structure at BS Design Corporate Towers [15].
abecip-2019-02.pdf. Access in: April, 2019.
[3] Available at:
requirements of the National Fire Protection Association 9-em-2019-1.2081930. Access in: April, 2019.
(NFPA), being the first building in Fortaleza to have a [4] Available at:
smoke extraction system, which guarantees a longer do-mercado-imobiliario-em-2018/. Access in: April, 2020.
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evacuation time in case of fire. The system also has
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The developer BSPAR also received two more important
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awards in 2018, due to the recognition for the BS [9] Available at:
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Information Modeling (BIM) based on the dissemination [10] Available at:
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of good practices and the promotion of teaching and
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for proof of control processes, records and tools, in [11] Available at:
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force in the area [18]. [12] Available at:
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›   3. Final considerations
[14] Available at:
This article presented as main objective, to briefly investe-ce/2017/03/30/edificio-bs-design-inicia-construcao-da-ponte-
address, the contribution related to the use of steel de-ligacao-entre-as-duas-torres/. Access in: April, 2019.
structures for the construction of the first class A + [15] Available at: Access in: April,
building in northeastern Brazil, BS Design Corporate
[16] Available at:
Towers, located in the city of Fortaleza/CE. It is worth
obras-de-escoramento-iniciadas. Access in: April, 2019.
mentioning that the advantages inherent to the use [17] Available at:
of steel structures, such as the ability to overcome php?t=1748446&page=5. Access in: April, 2019.
large spans with smaller heights of the structural [18] Available at:

elements, were essential for the construction of the comercial-nordeste-com-conceito-inaugurado-fortaleza. Access in:
April, 2019.
suspended “bridge” that connects the two concrete
blocks. It should also be noted that, given the technical
design challenges faced during the construction of the
project, without the use of steel structures, it would
not have been possible to achieve all the architectural
requirements that the project envisaged. Finally, it is
convenient to draw the attention of the reader of this
research paper, to the fact that the BS Design Corporate
Towers project has national and international recognition,
based on obtaining several awards throughout its
construction, such as the certificate A + for quality, the

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019


high strength steel Welding of High Strength Steel: is it really a problem?

Welding of High Strength Steel:

is it really a problem?

Doutora Trayana Tankova

Universidade de Coimbra

It is often said that welding of high strength steel Another danger associated with welding of QT-steels is
(HSS) is problematic; there is high risk of cracking or hydrogen induced cracking (HIC), or the so-called cold
there is insufficient strength of the welded joint. You cracks which normally appear about 48h after welding.
may have wondered why?! This phenomenon is associated with the hardness and
microstructure of the base material and the hydrogen
The ability of structural steels to be welded is an content of welding consumable5. To avoid HIC, it is
important aspect for their application in construction. recommended to preheat the base material allowing for
This quality depends on several parameters: type of the hydrogen to diffuse out without causing any damage
structure and chemical composition of the base material, but also in combination with low-hydrogen electrode6.
welding procedure and associated welding parameters, The preheating should be kept in certain limits to avoid
type of filler material and its properties, preheating and harmful effect on the HAZ. The need to avoid HIC can
post-treatment, among others. be seen as a lower limit of the heat input during the
welding of QT-steels3. The required preheat temperature
Depending on the fabrication procedure, there are two can be estimated following code procedures in order to
main groups of HSS – the M-grade steels resulting ensure that the hydrogen value is kept below a critical
from thermomechanical rolling with strengths up to value and/or to provide optimum properties of the HAZ.
600 MPa and the QT-grades (quenched and tempered)
which can reach strengths above 1100 MPa. The In conclusion, there should be special care when
thermomechanical rolling process allows for grain welding QT-steels to prevent cold cracking and/or
refinement and at the same time for reducing the carbon insufficient strength of the material in the HAZ. The
and allowing elements content which results in excellent TM-steels do not require special care but currently
weldability of the TM-steel1,2. On the other hand, in cannot be produced in as high strengths. In any case,
the fabrication of QT-steels due to the fast cooling consultation with welding expert might be a good idea
the carbon stays dissolved which leads to distorted in order to save time and resources; and ensure the
microstructure, precisely to this structure, the QT-grades desired performance of the structure. ■
owe their high strength, low toughness and also the
challenges in welding1,2.
[1] Williams, R. (2009). High strength steel grades for steel
During welding QT-steel is heated, forcing its distorted constructions. Nordic Steel Conference 2009, pp. 597-604
structure to relax and reduce its strength, and thus [2] Sedlacek G., Muller Ch., (), The use of very high strength steels in
leading to lower strength of the material in the heat metallic construction
[3] Kah P., Pirinen M., Suoranta R., Martikainen J. (2014). Welding of
affected zone (HAZ). This aspect can be effectively
ultra high strength steels, Advanced Materials Research, 849, pp.
limited by reducing the heat input during welding, which
is easily achieved by choosing the correct welding [4] Liu, X., Chung K-F, Ho, H-C, (2017) Strength reduction in S690-QT
process and consumable. The maximum heat input welded sections under various heat input energy, EASEC, Xi’an,
which allows for reasonable joint properties in what China
defines the upper limit of the working range of HSS3. [5] BAILEY N., COE, F R. GOOCH, T G. HART P H M, JENKINS,
N., PARGETER, R. J. (1993) Welding Steels Without Hydrogen
Recent research confirms that is the heat energy is kept
Cracking, 2nd Edition, ISBN 978-1-85573-014-4
about 1.0 kJ/mm, the welded joint can be considered as [6]
equal strength4. Pages/preheat-detail.aspx

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
Protect and save
with Hempafire Pro 315

A highly efficient intumescent coating, Hempafire • Save costs with exceptionally low loadings
Pro 315 is optimised for 60 minutes cellulosic fire • Increase productivity with fast throughput
protection. It can also provide some additional • Reduce complexity with one product for
fire protection for up to 90 minutes. With it’s all profiles
exceptionally lower loadings, on average you • Improve efficiency with versatile application
require 20 per cent lower dry film thicknesses properties
on most steel profiles, it is engineered to save you
time and costs during application.
training courses and events

CMM Technical Training on Steel and Composite Construction

In 2019, technical training in the area of Steel and

Composite Construction continued to be a priority for For the 2nd semester of 2019, CMM has
CMM, which has been holding several events in this scheduled the following courses:
❖ Design of Structures Subject to the Action
On the 14th, 15th and 16th of March, the 6th edition of Fire - 2nd Edition, scheduled for July 12th
of the Design of Steel Structures course took place and 13th, in Porto. The course is coordinated
in Lisbon. This course had as coordinator and lecturer and lectured by Prof. Paulo Vila Real (UA), and
Eng. Tiago Abecasis (Tal Projecto), and the lecturers is co-lectured by Prof. Nuno Lopes (UA), Prof.
Prof. Nuno Silvestre (IST) and Eng. José Miguel Pontes Aldina Santiago (UC), and Eng. Leonor Côrte-Real
(NME). (Hempel).

❖ Anticorrosive Protection of Steel Structures

- Industrial Painting/Steel Coatings - 4th
Edition, will take place on September 26th and
27th, in Lisbon. The course is coordinated and
lectured by Eng. Leonor Côrte-Real (Hempel), and
also lectured by Eng. Filipe Ramalho (Pronticor),
and Eng. Alichandra Castro (Eurogalva).

❖ Seismic Design of Steel Structures - 7th

Edition, is scheduled for October 11th and 12th,
On March 22 and 23, the course CE Marking - EN1090: in Porto. The course is coordinated and trained
Execution of Steel Structures and Aluminum Structures, by Professor José Miguel Castro (FEUP) and
Part 1 and Part 2 - 5th Edition, took place in Braga. This also trained by Prof. Carlos Rebelo (UC), Eng.
course was carried out with the aim of disseminating Tiago Ribeiro (Tal Projecto) and Eng. Luís Macedo
and providing technical bases for the future application (FEUP). The course has as main objective to
of the EN 1090 standard. The coordinator and lecturer provide knowledge about the conception and
was Professor Rui Simões (UC), and it also had as design of steel structures according to Eurocode
lecturers Eng. Sérgio Gonçalves (ACIV), Prof. Altino 8.
Loureiro (UC), Eng. Leonor Côrte-Real (Hempel), and
Eng. Rui Alves (Proindustrial). ❖ Execution of Steel Structures, Design, Detail,
Manufacturing and Assembly - 6th Edition,
is scheduled for the 8th and 9th of November,
in Coimbra. The course has Eng. Filipe Santos
(Vesam) as coordinator and trainer, and Eng. José
Miguel Pontes (NME, SA) also as lecturer.

❖ Construction in “Light Steel”:

Standardization, Calculation and Construction
Materials - 4th Edition, will take place on
December 6th and 7th, in Lisbon. The course is
coordinated and lectured by Prof. Nuno Silvestre
On the 5th and 6th of April, the 10th edition of the (IST), and also lectured by Eng. António Santos
course Design of Connections in Steel Structures took (Gestedi) and Eng. Filipe Santos (Vesam).
place in Lisbon, with the objective of presenting the EN
1993-1-8 standard. The course content will help trainees ❖ BIM methodology applied to steel and
to design steel and composite connections. This course composite structures, scheduled for December
had as coordinator and lecturer Eng. Tiago Abecasis (Tal 13th and 14th, in Lisbon. The course has as
Projecto), and as lecturers Prof. Altino Loureiro (UC), coordinators and trainers Prof. Diogo Ribeiro
Prof. Rui Simões (UC), and Eng. Cláudio Baptista (GRID). (ISEP) and Eng. Rui Gavina (ISEP).

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
training courses and events

The XII Conference on Steel

and Composite Construction
Professor José Romo MARTÍN; Polytechnic
aims to disseminate the latest University of Madrid, SPAIN; CEO of FHECOR
innovations and achievements Ingenieros Consultores
in this type of construction, Keynote – Recent examples of steel structures in
Spain: life after the crisis
seeking to contribute
decisively to the promotion,
consolidation and expansion of
Professor J. NORBERTO PIRES; University of
the sector. It is intended that Coimbra, Departament of Mechanical Engineering,
the conference be a privileged Portugal.
place for the exchange of Keynote – 3D printing of metals. Simulation
techniques and processes. A robotic welding and
ideas and experiences among laser deposition platform
the various actors in the
design and execution of steel
and composite structures, as well as in research and teaching Professor António ADÃO DA FONSECA; Faculty of
activities in the area. Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal; Adão da
Fonseca, Engenheiros Consultores
This issue will give special emphasis to the theme “Steel Keynote – EVOLUTION OF HIGH BUILDING
structures as the answer to climate change”. STRUCTURES: Example of the “Cinnamon Life”
project in Sri Lanka
Among the topics that will be adressed, the following are
highlighted: Architecture and steel; Steel and composite
bridges; Energy efficiency and sustainability of steel and
composite structures; Industrialized solutions for the
construction of buildings; Major projects; Structural safety Architect Cezary M BEDNARSKI; Director of London
based Studio Bednarski Ltd, UK.
and performance of new materials and products; Execution
Keynote – The Visual Language of Steel (And it’s
and quality management of steel construction; Steel Spelling Mistakes…)
construction in the oil industry, mining and renewable energy
Important dates: Participation in the conference allows for the possibility of
Abstract submission:22 June 2019 publication of papers in the Wiley Online Library’s
Scientific Library CE / Papers magazine.
Paper submission: 8 September 2019
Early bird registration: 30 September 2019 More information at:
The XII Conference on Steel and Composite Construction will
have the presence of prominent international personalities as Gold sponsors
keynote speakers. The presence of the following speakers is

Professor Charalampos (Lambis) BANIOTOPOULOS;

University of Birmingham, UK.
Keynote – High Strength Steel (HSS): A Material
for High Performance Structures to enhance Urban
Resilience and Sustainability Silver sponsors


Professor Jean-Pierre JASPART; Liège University,

Keynote – Joints in Steel and Composite Structures:
New Modelling Issues

Other sponsors
Professor Leroy GARDNER; Imperial College
London, UK.
Keynote – Recent developments in the field of 3D
printing of steel structures

In the event there will also be a technical exhibition area, which already has the participation of
23 entities. If you are interested in participating in this exhibition please contact us.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
training courses and events

Cycle of Portugal Steel Seminars

CMM was present in another edition of Tektónica, with The Portugal Steel Seminar was held on the 5th of June,
the Portugal Steel project – May 8 to 11, 2019, at FIL with the theme: “Steel Construction”, at the Polytechnic
(Lisbon International Fair). Institute of Leiria, at the event we had speakers
representing the following entities: Sin Profile, Constálica,
Fametal, Cin, Perfisa, Antero, Construsoft and ArcelorMittal.

On May 9, the Steel Talk took place with the theme On June 12th, the Portugal Steel Seminar “Steel
“Steel Construction in LSF – Light Steel Framing”, at Construction – Solutions and Innovative Products”
Tektónica. The Session was attended by speakers from took place at the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda.
the following entities: O Feliz, UC, Perfisa and Futureng.
The sessions had 6 speakers, representatives of the
following entities: ArcelorMittal, Construsoft, Hempel,
Sin Profile, Constálica and IPG.

Portugal Steel 2019 – Cycle of Seminars and Steel Talks

Date Type of Event Institution Venue

10 July Open Day Portugal Steel Eurogalva Fiães

25 September Seminar Portugal Steel Universidade do Minho - UM Guimarães

09 October Seminar Portugal Steel Faculdade de Engenharia Universidade do Porto – FEUP Porto

23 October Seminar Portugal Steel Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa – ISEL Lisbon

30 October Seminar Portugal Steel Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra – ISEC Coimbra

Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Departamento Engenharia

11 December Seminar Portugal Steel Porto
Civil – ISEP

Follow the schedule of Portugal Steel events at

The strength of steel construction

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
publications highlight

Shear Connectors that Use Concrete Dowels

This document is dedicated to connectors that use concrete

dowels that form through indentations or holes in plates as
one or the sole shear transmitting mechanism contributing
to the overall behaviour.It describes test procedures, and
analyses the structural response of some geometries,
including resistance, ductility and failure mechanism. It
covers some of the most widespread types and geometries
of connectors, looking mainly at their working principles and
Authors: behaviour rather at specific details of each geometry, given
Luis Costa Neves the large number of proposed types, some just changing in
Pedro C. Vellasco the detail.
Isabel B. Valente

CMM Member Price:41,60€
Prices subject to VAT at
applicable rate

More Than a Steel Stockist,

Your Business Partner.
metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
industry and services

CMM – Industry and Services

Selecting the corrosion protection requires the analysis of several factors to ensure that an adequate
solution is found, from a technical and economic point of view.
This article demonstrates how to define a painting scheme and the information that should reach the

When painting steel structures, the surfaces of the steel

(substrate) are coated with paints or related products.
For its execution according to EN 1090, the guidelines of
the series of EN ISO 12944 standards (Chart 1) and by
Annex F of EN 1090-2: 2018 must be followed, whose
content has been updated very recently.

EN ISO 12944-1 Introduction

EN ISO 12944-2 Classification of environments
EN ISO 12944-3 Design and construction provisions
EN ISO 12944-4 Surface types and surface preparation
EN ISO 12944-5 Painting systems
EN ISO 12944-6 Laboratory performance tests
EN ISO 12944-7 Execution and supervision of painting works
Development of specifications for new
EN ISO 12944-8
works and maintenance
Painting systems and laboratory
EN ISO 12944-9 performance tests for offshore/related

Chart 1. Parts of EN ISO 12944

Usual scenarios in the industry:

 he Client provides the Project and surface treatment
Figure 1. Corrosivity categories in mainland Portugal
systems to be carried out;
 he Customer provides the Project and the •T
 he Project is the responsibility of the Manufacturer.
performance requirements (durability and corrosivity), The system is also determined by the manufacturer
so that the Manufacturer determines a system that according to the durability defined in the Project and
meets the specified performance. the corrosivity category of the zone.

loss of mass per unit area / loss of thickness (after one year of exposure) examples of typical environments (informative only)

Corrosivity low carbon steel zinc

category Exterior Interior
loss of mass loss of thickness loss of mass loss of thickness
g/m2 µm g/m2 µm

Heated buildings with clean

C1 very low ≤ 10 ≤ 1,3 ≤ 0,7 ≤ 0,1 – atmospheres, e.g, offices, shops,
schools and hotels

Atmospheres with low level of Unheated buildings where condensation

C2 low > 10 to 200 > 1,3 to 25 > 0,7 to 5 > 0,1 to 0,7
pollution. Mostly rural areas can occur, e.g., depots and sports halls

Urban and industrial atmospheres Production rooms with high humidity

with moderate sulfur dioxide and some air pollution, e.g., food-
C3 medium > 200 to 400 > 25 to 50 > 5 to 15 > 0,7 to 2,1
pollution. Coastal areas with low processing plants, laundries, breweries
salinity and dairies

Industrial areas and coastal areas Chemical plants, swimming pools,

C4 high > 400 to 650 > 50 to 80 > 15 to 30 > 2,1 to 4,2
with moderate salinity coastal ship and boatyards

Industrial areas with high humidity Buildings and areas with almost
C5 very high > 650 to 1500 > 80 to 200 > 30 to 60 > 4,2 to 8,4 and aggressive atmosphere and permanent condensation and high
coastal areas with high salinity pollution

Offshore areas with high

salinity and industrial areas with
Industrial areas with extreme humidity
CX extreme > 1500 to 5500 > 200 to 700 > 60 to 180 > 8,4 to 25 extreme humidity and aggressive
and aggressive atmosphere
atmosphere and tropical and
subtropical atmospheres

Note 1 The loss values used in the corrosivity categories are identical to those used in ISO 9223
Note 2 In coastal areas, in hot/humid areas, the loss of thickness may exceed the limits of category C5
For this reason, special precautions must be taken when selecting a paint scheme for structures in areas of this type

Chart 2. Corrosivity categories

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
industry and services

For the last two cases, it is necessary for the Step 3. Identify the required durability - EN ISO
steelworking company to determine which painting 12944-1
system meets the requirements of the Project. 1. Low durability (l) up to 7 years.
2. Average durability (m) of 7 to 15 years.
How to select a suitable protection system in 4 steps: 3. High durability (h) from 15 to 25 years.
4. Very high durability (vh) more than 25 years.
Step 1. Analyze or estimate the environmental
corrosivity where the structure will be located. Step 4. Identify the painting system that achieves the
EN ISO 12944-2 indicates the corrosivity required durability for the corrosive environment in
classifications for atmospheric, soil and water accordance with EN ISO 12944-5 (Chart 3).
environments, with examples of indoor and outdoor
applications (Chart 2).
Painting on steel surface / pickling (category C4
To determine the corrosivity category in a given
location, national cartographies with local corrosivity
are used (Figure 1).

Step 2. Check for special conditions that may affect

the choice of the system, such as: humidity and
temperature; chemical exposure; mechanical
stresses. In the case of buried structures, attention
must be paid to the presence of oxygen in the
soil, soil pH and biological exposure. In the case of
submerged structures, attention should be paid to the
type and chemical composition of the water.

Chart 3. Painting systems for category C4 according to EN ISO



Industrial and Logistic Construction . Civil Construction . Metallic Structures





Structural Steel
EN 1090

EN 1090 0035-CPR-1090-

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
industry and services

Practical Example

Select the painting system for a steel structure, which

will be assembled at Barreiro. It is intended to last for
20 years, before the first maintenance painting..
Step 1. Corrosivity: Barreiro- C4
Step 2. Special conditions: Not applicable
Step 3. Durability: 20 years- High durability (h)
Step 4. Select scheme: Chart 3, the required durability
for the systems:
C4.03 – 1 coat of primer not rich in zinc (Mist)
between 60 and 80 μm + 2 to 4 layers of paint with
binder AK or AY; Minimum dry thickness = 260 μm
Figure 2. Specification for painting
C4.06 – 1 coat of primer not rich in zinc (Mist) with
a thickness between 80 and 160 μm + 2 to 4 layers
of paint with EP, PUR or AY binder; Minimum dry ›   Final Considerations
thickness = 240 μm
C4.07 – largely exeeds The previous example is quite common. However,
situations may arise that require in-depth analysis and
C4.10 – 1 coat of primer rich in zinc (Zn (R)), with a
the application of more elaborate systems, such as
thickness between 60 and 80 μm + 2 to 3 layers of
combinations of galvanized, metallized and painted
EP, PUR or AY paint; Minimum dry thickness = 200
or lacquered, or even special paints with determined
performances in the laboratory.
C4.11 – largely exeeds
Duly qualified painters must be familiar with the
Conclusion: The likely choices of the system will be products they apply. They must know how to interpret
C4.06 or C4.10, depending on the costs of each of the the technical data sheets of the products, evaluate the
systems and the professional experience implemented imperfections of painting, how to prevent or eliminate
in the company. them.

Primers rich in zinc (whose zinc powder content is equal The parts must be properly prepared according to
to or greater than 80% by weight, in the non-volatile part the anti-corrosive treatment to be performed and the
of the paint) generally lead to systems with fewer coats execution class of the work.
and consequently faster execution, which makes them The environmental parameters cannot be neglected:
quite competitive in this analysis. room temperature, part temperature, humidity and dew
The supplier must be informed of the selected scheme,
in order to propose and supply the appropriate products Equipment must be properly maintained. Those
that meet the requirements. of measurements must be calibrated and checked

›   Information for the performer In addition to the self-control by the performer, quality
control involves visual inspection, measurements of dry
thickness in reference areas, X-cut, Cross-cut or Pull-off
Clear and objective information for the procedure must
adherence tests, duly identified in the inspection and
reach the painter. This information must be provided to
testing plan.
him through a form with the following data (Figure 2):
the systems to be applied and in which components, During and after painting, special attention must be
the required degree of preparation of the parts, the color paid to the handling and storage of parts, drying, the
of the paints, the references of the paints and their condition of the loading straps and the facing position
constituents to apply, waiting times and temperatures, before shipping (avoid positions where water, debris or
the number of coats, thicknesses to be respected and dust is deposited). Covered, air-conditioned warehouses
measures for self-control. and packaging sections are a reality increasingly adopted
by metalworking companies.

Paint manufacturers are a key part of this process and

many of them provide manuals and practical training that
can help companies. ■

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
Compact gauges
for big jobs

Robust Fischer MP0R gauges are purpose-built to

perform in the world of corrosion protection.
• Accurate Dry Film Thickness measurements –
no calibration needed
• Sturdy construction outside, high-tech inside
• Easy to use, versatile, reaches into the tightest spots
• Pivoting and illuminated display for quick and
convenient reading of results
• Lighweight and pocket-sized
• Measure according to standards, special modes for


Tel. +351 234 351 288  |  Fax +351 234 351 289  |
cmm members highlight

cmm members

“ Currently and with a focus on what have

always been its objectives, Mealhada Metal
recently inaugurated its new facilities, where

Mário Gonçalves – CEO; Eng André Aldinhas –
it intends to be a reference for the sector. Diretor Técnico e Vitor Martins – CEO

›  Make a brief presentation of Mealhada Metal - On the other hand, the company’s policy also involves
Steel Structures. the supply of specialized labor, which was, moreover,
the “lifeline” in the most difficult years.
Mealhada Metal was created in June 1999, in what was
a combination of efforts between four co-workers to ›  How does Mealhada Metal differ from its

create a solid, innovative and dynamic company in the competitors?

field of steelworking. The company intended to combine
In our view, our construction is essentially differentiated
all the know-how acquired over many years of work in
by the workforce. The key to captivate and retain a
the sector and create a company of excellence where
customer is essentially to be able to combine a good
rigor and perfectionism would be the guiding lines.
price with a good final result. And this is only achieved
In 2009 the company suffered a major setback, due to
with good professionals from the design stage, through
the economic crisis, but managed to recover in 2015, at
the budget, production and assembly, until the delivery
that time only two partners remained in this project.
of the work to the customer. In all these stages it is
Currently and with a focus on what have always been
necessary to have capable, rigorous professionals that
its objectives, Mealhada Metal recently inaugurated its
enjoy the work they are doing and this is what Mealhada
new facilities, where it intends to be a reference for the
Metal has to offer.
›  What important projects distinguish the work
›  In what areas has Mealhada Metal stood out?
of Mealhada Metal - Steel Structures?
In the area of steelwork, Mealhada Metal has stood
Since its creation in 1999, Mealhada Metal has already
out in industrial maintenance, in the production and
had the opportunity to collaborate, in partnership with
assembly of steel structures and in the application of
its customers, on major national projects, namely,
coatings. These are the areas where we feel most
with the production of steel elements for Casino of
comfortable because with the accumulated experience,
Lisbon, for the stadiums Alvalade XXI, Luz and Dragão
combined with the technical knowledge of qualified
(when building stadiums for Euro 2004). In addition to
professionals, it allows us to make a difference.
these “more visible” works, we also have other “less
visible”, but of equal importance and responsibility,
more specifically, maintenance, repairs or extensions to

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
cmm members highlight

the facilities of National Steel, Cimpor in Souselas and ›  What are the goals of Mealhada Metal - Steel
Alhandra and Portucel in Cacia and Setúbal. Structures for the years 2019 and 2020?

›  What future challenges await Mealhada Metal The main objectives of Mealhada Metal in the short,
- Steel Structures? medium term is to consolidate its position in the
steellworking industry, we know the limitations we have
It seems to us that the great challenge that lies ahead,
and we are working to overcome them quickly. On the
not particularly of Mealhada Metal, but transversal to all
other hand, we aim to start our own internationalization
companies in the construction sector, will be the scarcity
of qualified labor, mainly for production. Looking at our
reality, most of the professionals who collaborate with
us, are of advanced age and whenever it is necessary ›  How do you perceive the CMM role in the
to hire someone, either out of necessity or at the national context of the steel and composite
request of a client, the difficulty is enormous. This raises construction sector?
great concerns about, on the one hand being able to
satisfy the needs of customers and on the other hand, We understand that the CMM plays a major role in the
maintaining the high degree of quality and rigor that we point we talked about earlier, namely, in establishing
have practiced until now. cooperation within the sector. It is important that there is
an entity dedicated in this sense, providing dialogue and
›  How do you see the current state of the steel understanding between the various players in the sector.
and Composite construction market? In addition, CMM also has a very active role not only
in the defense and promotion of steel and composite
Steel and composite construction is currently going
construction, but also in continuous training of
through a good phase, as a result of the current
professionals and certification of companies.
economic situation, which leads to an increase in public
and private investment. We hope that it will continue, in
a sustained way so that the mistakes of the past are not ›  In which foreign markets does Mealhada Metal
repeated, as we understand that there is still space for – Steel Structures intend to operate?
the maintenance of this positive cycle. In this way, we
hope urban rehabilitation (not only in Lisbon and Porto) At the moment, Mealhada Metal does not work
will advance, more vividly, where steel and composite directly for foreign markets, moreover, as I said in
construction will play a leading role. the previous point, we aim, briefly, to start our own
internationalization project.
However, we have been collaborating with our
›  Will the sector’s survival depend on customers for a long time in the production of steel
cooperation between the different elements for the Angolan, Spanish, Dutch, Bulgarian
competitors, or in a competition capable of markets, etc ...) ■
raising and superiorizing the most competitive

In our opinion, the future depends on a balanced and

fair cooperation between the different competitors.
Although competition is always present in companies,
which is natural and healthy in favor of the evolution of
the sector, if we want a strong and growing industry we
cannot just look inside.
Good cooperation means that a company can grow and
become more resilient in the face of adversity.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
cmm members highlight

cmm members

“ Our biggest project is the constant

search for professional and personal
fulfillment based on the satisfaction of

our customers and partners.

›  Make a brief presentation of SPRENPLAN, LDA ›  How does SPRENPLAN, LDA differ from its
SprenPlan started its activity in 2004, in the city of Viana
do Castelo, and it is a company that provides services Above all, we like challenges. We try to approach each
related to construction, namely consultancy, design / work with a dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit, it aims
project and other construction supporting activities. to be an element of challenge to architectural solutions,
Over the past few years, SprenPlan has developed both in the search for innovative solutions and in the
projects of various dimensions and characteristics. search for economically viable solutions. We privilege
We have established a large number of partnerships close and personalized contact with our partners,
and conquered more and more customers, which promoting good relationships in a dynamic and “make it
has enabled us to extend our borders to international happen” spirit.
markets (such as European, African and others). Basically, the SprenPlan team seeks new challenges in
All the work that we have developed has allowed us to which it can implement rigor and coherence, develop
achieve professional competences that we consider to projects and ideas that can be bold and ambitious as
be a fundamental factor for the direction that we have well as realistic and versatile.
always pursued: “Our biggest project is the constant
search for professional and personal fulfillment based on
›  What important projects distinguish the work
the satisfaction of our customers and partners”.

›  In what areas has SPRENPLAN, LDA stood In Portugal the realization of a set of hotel equipment, all
very different, namely the Hotel Fábrica do Chocolate,
Pena Aventura Parque, Hotel FeelViana, Hotel “Quinta
SprenPlan offers a wide range of services aimed at Casaldronho”.
the needs of its customers, especially in the area of Bearing in mind that the development of projects in the
consultancy and design (with regard to the specialty environmental area has always had a strong presence in
of foundations and structures, as well as in the the company, in recent years work has grown in the area
other specialties). This experience has taken place in of rehabilitation, especially the Palácio do Raio and the
buildings, urbanizations and equipment as well as in the Paço do Vitorino.
environmental, industrial and hotel areas.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
Processing of plates
Cutting, milling , threading and marking

Processing of angles and pipes

+ speed In the drilling
In the cutting
In the set-up
In the tool change

Processing of beams
cmm members highlight

We have also done some work in international markets ›  Will the sector’s survival depend on
such as France, Mozambique, Morocco, Angola, Ghana cooperation between the different
and Nigeria. There, the most recent stand out: Oxford competitors, or in a competition capable of
Nº1, Cantonments City, VIVO Energy Building, PwC raising and superiorizing the most competitive
Building, EY Building, among others. players?
A project, although not very large, but which marks the
company’s history, due to its very unique character and Competition is what makes us grow and improve,
complexity, was the realization of the Pedestrian Mobile but we have no doubt that cooperation is essential.
Bridge at the Marina of Viana do Castelo. The recent past reminds us of how important it is
to be present in international markets, and there the
challenges are often of a dimension that excludes many
›  What future challenges await SPRENPLAN, of our companies if they want to venture alone.

The growing demand from customers leads to a ›  What are the goals of SPRENPLAN, LDA for
continuous commitment to the continuous improvement the years 2019 and 2020?
of the company’s productive and organizational
processes. Therefore, SprenPlan invests on the SprenPlan’s objectives for the coming years are to
innovation of its projects. The introduction of BIM increase its turnover above all with a greater presence
at the project level is something that is ongoing and in the national market and it also intends to continue to
implemented, and it is an investment for the future in invest in innovation to improve the services provided and
the interaction with architectural teams. keep its team focused and happy.
We understand that the quality-price dichotomy is very The constant satisfaction of its customers is an objective
important for today’s customers, so we intend to remain ever since the creation of SprenPlan and will continue to
at the forefront to guarantee and fulfill our customers’ be the main project of this company.
›  How do you perceive the CMM role in the

›  How do you see the current state of the steel national context of the steel and composite
and Composite construction market? construction sector?

At this stage in which the construction market is, when It has played an extraordinary role in the development of
it is evident to all those involved in the construction training aimed at improving the capacity of companies,
process that there is a clear need for labor, construction and in sharing knowledge by sharing the studies of
processes that use some automation and development the scientific community with companies and their
of part of the work in the factory, makes the steel and technicians.
composite construction market even more competitive.
As in countries where labor is scarce and expensive, in ›  In which foreign markets does SPRENPLAN,
Portugal there will be a gradual process of increasing
LDA intend to operate?
the percentage of works with steel and composite
structures. SprenPlan intends to maintain its presence in the most
important markets in recent years: Ghana and Nigeria. ■

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
cmm members

steelwork, construction and assembly

ArcelorMittal Construção
ADF Antonino Dias Portugal, SA

Fernandes, Lda. Amândio Silva & Sousa, Lda. Armindo Ruivo & Filhos ARCEN Engenharia, SA Arestalfer SA Barraferros, Lda. construction/arval_iberia/language/PT


Steel Constructios SA BYSTEEL SA Metalomecânica SA Construção Metálicos SA EDIRIO – Construções, SA Electrofer EME Singular

Ergicon Portugal, FAMETAL Fábrica Port. FERLIN – Construções Fernando Miguel L. Pereira

Construções Metálicas Engenharia e Construção SA Estruturas Metálicas FAUSTINO & FERREIRA Metálicas, Lda. Ferrum Serv, Lda. & Irmão, Lda.


FRISOMAT Comércio e Indústria Construções Metálicas e GARSTEEL GOMEL – Metalurgica INOXANTUÃ Metálicas e Aluguer

de Materiais de Construção SA Galvanização, Lda. – Construções Metálicas, Lda. Gonçalves & Mendes, Lda. HabiOliveira – Construções, Lda. – Instalações em Inox, Lda. Equipamentos, Lda.


Metalaf Lda. Unipessoal, Lda. Lopes & Gomes, SA Constructions Measindot – Engineering Lda. Irmãos Silvas, SA Metalúrgica de Viana, Lda.    

Estruturas Metálicas, M. Rocha & J. Serra NORFERSTEEL – Const. O FELIZ PERFILNORTE Empresa PERFISA Fábrica de Perfis PNB – Pedro Nuno Bastos

Serralharia Civil e Caixilharias Metalúrgica, Lda. e Metalomecânica, SA Metalomecânica, SA de Perfilagem SA Metálicos SA Unipessoal, Lda.

POÇO – Equipamentos SEVEME – Indústrias Silva & Ventura – Tormearia Socidias – Estruturas e Tegopi – Indústria

Industriais, SA Serralharia O SETENTA, SA Metalúrgicas, SA Mecânica, Lda. Revestimentos Metálicos, Lda. Teczone Española SA Metalomecânica, SA

Vicometal – Vieira Cordeiro, SA

  Certified company with Quality Steel Silver        Certified company with Quality Steel Bronze

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
cmm members

design and consulting

A400 – Projetistas e Consultores BERD – Projecto, Investigação e

A1V2 – Engenharia e Arquitetura de Engenharia, Lda. A2P – Consult, Lda. Arentia, SA ARMANDO RITO Engenharia, SA Engenharia de Pontes, SA BETAR CONSULTORES, Lda.

CCAD – Serviços CIVI 4 – Projectistas e CONSTRUSOFT – Software para CSI Portugal – Computers DSCS – Double Solutions

BUREAU VERITAS Certification de Engengaria Lda. Consultores de Engª. Civil, Lda. a Indústria de Construção, Lda. Cruz de Oito – Engenharia & Strutural Inc Constructions Systems

FCGAB GOP – Gabinete de Organização GRID International Hidropartener – Formação de Inexom – Ingénierie Ouvrages

– Engª e Gestão de Obra Lda. de Projectos Lda. Gravidade International, Lda. – Consulting Engineers SA Soldadura IMASD Consult, Lda. Métalliques

LUSOMANU – Comércio e

Inline Engenharia, Lda. JETSJ Geotecnia, Lda. José R. Pimenta LCW Consut SA LEB, Lda. Lloyd’s Register Manut. de Equip. Industriais Lda.

Outsupport – Consultoria e PERRY DA CÂMARA e Associados, PPE – Planeamento e Projectos PROAFA PROENGEL – Projectos de

LUSOMELT, Lda. Formação, Lda. Consultores de Engenharia Lda. de Engenharia Lda. PPSEC – Engenharia, Lda. Serviços de Engenharia SA Engenharia e Arquitectura, Lda.

QUALEND – Qualidade e Ensaios SISCAD – Tecnologias de SKINDE Facade Engineering

Qtec – Qualynspect, Lda. Não destrutivos Lda. R5E – Consulting Engineers Informação, Lda. Consultants, Lda. Slefty Lda. Sprenplan, Lda.

TALPROJECTO – Projectos, Estudos TRIA – Serviços, Materiais e VEconcept – Value Engineering

TÜV Rheinland Portugal

Steelplan Group Stratbond Consulting, Lda. e Serviços de Engenharia, Lda. Equipamentos, Lda. TRIMÉTRICA – Engenharia Lda. Concept Lda.

Arcwelding, Lda.


All contacts and information about products and services offer to the members of CMM can be found at The information provided is responsibility of each member.

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
cmm members

wholesalers and producers of profiles and steel components


ANTERO & Cª SA Florêncio Augusto CHAGAS SA FAF Produtos Siderúrgicos SA FERPINTA, SA Armazéns de Ferro SA

building materials, coating and protection

CIN Corporação Industrial do COLABORANTE – Perfilagem de EUROGALVA Galvanização e Jotun Ibérica SA

4PAINTS Blasqem Lda. Norte, SA Chapa Lda. Metalomecânica SA HEMPEL (Portugal) Lda. (Sucursal Portugal)


Indústria Metalúrgica Lda. SIKA Portugal, SA

equipment and machinery

HILTI (Portugal) Portinter – Equipamentos

DNC Técnica, Lda. Máquinas e Equipamentos SA Fixpaços, SA GASIN Lda. – Produtos e Serviços, Lda. Industriais Lda. Chromaticircle, Lda.

Tecofix – Tecnica de

SARKKIS Robotica Equipamentos e Fixação Ultraprecisão, Lda.

universities, teaching and research institution

Escola Superior Escola Superior de Tecnologia Instituto de Ciencia e Inovação Instituto Superior de Instituto Superior

de Tecnologia de Viseu – I.P.V. e Gestão – I.P. Bragança Instituto Politécnico da Guarda em Eng. Mecânica e Industrial Instituto Politécnico de Leiria Contabilidade e Administração de Engenharia de Coimbra de Coimbra

Instituto Superior Instituto Superior Técnico LNEC – Laboratório Nacional Departamento de Engenharia Universidade de Coimbra Universidade Nova de Lisboa

de Engenharia do Porto – D.E. Civil – ICIST de Engenharia Civil Civil da Universidade de Aveiro Fac. de Ciências e Tecnologia




metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019
agenda events calendar

event institution venue date information

Open Day CMM – Portuguese Steelwork Fiães 10 July

Portugal Steel Association | Eurogalva 2019

2019 World International Association Jeju Island, 17 to 21 http://www.techno-press.

Congress on of Structural Engineering & Korea September org/conference_19/
Advances in Mechanics (IASEM) 2019
Structural Korea Advanced Institute of
Engineering Science & Technology (KAIST)
and Mechanics Korea Association of
(ASEM19) Computational Mechanics
Korean Tunneling and
Underground Space Association

Nordic Steel DTU Civil Engineering in Copenhagen, 18 to 20 https://www.

Construction collaboration with the Danish Denmark September
Conference 2019 Steel Institute (DSI) 2019

Portugal Steel CMM – Portuguese Steelwork Guimarães 25 Free registration at cmm@

Seminar Association | University of September
Minho – UM 2019

Portugal Steel CMM – Portuguese Steelwork Porto 9 October Free registration at cmm@
Seminar Association | Faculty of 2019
Engineering of University of
Porto - FEUP

6th World Construction and Steel Dallas, 18 and 19 https://construction-steel-

Congress and Structure 2019 Texas, EUA October structure.conferenceseries.
Exhibition on 2019 com/2019/
Construction and
Steel Structure

Portugal Steel CMM – Portuguese Steelwork Lisboa 23 October Free registration at cmm@
Seminar Association | Engineering 2019
Institute of Lisbon - ISEL

Portugal Steel CMM – Portuguese Steelwork Coimbra 30 October Free registration at cmm@
Seminar Association | Engineering 2019
Institute of Coimbra – ISEC

XII Conference CMM – Portuguese Steelwork Coimbra 21 and 22

on Steel and Association November
Composite 2019

Portugal Steel CMM – Portuguese Steelwork Porto 11 Free registration at cmm@

Seminar Association | Engineering December
Institute of Porto, Civil 2019
Engineering Department – ISEP

metálica international 12  ∙  june 2019

course speakers venue date prices

Fire Design of Prof. Paulo Vila Real (UA); Porto 12 and 13 450.00€
Steel Structures Prof. Nuno Lopes (UA); July 2019
– 2nd Edition Prof. Aldina Santiago (UC);
Eng. Leonor Côrte-Real (HEMPEL).

Anticorrosive Eng. Leonor Côrte-Real (HEMPEL); Lisbon, 26 and 27 400.00€

Protection of Eng. Filipe Ramalho (PRONTICOR); Hotel September
Steel Structures – Eng. Alichandra Castro (EUROGALVA). Olissippo 2019
Industrial Painting Marquês
/ Steel Coatings de Sá
– 4th Edition

Seismic Design of Prof. José Miguel Castro (FEUP); Porto 11 and 12 400.00€
Steel Structures Prof. Luís Augusto Macedo (FEUP); October
– 7th Edition Prof. Tiago Pinto Ribeiro (Tal Projecto); 2019
Prof. Carlos Rebelo (UC).

Execution of Eng. Filipe Santos (VESAM) Coimbra, 8 and 9 400.00€

Steel Structures, Eng. José Miguel Pontes (NME, SA). Hotel November
Design, Detail, Dona Inês 2019
and Assembly
– 6th Edition

“Light Steel” Prof. Silvestre (IST); Lisbon, 6 and 7 400.00€

Construction: Eng. António Santos (GESTEDI); Hotel December
Standardization, Eng. Filipe Santos (VESAM). Olissippo 2019
Calculation and Marquês
Construction de Sá
– 4th Edition

BIM methodology Prof. Diogo Ribeiro (ISEP); Lisbon, 13 and 14 400.00€

applied to steel Eng. Rui Gavina (ISEP) Hotel December
and composite Olissippo 2019
structures Marquês
de Sá



Introductory note of the sector 2
The Portugal Steel brand 3

Business directory
CMM — Portuguese Steelwork Association 4
A1V2 Engenharia Civil e Arquitectura, Lda. 6
ANTERO & CA., S.A. 8
ArcelorMittal 10
Grupo BETAR 12
CIN — Corporação Industrial do Norte S.A. 14
DNC Técnica — Manutenção Industrial e Equipamentos, Lda. 20
FAF — Produtos Siderúrgicos, S.A. 24
FAMETAL, Fábrica Portuguesa de Estruturas Metálicas, S.A. 26
GALVAZA — Construções Metálicas e Galvanização, Lda. 30
GRID International Consulting Engineers S.A. 32
HEMPEL (Portugal) S.A. 34
METALOGALVA — Irmãos Silvas, S.A. 38
O FELIZ Metalomecânica, S.A. 40
PERFISA — Fábrica de Perfis Metálicos, S.A. 42
POÇO — Equipamentos Industriais, SA 44
Contacts by activity sector 46

Portugal Steel Activities 2019 50


Introductory note of the sector

Since 1997 the CMM – Portuguese Steelwork Association Based on these indicators, it can be said that the sector
has been working in favor of the promotion, dissemination shows great vitality, being technologically advanced and
and growth of the steel construction, and intends to bring with a strong international competitive capacity.
together all those who are interested in the steel and
composite construction, thus assuming the responsibility Portugal has in this sector specific technical knowledge and
for the dissemination of existing scientific and technological production capacity with international recognition, which is
knowledge among the different stakeholders.of the steel why it has this good overall performance despite the low
industry. economic growth in Europe and, in particular, the crisis of
construction in the national market.
Evidenciating the brief history of CMM, we register its
The companies in this sector have for the next years their
constant and solid evolution, always giving a strong focus
main challenge in the conquest of international markets,
on its members, having now more than 450 of which 138
resulting from the increasing search for national technical
are company members.
staff, with the strategic bet in innovation, and in the quality
The national steel construction sector has demonstrated of production and increasing qualification and specialization
its special vigor and expansion, implementation of a of professionals of the sector, with the objective of
growth strategy, capable of promoting the sustainable qualifying the sector in a sustained form, guaranteeing a
development of the sector despite the limitations of the high standard of quality to customers and prescribers in
current environment. Resulting from a relevant international the country and abroad, increasing exports and the added
dynamics,the national companies of the sector have value.
achieved a solid process of growth and adaptation to other
The Portugal Steel® project was created in 2013 by CMM
with the objective of promoting and disseminating the
The data presented below refer to the calendar year 2017 Portuguese steel construction sector.
and indicate that the steel construction market in recent
Portugal Steel® wants to contribute to the increase of
years has been developing in a positive way. Regarding
recognition of this sector among decision-makers, both
the number of jobs, an increase can be observed. Actual
public and private, and to promote the internationalization
data indicate the existence of about 28,900 direct jobs,
of companies of national steel construction, alerting
representing a turnover of over 4,106 million euros.
the potential markets for the benefits of this alternative
These results were only possible due to the volume of
exportation of these companies, which have grown in
recent years, reinforcing the recognition by the international
market of the quality of the Portuguese industry.

Exports in the sector represent 2.07% of the value ofof

national exports and about 2.22% of GDP

national level in 2017. In the volume of exports reached by

the sector, European markets maintain special importance
in the overall number, having the markets outside the EU,
gradually affirmed themselves in the scale of exports in this


contructive solutions, highly competitive and - for logistical The objectives of Portugal Steel
reasons – economically more feasible.
Portugal Steel® aims to reinforce the competitive
Portugal Steel® is a registered trademark, the first
advantages of the steel construction sector, legitimized
developed in Portugal for the dissemination and promotion
in the main advantages of steel construction over other
of the national steel construction sector. This project groups
solutions, and the increase of steel construction compared
national companies representative of the sector with a
to traditional construction.
single project: to promote and internationalize the steel
construction cluster. It is, above all, a networking platform • 
Economy - Streamlining the national economy with the
- knowledge and business - both for the sector itself of internationalization of this sector through of a strong
the national steel construction and for its partners. Its goal export component, resulting from the industrialization and
is to promote the competitive intelligence of the different easy transportation of steel structures;
business projects, develop a shared global vision that unites • 
Durability - For the same period of time, the
the companies of the sector and that communicates a maintenance costs are lower than other solutions;
positive image of the sector.
•  Sustainablility – Steel is easily recyclable;
The national companies believed along with us and help to • 
Quality – The quality of the product, the designof national
spread the essence of this brand and together contribute to knowledge is recognized nationally and internationally;
the development of a strong positive image of the national
steel construction. This document intends to present the • 
Innovation – The strategic bet on demand, innovation,
unifying project of the whole sector of steel construction.. quality of production and qualification of professionals
has been a guarantor for the current position of this
sector in the international contexto.

The Portugal Steel brand

Project for the promotion and dissemination of the national
steel construction sector which intends to increase the
recognition of this sector among public entities and private
decision makers, and to foster internationalization of the
national steel construction.

This project will respond to CMM’s primary objective, which

is the promotion of the steel construction sector in defense
of its members’ interest.

The Portugal Steel® brand has in its DNA the benefits of

steel construction and the internationalization of this sector.

This project was born from the need to create a brand to

disseminate the importance and contribution of this sector
to the national economy, as well as the need to generate a
business platform for its partners and for the whole sector
the strength of steel construction!
of the national steel construction, creating a unifying spirit
and mind in the companies of the sector, where the benefit
of each and the global is the final vision.


company’s name CMM — Associação Portuguesa de Construção
Metálica e Mista
activity Non-profit Sectoral Association
address Business Center Leonardo da Vinci,
Coimbra iParque, Lote 3
3040-540 Antanhol
phone number +351 239 098 422 / 239 095 568
ceo Professor Luís Simões da Silva

About us It is also responsible for the edition of the magazine “Metálica”,

with a trimestral publication, entirely dedicated to steel
The purpose of CMM is to bring together in one single entity construction and with national and international distribution. It
all those who are interested in the steel and composite recently started the publication of the International “Metálica”,
construction: designers, engineers and architects, contractors, English and digital version for international distribution,
manufacturers, consultants and actors in research and allowing to reach a larger audience and publicize what is best
teaching activities in this area. CMM works for the promotion done at a national level.
and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge
among the different players in the steel industry. CMM is the Portuguese representative of ECCS, and is

responsible for the appointment and management of the


What we do national representatives in various technical committees

of this European body, and is thus represented in all ECCS

One of the main concerns of CMM is its biennial national committees. CM

conferences, which have already had 11 editions, and have MY

With the objective of meeting the needs of the steelworking

become a technical and scientific reference of the sector. CY

industry, CMM has been providing since 2012, industry

Continuing the internationalization policy of its work, it
consultancy services in order to support the qualification of
promoted the Luso-African Conference on Sustainable Steel companies in the sector.

Construction, which had 3 editions.

Quality Steel, an innovative product created by CMM whose
Created by CMM in 2013, Portugal Steel has the objective of objective is to distinguish and promote of the steelwork
promoting and disseminating the steel construction sector industry through the description and classification of good
both nationally and internationally. practices to be followed in assembly and maintenance of
Consolidated in the DNA of the brand is the promotion of the steel structures. This quality stamp intends to describe and
increased recognition of this sector among the entities, both classify good practices adopted in the execution, assembly and
public and private decision makers, as well as being a platform maintenance of
to strengthen the internationalization of the national sector. steel structures.
CMM intends to promote the dissemination of scientific With the objective of raising financial support for companies
and technological knowledge in this area, and in this sense in the steel construction sector, CMM has submitted several
conducts training courses in the area of steel construction applications for projects under the Portugal 2020.
since 2008, becoming a training entity certified by DGERT.
In 2018, CMM started the ProSteel Project, for the qualification
With a prominent role in the edition of national and of SMEs. This project aims to Support companies through the
international technical publications dedicated to engineering, in reinforcement of skills in various areas, namely: organizational
particular to steel and composite construction, it is responsible and management, digital economy and information and
for the worldwide distribution of more than 130 publications, communication technologies, quality management, energy
edited by ECCS - Europeen Convention for Constructional and environmental efficiency and organization of production
Stellwork and for the edition of the Steel and composite processes.
Construction collection, which already has 4 editions published.







company’s name A1V2 Engenharia Civil e Arquitectura, Lda.
activity Design in Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning,
Project Management, Construction Supervision, Road
Safety Audits and Consulting
address Rua do Mar da China, Edifício Mar do Oriente,
N.º 1 – Fração 3.1
1990-137 Lisboa – Portugal
phone number +351 218 438 550
ceo Eng.ª Maria José Vicente e Eng. Luís Filipe Casaleiro

Who we are Reference works

Established in 1997, A1V2 is a Portuguese multinational of Operation Project Allotment of the Serpa-Pias Industrial
Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning that provides Zone Expansion - Portugal | Multimodal Mobility, Access to
Design, Project Management, Construction Supervision and ZI Cantarias and Business Nucleus - Portugal | Detail Design
Consulting services. and Construtction Supervision Tank Farm at Windhoek –
Namibia | Planning and Urban Design, Architecture, Project
We have a multidisciplinary, differentiating approach that has
Management and Construtction Supervision - Urban Planning
made it possible to efficiently put technique and art to the
in Ondangwa - Namibia | Urban and Territorial Planning, Urban
needs of people and communities, wherever they may be.
Design, Architecture, Project Management and Construction

We master all disciplines of design, from architectural skin Supervision of Monte Christo Urbanization - Namibia | Design M

design to the final engineering; from interior design to Review and Construction Supervision of the National oil Y

production of photo realistic content for marketing; from urban storage facilities in Walvis Bay - Namibia | Ambassadors CM

rehabilitation to the design of the city itself. Residential Tower Licensing Project - Qatar | Detail Design MY

For us, each client is unique, each need is distinct and each of the New International Airport of Angola | Design Review CY

geography, specific. We always strive to provide unique and and Construction Supervision of Lobito Port - Angola | Design

innovative solutions that respect these factors. This way of Review and Construction Supervision of Angola’s Railroad
acting allowed us to reach a solid reputation in the markets Network | Integrated urban plans of Capalanca – Angola| Detail K

where we are present. Desgin of Metalomechanical Manufacturing Plant - Algeria

| Detail Design of Metalomechanical Manufacturing Plant -
In addition to the headquarters in Portugal, A1V2 has offices in Algeria | Improvement and rehabilitation of the Kénitra road
Angola, Algeria, Colombia, Morocco and Namibia. - Morocco | Detail Design of Penicillin Factory - Algeria | Detail
Design of LPG storage facility – Algeria | Detail Design of de
Certifications Road network reformulation in Alfragide’s commercial area –
Since 2006, we are ISO 9001certified.










Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning

to build the world around you

A1V2 Engenharia Civil e Arquitectura, Lda.

Rua do Mar da China, Edifício Mar do Oriente, N.º 1, Fração 3.1 1990-137 Lisboa
PORTUGAL | T. +351 218 438 550 | F. +351 218 438 559 | |
company’s name ANTERO & CA., S.A.
activity Steel Products Distributor
address Avenida Vasco da Gama, 7660
Apartado 3132
4431-801 Avintes
phone number + 351 227 861 000
ceo Dr. Afonso Ribeiro

About us In order to be at the top and to provide the best service to our
clientes, we can take care of all kind of orders, smallest our
ANTERO & Ca was founded in 1928 with a head office in largest requests, covering retail and wholesale buyers.
Oporto. It has managed to become one of the benchmark
steel products warehouses in Portugal thanks to its 90-year Our portfolio of customers covers almost all business sectors
history and presence on the market. in the steel economy, from metallic structures industry, civil
construction, steelwok, small and medium retailers, to capital
ANTERO & Ca is currently part of Grupo Hiemesa, a group that goods industry.
has more than 45 years of experience in the steel industry
on the Iberian Peninsula and South America, working in the ANTERO & Ca currently has four distribution warehouses: its
manufacture and marketing of steel products. head office in Avintes (Vila Nova de Gaia) and three branches
in Vila do Conde, Mealhada and Caldas da Rainha.
We are a steel service centre that distributes a whole range
of steel products: structural steel (beams, sections, structural Our centres handle and sell all kind of beams (IPE, IPN, UPN,
tubes and plates), construction products (rebars and wire HEB, HEA, HEM) merchant bars (angles, flat, rounds, squares,
mesh), steelworks (steel sheets, tubes and merchant bars), in T and U), different kinds of coils and sheets (hot rolled, hot
addition to industrial supplies. deep galvanized, electrogalvanized, pickeled and oiled, cold and
coated and industrial plates), welded pipes, rebars, wire mesh,
and also all kind of industrial supplies.


Distributor of all kind of steel products

Fittings and Industrial Suppliess
Av. Vasco da Gama, 7660 · apartado 3132 Urb. da Varziela · rua 8 · Beches-Fajozes
4431-801 AVINTES 4485-631 MINDELO
Tel 227 861 000 · Fax 227 861 009 Tel 252 690 370 · Fax 252 690 379
com e rei a l.avi ntes@a nte roe ca. com com e rc ia l. vco nde @ante roeca. com


Zona Industrial do Canedo · lote 24 Travessa Pedro Nunes, n° 4
3050-481 PAMPILHOSA Zona Industrial Pinhal da Câmara
Tel 231 947 660 · Fax 231 947 669 2500-218 CALDAS DA RAINHA
com e rei a l. mealha da l<la nte roeca. com Tel 262 839 100 · Fax 262 839 109
com e rc ia l. caldas l<la nte roeca. com
company’s name ArcelorMittal Construção Portugal, SA
activity Manufacturing and Sale of Metal Cladding for Roofs,
Facades and Composite Floor Solutions.
adress Estrada Nacional 3 (km 17,5) Apartado 14
2071 – 909 Cartaxo
phone number +351 263 400 070
ceo Luzia Nascimento

Who we are Brands

ArcelorMittal is a worldwide group created in 2006. Its current ArcelorMittal Construção Portugal, SA owns the Haironville
position as a leader in the steel industry is the result of a brand.
series of mergers and acquisitions that has incorporated two
main groups: ARCELOR (ARBED, ACERALIA and USINOR) and Certifications
Since December 2003, ArcelorMittal Construção Portugal is a
The continuous activity improvement and market share certified company according to NP EN ISO 9001 - 2015.
growth are constant features of ArcelorMittal Construção
Portugal since, in 1989, it became a Portuguese subsidiary of The Safety, Health and Welfare of our employees are the
Haironville, S.A. (today called ArcelorMittal Construction France). main priorities of ArcelorMittal Construção Portugal, we are a
Since then, the company has been growing steadily every year, certified company according to NP 4397 (OHSAS 18001) since
increasing and diversifying production, marketing and sales July 2007.
Reference Works
In Portugal, the company biggest concerns are the evolution
and the modernity of its products. To do so, ArcelorMittal During our 30 years of activity in Portugal we can identify
Construção Portugal is endowed with high level technical several reference projects that use our materials and solutions.
resources, acknowledged internationally. We supplied various building sectors, including Airport Gare’s
Parallel to the constant optimization of product quality, - Lisbon, Porto and Faro - Shopping Centers and Retail Parks,
ArcelorMittal Construção Portugal has developed very Logistics Centers in Lisbon and Porto, Football Stadiums -
good relations with its customers that are characterized by Sport Lisboa e Benfica / Sporting Clube de Portugal / Braga
versatility and agility in providing the service, in order to be Stadium – Rehabilitation of Housing Buildings, hospitals and
able to understand and meet their needs. hotels, various Industrial Units - Automotive Production Units,
Stores of different national and international chains - and
We are so strongly committed to Safety, Sustainability Pharmaceuticals.
and Quality that we respect and enforce all standards and
encourage our employees to be more creative and proactive, Our Mission: “Providing sustainable and safe solutions to the
so we can together fully satisfy all our Business Partners. market (Internal / External) with excellence, strengthening
relationships with all our business partners.”
What we do

ArcelorMittal Construção Portugal produces and sells profiled

sheets, insulating panels and their accessories for roof and
facade application. We also have a wide range of solutions,
including composite floors for metal construction.


© Photo Masterfile / Created by Visae

Our coatings are flexible enough

to suit all your façade designs
ArcelorMittal Construction

With ArcelorMittal Construction’s Edyxo®, Irysa® and Pearl coatings, the

choice is in your hands. Bright textures and vibrant colours - whatever
your aesthetic, you can make it happen with original and varied façades.
company’s name Grupo BETAR
activity Consultancy and Engineering Design Projects for Civil Works
adress Av. Elias Garcia, 53 – 2.º Esq.
1500-417 Lisboa
phone number 21 782 61 10
email /
ceo Tiago Mendonça (eng)

Who we are References of our work

The Group BETAR is a reference within the Portuguese In the domain of large bridges, the following structures express
Structural and Civil Engineering and performs Consultancy the quality of our work:
Services mainly in the domain of the public works. • Penacova’s bridg over Mondego river, with composite steel-
BETAR was stablished in 1973 focused on foundations and concrete deck – Portugal
structural design of buildings and bridges, area of expertise • Rehabilitation of centennial steel truss-girder bridges in
that got specialized and autonomous in 1988 with BETAR Portimão (over the Arade river), Chamusca and Abrantes and
Consultores. It has, since then, fostered innovation and Belver (over the Tejo river) – Portugal
developed creative solutions that answer to the ever-growing
• Rehabilitation of railway steel bridges: Ferradosa (in Linha do
challenges of the market, while keeping its commitment to rise
Douro) – Portugal
and meet its clients’ expectations.
• Viaduct over Padre Cruz Avenue, steel-concrete composite
The Group is represented in Anogla, Mozambique and recently deck - Portugal
in Malawi. Its projects are also spread manly in Africa through
• Railway bridge over the Umbelúzi river with a composite
Cape Verde, Congo, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Algeria, among
steel-concrete deck executed by incremental launching (total
extension 360m) - Mozambique

Our field of expertise • The new bridges over the Zambezi river at Tete (1581m)
and Caia (2376m), executed by the cantilever method -
BETAR brings together a set of scientific competencies that Mozambique
allow to dedicate the most suitable technical and human • In the scope of buildings and urbanism these projects
resources to each project. express our know-how:
It is specialized in buildings, bridges and special structures •  Luanda medical Center – Angola
– its ever-growing passion – to which the Group combines
•  Luanda Sky Center buildings – Angola
creativeness and innovation with entrepreneurial dynamism
backed up with continuous training. •  Sumbe’s campus for Maritim training courses – Angola

The fields of expertise are nowadays more diverse in result of •  Socimo high tower building in Maputo – Mozambique
a widening of competences in road assets management, the •  Headquarters of BCI Bank in Maputo – Mozambique
coordination of multidisciplinary projects and onsite supervision • Master Plan of KaTembe Municipal District in Maputo city -
of works. Mozambique

Our brands
BETAR Consultores has created and
developed its Bridge Management System
GOA® that is also applied to other road
assets management like gantries, earth
retaining walls, slopes, acoustic barriers,
among others.

Our certifications
BETAR holds since 2007 the certification of its Quality
Management System according to the ISO 9001 standard.
The new railway bridge over the Umbelúzi river, in Boane, Mozambique.









Building and special structures design projects MOZAMBIQUE Av. Elias Garcia nº 53 - 2º Esq.,1000-148 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 217 826 110 -
ITransport infra-strcutures Pamodzi Office Park, 1st floor, Office N.18, Blantyre East
236/3, Ali Hassani Mwinyi Road, Ginnery Corner, Malawi
Briges and tunnels design projects
Geological and Geotechnical engineering GEOTEST
Building and special structures design projects Centro
Av. Elias Garcia Empresarial
nº 53 de Vialonga,
- 2º Esq.,1000-148 Fracção
Lisboa, D2
Road design projcts and coordination +351 217 8262625-607 Vialonga, Portugal
110 -
+351 219 738 690
ITransport infra-strcutures
Pamodzi Office Park, 1st floor, Office N.18, Blantyre East
Briges and road assets Inspections and Management 236/3, Ali Hassani Mwinyi Road, Ginnery Corner, Malawi
Briges and tunnels design projects MZ BETAR
Work planning and onsite supervision Av. Fernão Lopes, 223 R/C, Bairro de
Geological and Geotechnical engineering GEOTEST
Sommerschield, Maputo, Moçambique
Centro Empresarial de Vialonga, Fracção D2
Reviewing and coordination of design projects +258 21 30 20 80
2625-607 Vialonga, Portugal
Road design projcts and coordination
+351 219 738 690
Environmental and Social Impact studies
Briges and road assets Inspections and Management BTR.AO
Technical and Financial feasibility studies MZ BETAR
R. Kwamne NKrumah 311ºD
Work planning and onsite supervision Maianga,
Av. FernãoLuanda,
Lopes, Angola
223 R/C, Bairro de
The BETAR Group interacts and designs for public authorities and private clients in Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, +244 943 525 033Maputo, Moçambique
China, Congo, Greece, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal and Spain.
Reviewing and coordination of design projects +258 21 30 20 80
Environmental and Social Impact studies
Technical and Financial feasibility studies R. Kwamne NKrumah 311ºD
Maianga, Luanda, Angola
The BETAR Group interacts and designs for public authorities and private clients in Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, +244 943 525 033
China, Congo, Greece, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal and Spain.
company’s name CIN — Corporação Industrial do Norte S.A.
activity Coatings Manufacturers
address Av. Dom Mendo, 831
Apartado 1008
4471-909 Maia
phone number +351 229 405 000
ceo Eng. João Serrenho

About us Brands
CIN is a coatings manufacturer leading the Portuguese market The CIN Protective Coatings range offers many different
since 1992 and the Iberian market since 1995. We operate in 3 solutions: C-Pox, C-Thane, C-Cryl, Cincoat, Silicofer, Cingard,
business areas: Architectural Coatings, Protective Coatings and C-Pox TL, C-Floor, C-Therm; protecting structures in the
Industrial Coatings. chemical and petrochemical industry, bridges, tunnels, tanks
and pipelines, dams and building structures, decks, fire
• Established in 1917, we have been in business for over 100
protection and other specific situations.
• Triple QSE certification: IS0 9001, ISO 14 001, OSHAS 18001. Certifications
• 10 plants on 2 continents: Europe and Africa.
Following a continuous policy of leadership and innovation, CIN
• 5 R&D units. has focused on the constant research into and development
of new products, anticipating the needs of the market. CIN’s
• More than 125 company stores.
technologically advanced products are tested in a wide range
• Over 1400 employees worldwide. of different laboratories accredited at an Iberian and European
The CIN Protective Coatings division operates in Portugal, level, and in accordance with the latest European standards.
Spain, France, Angola, Mozambique, Mexico and South Africa; CIN closely monitors the sector’s legislative and regulatory
the latter two having their own production units. It is one of development. It holds several test certificates, including passive
the CIN group’s main business areas and a worthy partner to fire protection, protective coatings of metal structures, tank
overcome all the challenges in the protective coating market. linings for food contact and the oil industry, and full concrete
What we do
Reference works
CIN Protective Coatings provide protective coating for steel
and concrete structures and equipment exposed to all types of Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Oporto, Barajas Airport, South
environments, as well as passive fire protection and coating for Terminal of Barcelona “Processor” Airport; Lisbon Oriente
industrial and commercial floors. Station, Cádiz Station, Ave Lérida Station; Oporto football
stadium (Estádio do Dragão), Alvalade, Luz, Algarve, Coimbra,
R.C.D. Espanyol (Barcelona), San Mamés Stadium (Bilbao),
Portucel Setúbal, Fenol-Cumeno III “Ertisa” Factory (Huelva),
Soporcel; Hesperia Tower (Barcelona), Principe Filipe Science
Museum, Serralves Museum, Palace of the Arts, Reina Sofia
Art Centre; Rockódromo Madrid (Madrid Climbing Wall) , Agbar
Tower; Arco-Madalena Tunnel (Madeira), Bracons Tunnel
(Girona), D. Maria Bridge, Infante Bridge, 25 de Abril Bridge,
Trancão Viaduct, Leixões Movable Bridge; etc.


company’s name CONSTÁLICA, S.A.
activity Manufacture of Metal Components for Building
address Zona Industrial Monte Cavalo
3670-273 Vouzela
phone number +351 232 748 127
email |
website |
ceo Sérgio Matos

Who we are? Brands

Constálica has a vision of continuous innovation in the metal Constalica has the brands Madremax, Réservoir, Omegamax
construction industry, supported by extensive experience and and Suniso.
solid presence in international markets.
SINProfile has the brand with the same designation that refers
With the ability to develop flexible products and solutions and to its product, the sinusoidal corrugated profile.
a highly qualified team, focused on transforming needs into
differentiating solutions, we are a partner for competitiveness Certifications
and value rising.
In Constalica we stand out for the quality of both our services
The most recent company of the group, SIN Profile, emerged and our product, proof of this is the recognition through the
to develop a new business area, starting the manufacture following certifications:
of an innovative product in the national and international
market: the sinusoidal corrugated profile. It will absorb much • Certification according to NP EN ISO 9001 by APCER.
of the engineering know-how of the group, using the same • Certification according to the NP 4457.
philosophies in order to promote solutions that aim at reducing
weight, reducing logistics costs and optimizing projects, • Certification System Control Quality Production in accordance
culminating in the reduction of the total cost of the work. with EN 1090.

What we do? Reference works

Constálica are oriented to supply three large business areas We have works of reference at national and international level,
- construction, photovoltaic and water storage - we stand in particular as regards roofs and facades and the provision of
alongside clients in all phases of the process: research and photovoltaic structures.
development, structural calculation according to the project
and monitoring implementation.
With the creation of SINProfile, we intend to complement
existing solutions in secondary structures, offering our
customers a solution of primary structures with a high level of
competitiveness compared to existing conventional solutions.


company’s name CONSTRUSOFT Portugal
activity Design-Build-Operate Software Solutions to Help
Construction Industry Professionals do Their Jobs Better
address Est. Paço do Lumiar,
Campus do Lumiar, Edif. D r/c - Sala 1026
1649-038 Lisboa
phone number +351 214 218 574
ceo Eng. Vakis P. Kokorelis

About Us Trimble Connect: A platform that connects the right people to

the right constructible data.
Construsoft is a leading supplier and developer of BIM (Building
Tekla Model Sharing: Share the workload. Build the BIM model
Information Modeling) software and related services. In more
than 30 countries in Europe and South America we are the local
partner of Tekla, a Trimble Company and rapidly expanding with Tekla BIMsight: The professional tool for construction project
other Trimble Construction & Operations BIM-software. Our collaboration.
portfolio includes various products and applications to provide Tekla Field3D: BIM collaboration in your pocket.
an accurate, detailed and data-rich 3D constructible BIM model Tekla Civil: Powerful product model and editing tools for
environment for construction industry. We provide software, managing infrastructure data.
professional consultancy, extended support, training, updates Connection Design: Buildsoft – PowerConnect; IDEA Statica
and additional services, all to fit your companies standards
(Steel & Concrete).
and personal specific needs. As an organizer and participant of
multiple leading events and innovative initiatives we actively Virtual Construction: Trimble Vico Office.
support the development of your company as well as your Mixed Reality: Trimble Connect for Microsoft HoloLens, also
personal growth. We will provide you with all the efficient working with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
functionalities, so that you can offer your customers the highest ConstruSteel: Steel fabrication software (MRP) used to connect
quality insurance and the best structural solution. and streamline all of projects and resources in the shop-floor.
CADMATIC Plant Design: 3D layout, piping design, structural design,
Products – Solutions for the Design Build Operate HVAC and ducting, electrical design and the possibility to use point
Lifecycle clouds directly from laser scanners along with the automated
Tekla Structures: BIM software for accurate, constructible extraction of drawings, construction data, work break down, as well
modeling of any structure. as customizable MTOs and BOMs in various formats.
Tekla Structural Designer: Analyze and design buildings
efficiently and profitably.
Tekla BIM Awards
Tekla Tedds: Powerful software to automate your repetitive Tekla BIM Awards is a way to express appreciation towards
structural calculations. Tekla software customers and share their success stories


Tekla Structures for Steel Industry
Model, Fabricate and Erect All Steel Structures Faster and with Better Quality

Working with the detailed, constructible Tekla model minimizes costly surprises and rework
and allows more profitable projects with total process optimization. Tekla Building Information
Modeling software brings advantage to the site and the office: Coordinate design, fabrication and
site operations for an enhanced, more automated workflow.


2016-Tekla-Steel-Ad-Template.indd 1 07/11/2017 23:50

company’s name DNC Técnica — Manutenção Industrial
e Equipamentos, Lda.
activity Maintenance, Technical Assistance, Trade of Industrial
Machines, Tools and Spare Parts
address Rua Douroana, 290 – Regueira de Pontes
2415-175 Leiria
phone number +351 244 820 530
ceo Sr. Francisco Neves

Who we are •  Spare parts

•  Tools and accessories
DNC Técnica is a company with more than 22 years of
experience and know-how in the metalworking market and its •  Cutting oils
main business areas are the industrial maintenance and the •  CNC communication software
sale of CNC equipment.
Characterized by excellence is a market benchmark in
industrial maintenance and high performance CNC equipment. • FICEP (Processing of profiles and sheets of steel)
The facilities of DNC Técnica include a building more than • DAVI (Plate rollers and bending machines)
1.000 square meters of total area, which allows the repair of • CORIMPEX (Submerged arc welding and cutting tables
large equipment and a warehouse with thousands of parts in (plasma / oxy-cutting)
stock that allows effective intervention minimizing machine • ARKU (deburring and levelling machines and compact
downtime costs and a quick response to the customer. We are cutting lines)
CNC Experts!
• PEMA (Robotic welding solutions)
• GIMECO (Hot dip galvanizing solutions)
What we do
• FIMIGROUP (Cutting lines and production of tubes)
DNC Técnica began in 1996 with the provision of industrial • ISTECH (Band Saw Machines)
maintenance services
• ZAYER ( CNC MIlling Machines and Machining Centers)
CNC. Currently a market reference, the technical assistance
service has a specialized team with ‘know-how’ and with Certifications
proven experience in the work done and market experience.
With a team of more than 25 qualified technicians at your SME leader, SME excellence
• Installation and repair of CNC machines and equipment Reference works
(CNC, mechanics, electronics, servo motors and spindles)
Our reference works are the works of our clients.
•  Training of operators in CNC machines
In our range of clients are the largest metal mechanics:
•  Installation of communication networks
Metalogalva, Martifer, Blocotelha, Conduril, E.I.Portuguesa,
•  Upgrades and equipment upgrades Poço, Cancé, Metalongo, Irmatim, Socidias, FAF, NCP, Falual,
•  Conversion of CNC machines (retrofitting) Entreferros, Momsteel, Repaveiro, Tridec, ASM, Metalosul, Mota
•  Change layouts Engil e Mangotal.
•  Help Desk and remote support With hundreds of machines installed in Portugal and Angola,
we are reference and excellence in CNC machines in this
In addition to the technical services area, DNC Técnica sells: market segment of construction and metal structure.
•  Industrial CNC Equipment




Processing of plates and beams

 Deburring, precisions levellers

and coil lines

 Welding and production automation

Plate roll and bending machines

company’s name EUROGALVA, S.A.
activity Hot-dip Galvanization, Electrostatic Powder Coating and
Liquid Painting
address Zona Industrial de Monte Grande
R. Padre António Vieira, 183 – Fiães
4505-316 Fiães VFR
phone number +351 256 919 080
ceo Samuel Coelho

Who we are Certifications

Eurogalva is a company specialised in surface protection The commitment of Eurogalva with Quality, Environment and
treatments - hot-dip galvanization, electrostatic powder Safety can be understood by the emphasis we give to the
coating and liquid painting. total satisfaction of our customers. Eurogalva has developed,
implemented and certified an Integrated Quality, Environment
With the best technologies available for coating metallic
and Safety Management System in compliance with NP EN
structures, Eurogalva is positioned at the forefront of this
ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.
sector, with one of the most advanced facilities in Europe.
With aim at guaranteeing the quality of the powder coating
service, Eurogalva is certified with the QUALISTEELCOAT brand.
What we do
Brands & Reference Works
Specialists in surface treatments, hot dip galvanizing (12500
mm × 1700 mm × 2400 mm), electrostatic powder coating Eurogalva is the excellence and differentiated brand of a hot
(13000 mm × 2200 mm × 2800 mm, up to 1500 kg per dip galvanizing and painting service.
structure) and liquid painting (13000 mm × 2200 mm × 2800


Hot-Dip G���������� • 
Galvanization   E������������ P����� C������  L����� P�������
Electrostatic Powder Coating  •  Liquid Painting | | telef. +351 256 919 080 | | telep. +351 256 919 080
company’s name FAF — Produtos Siderúrgicos, S.A.
activity Steel Stockist and Service Center

address Edif. Torre Monsanto,
R. Afonso Praça, 30 - 4D
1495-061, Algés
produtos phone number +351 213 552 350
siderúrgicos email
ceo Dra. Helena Fernandes Nobre

About Us Labels / Products
Recognised for its high stock capacity and customer focus, We have a permanent stock in different qualities and
FAF – Productos Siderúrgicos S.A. is the largest company in dimensions of the following products
Portugal specialised in the commercialisation of hot-rolled • Hot Rolled Plates until 200 mm Thickness;
steel profiles and sheets for all purposes. With 70 years of
• Profiles until 1000 mm;
contact with the market, FAF offers a range of products
and services adjusted to meet the needs of each customer • Hot Rolled Coils until 10 mm Thickness;
and ensures delivery of the desired product within required • Bars and Angles (equals and unequal’s) until 200mm;
deadlines. • Bulbs for shipbuilding until 400mm;
• Rounds in S355 until 100 mm.
What We Do
With a view to supporting our customers’ growth, besides Certification
having a high stock of steel products, FAF offers several ISO 9001:2008. All our products have mill test certificate with
additional services, such as cutting, drilling, shot blasting and CE mark.
priming, at competitive prices. We offer stock management
services to our clients and we deliver in any part of the World.
Reference works
FAF is the main steel supplier in many emblematic
constructions and projects such as stadiums, bridges, eolic
towers, dams, social housing, pavilions, oil projects, ships, etc.
located all around the world, namely in Europe, Africa and Latin


A company 100% CLIENT ORIENTED. We have a high stock of different qualities and dimensions of
the following steel products:
Based on its structural values, FAF’s mission is an
efficient and flexible quality service, so that each Plates
customer may focus on its business. Profiles
Commercial Bars
Quality – of the products and services. Rounds
Efficiency – in customer service, stock availability and
diversity and prompt delivery of products.
Flexibility – we are constantly looking for solutions to
meet the needs of each customer. Oxy-cutting and Plasma cutting
Cutting and drilling
Compromise – with customers, collaborators and Shot-blasting and priming
Edif. Torre Monsanto, R. Afonso Praça, 30, 4D, 1495-061 Algés I Tel: 213 552 350 I Email:
company’s name FAMETAL, Fábrica Portuguesa de Estruturas
Metálicas, S.A.
activity Metallic Constructions
address Avenida 21 de Junho, 123
2435-087 Caxarias - Ourém
phone number +351 249 570 020
ceo Dra. Sofia Ferraz

About us COATING MANUFACTURING – by its subsidiary company

FAMETAL since 1964 is one of the main companies in the
national and international market of steel construction. ASSEMBLY OF STEEL STRUCTURES - With its own teams
Recognized for its excellence and determination, the company and equipment.
has won the satisfaction and confidence of its clients, for In short, all types of steel structures, in any part of the world.
the rigor and quality of the work it develops. It was in 1964
that the company started its activity in the construction, Brands
manufacturing and assembly market of all type of steel
buildings such as warehouses, airports, sports parks, retail FAMETAL and ALAÇO
parks, shopping centers and office buildings. Initially it had
a production area of 700 m2, and currently develops its Certifications
production in an area of 24000 m2.
ISO 9001 and EN 1090

What we do
Reference works
MANUFACTURE OF STRUCTURES - for this it has the Tower of São Rafael; UNICER; Headquarters of Reader’s Digers
necessary productive equipment capable of clearly and Portugal; Pioneer Technology Portugal; Modis distribution
effectively meeting the expectations of all its customers. center (Continente group); Galucho Factory; ARSOPI Factory;
It has a cutting and drilling center, welding, automatic and Faro Airport; Ponta Delgada Airport; Coca Cola Portugal
semiautomatic pickling lines and and paint tunnels and Warehouses; Providing the structure of two industrial buildings
respective drying. (34800 m2) in the Gachancipá Industrial Park - Colombia;
Electra, electricity and water in Cape Verde; Hangar in the
Brazzaville Aerodrome; Steel bridges in
Dombe Grande - Angola; EFACEC Central Diesel for TOTAL /
FINA / ELF in Angola




company’s name FERPINTA, S.A.
activity Manufacture of Tubes, Pipes, Hollow Profiles and
Associated Steel Fittings
address Apartado 26 – Carregosa
3731-956 Oliveira de Azeméis
phone number +351 256 411 400
ceo Sr. Comendador Fernando Pinho Teixeira

Who we are Brands

Founded in 1962 in individual name and since 1972 as Ferpinta, Ferro Ovar, Ferro Braga, Ferro Mangualde, Ferro
a company, FERPINTA S.A. is the company behind the Entroncamento, Ferro Setúbal, Ferro Portimão, Ferro Funchal,
construction of FERPINTA group’s universe. Ferpinta Spain, Ferpinta Angola, Ferpinta Mozambique,
Herculano, Vila Baleira and Naturinga.
Originally from Carregosa - Oliveira de Azeméis, company
started the production of steel tubes in 1976, initially from
a perspective of self-consumption, but due to economic Product certifications
circumstances later began to sell its products and also serve • EN 10219-1/2
the metallurgical industry.
• EN 10255
Ferpinta is currently a group of more than 20 companies, • EN 10217-1
with presence in more than 50 countries, with factories and
distribution in Portugal, Spain, Angola, Mozambique and more Certification is a continuous bet on FERPINTA’s development
recently in Guinea-Bissau and Ivory Coast. and competitiveness strategy, ensuring not only the quality of
what it produces, but also the way it does it.
With almost 50 years of activity the Group has been able
to grow, internationalize and consolidate its business in the In addition to Product Certification FERPINTA is also Certified
various areas in which it is present, and that is how it faces in Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) and Energy (ISO
the future, supporting sustained global growth in its know- 50001).
how, in its human capital, in quality of its products and in the Certification processes are another milestone in a sustained
incessant search for knowledge and innovation. path that is being developed, for a long time.


Ferpinta is a national leader and an European reference in FERPINTA supplies steel tubes to well-known construction
the manufacture of welded steel tubes, completed by a plate companies, that are our customers. There are numerous
cutting service centre in formats, with a capacity around examples of construction works in which our tube is
350,000 tonnes. structurally present:
Innovation and continuous commitment in process • Vasco da Gama Bridge
improvements, allowed Ferpinta to extend its production and
• Dragon Stadium
assume a wide range of products, increasing its capacity to
respond to new markets. • Metro Porto
• EDP Headquarters
At Ferpinta, quality is ensured from the reception of the
• Marão Tunnel
raw material to the final product. with focus on the latest
techniques and technologies and always under close • Orbit (United Kingdom)
supervision of qualified professionals. • Liefkenshoek Tunnel (Belgium)
In this way, Ferpinta ensures a final product delivery with • Gautrain Stations (South Africa)
quality and on time.


company’s name GALVAZA — Construções Metálicas
e Galvanização, Lda.
activity Hot Dip Galvanization
address Maganha – Santiago de Bougado
Apartado 206
4786-909 Trofa
phone number +351 252 400 520
ceo Sérgio Silva

Who we are from bolts, screws and hardware in general, to beams, poles or
large deposits.
Founded in 2003, GALVAZA is part of a group of companies
owned by VigentGroup SGPS, SA. It develops its activity in the This discontinuous anti-corrosion treatment according to EN
area of hot
​​ dip galvanization, aiming to increase the supply ISO 1461 is a process whereby zinc coatings on steel or iron
and competitiveness of this sector of activity in the Iberian objects are obtained by immersion in a molten zinc bath at a
level, constituting a response of the owners to the growing temperature of about 450 ° C. ± 5 ° C. At its facilities Galvaza
demand. can process parts up to 12500X2250X3000 mm.

What we do Certifications

This company has a modern unit dedicated exclusively to ISO 9001 Quality management
Hot Dip Galvanization. In addition to galvanizing their own OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management
products, it offers their external customers the possibility ISO 14001 Environmental Management
to galvanize their products in steel or iron. It performs DASt Guideline 022 Galvanization
galvanization with centrifugation of different types of parts:


company’s name GRID International Consulting Engineers S.A.
activity Design, Studies and Consultancy in Engineering
address Av. João Crisóstomo, 25 – 4º andar
1050-125 Lisboa
phone number +351 213 191 220
ceo Nuno Lopes

About us Simultaneously GRID International is also active within

the area of Consulting and Technical Assistance and has
GRID International - Consulting Engineers is a civil engineering thus developed extensive professional experience in the
company, covering a broad range of Construction Projects and rehabilitation of conventional and steel structures and in the
Technical Assistance Contracts. preparation / organization of tenders.
Founded in Portugal in 1980, GRID has consistently led with a
strategy focused on technical rigor and innovation throughout Certifications
its projects. GRID International ensures continuous guidance to
Certified by the Standard NP EN ISO 9001-2015.
customers and clients and thus guarantees their satisfaction,
as well as integrated, innovative, sustainable solutions,
which are always in strict compliance with environmental Main Projects
requirements. Rosso Bridge (SENEGAL- MAURITANIA); Bluewaters
In the 90s, the company grew at a sustainable pace and can Footbridge (DUBAI; UAE), Ijzerlaan Foot and Bicycle Bridge
now state that it has contributed decisively to the growth of (Antwerp, BELGIUM); Third Bosporus Bridge (Istanbul,
Portugal, in the area of public works and private construction TURKEY); Ain Sukhna Product Hub (EGYPT); Railway Bridge
sector. over Sado River (PORTGAL); Access viaduct to 25th April
Bridge (Lisbon, PORTUGAL); Luiz I Bridge – Railway Installation
What we do (Oporto, PORTUGAL); UCP New Building (Lisbon, PORTUGAL),
NOVA SBE Campus (Carcavelos, PORTUGAL); Special Studies
GRID International is predominantly active in the field of for Louis Vuitton Foundation ( Paris, FRANCE); Detail Design,
Structural Engineering, both in reinforced and pre-stressed Studies for Construction and Technical Assistance during
concrete, structural steel and composite structures, with works for Rabat Grand Theatre (Rabat, MOROCCO);Marítimo
a particular focus on Special Structures such as viaducts, Stadium (Funchal, PORTUGAL); Allianz Riviera Stadium (Nice,
highway and railway bridges, tunnels, large span roofs, FRANCE); Dragão Stadium (Oporto, PORTUGAL); Alvalade
buildings and other related structures. XXI Stadium (Lisbon, PORTUGAL); Olaias Metro Station
(Lisbon, PORTUGAL); Rehabilitation of Rossio Tunnel (Lisbon,
© Afonso Costa Pereira


company’s name HEMPEL (Portugal) S.A.
activity Development, Production, Supplying Paints, Varnishes,
Thinners and Providing Technical Assistance Services
address Vale de Cantadores
2954-002 Palmela
phone number +351 212 352 326
direção de negócio Eng.ª Leonor Côrte-Real

About us Brands
The Hempel Group was formed by J. C. Hempel in Denmark Hempel has a number of registered brands, including
in 1915, with the aim of making ready-to-use marine paint Hempafire, Hempadur, Hempathane, Hempatex, Galvosil, etc.
available at the world’s main ports. Most recent developments include: Hampacore, products that
are certified to protect against fire. Avantguard, epoxy primers
The Hempel Group is currently represented in 80 countries.
with activated zinc. Hempasil, silicone-based non-stick marine
The group has 28 factories, 15 stock points, 10 R&D centres
paints. Contex, concrete protection. Versiline, specialised
and 6,700 employees, 620 of whom are specialist technical
solutions for critical service conditions.
Hempel (Portugal) is a Hempel Group associate with its own Certifications
factory, and has been in the country since 1970. With around
185 staff and an office in Palmela, Hempel is proud to apply In addition to the various certification systems, such as
the most advanced procedures in terms of quality, technology NORSOK, ISO 12944-6, ACQPA, Ecolabel and EC Marking,
and technical assistance, always guided by a high degree of Hempel (Portugal) has the following certification: ISO 9001, ISO
social and environmental responsibility. 14001, OSHAS 18001, PSPC and MED.

What we do Reference works

Hempel produces paints for the marine market, industry, civil Over 100 years Hempel has accumulated many reference
construction, containers and yachts, to protect such man- projects around the world that are linked to the world’s largest
made structures as wind turbines, bridges, ships and buildings. and most famous companies. Consult Hempel for more
detailed information.
The Hempel range includes marine paints that help save fuel
and reduce ship emissions, durable and resistant anti-corrosive
paints that help raise productivity levels, and several products
for civil construction, developed to both protect and decorate
any development. Hempel also offers technical assistance
services for projects in these areas.


Protect and save
with Hempafire Pro 315

A highly efficient intumescent coating, Hempafire • Save costs with exceptionally low loadings
Pro 315 is optimised for 60 minutes cellulosic fire • Increase productivity with fast throughput
protection. It can also provide some additional • Reduce complexity with one product for
fire protection for up to 90 minutes. With it’s all profiles
exceptionally lower loadings, on average you • Improve efficiency with versatile application
require 20 per cent lower dry film thicknesses properties
on most steel profiles, it is engineered to save you
time and costs during application.
company’s name LOPES & GOMES, S.A.
activity Manufacture of Metallic Structures
address Zona Industrial Casal do Cego, AP. 218,
Canto Outeiro do Pomar, 116 – Covinhas - Marrazes
2416-903 Leiria, Portugal
phone number +351 244 830 620
ceo Sr. Mário Sousa Gomes

Who we are and accentuating the differentiation of its competitive

positioning. This results in a decrease of the competition in
Lopes & Gomes, S.A. was the industrial fabric where it operates which, naturally, brings
established as a limited company added benefits and a strong client loyalty, both nationally and
on November 25th 1981 with 2 internationally.
partners and a single employee We design, produce and/or assemble:
in an area of 85 m2, and was • Metallic structure pavilions
transformed into a limited liability • Oven structures
company by public deed on • Air and gas piping systems for the ceramic industry
November 20th 2000. Facing an increasingly global market • Machine support structures
with national and international competitive challenges, Lopes • Platforms and machine support structures
& Gomes, SA’s administration has made a commitment • Dryer cars
to continuously improve the effectiveness of its integrated • Metallic bridges
management system in 2005, defining a system policy
based on a sustained growth in order to: Guarantee the
client’s satisfaction (Achieving the leadership through the
Quality of the products and services it provides, through The continuous improvement cycle implemented in
the solutions presented and the competency of its team at Lopes & Gomes, SA, aims to enable corrective processes,
competitive prices); Prevent and protect the health and safety staff qualification and the improvement of the applied
of all its employees, through the identification of dangers methodologies which translates into the differentiation of the
and a risk analysis, aiming its elimination/minimization by competitive position achieved. The certification was obtained
providing the necessary means and investing in information by Lopes & Gomes S.A. in 2007, the same year it began
and continuous training; Pollution and waste prevention and working with the German market, according to the following
control, in a logic of sustainable development and product standards: NP EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System;
management based on its life cycle and elimination/mitigation NP EN ISO 14001: Environmental Management System and
of the environmental impacts; To summarize: promote the OSHAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety System. Due
continuous improvement of the Integrated Management to the continued work in the mentioned market, the company
System according to the needs and expectations of the was required to be certified according to the DIN 18800-7 for
interested parties, which allowed us, after 38 years and a the manufacturers of welding steel structures, having obtained
heavy investment in infrastructures, equipments and human the Qualification for Welding Engineer and Qualification for
resources expertise, to have an area of 13.500 m2 and 42 Welding Technician. In 2012 the company began the process
direct employees. of implementing the EN1090-2 – Technical Requirements
for the Execution of Steel Structures, which certification
What we do was achieved on 24-03-2014 for the class 3 execution,
grating recognition in any market. In 2019 the company is
Presently, the company is a national reference in the transitioning from the OSHAS 18001: Occupational Health and
construction of metallic pavilions, metallic structures for ovens, Safety System to the EN 45001: Management Systems of
metallic platforms, and metallic structures for the suspension/ Occupational Health and Safety.
support of boilers. The demands of our main clients, the
dynamism of an entrepreneurial and proactive team, assisted Reference works
by the charismatic leadership of the administration, have
allowed the development of a dynamic of involvement and Marlis, Valsteam (I,II,III), Quitérios, Mundial Rocha, Especial
participation of the various levels and areas of the company, Frutas, Gallery of Battery (Germany), Intermarché Group,
triggering corrective processes and the improvement of the Lactogal, Coelho da Silva, ALSTOM/GE.
applied methodologies in a logic of continuous improvement


SINCE 1981


Zona Industrial Casal do Cego Tel: +351 244 830 620

Covinhas - Marrazes - Apt 218 Fax: +351 244 830 629
2401-972 Leiria - Portugal
company’s name METALOGALVA — Irmãos Silvas, S.A.
activity Steel Engineering and Protection
address Apartado 206
4786-909 Trofa
phone number +351 252 400 520
ceo Sérgio Silva

Who we are Brands

Founded in 1971, it is VigentGroup’s oldest company. Metalogalva Ukraine
Metalogalva Brasil
With a view to excellence and continuous improvement,
Al-Babtain Metalogalva Solar
it has been recognized for the quality of its production, its
Idea Conseil
capacity and technological innovation, as well as for its great
Batimetal Galva
international expansion, currently present in 14 countries
Metalogalva Belux
(Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Belgium ,
Metalogalva North America Inc.
United Kingdom, Algeria, Ukraine, Senegal, Canada, Saudi
Arabia, and Brazil). Its industrial units are located in Ukraine,
Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Portugal, with an area of over
​​ Certifications
200,000 m 2. ISO 9001
Quality Management
What we do OHSAS 18001
Occupational Safety and Health Management
Metalogalva has the largest national capacity installed in hot
ISO 14001
dip galvanized steel surface treatments. In addition to being
Environmental Management
a national leader in Steel Engineering and Protection, it is one
of Europe’s leading players in the production of street lighting NP 4457
columns and other structures linked to areas such as energy IDI Management
transport, renewables, telecommunications, highways, railways DIN 18800-7 Level „E” 
and Hot Dip Galvanization. Welding
EN 1090 - 1/2 - EXC3
CE Label of Metal Structures
DASt Guideline 022
EN 40 / EN 1317
CE Label of Product

Among other major projects, which have allowed Metalogalva
to position itself as a leader in Engineering and Steel
Protection, include the Copenhagen public lighting renovation
project, using state-of-the-art technology with anti-graffiti
product. and anti-sticker. Another major international project
of this company concerns the supply of the structures of
the largest photovoltaic park in the world, in Mexico - in Vila


company’s name O FELIZ Metalomecânica, S.A.
activity Metalworking
address Av. de S. Lourenço, 41 – Celeirós
4705-444 Braga
phone number +351 253 305 600
ceo António Feliz

Who we are or perforated), pure zinc or copper and in materials with

different dimensions and complexity.
With several decades of experience in the market, O FELIZ
Metalomecânica is a company specialized in steel construction, Lighting Columns: Manufacturing of lighting columns and
sheet profiling, cold-formed sheet and cutting and bending steel towers. The columns are available with cylindrical and
of sheets. Our company offers a wide range of integrated octagonal geometry. The large and medium size towers
solutions which cover all the phases of the project: conception are used for lighting large areas, fixed or top down system,
and development, manufacturing, assembly and after sale structures for advertising, telecommunication equipment and
assistance. wind turbines.

By focusing on the quality of products and service, O FELIZ CE marking in accordance with the requirements of the
Metalomecânica has successfully established itself on the standard NP EN 40.
market, earning the customers trust. Laser Cutting: 2D Thermal Cutting (Sheet cutting) with three
Our company exports and develops metal construction CNC thermal cutting technologies: Laser, precision Oxycut and
projects in several markets. With a working team with more Plasma Cutting. We also perform services of CNC bending,
than 200 employees, the company has great equipment, machining, welding, surface treatment, etc.
technologies and business skills, capable of responding to the Stainless Steel: Manufacturing and assembly of structures,
more complex and challenging projects. stainless steel products and furniture.
Aluminum: Manufacturing and assembly of aluminum
What we do
frames, glass façades, aluminum composite panel cladding,
Steel Construction: Development, manufacturing and commercially known as “Alucobond” as well as all kinds of
assembly of steel structures, including all the phases of the metalworking.
project, from conception/development until manufacturing and
final assembly. We have all the skills needed to offer the best CE marking in accordance with the requirements of the
projects and solutions to our partners and customers, always standard NP EN 14351, NP EN 13830 e NP EN 13659.
meeting the highest quality requirements and the required
deadlines. Brands
CE marking, in accordance with the requirements of the Laje Mista H60, Superomega, Product Lab, Topcover, Icewall,
standard NP EN 1090. Facewall, Indwall, Agrotop.

Profiled sheeting: Manufacturing of profiled sheeting and Important Projects

cold-formed products (C and Z purlins and omega). We offer Douro Marina, High-performance Rowing Center of Pocinho,
several solutions which, according to the characteristics, sheet Hotel Spa and Vidago Palace, University of Arts and Architecture
thickness and the geometry of the section, allow obtaining of Évora, Eco-Resort Tree Snake Houses, S. Martinho de Dume
light elements adaptable to any span. It is important to Priestly Center, Mill of Marmelo, Municipal Stadium of Braga, Foz
emphasize “SUPEROMEGA”, the most advanced solution Côa Museum, Spinpark..
concerning cold-formed steel profiles, a lightweight material
with a structural performance.
CE marking in accordance with the requirements of the
standard NP EN 14782.
Cutting and Bending: We perform the cutting and bending at
different angles, thicknesses, dimensions and in all types of
steel sheets (lacquered, galvanized, zincor/electrogalvanized
sheet, corten steel sheet, magnelis, hot rolled steel, stainless


company’s name PERFISA — Fábrica de Perfis Metálicos, S.A.
activity Manufacturing of Metallic Profiles and Accessories
address Z. I. Carvalhais
3660-070 São Pedro do Sul
phone number +351 232 720 010
ceo Eurico Martins

Who we are What we do

Founded in 1992, Perfisa - Fábrica de Perfis Metálicos S.A. was Over the years, Perfisa has developed an extensive knowhow
the first company dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing producing and marketing metallic profiles and acessories for
and sale of profiles and accessories for ceilings and partitions partitions and false ceilings.
in Portugal.
In 2003, the company embraced a new challenge: to be the
With more than 25 years of activity, Perfisa is proud to be the first national manufacturer of cold-formed structural profiles
main reference in the national market, the result of a strategy for the Light Steel Framing (LSF) system.
based on principles of quality and innovation transversal to its
More recently, Perfisa has coordinated a project in an open
innovation context that culminated in the development of
Headquartered in São Pedro do Sul, Perfisa has three logistics the ISOLPRO board. This revolutionary lightweight cement
centers located in Albergaria-A-Velha, Lisbon and Luanda composite board is adaptable to any type of construction
(Angola), with an export registry to more than 20 countries. system and has a high impact and fire resistance (a LSF wall
with ISOLPRO withstands more than 2h30 at 1000 ° C).
References works
Perfisa has a Quality Management System certified by the ISO
9001 Standard. The product range meets the requirements of An incubant in this market, Perfisa has countless national and
various European Standards, such as EN 14195, EN 1090, N international references works in the areas of construction,
(AENOR) and NF (CSTB). rehabilitation and expansion.




Fotografia gentilmente cedida pela LuxHouse

EN 1090
EN 14195

Perfisa - Fábrica de Perfis Metálicos, S.A.

Headquarters Logistics Center of Lisbon Logistics Center of Albergaria-a-Velha
Z. I. Carvalhais Quinta dos Palmares, Fetais Rua Dr. Quina Ferreira – Fontes – Sobreiro
3660-070 São Pedro do Sul 2680-001 Camarate 3850-273 Albergaria-a-Velha
company’s name POÇO — Equipamentos Industriais, SA
activity Steel Structures and Industrial Equipment
address Rua dos Marrazes, Lote 32
Zona Industrial Covas das Faias
2415-807 Leiria
phone number +351 244 574 860
ceo Eng. Carlos Poço

About us The glass packaging industry and plastic extrusion, are two
Foundation Year: 1991 of the sectors with a significant importance in our activity
Number of employees: 130 Mission: “Building on the basis of accumulated experience,
Facilities in Portugal with 12.500 m2 technological innovation and creativity, the best solution
Facilities in Angola (FPAN) with 900 m2 to satisfy the customer, creating economic, social and
environmental value”.
Our business
•  Steel structures
•  Industrial equipment Poço, FPAN, Periplast.

•  Complete solutions “turnkey” Certified management system

•  Advanced Engineering
iSO 9001:2015 – Quality Management
• Automation
OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health and Safety
POÇO – Equipamentos Industriais, SA is a manufacturer of Management
industrial equipment and steel structures for over 28 years.
ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management
The new industrial unit, in Leiria - Portugal, represented
EN 1090-1 – Class EXC3 according to EN 1090-2
an investment of more than 17 million Euros, which allows
Conformity of the Factory Production Control
production capacity of 1,200t / month, in facilities with 12,500
m2 of covered area.
POÇO is present in over 60 countries with its equipment and
customers, and a unit of production, service and assembly in
12.500m2 of area in facilities
The European market continues to be the main one, with a
turnover of more than 60%.
with processing capacity of
1.200t/mouth of steel structures
A very stark aspect in providing industrial solutions such
as “turnkey”. A multidisciplinary team with architects and
engineers of all specialties, allows to make the project on
request of the client with a single interlocutor.


A fábrica das fábricas
The factory of factories

R. Nicolau Gomes Spencer, 5, 1º

R. Nicolau Gomes Spencer, 5, 1º
T +244 991 561 208
T +244 991 561 208
R. Nicolau
Nicolau Gomes Spencer,
Spencer, 5,
5, 1º


TT +244
+244 991 561 208
Contacts by activity sector

CMM — Portuguese Steelwork Associatio
Non-profit Sectoral Association
Business Center Leonardo da Vinci,
Coimbra iParque, Lote 3
3040-540 Antanhol
+351 239 098 422 / 239 095 568 |

Construction, finishing and

protection materials Equipment and machinery
DNC Técnica — Manutenção Industrial e
CIN — Corporação Industrial do Norte S.A.
Equipamentos, Lda.
Coatings Manufacturers
Maintenance, Technical Assistance, Trade of Industrial
Av. Dom Mendo, 831 – Apartado 1008
Machines, Tools and Spare Parts
4471-909 Maia
Rua Douroana, 290 – Regueira de Pontes
+351 229 405 000
2415-175 Leiria |
+351 244 820 530 |
Hot-dip Galvanization, Electrostatic Powder Coating and
Liquid Painting Importers, stockists and producers of
Zona Industrial de Monte Grande
profiles and steel components
R. Padre António Vieira, 183 – Fiães
4505-316 Fiães VFR
+351 256 919 080
Steel Products Distributor |
Avenida Vasco da Gama, 7660 – Apartado 3132
4431-801 Avintes
+ 351 227 861 000
HEMPEL (Portugal) S.A. |
Development, Production, Supplying Paints, Varnishes,
Thinners and Providing Technical Assistance Services
Vale de Cantadores – 2954-002 Palmela
FAF — Produtos Siderúrgicos, S.A.
+351 212 352 326
Steel Stockist and Service Center |
Edif. Torre Monsanto, R. Afonso Praça, 30 - 4D
1495-061, Algés
+351 213 552 350 |


FERPINTA, S.A. GALVAZA — Construções Metálicas
Manufacture of Tubes, Pipes, Hollow Profiles and e Galvanização, Lda.
Associated Steel Fittings Hot Dip Galvanization
Apartado 26 – Carregosa Maganha – Santiago de Bougado – Apartado 206
3731-956 Oliveira de Azeméis 4786-909 Trofa Portugal
+351 256 411 400 +351 252 400 520 | |


Steelwork, construction and Manufacture of Metallic Structures
assembly Zona Industrial Casal do Cego, AP. 218,
Canto Outeiro do Pomar, 116 – Covinhas - Marrazes
ArcelorMittal Construção Portugal, SA 2416-903 Leiria, Portugal
Manufacturing and Sale of Metal Cladding for Roofs, +351 244 830 620
Facades and Composite Floor Solutions |
Estrada Nacional 3 (km 17,5) Apartado 14
2071 – 909 Cartaxo
+351 263 400 070 METALOGALVA — Irmãos Silvas, S.A. Steel Engineering and Protection Maganha — Santiago de Bougado – Apartado 206
language/PT 4786-909 Trofa Portugal
+351 252 400 520 |
Manufacture of Metal Components for Building
Zona Industrial Monte Cavalo O FELIZ Metalomecânica, S.A.
3670-273 Vouzela Metalworking
+351 232 748 127 Av. de S. Lourenço, 41 – Celeirós | 4705-444 Braga | +351 253 305 600 |

FAMETAL, Fábrica Portuguesa de Estruturas

Metálicas, S.A. POÇO — Equipamentos Industriais, SA
Metallic Constructions Steel Structures and Industrial Equipment
Avenida 21 de Junho, 123 Rua dos Marrazes, Lote 32
2435-087 Caxarias - Ourém Zona Industrial Covas das Faias
+351 249 570 020 2415-807 Leiria | +351 244 574 860 |


Design and Consultancy CONSTRUSOFT Portugal
Design-Build-Operate Software Solutions to Help
Construction Industry Professionals do Their Jobs Better
A1V2 Engenharia Civil e Arquitectura, Lda.
Est. Paço do Lumiar,
Design in Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning,
Campus do Lumiar, Edif. D r/c - Sala 1026
Project Management, Construction Supervision, Road
1649-038 Lisboa
Rua do Mar da China, Edifício Mar do Oriente,
+351 214 218 574
N.º 1 – Fração 3.1 |
1990-137 Lisboa – Portugal
+351 218 438 550 |
GRID International Consulting Engineers S.A.
Design, Studies and Consultancy in Engineering
Av. João Crisóstomo, 25 – 4º andar
1050-125 Lisboa
Consultancy and Engineering Design Projects for Civil Wor
+351 213 191 220
Av. Elias Garcia, 53 – 2.º Esq. |
1500-417 Lisboa
21 782 61 10 /
PERFISA — Fábrica de Perfis Metálicos, S.A.
Manufacturing of Metallic Profiles and Accessories
Z. I. Carvalhais – 3660-070 São Pedro do Sul
+351 232 720 010 |


Insitutional Partners:

21-22 November, 2019

Media Partner:
Portugal Steel Activities 2019
Portugal Steel Seminar Cycle and Steel The Steel Talk conferences are national and are
subordinated to specific topics and addressed to all
Talk Conferences stakeholders and professionals in the industry, which
respond to the fundamentals of the Portugal Steel brand.

Steel Talk 2019 already scheduled:

• Steel Construction in LSF - Light Steel Framing, will take
place at Tektónica fair at FIL in Lisbon on 9 May:
• Architecture and Steel Construction, will take place in the
Auditorium of the Order of Architects in Porto on 29 May

Portugal Steel Design Awards - 2019 National

Award | European Steel Design Awards 2019

The Portugal Steel seminars and conferences are a network In the scope of the Portugal Steel Project, CMM launches
of events that aim to promote the brand to a specific the Portugal Steel Design Awards 2019, every two years,
audience - students and local decision makers - so that the which aims to give visibility and encourage the creative use
message of appreciation of the steel construction and the of steel in the construction, in architecture and nationwide
solutions that it allows is clear. construction. The contest is intended for projects or
construction carried out by CMM’s (Portuguese Steelwork
Association), Company Members where projects for new
Cycle of Seminars for 2019:
buildings or bridges are eligible, as well as renovation
•  Instituto Politécnico de Leiria - IPLeiria, 05 June projects (refurbishment, expansion or rehabilitation). The
•  Instituto Politécnico da Guarda – IPGuarda, 12 June National Prize will be presented, em Coimbra during the XII
•  Universidade do Minho - UM, 25 September Conference on Steel and Composite Construction, which will
•  Faculdade de Engenharia Universidade do Porto – FEUP, take place in November 2019, in Coimbra.
09 october
The jury will identify the best national projects in
•  Instituto Superior de Engenheira de Lisboa – ISEL, 23 the competition which will represent Portugal in the
October international competition “European Steel Design Awards
•  Instituto Superior de Engenheira de Coimbra – ISEC, 30 2019”, and the Award Ceremony will take place in
October November in Brussels - Belgium.
• Instituto Superior de Engenheira do Porto, Departamento
Engenheira Civil – ISEP, 11 December


Portugal Steel on the move Open day
Already scheduled:
Portugal Steel on the move wants to promote and
demonstrate to international decision-makers the Visit on July 10, 2019 to Eurogalva, with the purpose of
productive capacity and the quality of the national product, showing the company and its activity.
as well as the idea that Portugal Steel is conglomerating
this offer and bringing national companies closer to the Press Office
outside world and to new markets.
• Disseminate the events of the Portugal Steel project

Steel Tours • Disseminate and promote the sector following the

communication strategy defined by the project
Visits will be organized to partner international companies
• Work with the partner companies with the objective
/ entities wishing to join. The event will consist of a
of identifying and developing topics for press releases
company presentation session and a guided tour of the
and thus placing news in the media, promoting greater
premises. The events will be scheduled in the interest of
visibility to the work they develop
the companies, with a maximum of 30 participants.
• Cover the Portugal Steel events.

Social network and website

All Portugal Steel events and news from the partners are
disseminated in the facebook page of Portugal Steel and in
our website

Participation in the national fair Tektónica, at Feira
Internacional de Lisboa from 08 to 11 May 2019 with a
Portugal Steel booth and with the organization of a Steel

Network Meetings
This activity consists of the organization by CMM of
periodic meetings. These meetings will include Portugal
Steel partners, together with invited individuals, during
which short speeches will be held on interesting topics
for the sector, integrated in the topics: Economy /
Internationalization / Presentation of sector figures.
The Forum of Steel Construction.



ProSteel is the result of an application submitted under Portugal 2020 - Incentive Systems "Qualification of SMEs -
Joint Projects".

Qualify your business by benefiting from the non-reimbursable incentive of 50% of eligible expenses. Contact us by
email to Learn more at

Having started in January 2018, it has a duration of 24 months and aims to support companies in the reinforcement
of competences in one or more of the following areas:

Introduction of new organizational Technical assistance and consultancy in

and management methods. technology, productivity and layouts.

Strategic marketing planning and Energy efficiency studies and solutions.

internationalization / insertion of
SMEs in digital economy.

Management for the improvement of the

external and internal environment
of the company.

Implementation of management
systems of ISO 9001 quality.

Cofinanced by:

Promoter Organization
CMM – Portuguese Steelwork Association
Business Center Leonardo da Vinci
Coimbra iParque Lote 3
3040-540 Antanhol
Tel: +351 239 098 422
Fax: +351 239 091 216