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20/08/2020 Lewis Padgett - Wikipedia

Lewis Padgett
Lewis Padgett was the joint pseudonym of the science fiction authors and spouses Henry Kuttner
and C. L. Moore,[1][2][3] taken from their mothers' maiden names. They also used the pseudonyms
Lawrence O'Donnell and C. H. Liddell, as well as collaborating under their own names.

Writing as 'Lewis Padgett' they were the author of many humorous short stories of science fiction in
the 1940s and 1950s. Among the most famous were:

The "Gallegher" series of stories, collected in Robots Have No Tails (Gnome, 1952):
"The Proud Robot"
"Gallegher Plus"
"The World Is Mine"
"Ex Machina"
"Time Locker"
"Mimsy Were the Borogoves"
"The Twonky"
"What You Need"

As themselves (1937-'56)
As Lewis Padgett (1941-'53)
As Lawrence O'Donnell (1943-'50)
As C. H. Liddell (1950-'53)
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"The Twonky" was the inspiration for a radio show recording and a full-length film by the same name.

Episodes of Tales of Tomorrow and The Twilight Zone were based on the short story "What You

The feature film The Last Mimzy is loosely based on the short story "Mimsy Were the Borogoves".


As themselves (1937-'56)
Quest of the Starstone, 1937
Earth's Last Citadel, 1943 1/4
20/08/2020 Lewis Padgett - Wikipedia

The Mask of Circe, 1948 (Illustrated by Alicia Austin in 1971)

Home is the Hunter, 1953
Or Else, 1953
A Wild Surmise, 1953
Home There's No Returning, 1955
Two-Handed Engine, 1955
No Boundaries, 1955 (collection)
Rite of Passage, 1956

As Lewis Padgett (1941-'53)

A Gnome There Was, 1941
Piggy Bank, 1942
Deadlock, 1942
The Twonky, 1942
Compliments of the Author, 1942
Time Locker, 1943
The Proud Robot, 1943
Mimsy Were the Borogoves, 1943
Shock, 1943
Open Secret, 1943
The World Is Mine, 1943
Endowment Policy, 1943
Gallegher Plus, 1943
The Iron Standard, 1943
When the Bough Breaks, 1944
The Piper's Son, 1945
Three Blind Mice, 1945
Camouflage (,
What You Need (
up), 1945
Line to Tomorrow, 1945
Beggars in Velvet, 1945
We Kill People, 1946
Rain Check, 1946
The Cure, 1946
Time Enough, 1946
The Fairy Chessmen, 1946 (2 parts)
Chessboard Planet, 1946 (novel)
Murder in Brass, 1946
The Portal in the Picture, 1946 (novel), later published under the title Beyond Earth's Gates 1949
Project, 1947
Jesting Pilot, 1947
Margin for Error, 1947
Tomorrow and Tomorrow, 1947 (2 parts)
Exit the Professor, 1947
The Day He Died, 1947 (novel) 2/4
20/08/2020 Lewis Padgett - Wikipedia

Ex Machina, 1948
Private Eye (
up), 1949
The Prisoner in the Skull, 1949
See You Later, 1949
Beyond Earth's Gates, 1949 (novel), originally published under the title The Portal in the Picture
Tomorrow and Tomorrow, 1951 (novel)
Tomorrow and Tomorrow & The Fairy Chessmen, 1951 (omnibus)
The Far Reality, 1951 (companion novel to Tomorrow and Tomorrow)
Robots Have No Tails, 1952 (collection)
Mutant, 1953
Humpty Dumpty, 1953
Epilogue, 1953 (essay)
Line to Tomorrow and Other Stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction (collection)

As Lawrence O'Donnell (1943-'50)

Clash By Night, 1943
The Children's Hour, 1944
The Code, 1945
The Lion and the Unicorn, 1945
This is the House, 1946
Vintage Season, 1946
Fury, 1947
Promised Land, 1950
Heir Apparent, 1950
Paradise Street, 1950

As C. H. Liddell (1950-'53)
The Sky is Falling, 1950
Carry Me Home, 1950
"P.S.'s Feature Flash", 1950 (essay)
The Odyssey of Yiggar Throlg, 1951
Android, 1951
We Shall Come Back, 1951
Golden Apple, 1951
The Visitors, 1953


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20/08/2020 Lewis Padgett - Wikipedia


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