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Frequently Asked Questions related to Open Book Examination (OBE)

commencing w.e.f. 10th August 2020

Q.1. Is SOL student has to one time register himself/herself on DU portal on before start of OBE Examiantion-2020 for
downloading/uploading of question papers/ Answer sheets ?

Ans. Yes, SOL student has to register himself/herself one time on the DU portal before start of OBE Examination-2020 for downloading/uploading of
question papers/ Answer sheets. If student has already registered himself/herself at the time
of Mock test then he/she does not need to register again. The registered password received at
the time of Mock Test will be utilized in OBE Examination-2020 for downloading/uploading of
question paper/Answer sheets.

Downloading of Question Paper

Q.2 From where I have to download the Question Papers? What are the alternative
methods of downloading the Question papers?

Ans. -The University shall send you a link on your registered E- mail just before start of your
Examination. You will open the link and download the required Question paper.

-If you are not able to receive link on your registered E-mail, you can download Question
papers on the portal as specified below:

-Still if you are not able to download your Question paper, you can get it from Student
Dash board available on SOL website but it will be available after starting of the
Examination and will be in bundle format. You have to search your question paper and
download it.

You can make phone on below mentioned phone number and request to send you the
question paper through mail or whatsapp.

011-27008499 (32 lines)

Uploading of Answer Sheets

Q. 3. How I can upload my Answer sheet after completing the examination?

Ans -You can upload your Answer sheets on the University portal
after completing the Examination,

-If you have some problem in uploading the answer sheets on above portal, you can
send your answer sheets in PDF format on the below mentioned Central e-mail of the

-In case still you are failed to upload the answer sheets on the above portal or University
mail mentioned above, you can mail the answer sheets (in PDF format) on below
mentioned course wise e-mails of SOL.

Course Mail-ID
B.A. Programme
B.A. (Hons.) English
B.A. (Hons.) Pol.Sc.
B.Com. (Hons.)
All PG Courses

Q.4. Do we have to make combine PDF of Answer sheet or make it question wise? What
would be the file size for uploading of answer sheet?

Ans. You can scan the answer sheets page by page or question wise and upload the file on
the portal of university within the 7 MB limit.

Q. 5. Will we receive confirmation mail in term of acknowledgement after uploading/

sending answer sheets?

Ans. The Students who upload their answer sheets on the University portal, Central email
address or the SOL mail IDs will get the Acknowledgement Slip.

Q.6. What to do if password is not accepted in the OBE login?

Ans. For this purpose, the student has to “Click Reset password” and complete formalities
given in it. After that an OTP will come on his/her registered E-mail. The student has to
fill it in the process and get the password.
Q. 7. Have any contact number or E-mail for resolving my examination related queries
during the examination?

Ans. You can contact on below mentioned phone number/E-mail

011-27008499 (32 lines)

Q. 8. What is the duration of Examination?

Ans. In compliance of the order passed by Hon’ble High Court, Delhi on 07.08.2020 in W.P.
(C) 3946/2020, the duration of examination will be as follows:

-Students shall be given the complete three hours for answering the question papers.
Additionally, all students are given one hour for scanning the answer sheets and for
uploading the same. Students would have a total period of Four hours to complete
the examination including down load question papers, scan and upload/email the
answer sheets.
-Students under PWD category are also given one additional hour for downloading
the question paper, completing their answers and uploading the answer sheets i.e. a
total duration of Six hours.

Q. 9. What student has to write on the Answer sheet before uploading/sending it on the

-Students must write their Roll Number, Unique Paper Code (UPC) and Date of
Examination (dd/mm/yyyy) in the subject of their emails, e.g. Roll no-UPC-Date.
-In the mail body student must write the following:
a) Student Name:
b) Examination Roll Number:
c) Name of Programme:
d) Unique Paper Code (UPC):
e) Title of the Paper (attempted):
f) Name of College:
g) Year/Semester:
h) Date and Time of Examination: dd/mm/yy, Hrs:min