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University of Delhi © Bulletin of Information 2.4 3 Reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) Applicants As per the University of Delhi notifications, Reference No. Aca. I/ Reservation of EWSs / 2019 / 63 Dated 28th March 2019 and Reference No. Aca I / Reservation of EWSs / 2019 / 101 Dated 15thMay 2019, for the reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) Category, the University Departments / Centres / Colleges have reserved 10% seats for admission for the same from this Academic Year, 2019-20. The eligibility of such applicants will be decided on the basis of fulfilling criteria prescribed in the above notifications. For further details applicants can visit: Jhwrorvs du.acin/du/uploads/Notifications/04042019-Notification-EWS pdf & itp: /www du ac in/dwindex ph?mact=News,cntnt0 1 detail, 0&cntnt0 larticleid=237234cntntO iret umid=83 ‘Th peeseuibed format for EWS cettifieate is as follows Government of. (Name & Address of the authority Issuing the Cerificate) INCOME 6 ASSET CERTIFICATE TO BE PRODUCED BY ECONOMICALLY WEAKER SECTIONS (EWS) Cortficate No. Dat \VALIO FOR THE YEAR, Ws is to cerify thet Shui / Smt/ Kumar sonidaughterwife of parmianort resident &f Vilage’Steot Pest Office Distt inthe StzteTUnion Terrtory Bin Code = ‘shove photograph i atlested below belongs to Economicaly Weaker Sectons, since the (ose anruil income” of hisher “famy™ Is below Ree lath (Rupees Esght Lah oni) for the fnancal yea Hise famiy does not own or possess any of the folowing |. § acres of agricultural land and above: I. Residential fat of 1900 59. and above, Ii, Rosidental plot of 100 sq. yards and above in noted muniipaltis; IV, Residential plot of 200 sa, yards and above i, areas other than the noted ‘municiplives 2 Swwsmikumai ots to tne ‘cate which is nat recognized as a Scheduled Casio, Scheduled Tribe and Other Backward Classes (Central List), Signature win seal ot ‘Stet Pcepapot Offs ‘he Anptcae Name’ Designation