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1. FORM: Complete the dialogues between a writer and a reporter

using the Present Perfect Continuous and the necessary
a I, YOU,WE, THEY HAVE BEEN + V-ING prepositions:
as in We have been talking…
R: How long have you been writing (
b HE, SHE, IT HAS BEEN V-ING you- write) books?1
as in It has been snowing …
W: I have been writing2
them for 3 five years... .
R: How long have you been living in
We have been waiting for her for two hours. Africa?4
You haven’t been doing anything lately!
W: I have been living 5
(live) in Africa
Have you been working out? You’re so fit! 6
since 1998.
How long have we been waiting for her?
R: How long has your guide been
What has she been doing?
working7 (your guide –work) with you? W:
He is been working 8 (work) with me for
2. USAGE: 9
two years.
a This verb tense stresses the duration of
the action. Prepositions since and for can be R: What else have you been doing
used. (you-do) in Africa?10 W: I have been
She has been playing in the garden for hours. taking (take)11 photos for my guidebook.
R: How long have you been
(she’s still there)
travelling (travel)12 around Kenya?
b It’s also used to describe a long action that
W: I have been travelling13 (I -
began in the past and has just stopped. The
travel) since 14
6 a.m.
result of the action is clear or implied. R: Have you been walking15 (you-walk)
It has been raining. The ground is still wet. around Kenya!?
W: I have been driving (drive)16 and
c. We can also use it to talk about something walking (walk)17
that has been in progress recently or lately.
R: Have you been riding (you - ride)18
elephants too?
You look wonderful! Have you been working out
W: No, I have not 19. But I have been
sending (send)20 photos of elephants and
many other animals to some magazines.
Have you been smoking recently? I can smell I’ve sold most of my photos. I have been
cigarette smoke here! talking (think)21 of becoming a full time
You haven’t been taking things seriously lately. R: I have been considering 22 (I-
consider) changing my
job for 23
two years!