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Always Words & Music by Jonathan Lewis, David Lewis & Wayne Lewis s coat g ¢ Girl you are that a wo-man should be and 1 love like yours is rare, must have been sent from up a know you'll stay this RRR tment ee UA ie icity Man Mul Linked, 394-38¢Fng Set Landon coast coi? Bo Ba? fn? mt Cn Aba)? fii @p TB ae Ga Am7/D co ce, ort ail (Ooh, you're like the sun, Gy, ¢ Amt ae ie lwhen you come a - round you bring and you for -ev- er will be, dy a Sagat toate ——> you so VERSE 2: Come with me my sweet Let's go make a family And they will bring us joy for always Oh boy Hove you so 1 can’t find enough ways to let you know But you can be sure I'm yours for always.