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1. The Separator function is to remove the water particles from the steam at low load

operation, but in full load operation there is no water particles in steam

2. APIL Scope is to prepare the detail drawings.

3. Collect the following inputs from API. Before start the drawings.

ASME calculation sheet.

PPA - Section Side Elevation (Upper Furnace) drawing no.- Contract no – 1E0101

PPA – Plan View “A-A” (Headers & Links) drawing no.- Contract no – 1E0105

Startup System Arrangement drawing no.- Contract no – 1E0061

Pr. Part Conn. & EXP. Movement diagram drawing no.- Contract no – 1E0360

Pr. Part Conn. & EXP. Movement diagram drawing no.- Contract no – 1E0361

3D Model drawing no.- Contract no - F31

P & I D for water separator system drawing no.- Contract no – 1E8507

Vortex Breaker details

Internals (funnel) details

Support Lug location and size details.

Circulation Analysis letter.

Material Specification

4. Verify the following listed item with received inputs from API.

a) For Shell and dished end size (OD, Thk. and length) and details ref. ASME

calculation sheet & Circulation analysis letter.

b) For Steam Inlet / outlet Nozzles and down comer nozzle location, orientation,

size (OD, Thk. and length) and edge preparation details ref. ASME calculation

Rprabhakaran Page 1 8/12/2020

Sheet, circulation analysis letter, Startup system arrangement, PPA – Section Side

Elev. (Upper Furnace) drawings and 3D Model drawing.

c) Steam inlet and outlet nozzles are offset from the separator centre line and

check the offset dimensions in ASME calculation sheet.

d) For Vortex Breaker location ref. Circulation analysis letter and orientation, size &

details ref. Individual Sheet sent by API.

e) For internals (funnel) location ref. Circulation analysis letter and details as per

reference project (expect Comanche project).

f) For support lug location, Orientation and size ref. individual sheet sent by API.

g) Vent nozzle it may be pipe or standard 1.5” socket weld end connection ref.

ASME calculation sheet

h) Inspection nozzle with end plug size(OD, Thk. and length) and edge preparation

details ref. ASME calculation sheet and ref. note no.7

j) For Nozzle edge preparation and tolerance ref. ASME calculation sheet.

k) Pressure, Temperature and Material specification ref. ASME calculation sheet.

5. Provide the multiple circumference shop weld, If shell length more than

180”(approx). Otherwise shell should be in single piece.

6. No stubs and support lugs allowed on Circumference weld.

7. Check the shell and dished end thickness MWT (Min. wall Thk.) (or) AWT (Avg.

wall Thk.)

8. Locate the inspection nozzle below the steam outlet nozzle and its should be

accessible from the platform and orientation must be front of the boiler.

Rprabhakaran Page 2 8/12/2020

9. Steam Inlet & Outlet Nozzles are in standard 5-degree slope, respective to

horizontal. (Erection lugs are not applicable)

10. Provide the Standard 1” (socket weld) earthing boss and location should be 5”

above the vortex breaker

11. Internal funnel should be 45-degree approx.

12. For Nozzle Edge Preparation detail & tolerances. Ref. ASME calculation sheet.

13. Provide Erection lug for Down Comer Nozzle as per API. Standard.

14. Provide Surface T.C Pad and location should be 6” from bottom of shell.

15. Provide Insulation Pad and pitch not more than 55” to 60”

16. In BOM, Unit and total weight are in Kgs.

17. Provide the necessary views, details and welding details as per reference drgs.

18. No manhole.

19. Check the quantities of separator.

20. Standard Drawing List (Always ref. the latest revision)

a) Socket Weld End Connection - D-990-613 Rev.16

b) Detail of Erection Lug. - B-980-135 Rev.05

c) Arrangement of Erection Lug - D-980-0102 Rev.04

21. Reference Drawings List.

a) Arrangement of Separator (F-31) - 00105 - 1E1400

b) Details of Separator (F-31) - 00105 - 1E1401

Rprabhakaran Page 3 8/12/2020