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TOPIC: “Why everyone should eat chocolate once a day?”

SPEECH GOAL: I would like to convince my audience to incorporate chocolate in their
daily food intake.
i- Attention getter
Chocolate. The wicked character in our lives particularly peoples who are on a diet! Are you
capable to imagine however may chocolate be a main character that presumably be a
lifesaver? Too sensible to be true? It isn’t! Unless if you don’t like chocolate or are allergic to
chocolate. Believe me chocolate are demonized for too long that you barely can’t see
chocolate is genuinely an angel in disguise. Maybe you’ve heard about “A bar of chocolate
every day may keep the doctor away”?
ii- Reveal Topic
That’s one of the reasons why everyone should eat chocolate once a day.
iii- Relevance statement
Based on an Italian study, out of all subjects thought of to be in physiological state and free
from vas risk factors, 824 of them said they ate chocolate frequently.
Another study that was administered by researchers at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland
in 2015, involved a review of data associated with roughly 170000 folks regarding their food
consumption and completely different life-style picks They found that those folks that had the
next intake of chocolate were 11% less attainable to suffer a heart failure than folks that ate
no chocolate within the slightest degree. Folks that frequently consumed chocolate were put
together twenty-fifth less attainable to die from a heart issue and twenty-third less attainable
to suffer from a stroke!
Additionally, a bar of chocolate also may shield against deadly blood clots like those suffered
by airline passengers, say scientists. Thus, it will save your life on long-haul flights!
iv- Preview of main point
So, today I’ll cause you to change your stereotypes regarding chocolate and begin to
incorporate chocolate in your daily food intake.
Transition: Let me now start with my first point.

Are you one of plenty of individuals that are troubled to stay their weight below control?
You’d probably be appalled to be told that intake a touch chocolate now and then will assist
you accomplish your weight-loss goals. Whereas chocolate is commonly related to gaining
weight than with dropping some of unwanted pounds, the fact is that you will simply lose
your weight with chocolate. How?
A- Supporting Point 1
Chocolates keeps desire in restraint. I believe most of us get relentless cravings for a sweet
chocolate treat now and then especially when you’re on diet. I must say chocolates look most
tempting when we’re on diet isn’t it moreover, we think that we can’t eat chocolates at that
time. BUT I feel glad to tell you that consuming tiny amounts of dark chocolate will bar those
intense cravings that ultimately cause overconsumption. Intake a handful of dark chocolate
squares day after day will assist you avoid the temptation to cherish larger amounts of
different snacks that might contain higher amounts of sugar that contribute to weight gain.
Thus, chocolates surely look like a hero here don’t you think so?
i- Sub-support 1
Maria-Paula Carillo a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist said, “A little sweet treat from time to
time can help keep those cravings in check and allow you to follow your weight-loss or
weight-maintenance regimen,”.
B- Supporting Point 2
Chocolates cause you to feel full longer. Once we’re on diet, the easiest way for us to
maintain our weight-loss plan is by consuming small amount of meal. Did you know,
nibbling on semi-sweet chocolate now and then will truly slow down the digestive process
and cause you to feel fuller for extended periods of time? Consequently, you’ll be less likely
to overeat during meals Thus, by eating chocolates or semi-sweet chocolates to be precise, it
will automatically assist you fulfil your weight-loss plans. So, it looks like chocolates
extremely useful for you and I’m positive by now you are feeling sorry and terrible towards
chocolate because you’ve been demonized it for too long. I hope chocolates will forgive you.
i- Sub-support 1
Additionally, According to Will Clower, an award-winning neurophysiologist, neuroscientist
and nutritionist says a tiny low square of fine chocolate molten on the tongue twenty minutes
before a meal, triggers the hormones within the brain that say “I’m full”, cutting the amount
of food you after consume. Finishing a meal with identical tiny trigger may cut back
succeeding snacking. Therefore, I don’t see any downside for you to easily eat chocolate
once a day either you’re on diet or not.
Transition: Chocolates amazingly helps you to lose your weight. Let’s see what else can
chocolates do.
Those who incorporate chocolate in their daily food intakes will therefore feel glad to do and
try this as a result of you acknowledge chocolate is so a lifesaver. Who thought that
chocolates, a sweet, delicious snack can be your lifesaver? I repeat your LIFESAVER. You
might not believe me now but after this, I’ll confirm all of you surely will grab some
chocolates right after this speech. I’m pretty sure you’re curious how can a delicious snack
like chocolates can save your life. HOW??
A- Supporting Point 1
First and foremost, chocolates may cut back your risk of heart issues. Heart issues. I bet all of
you know how dangerous this disease is right. It may attack you despite your age so from
now on, you need to make move to prevent this disease from attacking you. No, you don’t
have to think so hard what to do first. It’s simple. Just grab some chocolates and try to
incorporate it into your daily food basis. Why? You don’t believe me? Believe it or not, why
not you try it first, and then we’ll refer the results and by that time you must be really pleased
for start doing so. Yes, I know if we want to wait for the result it’s going to take a long time
therefore, I pleasantly provide you with the proof now.
i- Sub-support 1
Once scientists checked out the diets of 55,502 adults between the ages of fifty and sixty-four
during a study recently printed within the medical journal Heart (Mostofsky, 2017) they
found that compared to those that ate chocolate occasionally, people who dug in most
frequently like ate a 1-ounce serving up to 6 times per week had up to a twenty percent lower
risk of experiencing a notable irregular heartbeat that is related to the next risk of stroke or
heart failure throughout a 14-year amount. So how, do you believe me now?
A- Supporting Point 2
Next, we do apprehend somehow at this age we have a tendency to not taking seriously
regarding dangerous illness like stroke however at identical time we also apprehend stop is
better than cure isn’t it, thus by consuming chocolate once a day you’ll be able to truly lower
your risk of stroke. Just one step and you can lower your risk from this disease. Isn’t it easy?
Not just simple but also tasty.
i- Sub-Support 1
To make you more convince, Canadian scientists, during a study involving 44,489 people,
found that folk who ate one serving of chocolate were twenty-two percent less potential to
experience stroke than folks that didn’t.(Sarah Sahib, Gustavo Saposnik, 2011). Also, folks
that had concerning 2 ounces of chocolate per week were forty-six percent less possible to die
from a stroke.
ii- Sub-Support 2
An extra study, written at intervals the journal Heart in 2015, half-tracked the impact of diet
on the long health of twenty-five thousand men and women. (Kwok, Chun Shing, et al,
2015). The findings urged that consumption up to a hundred grams (g) of chocolate day after
day could also be connected to a lower risk of heart condition and stroke. By now, it really
proves that a bar of chocolate a day keeps a doctor away.
Transition: Indeed, chocolate is a superhero. Besides that, chocolate also is super. What kind
of super do you think?
For those that assume chocolate is just a food or a snack, I need all of you to think again.
Because it’s not simply a food but it is a SUPERFOOD. Indeed, chocolates really act like
superhero in food world. Does it sound ridiculous? I’m sorry if you think it is but I don’t
think so. Don’t you want to know why chocolate is superfood? What on earth that chocolates
do to become superfood? Yes, besides doing a superhero job as a lifesaver it also offers you a
great deal of facilitate. Are you able to guess? Okay I’ll give you some hint. It very helps you
under the sunlight and it really helps you under the pressure. Let’s go find the answer.
A- Supporting Point 1
Today, students like us principally unsurprised with the words stress as we tend to somehow
feel it every day. Being a student may be therefore nerve-wrecking particularly on a peak
hour, oh you acknowledge what I mean by peak hour its clearly on week thirteen and
fourteen where we, students turn out to be zombies and owl to complete all the assignments
and project given by lectures. So, what's the connection between chocolate and stress? Did
you know my friend, I truly assure you to eat chocolate as your stress reliever, you know as
we tend to study every day and that we feel stressed virtually every day, why not we tend to
eat chocolate once on a daily basis too right? So, did you get your answer right? Chocolate is
indeed a good choice for stress-reliever and it really helps you under the pressure. Why?
i- Sub-Support 1
According to a 2009 study throughout those anxious people who ate forty grams of chocolate
(about 5 squares) each day for 2 weeks experienced lower levels of the stress hormone
cortisol than before the intervention. It is not magic as a result of seems chocolate contains
several bioactive compounds that increase your levels of anandamide, an organic compound
that activates the brain receptors in command for chilling you out, in keeping with a study
unconcealed among the mid-'90s.
ii- Sub-Support 2
Stress-eating chocolate really makes a good amount of sense. Uptake chocolate reduces
Hydrocortone, the strain secretion, and will increases serotonin, the happy secretion. So,
Chocolate treatment, anyone?
B- Supporting Point 2
Beside having chocolate as a medical care, you also will be having it as a sun blocker or
natural sun blocker to be actual. It’s sort of amusing isn’t it, how chocolate will assist you
shield your skin every day. That’s what makes chocolate a superfood. That’s why I really
convince you to incorporate chocolate in your daily food intake.
i- Sub-Support 1
In keeping with some studies, cocoa contains compounds that facilitate shield your skin from
ultraviolet rays therefore, don’t skip the sun blocker, however do bring some semi-sweet
chocolate every time you’re going out and simply ensure you eat it before it melts! Besides,
chocolate also sensible for your skin. Hold on. However, doesn’t chocolate cause you to
break out? An excessive amount of chocolate candy can have that result. However, it’s not
really the chocolate that’s inflicting pimples. It’s in all probability the sugar.
ii- Sub-Support 2
Plus, cocoa, one of the foremost ingredients in semi-sweet chocolate and cocoa butter
cosmetic merchandise, can increase circulation to your skin, therefore boosting natural
hydration. One study showed that uptake cocoa for twelve weeks reduced wetness loss in
skin by twenty-five percent. Impressive, isn’t it! Just by incorporate chocolate in your daily
food intake, you have already got your natural sun blocker that also sensible for your skin.
I- Summary Statement
To sum up, I’ve shown you Chocolates will offer you a great deal of advantages in your life.
Not just it will assist you lose your weight it is also a lifesaver and indeed a superfood that
helps you cut back your stress and also give you a natural sun blocker. Those reasons are
solid enough for you to start incorporating chocolates in your daily food intake.
II- Closing Remarks
Lastly, as you’ll see chocolate is clearly not an evil character in your life, indeed it’s an angel
in disguise like I said earlier. So, I really hope that I had succeeded changing your stereotypes
regarding chocolate and I’m pretty sure all of my points can at least convert you if not a lot
perhaps a bit to incorporate chocolate in your daily food intake. Believe me it’s not laborious
to begin and it's really worthwhile to do. So, from now on, I dare you to try to start to
incorporate chocolates in your daily food intake and wait for the unimaginable changes in
your life.
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