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A beautiful way to welcome our audience

Aoa Everyone, I Hajira Jameel and Raameen welcome you all on this inspiring and dimensional event of
BISC I. Beaconhouse international Student convention..

I would particularly take note of the presence of our valued gucluster 2ests and Judges Maam
Sitara Farid Convener cluster 21, Maam Ayesha owais HM K.G Campus, Mam Mahwish HM
Jinahhabad Campus, Maam Neelum Nisaar HM Mansehra Branch and Maam Arzoo HM
Muzafrabad Campus, who have graced us with their auspicious presence to make our event
more inspirational. We whole heartily welcome you all on behalf of hm maam Sitara SMI
Maam Zainab admin staff and teaching faculty.

Being muslims its obligatory for us to start our event with the greatest name of Almighty Allah. Most
gracious and merciful, whose bounties are unbounded, whose benevolence is everlasting, whose
blessings are uncountable, whose being is eternal, whose mercy is unlimited, whose provisions are un-
ending, whose Love is our life, whose worship is our faith.

For recitation I would request to please come on stage and recite a few verses from Holy Quran.
_____________ and __________ are accompanying him for English and Urdu translation.


Now I would request my respectable audience to please rise in honor of national anthem.

Beaconhouse International Student Convention (BISC) offers a unique experience to students, giving
them an opportunity to travel, meet and engage in competition with students from all over the world.
This convention includes an amazing array of sporting, art, science and cultural activities where
Beaconhouse students from various countries participate and compete on an international platform.

Beaconhouse has successfully organized three editions of BISC so far, in Bangkok, Malaysia and Muscat.
Philippines has been selected to host the next BISC event, which is scheduled to be held on 11 – 12
February, 2020, in Manila.

A great head builds character, inspires dreams ,encourages creativity ,builds confidence and instills a lot
of learning.

Maam Sitara fareed is the one who has all these qualities. Now we would request Maam Sitara The
cluster convener of our cluster to please come forward and deliver the opening address.

My dream is like a thousand stars above

So hard to reach but still I'd like to try

And if I follow them into the sky

I'd reach the shooting star of what I love

Highly motivational words.

Before moving ahead I would request my audience to be please more appreciative for these young
contestants as this little gesture means a lot to them.

We believe in equipping our youngsters with the traits that enable them to embrace this modern world
challenges eagerly and confidently.
Yes we will start this pageant of activities with a thought provoking BISC talk on “Unknown Future;
Artificial Intelligence and Mindware”, and this talk will be judged by Maam Neelum Nisar and Maam
Sitara Farid.

We will start with Areeba

This talk, indeed was an enriching experience, which has opened up new horizons for each one of us.
Now we will proceed to our next segment, BISC Quiz, and we will request Maam Rahat and Sir Nadeem
to take the charge and conduct the quiz.

Photojournalists have a great responsibility to objectively highlight, research and investigate social,
cultural, economic and political events that the public may or may not have access to. They have a
greater responsibility in capturing the true elements in their experiences. They choose what to crop out,
what to focus on and the extent of editing that is ethically appropriate without doctoring the image.

Through history photojournalists like Dorothea Lange and Nick Ut have been pivotal in triggering drastic
changes in the public’s mindsets.

Let’s move to the next segment, Bisc Click, for which the topic is, Expressive Future | Citizen Journalism.
Our Honorable judge for this segment is Ma’am Ayesha Owais.

We exist now in a world that offers us participation in multiple kinds of reality; social media realities,
game realities, government databases, avatars and many other virtual realities.

Our identity and uniqueness translates according to the rules and requirements of the systems we
partake in. ‘Identities in the Symbiotic Future’ encourages participants to inquire and question the
effects, privileges or dangers to our self-identity by sharing and partaking in different digital worlds.

Now we will request Maam Mahwish Waseem to please judge our young yet daring competitors as per
her expertise for the category of BISC Film.

BISC Exploratoria Symbiotic Future is our next segment for the competition. The Science Project
competition lays the foundation for students to invent, experiment and investigate new approaches and
solutions to tackle global challenges. The aim of these interdisciplinary STEAM projects is to provide
answers that are testable and reproducible.

These projects may address issues such as feeding the growing population on the planet without
destroying it, alternative forms of future energy, elimination of poverty, equal access to health care and
critical issues of water wastage. Students have created projects using smart technology and efficient use
of resources.

The esteemed jusdge for this section is Maam _____________

Now wemove to our next category that is BISC Art and the topic is “Unknown Future | The Interstellar
Universe Art Installation”.

Post-Apocalyptic life outside the sphere of Earth, Black-holes and Interstellar travel have fascinated
mankind from millennia. There are books, films, scientific documentaries, colossal telescopes that
attempt to visualize and experience the mystery of space travel. So let’s see how our young contestants
have imagined and represented their version of space. The jusges for this art competition are Sir Rizwan
from Jinahabad campus and Maam Shireen from Kg Campus.

My dear fellows, MUsic is poetry, an expression of the heart !

Our next segment will definitely reinvigorate your energy and revive your mood and that this BISC Idol.
Theme for this competition is The world as my stage; Expressive future.

Music and singing practices have evolved in the same way as the advancement of technique and
instruments in all creative fields. Beaconhouse urges its students to explore the sounds, musical
traditions and iconic songs. This singing challenge has given a chance to revisit, reanalyse the range of
classical to contemporary music and singing that coexist and influence their lives.

Participants will perform a song that represents their connection to the global village of singing and
music. To judge the singing skills of our melodious contestants, we request sir Hussain from ______ and
sir Naeem from ______

Now its time to cherish the fruit of all the efforts our young competitors have put in their respective
categories. We would request Maam Sitara Farid to please make her way forward and award the
Thank you for gracing this occasion with your valued presence.