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Still there was a nagging feeling inside him that just didn’t
quite right.
One day this child of God experienced illness and was taken into
where he was told that his days were numbered. After a great deal
time spent on pondering and remembering his life, he recognized a
feeling that had come back to him, time and time again - it was that
nagging feeling inside him - that just didn’t feel quite right.
Knowing that his days were numbered, he requested that he be
taken for
one last time to the top of a mountain, close to his home. Although
family and the doctors were more than reluctant to fulfill this wish,
he was
adamant and got his way. He asked his family to leave him there for
few days - and even though they didn't want to, they gave in. He
know why he felt the need to do this - he just knew he had to.
After a day or two of looking down from this mountain and feeling
for the
first time in his life, that he was truly free to survey and appreciate
all he
could see, he felt that old familiar feeling bubbling up inside him
again. It
was that old nagging and familiar feeling that all was not quite right.
for perhaps the first time in his life, he called out to GOD. As he did,
felt a stirring inside him and an answer came.
He asked God, “God, throughout my life I have done what was
of me. I studied well, I went to church, I served my country. I have
tried to
be a model citizen. I have helped where I could and I have been the
that I could possibly be, yet I still have this feeling inside me that it
all been quite right.”
”Could you please explain to me why all throughout my life this
and feeling have been my constant companion?” asked the man.
To which God duly replied, “My Beloved, I will answer your questions
one by one and I will answer them all, yet first, I have a question for
This answer surprised the man, but he was ready and he wanted to
God continued, “I must first give you a gift and this gift may come as
great shock for you, so I will ask you again, are you truly ready to
the answer?”
To which the man replied, “Beloved God, I am soon to leave this
and I would like to take my place in heaven. I am ready!”
God continued, “Then the gift I have to offer you My Beloved, is the
to be able to see, the ears to be able to hear and the heart so that
may KNOW. Let us begin."
As the journey unfolded, God asks the man to look back on his life.
he does, God shows him something that is almost unfathomable. In
every experience that he has had in his life, he now saw his own face
everything. He was hearing his own voice answering him back.
Confused, he continued to observe. As he was sat in church, he saw a
church full of people with his own face. As he went back to the
when he served his country, he saw the faces of the ones who’s lives
had taken. They were all his own face and as the tears streamed
his cheeks, he began to feel the truth in these visions, but he still
quite sure.
So he continued, and God showed him the creatures of the planet.
As he
observed, he saw his face and heard these creatures answer in his
voice. He could communicate with them and it was his own voice.
more confused he asked God to continue and so God did.
God continued to share these visions through these new eyes, ears
heart. God showed him the mountains and the trees, the grass, the
plants and flowers. God showed him the waters and in all, it was like
looking back at himself. He could communicate with them all and he
his own image in them all.
Now that he was thoroughly confused, he stopped and asked God,
is this possible?”
God did not yet answer, but continued to show him more. God asked
to look at the clouds and then beyond to the stars, the moon, the
sun and
the many planets. Each looked back at him with the image of his own
face and answered in his own voice. God then asked him to look at
own body, to go inside to the organs, the cells and the atoms. This
became even more confusing for him although he was really starting
get an inkling of what God was indeed showing him. Yet it was too
fantastic, too unbelievable, too magnificent to comprehend, so he
God if he may be alone with his thoughts for a while.
After a day or so of deep contemplation he called God to him again
he asked, "I believe I understand the meaning of what you have
to me, yet I am having a hard time believing it is possible. I believe
are showing me that I myself am GOD and that I am present in all
and that all things are present in me?"
To which God replied, “You are almost there My Beloved”.
"Allow me to expand. You received the gift of the eyes to see, the
ears to
hear and the heart to know and through this gift, you have come to
realization of why you and billions like you, live their lives as they do.
have lowered your vibrations to a density whereby you experience
things through 'SELF CONSCIOUSNESS'. The gift you received, was an
opening and that is where the heart was required, for you now see,
God said, "Yes my beloved, you are a part of all things, as all things
a part of you."
The man replied, "Ohhh my God. I wish I had known this many years
God asked, "And what would you do if you had?"
The man thought for a moment, and replied, "Well, I can’t change
anything but now, but I would have spent the rest of my living days,
sharing this knowing with all who were willing to hear."
God asked, "so, what is stopping you now?"
To that, the man whispered, "Well, I am terminally ill. This body is
God answered, "Then I would ask you to understand one more thing.
Your journey has been one of choices. You have continually felt that
there was this nagging feeling inside of you that just didn’t feel quite
"I say to you," God continued, "that perhaps you were not quite
ready to
hear the truth for what it was and make a choice to open to
Consciousness? Are you now?"
"Ohhh. I am more than ready and willing now," said the man.
God smiled and replied, "then communicate with those cells that you
perceive to be creating this terminal illness. Choose to share with
the perfection of “Universal Consciousness”. You can now choose to
transform those cells, you can now choose to live…."
This parable would normally, of course continue, but for the purpose
the point I wish to get across, it suffices for now…
Chapter 2.
As I begin this parable I am reminded of a beautiful song, sung by
Lennon. “All we are saying, Is please give peace a chance”.
What do we have to do to give peace a chance?
In a world so full of chaos it might seem hard to find peace. Yet as
humanity expands in her evolution we are beginning to understand
peace “CAN” and must be found.
In Chapter two of this book it is my
intention to expand on what I was
sharing previously.
We will delve even deeper into levels
of awakening expanding through
sharing experiences.
Enjoy in JOY!
Do you recognize the statements: So above, so below? Well it can be
expanded with: So within, so without.
Yes, it really is that easy. Well, when you read it like this it is easy.
Continually throughout this book I have referred to us being the
of our own reality and by the end of the book I sincerely hope that
have found the proof through all of the parables that it is indeed so.
You see when you are able to find peace within, peace is created all
around you. It is a state of being that you are manifesting from
within and
it becomes reality without. It is about seeing through the illusion of
stepping beyond the boundaries of limitation. It is about
that we are in the very essence of our being purely and simply
There will be a time in the not to distant future that we all realize
peace within can be found by being willing to release old
old fears, to release the need to judge others, to release the need to
gossip, be angry at or even consciously desire to hurt another. There
be a time when we realize that when doing all of these things we are
causing chaos without and therefore within.
The statement that is most prominent here has to be that we begin
understand that we are all one. When realizing we are all one there
be no desire anymore to do all of the above because we will realize
we are hurting ourselves.
Would you consciously desire to hurt yourself?
Peace is also very much about loving yourself at all times and under
circumstances. When you can also love what you often perceive to
your shortcomings, you will have found that state of being. Peace
This inevitably always results in Peace without. I wish you peace
and therefore also without.
From Duality to Triality.
In this parable I wish to share with you a tip given to me by my
guides. It
has helped me and many of my friends to not only find contact with
guides, higher/partner self or which ever Light beings they have
contact with. It has also offered a way to assist us in changing
challenges into opportunities by simply choosing to work with duality
on a
different level. It has more times than not led to experiences from
perspective of triality.
First of all what is Duality?
Duality is what is known as what we live in on this earth plain in our
dimensional reality. The yin - yang, black – white, positive – negative,
good – bad etc, etc.
In this parable I will be asking you to not only visualize, but to also
actually try these tips yourself.
It has been my experience that this has been the most powerful way
doing them and achieving the most profound results. ENJOY in JOY!
I would like you to imagine the first part of this exercise as if you
reaching out with an open hand to receive something.
From Duality to Triality.
This parable has the potential when
worked with to drastically change you
life for the better.
Play, experiment with the example
given. After a while you will be come
quite adept at it and you will be very
happy that you did.
(After this exercise you will realize how profound this example truly
Now! Look at that hand and visualize placing upon it something in
life that is troubling you. This might be something that is blocking
something perhaps that you don’t seem to be able to find your
To see how this part of the process works I am asking you to place
something there that could be perceived to be negative - just the
thing for now! Once you get used to this process, you will be able to
this with anything that you ever experience and are looking for
How might you recognize something that is negative or holding you
back? Are you feeling out of balance, out of sorts, perhaps a little ill?
Some kind of dis-ease has sneaked up on you? One thing I came to
understand in my journey is that when it happened with me, I knew I
going through a growth process again or a shifting in my energies.
In the beginning I found myself seeing this as a very negative and
unpleasant experience. Eventually I learned to see them as a blessing
and an exciting part of my ascension towards mastery. A part of the
growth towards the true GOD/CREATOR light essence that we all are.
firmly believe that this has greatly enhanced the processing of these
moments and I found that I moved forward at a faster rate because I
viewed them as experiences from both aspects of duality.
Ok, here we go. Start this exercise by holding up one of your hands.
the purpose of this experience use the right hand. As you hold up
right hand, place the negative there. As you look at it, detach
from it and see it for what it is. See it is an experience - nothing
nothing less. Now hold up your left hand. While still looking at the
negative on the right hand, see if you can find any positives in the
experiences you have placed there and place these positives into the
hand. This might take a little bit of practice, but don’t give up. Even
in all
negatives there are always positives to be found if you observe it
enough. What you have now created is a visible way of looking at a
challenge or negative from two totally different perspectives, these
the Negative and Positive or in other words, “duality”.
Let’s visualize an example here to assist in clarifying. Imagine I just
a car accident. My car is damaged. This could be perceived to be the
negative. I would therefore place this example in my left hand.
Fortunately I am not hurt, this can be seen as a positive. I could also
look further. When I look at what happened, I might want to find out
happened on the road I was taking to get to my destination? Was
an even worse accident further ahead whereby I might have been
physically hurt?
Another possibility would be that I have my car checked while it is
repaired. Could it be that there was something wrong with the car
had I driven many more miles that a defect would have shown up at
inopportune moment causing even greater damage, not only to
but perhaps also to others who were travelling the same road as me?
would certainly place these examples in my left hand.
In this example I would again detach myself from this visualisation
by placing no judgements or adding any further energy, emotions
etcetera to what is placed there. I would consciously in my thoughts
a few steps back, detach myself from the experience, take a few
regular breaths and simply monitor my thoughts. I have learned to
whatever pops into my mind as being guidance from my higher -
By detaching myself from my emotions with regards to what
and being able to look at them in duality, I create a space whereby
third possibility is triggered into action.
What I have just achieved with this exercise is, I have moved beyond
duality. This allows me to step into triality. Triality is of course, my
connection with all three parts. Once my higher-partner self is
involved I
gain clarity, I see many more perspectives and I receive answers.
Remember! Our higher-partner selves are in circular time and are
limited as we are by linear time. Our higher-partner self is therefore
to see all potential possibilities.
We can take this a step further. I can ask while I am in that triality
for suggestions as to what I can do to achieve the best possible
for my greater good. By simply being aware of whatever thoughts,
or suggestions that pop into my mind, I am in fact receiving those
potentials-possibilities. I am never concerned if nothing pops into my
mind. Because I have activated my higher-partner self or placed the
intention there, I will generally find that synchronicities are placed
on my
path that will lead me to the highest possible solution.
I have found that through working with this duality to triality tool
others, we have been able to move beyond any blockages that might
holding them back. By listening to them intently and at the same
detaching myself, I have found that I see the two sides of what could
have been. As I see these potentials in duality, remaining open to my
higher – partner self, I also receive more tools/suggestions to assist
in seeing clearly what it is that is blocking them. Often this will be a
suggestion to read a certain book, or visit a certain web site.
A further and perhaps different perspective as to what Triality is can
explained in this way.
My higher-partner self is in contact with all that is. It is a part of the
GOD/Creator energy. This means that I am tapping into that energy.
There are no questions that cannot be answered, no challenges that
cannot be overcome, no negatives that cannot be changed to
Note: To every challenge there is a solution. To every negative there
is a
positive. In darkness there is always light. The example we have just
provided will assist you to find your answers. It will brighten your
with many positive outcomes. It works for me, and as you are an
it surely will also work for you.
12 potential blockages to abundance.
When all of these 12 parts have been
viewed in total truth with one’s self!
Abundance on many levels will surely
be yours.
This has to be one of my favorite topics, perhaps because I have a
deeper understanding of how abundance works now. It has been a
journey of discovery and being aware of many different aspects on
different levels.
How many times have you heard yourself or someone else use the
statement: “God never answers my prayers?” Have you ever
as to the why?
I will share with you in my opinion some of the blockages that we in
ourselves are placing so that we do not receive the abundance that is
our god given right and gift to self. Before I do, I wish to state that
anyone reading this is made aware before hand that one of the most
common reactions to this parable is that one chooses to go into self
recrimination mode. Please understand that this serves no purpose.
It is
an absolute waste of your time and energy. So don’t go there, and I
seldom use the word “don’t”.
Note: Should you still choose to do so, then do it from a conscious
of awareness and that you are doing it simply to understand and
from the experience.
Examples of potential blockages in your receipt of abundance.
1. Clarity.
2. Self worth issues.
3. Self doubt - negative outlook.
4. Responsibility for actions and interactions.
5. Perceptions of what abundance is.
6. Change.
7. Your perceptions on what money is.
8. Saboteurs. The four bodies.
9. The Conscious mind, sub conscious mind and the Higher self.
10. Chakras.
11. Kundalini.
12. Mastery of self.
What you see in this list is a selection of possibilities, that I will clarify
one by one knowing that they will assist you to find your flow of
1. Clarity. Let me start with perhaps one of the most important
for creating a steady flow of abundance in your lives. Have you ever
made a statement during a conversation and suddenly realized that
conversations partner had a quizzical look on their face? Did you
stop for
a moment to think why? Perhaps you even looked for a different way
using your words to clear the confusion?
Well good for you, because it is exactly the same while you are
imagining or fantasizing about what it is you would like to be a part
your flow of abundance. First of all it is essential to have clarity to
and then clarity to the unseen powers of the universe that
await our instructions with eager anticipation to assist. Practice
your wishes and desires on paper until you feel that you have total
clarity. If your in doubt? Find someone to assist you, someone who
be in truth with you. You will find that your manifestations of
start to flow that little bit more proficiently.
2. Self worth issues. This is often one of the more prominent reasons
for a lack of abundance and it does require total honesty to self. One
the main reasons there may be self worth issues is that you have
all your life that you couldn’t do this, couldn’t do that, were not
enough to achieve this, that or the other. Despair not, there are ways
release these blockages if you are willing to work on them. One of
best books I have ever encountered on releasing these kind of issues
“Soul Psychology” by DR. Joshua Stone.
3. Self doubt - negative outlook. Self doubt is generally also to be
traced back to your early youth or what we call your formative years
the programming that was placed within you. You can change that
programming and we can assist with that. However, a tool that we
to use during our workshops is the Golden Coin provided by the
Ascended Masters. When holding that golden coin in the one hand
looking at whatever the negatives are within it, we simply ask you to
take some deep cleansing prana breaths and open your mind to
receiving other (positive) potentials as you flip the coin over while
placing it in the other hand. We have experienced that in almost all
cases this does open up an avenue with a little guidance to seeing
through the illusion of the negatives. Most are able to see positives
when doing so are faced with a choice. To stay with the old
or choose the other options provided. (positives.)
4. Responsibility for actions and interactions. This one is also one
that requires total truth to self. Most people are very good at
fingers at others when things go wrong. I would invite you to hold
hand up in front of you and point a finger at something. What do you
see? You see one finger pointing away from you and at least three
pointing right back at you. What might that suggest to you? If you
are in
truth to self, it will say to you that whatever you are so willing to
on another may well be a mirror reflection of something within
Be open and willing to looking closely at that and we can guarantee
you will make huge strides ahead in your abundance journey.
5. Perceptions of what abundance is. What are your perceptions of
abundance? Is it purely financial? We would suggest to you that it is
It can be health, love, friendship. When one opens up to the many
of abundance, it allows the unseen powers of the universe to
whatever it is we require without the limitations that our thoughts
have placed on them. It gives them freedom to manifest in ways that
cannot mostly even imagine. An example may be that you desire the
abundance to posses a new car! You might automatically start to
along the lines of: “I need such and such amount for this or that car”.
Suggestion: Allow the unseen powers of the universe to create freely
and see what they come up with. There are many different ways that
the car can be manifested, allow yourself and the unseen powers the
freedom of creation. (this was simply an example for the sake of
6. Change. Another of my favorites. One of my fondest memories in
own growth process was writing “the fools prayer”. Do you
remember? It
went something like this: Lord, I wish to change my life, I am
with who and what I am. Yet they go on doing the same old, same
day in and day out and who do they blame? Yup! GOD…. Change
friends is inevitable in this ever changing universe. We are part and
particle of that same universe, guided by the same laws, made of the
same elements. Is it not inevitable then that we too have to be
willing to
7. Your perceptions on what money is. Did you notice also that I
hardly ever mention “money”? I purposefully leave the word money
of my own manifestations because I am totally aware that the
provides in many different ways.
Money is in all truth simply another form of energy, when it is
treated as
such and allowed to flow in the same manner, it does flow, especially
if it
is for the greater good of all. Many of you reading this are used to
flow of healing energies flowing through you. Money or finances is
simply another form of energy. Be willing to allow it too to flow
8. Saboteurs. We ourselves are the greatest saboteurs. It can be
through our limiting thoughts, our doubts, our perceptions of self.
many times have you wished for something and then immediately
afterwards thought: “Oh that won’t happen to me anyway?” Or! No,
am not that lucky? Do you see what happened? First of all you were
creating through the first thought. Then you sabotaged it by thinking
negative straight afterwards.
9. The Conscious mind, sub conscious mind and the Higher self.
This too, is a deep study and requires a great deal of honesty,
perseverance, determination and will power. It is all about
how the way we view the world through eyes that are seeing an
because of our deep programming from birth onwards. Our
mind may know differently, yet our subconscious minds causes us to
and react in ways that when we take the time to stop and think don’t
seem to fit? This is because of our built in personality that was also
formed from birth after separation from the Mother. (Oneness)
Again, it
is very much possible to change that programming with the right
understanding and information. Allow me to offer you a powerful
example to get you started: Your subconscious mind is always telling
that life is hard and that to achieve anything you have to work hard
deserve all that you have gained. Your conscious mind knows
because we know that GOD desires us to have all that we desire. We
limitless beings.
10. Chakras. What a beautiful part of the human experience this is. It
has a multitude of tasks and functions. As most will know, they are
to allow a continual flow of energy from the Universal energy source.
know that if they are blocked, dis-ease, tiredness etc sets in. Each
chackra represents a particular area of the body, particular organs.
beauty of them is, they also support within the creative process.
all of the chackra are in balance and there is a continual flow of pure
energy through them seemingly magical things happen in and
you. This also leads to the Kundalini.
11. Kundalini. As I finished the last paragraph with the statement
all chackra when in total balance, totally open to the flow of the
universes energies, magical things happen around you. Many of the
worlds most famous figures utilized this energy to create some of
widest known human creations. For instance the light bulb, the
telephone, etc. Yes, our worlds greatest minds have used this energy.
We tend to label them with the term “geniuses”, but were they
really? Or
did they simply know something that most are not yet aware of? One
the best books I have read up to now on this subject is: Kundalini
by Dr. Barbara Condron. It is also an excellent book for those who
firm to the teachings of the bible, as it unravels many of the
mysteries of
the parables contained within offering a different view point to that
the worlds religions. It explains in detail how the charkas work in the
creative process. It was an eye opener for me and most important of
It really does work. I AM living proof in all that I do.
12. Mastery of self. I refer back to the highlighted points in question
this parable, each and every single highlight touched on a subject
when mastered increases everything in your life, not just abundance.
Each subject increases awareness and remember unless one is aware
something, change or choices cannot be made. Expand your
be willing to open to your mastery and so many wonderful things
manifest in your life. The Joy and the beauty of it all defies words, it
to be experienced. Will we achieve total mastery in this life time?
Well, I
can’t speak for all of you, but I know I am going to continue giving it
best effort and I wish you unlimited success in your quest, for in the
end! We are all one.
All of you who are reading this particular parable are by now
experiencing the hand of God so to speak in your back. What do I
by this? Allow me to share a few examples that you might recognize.
You have experienced healing energies flowing through you and you
might now be being guided to either study more, or you are being
nudged to open a healing center. You might be a teacher, and you
feeling the urge to speak up about new and different teaching
You have never really understood what your purpose here on earth
this time, yet now you are getting more and more clarity in that
I see it in so many that the proverbial penny is dropping. Let me close
this parable on the subject with which I began. Follow those intuitive
feelings, open yourself to the powers of the universe, work on or
the subjects I touched lightly upon above. Work diligently but with a
determination and you will find that YOUR abundance flows. Every
you are in the flow with your life’s purpose, the abundance is there.
you don’t know what your life’s purpose is? Work on these subjects
you will be certain to find out. Open yourself to the magic of the
universe and the universe will open to you.
Note: I am also fully aware that I started the article with examples of
blockages. My reason for doing that is to simply place information in
front of you. As you see more and more through the illusion of this
reality. You will not see them any longer as blockages but gifts
you so that you may have the abundance that is your divine right.
A Powerful tip in closing:
Whenever you catch yourself having negative or self destructive
thoughts. Have a power statement ready that you can change to or
perhaps even chant for a while.
Example: When your stuck in the thought of lack again.
I Am wealthy, healthy and blessed in all areas of my life…
If you keep repeating that every time you have financial or health
you will attract change into you vibrational make up, your thoughts
eventually become your statement. Your physical reality eventually
Letting go and Letting God…
Perhaps not one of the easiest tasks in
the world as I personally discovered.
Be prepared to go through certain
experiences that will eventually fully
allow this process.
Letting go and letting God…
What does this statement really mean?
In this parable I will attempt to give a clear description of what I feel
it to
be from my own personal experiences. Many of you reading this may
well be going through similar experiences.
During the past few years their have been so many changes in my life
that as I look back on them I wonder how the heck I ever kept up. It
began as my wife and I started to understand that we had grown
and that our lives were taking different directions. My chosen
path was clearly something that neither did she want to understand
grasp, she also ridiculed much of what I did and taught. Eventually
did her best to understand and I will always love her for trying. How
was to turn out I didn’t know at that point in my journey. This was
part of the letting go and letting God. The divorce procedures had
I often asked if she would still be a part of my life somehow? I can’t
answer that one at the moment of writing this parable as I still don’t
know. Will we remain friends? I would really LOVE to think it is
We will see, only time will tell.
She has been a major part of my life for more than 32 years now and
thank the universe and god for placing such a special angel on my
to learn life’s lessons together. How appropriate that she carries the
name Angela, for she truly has been my guiding Angel. I trust that
universe now has other plans for her and that her own unique blend
loving and caring will now be shared with so many others. It is with
deepest of gratitude that I have already seen that take place around
All of what has happened during the last year was heightened and
clarified as my twin flame started to reveal herself for what she is:
half of our complete soul.
As we began to understand the purpose and our task here on this
plane the experiences and understanding intensified. We were
to meet each other physically. Each time we parted it was as if a part
us was being severed.
Much of this transitional phase was one of chaos, confusion and lots
painful experiences. Much of them centered around my wife and I
being able to communicate and agree on anything anymore, it was
as if
all of a sudden we had become two complete strangers. There were
many reasons and circumstances in and around these experiences. I
trust from the very depths of my being that all that has happened is
divine perfection and that there is a higher purpose to it all.
In between all this there were some very beautiful moments. I had
preparing some workshops and seminars and I had been blessed to
introduce them in Holland and in places in the USA with Mary Pat my
Twin Flame. It was an experience that was literally out of this world.
They were very well accepted, but not yet quite having reached their
fullest potential, nor a certain degree of completion there always
to be something missing. With hind-sight the missing parts were the
essential ingredients. It was during a reading of the Akashic records
I was offered some extra pieces of the puzzle. When these were
the true purpose and a very much higher potential became visible.
Although they had been powerful before, they were now absolutely
blowing. When having experienced all three of the workshops “The 3
steps to Ascension” it became very clear that each individual here on
earth plane has a special purpose and are seeing that.
As they returned to their daily lives after the workshops, they took
with them a spark of light that empowered them in their own
and as they worked with the tools provided they now truly are
assisting in
the Ascension process.
It was during this whole growth process that I made a stop over flight
met up with one of my Shambhala Masters students in Atlanta. As I
her about the workshops, she too felt the power and the purpose
them. Perhaps neither of us at that time realized just how much, but
both knew there was something special. So much so that she offered
start promoting them. This was in April 2005.
After I got back from the USA from this trip, things seemed to be
escalating at home. They reached such a point of discomfort that
(my wife) went ahead with divorce procedures. As anyone who has
through these stages will know they were not very pleasant times.
though this was happening all around me, I knew and felt that I was
being prepared for something although at the time I didn’t quite
understand what.
As time passed the workshops were finding their true purpose. I was
making plans to go back to the USA. (Atlanta) Mary Pat and I were
starting to experience some very intense visions and receive some
powerful meditations which we started to record. Much of this was
centered around the Twin Flames, their purpose and how to achieve
coming together in the physical. In fact with what we know now, it is
only probable, it is essential. We would almost go so far as to say we
have no choice. There is of course always a choice, but neither of us
desire the alternative choice and that too was made very clear to us
several different sources. We have reached a degree of
now that we know that we too have a special task/purpose and we
fulfill that divine task.
Again with everything that was happening around us we were being
nudged into making a decision. A decision that at first sight was an
extremely difficult one. We were being asked to let go. To let go of
attachments, asked to let go of all that we know and love. We were
asked to leave everything behind and let go and let GOD.
Perhaps it is necessary to share at this point that I personally have
always been a perfectionist, along with that, I always had to have
everything meticulously planned into the minutest of details far in
advance. I was a hard task master for those that worked around me
because I expected nothing but the best results from myself and
These were absolutely attributes of myself that I had to learn to let
go of.
Ever heard of the expression. Thine will and not mine? Boy, did I
struggle with this one in the beginning.
It was also being made abundantly clear to us at this point that in
go and letting GOD, there was a huge element of trust involved.
was a particle of us that was being awakened in this process that
the GOD selves within us. It is only after taking certain steps, no
what those steps are/were, that things are/were being manifested
Within the manifestation process, the next steps/choices are
and made visible. For me personally, the first step was to decide to
my home, my wife and go wherever the universe/God desired me to
Because of the steps that had been taken within this co-creation
experience with the Universe/God, there were some pretty amazing
people placed on our path that were more than willing to not only
our purpose and our journey, they were actively taking/playing a role
in it.
For example: As we were already setting up the workshops in
Joelle was finding that connections and contacts were being
and opening up to her. A little in awe but certainly not diminishing or
taking away from the amount of work she put in, she too was
experiencing first hand how the “letting go and letting the
was really making a difference. Appointments were being made,
were being set up where I was being placed in front of groups.
This automatically promoted the Twin Flames, the 3 steps to
workshops along with a whole host of other seminars, workshops
were at that time bubbling to the surface.
In Holland special things were happening around the Twin Flames
seminar and the 3 steps to Ascension workshops. Special people
being drawn to us that possess phenomenal talents.
As we continue to expand within the experience of letting go and
god! The more the magic of the universe flows around us. That for
us, is
now and undeniable fact.
Relationships are a prescious thing and
very much worth working on.
When you have tools to assist it makes for
working on relationships a very interesting
We know from experience that these tools
work. Test them out and enjoy the
experiments just as we did.
Whether we like it or not we all are involved in relationships
the whole of our lives. They begin at birth. There is the relationship
your mother and father. If there are siblings, you will have a
with your brothers and sisters.
You will perhaps go to kindergarten and then on to some other form
schooling. It is these first experiences in relationships that will form
for the rest of your life. They are what is known as your formative
You will view life as through the eyes of this child until at a certain
you realize that this is how you were programmed within your first 0
to 9
or so years. If you don’t believe me? Take a look at how you view
aspects of life or experiences. Take a look at the emotions behind
Be willing in total truth to self, to look at your reactions.
All of these experiences are stored in your subconscious mind. The
subconscious mind is a handy thing to have for the most part. The
information and experiences stored there allow you to do many
things as
if you are on automatic pilot. Quite handy don’t you think? Its like
riding a
bike or driving a car, you do it automatically without thinking.
Unfortunately, there is a slight down side to this too. You see you are
also on automatic pilot with regards to your reactions, emotions etc.
When you experience something you might not like, the
that is there automatically kicks in and you react accordingly. If your
willing to look at the way you react, then remember how you might
reacted as that child you will see there are huge similarities.
There is good news though. You also have something that is known
your conscious mind. At a certain age this is the part of you that
starts to
register things with a questioning nature. This is where the fun really
starts. At a certain point in your life these two consciousnesses will
longer agree with each other. On the one hand you have your
subconscious mind programming and on the other you have your
conscious mind awareness of what is happening around you. The
are no longer in sync or agreement with each other. Although this is
often a very uncomfortable period in your life, in truth it is a very
time. You are awakening. Awakening to your higher potentials.
When you experience these inner conflicts, simply be aware of them.
at all possible distance yourself from either. When you can, you will
able to observe what the programming is from those formative
You will be able to see how the child within you reacts to certain
experiences. Remember, just be the observer, don’t allow yourself to
emotionally attached to what is happening. After you have observed
long enough and are aware of the reactions, take it a step further.
Be ready now to observe how the conscious mind is reacting or
responding to the situation. Be willing to observe and look at other
possibilities. How might you want to respond as the awakened
What was shared with you here will help you greatly in your
process. Remember, there are many different levels of awakening. I
would like to add one more tool that will help you greatly when you
experience conflicts within relationships.
When it appears that there is a potential conflict situation be
prepared to
take a long deep breath. Imagine that you are breathing in energy
“Universal Consciousness”. Consciously open your four higher
and allow information and thoughts to flow freely through you.
You can even experiment with this. Try it the old way and observe
you reacted. Observe the words you might have replied with. Make
notes. Then if possible in a similar situation try it again only now with
new tip. Observe now how you responded. I guarantee you, it turned
in a completely different energy and the result was also totally
Enjoy this experiment and play with it in the many different forms of
relationships you have. It will change your life.
Note: You could also open consciously and with your intent the
spectrum of your chakra. However for the purpose of the exercise
we did
above we are looking to open the chakra that are closer to source. If
feeling a little out of balance afterwards you can always envision
back and opening all of the chakra. To do this simply envision the
line traveling from far above your body, traveling a central line
through it
and to far below it.
* Hara line = a vertical line of energy traveling directly through the
and chakra, to which it is said the body is centered around.
Round about December 2005 when there was a lot of new energy
coming into the planet I experienced another very deep low period
in my
life. Now I understand why and what was happening, I see that it was
one of the most beautiful and transformational periods I could ever
I had experienced a great deal of disappointments and for some
they seemed to outweigh the successes. I also noticed that I was still
answering the phone or receiving people and assisting the way I
had. All those that called me for assistance or advice always left with
feeling of having found many answers and expansion. Nothing new
I noticed that somehow or other I was no longer experiencing
pleasure or
joy in assisting these friends and clients. It became very frustrating
me because they were getting their answers and I wasn’t.
That is until I had had enough. I started phoning a few friends asking
help. In the beginning that was even more frustrating. By the time I
hung up the phone I had noticed that each of my friends had
some pretty awesome information from me that had helped them all
Thank goodness my guides
showed me how I was still
living in separation.
Perhaps you will recognize
something from it and it will
help you move closer to
oneness too.
expand and It didn’t appear that I had gotten anything out of it. This
you can imagine was extremely frustrating for me.
That is until one day I had phoned a close friend (Marie José) again
was griping and moaning, yes even crying with frustration. I could
figure out why the heck I wasn’t getting any help?
During my tirades I suddenly felt a soft whisper inside me say
At first I hadn’t understood the word, so I continued with my tirade. I
guess by then the other side must have been getting impatient with
(chuckle) because the next time I heard/felt it, there was no
mistaking the
I stopped my conversation mid sentence and fell silent. My friend
and conversation partner in all this intuitively felt that something
happening and she did not interrupt. She just waited patiently until I
muttered, “What the heck do you mean separation?” (I underlined
put it in bold because that was verbally the way I felt that it came
out) It
shocked MJ somewhat, but she allowed me the space and time to
to the point they were trying to get across.
After calming down a little, they shared with me that this had all
been a
lesson in how I was seeing things. Somewhere along the road I had
track of the fact that we are indeed all ONE. I had indeed been seeing
myself as separate from them. They showed me the difference I had
made not only for them but for me too on an energetic level. They
showed me the circle again and pointed out that at the beginning of
circle the intent was to help the other, yet when the energy had
full circle, it was me that was stood there at the departure point.
All of a sudden the penny dropped and the tears flowed. I had
been seeing them as separate, I had been seeing myself often
as different to them and perhaps also because of my own low self
esteem at that moment, even confused as to why they were asking
me at
all. After I had wiped the tears away and taken a few deep breaths I
much lighter. I literally felt it as if I had returned into a state of
The next call I took, I can assure you, flowed in a very different
energy. I
was more than my old bubbly helpful self again and the information
flowed more freely than ever before. After I hung up the phone I did
little jig of JOY.
YES!!! I was back… Woohooo… This was fun… this was great… I bet
there were a few of them up there having a really good chuckle at
but I also know from my heart that they were feeling the JOY too.
If ever you experience this stage in your life? Just picture a mad
man doing a Scottish- Irish jig for joy… Remember the parable of
I have wanted to write this parable for some time, yet for some
reason or
other it just never seemed to flow so that I could. It has always been
topic that is certainly a loaded one when you talk about it to others.
There are of course many forms of competition. You have
competition in
sports, competition among each other inside the companies one
for, competition among family members in your own homes. There is
however that I have worked diligently on for some time and that was
competition I had noticed between light-workers.
This parable fits absolutely
wonderfully in with the previous
It takes it to another level.
Next time someone asks for
assistance and you say no?
Be willing to remember this
It had been a concern for some time and I didn’t know how to
address it
other than be the example my self how it is possible to not be in
competition with each other. My dear friend Hans and I had been
for ways that we could do that together, we had discussed at great
how we could be the best example through our actions to others.
One of the main things that we couldn’t understand was that
light-workers are very much aware at least in theory that we are
ONE”. Many are proving daily that they have not quite grasped the
essence of Oneness. Earlier in the book I have used the term
regularly. Do you remember? It means other parts of me.
What Hans and I couldn’t understand was that when we asked for
assistance for instance in sending email messages out to friends,
lists, forums and groups, most people did not seem willing to do it.
couldn’t figure out why. Was it because they were in judgment? Was
because of hidden fears?
Hans and I had been the living example by making sure we did send
forward messages that had the genuine request for assistance to do
for some time. Both of us have quite large mailing lists. We had
not too judge what ever was inside the messages. We had chosen to
simply be consciously willing to help another part of ourselves. We
consciously made the decision knowing that if we didn’t we were in
actual fact refusing to help that other part of ourselves. We had
made the
decision that those that did not appreciate it would simply request to
removed from our mailing lists. Oh, it did happen a few times too,
but for
the most part our lists have grown because of it.
We knew that most would do just as we did if it wasn’t something
resonated with us at any given moment. They would use their own
discernment and they would simply hit the delete button. We knew
most would be grateful for the extended sending of other peoples
messages, seminars, workshops etc. They appreciated it because
way they were being kept up to date on a great deal more things
were happening inside our own country.
So you see, by refusing to see others separate from ourselves. By
choosing consciously for the knowing that we are all one. Hans and I
touched on something that we still see expanding today.
I recently had another perfect example of working together in
MJ (Marie-José) and I have been working together for some time and
whenever she went with me to one of my seminars, I always made
that I shared a little about what she does. Among other things she is
licensed hypnosis and regression therapist/specialist and a very good
one too.
One particular day I was tired and was very scattered… So when I
interrupted her midstream in something she was sharing with me,
for MJ
it came across as if I was being very impatient. I noticed straight
the shift in her energy. There was a slight annoyance in her voice. We
are both very much aware of our egos when they want to play up
like this
so I took a deep breath and asked her to do the same. As soon as I
she knew exactly what had just happened and she was more than
As our deep breaths calmed us, I explained what had happened and
“We don’t do that ego thing any more”. She agreed! Straight away
were able to step into another energy… very calm and back in
While we continued working together we got proof of how the
then flows through you with some great promotional ideas which
certainly benefit the both of us for our future events. MJ and I both
received great expansion as she received gifts and so did I.
Connections opened up that would expand us both with what we do.
Even more rewards came later that day. We both received
information that would extend our outreach greatly. We received a
list of
places where we could advertise our events free. I will leave it up to
the reader as to whether you think this was a coincidence or not, but
us the proof was there. By the end of that day we had received ways
reach thousands more people with events we had planned.
One thing MJ and I know without a shadow of doubt, we could have
chosen to go into the experience of competition, separation or ego
all of these wonderful things would not have opened up for us. We
grateful for many reasons but the two foremost are that we can now
share our insights and blend of wisdom with a great many more
and in doing so we are also being taken care of with regards to
We sincerely hope that in sharing this parable we have offered a
perspective to our many colleagues and friends around the world
regards to your willingness to promote another. You can continue to
them as separate from yourself, or you can understand totally the
meaning of oneness. We are not saying that you should send
that is sent to you. We are simply saying: “Use your discernment”,
send forward the items that you feel might be of interest to another
of you.
Those that are receiving them! We would ask you to see it as other
of yourself being willing to share with you something they think may
be of
value for your journey or simply for your enjoyment. If it isn’t? At
remember that they are indeed another part of you before you send
complaints to the servers and providers and that in doing so you are
hurting not only them but yourself too. We all have a delete button
on our
keyboards and we all have our own powers of discernment. Use
and watch what happens in your own lives. Miracles suddenly begin
happen around you. Your soul and the universe knows, you might
find yourself receiving gifts that you had not expected.
Pieces of the Puzzle…
Not one single one of us contains all
the pieces of the puzzle providing all
the answers.
However, every single one of us
holds a unique piece of the puzzle.
When we work together and merge
our pieces.
We do see more of the big picture.
Pieces of the puzzle
As we all realize that we are never alone and we realize fully that we
all one. We begin to realize more and more that not one single one
of us
has all the answers, yet together we do.
We are all expanding in every moment. We are all unique in our
experiences. We are all unique in the way we perceive our growth.
We are all unique in how we travel our journey, there is not one
person on this planet that will experience exactly the same as you
If you can imagine that all life is a huge jigsaw puzzle. Imagine that
are a part of that puzzle or that your life’s experiences form a part of
puzzle. Imagine that all other beings also have a piece of or are a
of that puzzle.
That suggest to you two important things here. Your part of the
puzzle is
as essential and as important as all the others. It might also suggest
together we all in adding our pieces of the puzzle can see the big
In being open to all those other parts of the puzzle that are brought
your field of vision/experience, in understanding that we do all
parts of the puzzle it might just make a difference to how you walk
through life’s experiences.
Another example of something that could be perceived to be a sort
puzzle. Have you ever watched as someone creates a mosaic?
Have you noticed that as they are creating you often have to take a
or two backwards so that you can actually see what the image is
to be? During our journeys, life also often requires that we take a
back so that we can see the big picture.
Food for thought that really does work.
Enjoy being a part of the big puzzle and remember that without you,
puzzle is incomplete.
Thank you from the heart for being a piece of the puzzle and being
willing to share it with others.
The Circle of Life in all things…
When you take the time and ponder a while on this title it becomes
something very magical.
When we look at a creature that perhaps is born to the world, leaves
birth place, mates and dies all within the space of an hour or a day.
When we look at our pets, they are with us for a precious space of
Then we look at ourselves and we too are here for a limited period of
Perhaps we look at the trees in awe as we know that they are often
hundreds of years old.
Then perhaps we will look at the mountains and even here because
our geological history we know that they too are here for a certain
of time.
Expanding on that we look at our Mother planet and perhaps the
and some others we might be able to see with the naked eye. Yet
too had a beginning and they also may well know an end.
For a moment I am going to ask you to let go and imagine with me
all these things are simply a vibrational pattern of energy and that as
matter of fact that all things are patterns of energy vibration.
Imagine that
our words, thoughts and our actions are also emitted outwards as
The circle of Life in all things…
Do you recognize the saying:
“What goes around comes
same. Continue to let your imagination flow and remember the circle
life in all things!
Now, be willing to begin your next new day holding that image. Will
remember the cycle of life in all things? Will you be kinder to those
meet throughout your day? Will you smile more frequently at those
happen across your path? Will you carry love in your heart and be
shining outwards from within? Will you think again before you get
with someone you meet today.
Could it really be that easy? Could it be that all that takes place in
day comes full cycle in the “Cycle of life in all things?” That it is your
choice as to what energy you put out throughout your day and that
return to you many fold?
I wish you peace in your heart, a smile from many others, and love
all experiences.
God’s Pond…
A wonderful parable channeled
directly from the source.
Should you ever recognize
yourself being in judgment of
another’s path?
Please come back to this
parable and remember we are
all being touched by the ripples
of LOVE.
GOD’s Pond!!!
During a recent seminar on the subject of “Reconnecting to Source”
subject quite naturally came up as to whether or not we would all be
going through the process of ascension this time.
Having been asked this question once before and going through the
experience as BE-ING GOD, I remember how I had felt great sadness
the thought that even one of my children would be left behind. The
sadness had been felt throughout all kingdoms of GOD and all rallied
the call. At the time this happened the Earth and her inhabitants
were still
teetering on the fence undecided which way to go. My sadness was
in the beautiful hearts of the many light-workers on your planet.
They too
rallied to the call.
The point of critical mass was reached and you had chosen the
you desired to follow. Again the many kingdoms felt me as my heart
sang in that glorious moment. As I speak through this beautiful soul
who’s heart I know and love so well, for he has returned his heart to
and we are one in the sharing we are about to place in your
consciousness through this message.
In most recent times those who assisted to take you beyond the
mass have been aware of a great deal of energy pulses coming into
galaxy/planet. It was necessary in order to raise the vibrations of all
inhabitants. Your year 2005 was a year of turbulence and resistance.
most it was simply a fear of the unknown. As I gently added more of
LOVE into these tears, the events and ripples became more frequent.
Energetically speaking you might describe it as my joyful teardrops
falling into time and space. To enable you to envision this, it could be
likened to your proverbial stone being dropped in the center of a
The ripples you would see are similar to what is happening.
Throughout your galaxy and beyond these energy ripples have been
experienced and absorbed by the many and as each ripple touched
more of you. The vibrational shift that was required became a reality
each time another ripple reached even more of you my tears of joy
continue. It has created a flow of motion that will no longer be
until all have returned their hearts to me. Whether you are the
closest to
the central ripple or on the very edges of the pond, you are being
touched in many ways by this energy.
Imagine the pond being the universe, your galaxy and you will NOW
KNOW that not one soul will be left behind as we move into a far
reality than most can even perceive from behind your veils. Yes! You
read it correctly. Not ONE soul will be left behind.
An example of the events taking place, were those in the latter part
your year. In August there was another vibrational shift. In October
another. In November Mother Mary returned her loving Divine
energy and merged with the energies flowing to you. In December
on the
25th, My son added his energies to this great pool of Divine LOVE
adding more of the Christ LOVE consciousness and as you moved
the energy of your NEW year we decided to partially lift the
veil/illusion of
time. This year as you find the balance of these new energies within
there will be great changes, often chaotic and to the un-awakened
Worry not my beloveds, for as you integrate these energies within
and move beyond the chaos into your new balanced state, the world
around you will find her balance too.
For now let us emphasize the fact that not one soul will remain
behind as
you move through this magnificent period of ascension. Do you
remember the pool we talked about in the beginning? Visualize that
and see the ripples spreading out and reaching the shore.
This is similar to the wave after wave of energy that is entering your
reality right now and it is in divine perfection the way it works. Look
those ripples and imagine it reaching out ripple by ripple to all ones
your planet. Do you see the beauty of it? Yes! Every single being will
eventually be touched by that continual rippling flow.
Do not be concerned my beloveds that some around you are being
behind you. It is as it is meant to be, the ripples have simply not
reached them yet. Simply step away allow them their process, follow
your heart and guidance. Fulfill your divine rolls and contracts as it is
meant to be. Know/trust that in time they too will be touched by the
Know that it is all a part of the divine plan, set in motion, just as we
dreamed it together from the very beginning of our expansion.
You ALL are returning to Source.
The Tree Parable.
It is probably quite safe to make the assumption that we have all
seen a
tree at least once in our life and even though most don’t have the
time to
sit and observe a tree, it is probably quite safe to assume one knows
how a tree is formed. All the intricate and wonderful parts.
Deep in Mother Earth the roots are hidden, the trunk is perhaps one
the most noticeable parts. Depending on the time of year, the
season or
what type of tree you are looking at, it is safe to assume that you
seen trees with branches, twigs and leaves.
In the journey of experiencing soul family it has been questioned
throughout all of time! “How do I know I have met my Soul family!"
are a multitude of ways but for now we will use the metaphor of the
As the human travels through a particular life cycle there will be
along the way that will lead to awakening. Most of the life cycle
have been taken up, by simply living out experiences. When it is time
Soul family, Soul groups, Soul
mates & Twin Flames.
A forest, a tree, a branch, a twig,
leaves and a leaf.
When you can picture it as this
parable it is easy to recognize those
entering into your lives.
next step is activated, this being the awakening. This awakening is
basically a sign from the soul to get started on the job in hand,
Using the tree as the visual for the experiences we will describe how
our perceptions this takes place. As one travels through life the
entering in and out of your life could be visualized as the trunk and
thicker branches.
When one reaches the stage of awakening the branches will be
and the leaves will be very much visible. these could be likened to
members of your soul family or soul groups. A great deal of sharing,
nurturing and deep meaningful experiences are brought into your
When the point has been reached that you begin to consider
yourself a
light-worker you could visualize those as the twigs containing a
of leaves.
As your journey of awakening is experienced on deeper levels you
visualize that as being the smaller twigs with a group of leaves on
These would certainly be in your soul group. A soul group being a
of souls that have incarnated throughout many lifetimes together
different roles in different lives. They will feel very familiar as you
up with them again. You might not have met them before, yet you
feel as if you have. In essence and truth you have, many times, in
life times.
As we move ever closer to the outer reaches of the tree, these would
seen as a singular twig with a few leaves on them. These most
will be very familiar as these would represent your soul mates. Soul
mates may have been married in many lifetimes, you will most
have been family throughout most of the incarnations.
These soul mates have contracted with you to live out very special
close experiences together. They may also serve as a mirror to you in
your expansion and preparation of meeting your Twin Flame.
Often it can be confusing because these soul mates also have a very
close and special relationship with you. On top of that, throughout
many writers have used the term soul mates to describe the Twin
which was to say the least misleading.
At the end of one special twig, there is one special leaf. Look at any
look for that leaf, you will see that it is made up of two almost
and mirroring patterns, yet both halves will have their slight and
In life, the human experience, this would be considered your Twin
You see, you are two halves of one complete whole. Do you think
leaf would be able to mistake its other half? This is how close the
experience of the twin Flame will feel. It is an instinctive knowing.
the wind blows you move in unison, when experiences are traveled
the one, the other absorbs.
There are of course a great deal of ways you will recognize that other
half of your leaf/soul. (chuckle) When your hands touch, there is a
flow of
energy that is indescribable. When the lips meet in a tender kiss, the
body reacts in ways that soul mates etc would not experience.
Any Physical contact by Twin Flames is experienced thousands of
stronger than it might with a soul family member, or a soul mate
even. It
is the dynamics of the creator essence that is felt. It is the Electric
the Magnetic that are activated and the natural divine desire to
back into Oneness that is felt. These energies will course through
bodies and ancient activations take place. The DNA is activated and a
natural knowing is felt in the body and souls of the two. Alchemic
reactions take place within the body stirring ancient activations
If you are in doubt? Then it most likely will be a soul mate that is
there to
prepare you for the Divine coming together of the ONE. Bless and
this being, for throughout your many incarnations you have been
together to prepare you for the day that you would be ready to meet
divine other half.
Truly bless them for they will serve as an absolute mirror to you, so
you may see the parts of self that would be blocking your expansion
towards this divine union. If at all possible, communicate with this
mate on all levels. If at all possible work from a place of knowing why
are together, why you will often experience what might at face value
appear to be unpleasant experiences. Work through them together
for it
is quite possible that your soul mate is also moving towards meeting
divine other half.
The Twin Flame experience would be best described as one of
highs and often great challenges/opportunities. I used the double
challenges and opportunities because depending on how far you are
your evolutionary path they could certainly be viewed as either. It is
most magnificent and beautiful journey often misunderstood
because of
the nature of conditional love. As the couple grow it does become
unconditional love and is then truly the match made in heaven.
I have to chuckle at that statement: “Match made in heaven”. As one
grows to understand the nature of the twin flame, one will definitely
understand that it is not about themselves, it is about fulfilling a
task and working along side source to assist humanity in her
Special Experiences…
Chapter 3.
Dark Night of the soul.
Although in first perception while in this
experience it is far from positive.
Once on the other side of it, you find
that it is the greatest gift you could ever
experience giving yourself.
Dark Night of the soul.
It is not my intention to place fear in the hearts of those that have
not yet
been there. It is my intention to share my experiences from my
As you read the experiences! YOU will no longer need to
them so heavily, because as I share them, you LIVE them with me,
absorb them, you have lived and experienced them, therefore you
longer need to choose to go through them all or at the very least you
recognize the feelings and emotions when it is your time to go
through it.
If you still choose to do so, I know that as you read many of the
that have been provided to me, they will also assist you, will ease
burdens, will assist you through the times ahead. Is it possible that
won’t experience them? That I cannot predict, for it is truly your
There may be parts of your divine experiences that you will need to
through, a releasing or experiencing them in order for you to get to
place of understanding that will uplift/enlighten you and the many
you will
teach because of it.
I call this experience “The dark night of my soul” because at the time
most definitely felt like that. My perception of “dark” was such that I
not find the experiences at all pleasant. I went through a period of
that I had called on Mother Father God Creator many times to take
home. I will also share one of my most personal writings to self that
three other living beings have been allowed to read until now. In it
will feel my desperation, my screams for help, my pain and sorrow.
self pity, my lack of connection and insight is very apparent. I share it
because I know so many of you will recognize it and will be helped by
and the answers that we will provide during this writing. See next
I started this article purposefully with what many will perceive to be
negative, yet I make the statement now LOUD and clear, it is not. It
like it was while I was in it and so will or did you, but now I know
differently. There have been many (human) angels placed on my
during the experience that provided so much clarity. To each and
one of you, my eternal gratitude for playing so magnificently your
role in
our contract. Each and every time it happened, it was as if a word or
was enough to trigger something from deep within me. As it did I
many answers to all that I have been through. I felt my DNA change, I
am no longer who I was. I know without a shadow of doubt that I
had to
go through these experiences in order to be the master I came here
There have been several close friends that have been going through
similar turmoil within their current relationships. Some will remain
their current partners, some won’t. To each of you I say now, be the
master that you came here to be. Master the 3d emotions, let them
come from the heart, a place where no anger can reside, where the
feelings of jealousy or emotions have no place. Communicate with
partner from your higher self, find the words to communicate with
them in
the language from the brain, ego, personality and mind for that is
they are and for a divine reason. Formulate the words from LOVE,
they will understand. A part of their own inner knowing will then be
to open or release whichever your purpose and divine contract is
to be.
Know and feel this next statement to be truth as I understand it. YOU
have gone through, or are going through these experiences to
you for a task that you came here to fulfill. There is/are none other
those closest to you that can press your buttons, that knows you so
that can touch the very depths of your being than your partner,
family or
closest friends, perhaps even your colleagues. Bless them with all
you are for they truly are your guide to ascension.
It certainly will not have felt or feel that way. But know without
doubt that
they are dancing the dance of creation with you in one of the most
sublime dances that has ever been experienced. They are honoring a
divine contract to assist you in preparing for a time in the not too
future when the masses will awaken to their own true GOD selves.
These times will be extremely confusing for them and you are being
prepared. You cannot fulfill your task if you are still being hurt by
statements, acts or things happening around you. Many of you have
experienced or will the things of which I speak. You had to
them to prepare you, to assist you to see beyond the illusion of this
reality. You are being prepared to BE the Ascended Masters here on
It will appear as if your ego, mind and personality are being tested to
limits, it will seem like your partner has lost their mind, comments
that cut
to your soul, overly exaggerated statements that will cut into you like
Know dear reader that these times are temporary, they will pass as
gain mastery over your emotions etc, as you learn to respond from
heart instead of reacting from the brain (ego). The sooner you see
through what is happening and the why, the sooner you will find the
found freedom, peace and your true path. A word to the wise, as you
learn to stop pointing the fingers at the other, or finding words that
the sting out of anything that may have been experienced, taking the
blame out of statements, removing judgment from your comments,
change will take place.
A next step may be that your partner may shift their energy from
recrimination towards you, to taking the blame upon themselves.
them to see through this illusion too, for this is also a part of your
MASTERY test. It will need to be done with a lot of patience and
understanding, sometimes firm words will be required, please do
sure that those firm words come from the heart and not the ego. I
promise you again that they will feel this at some point and after
higher self realizes that they cannot press your buttons any more,
they cannot take you out of your Mastery, a shift will take place and
again a peace will descend around you. Those of you have gone
through or are going to go through these experiences will most
feel compassion for any and all who come to you because you will
understand where they are and what they are going through.
I wish also to share with you the following. As I began to see through
illusion of what was happening to and around me, I learned that I
at all times be in total TRUTH. This in the beginning was not an easy
for there were secrets I thought better kept to myself often out of
fear of
judgment of what I feel, see, experience and believe. One thing I DO
KNOW for certain, a lie will never remain hidden and it is always felt
the other person, their intuition is sending them signals and they
Perhaps not quite what, but they do KNOW. I am not asking you to
accept this as YOUR truth, however! To prove it to yourself, try a
experiment with a close friend. Share a lie with them, ask them to
feel their own bodies and the reactions from it. I am absolutely
that they will feel the difference between true statements and
I know from experience that in the beginning this may well be one of
most difficult tasks for the fear of reactions that might come from
the one
you are revealing truths too. Yet I promise you this. In TRUTH there is
magic that suddenly seems to flow. Their higher selves automatically
seems to know that something special is happening. Oh! They might
angered for a while, but again I speak from experience as YOU begin
replace the fears (in your heart) and replace them with faith a total
begins to take place! Either they will be ready to release you to your
divine task or assist you, sometimes both.
A truly magical air of peace descends upon your situations.
REMEMBER!!! You are of the first wave. You came here to be the
ASCENDED masters here on earth. These are tests that you agreed
each other before you even entered into this life cycle. REMEMBER
all times that the one appearing to be hurting you is fulfilling their
contract with you. Perhaps it won’t feel like this at the time, But
there will
come a time that you see the LOVE that has been given. Do you think
was easy for them to force you into your mastery by doing what was
perceived to be at the time all those nasty things? Were they not
confused and hurt too? I offer you this statement. Yes!!! But they
continued even though they did not know the why. Because they
being guided to make you step into your power. Why! Because an
knowing is guiding them to do so. They cannot avoid it, because it is
THEIR divine contract.
I also spoke earlier of the many human angels that have been placed
my path. Each and every one of them had a small piece of the puzzle.
I spoke with them often times purely because I am always willing to
assist another, I found as I listened to what I was saying to them I
getting answers for myself. We were finding answers and getting
as to why it was all happening.
The workshops I have been blessed to bring forth and will be invited
share with so many as we travel the world, my Twin Flame and I. We
be able to share the 3 steps of Ascension, deliver many seminars on
Twin Flames, assisting through the remember seminar those present
remember their divine task, sharing our experiences and the
that has been provided to us. We are truly blessed each and every
of us. For as you see through the illusion of the dark night of the soul
will notice that you are releasing ego to the light. You are releasing
judgment accepting all for what/who they are and seeing exactly
they are on their journey and I can guarantee you will send them
instead of judging.
The many earth Angels that will enter your life, cross your path for a
moment, or stay with you for the journey are a GOD send. Listen
carefully, for they are there to provide you with your answers as you
provide them with theirs. Recognize those that are there to be a part
your “COUNSOUL” for although you have achieved mastery now on
several levels, there may yet be times when you are not able to see
how’s and why’s for yourself. When this happens you will know who
turn to as they will turn to you. I use the term: “Vibrating on a similar
Octave” because should I use the term: on a similar level? It will
create a feeling of judgment and will not as easily be accepted. My
understanding of this is that our souls understand that we are all
vibrating in many different resonance’s and all is in perfection, for
we are
all unique in our journeys and the way we have become the
we are.
Be open dear friends to those around you. Place your
questions/requests to the angels and the universe. For just as I did, I
know you will find your answers. They will be placed on your path
and it
will bring you to a point whereby you can and will let go of this 3d
The feeling is one of a deeper understanding and a knowing on many
more levels. It is the beginning of true unconditional love of all your
brothers and sisters or as I have written may times before: OPOM’s!
Your "other parts of me."
It truly does feel as a part of the ascension process. Does it end here,
are we there? Oh! I doubt it, but I do know we are a great deal closer
having experienced this AWESOME GIFT known as the dark night of
One final note: While I was going through this period in my journey I
noticed that many things were being blocked. I will not bore you with
details. I will simply make the statement that they no longer are. A
of FREEDOM and abundance on all levels appeared in my life after
experience. A part of me knows that as you find this space in your
journey many things will suddenly open for you too. Those with
whom I
have already shared this new part of my knowing, this new
understanding, have somehow or other come out of their shells. I
seen how they have transformed from a closed bud to a beautifully
open and in full bloom Lotus flower. They have stepped fully into
power, they are in their passion and their JOY. Is it because I have
shared with them these experiences? Was it because there was a
activated within them?
Were the masters working through me as I shared these experiences,
that something was triggered within them? Well! I will leave that for
to experience after you have read and absorbed this parable and
made it
a part of your own knowing if you so choose.
One final thought I would like to share with you. If you have not been
through this experience yet? Find someone who has, their love and
patience as you go through your struggles will assist you through
with much more ease and grace. It will certainly speed up the
process as
they guide you through it.
A prisoner in a prison of my own creation.
My life is one of ups and downs, more downs these days than ups…..
am caught within invisible walls of a prison of my own creation…
I am in a marriage that is causing my spiritual journey to tumble and
all around me…
It is causing my emotional body to be in turmoil…
It is causing my physical being to break down at such a rate I feel that
if it
continues this way I am not long for this journey…
It is creating havoc within my mental body, for even though I know I
a master, I certainly no longer feel this way.
A prisoner in a prison of my own creation.
As I stated in the previous parable, I am
sharing this particular part of my
awakening journey because it was at the
time the lowest period of my life. It was a
part of the experience as I went through
the dark night of the soul journey.
Please do remember, it was, I can now
state with hindsight all an illusion that
allowed me to become free.
On some levels I love my wife very much because she has been a
of my life for more than 30 years. We had two wonderful children
together of which one has returned to source. Enough to tear apart
relationship, yet all throughout our lives we only ever did have each
other. Now since my quest to find answers I have lost that too. The
between us I doubt will ever be bridged…. Nor truthfully do I have
desire. I don’t know what my future is going to bring, but it will more
likely not be with my wife.
I thought to have found joy in a creation shared through my guides….
The Online Spiritual Community. Yet even that tumbled eventually
and is
now laid in ruins at our feet…
I found my other half of me, the opposite pole of my soul. Which
me experiences that fail description on this earthly plain, Yet that too
appears to be breaking down. She too being caught in a prison of our
illusion. I find myself more in the lower me than the higher me of
late and
I see this mirrored in her. Are we doomed to fail in everything dear
Mother Father God Creator.
We understand the concept of the journey and the task you have
upon us, yet I fear that the burden is to great for how can we create
within these prison walls. Dear Mother Father God creator, hear my
for help. Lift us out of this illusion of the 3d reality for it is one now
we have a deeper understanding of, is to great a cross to bear…..
I no longer have the strength to seek mastery within the marriage I
trapped in. I no longer have the strength to lift my twin as she
within the illusion of this 3d world.
Who will lift me dear Mother Father God Creator? Who will lift me?
Am I
destined to be a failure in all that I do in this cycle dear Mother
God Creator? Even in my willingness to serve the greater good of all?
Even in the search for a little piece of heaven on earth with my twin?
I am tired and I am weary of this illusion dear Mother Father God
Creator, take me home soon or with the greatest of haste place in
of us the possibilities of a respite and some happiness. We agree
with all
we are to be in service to the whole, to the collective, to all that is.
hearts scream out to do it from a place of bliss and freedom. Why is
then dear Mother Father God Creator that we are failing to manifest
You have teased us and held the carrot there long enough now in
front of
your faithful twins. Provide us with answers soon for if we cannot
them I fear for our sanity and our eternal soul. Heed our cries dear
Mother Father God Creator, have pity on these souls…
This period lasted for about a month and eventually did diminish as I
started to find the answers. I realized eventually that this was the
that was being forced to release its control over me. I realized
that it was all in divine perfection and now that I know the results of
through it, I would not change a thing.
The Death of the Old.
In the many conversations with people daily and from all corners of
globe something is very clearly being presented to us. The
that many have had, are having or will have are not unlike dying. In
article, clarity is being provided as to what exactly is happening so
the awareness is expanded to the “ALL”. Please note, we are not
about an actual physical death here. It is a descriptive metaphor for a
very deep experience
The Death of the Old.
Having gone through a second
experience of the dark night of the
soul, I gained a great deal more
insights as to exactly what was going
Through this parable I hope to
provide even more clarity for those
about to step into the experience as
we all near the moment of
It is all being presented here in reverse order so that those yet to
experience it will be encouraged and uplifted by what they are
This at least is what we hope to achieve because the experience
out to be one not only life changing but also absolutely the best
thing that
could ever happen to you.
Yet to experience.
For those of you still to experience this death of the old? You got
lucky! A
whole bunch of folks went before you and have written some great
about it. Many have provided some pretty awesome tools to assist in
transformation. At the end of the article we will share some
that will assist you greatly. For a moment we will take a look at what
meant by old. The old we are referring to here is the parts of your
up that will no longer serve you in the higher vibrational dimensions.
could be parts of your old programming, belief systems, habits etc.
we refer to death of the old, it is really merely a transformation of
the old
ways into the new. These are often experienced as struggles and
sometimes to such an extent that it really does feel as if you are
unraveling from the core.
Having taken the time and done the reading, you will find because of
your awareness of what is happening, you will recognize many of the
symptoms and with the many tools provided will move through them
a lot
easier. This of course is a matter of choice, should you choose not to
research, you will experience it as deeply as those that went before
that did not have the materials. Either way the end result is the
same, it
is just that the one path has stones and briars and the other cotton
and downy feathers. The fact that you are reading this now, shows
willingness to move through these experiences with as much ease
grace as is possible.
Enjoy and be in Gratitude for those that have gone before you. Know
to be an absolute. Not one soul on the planet will avoid this. It is
what we
all agreed upon even before we incarnated and rest assured it is the
most blessed and magical thing that could happen to you, although
times it certainly might not feel that way, we can assure you it very
definitely is.
For those in the experience right now!
For those that are going through it now, you might be feeling that it
is the
worst time of your lives, you might feel as if you are totally lost,
disconnected, feeling like crawling into a hole, despondent,
even to the point of no longer wanting to be here. In actual fact, you
indeed dying! Whoa! Not so fast, we meant a part of you is dying.
old parts of you in the 3d reality are dying off. Many of the old
are falling away and this is creating confusion within you. There
might be
physical symptoms like diarrhea, skin blemishes, flu symptoms.
may even be more serious symptoms and we do not want to create
with these statements so for this purpose we strongly recommend
look for Michael’s materials at the end of the article. He provides
awesome insights into many of the symptoms and helps you discover
why they are there. Fear and dis-ease are all a part of the illusion and
the tools are already there to help you transform them.
Are you with a partner that appears to be making things extremely
difficult for you. Well! Here too you have a choice. You might have
finished your soul contract with them and by remaining in the
you are only prolonging their discomfort and yours. If you see pain in
their eyes, remember that they are reflecting the pain they see in
eyes. If you wish to discover whether your contract together has
completed and you are not yet able to tap into your own souls
We recommend you visit with a hypno-regression therapist. Ask
specifically for this “soul” knowledge. Please do your research on the
practitioner before hand. It is essential you get with a professional
knows exactly what he/she is doing. We say this because obviously
opposite is also possible and it may just be a break down in
communications or understanding. This too can be researched
the right therapist. It often turns out that a lesson has been brought
forward from a previous life and in understanding what it is, is often
the battle. Many couples after regression therapy have become very
good friends and lovers again and are as happy as the day they
Others realize that the soul contract has ended and a reasonably
peaceful separation is usually the result of this knowing.
Are you going through miserable experiences at work? Finding
getting deeper into debt? Take a good honest look at what you are
doing. Is your work fulfilling you? Does it make you happy? Here to,
are being faced with choices. Find ways to make it so that you can
the work you are in, or find something else that will make you happy.
know that this may all sound scary, but we promise you, you will be
you went through it. The reason being that if you are fulfilling your
contract you will be in JOY, abundance and the magic of the
Universe/God will flow around you. A HUGE and valuable tip here is
make sure that you master your inner and verbal communication.
certain that you are putting out to the Universe that which you
desire to
create. Avoid at all costs the “I don’t like, want, etc statements.
Remember, the Universe/God does not judge and will place on your
multifold of that which you put out. This is the law of the universe. It
is the
Law of attraction.
(at this point a gentle loving voice entered my being)
We can feel you asking: How is it possible that we know this is
happening the way we are placing it in front of you. The answer to
that is.
We wrote this script together and as you move through the
you WILL remember that YOU wrote it with us.
Anything that no longer serves you in the higher vibrations you are
heading into will be placed in front of you to transform. You can
resist if
you so desire, if that is your choice? We love you just as dearly and
are here when you get fed up of the resistance. In actual fact we are
always there, sometimes your just not hearing us. (chuckle)
Been through it all already?
Congratulations, you were the nearest ripples created in the
Universe/God’s Pond. ( See Chapter two)
For those who have been there, done that and got the T-shirts, you
know that those T-shirts were hard earned and deserved. Now that
are through it, experiences of daily Birthday’s, ecstasy, daily miracles
normal occurrences now.
Watch out for that yoyo effect though. (chuckle)
Most of you are remembering your “SOULS” purpose here in these
special times and stepping into the fulfillment of those tasks. All
you, you are noticing that there are many ready and more than
willing to
assist you to fulfill those tasks. They are just appearing as if out of
blue. Actually, that is exactly what is happening. The original ray of
GOD/creation is the blue ray. You are all experiencing/remembering
you are and re-learning to be the creator essence of the original
Enjoy the journey now and please remember those that are now
the ripples reach them. Assist where and when you can. Remember,
they are another part of you.
The purpose of it all.
Yes there is method to GOD’s/Our madness. We scripted all of this
together. We chose after traveling to the furthest point away from
Creator/Source that we would return. You are now anchoring the
energies in the now. You are creating heaven on earth. Your divine
agreement and birthright. You are stepping back into “ONENESS”.
us emphasize, you are releasing the illusion, you are beginning to live
your souls contract while in the physical all the while consciously
of your soul. You are integrating fully the GOD self now in the
We feel you asking: Can we fail? The answer to that is a resounding
“NO”. How do we know? Well! Who wrote the script? We/You did
not put
the possibility of failure into the script this time.
The Yoyo effect.
Many of you are now remembering how to be GOD, and as you
experience the confusion or chaos, it is YOUR sign to you that you
chosen to release the old vibrations and reach for the new. Bless the
experience. Ask your inner knowing as you go through this. We know
doesn’t feel very good as you go through it and you can prolong it if
desire by forgetting that you are remembering your divinity.
We feel you asking: “How do I know I am beginning to remember?”
How many of you are experiencing already the feeling of ecstasy.
us to use a metaphor to explain this. There are days already that you
waking up and you feel like it is your birthday. Inside you at the
The yoyo effect.
A channeled message that helps us to
remember the perfection of the script we
collectively wrote.
It was written to assist you to remember
and move through times of challenges with
ease and grace.
of each day you are already wondering what presents God/Universe
going to be placing on your path today and they are there. You have
noticed how things just seem to fall into place so effortlessly.
Because it
is all so new to you, you are looking at them sometimes and
how this is possible.
For others the experience is nothing other than feeling as if you are
in a
totally different space/time. Your walking around all day with a big
grin on your face and you don’t quite know why. You have felt as if
could just hug everyone you meet and tell them you love them.
Some of you have already gone through a few of what we will call
experiences. You are in that sate of bliss and everything is flowing
all of a sudden someone will say something, or something will
and “KABOOM”. Your right back into the old world experiences. Your
confused, your wondering what happened. We ask you to simply
through these experiences, there are so many wonderful energies on
side of the veils assisting you right now, you will not stay in the lower
vibrations for long.
What in actuality is happening here is you are getting used to the
vibrations. You are getting acclimatized in your new reality. There are
events taking place around you that will pull you back. Ahh, but the
beauty is, you have now had a taste of your Godliness and there is
nothing that will stop you now to reach out and be in that energy
Do you see the beauty of the yoyo effect? Do you see the perfection
this game plan that you yourself designed way back in the beginning
creation? Let us share another metaphor with you. What did you
used to
do when you went to a movie that you really enjoyed? What did you
when you went to a restaurant that had great service and great
Yes!!!. You wanted to tell everyone about it.
Admittedly you are coming back into the old with a feeling of
disappointment and you are groaning and moaning, but don’t you
the perfection in it? Humans are programmed from birth to be in the
negative. You are talking about what you have experienced in the
vibrations, about the feeling of having a birthday every single day.
kind of effect do you think that is having on those around you?
Another of the natural human experiences is “curiosity”.
Did the light go on again? Did the penny drop? Yes, you see you are
coming back and forth to let your friends and family know how
it is in these higher vibrations. What do you think is going to happen?
They are going to be watching you all the more closely, they will see
you are able to create and manifest your desires, they will see and
the blissful state you are in. They will see that big silly grin on your
What do you think is going to happen?
Yes!!! They, through there natural curiosity will be asking you
they will want to know how you are doing it. They are going to desire
have what you have.
Another metaphor that is very powerful in your earthly human
and it is one of the most powerful means of expanding an experience
your planet. Mouth to mouth advertising. Remember, all those that
listening to you, observing you, they are seeing the changes in you,
are seeing how you are more and more frequently remaining in that
of bliss and having everything naturally flow around you. Yes!!! Most
these people are your close friends, family etc. Do you think they will
listen to you? Will they trust you? Will they want you to show them
You can bet your angel wings they will. So, beloveds, as you go back
and forth in the beginning. Bless it, bless every experience simply
because you know now why it is happening and you see the beauty
your own contract to be the divine self.
Just for a moment we are going to ask you to imagine with us what is
happening here. As you experience all these wonderful shifts within
As you begin to remember more and more who you are and why you
here. Imagine how many friends you have, how many family
you have. Do you see the exponential growth that you are creating
simply being you, remembering you? Now do you see the beauty of
YOUR own plan unfolding in front of you.
Even as you read this message we can feel your excitement rising.
Would you like to know why? YOU ARE REMEMBERING who you are
and why you are here.
An experience with regression therapy.
As I sat down to write this parable I felt several emotions, the
being! Should I, or shouldn’t I?
Then I thought to myself. “What is this book “Parables of Life” all
and my answer to self was! It is about sharing my life’s experiences
that others may somehow benefit from them. It is also one of my
beliefs that in the times we are now living, by reading someone
experiences it is no longer necessary to live them out ourselves.
of course we choose consciously to do so.
It is for this reason I share this very personal experience.
Having met my Twin Flame “Mary Pat” and experiencing a level of
that fails description with words, having also met in the physical, the
description of the magic that takes place when the two hearts merge
beyond description within the human experience or this world. It
truly is
beyond words once the two parts of one complete soul meet for the
time in the physical. We have set up a forum for those of you who
An experience with regression therapy.
While on the awakening journey one of
the most powerful ways of finding
answers that appear hidden is to make
an appointment with a GOOD
regression therapist.
Make your choice carefully and assure
yourself first that they do know how to
take the final part of it into the purpose
behind any session in understanding
the soul expansion.
you are reconnecting to your twin flame which you can find a link to
this web page:
Let there be no misunderstanding here, it most certainly has not
been a bed of roses. We have had to work on it. We have had to
continually achieve balance with the ego and the mind games we
humans love to play. I sometimes wonder if we had not had the
end goal visions, if we had been able to survive some of the
we have faced together. Even in that statement, there is a part of me
that knows absolutely beyond a shadow of doubt that there are no
challenges without there being a solution available. It is simply a
question of being open and in the correct vibration to receive it. It is
a part of my absolute knowing that all challenges no matter how
they may appear to be are gifts to ourselves, as we see through the
illusion of them we expand because of the lessons learned.
In this example you will see that the universe did provide a solution
challenges that we were going through, not only for me but for Mary
too, even though normally she is on the other side of the world and
would not have been possible to meet with the same therapist.
In our journey of discovering what a twin flame is and why these
emotions and experiences were happening to us, we also discovered
parts of us that were absolutely blocking our ascension process. It
not be honest, fair or perhaps even totally accurate to write about
Pat’s experiences so I will limit myself to my experiences in this
knowing that at some point we will be writing a book together
“The ups and downs of Twin Flames”.
When communicating with each other I often found myself willing to
go to
hell and back bending over backwards to please her. I found myself
giving my power away to her to attend to her slightest whim. I found
myself panicking when our online meetings were cancelled. When I
received an email from her (which is very regular because we are in
business together) I was afraid to open them because I somehow
that it would contain a final closing of the relationship. When she
of her husband and children I discovered feelings of jealousy.
All of the above were very strange to me. I could not understand why
was experiencing them. I had no real reason why I should so willingly
give my power away to her. I certainly couldn’t understand the
panic, the
fear of rejection and the jealousy is a very strange emotion to me. I
not and since my early youth have I experienced the feelings of
so this was most definitely the most surprising.
Try as we might, we could not figure out where these emotions were
coming from. That is until we started to recognize certain patterns in
communications with a third person we both knew. It all started out
innocently enough. Then for some reason the messages and
from this third person started to take on another form, they were
becoming manipulative and at some point even downright nasty.
third person had commented several times on the fact that we had
many previous lives together whereby I was the central figure in
experience she shared. It was at this point that Mary Pat recognized
experience she had had during an attunement I had given to her of
Shambhala energies. It was of a vision of her death, being burned at
I/we didn’t particularly feel much connection to this at the time, nor
we really believe in past lives and the affect they could possible have
this life cycle. However, with all that was happening now and the fact
it was definitely getting in the way of our growth and ascension
process I
decided that it might be time to look for a specialist. “A regression
therapist”. After doing a search via the internet I found several in
and after speaking with two I felt that I was being guided to meet
one of them. There was a stirring within me that I could no longer
By now we had also looked to a certain extent at the vision Mary Pat
having and it was by no means a pleasant one.
When in a state of semi-trance opening to the experience I saw
pacing up and down. I felt a horrendous feeling of helplessness, guilt
injustice. I was watching this very beautiful native American female
burned at the stake and as I looked into her eyes I could feel the
helplessness and the feeling of abandonment and betrayal. Yet I
also feel just before she left her body a feeling of: “It will be alright
love, we will be together again”.
I discovered that my reasons for the feelings of helplessness were
due to
the fact that I was married to a woman who was a very powerful
landowner and I was nothing much more than an object of
amusement to
her. There had been very little love in the marriage from the
and I had naturally craved that love and found it in this wonderful
being. I saw in this vision that my lover had become pregnant and
my wife had found us out. Understand that in the times we were
there was nothing I could do to stop her acting upon her anger, my
being a powerful landowner. I remember clearly the feelings of total
helplessness, grief, guilt, anger, despair etc. I had also not yet dared
take the vision any further without professional help. I found that in
form of a wonderful professional to whom I am indebted and always
be in gratitude. Her name is Machteld de Gaulle a regression
therapist in
I set up an appointment on the day before Mary Pat was to arrive in
Holland to meet me again.
As Machteld took me through the whole process of the
the pain, the guilt, the grief, the loss, etc, She then took me a step
to recognize and feel the emotions that were attached to this
to where I was feeling it in my body and to what it was doing to me
in the
now. It was a powerful experience that took me through a huge
range of
emotions and releasing. It also eventually took me to a point where I
could see exactly where the responsibility lay for the whole
which made a huge difference in me and my be-ing in the now.
The next step came as a huge surprise to me, Machteld intuitively
that it hadn’t finished at this point and began to take me further into
experience. Because of my emotions and my clear display of them
the execution was taking place my wife of then became even more
beside herself with anger. Not long after my beloved mistress
from her body, it was to be my turn. I felt how a rope was placed
my neck, I experienced how I was hoisted and hung from a tree
branch. I
felt a light snap in my neck as I fell, yet that didn’t finish the job
because I could feel how my lungs screamed for air, my head felt like
was about to burst. It didn’t last long because I felt myself die. For all
intents and purposes I actually did die during this experience as well.
(Important recommendation: find a professional to do this with) If it
not for the expertise of Machteld I might have chosen to stay in that
space of peace. As she coaxed me to take a breath she took me into
experiencing the emotions again that this had all created within me.
Again she took me to different parts of my body and asked me to
aloud what I was feeling by whatever I was feeling at that moment.
Sometimes my throat was very blocked, others my lungs could get
air. As I felt those pains she guided me to say what came up within
me. I
will not go into some of the expletives, suffice to say the blame was
being laid where it belonged now.
After about a half hour of this releasing she then took me through
process of rebirth in this life cycle and yet again to my amazement I
felt and experienced the karma that I came into this life cycle with.
leaving the birth channel I at one point gave up, clearly a part of me
not one to go through all this again and I could without the
guidance of Machteld quite easily have given up in the here and now
again. Again I had stopped breathing. She coaxed me through the
at some points forcing me to fight to be here and as I took a huge
gulp of
air I knew I was back in this body. The beauty of all of this was that I
able to release a lot of the feelings, emotions etc that had been
my ascension process. Guilt was one of the foremost. It was certainly
one of the most prominent reasons for my desiring to please all the
I released a lot of old stuff (karma) through this experience and it
certainly has helped me in the now.
Would I recommend this to anyone? If your intuition is nudging you
towards it, most definitely. Go for it. I do strongly recommend that
find a professional though. Ask pertinent questions before taking the
plunge. If you are in Holland contact Machteld or my other friend MJ,
your elsewhere in the world contact either of these two people, they
are top professionals and very respected in their field. Roger J.
Woolger or Morris Netherton
Do we still have difficulty in believing in past lives? Well, it has
shifted our perception. Yet we also know that time doesn’t really
exist, so
how could it be a past life experience.
Let me share a theory with you and I absolutely wish to leave the
of your own belief or perceptions with you the reader. It is quite
that because we were experiencing certain aspects of our selves that
was blocking our growth, we tapped into the collective
consciousness or
some may know it as the grid and found an example that would
our needs the best. Which ever may be the truth it worked. We are
simply offering different theories here because we don’t have all the
I will say that it most definitely did answer some pertinent questions
we both required answers to so that we could move ahead, but now
a place of “knowing”. With this new information we were able to
work on
parts of us that were out of balance. With our usual special way of
communicating with each other we were able to move beyond those
An experience with GOD…
In the beginning there was ONE, and this ONE we know as the
of GOD.
In the desire to experience Self, the GOD essence split into two
becoming a replica of Self and the creator had created. In doing so, it
became aware of Self from two different perspectives. These were to
known as the divine feminine and the divine masculine. After a
period of
separation, and more splitting of the two, these two particles of the
desired to experience the energy of the ONE again and so it was they
merged back into the ONE.
This experience exceeded all imaginations and fantasies of the ONE
the unconditional LOVE of the rejoining was full of indescribable
The ecstasy of this ONENESS and the remerging was an experience
that ONE/GOD desired to further experiment on. The experience of
creation and LOVE. The ONE/GOD proceeded to further this
the results of which you all are today. All of you know this ecstasy for
it is
embedded in your blueprint and within your cellular memory. Yes,
hearts, you are all of my being and from the very beginning of this
An experience with GOD…
Although this parable also contains a
meditation exercise, I felt it to be such a
powerful and special experience that it
belonged in this section of the book.
Parts of this parable are directly channeled
from the source “Mother Father God Creator”.
experiment you and I had planned to return to the ONENESS, that
too can experience the merging together again in unconditional
this rejoining so full of indescribable divine JOY.
That is exactly what you are experiencing now. Throughout your
life cycles you have experienced many things as you learned how
best to
survive without the ONE. You separated self from the “Creator”.
This created the alter ego, the mind and the personality which have
throughout time become so powerful in creating the illusion of Life
without GOD/LOVE. You are continually searching for that LOVE
of self in a never ending search. The truth is, beloved particles of me
this love must first be found in your sacred heart space, for this is the
center of your being, the center of all creation. This is where you will
This is resulting in particles of your inner core essence now
this very re-emerging into ONENESS. We say to you dear hearts, as
these particles of self surface within you, the Alter ego, the mind and
personality, simply view them from the eyes of the Creator. Love
them as
the GOD/Creator would, without judgment of Self. Pour the LOVE
your heart into all experiences. Know the JOY of this grand
unfolding into completion. This, dear hearts, is your KEY to success in
your mass ascension.
A gift from me and therefore your Self that is rapidly coming into
awareness and acceptance is the dispensation I am placing in each
every one of you. Is the understanding/knowing that the other
particle of
yourself is very much present in your existence. As it was in the
beginning of creation your yearning to find the original vibrational
of self is drawing ever closer as you expand your awareness from the
mind into the heart. You have given this the name of Twin Soul or
Flame, for it is the original particle of Self after splitting from the
you continue to work from the heart and experience life in JOY and
LOVE, releasing the old particles of Self that are convincing you that
are needed for your survival, you are returning to the Twin Flame
of God.
Your world and all in it are rapidly changing and the masses are
awakening. A multitude of questions are being asked, especially
because of the confusing experiences that are going on around you.
It is
time dear hearts to remember who you are and from whence you
For you truly are ALL the Twin Flame heart of GOD.
I have offered these, my divine messengers, gifts to assist you in
releasing those old particles of Self that you may again experience
ONENESS of GOD, use it and return to me through the sacred Triality
Flame of GOD/LOVE expanded.
Returning illusions of the limiting mind and alter ego back to God
An experience that I recently had with Yael (Circle of Light) was so
profoundly powerful that it has changed our perceptions forever
this world we live in and our feelings for Mother, Father God. We
understand now also that we had to be willing to surrender to be
able to
become whole within ourselves. As Yael and I prepared to go into
she lovingly calls the transformational heart, I was ready to
anything that would help at this point. As we entered into the
state she asked me to voice anything I was feeling or seeing. I began
share with her what I was seeing in my inner vision. It unfolded as
follows: (Note: it is not necessary to reach a stage of despair to work
this exercise!)
The Pink Heart.
I first of all saw this beautiful big Pink heart. After observing it for a
moment or so I felt myself relaxing more and more.
The Triality-Twin Flame of God
I began to see the image of a Golden flame take shape in the center
this pink heart. As I continued to observe, another flame appeared
directly behind/around it and this one was silver of color.
after I saw a pure white flame appear behind/around that. Now
were three flames in one and I knew that this had an important
I understand it now to be the Triality Flame. The Triality Twin Flame
God. The divine masculine (Gold), the divine feminine (Silver) and
(White). I was being asked to step into this flame with my presence
so I
did. As I did, I felt the energy course through my entire physical body.
The vertical ray of release.
After a short while I noticed a beam of light projecting up and
into the universe. As I stepped into this beam of light I felt myself
projected out into the universe. I soon found myself floating
galaxies and a myriad of stars which all felt as if they were welcoming
me. It was in this space of peace and tranquility that I felt to call
Mother Father God Creator and so I did.
Standing in front of Mother Father God.
I will have to describe this as best I can because words cannot do it
honor and the love I felt/saw.
I first saw what I will describe as a sphere of Golden light that came
closer and as it did I began to notice it starting to take on form. At a
certain point I felt myself standing in front of this absolutely
being that emanated pure Golden Light, although golden is not
descriptive enough, there were many different shades of yellow,
orange etc and all of them vibrated in and through each other. The
appeared to be wearing a high necked cloak, but the most prevalent
experience was the feeling of absolute and total LOVE that streamed
waves from this being to and in me. I was then guided to offer
whatever I
desired to this magnificent being to have it transformed. I therefore
offered any and all doubts judgments and fears to this being by
them in my raised hands and offering them symbolically to him/her.
I did not immediately feel anything, but after what seemed to be a
or so I saw where the heart might be perceived to be begin to vibrate
exponentially. After another moment or so I felt/saw energy
from this magnificent vision, being projected into my own heart. Not
sure what had happened I felt and knew that something had been
transformed. After thanking profoundly who I knew now to be the
Father God Creator I returned into my body.
Within two days I had proof that this worked without any shadow of
doubt. The gift I received because of it was so profoundly huge that I
could hardly believe it was possible. I had of course done the
several more times during the next two days. I returned to the
and again asked Mother Father God to assist me by taking away my
fears judgments and doubts, every time I felt that my mind was
trying to
sabotage my desires.
I feel so enormously blessed to have had this experience and even
blessed to KNOW that it works and that it will make huge changes in
perceptions and our life lessons. Yael lovingly describes them as our
hidden heart beliefs that surface to be transformed and released.
greatest gift of all is that as I did this for myself I had noticed that
even being present it had also worked on my Twin Flame releasing
too from those old belief patterns. We continue to use this powerful
for transformation to LOVE every time we feel that the mind, alter
old programming or personality try to take over.
It is our heartfelt wish that it works so profoundly powerfully for you
as you are ready, willing and able to offer your limitations, challenges
etc, up to Mother Father God, releasing you from the illusion of the
and alter ego which we know, without a shadow of doubt will bring
and TRUE LOVE into your life. Enjoy it to the fullest for it is the will of
Father-Mother-God that it is so. It is your divine birth right.
Chapter Four.
A Selection of Tools designed to
An easy Guide To Awakening Your
Channeling Abilities.
Easy to follow steps provided to assist in
recognizing that everyone can communicate
with guides, angels and the ascended
A Simple Guide To Awakening Your Channeling Abilities
Over the last 50 to 60 years or so there has been much hype and
misinterpretations around this whole subject. It has been portrayed
most as something mystical and mysterious, something only
by the chosen few.
We will show you that not only can you, but each and every
here on this earth plain can communicate with their guides. We will
you that it is in fact nothing out of the ordinary, no big secret etc. It
is quite simple.
First of all we will offer you a method to communicate with your own
personal guiding angels or higher/other self. Once you gain
and trust in what you are receiving, you might even surprise yourself.
We know for a fact that there are many ascended masters/entity’s
there that are just jumping (figuratively speaking) for a chance to
introduce themselves to you. They can’t wait to share their wisdom,
guidance and unconditional Love messages to you and through you.
All YOU need to do is ask.
How many times during your life’s journey have you heard this
It is easy when you know how!!!! You already know how, you have
simply forgotten, we hope to help you remember.
Do you recognize this statement?
God, the Source, Allah, my higher self, whatever name you wish to
attach to it, doesn't answer my prayers/requests!
There are reasons for that, and we will do our utmost to show you
those reasons are.
Step 1. The "YES and NO" game.
Think of a question you would like an answer to. Because we do not
want to stretch you beyond your perceived limits straight away, we
recommend you think of a question that can be answered with a
"yes" or a "no". We have found that even those that have never tried
before have received an answer at their very first try.
Let us expand a little further on this, because we know that some of
are expecting bells, whistles and drum rolls etc... When you ask your
question? Be aware of the thoughts that pop in to your mind. Most
of us
when we first start experimenting with this, will find that this is
indeed the
way we (feel) get our answers. It might surprise you to know that
you will
have your answer even before you finish stating the question. If that
not the case? Let us offer as an example that you receive your
approximately 1 or 2 seconds after completely stating the question.
that is the case, then it is your ego that is answering the question
the answer that you "want" to hear....
Maybe you didn't get an answer? Either, before, during or after.
Excellent! (Sorry, we don't mean to tease) Our reason for saying
excellent is: we have found the reason why you have not been
your answers. "YOU" have not been making your requests (your
with total "clarity"!!!!!
Allow us to explain.
If you are not totally clear with the question? Your higher self, God
cannot do anything for you. So what we need to do is look at the
question you are asking. Get yourself a pen and paper and write the
question down. Now take a moment or two too scrutinize the
question. Is
it possible that there are more ways than one to interpret your
Is it possible that there are multiple answers or ways to translate
question? Is the question confusing? Do you get the picture now? If
are not totally clear with the question you are placing in front of
Then this is one of the possible reasons you are not getting your
answers. Play with the words, try different ways of asking and have
some fun doing it. It really is fun to do...
Once you have re-formulated the question. Try again!
Did you feel it? Now you will probably have felt your "yes or no"
answer....Remember now!
This is just the start. Keep on playing with this. Continue to ask
questions. Keep working on the clarity. Once you become adept at it,
will find that your answers are always there.
The next step of course is trusting those answers to have come from
source. This too will become a familiar part of you as you learn to
those answers implicitly.
Perhaps we could also state here some of the questions you might
receive answers to.
By now you will perhaps be of the understanding that questions
the future rarely are answered or are certainly vague. The reason for
of course is that "YOU" have total control over everything that
happens in
your future. You are creating it with your every thought. It is
understandably near on impossible for your guides to predict future
events. Having said that, it is possible to ask for signals or guidance
to whether certain actions are in alignment with your divine plan.
Once you have mastered the yes and no connection, at some point in
time you will start to notice that something has changed. The
you are getting are no longer simply yes or no. You might find that
answers you are now getting are complete sentences. Keep working
it. Again once you have total trust in the messages you are receiving?
You will eventually find that you are able to hold complete
with your higher self/source.
Note: Although we do indeed feel that the learning /remembering is
simple, we feel to let you know that as is with everything in life
achieving, it will take patience and above all diligence/practise. Like
every other muscle in this our human bodies, our connection to our
guides, angels, higher/other selves takes practise and exercising of
those connections. The more you experiment with it, the more adept
Energy Games We Play.
(Part 1 Energy Fields)
In this first parable we offer ways for you to
see with new eyes.
It will make a difference to your daily lives and
experiences and are most certainly a great
deal of fun.
Energy Games We Play (Part 1 Energy Fields)
Ah! The energy games. This must surely be one of my favourite parts
this journey. There are so many experiences to share about this one.
my humble opinion no one has written about it more eloquently and
accurately as James Redfield. You only need to look at the amount of
books sold. (The Celestine Prophecy) It made a huge difference in my
journey as I know it has for so many others, in particular those who
just embarking upon their awakening process.
It takes a little practice to be able to see the way our energy fields
surround our physical body, yet when one does it is an exciting
experience. One of the best tools I ever received was this diagram.
See: Dr. Tom Chalko
If you look at the dot in the centre long enough without blinking you
will in
effect be training your eyes to work in a different way than you
would during your natural daily experiences. Practice this and I
guarantee you, it will make a huge difference in your life. A bold
statement indeed and yes in a moment I will back it up too. Practice
it a
couple of times a day for the first few days and you should pretty
be able to see the energy fields around trees, plants, light switches,
sure is a pretty one) animals and even people.
How might this experience change your life?
In so many ways and I will share with you now how it has helped
and others that I have worked with. Knowing that our bodies are
surrounded in an energy field and that through this exercise you can
this energy field. This first step might simply be being able to
visualize a
slight haze around the object you are looking at. Keep working with
your skills will expand the more you do.
I am sharing two examples with you so that you can play with the
experiences as we did when first starting out. ENJOY!
An example of one of my own experiences here would be a time
when I
went along with my wife to have my eyes tested. The specialist asked
me to take a seat and while he examined my eyes he asked me to
concentrate without blinking on a particular object anywhere in the
I happened to choose the light switch. After a short moment I started
notice a beautiful blue energy field around the switch. Without
moving my
eyes I started to notice other things in the room. I could see the
specialists body just off to my right in my peripheral vision. I could
see his energy field. I remember the surprise on his face as I
with a loud WOW! Haha.
Another of my first examples. I had just parked my car in the same
place as I always do when we visit a special Island close to our home
the time. While I was getting our warm coats out of the car, my wife
walked to a dune and had started to film the area. Before I go any
further, you need to know that the camera was a very old one, and
looking through the view finder, you could only see black and white.
this occasion, my wife called down to me somewhat confused and
obviously not believing her own eyes. She said: "how is it possible
that I
am seeing a very clear GREEN energy field through this camera?".
Silly me. I didn't believe her and said that it was impossible. Agitated
determined to find out if it was just her eyes, she made me join her
take a look for myself. What I knew to be impossible, was now
proven to
me too. I could not believe my eyes. All around the dune fields there
a large and very clear green band of energy. No matter where we
pointed the camera, it was clearly there. Although the dunes and
everything else there was otherwise just black and white, the
skyline for about a couple of meters above the ground was a
green haze. To jump ahead, the first thing we did after leaving was
the camera in several different places, inside the bungalow, at the
etc. But nowhere, did we see the colors again? Still pretty surprised
confused, wondering if we could still see it on the camera, the first
we did when we got back home was, again look through the
Nothing! We then played it off via the TV. Nothing!
In subsequent visits to that Island and to this same field, especially
during the different seasons, we were able to see without the
Depending on what season it was the color of the energy field varied,
sometimes it was a beautiful green, at other times it was a golden
and yet others it had a light blue hue to it..
This next step could be seen as step two of the exercise and is known
generally as Aura reading.
By now you might have noticed that our energy fields fluctuate and
change with our mood swings. This does take some practice to be
to see. However, it is well worth the effort, especially when you are
to discern different colors in the energy fields. Each of these colors
contains a different energy and can provide the reader with a lot of
information. This experience has served me well many times while
working with people.
Step three in this exercise and another of great value to your
experience is watching how the energy fields react to certain
You might want to start playing with this one by sitting in front of
one of
your house plants. Concentrate first of all on seeing the energy field
surrounding it. As you are comfortable with what you are seeing,
start to
play with it a little. Offer the plant sweet words, talk to it in gentle
offer it your loving energy. It is a wonderful experience. Seeing how
energy field of that plant interacts with your energy, seeing the
field expand and become brighter is one of the most powerful and
unforgettable experiences I ever had in my own journey. When you
ready you can exchange energy with the plant. This is simply a
matter of
thinking it, or in other words placing it in your intent. If the subject is
willing you will see the field of energy reaching out to touch your
There will be a visible exchange of energy between you and the
The colors are clearly discernable between the two, so you should
no trouble seeing the two merge. Once you are confident in this
experience you can try it on your pets.
Next we will go into some of the experiences that will assist you
in understanding the games we humans play with our energies.
Energy Games We Play (Part 2 Energy Fields)
As promised in the previous pages we will now take a closer look at
energy games humans play with each other and the huge difference
can make to your own personal journey within relationships etc.
shared with you how you can develop the skills needed to see energy
fields we would like to take you on the next and in my opinion very
valuable part of this experience. We are sure you will agree once you
have read this section.
In the first part of this experiment we would recommend you ask a
friend to experience this with you. Just as you did with the plant, you
now going to need to focus on this person/friend and to adjust your
so that you can see the energy field. If you are doing that with a
while honing your skills, you might make them feel very
uncomfortable to
say the least.
As you become more and more adapt at seeing this energy field you
can start to play with it. Experience sending your friend energy, and
you do! Watch how the energy reaches out towards your friends
Energy Games We Play (Part 2 Energy
In this parable we share several ways of
adapting, changing or boosting your
This too can make your daily interactions
with others a much more pleasant
field. Ask them to send you energy and watch how the exchange
What you have just experienced is one of the ways that human
interact with each other. For instance, if you were to watch a couple
having a conversation and they are simply enjoying a normal
conversation you would see a gentle back and forward interaction
both their energy fields. If you happen to be in the circumstances
two of your friends are arguing and you are able to see their energy
fields? This is a whole different ball game. The one who has the
strongest argument or is the more convinced they are right at any
moment, you will see a huge stream of energy flowing towards
You can imagine that when this kind of altercation takes place that
has to be a rapid exchange of energy in order to keep the balance, if
doesn’t one of the participants will give in. This is one of the reasons
when you have been in an argument you might feel you lost that you
drained afterwards.
This is an experience that will teach the observer a great deal about
we interact with each other on an energy level and the energy
exchanges that are continually taking place.
I would like to share an example of an experience I had while
with one of my clients. When this lady first came to me it was quite
that she suffered from something called Bipolar disorder.
What this basically means is that the person shifts from one type of
emotion to another rapidly and frequently. It takes very little for
to have them move from a good mood to being an absolute
raving mess. I shared with this lady the exercises mentioned above. I
also asked her to read the Celestine Prophecies which as I have
mentioned before talks a lot about how we work with our energies.
What we had created with this was that she was now aware of what
happening in her interactions with others. She could see and feel it
happening. Every time she felt that she was being belittled or
attacked by
someone she felt the emotions bubbling up again. She could feel
losing control and was aware of it. Remember! Awareness is the
beginning of the healing journey. The difference in her now is that
now knew what was happening and she also knew that there were
several things that she could do to balance it out.
I also reminded her of the simple count to ten method. We even
that she could count to a hundred if it helped. Counting creates a
time/space so that you can be aware of what is happening, it
time to think about the answer or interaction you wish to choose.
While she was counting I showed her how she could also work with
prana breathing (breathing exercises) which would further assist in
relaxing her.
I added to that methods of opening ones self up to receiving energy
from several other different sources. Opening the higher four chakra
the universe and your guides will bring out a totally different answer
you would have if not having done these things. When we have an
abundance of energy we are automatically in a more relaxed state.
If that wasn’t working for her I suggested that another step would be
walk away when possible. To find a quiet place and play some music
which she could sit and AUM. The AUM together with the music
create relaxing vibrations and would always succeed in calming her
I am not saying here that this will work for everyone. I will say that it
does work for the majority of people. It certainly did work for this
particular lady and many other clients I have worked with.
Some of the energy sources I personally tap into.
For instance if I am driving long distances and I start to feel myself
I will ask the trees on the roadside if they would be so kind as to
some of their energy with me. After no more than a couple of
minutes I
no longer feel tired, I feel revitalized and reenergized. I always
to thank them for their gift. If there are no trees you can ask any kind
plant life and they will share their energy with you.
Have you ever travelled long distances with a tired driver? They get
cranky don't they? Here is a neat little trick you can try. Open
yourself up
to receiving the energies from whatever the source, sit behind the
and simply allow the energies to flow through you into them. What a
miraculous transformation and you have a peaceful ride for the rest
the journey. (chuckle).
If you can make the time you can of course also simply sit, relax and
open your crown chakra allowing the energies of the universe to flow
Mother Earth will also always willingly provide you with her loving
All you need do is ask. Allow the energies to flow into you through
foot chakra's. In no time you will feel revitalized through this method
The reason I am sharing all of these methods of receiving energy
you is that I also know from experience that most times when you
confronted with angry, agitated or aggressive people, simply opening
to channelling these energies directly through to them can take the
out of any confrontation. Try it. It really does work. Perhaps a gentle
word of warning here. If you feel that it might make the person even
more aggressive if they know what you are doing? Do it discretely
asking permission from their higher selves.
To finish this section for now I would like to recommend you play
these experiences and I do mean play. Don't take it all to serious. If
can't see the energies in the beginning? Simply trust that they are
Play with it and enjoy in JOY.
A Simple Guide To Working With
Your Chakras.
In this parable I will share with you
how I learned to experience working
with the chakra.
I will also share how I took it a step
further and how information can be
gleaned from the chakra to assist in
healing all imbalances and or diseases.
A Simple Guide To Working With Your Chakras.
In this I will share with you my own experiences through the loving
guidance of my higher self and the Masters, I will leave it to your
discernment as to whether you feel this will work for you or not.
Directly after doing a Shambhala attunement I was guided to go back
and sit in front of the student we had just attuned to the energies.
As I knelt down in front of the student, I felt guided to lift my hand.
this with me if you can! As I was about a meter or so away, I wasn't
sure what was happening. My hand was at approximately the level of
top of the student's head.
After a minute or so, my hand lowered about two inches. I could
feel energies flowing. I just didn't know why yet. After another
minute or
two, I felt my hand move down another six inches or so, to about the
height of the student's throat. Another moment or two later, I felt
my hand
again lowering to what was now clearly the height of the student's
This is where the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place. Ok,
know, I was a little slow on the uptake sometimes. (chuckle)
It was then that I stated within myself! Hey! I know what you guys
doing! You are showing me how to work with the chakras?
At this point I could feel/felt an amused chuckling and applause,
accompanied with the words, Sheesshh. He finally got there. No
for guessing where that came from.
Now that I knew what was going on, I of course wanted to be an
and fully aware participant in the experiment they were having me
YUP! You guessed it. I started out again, right from the top with the
statement. "If you want me to learn this, then I want to "be" there"!
Imagine the surprise on my student's face. I waved his questions
with a polite "I will explain later", after which he calmly sat back and
let us
get on with it, stating. "What do I care. It feels good. Go for it!"
I started at the crown Chakra, I could clearly feel the energy flow
We had just finished an attunement, I should hope so... haha.
As I moved down to the third eye chakra, I could feel the energies
flowing again. This somehow felt different though. I could feel a
difference in the center of my hand, so I asked! "Ok What is this I am
feeling here"? They answered: "He is blocking his third eye chakra.
Would you like to feel how to unblock it? To which I of course
replied. Of
course I would. I felt my hand start to move first in gentle alternating
circles until I could feel a strong flow of energy. I was then
guided to repeat it in clockwise circles. After several rotations, I
really counting. I stopped and felt again. I could clearly feel a
and by the sounds, gurgles of pleasure the student was making, this
having an effect.
I then moved down toward the throat chakra. There was a very clear
blockage here which I felt immediately. Before I could even ask the
question. Is this one blocked too? They answered "YES". I asked "OK!
What is he blocking here? They answered: "This one has a fear of
speaking his truth about who he is and a fear of sharing the
he possesses. I dutifully unblocked that one in the same manner as
before. I was also informed at that moment, that should the student
to prevent it blocking up again, we would need to inform him as to
and offer tips and advice on how to take baby steps in correcting it.
We then moved down to the heart chakra. While here I felt a clear
flowing of the energies. It felt wonderful. The answer that came was,
"Yes, this one does have a beautiful caring heart".
Moving down to the solar plexus which felt totally free. This chackra
often associated with Emotional blockages.
Now to the second (sexual) chakra, I could again feel a slight
there, which we again dutifully balanced.
The base chakra. Again, there were clear blockages here.
I was informed that should the student wish to completely remove
blockages for all time, they would need to look at the issues, find out
what they are and bring them into balance.
It is not surprising that I was quite pleased with what had just taken
place. (hehe... An understatement) As the student and I talked about
what he and I had felt while working through the chakras, it was
clear that what had been shown was also 100% accurate.
Since that first time, I have done many of these, what I like to call
"chakra readings". It came as no surprise as we continued to work
them that we were able to pinpoint illnesses in certain parts of the
We started to notice that subtle differences in specific areas of the
related to imbalances in the related area of the body. Through asking
questions and following our intuitive thoughts we were always able
find the cause and remove those blockages, at least until they
those blockages again by doing exactly the same thing that caused
previous one.
Another wonderful experience was by actually standing in front of an
audience to demonstrate these previous steps. Each and every
individual in the audience experienced the movement of those
several of them felt the blockage being rebalanced or removed.
Perhaps a gentle word of advice here. When doing this exercise? One
should be aware that emotions are likely to free themselves. This can
manifest itself for example in crying, sobbing, gasping, coughing,
shivering, burning up, throwing up. I might have forgotten a few
here, but
I am certain that you get the general idea. It goes without saying that
when you are doing this, you also carry a certain responsibility to at
forewarn the participants, and if at all possible make yourself
for private sessions so that you can assist in their coming to an
understanding of why these chakras were blocked and how they can
prevent it in the future.
My suggestion would be to find someone whom you trust and trusts
implicitly and experience this together. Experiment with it. Play with
and learn from each other by being open and sharing the
freely and in total honesty with each other.
Three great sources of information.
We are the Angels by Diane Stein, ISBN 0-89594-878-8
Hands of Light: A Guide to helaing Through the Human Energy Field
Barbbara Ann Brennan, ISBN 0-553-34539-7
Look for the “The Illuminated Chakras” DVD on this site:
It is an absolutely awesome tool for beginners and also for those
teach and work in the fields of the chakra.
A Trinity Of Grids.
What we will share with you in
this parable are ways you can
tap into a source of energy to be
able to pull out answers to
questions to share experiences
with others and to assist where
you can to transform chaos into
A Trinity of Grids.
When were the grids formed?
Neither I, nor my partners (guides) seem to be able to give an
date. We have something very much in common here. We have a
challenge with the concept of time. (laughter)
What I would like to do in this section is share with you my thoughts
what I have found the grids to be and why they are there.
I feel that it has been there for all time, yet having said that, I am also
aware that in the late 1980’s continuing into the early 2000’s there
much added to the grid. I will even go so far as to say that it is
of us that the changes were made, simply because we are willing to
expand and to remember who we are, what we are and why we are
Its presence became very apparent for me personally during the year
2000 when I was first introduced to Shambhala and grew in my
awareness during the period up until 2002 when I became a
Master and Teacher. This was perhaps because my own
communications with other worldly beings became more enhanced
I saw it if you will as a huge grill or lattice surrounding Mother Earth.
It is
my understanding that it has been placed there so that we can tap
into it
for information or for answers to our questions. It became a place
we could collectively join together and spread the light patterns or
thoughts we were working with.
As I played with the experiences I was having, I came to understand
this was yet another tool that had been placed there to assist
mankind in
expanding our awareness and assisting in our collective ascension
Late 2003 it became apparent that it was not the only Grid that had
placed. Another that we use in our daily lives was changing its energy
patterns to accommodate our collective consciousness. Have you
guessed it already? Yes indeed. It is our electric, Internet and
networks. This continues to expand to this day. Do you remember
all those blackouts – electrical failures were taking place all around
globe? That was the energies adapting whereby in some cases it was
too high or the systems were outdated, or there were week links
pretty quickly showed up. (laughter)
During much of my work with the Shambhala teachings I have been
to tap into these grids, connecting with the Ascended Masters with
increasing ease. This resulted in a huge growth within myself. Of
I am not alone, many are now experiencing communication with
energies that has definitely become easier to access because of
grids. It is I believe the purpose of mankind that “ALL” will be
to these grids at some point in time.
Another advantage I have found to these collective consciousness
is where as we used to be dependant on our own personal
for our growth, it is no longer the case.
Imagine if you will that you have just learned a valuable lesson within
your own personal journey. That experience has been logged or
recorded within the grid. Follow with me if you will this thought
Continue to imagine that all experiences are now logged there from
six billion humans on this earth right now. Do you see where this is
leading? This means that all you need to do now to tap into specific
information or experiences is to connect to the grid. Because that
information is there through an experience lived by someone else.
can experience it too. It will feel as if you yourself have lived that
I feel that another extension-purpose to these (grids) tools is to assist
in our understanding that we are indeed all ONE, connected to the
One-ness, the same source, the same “God”.
We in all our unique parts and experiences are “ONE” in the whole
scheme of things.
I feel there are many ways to connect or experience this collective
consciousness of the grids. I also feel that although most are perhaps
not yet aware of it, they are indeed already connected. Perhaps this
of writing or your own experiences and sharing them with others will
greatly enhance the awareness of it. The importance and significance
sharing your experiences I have already emphasized earlier, and I
that I cannot emphasize it enough. As you do share your
we “ALL” benefit from it.
I will share with you now how in my experience I first experienced
collective consciousness grids. I remember now that I had been
doing it
for some time too. I was not ware of what it was when I first started
it. I started to get messages for others pertaining to their journey. I
information popping into my mind that I knew I had to share with
ever I was with at that time.
I expanded on that as I went into meditation, gaining clarity on my
purpose here. I was finding answers to my own questions. It
grew to such a point that all I needed to do was ask a question and
answer would be there. No matter what I was doing, or where I was,
whether it was for me or for someone else. The answers were always
there. During my growth it has assisted me in gaining clarity or
for others while they learn to do it themselves. All of these
have greatly enhanced my own personal journey as I hope all of
writings do the same for you.
The third grid we are now aware of is our consciousness grid. We are
forming it as we learn to soul speak, or if you will, as we learn to
from heart to heart without words. This goes beyond telepathy but
understand it more fully I will use that word for this purpose.
experiences are happening all around the planet right now and often
the form of a “knowing” for instance when someone is being
This relates not only to individuals but also to the business world. We
more open and receptive to the energies of “TRUTH”. We can feel
This is the beginning in my experiences of soul speak. As we learn to
play more with this and learn to trust it in the total knowingness of
what it
is it will grow. It will expand to such an extent that we no longer will
words or languages. We will communicate on a heart level. This will
make untruths a thing of the past. What a wonderful world we are
creating! Please let your imagination go with this one and enjoy
where it
takes you.
To read more about this I strongly recommend The Group
by Steve Rother in the Month of June 2004. There has been much
written about the grids and its formation or expansion. One of my all
favourites has to be Steve Rother’s. (
and Barbara have been very influential in my journey. When I first
awakened they were among the first that I got to meet in person.
was a clear recognition there from the very beginning. Through the
we have built a friendship that I can say from my heart has
our paths continue to merge and my respect and love for them
with every beautiful experience they bring to the earth plain.
This was given as a tool for manifesting
our hearts desires.
This gift was provided to assist all who are being guided to it,
them to the level of understanding that you "ARE" the Creator of
own reality. The more we can share this with others around the
the more it will assist in raising the collective consciousness. The
excitement created because it "DOES" work will greatly enhance that
This is a journey of discovering who and what we truly are,
7 Steps To Manifesting Your Heart's
These 7 steps are provided as a guide to
you so that you may begin to remember
that you are always creating your own
In working with these 7 steps you begin to
recognize it and as you become more
consciously aware of what you are
This is especially the case as your
creations are for the greater good of the
our inner abilities to create and manifest our hearts desires into
and our daily lives. I feel that this will take you on a magical journey
discovery, discovering and triggering memories from within. We all
possess this knowledge in our (DNA) Blueprints, it is simply a matter
remembering. I understand that this will be a unique journey for
each and
every one of us. We are all unique in our thought patterns and
understanding or even our perceptions and attachments to certain
words. In my own experience with this, I have tweaked and altered
main statements until I had achieved complete clarity. I found that
the very beginning wonderful things started to happen around me,
bringing magical synchronicities in a continual flow onto my path.
The Seven steps are:
1. Communicate on a level par....
2. Go into equal partnership....
3. Place no limits on outcomes...
4. Watch out for the syncs.....
5. Act upon them....
6. Talk to yourself....
7. Trust....
The Seven steps with additional guidelines.
1. Communicate on a level par.
We have now reached a stage in our evolution that we no longer
look up
to the God/Creator, Masters or Angelic energies. Gone are the times
place those energies on a pedestal or view them as some kind of
beings. We have raised our vibrations and levels of awareness to
an extent, we are all realizing that "WE" are those energies and we
posses the same abilities. The only difference being is that we
from within Linear time and they from within Circular time.
Make YOUR statement! (example!)
Higher (Partner) self! I acknowledge entering into an equal
with you so that we can co-create together on this side of the veil,
manifesting and bringing into reality (in balance) the potentials as
from the other side.
2. Go into partnership.
Now make your request! Stating your hearts desire.
A gentle word of guidance here. Practice writing it down on a
piece of paper before you add it to these seven steps, making certain
your statement is in total clarity. Allow yourself the time and think
what you have written. Is it possible that it could be interpreted in
manner? Remember! Universal law states "You get what you ask for
more". So please do make sure you are making your statement in
TOTAL clarity!
Here are a couple of my own personal examples. Hopefully they will
stimulate you and provide you with food for thought/ideas. OPOM =
Other Parts Of Me, which they essentially are as they are indeed an
extension of your whole.
1. OPOM, it is my heartfelt request that we work together to
manifest into
physical reality the coming together of the Twin Flames. It is my
that you place the synchronicities on my path that will assist in
all this to its highest potential. I acknowledge and accept with the
passion all forms of abundance required to achieve this
2. OPOM, it is our heartfelt request that we work together to attract
speaking engagements around the world, that we may be invited to
speak on all manner of topics.
It is also our request that where required all information be provided
we ARE an empowering and inspiring example to those weI reach.
remain always in balance, with the foremost wish of empowering
assisting others in their journeys and at all times in line with their I
presence to remember what is inside each and every one of them.
I understand that some may wish to follow their passion of being
musicians etc.
You may find that even though you do not consider yourself an artist,
that syncs are placed on your path that will offer you the opportunity
develop those skills.
3. Place no limits on outcomes.
Knowing that we are working from behind this side of the veils, we
do not see all of the potential outcomes that our partners do on the
side. It is therefore recommended that you do not place outcomes,
conditions or any limiting factors in your requests. Allow them to
the syncs on your paths. Love yourselves enough to travel the
Love yourselves enough to have the patience. Love yourselves
to see and understand what is being placed in front of you.
What do I mean by placing limits? EXAMPLE!
If the energies you are wishing to attract are of a financial nature?
Remember! Money is also simply a form of energy. Do not place
amounts. Simply make a statement on what it is you require and
your higher (partner) self to find the best way to create that for you,
all in
accordance with your own divine plan/contract. You might be
at the way the manifestations take place. It might not be in the form
money. Having said that, know and trust that the manifestations
take place.
4. Watch out for the syncs.
This requires your fullest attention. It requires you to be alert to all
things happening around you. Syncs may manifest in many ways.
does this work? Through placing the request with our higher
selves, after which they will then look for other higher (partner)
that posses the skills, talents etc that are required to manifest what
are requesting. Those other energies/people will be placed on your
Watch out for them.
5. Act upon them.
Play your part in this Creation game and take action on that which is
placed in front of you. You may well find that by doing so the
synchronicities within the synchronicities become many fold. It has
my experience that synchronicities placed on my path often take the
shape of a learning process. At the same time this will provide more
synchronicities that will allow them to continue towards achieving
what it
is you are requesting.
6. Talk to yourself. (Meditate)
Channelling is such an overrated term these days. Take the time to
and talk to yourself and feel the answers you give to yourself. If you
not get answers to your questions, don't be concerned. Try
the questions in a different manner. Again! Clarity is of the utmost
importance here. If even after achieving total clarity you are still not
receiving answers? Again, do not be concerned, see 7.
7. Trust.
Trust that whatever is being placed in front of you with regards to
synchronicities will always and inevitably lead towards the
of your request.
After time and practice, you will learn to totally trust all aspects of
concept. IT WORKS. We have proved it to so many.
Statement of recognition and gratitude.
OPOM, I have witnessed many wonderful synchronicities and acted
upon them. I request their continuation until we have achieved these
manifestations. My heartfelt thanks to all OPOM's working together
achieve these goals.
I feel also to share with you that where you are harbouring blockages
have self worth issues, you may find that those will be gently worked
upon before or during your manifestations. I believe that many still
these self worth issues. Gently work through them. I do not believe
that it
will disturb the pattern of synchronicities as you make your
statement to
higher self, and the energies on the other side go to work on your
requests. (it might alter them slightly)
We believe that this is an unbelievably powerful tool to assist you in
understanding the dynamics of Universal Law. It is a DVD that
clarity in great detail how you are creating in every moment in all
of your lives.
Chapter Five.
Meditations, Activations, Visualizations and
In this chapter it is my intent to share some of
the tools that were provided to me and have
greatly enhanced my own awakening journey.
Rainbow Protection field.
Many who have been traveling the path of awakening for a while
received many different ways of protecting ones self from attacks,
vampires etc, etc.
I would say continue with them as you desire.
What I would like to put in front of you with this Rainbow protection
is the following.
The rainbow contains as you know 7 different colors. Each of these
colors represents a certain pattern of energy.
When you surround yourself with the rainbow protection field lets
say for
example someone is attacking you out of jealousy or anger. They
then tap into one or perhaps two colors and receive all the energy
need to sooth and placate them.
You will always have five or six colors remaining and would not be
drained or exhausted by their attacks.
I use this as an example of one of the possibilities, there are of
others. Someone in need of healing would tap into your violet color,
would get all the healing energy they need and not leave you
because you have six remaining colors that are still very vibrant.
Why I recommend this above most others is because for instance
you use mirrors to reflect back to those attacking you, they are not
Rainbow Protection field.
A very powerful protection ritual that works
on so many levels.
satiated, they will go away still angry etc and will seek someone else
to attack or drain.
Using the rainbow they will get what they need even if it is all
on a subconscious level, they will feel at peace and the anger is no
longer there. Doing it this way you might just have saved someone
from an unpleasant experience.
Try it, it works. I have seen so many examples of what might be
perceived to be miracles after people consciously switched on their
rainbow protection field.
Golden Heart Healing Meditation.
Having performed this meditation many times when asked to lead
healing requests it was very apparent that each and every time I did
it, it
carried an energy that was/is so full of Love and Compassion, I felt I
to share it here in this book.
I start the meditation by asking all present to centre them selves. I
ask all present to place their feet firmly on the floor so that they
have a
stable grounding connection with Mother Earth. I then ask them to
concentrate on their breathing patterns, stepping into their Prana*
breathing. I create a silent space for a minute or so, so that people
Golden Heart Healing Meditation.
This healing meditation is an in and out of
body experience and is not only beautiful it is
also very powerful.
Please feel free to use it in your groups.
find that place of peace from within.
I then ask all participants to visualize a beam of unconditional love
travelling down from the source. Travelling down through all 7
and as they reach the base chakra, I ask them to see that beam
its self in two, travelling down both legs to the foot chakra. As it
the foot chakra, I ask them to see it travelling down deep into
Earth as far as they wish to take it before they start to visualize
a half circle with this beam of unconditional Love light from the
As it returns to the surface, and from there returning to the source at
which point I request that they visualize another half circle on their
opposite side. (left and right) This completes a whole circle
flowing through our bodies. The intention here is to create a
flow of unconditional love energy from the source, which will assist,
releasing lower vibrational energies, cleansing and purifying every
you visualize a full cycle of the circle being completed.
Inside of this circle we are going to create a trinity. We already have
first of the three trinities emanating from the source. Now we are
going to
envision coming down through the crown chakra again. This time we
stop for a moment in front of the higher heart chakra. At this point I
request that you visualize yourself standing in front of a cave.
(symbolizing your heart) As you step into this (heart) cave, I request
you visualize a beam of light travelling down from the roof of that
This is the source energy. I also ask that you visualize this cave being
filled with crystals, some of which are hanging from the roof and
coming up from the floor.
Now I ask that you allow your own heart to overflow with YOUR
unconditional love and let it flow into this cave. Imagine it mixing
with the
energies from source, as you do so you may well see in your minds
that the crystals become brighter and brighter the more you mix
beautiful energies. This is the second of the trinity of energies.
Now I ask you to envision a point deep inside Mother Earth. Feel her
unconditional love for you as you ask her to share her energies with
See them travelling up through your legs, bringing them up to your
space again. Guide them up and into your heart cave. Fill the cave
the beautiful colours of Mother earth, see the crystals glow yet
as they mingle and intertwine with the energies from your heart and
source. You have now created a trinity of the most wonderful
there is. The crystals are positively vibrating and pulsating from
The cave is thick with this trinity of unconditional love.
As you stand their soaking up all of these energies, becoming one
them, I now ask you to envision a beam of light travelling upwards
outwards towards the universe. We are going to ask you to visualize
leaving your body. If you are used to using a particular travelling
for this, by all means do so, if not simply envision the mix of
energies/colours from the cave. As you travel up into the universe, I
you to see and feel with your inner eyes. We are now looking for a
Golden heart. Visualize that huge Golden heart and move gently
it. Step inside when you are ready. We are all gathering here now.
All of us who are participating in this healing session are now inside
beautiful Golden heart. As I ask you all to take your place anywhere
around the perimeters of the heart, joining hands and feeling the
heartbeat. As we all envision joining hands mingling our own
unconditional love energies. We feel our hearts start to beat as one.
feel our hearts beating as one with this huge golden heart. We feel
hearts beating as one in ONENESS! We are now ONE again.
As you stand there basking in that love of Oneness, I ask the Angles
join us, all of the ascended masters, all beings of Light and
Love. I ask the GOD/Creator Light to be with us and as you feel them
enter into this Golden heart, you will feel your oneness again with
Don’t be surprised if tears start to flow. Allow them to flow. Bask in
energy, allow it to permeate your whole body, allow it to surround
filling all of your bodies on all the different levels. This will bring
to each and everyone present here.
After a space of time allowing all to become acclimatized to these
beautiful energies. I request the higher – partner self of the one
the healing to also enter into this wonderful energy. This beautiful
heart filled with so much Love, so many wonderful colours and so
light. I ask them to take their place in the centre of this heart space
simply relax and let BE.
I now ask all that are present to entwine their energies with the one
seeking the healing, be a part of who they are. Feel and seek out the
and im-balances. As you find them, simply concentrate your own
beautiful energies and colours around and inside it. See this dis-ease
and these im-balances as becoming whole again, returning to their
blueprint state of perfection. If you feel the urge to sing or Aum,
do so. The vibrations created through your sounds will also assist in
healing process. As you work your beautiful energies in and around
I ask you to be open to the messages coming forth, being shared by
masters the angels and all that are present here.
I generally feel when the healing has taken place and is completed in
perfection. As I do I ask all to either remain and simply enjoy the
energies or to return with me, back down through our own beams of
returning back into our bodies. It is important that you feel your feet
firmly on the floor here as you will need to ground your physical
again. When doing this in groups, I would ask all to continue for a
while with the prana breathing until we are ready to speak and as we
we share our individual experiences together. In doing this, I have
that through this sharing many present receive answers to questions
they had in their own journeys. We share these comments with the
whom was seeking the healing. As we do this, we often find that the
cause of the dis-ease or im-balances were found and shared. This
results in a total healing.
After all have shared their experiences I offer words of thanks to all
entities and energies that were present and participated during the
healing experience.
This particular meditation always brings tears of pure unconditional
to my eyes as I begin the healing process, whether it is for myself or
someone else.
It is not limited to the human form, you can lead this and place one
of our
friends from the animal kingdom or perhaps even an area or country
might be troubled.
* Prana breathing. – A regular breathing method used to centre and
Shower Ritual.
We all take a shower daily so even though we are all always so busy
you are willing to work with this meditation, I/We know that it will
transform your life.
I will place it here exactly as I do it. That does not mean to say that
deity’s that I work with have to be yours. Feel free to change those if
so desire.
As I step under the shower I call forth the Lords and Ladies of
Shambhala, The Lords and Masters of the Elements, our brothers
sisters of the Elohim, All ascended masters, all guiding and guardian
angels, Our mighty I AM presence, my beloved Twin Flame, The Light
Warriors Micro & Macro and the Mother Father God creator. While
this I also intent to connect to the grids, I do this so that anyone
consciously connecting to the grid may also experience this
transformation. I also connect to the Heart of Mother Earth for the
Shower Ritual.
We are all always so busy we
say we don’t have time in our
busy lives to take time for
meditations etc.
It is because of this that I am
sharing this ritual with you
because most of us do take a
shower at least once a day.
I call you all forth to assist in transforming all parts of self that are
preventing us from being our divine highest potential and being a
breathing example of the Mother Father God in the physical.
We command that all particles of self in all four bodies and beyond
transformed into divine perfection including all other higher bodies
generally don’t concentrate on.
We command this for all subconscious, conscious and unconscious
levels, including all other consciousnesses we might not be aware of.
We command this for all future, present, past and parallel
all life cycles including experiences not understood or continued in
now on the soul level.
We command the power of the Silver Violet Flame, the Violet Flame
any other transformational tools that are not yet in our conscious
to be utilized for this purpose.
Any and all experiences which are yet to be experienced for the
of soul expansion take place where possible in dream state and upon
awakening the conscious mind understand the purpose of them or
let them be released.
We command and demand that all vows of poverty throughout all
lines, all dimensions and all splinters of self are transformed into a
vow of
attraction. Attracting to us in all its multiple forms the abundance
that is
our god given birthright.
We command that the divine feminine and the divine masculine are
total balance within, in all four bodies and beyond and are
into divine perfection on all subconscious, conscious and
levels. We command this for all future, present, past and parallel
experiences and all life cycles including experiences not understood
continued in the now on the soul level, enabling us to be fully
empowered and in total balance within the Twin Flame heart of
that we may be of the greatest assistance to the ALL in ALL NOW!!!!
We thank all present for this transformation and expansion and
receive in
total gratitude and grace, so mote it be and so it is, now and for all
I Like to throw this one in while I am closing, it is optional.
Having said that I have had proof many times that it does indeed
While we have you all gathered here. We ask that you all place a
on our paths today. We also ask that we have the insight to see
events that may not seem to be miracles at the time are seen for
they are. Thank you, thank you, Thank you...
Daily Gratitude Ritual.
As I begin my day, I always invite the Ascended Masters and all other
that work with me to be present during my day.
I begin by thanking them for being there and guiding me when I may
stray form
my divine path. I thank them for reminding me when I may be of a
lower energy
than is my highest potential. I thank them for nudging me when I
experience thoughts that could be considered less than
unconditional love for all
Daily Gratitude Ritual.
I Love to start my day off with this
As I step out of my bed and walk
to the bathroom I can often be
heard making these statements of
I may come into contact with. I thank them for providing the signs,
synchronicities, etc, that will guide me and assist me to achieving my
potential throughout my day.
I thank them above all for the many miracles they place on my path
my day and that I may have the insight to recognize all experiences
as miracles.
I ask them to assist and guide me to see the soul’s purpose of
expansion and
learning from all experiences. I thank them for assisting me to see
the path of
least resistance.
Then in closing I send out a great big HUG to them all.
I personally notice a HUGE difference when I do this in the morning
and when I
have not. Sometimes we forget, or sometimes we are in too much of
a hurry.
Sometimes we feel down and don’t think it is working so we are
tempted to skip
it. I can assure you that when it has happened to me, I have always
felt a
humungous difference in my day as I got back into the ritual.
Before I go to sleep.
I repeat in reverse order most of what I shared above. The difference
being now
of course that I now know what took place during my day. No matter
experiences I traveled throughout my day, whether I perceive them
to be
negative or positive, I spend a little time in semi-meditation as I run
through the
events and where I might have missed something? I ask for clarity.
While in this
relaxed state I more times than not get my answers as to what took
place and
As we move ever higher in our vibrations and closer to ascension, the
veils are
getting thinner and thinner. We are getting our answers more clearly
as long as
we are asking and open to receiving them.
In closing I strongly recommend this resource so that we may on
mass KNOW
the importance of Gratitude:
In the Times to come…
We come before you today beloveds to offer you a tool that may
prove to
be of great value in the times to come. As most are aware, as the old
being released and your vibrations are rising, some of you are
your soul contracts divine path and many are facing challenges in the
physical, emotional and mental body.
It is for this reason we stand before you today with the offer of a tool
which will greatly assist you in your process of transformation.
The Ashram
We ask you to prepare yourself in your own natural way. We are
that your ways are as diverse as your personal energy patterns are,
we will leave the choice up to you how you prepare. Some will
some will dance, some will sing and some will AUM…All ways that
you to a higher vibration will make it easier for you to reach this
When you are ready, we ask you to go into a state of inner peace.
(Meditation) As you enter into your heart space, we will ask you to
concentrate on traveling through the boundaries of the ethers and
dimensions. Some will experience leaving your body. AS you do!
Visualize yourself as traveling through time and space, traveling out
the far reaches of the galaxies. As you do we ask you to call upon my
In the Times to come.
I called this “In the times to come”,
because not everyone will be able to
work with this energy straight away.
As you will see it is a channeled
message. I chose to leave it that
way so that you can feel the
experience as it was given.
three friends, Vywamus, Djwahl Khul and Lord Arcturius. Call upon
with your intent and let them know you desire to visit their sacred
Some will see them in the minds eye, some will feel their presence.
Some will see them standing in front of a familiar shape to you all…
it will look like a pyramid. As you stand before these magnificent
share with them why you have called upon them. State clearly your
reason for being there. They will either welcome you into the
Ashram or
provide you with instructions so that you may return at another
When being invited to enter you will notice that a door appears.
this is no ordinary door. As you can see it is a wall of light and as you
led inside you will stand for a moment in this wall of light. Do not be
concerned about the vibrational shifts taking place in your physical
Your DNA is being altered so that you are prepared for what is about
take place.
You will be asked to take place in the center of this pyramid. Lord
Arcturius will now stand before you, Djwahl Khul will take place on
left and Vywamus on the right. Share with them your desires and
your heart to the instructions and answers you receive..
We cannot go into the details of what will happen next because of
it will be your own personal experience. Know dear friends that you
share anything as you offer your illnesses or your emotional
or perhaps your mental instabilities that you feel not to be of the
Universal Consciousness. You will experience changes while you’re
and when it is time to leave, you may well receive instructions on
how to
proceed. Because of your free will, it will always be up to you as to
you do with those instructions…
Many, when you have left this Ashram will feel very hot…We advise
you drink a great deal of water and rest afterwards. So it would be
advised to do this in the evening or when you have free time to relax
absorb afterwards. The water will allow any toxins being released
your physical being to flow naturally away through you…
Note: When you have been there often enough for healing or
transformation. Visit again to expand your consciousness.
FUNK transformational power tools.
Throughout our journeys and expansion of our remembering we
have all
gone through periods of deep lows, funks, depressions, dark nights
the soul or whatever name you to chose to give it.
There are many ways you can turn these experiences around. We
place some examples here.
You can use the shower ritual placed earlier in this chapter and
the element of water calling forth the Ascended masters etc to assist
to transform what ever is coming up. Arch Angel Gabriel is always at
hand to assist you with this one. Remember also that your physical
up is for the greatest part made up of water.
If you are having a particular hard time with negative emotions such
FUNK transformational power tools.
We all at some time or other fall back into old
patterns, feel low in energy, or are going
through major transformation.
We call these lovingly “Funks”.
It is our intention here to share with you
some tools, tips exercises etc to help you get
out of them as soon as you choose to.
fear, doubt, anger etc…Call upon Vywamus and Djwahl Khul. They
lovingly over time transform these energies into pure unconditional
and joy.
You could also use the Triality Twin Flame heart of God ritual which
when you are able to visualize and experience is an extremely
tool: See Chapter Three: An Experience with GOD.
If you are feeling out of sorts, under the weather, sick etc.. You could
request to enter the Ashram of Vywamus, Djwahl Khul and Lord
Arcturius. This would be a call from within, with the eyes closed and
in a
relaxed state. You might be asked to first raise your vibrations before
entering the Ashram. If that is the case? Put on some music that lifts
your spirits and AUM along with it, you will find that generally 5
of that is enough. You will then be able to enter the Ashram.
If your in a light funk, you can certainly use your favorite music
with the auming to raise your vibrations. This always works well for
Repeat the words Chokurei and Seheki three times in all 7 directions.
This is also excellent for activating the flow of energy through you. It
excellent for cleansing rooms, heightening the vibrations therein.
The 7
directions are: North, South, East, West, Above, below and heart.
Usually one would begin in the East for optimal energy flow.
For vibration raising you could also smudge or incense.
Dancing, light breezy movements, letting yourself go to the rhythm
music, losing yourself in it will also raise your vibrations.
Of course it is important to be fully responsible for all that is
around you. YOU are creating it. You might want to observe your
thoughts. Sometimes it is as easy as making a conscious shift in your
thoughts and words.
These are a selection of tools I have used throughout my own
and have proved to be very beneficial to me. I trust that they are for
Abundance transformation request…
Begin with deep breathing exercises… Relax your body.
Concentrate and open through your intent all chakra to their
capacity, including your palm and foot chakra…
Inwardly communicate with your cellular make up, all atoms and
molecules that go to making up all that you are, command that they
ready to receive transformational energies.
Communicate with all four bodies that they are ready to release all
vows of poverty. Extend this to all time lines, past, present, future
parallel. Extend it even further into all other splinters and aspects of
in all other dimensions.
Visualize yourself sitting in the center of your heart.
Open yourself to receiving assistance from your guides, your Mighty I
AM presence, the ascended masters, and Mother Father GOD.
Now state out loud the following:
I release on all levels of my being, in all particles of my being, in all
splinters of my being, past, present, future and in all other
dimensions in
Abundance transformation request…
Do you have abundance challenges?
Done daily this will certainly transform
old thought vibrations within you on all
levels and draw abundance to you.
all of my bodies all previously sworn vows of poverty. So mote it be
so it is.
I accept all forms of ABUNDANCE to flow freely to me, around me
through me on all levels, aspects and splinters of self. In Grace and in
Gratitude I ACCEPT my divine birth right of ABSOLUTE and TOTAL
So mote it be and so it is…
A new creation of Light Warriors.
When our Mother Father God ultimate Creator discovered that
something not of his/her making had entered our universe. He/she
powerless for this was something not in his/her consciousness. No
defenses or protective thoughts has even been required for this
most magnificent of creations. The blue prints for many a created
universe and inhabitants are present on this planet of free will. In its
beauty and perfection there was never a conscious thought of
After discovering that something dark and not of his/her making had
entered this most magical of his/her loving creations, he/she was
A new creation of Light Warriors.
A micro and macro cosmic meditation that
will take care of any and all challenges,
dark energies or anything you might
perceive to be blocking your progress
towards the light.
confronted with a choice of allowing free will to reign or not. At this
the malevolent beings had not revealed their true agenda and it was
as was.
It was not until the vibrations and many calls for help was felt by the
consciousness of our Mother Father God Creator that definitive and
decisive action was taken. It was decreed that all energies limiting us
and hiding our true essence of Mother Father God Creators
that it was decided that an end must come to the suffering and pain
this part of free will had manifested.
Our Mother Father God Creator took matter from within his/her own
being and created a new universe. He/she then created a new
These new beings have been entering our planet for a period of
four years now. They are the most magnificent beings of Micro and
Macro cosmic proportions and were created for the soul purpose of
seeking out and totally destroying these dark manifestations. They
Warriors of Light unlike any ever perceived before anywhere in
With or without our help they WILL succeed. One of the most
and revealing books of our time aptly named “The Return of Light”
be ordered here: As one reads through it
cannot help but be touched by the words shared and the revelations
When one reads it, one is touched by the experience of the ALL and
Mother Father God Creator.
Having experienced many times now one of the meditations within it
which I of course portray from my own experiences I share this next
meditation exercise with you.
The sacred heart merges with the void.
As I begin this meditation exercise I visualize myself standing in front
my heart. I know and recognize this most sacred of places and I
to enter. As and during entry I visualize myself being turned inside
being unraveled to the very core of my essence. In the beginning it
was a
bit of a struggle so please persevere. (At this point I am also never
however this is my own personal choice. If you are alone? Trust that
it is
in perfection for now.)
Once inside I am a pattern of vibrations that is in similarity to my
body, yet not in the density of it. I choose to sit in the very center of
sacred space and visualize myself sat in lotus position. I allow myself
a period of time just to bask and sit in this energy, absorbing the love
is there.
When I am ready I visualize myself standing up and leaving through
opposite side of this heart to which I entered. Each time I do this the
experience is different as it will most likely be for you too. Allow
to travel to where ever it takes you holding the conscious thought
you are heading to a place known as the void. Eventually you will
This too will be different from person to person, for some it will be
purest of black energy, for others the pure black energy of the void
appear to be surrounded by a multitude of colors etc… The most
important thing for now is to take your place in the center of this
I was introduced in this space to my/our very own Mother Father
Creator being so I/we will not place upon you that which I/we see or
invite. The point is that YOU call upon this magnificent being and
however it manifests is in perfection for you. I have done this many
now as I guided others to this place and almost always the person
did it with saw a different image than I/we did.
The point of you being here is to open your hearts and verbalize
ever you desire. I would have to call this place and this magnificent
energy a double edged knife, because not only is it a place of
all negative or dark energies to have them annihilated, it is also a
of awesome power of creation.
I/we would recommend to start with, that you enter with the
purpose of
discovering and releasing that which is dark and bringing you into
purest Mother Father God Creator essence. While doing so you will
be offered a membrane be placed around you in which microcosmic
Warriors of Light will enter into and remain with you. This membrane
be used solely for yourself or can be expanded to include your family
When you see sparks of light dance in your vision, talk to them, they
there for you.
Having initially gone through this experience I noticed that when I
back I always felt a little dizzy and lightheaded so here again we
recommend you do it when you can rest, absorb and recuperate
afterwards. Always have lots of water close by. Many come out of it
feeling feverish. Don’t be concerned just drink lots of water and
what is being released to flow through and out of you in your
bodies natural way.
We sincerely and with all our hearts hope you will work with this. If
can’t quite get there in the beginning? Please feel free to connect
us. We will guide you through it. We wish you the Mother Father
Creator Love that is our divine birth right.
When working with these God Lamps visualize placing them around
in the following directions.
East, South, West, North, Above, below and in the heart.
Imagining yourself inside this shape is extremely powerful. Combined
with the God Lamps and your call to release or transform any and all
negative energies is heard and answered.
God Lamps.
Working with the God
Lamps is a powerful tool
for transforming dark
Chapter six.
Where Are We Headed?
In this chapter you will see that I have
added examples of how our words and
our thoughts are effecting us more
than we have ever consciously
It is my sincerest hope and desire that
as you read through these parables
that you recognize or remember
things from your own journey where
you might have wanted to think/feel
It is my hope and desire that these
parables will change your life for the
It is TIME
The title of this article has been put in front of me so many times
the workshops I have been giving and I have to be in my truth from
different angles.
First of all, I am going to ask you to do something for me. Hold up
hand and point a finger at something or someone. Look closely at
hand. Are you seeing how that looks? Are you noticing that one
points away from you and that there are 3 pointing back towards
What might that be saying to you? If like many your thumb is
skywards? You might want to open to the answers provided through
source. It really is quite amusing when you start to understand the
dynamics of what is happening here. Your thumb is actually acting
your universal antenna so feel free to connect and use it.
Could it be that you are blaming others for a great deal of what is
happening in your life.
It is TIME
Are you ready?
This parable and channeled message
is about you being ready to take
responsibility for you life and all that
happens in it.
When you are, you will notice that your
life is moving in the direction you want
it too.
Remember the title of this article? IT IS TIME!!! It is time dear friends
awaken and take responsibility for everything and we do mean
everything that is happening in and around you. Stop blaming others,
stop pointing fingers. Would you like to change your life? You know
all you have to do is take some steps.
There are so many magical beings on the other side of the veil that
here jumping up and down, just waiting for you to take responsibility
what is happening in your life. They are waiting to be asked to assist
Be in truth with yourself. Step back, take a look at what is going on.
you blaming others for a bunch of stuff? Most of the human race are
(message from the other side.)
This is what we are offering you. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR life,
your choices, your communications. What will we provide? Like we
there are so many beautiful beings of light here waiting for you to do
and guess what, each and every one of them would willingly change
places with you. (Of course they are not limited by the veil here)
Whether you believe it or not right now we are here to assist you.
journey right now is all about CO-CREATING. You take responsibility
your life, stop blaming everyone around you, open to your hearts
then make the statement verbally and out loud. Then step back for a
while and watch us weave our magic.
Whoa! We didn’t want you going there. Yeah we felt that. Some of
were thinking: “Wow” Is it really that easy? Hmm. Yes and NO. We
place things on your path that will guide you, assist you, lead you
your highest potential. Your job is to be aware of these things and
action. Take the steps and no, we do not mind them being baby
until you get used to it all. We know your challenges. Allow yourself
building of trust. Love yourself enough to take these steps. Love
enough to have the wisdom and insight to see these things. Love
yourself enough to let go and let “US”.
Beloved friends, this really is so much fun. This Co-creation game is
filled with miracles and wonderment. Don’t you remember that you
did come to this earth plane to have fun, to experience to your
potential, to be in JOY?
Come on then!!! Take that first step. Accept YOUR responsibility for
that is happening in your life. We promise, we will play our part.
Let your soul soar free,
Let your human self simply be,
Whenever there is resistance,
It is because of some inconsistence.
Be aware of what the universe has to show
Your human self will certainly be in the flow
Release all control and be in the now,
God will surely show and guide you how
I chose to write this parable in
verse form and add tips at the end.
Feel the words with your heart,
merge them into your brain from
there and life flows beautifully.
If you don’t want your life to be tragic
Allow the universe to works its magic
It is simply a question of attitude,
to be in total gratitude.
When your stuck for choice…
Listen to you hearts voice…
In a deck of cards the highest is the Ace,
In the journey of life it is the state of Grace.
As pure as the snow and the bright white dove,
So must be your earthly Love
For when to all the above you can agree,
You truly have the eyes to see.
Add to all of that the ears to hear,
You will never experience the emotion of fear.
Now you are in the know,
So above, so below
Life is what you choose it to be,
Move out of duality in to traility,
Then you are what you came here to be,
Gods purposeful desire for all of humanity.
Often times when we meet with resistance these days we are
learning to
step back and simply be an observer for a while. Sometimes we can
make different choices and if the resistance disappears we will know
was the right choice and we can continue.
Sometimes it is only a question of time and the resistance will fade,
those cases patience and intuition are your most powerful aid. When
it is
from ego and not from the heart, you might be required to look a
Open to source and the answers are there. Resistance has my vote as
word provided by the angels, for if you are aware of this one word,
are truly guided on your path in life.
May your life be filled with Joy and Love for when it is, there is no
resistance from you and those above. You are fulfilling your every
and your divine task. So mote it be and so it is.
How Our Thoughts Create.
Having now reached an understanding that
words are energy and creation is all about
You have now realized that it is you who are
“creating” your reality through your words
and thoughts.
Is there anything in your life you don’t like?
Then dear hearts! Create ANEW!!!
How our thoughts create…
For some this statement might seem a little far fetched for others it
be as natural as eating, for all of us it is fact whether you choose to
believe it or not.
Imagine with me for a moment that we are all divine beings being
spark of the Mother Father God Creator essence. If you could? All of
sudden it doesn’t perhaps seem that far fetched anymore does it.
Remember, even in the bible it says man was created in my image…..
Does not GOD create purely and simply by thought alone? If we are
created in god’s image, then why should it not be possible that we to
create purely by thought? Makes you stop and think for a moment
doesn’t it? What have you been thinking lately? (chuckle)
Would you like to see some scientific evidence? Yeah! We know how
most human minds work. Most of the time you only believe what
five senses can perceive or what your leading geniuses (scientists
can prove to you. (resounding chuckle)
Take a look for the unbelievers, it might expand your thoughts. I Am
kidding here, take a look at what thoughts do to water.
Here is another thought, most of you reading this will have felt the
to follow a teaching like the Shambhala energies, or Reiki etc. How
that thought affect you in the beginning? I would be willing to bet
that it
has broadened your horizons with regards to thoughts. Think about
it for
a moment. Your wish to allow healing energies to travel through you
that the one receiving them can choose to heal? You feel them
through you don’t you? How did they originate. Yes, from a thought.
intent to share loving healing energies from source with another.
How many times have you thought of someone and not long after
have called or they mysteriously and magically appeared. How many
times have you wondered how you were going to pay a particular
Look back on those times. Weren’t they somehow or other paid?
My point in the previous examples were simply to put some
examples in
front of you as to how it always has been this way. You have always
created through your thoughts.
What I would like to do now is place in front of you the power of
enlightened thoughts. Imagine for a moment you have a great deal
knowledge on the chakra system. You know how each one is
specially in
its specific place to allow for certain areas of development in you.
Imagine for a moment that you know all of these creative processes
that all your charkas are totally in balance with all this knowledge.
Lets take it a step further. Your Conscious mind, Sub-conscious mind
and your higher self are also all in total alignment with each other.
are in command, yet you are not. An oxymoron perhaps indeed.
However when both are true, you are. You are master of your
your mind and your emotions.
This brings us to the four body system. The etheric, the mental, the
emotional and the physical bodies, when all of these are also under
command and you are the master of them?
The next step is mastering your vocabulary. When you understand
in thought and verbally the power of words, you understand the
need for
clarity. You understand the need for exchanging negative thoughts to
empowering ones.
All of these things combined go to making you a very powerful
being. They bring you ever closer to that multi-dimensional god
being that you came here to be. They bring you ever closer to being
Ascended Master here on this earth plain. They bring us all ever
to creating heaven on earth. Recognize that statement? Of course
Enjoy the journey dear friends one and all, for it is in the
and the learning that the greatest of JOY can and will be found. It is
YOUR God given birth right.
The Power of words.
The following words can be found in the bible. St John, chapter 1.
Oh boy! It is about then that our (humanity) problems started or that
is when
separation started to be experienced. As we started to use words
and no longer
communicated through thoughts or image projections we found that
it was
possible to hide truths. Duality took on another major element.
Imagine with me for a moment a scene measured from within our
dimensional perception from a long, long time ago. A time when we
were still in
the form of energy patterns and communication took place through
an exchange
of vibrations, thought or image projections. We were looking for a
way to
experience something beyond what we were and to do that we had
to take on
solid form. We had also to find a way of blocking out the memories
of all
knowingness. A grand experiment indeed. From a place of all-
knowing creator
energy patterns to a place of being in solid form and what can only
be perceived
as one of darkness and separation. It is not overly important as to
how it all
came about . It is more important to look at how we developed our
and the power or lack thereof of the words we use in our
conversations. Through
The Power Of Words.
While reading this parable I hope to
place in front of you new thoughts, new
ideas, new perceptions.
It is my hope that you are willing to look
closely at how you communicate and
expand your borders.
this parable, I wish to share with you from whence we came, where
we have
traveled and where in the end we have chosen to move towards.
Once we took on the form of solid energy in this biological bubble we
call the
human body, we have had little or no conscious command over
much of this.
We made our choice of parents and circumstances before we re-
entered into the
life cycle of human experiences. At some point in each of these
experiences we
picked up words initially from our parents who did exactly the same
as they
entered into this life cycle.
Our parents also have a history of word choices and which could be
empowering or debilitating. Understand that there is no judgment in
words, remembering that we chose them so that we had the best
beginning for the journey we wished to experience and the lessons
the soul
desired to learn and expand from.
Most will have gone from there to experience school, perhaps even
many different levels. Our relationships within those systems will
also have
influenced our vocabulary. It is important to note we are all totally
unique and
even though inside the same systems particular words may be
differently from individual to individual. Within the family and
experience we learn how to use words to our advantage and also to
The next challenge many might experience is the difference even
between the
meaning behind individual words depending on which part of a
country you find
yourself situated. Add on top of that even in those countries that
have English as
their main language there will be different meanings attached to
words which
are spelled exactly the same and for all intents and purposes are the
In addition to all of the previous the fact that not only within the
language which I am using for the purpose of sharing this
information there are
so many different languages around the world. Is it any wonder we
understand each other? Is it any wonder that there are conflicts
going on all
around the world? Is it any wonder there is the feeling of separation?
We have been through many centuries of rediscovering each other
as we started
to explore the world.
We have also gone through the challenges of the different languages
and we
learned to appreciate to a degree each of our cultural differences.
There are
many challenges still facing us, yet as our world becomes increasingly
a smaller
place because of the speed in which we can now travel and that the
largest part
of the world is now also connected through telephone, media and
internet. We
are most definitely growing closer together and discovering how to
and accept each other.
In my own personal journey I am fortunate to speak to many
different people
originating from all corners of the earth. Speaking two languages
fluently and
understanding another more than enough to follow a conversation I
am fortunate
to understand the skill of using words to get my messages or my
thoughts across
to others. Pronunciation and annunciation within the English
language also
becomes very important when speaking with others where it is not
the native
tongue. It is important to watch and listen to my partner in
communication to
notice signs that they might not have understood what I wished to
share with
them. In doing so it offers me the opportunity to reiterate and
perhaps even use
different descriptive words to share the information.
When looking at all the challenges we are and have been faced with
it certainly
seems that we have placed ourselves in a grim position with
challenges. Having said that, I know that you will agree with me that
we are
changing rapidly and have been for the last century or so. Look at the
technology has advanced and played a huge role in these changes.
We now have
the technology to sit at a computer and see, hear and speak to other
on the other side of the planet instantly, for instance through sharing
conversations instantly through email or chat rooms.
It is through these mediums that we are now connecting with each
other again.
In so many countries around the world we are sharing thoughts and
words and in
doing so we are beginning to understand each others differences. In
understanding we are starting to realize that we are not all that
different from
each other and the differences that we have perceived to have been
there were
because of the difficulties we spoke of earlier within the languages
etc. As we
become more open and willing to explore the words we use and as
we become
more willing to understand the different nuances within those
words, we start to
understand and accept each other more fully.
As we do this on an ever more increasing scale we will no longer
have the
differences within the words. The different attachments or meanings
disappear. It will increase the knowingness of whence we came. It
will assist in
releasing the conflicts we find in many countries. As we find these
differences in
the words dissipating we will find our selves becoming ever closer to
each other.
We will find ourselves returning to the ONE.
Do you now see the power and the importance of our words? Will
this assist you
in looking a little closer at the words you use in your daily
communications. Are
your words empowering you and those you are talking too, or do the
words you
use dis-empower? You see! Now that we are communicating we are
even closer at the words we ourselves are using and we are
choosing to use words that are empowering. We are no longer
placing limits
through the words we speak. We are understanding that with the
words and
thoughts that we put forth we are creating our very reality.
The human race has been programmed from the very beginning to
wish to move
forward. All we need to do now to see this is to look at the
differences within
our own generations. From for instance grandparents on down to
We can see the huge changes we have made. We can see the huge
steps we have
advanced ourselves. We can see the changes in the “WORDS”.
Where is this going to take us? It is my feeling that it will take us to a
place of
total understanding first. In the words we use, there will no longer be
the energy
of conflict, words will be much more aimed at empowering each
other. It is also
my belief that as this increases we will also ( and already in many
cases has)
start to reactivate a sense that has been dormant for thousands of
years. This
being our sixth sense. We are already feeling the words more and
more. We
already know when someone is being untruthful with us. As these
senses and
skills expand we will return to that place of telepathy or if you prefer
no longer
having the need to share words.
It is already happening my friends. Open your eyes. Surround
yourselves with
those that are already playing with these energies. Not only will it
enrich your
own life! In simply continually being the new you, you will allow
others to
make the choice of change within themselves and they will. Why you
ask? The answer to that is quite simple. They will see that you are
enjoying life
to its fullest, they will see that you are an extremely happy person.
They will see
that you choose LOVE above conflict. So you see dear friends. All you
need to
do to make the world a brighter happier place is to be willing to play
with the
words you use in your daily communications.
YET AGAIN! IT BEGINS WITH THE WORD. Change begins with your
words. HEAVEN ON EARTH is not that far away anymore, it is no
longer a
dream, it is a reality that you and I are creating with our choice of
words. To
close this section I would like to leave you with this thought from the
James version of the bible, St John:
IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE “WORD” and the word was with God,
the word was God.
Could this perhaps be translated in the light of all that I have shared
with you
that you and your words carry the energy of GOD the Creator and
that you are
that God, Goddess, Creator?
ENJOY in JOY dear friends. Enjoy this game for it truly is a fun game.
The Gift Of Words.
Having just shared with you the parable “In the beginning was the
In expansion, I offer this parable “The gift of words” to you in the
that we will be required more and more to observe our thoughts and
words as we move ever closer to the ascension of the ALL.
For all of the Light workers of the world we are very much aware that
it is
not just for ourselves that we observe the power of words.
A simple but very profound task, which we all participate in as we
consciously change our words and energy to that of Divine Light and
LOVE we change the world.
The Gift Of Words.
Our words can also be such a beautiful
and magical gift.
As we understand more and more the
energy contained within our words, as
we understand that our choice of words
makes a difference, we understand that it
is up to us to make that choice.
In this parable I have chosen a selection
of words to visualize the meaning behind
it all.
Allow me to place a few examples of powerful words that will bring
The first word is a state of being and it is “Grace”. All of the other
that follow are an essential part of your finding this state of being. It
is a
magical state in which all things are cleared without struggle and
for the all is a consequence of it. An excellent resource for
the deeper levels of grace is a book written by Diadra Price called
Awakening Essence”.
“Gratitude” offered to the higher realms for all experiences through
daily lives whether we perceive them to be negative or positive is a
word/energy that is able transform our lives to our divine and
potential. When offered from the heart this will result in the
unfolding of
our souls contract and the fulfilling thereof. An excellent forty-two
series of e-mails which is destined to change the world as more
sign up for and follow it.
“Giving”. It is a fact, the universe or GOD never judges our thoughts
desires. It is also a fact that the universe or GOD always returns what
ever it is we are putting out in multiple form. It is never equal or less,
always comes back many fold. This is a universal law of creation and
clearly visible in all things around us, especially in nature. Giving can
take many forms and one powerful way of giving is your knowledge
to a
willing ear, assisting others to awaken or expand as they travel this
human experience.
“Love” in our 3D world is often insincere and used flippantly, love in
relationships is often conditional and full of expectations and has as
opposite “fear”. When “LOVE” is offered from the sacred heart it has
opposite, it simply is. It is the energy of the DIVINE and will always
manifest more in your life when offered from the heart.
“Acceptance” has as its opposite judgment and judgment always
comes from the ego. When one is able to change judgment to
“acceptance” magical things happen around you and no longer will
be the need of people acting as mirrors entering into your life to
you to see this important lesson. When you are in the state of
acceptance life is filled with beauty, for it is the reflection of your
beauty from within.
“Surrender” could well be perceived as having to give up something,
let something go, to lose out. Yet I offer to you this suggestion: When
surrender takes on the experience of acceptance it becomes a
experience and you enter into the flow of Universal Consciousness.
“Joy” has as its opposite sadness and or misery. When faced with
sadness or misery? Understanding that we are responsible for all
that happen in our lives it is but a conscious choice to change to the
desire to experience joy. This too is a matter of mastering the ego or
mind, and making the conscious choice to en-joy and to be in-joy.
“Passion” has a multitude of meanings and no matter what you are
doing or however the energy of passion is present, it is an energy
will also manifest more into your life when it is used for the greater
of all.
“Peace” when experienced as a state of inner being is one of the
transformative energies on our beautiful planet. As more discover
state of peace from within there will no longer be lack, war or the
for competition in any shape or form. As more and more transfer to
state of peace within, it will reflect on the outside and we will indeed
created heaven on earth. “So within, So WithOut”.
“Thanks” a simple but very powerful word and I have chosen to close
this gift of words to you with my thanks for being a part of my life,
being my teacher, for being my reflection, for being YOU. You are a
magnificent being in my eyes and the eyes of GOD. I thank you above
for your willingness to read this book and your willingness to be
aware of
your words for in so doing we are all creating the highest potential
greater good for the ALL. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
“Attraction” In the end, this is what it is all about. The Law of
What do you want to attract to you? Are you happy with your life as
it is?
Be willing to look at your thoughts and words. How are you putting
vibrations out there. Are you attracting to you what you desire? Or is
the opposite? Now you know why, you can start to work with this
law of
Empowering YOU through words.
Having already tasted to a certain extent the importance and the
of Words, you will have already started to look closely at the way we
using words both verbally and in our thoughts. Most will have
realized by
now how particular words are empowering and others that are
subconsciously blocking our success rate as a Creator or in other
manifesting our hearts desires.
If anything, by now we are beginning to realize just how powerful
words/thoughts are and the importance of clarity therein.
dear friends it is a journey of discovery. It is a journey of finding the
Empowering YOU Through Words.
In this parable it is my intention to share with
you some subtle differences on how you can
work with the energy of words.
You will see that simply making a few minor
changes in certain statements you change
completely the energy created through them.
It will change your life as you are willing to work
with it.
within yourselves as to how “YOU” have been programmed
your lives via the parents, schools etc. It is now more than ever about
being willing to change that programming.
Is it difficult?
If you think it is, It surely will be.
If you think you can do it? You might just be able to.
If you know you can. You most definitely will.
Will it be a rapid change? Maybe, maybe not! But it is not about that
it? It is about your willingness to look at your programming. It is
your willingness to change. It is about your divine contract to achieve
GOD-GODDESS state of being. I am reminded of some words from
bible, although perhaps not totally accurate. They go something like
And man was created in my image. Knowing that this is open to
interpretation and of course I totally respect “your”
translation/interpretation of it. For me and my own reality it means
that I
am created in the image of GOD and that I am here to experience as
GOD, to achieve the level of knowing, awareness and ability. I AM
to experience for/with/as GOD.
What I wish to place in front of you in this parable is some more
examples of the Power of words and how they limit or empower
You see! In my reality, in my world it is all about being in my POWER.
Those of you who are alert and aware of what I have been sharing
you in this series of parables will have noticed something special
the statements in bold a little earlier.
Did you feel the difference in the statements? Did you notice the
difference in the power you felt as you read/stated them? Allow me
place in front of you a few word changes that make a huge
difference in
your energy and the results brought forth because of them.
Example 1.
I am thinking of going to the city to do some shopping tomorrow.
you like to go with me?
Is there anything in particular that you notice about that sentence?
First of all. You are giving your power away, therefore you are not in
YOUR “power”.
There is doubt within the statement, there is a lack of clarity and
Another is that you are asking a question and not making a
When asking a question, you are in actual fact offering the other the
opportunity to make decisions for you. When they do that, they are
YOUR power and making it their own.
Lets see what happens to the energy within the statement if we
but a few words.
I am going to the city tomorrow to do some shopping and I would
like you to come with me.
Do you see-feel the difference. With this you are making a powerful
statement. You are also offering the other person the opportunity to
be in
their power. To be in their truth. They are now faced with a choice.
Should they wish to go with you they will rapidly and willingly agree.
Should they not wish to go for whatever the reason, they are faced
with a
choice of being in their truth and own power by stating such. The
alternative is of course to lie and grudgingly agree. If you are aware
these word power games and the subtle differences, you will notice
them. It is of course up to you what you do with them thereafter. I
look for a way to empower the other into making the choice that is
their heart.
I have placed a couple of examples here for your discernment and
you do understand the subtle differences, the importance of clarity,
importance of being in your truth and power. You will have found an
important reason why many are still failing to manifest their hearts
desires. You see dear reader. I have discovered that when all of the
previous are in balance the flow of magic within the universe is
exponentially increased.
I am now going to take it a step further. When you have a clear
understanding of what we have just shared, you will find things
manifesting in your own life at a much faster rate. Lets now take an
example that we might be stating in our prayers.
Dear Creator, I need money to pay my bills. I am struggling to make
ends meet.
I have purposely chosen this example so we can take a look at where
can be improved upon.
I will do that for now in the form of questions. There are two very
important words in the above statement that is limiting YOU,
you and is lacking in clarity.
Did the two words I am referring to jump out at you straight away? If
did, congratulations. You are understanding the power of words
statements. If it didn’t, then please do not go into the poor me role,
simply be willing to practice a little more. You “will” get there.
First of all lets take a closer look at the word ‘need”. If you are
you are basically making a statement that is placing something ahead
you. Then we have two of the most powerful words that are ever
forth from the human mouth. “I AM”. Anything and everything that
those two words is manifested in your reality. Look at what follows it
this example. Take just for a moment the possibility that we are the
creators of our own reality. What then is being put out to the
universe in
the previous statement.
Now let me offer a different way of using words to empower and
Dear creator, thank you for providing the funds to pay my bills. I AM
grateful for the abundance on all plains of existence.
Now the skeptics among us might be forgiven for saying that it is not
because it hasn’t happened yet and that is ok. However, let me put it
you this way. Another of the most powerful energies within the
process is gratitude, yet another is visualization. I would offer you
perspective that having already seen it manifested (whether it is or is
yet in your NOW reality) you are in fact creating into your future and
allowing it to take place. Your words of gratitude are a way of
acknowledging the fact that it has happened and shows trust in the
process of manifestation taking place.
I know that some reading this will not believe and that is ok too. All I
is that you be willing to look at yourself in truth. Are you the first or
second example? Are you willing and open to at least giving it a try?
might just be surprised at the results you achieve. You might just be
surprised at the way your life changes because you did. Those in the
second category! Congratulations, you are abundant.
Another example:
Recently I discovered during one of my conversations another two
that carry such a different energy, yet by simply looking at them both
discovered and very much felt the energy change when we
the words. These two words were:
"Doubting" and "Understanding".
As we were having a normal discussion all of a sudden I said
that my conversation partner, Mary Pat, had to ask: “Are you
me?” As I looked at that word, I had to look closely at why I had been
talking the way I had. I AM always open and honest with myself
looking at this type of thing and she knows and trusts that, so when I
came back with the answer: “No, I am trying to understand where
are coming from”. “I am trying to understand you on a deeper level.”
wrote the words down because we instinctively knew that
energetically had shifted. As soon as we both saw the words written
front of us one above the other, (try it, write doubting and then
understanding underneath it.) something definitely did shift in our
conversation and our energy.
This is another beautiful example of how we are limiting ourselves
through our word choices. I could have gone into ego by defending
myself for her using the word doubting and challenged what she
said, yet
something was triggered within me. I opened to look deeper at what
happening when the word “understanding” popped into my mind. A
lot of
lightning fast thoughts shot through the both of our minds and all of
sudden we knew that we had just shifted from a closed and lower
vibration energy word to a word that opens to receiving all kinds of
insights from the universe. We also both immediately moved away
ego and were open to our higher guidance. What followed was a
experience that did indeed take us to a new level of understanding
other on new and deeper levels.
In working with this word: “UNDERSTANDING” I have become very
much aware that while placing that word more regularly in my
conversation and giving it a prominent place, I have changed
energetically. I AM more open, I AM more alert, and I am listening
different ears.
Have fun with this one dear friends and enjoy as we did with this
example of understanding the power of words.
Life is a gift.
When one can truly walk through life seeing it as a gift, then life is a
blessing in all its magical forms.
We have talked about Gratitude before today so we know the effects
what being continually in a state of gratitude can bring. In this
parable I
would like to take a look at another magical word.
That word is “PRESENT”.
It is a word that can have so many different meanings as you will see
we continue.
Present can mean being here in the now, right now. When your fully
present in the now, you are not concerned about any past mistakes.
would you be concerned about the future.
That past you cannot change and dwelling in it often results in
especially if you are concentrating on events that might not have
delivered what you desired.
The future is as yet unwritten, so why would you want to
worry about that.
Your future is being sculpted in every moment with every thought,
and word. Do you see how important it is to be fully present in the
present moment? Lets break the word present down. If you were to
it as follows it would be: pre sent.
Life is a gift.
Live in the present and present
yourself with noting but presents.
Could this point to the fact that your gift to self of living in the
present is
actually pre sending your wishes into your future to be created as
We encourage you to work with this for a while. Once you have you
realize that the greatest present you could ever have given yourself
living in the “Present”.
Every single moment is a new creation. Every single thought is a new
creation. In every single breath you are creating.
Are you going to create lots of nice presents for yourself? We hope
choose to present yourself with lots and lots of presents in the
You have to love this word. Just in that last sentence alone it had
different meanings.
Enjoy your presents… All of them.
A Trinity Of Power Words.
The 3 words I have chosen here are all
very powerful words. As you work with
them, you will see how they compliment
each other.
In your daily lives the power of these
words have the ability to lift you to new
and greater heights.
A Trinity of POWER words…
In the previous section I talked purely and simply about words. In
section I would like to introduce you to 3 of the most powerful words
posses in our language:
When you truly get into the meaning of these 3 words you will notice
it creates a circle or cycle which continually reverts back to or even
moves forward into one or the other. Lets take a look at why we
see these words as being so important to us all especially in this
juncture of time that is now upon us.
Let me take “INTENT” as the first of the three words. What exactly is
intent? I personally believe that it is every single thought that runs
through our brain or mind. I have talked before about mankind
more aware of who we are, why we are here and that we have no
limitations. So many around the planet now are realizing more and
that by simply setting intent with their thoughts, they are
what ever it is that they are thinking. Many are starting to literally
with it, almost as if it is a new toy. (laughter) To most of us it is of
a new toy, and like every child, a new toy is fascinating and we don’t
want to stop playing with it.
Why, you might ask am I referring to it in this child like manner?
For two reasons and the first being that we are indeed basically
with this new found power. Let me correct that if I may. It is not
really a
new found power, it is one that has lain dormant within us for eons
and it
is now time for us to remember. Just as I have stated previously, our
DNA is changing rapidly and a part of that change is information that
been stored there simply waiting for us to be ready to remember
The second reason is because I believe that children have much less
inhibitions, or perhaps even this: They have not been here on this
plain long enough to be influenced by we the parents, the school
systems and society on a whole. When we revert to our inner child
or the
childlike state, we find that we have much less inhibitions or I will
go so far as to say that our ego’s are much less developed and less
likely to get in the way. We therefore are much more willing in the
childlike state to experiment and take (perceived) risks.
By now you also know that I believe that “everything” is energy, and
do mean everything. With that thought in mind I would like to share
following with you:
When the energy of “Intent” is posted, it opens a path and the
energy of
“manifestation flows” leading to your hearts desires being created in
now reality.
This leads me beautifully into the next word on my power list.
“Balance”. It is when we are well balanced that we are at our very
best at
setting intent and manifesting. We all know the tricks our ego plays
us. It will attempt to let you know that you are not worthy of
or you don’t deserve? Some might even have an over active ego
could potentially lead to the other extreme. Most of us will have
experienced or are experiencing either example.
Our ego produces many of those little saboteurs that in effect limit
us in
our manifestations. Ego is very much a part of the duality. Please
get me wrong here. Ego is a valuable part of our make up. What I am
saying is that a balanced ego is even more valuable to us. I love to
at and review how my ego has been present during my day. What I
love to do is use a valuable visual tool. We all know the Libran (star
weighing scales? No, I don’t have a physical set of scales. (laughter)
These are a set of scales that I visualize in my minds eye, and as I
review my day I see them tilting to the left or to the right whenever I
become imbalanced with my ego. I have found this tool to be an
invaluable one during my spiritual growth. Especially when I am
willing to
be totally honest with myself, willing to look at the experiences of
the day
without any attachments or not judging myself etc. Those scales
shown me the parts of my make up that I might choose to work on.
doing so I have found that “BALANCE” has been a wonderful state to
in. It is also simply a choice, I can choose to be in balance, or I can
choose to be the other energy that could be chaos. No judgments on
either because it really is this simple. It is a choice. No more, no less.
When totally in balance I have found that I am always very much in
flow. Everything seems to flow so easily. I am in my most euphoric
I am able to manifest my hearts desires more rapidly. Although
said that, it is also not so important because when I am in that
state I also know that time is not of the utmost importance. The
point is,
my desires are manifested.
Of course if I am in chaos or out of balance, then things seem to be
blocked. They are not flowing and I feel disconnected. When I am
to be aware of what is going on in my life, I can make a choice. I
chaos might seem to strong a word for some reading this. Not really,
it is
simply the opposite of balance.
It is my perception that when we are totally in the energy of
we are at one with all that is. We are in “Oneness”.
This leads me into the third power word on this list. “AWARENESS”.
When the previous two words are totally in sync with each other it is
the utmost importance that I am aware of everything that is
around me. Yes Everything. If for some reason I am blocking the
messages from my higher/partner self, it is important that I am
aware of
all that is going on around me. This could even be signals from the
animal or insect kingdom. Our guides are very creative when
to get a message through.
It could be something I see in a newspaper or a magazine. Somehow
or other something will seem to jump out at me, or be somehow
than other sections. It could be something that is on TV. Particular
will grab my attention. This also happens sometimes while walking
the street whereby I happen to overhear a portion of some ones
conversation. A sentence or even just a particular word will serve to
trigger something inside of me and it will eventually lead me to
something important.
One of the most prominent reasons that our prayers or requests
appear to go unanswered is because we missed the syncs being
on our paths. Another reason is of course our awareness of the
we have chosen to use while we were stating our prayers or
requests. It
is essential that we are aware of the words we have chosen. Were
in total clarity? Could they have been interpreted differently? If it is
not in
total clarity for ourselves, how can we expect our helpers to
what it is we are praying for or requesting? There are so many ways
our helpers will attempt to place things in front of us that are meant
assist us in getting our requests or prayers answered. Because we
all unique in our personal journeys here, it will vary from person to
person how.
So you see how powerful all three of these words are in our daily
I would even go so far as to say that they all play an essential role in
lives. Neither is more important than the other, nor will one always
first. As you learn to play with these three words you will even find
they are interchanging, one leading continually into one of the
others. I
hope you enjoy playing with them as much as I do and have.
I would like to finish this section by making one further statement. I
firmly believe that these 3 words when understood completely or
absorbed into our being will also lead to other power words one of
could be compassion. However that is another story and it warrants
own section in this book.
It is my sincere hope that by the time you have finished reading this
section that you will have another way of looking at the many
“disasters” that are currently touching the hearts of so many on our
As recent and much publicized examples we have September 11th,
Madrid bombing and in the not to distant past the School incident in
Russia, the London Bombings, The Tsunami and then the hurricanes
the USA. There are others of course that are equally as horrendous
within our human perceptions, for instance the genocide that is
going on
in Africa.
Another Power Word For Your Consideration.
When you have this word in your heart and
your being you truly have embarked on a path
of deeper understanding.
Just for a moment I will stay with the subject of genocide. I would
like to
place in front of you an example. It is not all that hard to imagine
because it is actually happening. However for this example I would
you to look at and feel the following statement:
20,000 dead in the last month. Imagine also that you are seeing this
message on the local and world news programs. There are many
different emotions that you might experience while hearing this kind
message. For this experience I would like to concentrate on three of
main reactions.
Reaction one might perhaps be: Oh, that is on the other side of the
world and I don’t personally know those people. Let’s go grab a
Reaction two could be: Oh my goodness, we can’t allow this to
continue. We should send our troops over there and stop those
responsible by any means necessary.
Reaction three would perhaps flow like this: The person who is
may experience tears welling up in their eyes, they may feel empathy
with those experiencing the genocide and although they do not
know any
of those people personally, they might well be feeling on a heart
what they are going through. Now they might not be able to explain
they are feeling the emotions although clearly they are.
Lets take a closer look at possible reasons for each of these three
Reaction one: The person in question is aware of what is happening
and chose to change the subject as quickly as possible. Could it be
because they were not touched by the experience? Could it be that
are cold hearted and because they are so far away from what
that they don’t care? Perhaps not! It might well be that this example
not know how to react, I would suggest that it does touch them, yet
don’t know “how” to react nor what to say. Therefore they choose to
distance themselves from those emotions by a reaction of
This example chose to change the subject because of that.
Reaction two: This example immediately experienced disgust and
anger. An eye for an aye and a tooth for a tooth. This example would
have preferred to have immediately rallied the troops, sought out
responsible and would have therefore continued in exactly the same
energy. It would cost even more lives should this example be
Reaction three. This example in my heart tells me that this person is
connected to their higher self and OPOM’s. Although this example
not know these people it is experiencing the emotions, knows not
why it
is shedding tears, yet clearly it is. This example could have chosen
of the two earlier options or perhaps any other yet it didn’t. It could
chosen to judge, yet it didn’t. It chose the option of “compassion.”
feeling came from the heart, the very depths of the soul. It
felt compassion for those people.
In my own human experience right now I am curious. Which option
you choose the next time you see this kind of thing in the media?
Lets take a moment and look a little closer at the word
The Oxford English Dictionary has these words to share: a strong
of sympathy for people who are suffering and a desire to help them:
to feel / show compassion.
I would like to break the word down into smaller sections so we can
take a
deeper look at the word. Com-pass-ion. It contains two other
important words,
the first being compass which I am sure you will agree that this
would be a
direction finder? The second word being passion. Here are my
thoughts on this.
The compass part is so that you can find direction into your feelings
emotions. The passion part might be so that you can feel passionate
about what
is happening.
Could this then lead to you entering into your heart and perhaps
offering with a
passion your love to the situation?
If I have achieved nothing else with the sharing of this word and
these examples,
I would hope that at any time in the future you experience these
examples no
matter how far away it is from you, you might stop for a moment
and offer the
situation your “UNCONDITIONAL” Love/compassion.
Why you might ask am I asking you to offer your unconditional love
compassion to the situation?
Here again are my thoughts on this. It is quite possible that those
people in these
situations have contracted in during this life cycle to experience this
as a part of
our collective divine plan. I consciously choose to offer unconditional
because it is just that, “UNCONDITIONAL”. No other energies
attached, such
as peace, retribution, anger, pity etc.
I open my heart and send this unconditional love that the collective
who are going through all of these situations receive the LOVE
energies and
open to their own choices and growth within the situations. It is my
belief that in
doing so I am offering a great gift of unconditional love energy and
them to choose their own path within their human creator
experience. It is also
my belief that in feeling this and perhaps in the growth that may
come forth
from their collective experience is for the greater good of all. You
see! I believe
that whenever these situations are resolved to the highest potential
of mankind,
mankind collectively raises the vibrations of all that is.
I would like to close this section with a recommendation. The
example given
above is very similar to a section of a book or set of tapes I once
listened to from
someone whom I have a lot of love and a high degree of respect for
the journey
he is on and is sharing with the world. His name is Gregg Braden and
the book
or tapes I am referring too are “Beyond Zero Point”. If you have the
to get them, please do. They are a wonderful source of information
and also
allow you to make your choices by simply offering you information
examples. His website is:
Gregg is a wonderful energy who chooses often times to experience
from I
believe a balanced approach between the sciences and
metaphysical. Another of
his great works is “The GOD Code”.
Thank you Gregg for being who you are and your sharing.
Another huge example of how compassion can change the world is
the most
recent experience of the tsunami. The whole world sent love, help,
etc. It awakened the understanding of compassion all over the globe.
nations did a great deal to assist. Little was one of those nations to
know that
they too would experience that same compassion but now being
shown back to
them. Yes, I am talking about the USA and the hurricanes that
destroyed so
many lives. There are many ways of showing compassion and it most
was on a huge scale with these two last events.
I trust and know that this changed humanity. There are more than
likely more of
such events ahead of us. It is my sincerest desire that we all
compassion in no matter what form it takes when they do.
Choices, Intent and Experiences.
As you continue to raise your energies/vibrations and became more
aware of who you are, why you are here and the power behind your
and every thought or word. You move into the experience of what
we will
choose to call “Higher awareness experiencing”.
By now you will all at varying degrees understand that your journey
one full of experiences that have brought new insights and perhaps
new levels of awareness?
Not only are you looking at all experiences now with a different kind
awareness, you might be looking at each experience as if you were
seeing two movies being played simultaneously. One experience will
that of a lower vibrational choice, i.e fear, panic, anger, drama, etc.
The other will be the result of being “UNCONDITIONALLY” open to all
that you see, feel and experience.
What is happening in this is that you are able to make a choice as to
which you prefer to experience at this point in your journey. Neither
viewed as good or bad. They are what they are “experiences”.
Sometimes you might want to consciously choose the lower
option just to see what lessons you can learn from it. To see what
kind of
experiences you can add to your list if you will. I choose them so that
can share those experiences with others, be it verbally in the physical
through the fact that it has been placed or recorded in the grids for
Three More Power Words.
When fully aware of the power of these three
words, you can work fully with the laws and
powers of the universe for your greatest good
and benefit.
those searching for that experience to enjoy the experience without
actually having to live through it.
I think it is quite clear now to all reading this that it is my wish during
journey to experience as much as I care to and then share that with
others. I have chosen this time to teach through the experiences I am
living or that are placed in my vicinity. In my reality there is no
teaching method than this. My reason for stating that is that no
how many experiences I have placed in this book and no matter
shape or result I achieved, there is always going to be people reading
which will be able to relate to an experience in their own journey. It
is my
intention that they are able to look at it and perhaps find answers as
the why’s and how’s etc, perhaps even providing them with clarity
their own experiences.
Something else I would like to share here is an experience that has
become a fact of my life. I am still of course a human being, living the
experiences as I travel my journey. This also means that I still carry a
certain amount of old baggage with me. What I mean by this is that I
sometimes still do revert to old energy reactions, such as anger, fear,
frustration, impatience etc. Not very often, thank goodness, but I still
on occasion.
I have also found that the more I become aware of what I am, what I
create and the more I raise my vibrations, the more I have to be
aware of
my thoughts or words. An example for instance could be that I was
with someone for something that we experienced together. I did not
share these feelings of anger with that person which means that I
left them hanging out there as it were. I understand that I must take
responsibility for leaving those thought patterns out there. I put
them out
there. I am now also totally aware that because of what I have left
unresolved (I prefer the term out of balance) I have created the age
universal law “what you sow, is what you reap” and oh boy was this
powerful lesson. What came back was an energy/expereince that
exceeded what I put out. What I mean by this is that the experience I
received in return was the proverbial ten fold. (laughter) That one
had me
pondering for a while I can tell you.
Of course the upside if you will to this experience is the awareness of
what I had created. The awareness of the fact that should I
choose to put “loving” intentions out there in all of my experiences.
you getting the picture yet.
Suffice to say that since I now choose to be aware of all that I create
my thoughts and words. (most of the time, remember now! I am still
human) I choose consciously to put loving and positive intentions out
there. This has had the effect that my journey is one of Love,
and abundance and it has increased exponentially. I hope by sharing
experience with you, that yours does too.
In closing this section let me share an example how it could have
out to be a totally different outcome to the one that I had eventually
created. As a result of certain events in my life, I am partially
This meant that to a certain extent I also still received benefits from
government. Every once in a while I was called upon to go for a
check up
to see how I was progressing. I remember clearly the first time I
the request of my presence for an examination. Let it be known that
that time in my life our family had to sometimes be creative to make
meet. So you can imagine that when I received that letter my first
reaction was to go into fear and panic.
It was not until a day or so later that I had had time to think about it
that I
remembered that I could create a positive outcome to what was
happening. I chose to put it out to the universe that the result of this
examination would be for my highest potential good. That I release
attachments and fears, and that I would trust that no matter how it
looked, I would follow any results that came from it. Even as I made
statement I felt as if a weight was being lifted of my shoulders.
Although in the weeks leading up to that first appointment I must
that I was still a little nervous now and again, especially on the day of
examination its self. My reason perhaps for the nerves was the fact
I knew that all of the benefits laws were becoming more stringent
and the
government was encouraging these doctors to get people back to
work if
there was even a remote possibility.
It was not until another two months later that I would learn the
result from
this examination during a second appointment. I felt inside that all
well and that it was working out as I had put it out to the universe. I
trusting the result to be for my highest good. The appointment I was
to attend was one to see what my levels of mobility were and what
of work I would be fit to do. When the results of this one came back I
a little surprised to say the least. I had received a raise in my level of
disability and in addition to that I was to receive more money per
I have to say I am only remotely surprised now. You see I had also
working on setting up workshops and seminars. I was in the middle
writing this book. I have absolutely no intentions of staying on the
benefits. I know inside me that I have a message to share with the
and that I was to be doing that through these workshops etc. As the
universe (and myself) has taken care of me now in creating this extra
space of preparation time, I know and trust that it (I) will take care of
my earthly needs in the future too.
My point in sharing this example is, I could have chosen to
from fear and panic. I know the outcome would have been a totally
different one. I chose to set an intent, I made a conscious choice and
was willing to work with the experiment. The next time you are faced
adversity? Please remember this experience and know from your
that no matter what the result is you have created, it is always for
highest good. All you need to do is be aware of the duality potentials
within the experiment, make your choices, to set out your intentions
then trust.
Synchronicities And Universal
Moving from self(ish) consciousness into
Universal Consciousness is probably the
most beautiful gift you could give yourself
and through doing so, all those around you.
Synchronicities and Universal Consciousness.
Life at times can be very confusing, there is so much changing
around us
and yet somehow or other we know that it is for the greater good of
all. We are still stuck in circumstances that are holding us back. Are
our own choices? Are we in fact creating them? Or is the universe
care of everything? Time will tell…
Life as we know it is definitely changing. There are so many things
happening around us and we know that we often don’t have the
We also know that we don’t always need the answers any more. We
know that when it is time for the answers, they are there. One of the
reasons for this is because we are now choosing to be the vessel of
change. We are choosing to be in every now moment “now”. We are
choosing to be the vessel of “Unselfish LOVE” or another popular
yet vastly misunderstood “Unconditional LOVE” in all things we do.
are moving ever closer towards Universal Consciousness. (GOD)
The term “GOD” has been so badly abused and interpreted by
that the word even feels uncomfortable to use, which is one of the
reasons that in this book of parables the term “Mother Father God”
been broadly used. Yet we know now that this term is also limiting.
also only need to switch the TV on, pick up a newspaper or any other
form of media and all around us you see that the world is in great
It is essential that you do not react to this chaos, but to remain
above it
as if an observer. Pour by all means LOVE from your heart into any or
these situations.
Has humanity lost it’s way? Perhaps we have reached that stage now
that it is time to be in total truth about how we have blamed GOD
for so
many things, that so many have claimed that they have the one and
true GOD. Wars and genocide have been experienced in the name of
GOD. Look at the situation around the Danish cartoons and you will
what is meant by religious chaos that has long been predicted. No
what religion or faith you subscribe to, you are now being asked to
through the illusion of “SELF-ISH LOVE Consciousness”. Maybe it is
time for us to see that in our religions and religious writings that
MAN has
interfered, made changes from the original purpose and it has not
for the many, but for the few who had an agenda. Inside us, deep
us we know the truth, we know that this is not the way of GOD.
GOD is more than a segment or A religion. GOD is ALL encompassing
and is in ALL things. It is the separation experienced through “SELF-
LOVE Consciousness” that is creating all of this. It is now time for
humanity to awaken to “Universal Consciousness” to understand
that all
parts of all things are all a part of SELF. It then speaks for its self that
you would not desire to damage, hurt or deny SELF anything. Quite
contrary, you would wish nothing but the best and highest LOVE.
Many are experiencing health issues right now. Have them, by all
checked out and when nothing results from the check ups, then rest
assured that your body, your cells, organs, yes every atom of your
physical being is being transformed so that you are able to function
your best in the higher vibrations of the times to come. Do all that
can to take care of your physical being, it is after all the vessel you
to ascend with. Listen to your body, it will not misdirect you, pay
and take action when required, whether this is more exercise or
eating habits, follow your intuition.
Some examples: Personally I experienced heart challenges and it was
so convincing that I also had the pains in the left arm. Once that
I experienced changes in my lungs, live and kidneys. No sooner had
passed, my skin started to itch all the time with no visible reason for
Amazing synchronicities…
There will more than likely be a great deal of amazing synchronicities
happening all around you right now. For now you are being asked to
the observer for the most part. Events are being prepared for you
and for
now it is better not to get in the way with your thoughts, words or
To emphasize: BE observant of your thoughts, words and actions. BE
aware if you are getting in your own way through doubt, fear,
will, or otherwise creating. As you move into March 2006 the events
become more visible and you will know when to take action and
when to
be the observer.
Yes, you are indeed expanding on all levels almost continuously now.
the cellular level, the conscious level, the subconscious and
levels. Your physical, mental, emotional and spirit bodies are
moment by moment. The more you are able to release the “Selfish
Consciousness” and open to “Universal Consciousness” the more you
will find yourself in the flow. Remember that we are still limited
the veils of illusion. Opening more and more to Universal
will allow the energies beyond the veils that are all seeing and all
knowing to assist and guide you to your highest potential and for the
greater good of the ALL.
Not knowing…
We already touched lightly on this, but for the purpose of clarity and
emphasis. The more you can get out of your own way from here
the veils, the more you will open to the all seeing all knowing
counterparts and the more you will be a tool for the Universal
consciousness to work through you. Often this means your not
where events are leading you. Do your very best to simply allow it to
so. You and humanity will benefit enormously from your being able
to do
The previous statement will maybe face many of you with your
challenge yet. Your trust and patience levels will be tested. You must
KNOW without a shadow of doubt that the Universe is working along
side you to bring into manifestation the greatest good for you all.
Perhaps the greatest rule to adhere to in these near future times is:
“When in doubt? Do NOTHING!”. Let the Universe DO IT for you….
Universal Consciousness…
We will be using this term and the “ALL” more and more in our
as it does encompass everything and our reason for this is because of
the way the word “GOD” has become limited by mans interpretation
images projected on to it…
2006 and beyond.
Ma2006 is to be the year of diligence for you as your desires are
becoming ever more rapidly manifested. It will be a time to
your thoughts and words. The words you use will create your reality
at an
increasingly rapid pace. If it is not the reality you desire? Then we
recommend you go back in time (in your minds eye) and see how
formulated your words/thoughts. This is a period of great learning
for the
closest ripples to the center of “The Pond”. (Remember the parable
about God’s Pond? Chapter 2) Please do not beat up on yourself, you
are greatly honored with this task and the gift available to you is
beyond imagination.
Recognize or rather REMEMBER who you are and why you are here.
YOU are the CREATORS, be willing to be it in all forms. Create that
which is for the greatest good of ALL.
Secrets of the past reveal blockages in the now!!!
A date to remember Sunday 15th of January. 2006
I had a bunch of appointments set up for that weekend and originally
they were set up for Saturday and Sunday. Synchronisticaly it ended
they all took place on Sunday.
It started with an appointment with a very dear friend with whom I
been working for some time, assisting back and forwards with each
others growth. Her name is Marie-José but I will call her MJ as I
lovingly do. This appointment was for a hypno-regression session.
Having experienced to a certain extent one of these before I new
much what was going to happen.
Secrets Of The Past Reveal Blockages In The
I saved this parable although it might
certainly have fitted very well in previous
chapters. My reason for doing so will
hopefully speak for its self after you have
read and absorbed it.
It is in two parts and the reason for that will
be clear by the end.
Five minutes before the session was to start I did the Twin Flame
merging ritual as I felt it important that my twin flame be with me.
As I
made myself comfortable and prepared to go within, I noticed a
amount of discomfort around my neck and shoulders. The next steps
revealed why. Something that I have perceived to be experiencing
recently in my life is “Resistance” in several different ways. I had sort
decided that I would spend today finding out why, so it did not
me when the first things that came up were issues around my father
childhood. On several occasions during different stages of my
awakening I have been confronted with these issues, each time a
surprised that they were back again because I had long since forgiven
him and understood much of why he was as he was.
I saw and experienced pain in different extremities in my body as I
through the experience again. I feel that because I have done that
before, it was there now just to take it to another level of healing,
forgiving and understanding. It was also preparing me for what was
about to happen.
The areas of pain while in these sessions carry a meaning and have a
purpose which is generally revealed when sitting in or connecting to
pain. One of the words that came back every time was the word
resistance. Having been forced into a religion I did not want from a
young age, I inwardly rebelled and took every opportunity I could to
out of it. As I got older I was a very keen athlete in many disciplines,
so I
often used that as an excuse to get out of the house and away from
whatever experience I did not want to go through.
This revealed repetitive patterns in my adult life which also does not
really come as a surprise, because I am fully aware that the first
seven to
nine years are your formative years and until you realize it, your
life is centered and viewed/lived through the eyes/experiences of
After a while MJ was attempting to take me even deeper into this
experience so that more could be revealed to me. How it happened
why I don’t know, but I had already moved away from this so we
with the next stage of this experience. I was now experiencing
from a life time in Egypt, deep inside the sacred chambers and
temples. I
was wearing the clothes of a highly skilled and revered
This too didn’t really come as a surprise because my Twin Flame and
have had brief visions of this experience before. I became an
observer of
what was happening. There was another being stood next to me and
could see/feel that this beautiful and equally powerful being was my
Flame. We were charged at that time with assisting humanity
through our
magic (creator skills) to raise their vibrations moving closer to the
We had what we recognize as the “Book of knowledge” which
reveals all
and has no secrets for the adept.
Somehow or other our experiments had unintentionally brought
harm to humanity. ( I/we know now that humanity just wasn’t
ready.) We
had reached a level of awareness that we knew that all things return
themselves through the circular energy of the laws of the universe.
Having being the creators of that experiment instinctively we knew
that it
had consequences. The next vision was a very painful one to relive. I
saw myself bending over my beloved, holding her in my arms as I
that she was about to die. As she breathed her last breath, she
whispered it is ok my beloved. I Love you and we will be together
After which she left her body. Briefly experiencing this loss, then. and
again in the now during this regression, I was quickly brought back to
soul level of the experience. (More on that in a moment)
After a moment or two of deep breathing and centering back into
the tears stopped and I became calm again. I had perhaps expected
stay there for a while to see what the intention was behind that
experience but before I knew it I was traveling back to another
Much of what was happening there was similar to the previous
My Twin and I were there together again, working on similar projects
together to assist humanity to the next level. A great similarity
the two experiences was the LOVE that we had within us for the ALL
is. It was almost overwhelming. Again we were highly skilled
magicians/creators and through the book of knowledge there were
secrets that were hidden from us. That is, other than those that we
creating. Somehow or other these experiments had gone array. It
brought about the downfall of Atlantis. The pain and the grief of that
too much to bear for me and as I observed the vision, it was now I
was in my beloveds arms. It was I that was about to take my last
It was I that whispered the words, “Fear not my beloved. I Love you,
we will be together again”. After observing her pain and grief for a
while, I could no longer bear it so I left that experience and returned
the soul experience.
After and during both of these journeys, there were moments where
tears and pain of loss was experienced in the now moment of this
regression. After a while and some deep breathing I returned to a
of peace and simply being. I needed a potty break too, so we broke
for a short while. I knew this would be ok because I am quite skilled
going in and out of this trance like state.
Inner knowing.
When I returned, I simply centered again and went within. I
connected to
my I Am presence and continued to observe the experiences. What
revealed or in other words what was being revealed to us? Having
had this experience together and both having experienced being the
to depart, I know that we never have to experience the high
Magicians/Creators journey again with the same result. We are here
now, both of us and are being offered the chance to go through this
experience again together. But now with the absolute knowing that
will not fail this time, nor will there be any mistakes. Why? Because
humanity “IS” ready for it this time.
In the Now.
During our meditations together we have already in this lifecycle
and experienced the book of knowledge. It has always seemed to be
out of reach. It has always seemed to hold its secrets just beyond our
knowing in the now. Why? Because in this journey we are not quite
yet. We are both expanding daily, moving ever closer to the BE-ING
is required to be able to come together and bring forth not only the
secrets of the book of knowledge, but to also continue with the
experiments/creations where we left off. Only this time we both
know and
have this inner peace that it has already been written that this time
will succeed. When we look back since our being reunited again, we
see that parts of the book of knowledge have already been revealed
us. We are already being allowed to exercise our wings as it were.
are preparing ourselves to learn to fly again with this knowledge.
While exploring what particles of those experiences had been
into this lifecycle so that we could have the opportunity to move
the veil of illusion we know as the third dimension. Certain slightly
surprising facts came to light. I will begin with her for no apparent
other than one of us has to go first.
In her journey since we met she has not always been able to be in
truth and often times used her skills as a manipulator to get her way.
(Careful now! Don’t start judging this, the beauty of it will be
revealed as
we go along.) Her not being able to be in truth is in perfection,
as she moves beyond the veil into the higher vibrational realms it will
longer be necessary for her not to be in truth. The illusions of fear
control by her and those around her will disappear as she expands
herself in the now. The lack of truth is related to our past life
and the fear of losing each other again. It is also a lack of trust that in
end we both know that it has already been written/created and this
we cannot fail. We have both experienced the pain of loss again as
had to part after having spent brief periods together. At the time we
not know what it was or why it was there. Now we do. Now, back to
word manipulator. In the third dimension it would certainly be
viewed as
such. We know it is not so, she is simply honing her old skills again.
is preparing herself to step into the higher vibrational realms where
word changes and becomes “creator”. The perfection of all of this is
beautifully orchestrated, we sometimes sat in awe as piece by piece
was being revealed to us.
With me it has been slightly different, yet the source of it is the
same. I
have not been in sacred truth with her or myself and others around
because of fear. My lack of trust was also because of our past life
experiences. I have held my hand above her head in so many ways
because I could not bare to see her hurt. I have bent over backwards
fulfill her wishes and desires. This too came from the fear of losing
again. I too have been the master manipulator. I have tried to push
desires and my wishes upon her trying to get her to go places with
do the seminars and workshops with me, or just to simply be with
We both knew that it was out of balance, but we didn’t know quite
We do now! I too was preparing myself for the exchange of the
exchanging manipulation for creation in the higher vibrations.
As we look back on this we can see the perfection of the whole
experience. We have let go of old fears. We have let go of the
manipulation because we know what it is. We have already started
create and are receiving the tools to be able to do so again. We have
go of each other, because inside we KNOW, we cannot, nor have we
ever been separated. We can now see the choices to be made from
perspectives, there is always an easy way and a hard way. We are
now able to view the choices and see the two potentials and make
choices accordingly. We are much more connected in the ethers,
(telepathically) so much of our communication takes place there.
Because of this, when we do get the opportunity to talk, we see (for
3D reality) that amazing things have taken place. Whatever she has
been working on has been absorbed within my inner knowing and
studies have been absorbed by her.
The future.
What does the future hold for us? Well, we both know what the
potential outcome is, because we have both seen it in our visions
our meditations. In part it is up to us to get out of the way and let
universe and our pre-incarnated selves run the show. In part it is
us being aware of the things happening around us and making
that are in alignment with them. Can we fail? The clear answer to
has to be NO. Although it is still not created in the physical, I have
already seen the outcome and how it will take place. In future
writings we
will reveal if this did indeed pan out the way we had created it. We
still get in the way as we leave the experiences of the old third
behind us, perhaps we can slow it down too, of that I am also not
sure. What I am one hundred percent certain of, is that the universe
weaving its magic. Things ARE happening around us that will take us
wherever it is we are meant to be and what ever it is we are meant
to be
doing. I know she feels this way too, in fact she has felt this way for a
long time but could not find the words to make it clear to me? Or
was it
perhaps that I wasn’t able to hear? None of it is important any more
because we both KNOW and TRUST that our divine task is unfolding.
Q: What have we learned from this?
A: Well, for certain there is a pre written script that we are following.
Q: Does this mean we don’t have free will?
A: No, it doesn’t, we have the freedom of choice.
Q: Can those choices change the outcome?
A: To a certain degree yes but only for a while, in the long run, I don’t
believe they can, eventually we will fulfill the divine contract
Q: Will it be in this lifetime?
A: With all that we have seen, all of our visions, all of our
The answer would have to be a resounding YES.
Why share this personal story?
Because we are all one in the end, and we know that others are
into the same space, having similar experiences. We know that when
it is
time for others to experience the hypno regression, they will,
because it
does provide clues, healing and answers. The simple fact of the
When you are ready it will appear on your path and you will move
forward because of it.
Secrets of the past reveal blockages in the now. (Part 2.)
Having just read through the parable about the regression therapy, I
wanted to continue with another event that happened that same
I had an appointment with a very dear friend in the USA at around 6
my time. I was only just home in time. I desired to ask her a few
questions around the same theme (Resistance) and see what she
bring forth from Michael whom she brings through extremely well
and is
always accurate.
After spending some time on events that took place last year and did
play out as I had hoped they would, she reminded me that Michael
warned me that the potential was high that it would end up the way
it did.
I of course had not listened and obviously had to learn the hard way.
many ways my trip to the USA for a period of three months was a
disappointment. Let me put that another way. The parts that I was
my will on, did not work out. It cost me a great deal, financially,
physically, emotionally and mentally.
The trip was not a waste of time, because on ALL levels I gained a
deal and these gains are invaluable. I could not put a price or value
them. They will turn out to be worth a great deal more on ALL levels
I ever could have lost during my trip. Mentally, emotionally,
and spiritually they were also of great value. I have expanded
enormously from the experience. All parts of me are much more
empowered including the four bodies and beyond.
The comical thing is, as I was talking to my friend she began to bring
things that I had hopes and dreams of in the future with regards to
Twin Flame. She was telling me I had to let her go. I had to release
and only when I could, that there is another waiting for me which
bring me more than I could ever experience with my (perceived)
My experiences with the sweet angel that I now feel to be my Twin
been so powerful and we have had so many unbelievable
together that have proven to us time and time again that we are
you can imagine that this confused me.
As you can well imagine, I immediately went into fear, loss and all of
those other ego levels.
A little while later I remembered something she had said to me.
“Sweetheart, why don’t you talk to Michael yourself?” “He is trying
to get
through and for some reason your not listening”.
It was at this point I remembered a conversation that my Twin had
with another very powerful medium and she too had brought
through that for us were conflicting messages at that time on what
were receiving from the many ascended masters that are working
with us
and through us. I wondered why this earlier example should pop into
mind right at this moment?
I thought to myself. Well! It can’t hurt, let me see if I can reach
For ease of sharing the message I will do this in the form of M for
Michael and Me for me.
So I simply stated Michael are you there? To which I got the answer,
[M] “I Am always with you Ian”. The masters have this way of stating
obvious and what you already knew, but in your funks you forget. He
[M] I know why you are here.
[Me] I thought you might.
[M] Please state your question.
[Me] Ok, no beating about the bush with you huh? Why are we
messages through these wonderful mediums whom we trust that go
against all the experiences my Twin and I have had together?
[M] When you examine the messages closely, you will see that in
frame of reference they are right.
[Me] What? So this one I am working with is not my Twin and I will
not be
with my Twin in this life cycle and the visions we have had about our
divine task are all BS?
[M] That is not what I said. Read the previous message again and feel
with your heart.
[Me] Ok, I have and I still don’t get it?
[M] The frame of reference I refer too is as you well know the veil of
own programming, their own life experiences and to a certain
extent, the
only way that they could translate the message being given to them.
regards to the Twin Flame experience, neither of them have that
frame of
reference to translate the messages accurately for “YOU”. Which is
why I
asked our beautiful sister to ask you to connect directly with me and
was waiting for you.
[Me] Please continue, I think I am beginning to understand.
[M] Yes, I can see you are. Why do you think we spend so much
on you and your Twin, preparing you through all of the experiences
have had, providing you with so many tools, rituals and Mantras etc?
Why would we introduce you to other twins who have experienced
journey and are now together fulfilling their divine task?
[Me] Ummm, I think I get it, but do please continue.
[M] Who are the experts with regards to the experiences of the Twin
[Me] Well, those that you have introduced us too I should imagine?
[M] Indeed, with one addition you appear to be forgetting.
[Me] ohh. Who?
[M] A special Twin that we have been preparing through many
experiences, through visions of the future and in particular their own
future, giving them many tools, guiding them through the trials and
tribulations (perceived) so that they could extend the ring of
and expertise on Twins. Who might that be do you think?
[Me] Oops…I got it, your referring to us? Ok! Then why would this
medium be so assured in her statements?
[M] Again she is correct with her statements. You will not be with
Twin in the physical as you know her.
[Me] Oh goodness, this is so confusing.
[M] Beloved one, have you not recently gone through experiences
whereby you perceived that you were even dying? and did you?
[Me] Yes to the dying and I don’t think so, I appear to still be here..
[M] Exactly and is your Twin also going through a similar situation?
need to answer, we know you know she is. Are you the same person
after going through that experience and do you think she will be?
[Me] Ohh… I get it, It will be her but it won’t, because she too will
had parts of her die/transformed and she as I am being, will be
anew into a new being?
[M] Exactly! So you see, both you and the medium are correct.
[Me] Thank you so much for this explanation. I was so confused
I love this medium and do trust her. I could not understand why we
getting these conflicting messages.
This conversation went on a great deal longer and I got a whole
bunch of
answers to a lot of questions both halves of this Twin Flame have
I’m sure at the right time they will be revealed through our articles or
next (combined) book.
Hopefully through this conversation some will see that when you are
being prepared to fulfill your divine task on this earth plane! You will
more than likely be the experts on the subject, (as far as that is
and looking outside your selves for the answers will often have a
different interpretation than if you had gone inside to find your
answers. If
your in a funk? Do what ever it takes to raise your vibration, to open
yourself up, to trust the answers you are getting.
Note: Recently it was also revealed to us that no matter what we do,
universe is taking the steps required so that we are both free to fulfill
divine merging and completing our task.
Universal Consciousness
During my journey there have been a great deal of questions placed
front of me during seminars, private sessions, counseling sessions
Universal Consciousness.
When truly understood what Universal
consciousness is and unconditional love, it is
a gift that you give forth freely from the heart.
It transforms any and all fears or ego issues.
Enjoy the journey back to Universal
“it” has been requested to share insights on the title of this message.
First of all it will be necessary to understand two important
differences of
consciousness levels. First of all there is what is perhaps not so
known but oh so prevalent on the earth plain and that is “Self-
Self Consciousness.
When we talk about self-consciousness we are basically talking about
“ego-consciousness” or perhaps even “selfish-consciousness”. This is
the consciousness pattern, that most individuals on earth right now
functioning from. This has come about because of our separation
our source. There is nothing wrong with this because it ended up as
being a part of the divine plan. Having said that it is now time for us
remember that we are indeed all a particle of source and as such we
the divine creators of our world and reality.
It cannot be done from selfish-consciousness because it always leads
self-centered desires or for a giving in order to receive. The human
experience on most levels is almost always one of doing for another
long as one gets something back or out of it. You see this on all
whether it be relationships, work, business, sport etc…
It really doesn’t matter whether you get this right now or whether
even agree with me or not. I believe that I will be able to show by
example the difference between the selfish-consciousness and
consciousness as I go deeper into this parable.
In this next example I will feed two birds with one crumb as the
goes. Actually this will feed more birds and as the story unfolds you
see what I am referring too. I will show how even though I hadn’t
it at the time I was working from selfish-consciousness. In September
2005 I left all my worldly goods behind me and traveled to the USA. I
sincerely believed at that time that I was “Letting go and letting
My primary reason was to travel throughout the USA sharing a two
workshop on achieving ascension. So far so good, there was nothing
wrong in that and my heart was true to that purpose. I was there
also to
promote a new seminar of mine that relates to Creation its self and
relationship within that to the Twin Flames. Still, so far so good. Still
nothing wrong with this picture. I really didn’t realize until I got back
Holland at the end of November where everything had gone so
wrong. I
will get to that in a moment but first of all I have to share what the
were of how I had done this.
When I got back home. ( I was already in the stages of divorce before
left and only really waiting for the date to come around that it would
recognized by law.)
I returned to the uncomfortable surroundings of a home I shared
with an
ex partner that was still very angry with me and does not to this day
understand any of my journey, nor has she any desire to. (One of the
reasons for the divorce.) I am fortunate that my name was still on
deeds or I am might have been on the street. I had given my car
away to
a friend before I left. I had incurred debts while traveling the USA.
Basically I could not have reached closer to rock bottom at that time
I had.
I don’t want to paint a picture of total misery here, because it most
definitely was not. I got to stay with some wonderful people from
whom I
learned a great deal. I got to meet some incredible people. I got to
in front of some extremely knowledgeable people and share with
my insights. I got to taste the American culture and the differences
between it and European culture. I got to feel how it was to activate
template under Atlanta through simply being who I was and going
through some internal growth shifts. I got to attend a workshop that
me into the very depths of my being, bringing to the surface issues I
not even aware were there. I got to meet up with and hold one very
special person in my life for a period of about 4 hours who’s name
for the
time being must remain confidential. I share these facts with you
because the trip really wasn’t a failure and even though I had lost a
deal financially, I have no doubt in my mind that through the lessons
learned the losses have by far been recuperated.
I took the time until the end of 2005 to heal, absorb, search and
the reasons behind why it had not been a successful trip.
The reason quite simply was because “I had got in my own way”.
You might recognize that title from an earlier writing from me. The
fact is, I had done it again, but now I understood more how. It was at
end of it all because I was doing it again for “selfish-consciousness”
reasons. I had hoped to begin a new life there. I had hoped to hook
with a very special person and do the workshops together. You see I
an ulterior motive. I had expectations that were not realistic. Oh I
had the
faith in the universe that we would be taken care of, but what I had
taken into account were the feelings, fears, wishes, desires etc of this
other person.
It was not really until early 2006 that I realized the difference
“Selfish-consciousness” and “Universal Consciousness”.
The magical part of this story is that now I do understand I can and
making conscious choices from a place of greater knowing that I can
hope to master while in the physical for a while at least anyway. This
where the “Universal Consciousness” comes in.
What exactly is universal consciousness? You could call it God, Allah
ascended masters, angels. etc. There are many names for what
be termed or understood as the ALL that is. In my own personal
the words that are used have been so abused and misused that I
searched for a different term whereby I could feel comfortable with
what I
communicate with. They like to call themselves the “ALL” and who
am I
to argue with that. When you experience the ALL, you are truly
communicating with so many diverse and different parts of the ALL,
it is
a wonderful and magical experience to be in touch with the all. As I
mentioned in a previous parable, it goes beyond physical or non
beings, it is the fauna, animal and mineral kingdom and even that
description is limiting it.
Even though at that time still financially limited I trusted that with
this new
knowledge I would be ok and guess what? It turns out I am more
that. All of my personal desires, my personal wishes are being taken
care of. The reason for this is that I am no longer working for
gain, I am no longer working in the “WILL” of Ian. I am now working
totally for the greater good of all. I am working with the WILL of
“Universal Consciousness”.
In a period of two months even without funding I have been able to
up a completely new web site and a completely new forum.
There are images being created and transformed into power jewelry
which will be sold via the website. By the time you have this book in
hands they will be available via the web site:
Guided meditations and activations are being recorded and
music is being created. The CD’s will be sold on the web site.
(As the book went to the publisher, the CD’s had become available.)
The tools I need to transform the PowerPoint Presentations into
Adobi format have been provided. The same for the promotion
Perhaps most important of all for me at this moment in time is that I
the tools to create an eBook and ultimately the places to create and
my first book published. I have been provided with an editor and
great fun with that.
I can feel you asking: “So what have you been doing differently Ian?
Truthfully at this moment in time the only difference I can see is that
I no
longer feel separate from you. I am one with you. I have no
on an outcome. I am no longer getting in my own way. I have no or
limited personal desires. I am doing it because I have a heartfelt wish
expand and assist myself and my OPOM’s. I am doing it because I no
longer wish to push my will and knowing on you. I am in a place of
allowing and knowing that we are all unique, yet all one.
In our uniqueness we are all heading in the same direction even
we may be taking different routes. Those different routes are all ok
matter what they are. I am a part of the whole. I am a particle of the
Universal consciousness and I am expanding in that knowing all the
time. The selfish consciousness is diminishing with every experience
in all truth, I am sure you will agree, it is a wonderful place to be. All
need to do is look at all the wonderful things that are happening
Thank you for being that other part of me and allowing me to be that
other part of you.
Blessings dear OPOM’s.
Final and Most powerful Parable of them all….
In the previous (chapter) parables I have touched upon certain words
that can change your life as you see the value of them and the
contained within them. During seminars and workshops I ask people
close their eyes and place one word in the one hand and the other
in the other hand. We don’t know how it works, but the word that is
of the
lesser vibration is always heavier and one can visibly see the hand
lowering, most important of all, they can feel it.
You have read how they can empower you and take you to another
of your awakening journey.
In this last parable I wish to provide you with some final tips that
have to
be the ultimate ones.
We have talked about how words are energy. Thoughts are energy.
actions and reactions are energy. Your state of mind is energy. Your
emotions are energy. In truth everything about you, in you and
you is energy.
Final and most powerful parable.
The information contained within this parable
has the power to change your life drastically.
It contains the power to allow you all that
your heart desires.
The information offered when you fully
understand it will assist you to find true
happiness and create it all around you.
If you can imagine that all these things that we have just mentioned
waves of energy rippling out from you into the universe. Now
them being returned to you multiplied. Are you now willing to
your thoughts and words a little more?
Are you HAPPY with your life?
Some of my most profound, powerful and true favorite statements
Awareness is the beginning of the healing journey.
Only when you are aware of something can you make different
Love yourself enough to live, love and travel this journey in JOY.
You think what you create and therefore you create what you think.
Fear is only the lack of knowing.
Create what you desire and NOT that which you “do not” desire.
I could continue with this kind of statement. However, that is not the
purpose of this parable. This parable is about you. Are you Happy on
levels of your life?
Are you willing to observe where your focus lays?
Is it on lack, disease etc? Then know that it is you who are creating
What you focus on is what you are putting out to the universe. The
universe will and cannot judge, it simply provides more of what ever
it is
you are focusing on. It is the most profound law of the universe and
it is
as it is. It is the Law of attraction. You attract what you put out.
Be willing to focus your thoughts on what you desire to draw to you
and it
will be so.
Allow me to share some examples of how I begin and end my day.
* I am in total gratitude for the home provided for me and my OPOM
two continents. It contains all the comforts, necessities and desires
have imagined.
* I am in total gratitude for the daily experiences and the insight to
understand them as expanding my being the creator of the reality I
* I am in total gratitude for my emotional body as it is my guide to
returning to my blueprint creator self.
* I am in total gratitude for the daily miracles and abundance that
flows to
me from all directions.
* I am in total gratitude that everything I create is a worlds best
* I am in total gratitude for the Perfect temple (body) which is my
on this earth plain for experiencing as GOD/GODDESS self.
When I do them at the end of the day I of course turn them around
being “Thanks” for the experiences etc. If for instance I haven’t
understood why something was placed on my path that day, I would
thankful for the experience and the lesson. When I do that I ALWAYS
find that in the morning I have the insight and the knowing of why it
To emphasize and assist in this whole expansion of your being:
There are two amazing DVD’s out there that I would strongly
you buy.
One is a more scientific approach about life:
“What the Bleep do we know.”
And the other is:
“The Secret”.
Once you have seen these there is nothing else to be said other than
it is
your choice. You choose what you experience. You choose what you
create. You choose the life and reality you live and experience.
ENJOY in JOY your choices.
Cover symbols explained
As you work with these symbols in your meditations you will
a great many things. Each one of them will take you to a new level of
consciousness. They should be treated with respect and care. If you
They will take care of you. Note: As you work with these symbols, be
prepared to experience releasing of your old patterns. Trust that it is
your greater good. If experiencing challenges? Please do contact us
a reading and advice.
Twin Flames (Triality) symbol.
Front Cover:
Twin Flames (Triality) symbol as explained
by Germain.
Early on a Saturday morning as the merged essence of Ian and Mary
were doing the morning rituals to welcome in a new day, Germain
through with an image that was to start a sequence of events that
later provide more information about the beginning of creation
“IMP” (IMP = Ian and Mary Pat) had a seminar planned for the
following day and the timing of this message was in perfection.
The image was very clearly presented in the mind of “IMP” and as
Germain began to explain the different aspects of the symbol it
very clear how powerful and insightful the image would be.
Germain began with an image of two circles that symbolized the
separate entities before remembering the Twin Flame journey.
He continued by showing the infinity symbol and described how this