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CNF Value of the Cargo  850

Landing Charges of Cargo (1% of CNF Value) 8.5

Insurance (1% of CNF Value)                               8.5
Customs Value in US$                                          867
Custom Value in PKR 138720

Calculation of Regulatory Duty

Regulatory Duty in PKR 4161.6

Calculation of Import Customs Duty

Import Customs Duty in PKR 4161.6
Addition Customs duty in PKR 1387.2

Calculation of Sales tax of Imported Goods

Customs Value in PKR                 138720
Regulatory Duty in PKR               4161.6
Customs Duty in PKR                   4161.6
Addition Customs duty in PKR    1387.2
Now add all the above values
Total Duty in PKR            148430.4
Sales Tax in PKR  25233.17
And we also pay 3% of additional sales tax as a commercial importer.
Additional Sales Tax in PKR  4452.912

Calculation of Income Tax for Imported Goods

There are two types of income tax applied in Pakistan filler, and non-filer. Filer has to pay 6% of income tax,
Customs Value in PKR                    138720
Regulatory Duty in PKR                  4161.6
Customs Duty in PKR                      4161.6
Addition Customs duty in PKR       1387.2
Sales Tax in PKR                              25233.17
Addition Sales Tax in PKR              4452.92
Total Value                                        178116.5
Income Tax in PKR (Value x 6%) 10686.99

Total Customs Duty and Taxes of Imported Goods

Now, add all the customs duty and taxes that we have calculated above to get the customs duty and taxes of th
Regulatory Duty in PKR                          4161.6
Customs Duty in PKR                              4161.6
Additional Customs Duty in PKR            1387.2
Sales Tax in PKR                                      25233.17
Additional Sales Tax in PKR                   4452.92
Income Tax in PKR                                  10686.99
Total Customs Duty and Taxes               50083.5 PKR
pay 6% of income tax, and the non-filer has to pay 9% of income tax to the government. Simply add all the above ca

oms duty and taxes of the imported goods.

Simply add all the above calculated values to calculate the income tax. Let’s calculate income tax as a filer which is 6%.
ax as a filer which is 6%.