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Golden Gate Colleges

Batangas City


Course Code : CCS3

Course Title : Astronomy

Pre-requesite : none

Credit Units : 3
Semester/Summer SY : Sem

Course Description :
This course presents an introduction to the field of Astronomy, including the current
investigations for life on other planets. This course consists of 13 lessons for 18 weeks.
Course topics includes a review of the history of science, a study of the Atomic Age,and
Space Age, an overview of the scientific method, age and origin of the Solar System,
descriptions of the planets and discussions of the possibility of life on other planets. All the
reading, materials and assessments are regularly scheduled. As will be provided by the
instructor, are printable lecture notes, engaging discussion groups, weekly group
assignments. It is an introductory course; there are no prerequisites.

Course Objectives :
As the result of the course, the student will gain experiences in:
Students should be able to describe the Big Bang, explain the age and origin of the
Solar System and illustrate differences between Earth and other planets in the Solar System.
Importantly, students will have gained the scientific basis to summarize conditions necessary
for life and to assess scientific evidence for life on other planets.

Medium of Instruction: English

Methodology: Lecture which,

includes the use of traditional and non-traditional (computer,IT)
ways of teaching.

Course Content Week Date

Primitive Science 1 Nov. 8, 2010
China 2
Arabian Science
Modern Science 3
Nicolaus Copernicus
Tycho Brahe
Johannes Kepler 4
Galileo Galilei
Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein
Atomic Age 5
Space Age Prelim Dec. 6 & 7
Early Astronomical Instruments 6
Sundials, Sightlines, Stonehenge and Quadrant
The Telescope 7
Types of Optical Telescopes
Comparison of Refractors and Reflectors
Radio Telescope and other Special Instruments
The Origin of the Universe 8
The Sun 9 Midterm Jan. 19,20
& 21
Layers of the Sun
Chemical Composition
The Earth 10
Vital Statistics
Earth's Motion
The Moon 11
General Characteristics of the Moon
Other Members of the Solar System 12 Semi-F Feb. 17 &
Venus 13
Jupiter 14
Uranus 15
Pluto,a Semi-Planet 16
Other Bodies Revolving Around the Sun
The Stars 17
Evolution of Stars
Star Classification
The Beginning of Space Tourism 18
Finals March 24,25
& 28

Alarcon,Aurora Lianco., Introduction to Earth Science, Katha Publishing Co. 2001
Catchillar Gerry C.,Malenab Ryan G., Fundamentals of Earth Science-A Modular Approach,
National Bookstore, Mandaluyong City 2005

Dutch,Monroe and Moran., Earth Science, Wadsworth Publishing Co. 1998

Ilarde,isabelina del Pan; Realuyo Zenaida Montecastro, Basic Concepts in Earth Science,
JMC Press Inc. 1999, Quezon City

Prepared by:

Biology Instructor