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Speaker: LtCol Jay Lorenzen (Ret), USAF

Jay spent his last 12 years on active duty as an Associate Professor of Political Science at the Air Force
Academy. Prior to his Academy assignment, Jay was a KC-135 Navigator for four years, followed by an
Olmsted Fellowship at Tuebingen Universitat in Germany. After studying in Tuebingen, Jay attended
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University for his MA, followed by a PhD sponsorship at
the University of Denver. After retiring from the Air Force in 1996, Jay and his wife Laurie Lorenzen
joined a para-church mission organization (Cru) and have been responsible for the leadership
development both within Cru Military and then Faculty Commons—Cru’s ministry to faculty.
Additionally, Jay and Laurie have directed “The High Ground at Gettysburg” leadership development
conference at Gettysburg, PA (see
bc43d296bfee& Over 1600 business, church,
and para-church leaders have walked with Jay and Laurie the fields of Gettysburg. Jay and Laurie have 4
children and 14 grandchildren.

SCHEDULE for 18 July 2020

0800-0930 – individual PT and recovery

0930-1045 — Students watch the following videos to prepare for presentation:

“The Gettysburg Story” video, which students can rent online at Amazon Prime [ Watch
The Gettysburg Story | (
=8-6) for $3.99; or for $2.99; or for $3.75– 60
minutes. The Gettysburg Story is the preferred video for viewing.

Alternatively, students can watch the free National Park Service videos at: - 83 minutes. To get the full
experience of the presentation and out of respect for LtCol Lorenzen who is volunteering his time and
experience, the Gettysburg Story is the recommended and preferred video.

In addition, students should watch:

Gettysburg, Animated Battle Map:
map. 16 minutes

1045-1215 - Lt Col Jay Lorenzen Presentation I - Leadership Principles Drawn from the Physical
Battlefield that Have Application to Other Arenas; Leaders have Foresight

1215-1315 Lunch Break

1315-1430 – LtCol Lorenzen Presentation II – Leaders Learn the Language of Leadership, Part I
-includes break-out sessions for small group discussion

1430-1445 – Break

1445-1600 – LtCol Lorenzen Presentation III – Leaders Learn the Language of Leadership, Part II
-includes break-out sessions for small group discussion