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Activities guide and evaluation rubric - Step 1. Basic Concept

1. General description of the course

Faculty or Escuela de Ciencias Agrícolas, Pecuarias y del

Academic Unit Medio Ambiente
Academic Level Profesional
Academic Field Formación disciplinar
Course Name
Definition and Evaluation of Eco-efficiency
Course Code 358048
Course Type theoretical Can be yes ☒ No ☐
Number of Credits 3

2. Description of the activity

Numbe Numbe
Type of the Individua
☒ Collaborative ☐ r of r of
activity: l
weeks weeks
Moment of
Initial ☐ Intermediate ☐ Final ☐
Delivery Environment of the
Evaluative score of the
activity: Evaluation and Monitoring
activity: 25
Starting date of the Deadline of the activity: 16 June
activity: 10 June 2020 2020
Competence to develop:
The student will recognize the environmental problems and their
normativity in national and international scopes, those related to the
economic challenge in environmental management, through the
improvement of energy efficiency in business organizations.

Topics to develop:
Basic concepts on Eco efficiency, application of the concept of eco
efficiency, elements of Eco efficiency, national plans and programs
related to eco efficiency, national and international regulations related
to eco efficiency.
Steps, phases of the learning strategy to develop

Step 1

Activities to develop
Perform a summary
t for the Knowledge environment.
developme Monitoring and evaluation environment

Taking into account the following document, arranged

in the knowledge environment of Unit 1: radial
program; the student must individually make a
summary in English, in which it will relate the following
basic concepts, as a minimum of the Eco-efficiency;

eco efficiency, eco efficiency objectives, eco efficiency

dimensions, flow diagram, ecobalance, environmental
impact, sustainability, indicators, business
environmental management, environmental
Products to
assessment, economic valuation, green business, clean
deliver by
production among others.
Barbosa, F. (2017). Programa Caminando por Nuestra
tierra No-68. Experiencias significativas ambientales.
Radio Unad Virtual. Recuperado de

As a result of this activity and individually, each student

must submit a document with the following
• Cover (1 page) • summary in English • Bibliography
in APA standards



General guidelines for the collaborative work

Use of
Always cite the references
In the agreement 029 of December 13, 2013, article
99, the mistakes that infringe upon the academic
order, among others, are the following: paragraph e)
“To plagiarize is to present as your own work the
whole or part of a writing, report, task or document of
invention performed by another person. It also implies
the use of cites or lack of references, or includes cites
where there is no coincidence between them and the
reference” and paragraph f)”To reproduce, or copy for
profit, educational resources or results of research
products, which have intellectual rights reserved for
the University”.
The academic punishments that the student will face
a) In case of academic fraud proved in the
academic work or evaluation, the score achieved will
be zero (0.0) without leading to disciplinary measures.
b) In case of plagiarism proved in the academic
work of any nature, the score achieved will be zero
(0.0), without leading to disciplinary measures.

To know how the documents must be cited, check the

following document:
Centro de Escritura Javeriano ( ) Normas APA. Sexta
edición. Taken from
4. Evaluation rubric

Evaluation rubric

Activity Individual Collaborativ

☒ ☐
type: Activity e Activity
of the
Initial ☒ Intermediat ☐ Final ☐
Assessed Performance levels of the individual activity
Aspects High score Media score Low score

The student
interiorizes in an
The student
excellent way
makes the The student
the basic
summary in does not make
English, but its the summary in
Summary concepts of Eco- 25
content is not English
through a
summary in
(up to 25 (up to 15 (up to 0
points) points) points)
Final score 25