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Division of Rizal

District of Carmona


( EPP / HERT )
S.Y. 2011 – 2012

Program / Project Personnel Involved/ Time Expected Output /

Title Objectives Strategies / Activities Target / Clientele Frame Accomplished

A. Pupil 1. Improve the performance 1.1 Full use of prepared lesson Teacher June,2009 – March, Evaluation through
Development level of Grade IV – VI pupils plan based on BEC. 2010 formative, summative,
in EPP – HERT based on the and periodic test
past performance. applied in on hand

1.2 Apply knowledge learned in Grade IV- VI pupils - do –

the classroom field work

1.3 Hold activities that will Teacher June, 2011 –

enhance the development skills Grade IV-VI pupils March, 2012
and work exhibits.

Outstanding Achievers
2. Enhance the development Awarded
intellectual creativity, 2.1 School Activities Principal, School head,
manipulate and leadership EPP Teacher, Grade IV- June, 2011- March,
skills and work values from VI pupils 2012
effective participation in the
different levels of 2.2 Skills Contest EPP/HERT District
competitions. a. Embroidery Consultant, Principal,
b. Table Napkin Folding School Head, Teachers
c. Flower Arrangement
B. Personnel
3. Retool the instructional
skills of teachers to improve Principal, School Head, Instructional and
the teaching – learning 3.1 Attendance to trainings/ Teacher June, 2011– Supervisory Skills of
process, provide sufficient work conferences March,2012 teachers enhanced.
teaching guides and Principal, School Head,
instructional materials for 3.2 Conducting Cluster School – Teacher June,2011- Sept.,
effective teaching in EPP/ Based Training 2011
HERT. Instructional materials
3.2.1 Develop other support have been produce.
instructional materials such as June, 2011- Sept.,
charts, pictures, etc….. 2011

3.3 Conducting Demofest

4.1 Repair of EPP / HERT tools/ Physical plant,

C. Physical 4. Maintain and improved equipments and facilities facilities, equipments,
Facilities physical plant, facilities and Principal, School Head, maintained / sustained.
Development equipment of EPP/HERT for Teacher, June, 2011 – March,
quality delivery of educational pupils 2012
services 4.2 Acquired additional tools/
equipments ( EPP/HERT )
through purchase or donations.

Prepared by :

School E.E P Coordinator

Noted by :
Officer In-Charge