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Name: Vahia Ralliza H.

Course & year: BSA 2


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My childhood was not as busy as Rizal. I am a just a typical child who only wants to play and play. Back

then, the only thing I want to do is to play. I started going to school when I was 4, as a nursery student and entered

Elementary education at the age of 6. Unlike Rizal who started schooling at the age of 9. My elementary education

was fun and challenging at the same time. Challenging by means of adopting, I keep on transferring schools

because we also keep transferring homes. I studied at 3 schools on my elementary days. It was challenging and

tough since I always adjust to the environment and the people.

Comparing to Rizal's early childhood life, we only have one in common. Before I started schooling just like

Rizal, my mother is my teacher. My mother back then prepares handouts and booklets for me to read. She teaches

me how to read, write, how to properly talk and everything about life. She teaches me every day, early in the

morning and at night since she had other job to do. I am always thankful that with my mother’s care and guidance,

I have grown to be a good citizen of this country just like Rizal.