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The Chief Branch Manager,

UCO Bank, Kacheri Bazar,

Sub :- Release of Security Deposit in the name of Guarantors of Sri

Nityananda Mohapatra, Nirmala Mohapatra & Anirudha Patnaik.

Dear Sir,

As per last sanction dated 28.05.2018 security deposit in name of

guarantors has to be replaced in the Pvt. Ltd. Company which was agriculture
land, land & building and FDR it as follows :-

Sl. Name of the Guarantors Details of Land Bench mark

No value / SRO
1. Nityananda Mohapatra Home stead land & building
S/o-Banamali Mohapatra Orali, Plot No.391, 397/2651, 397
At/Po-Orali, Dist-Keonjhar & 390, Khata No.713/12 & 295, Rs.17,45,000.
Area A0.50 dcl. 00
2. Nityananda Mohapatra Agriculture land Orali, Keonjhar,
Plot No.-1533, Khata No.295, Rs.2,19,000.0
Area-A1.46 dcl. 0
3. Nirmala Mohapatra Agriculture land Apanda, Bonth,
W/o-Nityananda Bhadrak, Plot No.1373 & 1389,
Mohapatra Khata No.174, Area-A3.86 dcl. Rs.17,07,000.
At/Po-Orali, Dist-Keonjhar 00

// 2 //
4. Nirmala Mohapatra Agriculture land Orali, Keonjhar,
Plot No.237,1527,254,
1487,1989,1506 & 1526, Rs.4,65,000.00
Khata No.299, Area-A3.59 dcl.
5. Anirudha Pattnaik
Arunadya Market FDR Rs.8.30 (Lakh)

Bishram Nagar, Link

Road, Cuttack

In the above circumstances we would like to inform you that reduce the
SRO valuation price by approved penal valuer by UCO Bank, by the Firm
Sudarsan Swain and associates is enter amounting of Rs.41.36 (Lakhs). We
further request you consider the application and order to reduce the price
within Rs.35.00 (Lakhs) to deposit shape of liquidity security to release of
agriculture land of Guarantors. Against FDR amount of Mr. Anirudhan
Pattanayak another 8.3 Lakhs liquidity security deposit separately in the name
of Laxmipriyari Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd.

We are enclosing herewith the details of SRO valuation report for your
self for consideration at an early and oblige.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
1. Valuation report 4 sets of Sudarsan Swain and Associates
2. Valuation report 4 sets of Saroj Kumar Padhi
3. Banch mark value 2 Nos form Tahasil Hatadihi and Bonth