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S.Y. 2019 - 2020

Subject Periods per week

Technical Drafting - 9 4
Level Goal
Technical Drafting 9 aims to develop a Bosconian who is equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills,
and attitude (KSA) on Technical drafting National Certificate Level II (NCII) on five core
competencies that a Grade 9 student ought to possess: (1) architectural layout and details, (2) structural
layout and details, (3) electrical and electronic layout and details, (4) sanitary and plumbing layout and
details, and (5) mechanical layout and details.
1. Grading System 2. References and Resources

Microcadd Student Manual
Written Works 20 % 
Arellano, Ernesto I, AutoCAD 2D for all: A
Performance Tasks 60 % detailed, concise, and self-explanatory book
Quarterly Assessment 20 % for CAD users, Tarlac City: RMC Publishing
Total 100%  Handouts/Manuals
 Multimedia
Materials Needed
o DLP sheets (Minimum 20 pc.) o Drawing instruments
o Performance Rubric forms (Minimum of10 - Metal Tape Measure (3 to 5 meters)
pc.) - Protractor
o Graphing Notebook - Ruler
o A3 Paper (Minimum of 20 pcs.) - Scale
o Pencil (HB, 4H) - Paper Tube/Cylinder
1 Quarter 2nd Quarter
Lesson 1. Describing AutoCAD as a tool for technical Lesson 5. Drafting Architectural Layout and
drawings with its hardware components and system Details
requirements. 5.1 Definition of Terms
1.1 Definition of Terms 5.2 Lot Plan
1.2 Evolution of CAD Software 5.3 Floor Plan
1.3 Advantages of Using CADD 5.4 Site Development Plan
1.4 Software Requirements 5.5 Reflected Ceiling Plan
1.5 The User Interface 5.6 Elevations
Lesson 2. Create a simple art design with the 5.7 Sections
different options of basic draw/editing commands 5.8 Schedule of Doors
and the basics in controlling the drawing display. 5.9 Schedule of Windows
2.1 Start, organize, open/save an existing drawing 5.10 Schedule of Finishes
2.2 Specifying Units, Angles, and Scale Lesson 6. Drafting Structural Layout and Details
2.3 The use of Basic Precision tools 6.1 Definition of Terms
- Object Snap Modes 6.2 Foundation Plan
- Entity Selection Modes 6.3 Roof Framing Plan
- Function Keys: F3, F7, F8, F9 6.4 Roof Plan
2.4 Controlling the Drawing Display with Zoom, Pan 6.5 Footing Detail
and Regen commands 6.6 Wall Footing Detail
2.5 Basic draw and edit commands with Line, Arcs, 6.7 Column Detail
Circle, Polyline, Donut, Spline, Rectang, Erase, Trim, 6.8 Beam Detail
Extend, Copy, Move, Mirror, Offset and Matchprop Lesson 7. Layout and Printing on Paper
Lesson 3. Creating an ornamental design with the 7.1 Setting up the Paper-space
DBTI-Tarlac_Syllabus | 1
advance manipulative skill techniques in draw and 7.2 Printing on A3
editing commands.
3.1 Right click option with auto-editing techniques:
copy, scale, move & rotate
3.2 Hatch Patterns and Solid fills
- Types and Patterns
- Add and modify hatches and solid-filled Areas
3.3 Creating Text and Leaders
- Style Settings
- Creating and Editing Text Styles
- Creating and editing Multiline Text
- Creating text with leaders
Lesson 4. Creating 2 dimensional drawings with the
application of proper measuring for precision and
1.1 Applying the Coordinate System Methods
- User Coordinate System Icon
- Polar Coordinates
- Using Direct Distance Entry
1.2 Application of the advance Editing Commands
- Editing Polylines
- Scaling objects
- Chamfering Objects
- Adding Fillet
- Rectangular Array / Polar Array
- Exploding Entities
Project / Output: Project / Output:
Plates: Plates:
Linear Patterns All Architectural Sheets
Curved Patterns All Structural Sheets
Other Drawing Commands
3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Lesson 8. Drafting Plumbing Layout and Details Lesson 10. Perspective and 3D Drawing
8.1 Definition of Terms 10.1 Introduction to SketchUp
8.2 Sanitary Layout 10.2 Importing CAD to SketchUp
8.3 Water Distribution Layout 10.3 Producing a Render
8.4 Sanitary Isometric
8.5 Water Distribution Isometric Lesson 11. Architectural Scale Model
8.6 Detail of Catch Basin 11.1 Introduction to Materials
8.7 Detail of Septic Tank 11.2 Connecting and assembling different materials
Lesson 9. Drafting Electrical Layout and Details 11.3 Detailing and Entourage
9.1 Definition of Terms
9.2 Lighting Layout
9.3 Electrical Layout
9.4 Computation and Schedule of Loads
9.5 Power Riser Diagram
9.6 CATV Riser Diagram
9.7 Telephone Riser Diagram

Project / Output: Project / Output:

Plates : Plates :
All Plumbing Sheets Sketchup Model
All Electrical Sheets Perspective
Scale Model

Arch. Paolo Andrew Canlas-Hasegawa, rMP, uap

Subject Teacher

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