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Appreciate your response. I agree with you but don't you think there are more Mi
crosoft SQL Server, VB.NET professionals than SAP ABAP professionals in the mark
et? Also, don't you think SAP-ABAP still would have little better career potenti
al than Microsoft SQL Server, .NET since everyone is learning Microsoft these da
ys..also Microsoft is convenience to learn.
Another new & area in the ABAP programming is Web Dynpro...which might be great
in addition to have ABAP experience. Please let me know your thoughts regarding
Web Dynpro

The reason why SAP is #1 in growth & pay is, it serve the Industries..Its the Nu
mber 1 ERP S/W. As long as Induries are up, SAP market is ever green.
As many ppl said, Dont only choose ABAP, along with ABAP take some emerging tech
nnology in SAP, like Webdynpro for ABAP/Java, XI, Visual composer, etc.
If you know ABAP OO, webdynpro for ABAP & BSP will be very easier to learn for y
Still ABAP has good market compare to VB, .NET.
HR ABAP is also in high demand.

ABAP is same everywhere across the modules (like MM, SD, FI etc). But HR is slig
htly different than other module.. HR module is always special & hot in market s
ince you know the reason :)
I would suggest you to read ABAP, becos if you know ABAP you can pick up any adv
anced concepts like Webdynpro for ABAP, Workflow, BSP etc

groth advice-------------

a career in SAP is good both in terms of the salary structures and career growth
there are many opportunities for SAP Certified professionals with leading IT or
ganizations which are into SAP Consulting solutions worldwide. The main job as A
BAP professional will be to design functional modules as per the needs of the va
rious functional people. If you are a skilled SAP Consultant (Functional / Techn
o-functional) or Techian (ABAP/4 BASIS ) then you will be among the highly paid
professionals in the Organization. Some of your other job responsibilities would
be Variable projects covering the whole software development process, Writing s
pecifications in co-operation with the automotive industry solution management,
Designing new functionalities of the application, Implementing, testing and docu
menting the solution. We also suggest that keep yourself updated about the lates
t generation of modeling tools (CE, Visual Composer, Aris for NetWeaver, etc.),
and how they fit into the emerging Enterprise Architecture to be completely succ
essful. You can look for a job through job sites like, newspapers, pl
acement consultants, or through your own networks of friends, relatives and coll
eagues. You can also apply directly to companies through the Careers section of
their official websites. All the Best!

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